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Army Men Strike WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

ARMY MEN STRIKE - Android game with release date 03/15/2017 from the company VolcanoGames. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Battlefield
  3. Rules of the Battle
  4. Alliance
  5. Buildings
  6. Officers
  7. Popular Questions
  8. Events
  9. BBC
  10. Special Campaign
  11. MOD
  12. Account
  13. Payments

Army Men Strike: Beginner’s Guide

Explore the world of toys! Your adventure begins in the vast world of toys! Each battlefield is a separate server. As a commander, you can command troops, explore this world and enjoy its diversity.

How to get more gold for free? There are the following methods:

  1. Complete tasks.
  2. Join an alliance for the first time and get 200 gold coins.
  3. Collect gold on the map of the battlefield.
  4. Sometimes gold is found in daily commodities.
  5. Level up your commander.
  6. Destroy the evil ones.
  7. Buy gold or find it in gifts.

How to protect yourself? During the game, your base can be attacked by other players. You can protect yourself from attacks in the following ways:

How to collect resources faster? On the battlefield, you can find many resource fields. You can send troops to collect them. You can increase the number of collected resources in the following ways:

Why is my screen blinking red? This is a signal of an attack. Get ready for battle!

What resources are on the battlefield? Plastic:





How to collect resources? Go to the battlefield by clicking on the image of the binoculars in the lower left corner of the screen, select the resource point and click "attack". The speed of resource collection and troop capacity depends on the level of headquarters, technology, and officers. The higher the level of the resource point, the more resources it contains. When the capacity of the troops reaches the limit or the resource point is empty, then the troops will automatically return to headquarters.

I have no place for new buildings. With an increase in level, you can unlock new slots for buildings. To do this, you need to spend resources.

How to increase the number of students and the speed of training? Creating and improving plastic molds will allow you to quickly train a large number of soldiers at the same time.

How to change the avatar? Click on the avatar in the upper left. After that, click on the exclamation mark on the avatar. If you want to use your photo as an avatar, you can click on the download button. Offensive and pornographic images, images with scenes of violence, racism, political content, etc. prohibited. Each image will be checked. Due to the large number of players, the verification may take some time. After approval, you will be sent a letter by in-game mail. Acceptable avatar size: 300 * 300.

How to block the receipt of letters from the player? Can a blocked player write letters to me or attack me? Click on any message from another player and you will see a lock button. After clicking on the button, the player falls into the black list, which can be seen by clicking on the avatar → settings → blocked players. If you want to receive letters from this player again, you can unlock this function.

The lock function cannot stop the player from attacking.

How to contact technical support? Click on the avatar in the upper left corner, click on "contact us" to send a question to tech support.

When does beginner protection end? The beginner’s defense ends when your headquarters reaches level 6.Beginner protection ends 3 days after creating an account.

How to change nickname? There are 2 ways to change your nickname:

  1. Purchase a nickname change item in a store. After purchase, the item will automatically fall into the backpack. Click on the item in the backpack, then click on the apply button. After that you can enter a new nickname. Note: the commander’s nickname and the headquarters name are the same.
  2. Click on the avatar in the upper left corner, then click on "!". Click on the nickname change button and enter a new nickname. Then you can change the nickname by paying 200 gold coins.

How to save / delete coordinates? Select an object on the map the battlefield and click on it. Next, click on the star icon to save the coordinates.

To delete saved coordinates, swipe left to open the corresponding menu.

How to change the language? You can change the language in the settings section.

How do I report blog posts? If you find messages of inappropriate content, spam, etc., you can report it to the support service.

Army Men Strike: Battlefield

How to teleport to the chosen place? Click on the binoculars in the lower left corner of the battlefield map.Select an empty area. Click on the teleport. Each teleportation uses gold or an advanced teleport.

How to change the battlefield? The battlefield can only be changed using the beginner’s teleport. After your headquarters reaches level 6 or 6 days after registering an account, the unused teleport of the newcomer will disappear and you will not be able to move to another battlefield. Click on the map sign on the battlefield to see all the battlefields in the game.

Select the battlefield you want to move to. If you meet the conditions of the selected battlefield, then you can move there. If you didn’t have time to use the beginner’s teleport before reaching level 6 or within the first 6 days after registering an account, you can start a new game and use the above method to move to another battlefield.Do not forget to link your account to Google +, Facebook or Vkontakte in order to save the gameplay.

Why did my rookie teleport disappear? When the commander reaches level 4, he receives 2 rookie teleport.When the commander reaches level 6, he loses the unused teleports of the newcomer. Use teleporters as early as possible.

How to get more teleporters? You can purchase teleporters in a store for gold or in an alliance store for alliance honor points.

How to use teleport alliance? Use the alliance teleport in your backpack to move your castle closer to the alliance leader.

How to move to another battlefield? To move to another battlefield:

How to get Peacemaker? You can purchase a peacemaker in a store for gold coins or in an alliance store for glory points. Peacekeeper protects your headquarters from enemy attacks.

Peacemaker and teleport. When you attack or conduct reconnaissance of the enemy’s headquarters, alliance headquarters, central base or bastions, you cannot use the peacekeeper. You cannot use the peacekeeper during an attack by gathering the player’s headquarters or central base. You can use the peacemaker when attacking a military fanatic. You can use the peacemaker when attacking evil ones and while collecting resources.

When moving to a bricked area (the area around the Central Base), the peacekeeper’s action ceases.You cannot use the peacemaker on brick grounds.

Central territory. The central territory is in the center of the battlefield around the Central Base (600,600).

Brick area. The central base is surrounded by bricked territory on which the hike speed is significantly slowed down and which is difficult to overcome. Headquarters cannot be placed on this territory. When placed on a bricked area, the defense of objects is significantly reduced.

Central Base and Bastion. The central base and the Bastions can only be captured during the event.

How to increase the hike? Click on the laboratory - Explore - Battle - Legion to increase the number of troops in the campaign. VIP level 8 and above also allows you to increase your trip.

How to increase the number of troops in the campaign? To increase the number of troops in the campaign you need:

  1. Raise the level of the officer and, thus, increase his command.
  2. Open more officer slots and send more officers on a campaign.
  3. Explore Leadership Technology.
  4. Use items, for example: Increase camping size.

Camp. You can send troops to capture empty territory on the map of the battlefield. After the capture, your troops will camp at this place. Sometimes this gives a tactical advantage.

Your troops in the camp may be attacked.

Who are Sinister? Sinister are evil toys on the battlefield for the destruction of which a reward is given. You can use the search function in the lower right corner to determine the location of the villains of a suitable level.

Can I capture someone else’s headquarters? One game account only supports one headquarters. All other headquarters belong to other players. You can attack the headquarters of other players, but you cannot capture them.

How to get reinforcements? You can receive reinforcements from allies after building a communications center. The amount of reinforcement depends on the level of the communication center.

What is a fee? Gathering is an attack by the joint forces of the alliance. Gathering a team for the attack, the initiator of the collection must choose the start time of the campaign. Members of the alliance, if they want to take part in the gathering, must arrive before the appointed time. After that, they will be able to jointly find a goal. To assemble a team, a combined command is required. The level of the combined command determines the number of participants in the assembly. Only the initiator can cancel the collection. The fee cannot be canceled after the start of the trip.

Transformation of soldiers. You can transform the soldiers in the conveyor. Click on the image of the soldier you want to transform. You can transform them into soldiers 1 level higher, provided that this level is already unlocked. A plasticizer is an additional material for the transformation of high-level (7 lvl and above) soldiers.

Strengthen the soldiers. You can strengthen the soldiers in any object for training soldiers and thereby increase their attributes. When reinforced, nitro-lacquer is consumed, which can be obtained in various gift sets.

Build soldiers. Click on the front square at headquarters:

Click on "Troops" and then on "Build":

Select the type of troops, officer and air force to participate, then click "Save" (you can choose the function to save only officers).

How to increase the number of injured? Build and upgrade infirmaries. Assign a hero with the appropriate skill, for example, Nancy.

How to speed up the hike? You can increase the speed of moving troops using items. Using heroes with the Blitzkrieg skill also allows you to speed up your trip.

How to search by coordinates? Click on the binoculars in the lower left corner of the map. Click on the coordinate field. Enter the coordinates and you will move there in no time!

