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Walkthrough Asphalt 8 Airborne: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ASPHALT 8: AIRBORNE - Android game with release date 08/08/2013 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Asphalt 8 Airborne download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.

How to advance in career mode? Very simple - win races, earn stars and credits. Some races only open if the player has enough stars, others if the players fleet has the right car.

How to open races in career mode? Each race opens when you collect a sufficient number of stars, buy a certain car or one of the cars from the class specified in the requirements for the race, or a car of a certain brand. In some races there may also be restrictions on the class of engine (for example, there are races in the game, in which only cars with an electric motor can participate).

Which of the cars in the game are equipped with an electric motor? Audi R8 e-tron, Tesla Model S, Citroën Survolt, Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Electric Drive and Mercedes-Benz Silver Lightning.

How to unlock a car? In Asphalt 8 there are no cars blocked at the beginning of the game. You just need to accumulate the specified number of credits in order to purchase the car of your dreams!

How to improve a car? In the garage menu or in the car selection menu, click on the "Improve" icon at the bottom of the screen. You will see the current vehicle specifications and available improvements. There are 4 types of improvements: affecting acceleration, max. speed, handling and nitro. Click on the appropriate icon to purchase the desired improvement. Each of the characteristics of the car can be improved up to 5 times.

Is it possible from the very beginning of the game to arrange a race on any car and any track? In fast race mode, you can drive on any track at the wheel of any of those cars that you have already purchased. In the local Wi-Fi network race mode, you can drive any first car from any class of car for free.

What is a car rank and what is it used for? Machine rank - total acceleration, max. speed, handling and nitro. This indicator is used to give you an approximate idea of ??which car you will need to win in a particular race.You can increase the rank of a car by buying improvements for it in the garage menu, or buy another car with a higher rank.

What does it mean - the rules of the classical regime? In the classic race, the victory is won by the players who finished in the first, second or third place and received in the race 3, 2 and 1 stars, respectively. There are no other conditions.

What are the rules of the regime Down with nitro? Classic race with an additional rule: no nitro on the track!

What are the rules of the Perfect Mode? Classic surprise race: no accidents!

What are the rules of the duel? In a duel you have to race with a single opponent. The goal is to finish first.There are no other conditions.

What are the rules in knockout mode? In knockout mode, you compete with one main opponent and a large number of additional opponents. Your goal is to disable more cars than your opponent in the specified time.

What are the rules of the knockout race? In a knockout race, with the specified time interval, the riders who are the last to be disqualified will be disqualified. After each retirement, the countdown timer is reset. To get 3 stars, you must stay last. If you take second or third place, you get 2 or 1 star, respectively.

What are the rules in Infection mode? In this mode, the last driver after a certain time is infected with a virus. Infected riders are highlighted in green, for each of them is a countdown. As soon as the countdown ends, the infected car explodes, loses a certain amount of time in the race, and then recovers. Infected cars have an infinite amount of nitro. If you are infected, you can ram other players, thereby infecting them and gaining a bonus infection timer time. Your goal is to cross the finish line first, second or third. Accordingly, you will get three, two or one star.

What are the rules of slalom drift? In this mode, special gates are located on the track. During the passage of such a gate you must be skidded. If you enter the skid and pass the gate or pass the gate without skidding, you will not get a single point. There are no opponents in the game, but the race is limited in time. The purpose of the race is to get as many points as possible and earn at least 1 star.

Can I see the list of race goals right during the race? Goals and objectives of the race in career mode are displayed in the menu before the start of the race. Click on any check-in logo to get detailed information. After you start the race, the goals will be displayed again on the loading screen. If you need to view goals during a race, call up the pause menu.

How to see the list of your awards? In the main menu of the game, click on your logo in the upper left corner of the screen to open the profile menu. You will see several tabs in this menu - select the tab entitled "Medals".

What is Barrel and Coup? Barrel - an air maneuver in Asphalt 8, sending the car into a tailspin. It can be done by stopping on a swirling springboard at high speed. A coup is another aerial maneuver in which the car flips over in the air. It can be completed by entering the drift on a regular springboard. For each of these maneuvers you will receive nitro. In one jump, you can perform several barrels or flips, which will quickly fill the nitro scale.

How to get a new level? You can raise the level by taking part in the World Championship (network game).For each race in the World Championship you will receive an amount of experience depending on the place taken: for victory they will give more experience than for participation.

