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AOD: ART OF DEFENSE is an Android game with a release date of 07/15/2019 from Sateda Game Studio. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Heroes and Enemies
  2. Weapons (types and pumping)
  3. A beginner’s guide
  4. Additional modes and boosters
  5. Types of achievements

Art of Defense: Heroes and Enemies

Heroes. As you progress through the weapon upgrade tree, the heroes of the AOD squad will unlock. Each hero has its own characteristics. The hero can be installed in the corresponding tower, but only in one on the playing field. It is also possible to transplant it to another similar tower at any time. Heroes gain experience with every shot and hit. When the enemy is destroyed, more experience is added. As soon as the hero reaches the threshold of the current experience, it becomes possible to increase his level. With the level of the hero, his characteristics also grow.

Types and varieties of enemies. Enemies are divided into ground, air, flying along the roads and air, flying regardless of the trajectory of the main path. For each type of enemy, you must apply your own battle tactics. Some airborne objects can ignore obstacles. Types of enemies:

Art of Defense: Weapons (types and pumping)

Each weapon has its own unique characteristics. Different weapons have different effects and damage to different groups of enemies. You can improve weapons and get their new features in the development tree of each tower in the Upgrade menu.

Siege house. The siege house attacks ground targets in short bursts. The damage is not great, but the siege house copes very well with infantry, including special forces. When upgraded, it gains the ability to attack the enemy with grenades and fire a grenade launcher.

Minigun. A weapon with medium damage. Shoots continuously, but quickly overheats, stopping attacking the enemy. Copes well with trucks and medium vehicles.

Tank. Shoots single volleys with high damage. There is a dead zone in the radius of action, so it cannot shoot at point blank range. Clumsy, and there is an opportunity to miss very fast enemies. The explosion from the projectile has a large area of destruction, so the tank is indispensable in places where enemies are concentrated.

Hologram. Slows enemies within its radius of action. Slows down fast enemies much more. With appropriate improvements, it can turn into a Tesla Tower or into a Money Hologram.

Tesla Tower. Converted from a regular hologram. Can not only slow down enemies, but also attack them with lightning. Attacks with pulses all enemies within range.

Money hologram. Converted from a regular hologram. Can not only slow down enemies, but also generate income.

Air defense. Shoots missiles at air targets. Builds up ammo over time. Has a long range.

Gas station. Sets enemies on fire and deals significant damage to them. Penetrates through protection and shield, but has a very small range. With appropriate improvements, it can generate income.

Additional facilities and opportunities. They open after the corresponding improvements:

  1. Bulldozer. Covers any cell;
  2. Radar. Increases the radius of action, and subsequently the damage of neighboring weapons;
  3. Oil pump. Construction for the extraction of a small amount of resources;
  4. Oil derrick. Formed from the connection of two oil pumps, standing side by side. Brings a lot of income. Appears after the corresponding improvement;
  5. Katana. Rocket complex. Attacks the enemy at the specified point on the screen. Only targets ground targets;
  6. Sequoia. Formed from the combination of two Katanas located next to each other, and only after the corresponding improvement. Launches a large missile with a nuclear warhead at any area of the field selected by the user;
  7. Mines. Placed on any place of the road chosen by the player. Deal moderate damage to ground enemies. It is possible to increase the number of mines in a set and their damage;
  8. Air strike. Produced against ground targets in the selected area. It is possible to increase the number of aircraft in the calculation, the number of missiles they fire, as well as their damage.

Improvements to weapons. Each weapon in the game has its own upgrade tree. By earning gold in battle or from achievements, you can spend it on improving various characteristics of towers, such as: damage, radius, rate of fire, armor penetration, obtaining additional abilities, etc. The Upgrade button is located in the main menu of the game on the global mission map.

Art of Defense: A beginner’s guide

Plot. Near future. After a series of nuclear wars and catastrophic destruction, the world’s population has declined by 70%. The mysterious Mr. Evil, who has united scattered gangs of thugs into a single army, is looking for the secret blueprints of the long-forgotten Inola project. In search of their treasure, bandits rob and kill civilians, destroying entire settlements. They are opposed by a squad of AOD under your leadership, which is also looking for blueprints to assemble a machine that can either save or destroy all of humanity.

Global goals of the game. You must:

Game currency. There are 3 types of currencies in the game:

  1. Crystals. Used to apply boosters;
  2. Gold bars. Used to improve weapons and increase the levels of heroes;
  3. Fuel. Required to start the battle. Fuel consumption per battle: 10 units.

The fight. The goal of a local battle is to defend your base.

Place towers in slots for weapons to prevent the invasion of enemies. You can change the path and behavior of enemies by blocking passages. Use various weapons and their combinations to complete the level with 100% base protection. The higher the percentage of protection, the more reward you will receive.

Modification cards system. During the battle, after the destruction of the enemy, a card may appear, which must be picked up by clicking on it. If the battle is lost, the card is lost. Only after completing the battle with victory, you will receive it. The cards have various improvements for different types of weapons. Each card corresponds to a different type of tower. You can install it in the desired slot in the Cards section.

Art of Defense: Additional modes and boosters

Game modes. The game has 3 additional modes of passing any level, during the passage of which you will also receive additional gold and crystals.

  1. Escape mode. Enemies flee from the base, taking out valuable fuel in barrels. If they get to the exit with ten barrels, the battle will be lost;
  2. Fog mode. The battle begins with the fact that the entire area of the game, except for small starting points, is covered with impenetrable fog. By installing guns in open slots, the player gradually clears the area of fog, while opening up more and more slots for installing guns, thereby increasing protection;
  3. Survival mode. The player will have to withstand as many waves as he can. With each wave, the protection of enemies grows. The longer the player lasts, the more crystals he will receive. For the first 5 waves - 1 crystal each, for the second 5 waves - 2 crystals each, for the third 5 waves - 3 crystals each, and so on. The number of waves is not limited.

Boosters. Boosters are used during combat. Help in passing difficult levels. Purchased for crystals.

Art of Defense: Types of achievements

Achievements (achievements). By completing various tasks, you can receive additional prizes (crystals and ingots). The Achievements button is located in the main game menu on the global map. Types of achievements:

Article author: Nadezhda D.