Training program. The training program will allow you to create an elite team with special skills!

  1. The training program can pass troops 5 lvl. and above and did not pass the program!
  2. You can choose different areas of study. Each soldier can pass the training program only 1 time!
  3. When training 1 soldier, 1 training program is spent. After training a soldier, his basic attributes increase, and he gains special characteristics!
  4. Soldiers who completed the training program acquire a special look. More information can be obtained by clicking on the troops.
  5. The training program can be obtained in the event "Military exercises" or found in gift sets.
  6. The effect of training disappears only in the event of the death of troops.
  7. During the transformation of troops, the effect of the training program is preserved.

How to fire wounded soldiers? To fire injured soldiers, click on the Infirmary - Cure. Click on the image of the desired type of troops.

Select the amount you need and click "Dismiss."

How to fire soldiers at headquarters? Click on Tank Factory - Train. Select the desired type of troops and click on "!" sign in the upper right corner of the screen:

Select the desired quantity and click "Dismiss":

Army Men Strike: Rules of the Battle

Deterrence of troops. Artillery holds back all defensive positions, but there are 3 types of troops that hold back artillery itself. Therefore, before the start of the battle it is necessary to scout the number of enemy defensive positions and decide whether to use artillery. If the enemy has no defenses, then the use of artillery may not be appropriate.

Artillery is held back by three types of troops. In addition, tanks hold back commandos, commandos hold back helicopters, helicopters hold back tanks. Defensive positions: mines hold back tanks, traps hold back commandos, towers hold back helicopters. Use this information to analyze battle reports and more efficiently select troops to attack various opponents.

Battle rounds

If you have mastered the art of deterring troops, then you just need information about the rounds of battle.Currently, the game has 4 large types of troops. Each type of troops includes troops of various levels. The troops of each level, which can be seen on the observation deck, in battle are a separate combat unit. Aren’t all the soldiers involved in the battle? The answer is no. Space on the battlefield is limited; a maximum of 35 units can take part in each battle in the order in which they are located.

So the question is, how can you maximize returns with a limited troop? Let’s look at the mechanism of the battle rounds! In battle, when all units of the attacking and defending sides make one attack, this is considered 1 round.In one round, each combat unit attacks only once in accordance with deterrence relations and the order of troops.

For example, in the pictures you can see the rounds of the attacking and defending sides, depending on the location of tanks, commandos, helicopters and artillery, tanks in front, artillery in the back. Each type of attacking force sent 2 units into battle, and a total of 8 units participated in the battle.

Start of battle, first round:

Second round:

Third round:

The maximum number of rounds in a battle is 100. Until the end of the round, if one of the parties loses, then it is considered defeated. When the number of rounds reaches 100, the loser is the side that has lost more power. The effect of resurrecting the wounded does not affect the outcome of the battle.

Army Men Strike: Alliance

How to create a new alliance? You cannot create an alliance until your headquarters reaches level 4. At level 5-7 headquarters, you can create an alliance for 200 gold coins. At headquarters of level 8 and above, you can create an alliance for free. You need to come up with the name and motto of the alliance. Players wishing to join the alliance will be able to see the motto. Your language will become the default language of the alliance. You can change the language of the alliance at any time after creation.

Benefits of joining the alliance. The benefits of joining the alliance are:

  1. Alliance help. You can ask the Alliance for help in improving buildings, researching technology, or treating wounded soldiers to speed up these processes.
  2. Alliance Store. Here you can purchase rare items.
  3. Reinforcement. When the enemy attacks you, you can ask for help from the alliance. Companions will place wax at your headquarters and help repel the enemy attack.
  4. Help resources. The game needs resources. After joining the alliance, you can ask associates to help you with resources.

What is an alliance mark? During battles between alliances, each alliance needs to mark its attacks. To this end, the developers have added a new function - the alliance mark, which will help you quickly determine the goal for allies in the alliance.

How to use the alliance mark? Only an alliance leader can use alliance marks. When a leader marks an adversary (except for evil ones) on the map, a mark function will appear after selecting coordinates. After that, you can mark the enemy. If the goal has been marked, then you can uncheck the box at any time.

You can mark only one goal. When marking a new target, the mark from the old target is removed automatically.

How to see alliance marks? After marking the target, alliance members can see an orange line that connects the target with the alliance leader’s headquarters and a flag on the target. Players can also see the alliance mark, which helps them find the goal. After the enemy is marked, the coordinates will be visible to all members of the alliance.

BOSS ALLIANCE. The BOSS of the alliance can be called up in the alliance section. BOSSs are divided into various levels of difficulty: ordinary, complex, epic. The number of attacks of each player of the alliance is limited, therefore, coordinated work is necessary to destroy BOSS. To destroy the BOSS alliance, click on the BOSS alliance to launch an attack. The BOSS Alliance assignment is updated every day and disappears when the Alliance assignments are updated. The mission will be considered completed only in the event of the assassination of BOSS.

How to increase the alliance? Exploring "The Basis of Oneness!" in central technology, each player can increase the size of the alliance by 1. Maximum strength: 100.

If the player who researched the technology leaves the alliance, then this may affect the size of the alliance.

Alliance Headquarters. The leader of the alliance and members of the alliance of rank R4 and above can begin the construction of the headquarters of the alliance. The territory adjacent to the headquarters will become the territory of the alliance. The headquarters of the alliance will become available for construction after the alliance fulfills the condition for the size of the alliance and the materials of the alliance. All members of the alliance can take part in the construction. The more soldiers and the higher their level, the faster construction will take place.

Alliance headquarters can be improved. The conditions for improvement can be found in the headquarters section of the alliance. Improving the headquarters of the alliance allows you to increase the territory of the alliance, gives access to new types of supply stations, allows you to call more bosses and opens up new tasks for the alliance. The headquarters capacity depends on the size of the troops and the level of the combined command of the player who will be the first to enter the headquarters of the alliance.

How to replace an absent leader? An alliance leader can be replaced if he is absent for 7 days. Click on the name of the leader of the alliance in the list of the alliance, and you can see the replacement function.

How to change the rank of an alliance member? Only an alliance leader can change a member’s rank. The function is available in the alliance members section.

How to leave the alliance? You can exit the alliance at any time by clicking on the "Exit" button in the alliance section. Click on "Alliance", then on "Management", and after that on "Exit Alliance".

How to improve the headquarters of the alliance? Click on "Alliance" at the bottom right of the screen:

Click on Alliance Buildings:

Click on the headquarters of the alliance. To improve, you need to spend alliance materials:

Information on the materials of the alliance can be found in the section "Materials of the alliance".

The territory of the alliance. The area around the headquarters of the alliance is the territory of the alliance.

Improving the headquarters of the alliance allows you to expand its territory. Having placed headquarters on the territory of the alliance, you can use the buffs of the territory of the alliance.

Alliance Supply Station. An alliance supply station can be built on the territory of the alliance. The station contains a large number of resources. An alliance can have only 1 supply station. A new supply station can only be built after the alliance leader or player with a rank of R4 removes the old station. At the supply station, you can get resource collection accelerators.

An alliance supply station is untouchable and cannot be attacked by the commanders of another alliance. By fulfilling certain conditions (materials of the alliance and the level of the headquarters of the alliance), it is possible to increase the level of the supply station. The higher the level of the supply station, the greater the speed of resource collection and capacity.

How to dissolve the alliance? You can dissolve the alliance if you are the leader of the alliance or if you are the last remaining member of the alliance. You can dissolve an alliance in the alliance section.

Alliance Materials. Alliance materials are used to build alliance buildings and improve them. Method of obtaining: assignment "Building the alliance" (entry through the daily activity section). Jobs are updated every 24 hours. Progress is reset after the update.

Alliance’s daily tasks are updated every day at 00:00 server time. Interserver mode does not allow you to participate in alliance tasks and receive a reward. The higher the level of the headquarters of the alliance, the more materials can be obtained after completing tasks. Alliance material changes can be seen in the alliance section.

Will changing the alliance affect the glory of the alliance? Changes in the alliance will not affect the alliance points already received. The larger the alliance, the greater the chance of getting more alliance points.