Can I sell a car? Not.

Why am I not getting a cash prize to finish the race? Prizes are not relied upon for racing in a local Wi-Fi network game. You will receive money for races in Career mode and for rating races on the network.

What are free enhancements? Free upgrades are rewards a player can get. Each free upgrade is associated with a car class (D, C, B, A or S). If a player has a free upgrade, there is no need to pay for the next upgrade purchase for a car of the corresponding class. The player cannot choose when to spend the free upgrade. It is spent on the first purchase made after receiving the improvement.

What are blitz promotions (BA)? Blitz promotions are races in which you can only take part for a while. A BA consists of 1 or more races that must be completed one after another. They are located under the corresponding banner in the main menu (for example, "CUP RENAULT CLIO RS").

What can be won in BA? In each race during the BA, a player can earn up to 3 cups. Each cup is awarded for the following: a position in the race, a task or a place in global rankings. The player will receive his rewards at the end of the BA.

What rewards can be won in BA? The rewards for each BA are different from each other. You can view them by clicking on the blitz action in the stock menu, and then on the icon with an exclamation mark on the left side of the screen. The rewards may be: CARS, LOANS, ACCELERATORS, FREE IMPROVEMENTS, TOKENS, PRO-BOOSTERS AND DECALS.

How to get reward for BA? As soon as the BA comes to an end, the message "Pick up the reward" will appear in the stock menu. Click on it to collect rewards for all BAs in which you participated.

How long after the end of the blitz event can I pick up a reward? You can pick up a reward within 2 weeks after the end of the promotion.

Will I be able to pick up the reward after reinstalling the game? If you play online and keep progress, you can pick up the reward within 2 weeks.

What is a series of victories? A series of victories brings rewards for getting the first three places in multiplayer races.

Why do I need fuel? The rent prevented new players from participating in the races, so it was decided to use FUEL, the amount of which has been renewed for some time. Now you need fuel to participate in blitz promotions. In addition, you can not worry about fuel during the races, as its reserves replenish over time.

What changes have occurred in the car kits? Since the release of the game, many new cars have been released. Kits were also created that included some of these cars. You can view these kits in the AUTO KITS section!

What are car collections? Collection - a set of cars grouped by common feature (engine type, make, country, etc.). The player receives rewards for collecting the entire collection. This is a great way to collect cars and get good rewards during the passage of the game!

How can I participate in Season 9? The new 9th Season includes 74 races - one for each car present in the current version of the game. To access the season you need to score 600 stars. By opening it, you can participate in the race for each car, provided that the corresponding car is fully upgraded to level 5.

What is a collection of fully improved cars? In Appendix 5, new car collections are added, as well as "full" versions of existing ones. Improving a car to level 5, you achieve a "complete" improvement. You will receive an additional reward by fully improving all the cars in the collection.

What are Blitz Share Divisions? Blitz shares divisions have their own closed leaderboards for each share.Given the small size of these leaderboards, which varies by promotion, each player has the maximum chance of winning the best rewards for the rating.

What are Profi Kits for? Where to find them in the menu? PROFESSIONAL KITS will help you improve your cars. Collect cards, go to the garage section for TUNING, and then to the PROFILE SETS page.

PRO KITS: How to get cards? To get cards, open PROFESSIONAL SETS. To get PROFESSIONAL SETS, take part in blitz promotions. Or buy them on the PROFILE SETS page in the garage.

What are the new Blitz promotions in the Network game? This new type of stock will provide an opportunity to compete with other players and receive rewards for this. Players receive points for defeating other players and, in accordance with the result, get into the leaderboards.

How to get decals? They can be won in exclusive Blitz promotions or purchased with Credits or Tokens.

What happens if I win the cup and open the car that I have? Will I get loans in return? Players take part in cups to win a car. If you open a car that you have, another reward is not provided.

Whats new in online blitz promotions? The number of players has been increased to 12. This means that now blitz promotions will be displayed with a different number of players. In addition, a single network race will be held on a random track from a special list ... You will study them all, because becoming a master of blitz-promotions on the network will not be so easy!

How many tracks in the new location - Tenerife? There are 4 different tracks in the location of Tenerife.You can see them in Career mode (season 9) in the ninth blitz promotion. In the future, it is planned to open them in the Championship.