How to remove the headquarters of the alliance? On the battlefield map, click on the alliance headquarters you want to delete and click on the "Details" button:

Only the leader of the alliance can utilize the headquarters of the alliance. Disposal requires additional alliance materials. At the same time, the level of the utilized headquarters will remain. After the disposal of the headquarters, the territory of the alliance will cease to be active. To redeploy the headquarters of the alliance, it is also necessary to use the materials of the alliance.

What is an alliance super weapon? Super Alliance Weapon allows you to actively use the effects of technology of the alliance. Super Weapon Research: Go to the Alliance - Alliance Technologies - Super Weapons.Use alliance materials and details to research and upgrade super weapons. To research high-level super weapon technology, a high-level alliance headquarters is needed.

Super Weapon Placement: An alliance member with an R4 rank can place a super weapon off the battlefield, using alliance materials and technology details.

Super weapons have a placement limit and can affect targets within a certain radius around them. When the duration of the super weapon expires, it will disappear along with the buffs. Improving the technology of super weapons and will increase the number of placements, the duration of the placement and the duration of the effects.

What is alliance help? You can ask the Alliance for help in improving buildings, researching technology, or treating wounded soldiers to speed up these processes.

How to use the help of the alliance? You can click on the "Alliance Help" button to use this function. After the completion of the construction of the Joint Command, all members of the alliance will be able to use the assistance of the alliance.

The higher the level of joint command, the more help you can get from associates.

Alliance Store. You can purchase rare items at the alliance store using alliance points instead of gold.

How to get alliance points? Alliance points can be obtained by participating in alliance events. Alliance points are your personal achievement and they will not disappear when you switch to another alliance.

How to get the honor of the alliance? You can earn the honor of the alliance by participating in alliance events. You can exchange alliance honor for items in the alliance store.

Army Men Strike: Buildings

How to accelerate the development of headquarters? You can use construction boosters or conventional boosters to reduce construction time or improvements. You can also use the second phase of construction by acquiring the privileges of the commander, which will significantly increase the speed of construction.

Building.Buildings are the foundation of your headquarters. High-level buildings provide access to a large number of resources, strong soldiers and advanced technology. Click on the building and select the information tab to get more information about the object.

Before you learn about all the buildings and their functions, you can improve them evenly.

Storage of resources. Resources are needed for training soldiers, building and researching technology. You can build various buildings that will produce resources. The resource icon above the buildings will alert you of the need from the collection. Click on the icon to collect them.

Remember to collect resources as often as possible. When the rear resources are full, the production of resources will cease.

Training soldiers. You can train different types of troops in the headquarters. Plastic is needed for training. The larger your army, the more plastic you need to keep it.

Technology research. Technology improves your economy and military strength. You can research various technologies in the laboratory. The higher the level of the laboratory, the more types of technology available for research.

Reconstruction. When your headquarters and lines reach level 30, you can reconstruct the headquarters. Available for reconstruction buildings: headquarters, air force plant, tank factory, assault camp, helicopter plant, artillery plant. Buildings can only be reconstructed when the headquarters reconstruction level reaches 1 lvl. For each reconstruction, you first need to carry out 10 constructions. After each construction you will receive buffs. When the number of constructions reaches 10, it will be possible to carry out reconstruction. Each building can be reconstructed 3 times.

Each reconstruction gives the building additional production capabilities and privileges. By reconstructing 4 types of training bases, you can get 4 new types of troops. Click on the building - information - more news to get more information about the reconstruction. For instance:

Infirmary. The infirmary can be built at the headquarters and used to treat wounded soldiers so that they can go into battle again! It’s much cheaper and faster to treat wounded soldiers than to train new ones. The capacity of the infirmary depends on its level, which can be increased by exploring certain technologies. If there is not enough space in the hospital, then the wounded soldiers will die. Wounded soldiers:

  1. All soldiers affected in the battle are sent to the infirmary, if there is enough space.
  2. Some soldiers also get injured instead of dying in battles with the Sinister.
  3. Technology research allows you to turn a certain number of soldiers killed in battle into wounded after each single battle.

If your infirmary cannot accommodate all the wounded soldiers, then the soldiers who are not in the infirmary will die. Soldiers injured in the battle for the central base or bastions die immediately and do not enter the infirmary.

Exchange On the exchange, alliance members can trade resources. Improving the exchange can increase the volume of trade and reduce tax. Trading with other members of the alliance is taxed. For example, when buying 100,000 plastic, a player must pay a 10% tax in the form of plastic and get 90,000 plastic.

Communication center. Allows you to receive the help of allies in the improvement of buildings and technology (reduces the time of improvement / research). When the alliance needs help, a special sign appears above the center. The higher the level of the communication center, the more help you can get. In the communication center you can get more detailed help information.

Joint Command. The joint command allows you to participate in battles together with other participants in the alliance (collection). The higher the level of the unified command, the more troops you can lead into battle.

Radio-controlled aircraft. Allows reconnaissance. Allows you to receive a warning about intelligence. The higher the level of the aircraft, the more information you can get.

Training buildings. There are several types:

Military Academy. The Military Academy is a place for recruiting heroes. You have a chance to get a 4-star hero, fragments of a 4-star hero, mannequins. When recruiting 10 times, mannequins cannot be obtained.

Spray. A sprayer is a special resource object. Production volume depends on sprayer level. Unassembled nitrol varnish may be stolen. For 1 time, you can steal 10%. Click on an empty area to build a sprayer.

Shelter. Click on an empty area at headquarters to build a shelter.

Inside, you can hide troops and resources on your own. You can save a different amount of each type of resources and troops, which cannot exceed the total capacity of troops and resources. Hidden resources and troops cannot be used. Troops cannot participate in battles.

Flag. Click on an empty spot at headquarters to place a flag.

Use the bugle to activate flag buffs, which may come in handy at a key moment in the battle.

Jail. You have the opportunity to capture heroes in some battles. Captured heroes go to jail. A high-level prison reduces the time to execution of a hero. Prison can be improved with wire.

More detailed information can be found in the heroes section.

Army Men Strike: Officers

How to get an officer? There are several ways:

  1. Recruit. An officer can be recruited at the Military Academy. After a certain period of time, there is a chance of free recruitment. Recruitment can also be done for gold and using certain items. During recruitment, you can get a whole officer or a fragment of an officer.
  2. Fragment synthesis. By collecting a certain number of fragments, you can synthesize an officer. After the synthesis, you get an officer in the base.
  3. Participation in events. In some events, you can receive an officer or fragments of an officer as a reward. Active participation in events allows you to increase strength.
  4. Gift Baskets. Buying gift baskets is the fastest way to get a strong officer.

Who are the officers? Officers are your most important helpers in the fight against the evil ones! Carrying out a campaign outside the headquarters, whether it be a special campaign or a campaign on the battlefield, officers must participate in it. In a special campaign, the officer determines the attributes of the mini squad. Skills of a special campaign will help to win. The number of troops in the campaign depends on the commander and Front Square. The skills of reconnaissance officers can give buffs to a unit. At headquarters, you can use the functions of command and the appointment of officers to increase your strength.

  1. Command: allows you to activate the officer’s skills and strengthen attributes. The combination of officers allows you to activate additional attributes.
  2. Appointment: activates the combat skills of the officer and improves attributes.

Profession. When the headquarters reaches level 22 (on servers 1-275, the headquarters should reach level 10), the function will become available, the "commander" tab will appear in the officers section. After that, you can study the profession (specialty) of the officer.

There are 3 officers specializations: intelligence expert, night killer and electronic geek. A profession can be changed using the profession reference. After the replacement, 100% of the subjects of training and improvement of skills are returned (if the subject was purchased for toy points, then only the subject itself is returned and not the toy points). Each profession has a prof. skills and potential that are related.

Prof. Profession skills. Each profession has its own prof. skills:

Follow the prompts to learn prof. skills. Use the course of prof. skills to improve the effect of prof. skills.

The potential of the profession. Each profession has 1 default potential and 3 hidden potentials.

When the officer reaches a certain level (10, 28 or 25), you can open the potential slot. By opening all the slots, you can activate the potential effect. The effect of potential cannot be improved. Select 3 specific prof. skill, activate hidden potential. The higher the average skill level, the higher the attributes of potential. You can use different prof. skills to try a combination of hidden potentials.

Specialty. The type of officer is the area of ??competence of each officer: intelligence, war, defense, supply, technology.

Different types of officers are suitable for different types of actions on the battlefield.

The effects of the skills of strong officers may differ from the effects of the skills of ordinary officers.For more information, see the description of skills. Transformation materials depend on the type of officers.

How to fire a hero? The dismissal function is in the heroes section. You can donate unnecessary heroes to get mannequins and simultaneously free up space in your backpack. You can use unnecessary heroes as materials to improve other heroes, but they give much less experience compared to mannequins.

What does the letter in front of the officer’s name mean? The letter in front of the officer’s name indicates his quality. Quality is divided into 4 types: S, A, B, C.

High quality officers possess a stronger combination of combat skills. If you do not know which officer to use in battle, then a high-quality officer is a win-win choice. Quality also affects command, skills, and other attributes.

How to find out the attributes of an officer’s special campaign? Click on the officer’s image in the officers section, then click on the attributes button.

And you will see what attributes an officer has in a special campaign.

Energy boosting additionally increases the baseline energy value in the Special Campaign. The energy amplification skill of all officers participating in a special campaign is summed up.

How to get a command buff? Appointment to a certain position in the main headquarters allows you to increase the command.

For each position, you can appoint several officers. After the total number of stars of all assigned heroes reaches a certain value, you can activate the buff. The higher the average level of heroes, the more buffs.

Replacing officers. Replacing officers allows you to replace one of your officers with an officer from the prize pool. In the process of replacement, the new officer will take the place of the old one while maintaining the level, stars and rank. Replacement can be made at the Military Academy.

  1. Select the officer you want to replace (except for the five-star one).
  2. Use 1 officer upgrade coupon.
  3. One random officer from the prize pool will appear on the right side of the screen. In the prize pool you can see all the officers who participate in this event.

When the officer you like appears on the right side, click "get." The officer from the left side of the screen will be replaced by a new officer. The old officer will disappear, and the new one will take his place with the preservation of the level, stars and rank. If you did not like the officer, then you can update him again. To upgrade, you will need 1 more officer update coupon.

I bought an officer’s gift set, but didn’t receive an officer. Officer’s gift sets are divided into 2 types:

  1. Gift sets with an officer inside. After the purchase, you can find the officer in the officers section.
  2. Gift sets with fragments of an officer inside. After the purchase, the fragments go to the "Directory" tab in the officer’s section. When you collect a sufficient number of fragments, you can synthesize the fragments and get an officer in the officers section.

Fragments of an officer can be purchased at the Self-Service Store.

Captivity of the hero

Captivity. The player who won the battle has the opportunity to capture the enemy hero. Captivity conditions:

  1. The headquarters of both players must be level 10. and higher;
  2. Winner Prison must be level 1 or higher;
  3. The loser must have more than 10 heroes.

Only one hero on the battlefield can be captured.

Execution Execution conditions:

  1. The headquarters of both players must be level 18. and higher;
  2. The time for execution should come.

Salvation and liberation of the hero. In the event of a successful attack by the headquarters invader, your hero will be saved and will avoid execution. After salvation, the hero will return to you. The invader can free the hero at any time. After liberation, the hero will return to you.

The rebirth of the hero. The executed hero may be revived. After the rebirth, the number of hero stars decreases by 1, and the hero level drops to 1. When using glue, the hero revives immediately. The number of hero stars is reduced by 1, but he restores 80% of the experience that he had before execution. When using super glue, the hero is reborn immediately saving the number of stars and level before execution.

5 star officer

Click on the star sign of the control panel of the officers section:

To transform a 5-star officer, it is necessary to donate silver materials, materials of the ordinary, materials of the general and the order of 5 stars. After transforming to 5 stars, the maximum level of an officer will be 80 and officer talents will become available depending on rank. Only 9 skills, divided into three groups, respectively.

After the ranks rose to 7, 8, and 12 to unlock the corresponding skills, some weapons were added to some S-Class officers, a five-star talent. Having fully studied all 5-star talents, you can unlock weapon skills. Only 1 officer is needed to unlock skills. Click on "Officer Talent" to open the section, read the description of the talent and make a choice.

Skills are divided into 2 types: urban planning (active during defense) and campaign (active during the campaign). Each officer can choose only 1 area of ??talent development. Once you select a direction, you cannot change it.

Urban planning has 4 directions. After improvement, talents will be active upon appointment to the supply department, military department, technology department, defense department. It is impossible to simultaneously improve the skills of two departments, nor can one demonstrate the current outstanding effects of an officer.Choose the skill of improvement wisely!

The campaign has 4 directions: containment of armored vehicles, containment of helicopters, containment of attack aircraft, containment of artillery. After improvement, skills will appear in the campaign. Each direction includes 9 skills. For improvement it is necessary to sacrifice officers. After improvement, three random officer talents can be improved.

How to increase the strength of an officer?

1. Improving the skill and level of the officer. It will also increase the command and attributes of a special campaign.

Command increases the number of troops in a campaign on the battlefield. The attributes of the Special Campaign increase strength when participating in the "Special Campaign" event. A certain level is required for transformation:

2. Transformation. Transformation increases the officer’s stellar level and gives access to more skills.

When the officer reaches the maximum star level, then, transforming it, it will be possible to increase the maximum number of stars and unlock new skills. Only unlocked skills have an effect.

3. Function "Rank". It allows you to increase the numerical indicator of the officer’s skill.

Improving the rank does not depend on the level and star level of the officer. The numerical skill indicator depends only on the rank. The maximum rank is 12.

How to improve an officer?

Discover the officer’s skills. Click on the "Improve" button in the lower left corner of the screen:

The cost of improvement. To improve an officer, mannequins and other officers are needed. This will increase the experience and level of the officer. Mannequins and officers used to improve disappear. Upon reaching the maximum level, the excess of experience does not return.

The effect of improvement. Improving an officer allows you to increase his command and increase the attributes of the Special Campaign. Command allows you to increase the number of soldiers in the campaign and on the main square. Attributes of a special campaign affect the damage per second and the value of health during the Special campaign.

How to transform an officer?

Discover the officer’s skills. Click on the "Transform" button at the bottom of the screen:

Transformation requires a certain level:

Transformation costs. During the transformation, a certain amount of ordinary and special materials is consumed. Special materials are divided into different types in the same way as officers: intelligence materials, military materials, defense materials, supply materials and technology materials. The higher the level of transformation, the more materials are consumed. Available transformation materials can be viewed in the materials section.

The effect of transformation. Strong skills become available depending on the number of transformation stars.

Click on a skill to find out more information.

Where to get the materials? Materials can be obtained for winning the Special Campaign.

How to raise the rank of officer?

Discover the officer’s skills. Click on the "Rank" button in the lower right corner of the screen:

Promotion costs. Choose medals, a hero with the same name, or fragments of a hero with the same name to increase the rank of officer. If you choose the wrong medals or a hero with a different name, then this may affect the quality of military merit. Be careful when choosing materials. After the title has been improved, the materials used will disappear. Choose your materials wisely.

Effects of the title. The effect of the officer’s skills increases with the rank. The gofitser’s skill is the source of his fighting power. Promotion is the most effective way to improve an officer’s skills.

How do officer combat skills work?

The officer’s combat skills are divided into 2 types: marching skills and intelligence skills. Each appointment includes officers of 4 types.

Hiking skill. During the campaign, click on the officer’s slot and appoint or replace an officer.

Skills of the officer’s campaign will give skills to the troops in the campaign. When choosing an officer with buffs of the campaign skill, officers with this skill will be presented, which greatly simplifies the choice.

Click on the question mark in the upper right corner to familiarize yourself with the hiking skills.

Destination skills. In the military academy, you can see various departments for the appointment of an officer.

Only a suitable officer can be assigned to each department. Appointment activates his skills.

Slot officers. The officer slots determine the number of officers available for appointment. The number of slots can be increased by exploring a specific technology.

Summation of skills. When appointing officers with the same name to the same department, the skill of one officer with the highest skill value is activated. The same thing happens when assigned to one detachment on a campaign. When summing up the skills of officers with different names, the greatest effect is activated. For instance:

A sensible combination of heroes will significantly increase your strength!

The use of officers. One officer at the same time can either be appointed to the position or used in the campaign.