What is Driving Mastery? A new feature that allows you to perfectly master the car in a series of tests. For each test you will receive various awards, and for the full series - diplomas of Mastery, giving access to exclusive prizes.

What is needed to play Driving Mastery? You need to score 135 stars to gain access to driving skills.

Why am I not getting the right cards, for example, engine cards? This process is fully automatic, and works like a lottery. However, the system has been modified so that you get more legendary engines in pro sets.

The share reward has disappeared. Please note that rewards must be collected within 2 weeks after the end of the promotion, otherwise they will disappear.

Advertising makes it difficult to continue the race. Please note that online racing takes place online. This means that if you press the pause, you will automatically leave the race. That is, the problem is not caused by advertising. Make sure you dont pause while racing online.

What are luxury cars? Elite cars - a new type of car that allows you to fine-tune all TTX. As a result, these machines require periodic adjustment.

How is the adjustment done? In the Garage there is a special adjustment icon to the right of Elite cars. For a small fee, you can redistribute the performance characteristics of your car. This starts the adjustment timer. After the timer stops, the car can be used in racing. The adjustment should be repeated every few races.

Why are some improvements available only for tokens? Some cars can be bought for tokens, and for loans. However, some others need rare, expensive parts that can only be bought with tokens.

Why can not I use the cards that are in the inventory? In the Tuning section, a message appears that these cards are not. Make sure that you really have the necessary cards in your inventory. There are several types of cards in the game: legendary, ordinary and rare. Each type has its own color: legendary - orange, ordinary - gray, rare - purple. Some updates are actually cards with different rarity levels and names. For example, "Suspension B" is ordinary, and "Suspension A" is rare; These are different cards that cannot be applied to one update.

What is Enduro Double Kick? DOUBLE IMPACT ENDURO - a special blitz-action in which you can get hold of pre-release cars and other cool prizes. In DOUBLE HIT ENDURO you will encounter CIRCLES of random trials on various routes and cars. Each attempt will be different from the previous one.

How to score points in Enduro Double Strike? Complete one of the challenges to score Enduro points. The more wins, the more points, and the higher the rewards. To complete the action, it is also necessary to defeat the ASA at the end of each TEST CIRCLE. If successful, you can invest ENDURO GOGGLES, thus saving them and writing to your account, or not invest and get a bonus to the points obtained in the next tests. The third option is to choose both for a modest amount of tokens.

What rewards can I get in Enduro Double Strike? In addition to the super prize for obtaining the best account in promotions, you can also open several additional prizes for the gained ENDURO POINTS. You can view the list of prizes.

What happens if I lose? After losing, you complete your run. The saved ENDURO POINTS will be taken into account, and you will start again from test 1. Each new start requires an INVITATION, the stock of which is restored over time.

When will the Enduro Double Strike stock be available? Enduro double kick is a blitz action, that is, it is not always active. Follow the ads in the game and social networks.

What are daily tasks? Daily tasks are a way to get rewards in Asphalt 8. Play online, complete barrels, come first in the Career and get rewards! The list of tasks can be viewed by clicking on the orange icon in the upper panel, next to your name!

What will I get if I complete all three tasks? Complete all three daily tasks and get an improved reward for a series of achievements! For each award you need an Internet connection.

What is Research and Development? RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) is a blitz action that allows the player to take a direct part in creating a completely new car. Pass a series of tests, and the handsome man who just came off the assembly line will be in your garage.

How to participate in the research and development? R&D is a long-term series of blitz shares. It is divided into several Laboratories, which will open one after another. To participate, you will need the keys received over time to the maximum number. Find them a worthy application and get the final prize!

What are Quality Marks? You need Quality Marks if you want to succeed in R&D promotions. They can be collected on the highway or when performing secondary tasks. However, you cannot use the Marks without completing the tasks of the Validation Test. So be careful!

When will the R&D promotion be available? Research and development is a blitz action, that is, it is not always active. Follow the ads in the game and social networks.

Why do I need a V8 engine card to professionally upgrade the Mercedes-AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014? Prior to the upgrade, V6 engine cards were used. The rules have changed. Now, to improve the Mercedes AMG C 63 Coupe Touring Car 2014, V8 engine cards are required.

What to do with luxury cars in quest 15 Driving skills? Take into account that, in addition to the complete improvement of the car in all pro parameters, you should try to set the car parameters to the standard value.