Army Men Strike: Popular Questions

How to send an item to a player? In gift sets you can find a special item called "carrier pigeon". Find this item and click on it. You can find an ally by alliance or another player by name. You can also write him a message.Click on the "unknown item" icon and select the item to send. Sending an item will become possible when the submit button turns purple.

Wounded and dead soldiers. When your defending troops or resource points are attacked, soldiers who might die will turn into wounded. Soldiers can be injured in the battle against the evil men. Researching First Aid technology will help minimize losses in a specific proportion. If your hospital cannot accommodate all the wounded soldiers, then they will die.

If you lost soldiers in the battles for the Central Base (or Slot Machine) or bastions in the center of each battlefield, then they die and do not turn into wounded.

How to get the key to the chest of approval? The key to the chest of approval can be found in gift sets. Also follow the events in the game. It is possible that the key to the chest of approval can be found in the event rewards.

Will my troops die if I run out of plastic? No, but they will start consuming plastic again as soon as you have it.

Can my plastic be stolen? Yes they can. Use plastic to avoid its accumulation, so the enemy will not be able to steal it. Protected plastic in a piggy bank cannot be stolen. The higher the level of the piggy bank, the more plastic can be protected.

Why does the number of troops decrease during the attack of the players? The developers consider it important that the gameplay is not destroyed for beginners, who can become easy prey for more experienced players. To make the gameplay more fun, the number of troops in PvP (player versus player) battles is half that of troops in PvE (player versus system) battles.

When attacking a player with headquarters below level 6, you can steal only a small part of the resources.

How to activate the second phase of construction / research? The second phase of construction allows you to build or improve 2 buildings at the same time. The second phase of the study allows 2 technology studies at the same time. You can activate the second phase of building research after purchasing commander privileges. The second phase of construction can also be activated using the construction contract.

The construction contract allows you to activate the second phase of construction for a short time. If you want to use the construction line all day, you need to acquire commander privileges.

How soon will the headquarters disappear from the battlefield map? Headquarters below level 3 will disappear 4320 minutes after the last entry into the game. Headquarters of level 3 and above will disappear 61,000 minutes after the last entry into the game.

Can I return randomly spent gold? The game provides measures against the accidental use of gold. For example, confirmation of action. Each time you use gold, you will receive a message asking you to confirm the action. Gold will be spent only after you confirm the action. Army Men Strike is a real-time multiplayer game, so any return of gold will affect other players. You can’t be returned the gold spent or cancel the action. The return of gold means that you will receive items for free, which will affect the balance in the game and will affect players who have made a lot of efforts to get items.

Confrontation of troops

How to get more resources at headquarters? You can get resources in the following ways.

  1. Build and upgrade resource buildings at headquarters to produce more resources;
  2. Use boosters to increase the production of building resources;
  3. Activate VIP. The higher the VIP level, the higher the performance of buildings;
  4. Use resource items from your backpack;
  5. Buy resources in the store.

How to get more resources on the battlefield?

  1. Send troops to collect resources on the battlefield;
  2. You can attack other players and take their resources in case of victory.

Resources can be found in rewards for various events. Buy gift bags and you will receive not only gold, but also a lot of resources.

Why didn’t I get the hell event rating award? The rating award can only be obtained by completing the third stage of the Hell event.

How to open higher levels in special operations? Increasing the headquarters level allows you to open higher levels in special operations.

Why can’t I chat? If you have received multiple complaints from other players, then your world chat may be banned. Each player can submit only 1 complaint. Therefore, if you were banned, then a lot of players complained about you.

What are technology glasses and how to use them? Technology glasses allow you to instantly complete a technology study while saving resources and time. Researching different technologies requires different technology glasses. Technology points can be obtained by participating in events, and they can also be found in some gift sets.

What is the ratio of converted soldiers killed to wounded? Depending on the type of battle, your soldiers will either be injured or killed. The buff of converting killed soldiers to wounded can only be used in those types of battles in which troops do not die instantly. In this case, a certain number of wounded soldiers will be converted to wounded after the end of the battle, which will reduce losses.

Conversion formula: Number of wounded soldiers = Number of killed soldiers - Number of wounded soldiers / (1+ conversion factor). For example: If the conversion rate is 100%, and the number of soldiers killed is 10,000, then the number of converted wounded soldiers is: number of wounded soldiers = 10000 - [10000 / (1 + 100%)] = 5000.

Why is my account banned? In order to create a harmonious gaming space, in case of multiple refunds, your account will be banned. The system automatically bans players with a suspicious payment history. Be careful in your actions in the game.

The required number of advanced drawings and scoops. Headquarters / Laboratory / Flag / Defense Plant / Defensive Positions:

Communication Center / Unified Headquarters / Tank Camp / Commando Camp / Helicopter Camp / Artillery Camp / Air Force Plant:

Front Square / Air Force Tower:

How to become the supreme commander? An hour after the capture of the central base, the alliance leader will receive the right to appoint one of the alliance members as Supreme Commander. If this does not happen, then the leader of the alliance will become the Supreme Commander-in-Chief himself. If the alliance continues to occupy the central base, the leader of the battlefield will retain this title. The leader of the alliance has the right to appoint another member of the alliance as the Supreme Commander within 1 hour after the capture of the central base.

Privileges of the Supreme Commander:

How to increase strength? Strength determines everything! It can be increased in the following ways:

  1. Build / Upgrade buildings and research technology. Buildings and technologies provide additional support to troops, the economy and headquarters and allow you to increase your strength.
  2. Train the soldier . Each trained or cured soldier increases your strength. Improving soldiers also increases strength.
  3. Appointment of a hero. You can assign heroes to posts in departments. The higher the level of the hero and the number of stars, the more he increases strength.

Feat. A feat is a necessary subject for increasing the level of a position in a center of destination. Methods of obtaining:

  1. A feat can be obtained for attacking an enemy command center and destroying its fighting force. You can get no more than 30,000 exploits per day. The period of receiving feats lasts 7 days, after which it is updated. The first 7 days period is considered from the moment of the first receipt of feats.
  2. Feats can be gained by participating in the Battle of the Times event when attacking a wanderer.
  3. Feats can be bought in gift sets.

One-time use of items cannot exceed 100,000.

VIP privileges. VIPs of different levels give different privileges. You can use VIP items to activate privileges and add points. VIP privileges only take effect after activation.

What does the chat function of the battlefield chat mean? The blocking function in the chat of the battlefield allows you to block the receipt of messages from certain players. The developers hope that this feature will reduce the number of complaints about players.

Switching your Facebook account. If the Facebook application is installed on the device: Click on "switch account" in the game to go to the Facebook client. Click "Continue" to go to the progress of the game, tied to the current account. If you need to switch to another gameplay, you need to log out of the current account in the Facebook client, log in to the account you want to switch, and then switch the game account.

If the Facebook application is not installed on the device: Click "switch account" in the game to open the browser page, select "Continue" to go to the current account linking process. If you need to switch to another gameplay, you need to click "Cancel" in the pop-up interface, return to the "Switch account" interface of the game and click "Switch" again to re-enter the Facebook account that you want to switch.

How to read battle reports?

At the request of players, the developers identified 3 main points that cause a lack of understanding of the reasons for the outcome of the battle.

1. Misunderstanding of the level of troops. There is a basic standard for victory and defeat in battle: if one player has survivors and the other does not, then the player who has survivors wins. If both players have survivors, then the player who lost less power wins. Let’s look at the report below. Report 1:

Reasons why the attacker lost the battle: Attacker’s attributes exceed those of the defender, but do not compensate for 2 weak points of the attacker.

  1. The total number of defending troops exceeds the total number of attacking units. The defender has more than 2.7 million troops participating in the battle, including more than 1.83 million troops above level 10. While the attacker has only 0.58 million troops.
  2. The number of levels of the defending troops exceeds that of the attacker. The defender has 35 levels of troops, while the attacker has only 7. In battle, one round ends when each level of troops on both sides attacks once.

The more troops you have, the more attacks you can make. Almost all attacks of high-level attacking troops were spent on a small number of troops of level 10 and below the defending.

Information about the losses of the attacker: RK "earth - earth" level 11 (qty. 174), Special attack aircraft - Defense in place of level 11 (qty 2), Special attack aircraft, level 11 (number 17063) destroyed by the traps of the defender. Drummer Level 10 (number of 2200), Main tank 10 lvl. (number 5000) destroyed by the enemy in the first round, but spent the chances of attacking the 6th and 12th levels of the defending troops, respectively.

Attacker Damage Information:

2. Did not look at the talent of the officer. Report 2:

There are two aspects that lead to the loss of an attacker.

1. The number of levels of troops of the defender is significantly higher than the number of troops of the attacker.The levels of the attacking troops: 1; Levels of the defender’s troops: 100. Battle rounds: The attacker makes 3 attacks, while the defender makes 275 and destroys all the attacker’s armored vehicles.

2. The talent of the defending officer blocks the participation of the attacking forces in the battle for 3 rounds. The talent of the defending officer (Interference for armored vehicles) gives a 84% chance of activating the talent effect in the first 3 rounds. The effect of talent applies to all participants in the defense. The talent effect is activated when an officer is destroyed. When different participants use an officer with the same talent, but with a different talent value, the maximum talent value will act.

3. Did not see the buffs of other defense participants. Report 3:

There are two aspects that lead to the loss of an attacker. A: The buffs of other defenders far exceed the attacker’s buffs. The attack, defense, and health of the two defense members far exceed the attacker’s buffs. For example (see the screenshot above): in the first round of the battle, Fire Support Machines lvl 9. (qty. 4925) of the defending side conduct an attack and destroy Drummers 10 lvl. (qty. 43367) attacker.

Army Men Strike: Events

Where to find events? Click on the newspaper image at the top right of the screen to go to the events section.

Kill the insect. Entrance to the event is carried out through the event center in the upper right corner. Rules: kill the insect with the help of balls. Every day, 30 free balls are given. Awards: The awards can be seen in the awards section. Premium rewards: If you think that there are too few rewards, you can buy an advanced mode to improve rewards for the event.

Dominance in the Sandbox. Steal silver, become the lord of the Sandbox, get a generous reward! Silver:Spirit points gained during the first stage of the event can be converted before the camp rating award. Silver coins can be stolen only with a victorious attack. With each attack, you can steal 10% of the opponent’s silver coins. If one or two players participate in the battle, then the battle refers to the inter-server mode (Sandbox or Front-line battle) and the number of coins stolen during each battle increases. Rules:

  1. After reviewing the information about the commander, you can find out the number of his silver coins.
  2. You can only get into the rating if you manage to steal coins at least once.
  3. Use items to increase the amount of stolen silver (theft buffs) to get into the rating faster!
  4. Only coins received for the first stage can be converted into a reward.
  5. When a new event begins, the coins collected last week disappear. Do not forget to exchange coins for prizes before the event!
  6. The first 100 commanders in the ranking will receive a personal ranking award. All participants of the first 5 alliances in the rating will receive an alliance rating award.

Slot machine match. Entrance to the event is through the center of events. Location: Sandbox (special battlefield). Tips:

  1. Detailed information about the event can be obtained by clicking on the "?" in the event.
  2. During the event you have 1 free entry to the sandbox. If you exit the sandbox, you will need to spend 1 entry coupon to re-enter.
  3. The soldiers who died during the battles in the Sandbox die immediately (do not turn into wounded). In addition, you cannot use the Peacemaker while in the Sandbox.
  4. After capturing a slot machine, you can capture 4 bastions. If your opponent captures the bastion, he will fire at the slot machine, causing damage to your troops.
  5. After you capture the slot machine or the bunker, you can dismiss the troops, and at the same time you will remain the owner of this object until another player captures it.
  6. For an attack or defense by the collection forces, you can get a double reward.

Bank. The greater the contribution, the greater the profit. Gold must be taken independently every day. Gold must be collected before the event. Savings - Gold : Put gold in the bank and make a profit every day during the deposit term.

Investments - Toy Glasses : Invest in Toy Glasses. After making a purchase, you can get toy glasses on the same day. Every day during the investment period you can get toy glasses.

Keep in mind that only one of the two types of investment can be purchased.

Newbie special event. The event is available only during the first 7 days after the creation of the account. The event consists of 3 parts: improving buildings, increasing strength and recruiting heroes. You will receive a reward for completing each quest. More information about the event can be obtained in the event center.

The gates of time. During recording, each commander, using a pass, can record to participate in the event and receive distribution. All participants will be distributed on 3 fronts depending on the strength and number of people.

Each front will be indicated by flags of a different color. Rules:

Mad scientist. Entrance to the event is carried out through the event center in the upper right corner. Rules: attack the mad scientist and get a reward depending on the total damage done. The award is mailed. The total damage done is calculated the next day. When attacking a mad scientist, you can get screw cutters and exchange them for prizes. Unused screw cutters will remain until the next event. The higher the level of the mad scientist, the more prizes you can get.

Ship competition. After the event starts, you can select 4 officers in the Treasure Hunt section. After that, you can click on the help button to send a request to the alliance chat. In this way, allies in the alliance will be able to help you. After 3 colleagues help you, you can choose a ship and go camping. Different officers depending on the type, level and level of stars can increase the likelihood of receiving 3 items: batteries, motor and good luck.

After the event, the battery, motor and luck can be used in the navigation information section. When the campaign ends, you can collect the reward for this campaign in the event. You can go camping again after the stage of the individual campaign ends. The duration of an individual hike can be found in the navigation information. After completing the individual hike stage, you can hold an alliance ship hike contest. Winners will receive a rating award. After the end of the campaign campaigns of ships of the alliance, the time comes for the presentation of awards. The rating award will be sent by mail.

Robot. Entrance to the event is through the robot figure in the lower left part of the room.

Collect all the details of the robot to activate it. Methods for collecting parts of different robots may vary.

When you collect all the necessary details, they will become colored and you can activate the robot. After activation, the robot stays in your room and its buffs operate on an ongoing basis.

Slaughter camps

  1. 16 battlefields are divided into 4 camps.
  2. Click the camp flag in the Campaign Slaughter battle log to view the battlefields of the camps.
  3. If the object of your camp is occupied by an enemy, the color of the cage of your battlefield will change to the color of the enemy camp.
  4. The faction flag is displayed next to the command center on the battlefield.

Switching between battlefields: You can only switch to battlefields adjacent to your camp or camp flag (displayed in the battle log of Camp Slaughter)! In the four corners of the cells of the battlefields adjacent to your camp, special marks are displayed in the battle logs of the Camp Slaughter.

The fight:

  1. Troops may be injured in battles during the Battle of the camps. Wounded troops are sent to a temporary hospital.The capacity of the temporary hospital is not limited.
  2. To view detailed information, select "Infirmary" - "Temporary Infirmary".
  3. At the end of the event, a certain number of wounded troops will be automatically restored. To increase this number, achieve the goal of the stage.
  4. At the end of the event, wounded troops that have not been recovered will go to the infirmary.

Within 10 minutes after the end of the event, the indicators of the event will be calculated. After these 10 minutes, awards will be issued and recovery of the wounded troops will begin.


  1. For reducing the BM of the enemy camp for every 10,000 units. You will get 3 points.
  2. For every 10,000 you lose. BM You will get 1 point.
  3. For every minute you hold the captured object, you will receive 100 points.
  4. Points for the capture of objects will be calculated during the withdrawal of troops, surrender of defense of objects and calculation of indicators of the event.


  1. At the beginning of the event, objects of the same type will appear on each battlefield.
  2. In total, 3 types of facilities are provided: a bridgehead, a missile base, and a strategic base. An object is considered captured if you continuously occupied it for 2 hours.
  3. After the capture of the object, all camp members will receive reinforcements (their health, attack and defense will be increased). Amplifiers add up when capturing multiple objects.

Battle logs:

  1. During the event you will not be able to change your camp. You can see the battlefields of the camps by clicking the camp flag in the battle log.
  2. When you capture an enemy battlefield, the color of the captured battlefield will change to the color of your camp, but the enemy battlefield will not join your battlefield. It only means that you captured an object on an enemy battlefield.
  3. The more cells on the battlefields will have the color of your camp, the more you can invade the battlefield.

Defense of the military fortress

Enter the sandbox, complete tasks together with other commanders and glorify your alliance! Entrance 1 : Event Center> Defense of the military fortress:

Entrance 2 : Enter the Sandbox and click on the event icon:

When the event starts, click on the "Enter the battlefield" button to move to the Sandbox. Choose a building and occupy it for points and rewards! (Different troops and commanders can occupy several buildings at the same time). There are 8 different buildings in total:

  1. Military fortress. Located in the center of the battlefield. Occupying it you can get a lot of points.
  2. Collection hall. One of the most important objects for getting points. There are only 2 such objects. They are located to the right and left of the central base.
  3. Military factory. There are only 2 such objects. They are located above and below the central base. Having occupied them, you can get some personal points and alliance points.
  4. Arsenal. There are only 2 such objects. They are located near the military factory. Having occupied them, you can get some personal points and alliance points, as well as bring attack, defense and health buffs to your alliance.
  5. Military Academy. Only 1 object. It is located near a military factory. Having occupied it, you can get some personal points and alliance points.
  6. Technology Hall. By occupying it, you can get personal and alliance points, as well as bring a reduction in the time of occupation to your alliance.

Building Rules:

  1. The status of the building can change: Busy> attack the building, win and the status of the building will change (each building has a different battle time)> Capture the building before the war status ends> Occupy the building.
  2. If control of the building changes hands until the end of the battle, the countdown starts from the very beginning. The building is considered captured when the battle countdown ends.
  3. For the first capture of the building during the event, you will receive personal points and alliance points.
  4. If the number of occupying and defending troops exceeds 50,000, you will receive personal points and alliance points.

You can click on the "map" button in the lower left corner of the battlefield interface to check the status of the building.

Battle Rules:

  1. In all battles on the battlefield, soldiers will almost not die, deadly effects will not work (during the defense, defense objects are destroyed);
  2. In hospitals on the battlefield there is no capacity limit, wounded soldiers will not die;
  3. On the battlefield, the utilization of resources for the treatment of the wounded has been increased.


  1. Get personal points and alliance points for performing certain actions;
  2. Alliance points can be obtained for occupying buildings;
  3. Personal Points, Alliance Points, and Rating are updated every 30 minutes.


  1. Having collected a certain amount of personal points and alliance points, you can get a stage reward;
  2. The first 500 players in the ranking for personal points and the first 10 alliances in the ranking for alliance points will receive a generous reward;
  3. The award is presented by mail.

Time Events

During the event, for the time being, commanders can take part in various individual events, collect points and receive prizes depending on the number of points scored. Prizes are sent to the mail. The event starts automatically after the battlefield opens. When the first event ends, the next will begin in a week and will last 7 days. The types of events and their order during the week are random.

Types of events for a while:

Reward. There are several types of rewards:

Front battle

Fight with players from other battlefields, destroy troops to get points! Points can be redeemed for personal rewards, resources, or battlefield rewards.

How to teleport to another battlefield? After the event starts, you can move to certain battlefields to participate in the event. You can find these fields on the map.

Is teleportation temporary or permanent? You can be on the enemy battlefield for 3 hours after moving. Then you will be automatically returned to the original battlefield.

How to get points? After moving to an enemy battlefield, you will see command centers with a special mark of the enemy above them. Attack them and get points for destroying troops. Players from another battlefield will also see a special sign above your command center. Attacking you they will also receive prizes.

The battle for the central base


Stages of the event:

  1. Training Status. After a certain time after the opening of the battlefield, the Central base enters the status of training. You can see the timer measuring the time before the event.
  2. Battle status. In battle status, any player can attack the Central Base. In case of victory, this player will be able to control the base for 8 hours. When changing the invader, the countdown starts again. If the invader does not change within 8 hours, then these troops will become the masters of the base and the base will enter defense status.
  3. Protection Status. Protection status lasts 5 days during which no one can attack the base and bastions. When the defense status is completed, the battle status will begin again at the base.

Battle for the auxiliary base


Buff Auxiliary Bases:

Military training

You can take part in the event after the headquarters reaches level 10. Details can be seen in the events section.Rules:

  1. Arrange the troops: before entering the arena, troops must be deployed. You can select a maximum of 4 commanders, regardless of the number of open slots. The preservation of the alignment will not affect the condition of the troops at headquarters. The arrangement can be changed at any time.
  2. Battle and points: after entering the arena, click on any headquarters to attack it. You can get points for an attack.The number of points received depends on the difference in points between the opponents. By collecting a certain number of points, you can improve the order.
  3. Update: 5 goals are automatically updated every 2 hours. You can also upgrade goals using items or gold.
  4. There are 5 free attacks per day. Extra attacks can be purchased for gold or using items.
  5. You can purchase special buffs at the event store.
  6. Part of the gold coins spent in the event falls into the prize pool.
  7. There are no dead or wounded soldiers in battles.
  8. Rewards are given out at the end of each season.

Order Level:

The rating is updated every 15 minutes.

Front Brotherhood

Complete certain tasks to get points. Reward:

  1. Collect a certain number of points to get a personal stage reward.
  2. The first 100 commanders in the ranking will receive a personal ranking award. The first 3 battlefields in the ranking will receive the battlefield reward (only the 100 commanders of the victorious battlefield with the most points will receive the award)
  3. The reward will be sent the day after the event.

Vitality Points:


  1. Survival Points can be exchanged for items in the Front Brotherhood event.
  2. By increasing the total number of battlefield survivability points, new levels of front-line brotherhood can be opened.The higher the level of front-line brotherhood, the more discounts and bonuses you can get.
  3. The total number of battlefield survivability points is updated every hour.
  4. Each week, upon completion of the event, the personal survivability points are not reset, but the level of the front-line brotherhood is updated.

Moving to another battlefield, you cannot participate in this event.

The fight of the brave

12 camps will appear on 48 battlefields. Grab the building and get a lot of points and strong buffs.

Bridgehead. The bridgehead can be occupied by several people, it can be attacked by a gathering. After capturing the bridgehead of another battlefield, in the combat interface, the color of this battlefield is painted in the color of the camp that successfully occupied it. Having occupied the foothold, after the troops leave it, you will not be able to get points, but the affiliation of the foothold will not change. Having taken a foothold, you can continue to receive points. When the status of the bridgehead changes (troops will be disbanded or other troops are occupying it), scoring will take place.

Signal post. The signal post can only be captured by the first player; he cannot be attacked by a collection.Having occupied the Signal Post, after the troops leave it, you will not be able to get points, but the affiliation of the bridgehead will not change. After taking the signal post, you can continue to receive points. When the status of the Signal Station changes (troops will be disbanded or other troops are occupying it), scoring will take place.

Item goods. The item of goods randomly appears on the battlefield. Players need to search for it on their own.When a Item is scanned by a player, it disappears. After successful exploration of the Item, you can get points.

Battle Rules:

  1. During the event, the troops will not die, but the soldiers will be injured.
  2. During the event, wounded soldiers will be taken to a temporary hospital. The capacity of the temporary hospital is not limited. After the event, the proportion of soldiers will be automatically restored.
  3. You can only move to the battlefield that is associated with your camp (it will be highlighted in the combat interface).Such a field will be marked with a special sign.
  4. When the bridgehead is occupied by an enemy camp, the leader of the battlefield can still return to the battlefield and take part in the battle for him.

Within 10 minutes after the end of the event, points will be calculated. After that, the award will be sent by mail, and the proportion of troops will automatically be restored. Players who score 0 personal points will not be able to receive a rating reward. The rating is updated every hour.

Army Men Strike: BBC

What is the air force? The Air Force is an air system that gives extra buffs to the command center and increases your strength.

How to get the Air Force? When the headquarters reaches level 8, the Air Force tower will be available, and you will be able to use the Air Force. Click on the Tower to view equipment, modules, and pilots.

Airplanes in the garrison. Click on the Air Force - Air Force Tower to set up aircraft for defense. Aircraft are divided into conventional aircraft, development aircraft and combat aircraft. Each aircraft has its own characteristics and is used in various situations.

There are 2 zones in the garrison: a development zone and a combat zone. Development aircraft can only be used in the development zone, combat aircraft in the combat zone. Conventional aircraft can be used with conventional areas. The plane is used when it is on a campaign or placed in a garrison. The aircraft used will not be displayed in the selection interface. You can send the plane on a hike, then you will not need to activate it before the hike.

Score. In the store you can buy new planes with special skills and attributes. After purchase, you need to activate them.

Attributes Click on the sign in the lower left corner to proceed to the study of skills. Each aircraft has special skills and attributes.

Learned skills can be viewed in the lower left corner of the room. Passive skills can be automatically activated.Click "Use" to enable the learned skills for 24 hours.

Chip. Chips are built into planes in which various modules can be assembled to activate attributes.

You can purchase modules in the assembly section. The white squares in the upper left corner indicate the quantity. Green squares indicate properties. By clicking on "save" the properties are activated.

Air Force Effects. When the Air Force patrols the territory of the command center, they give buffs to troops on the territory of the command center. When the Air Force escort troops on a campaign, they only give buffs to these troops.

Air Force Tactics. You can improve the tactics of the Air Force and thereby increase the buffs.

Tactical points are needed to improve the Air Force. Tactical points can be obtained at a military airfield every day. The number of points obtained depends on the level of the airfield. You can also get extra tactical points in gifts.

Army Men Strike: Special Campaign

Special trip. Special Hike is the special RTS (real-time strategy) gameplay in Army Men Strike. You can send heroes to attack enemy objects.

You do not need to deploy troops inside the room. Just send the heroes into battle and get a reward in case of victory over the enemy.

You can research technology to unlock new hero slots.

Jedi. Break through the line of defense of the Yellow Army and get trophies that can be exchanged for a reward in the store. There are several targets on each line of defense. Smash any opponent to break the line. Your alliance associates can help you complete the mission. Help:

  1. Ask for help from your associates;
  2. Help lasts 2 hours and then automatically disappears;
  3. Help can only be used in alliance counterattack battles. Only 2 support officers may participate in each battle;
  4. You can disband the help and again ask for help from colleagues.

After associates respond to your call, select two officers for a joint attack. Your officers will not be used to help.One officer can help several players at the same time. Every 2 minutes you can help one ally conduct a joint attack.

The main central base. The main secret base is located in the upper left corner of the map of the event "Special Campaign". Only the head of an alliance or a player of rank R2 can initiate a battle. The battle is divided into several levels depending on the level of the alliance. Each battle lasts a certain period of time.

After the start of the battle, you can choose a bridgehead for the attack. Each player has a certain number of attacks. Use them wisely. After each battle, a record of the status of the bridgehead appears. Other players may continue to attack. After the destruction of each bridgehead, alliance members receive an alliance award.

War machine. Enter a special campaign and click on the event sign in the upper right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the screen you can see the War Machine.

After each attack, the cooling time comes (the cooling time can be canceled for gold). Attacking a war machine a certain number of times, you can get a reward for the stage.

When the War Machine will have 80%, 60%, 40%, 20% and 0% health, being nearby and attacking the machine, it is likely to receive different rewards: a powerful blow, a blow, an increasing blow, a victorious pursuit, a successful reward of the last strike. Awards are randomly generated; more detailed information can be obtained in the event interface. The first 100 players in the ranking from across the battlefield will receive a ranking award.Being on another battlefield, you cannot participate in this event.

Supply Point. Rules:

  1. Detect supply point. In the second room of the Special Campaign, when exploring, you can find 5 hidden supply points.
  2. Use of supply points. Having captured the supply point, you can receive transformation materials. However, other commanders may recapture the supply points you seized and steal materials. Therefore, you have to defend your supply points and fight with other players.
  3. Improved defense. Every time changes occur on the island, the system can automatically raise or lower the level of island defense facilities.
  4. Rearrangement. By clicking on the captured supply point, you can rearrange buildings to complicate the attack to other commanders.
  5. Refresh the enemy. After a certain period of time, each new invader can update the enemy.
  6. Officer Warehouse. The officer warehouse is a special supply point. Having captured it, you can get the officer’s safe containing fragments of the officer.

Punitive expedition. There are 4 types of punishment scrolls:

From low-level scrolls, high-level scrolls can be synthesized. Method of use: go into the conveyor, select the level of a special trip and press "punish".

Army Men Strike: MOD

Who is MOD? MOD (moderator) is an experienced and active player who helps other players to get comfortable in the game. You can contact the MOD through the settings - contact GM.

Army Men Strike: Account

Army Men Strike free game? Army Men Strike is a free game with in-game shopping. You can buy game gold for real money. In order to protect your personal data, all purchases are made through iTunes and / or Google Play. Creating a pleasant gaming atmosphere is a priority in the game. All functions will become available when you reach a certain level, regardless of whether you bought gold or not.

How to start a new game? You can install the game on a new device. In this case, the game will start from the very beginning. If you have already played the game and want to start it again on the same device, you can click on the avatar of the commander, go to Settings> Account> Start a new game.

If your game is not tied to an account, then you will lose your game progress.

How to untie an account? Click on the avatar of the commander in the upper left corner - Settings (gear in the upper right corner - Account.

  1. Click Unlink. Unlinked accounts are highlighted in red;
  2. Press the red button to untie.

Untied accounts can easily be lost without the possibility of recovery. Remember to link your account as soon as possible!

How to transfer an account to a new device? You can transfer your account to another device using the link to Google+, Game Center or Facebook. Only one game account can be linked to Facebook (or Google+), so for each new game account you will need a new Facebook account (or Google+). Make sure your existing game account is linked to Facebook (or Google+) on your old device.

After that, you need to log in to the same Facebook (or Google+) account on the new device. And finally, you need to download the game from the Play Store to a new device. After that, enter the game on the new device, click on the avatar of the commander, go to Settings -> Account and click on the link button to Facebook (or Google+) to download the game process.

Buying / selling an account. In Army Men Strike, the sale and purchase of accounts, resources, gold and any in-game items is strictly prohibited. If a player violates the rules and decides to buy an account, then the purchased account is deprived of developer support. We ask you to refrain from any actions that violate the rules of the game.

How to delete an account? Unfortunately, the account cannot be deleted even if you do not want to continue the game. Your personal data will be protected, so you can simply terminate. Perhaps one day you will want to return and continue the game.

Officer Appointment Strategy

Department of Technology. Increases research speed: Eric, Boxer (1 of 2 to choose from); Increases the speed of construction: Gingerbread man X; Reduces the number of technology points for research: Gingerbread man X and Gingerbread man.

Assign various officers depending on the specific situation. During the battle, appoint Wendy and Mother Winter.

Purchase department. Top combination: Amazing God, Producer (S), Elia, Veteran of the forest (help in battle).

Advanced Combination: Yamia, Bunny, Ghost, Production (A)

At the last stage, there will be a shortage of metal, so it is recommended to give preference to officers associated with the metal. During the battle, you can appoint a Veteran of the forest, Bunny, Amazing God, Elia to the supply department. In peacetime, officers can be appointed to increase the production of resources. Necessary officer to increase the production of all resources: Professor clown.

The military department. Top combination: Santa X, Soldier X, Spencer (S), Master of the Hunt.

Cost-effective combination: Spencer (B), Stack.

Department of Defense. Top combination: Smoothie, Clubfoot, Glorious Commander (S), God of War;Advanced Combination: Glorious Commander (A), Deer X, Clear; Cost-effective combination: May, Nilson, Driver, Robinson.

If you have the same skills, the most pumped one is activated. The cost of the Glorious Commander (A) is high, it can be used depending on the situation.

Army Men Strike: Payments

The price of gifts in different regions. Army Men Strike has a fixed price for gift baskets. The price of gift sets is set in US dollars, therefore, it can vary depending on the exchange rate of the local currency against the US dollar in different regions. In accordance with the law of some countries (for example, EU countries), in-game purchases are subject to a tax of 10% - 30%.

In this case, tax has already been added to the price of the gift set on Google Play and other platforms. It can also lead to differences in the price of gift sets in different countries. The developers are trying to create a fair gaming atmosphere for players from different countries. The difference in the exchange rate is caused by the economic situation in different countries and is outside their sphere of influence.

Why do I have a negative value for gold? If you bought a gift set and canceled the purchase, then gold and items will be deducted from your game account. If you managed to use some items, then gold equal to the value of this item will be deducted from you. this can lead to the fact that you will have a negative value of gold on your account. If you have not canceled the payment, but at the same time you have a negative gold value on your account, check your payments and make sure that none of them has been canceled.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.