What are the Seasons? This is a new kind of competition in a multiplayer game. These promotions last a certain period of time. The points of the seasons that are awarded for each race can be exchanged for various kinds of rewards.

How to earn points? Points are awarded for completing certain tasks in each race. For example, "Finish 3rd" - you will get points if you finish the race in third place.

Earned points were not added to the total score. Why? First you need to "save" points. This can be done at the end of each race; To do this, the "SAVE POINTS" function is provided. Unsaved points will be reset to zero when lost.

What are RISK POINTS? This is an opportunity to score extra points (up to + 100%) in the next race.However, points for the previous race are not saved. Pretty risky.

Is it possible to save earned points and get bonus points? Yes, thats why one more function is provided: "SAVED + RISK". By activating it, you can both save points already earned and add bonus points in the next race.

How else can I add bonus points? You will get more points when moving to the major leagues (see the "leagues" section). Certain cars can also earn extra points; see the FAVORITES section. In addition, you have a chance to get bonuses on certain days of the week.

What are leagues? Leagues show how well you play compared to other players. The more you win, the higher your ranking in the league.

How many leagues do I have to go? There are 5 leagues in the game (each league is divided into 3 circles.):

  1. Amateur.
  2. Half Profi.
  3. Professional.
  4. Champions.
  5. Elite.

What will I get for being in a league? 1) Each league has a set of rewards that a player can earn by the end of the season. 2) At each transition to another level you will receive an incentive prize. 3) For getting into the high leagues you will also get more season points for each race. 4) Your achievements in the league (place in the league, position in the leaderboard and rating) will be displayed in the new profile section: HALL OF GLORY!

I have not played for some time, and my rating has dropped. Why? If you do not play in the Network seasons for 7 days, your rating will automatically begin to decline, and you can even move to a lower league. We advise you to regularly play the game over the network.

What are Pro Kits cards? How to use engine cards? Profi-Kits Cards - a feature introduced in Asphalt 8 with the upgrade of Pro-kits. To install Pro-improvements on a car, you will need Pro cards. Each car requires its own card. For example, to fully improve the Dodge Dart GT, only 4 cards are enough, while to completely improve the HTT Plethore LC 750 you need ... 170 cards! There are such types of cards: Bus cards, Suspension cards, Running cards, Exhaust cards, Engine cards (i4, i6, V6, V8, FI V8, V10, V12, V16, W16, F12, F6, Electro, Hybrid, Rotary), and Tech Cards (Initial Technology, Early Technology, Medium Technology, Advanced Technology).

Where to buy Shelby Cobra 427? She does not appear in the list of cars for purchase. Shelby Cobra 427 is a reward for excellence, and to receive it you must go through a chain of excellence tests.

Will my rating be reset after the start of the new season? After this season ends, a new one will begin.Your initial rating, affecting your league, will not be reset to 1000. It will be determined after the first race, and will include your achievements in past seasons.

Why didnt I get rewards when moving to the next league? You will receive rewards at the end of the season.

Is it possible to reset the improvements of Max and Profi in an online game? No, these improvements cannot be discarded. This is not technically possible.

Why am I losing ranking points in free online races? If you lose in a free race, rating points are not lost or added. However, you lose points if you exit the race.

What is an ideal race? How to get it? A perfect ride is a reward for exemplary driving. To get the perfect ride, avoid collisions with walls, crashes and knockdowns for 20 seconds. You can cut down other players and other participants in the movement and destroy obstacles. After 20 seconds, you will receive a small bonus to nitro (25% of the nitro scale). Touching the edges of the ramps and departing from the track does not affect the ideal race.

I did not receive 5 tires for watching a video in the McLaren Championship. Why is that? Please note that for watching a video, 1 bus is restored, not 5. If 1 hour is left before the bus recovery, after watching the video, 1 bus will be restored. However, after this the timer will reset to 8 hours.

I have a car from McLaren, but Season 10 in Career mode is still closed. Please note that to open Season 10 you must have a McLaren M14A or McLaren Mercedes MP4-25. Currently, these cars can only be obtained by winning them in promotions.

Why cant I find a McLaren race car to buy it and go to the next level? Please note that you need to purchase at least one McLaren car. These cars can be won in the McLaren Championship, and sometimes they are available in the store. There are 4 McLaren racing cars in the game: McLaren M14A, McLaren Mercedes MP4-25, McLaren MP4 / 8 and McLaren MP4-31.

Can I create my own emblems or avatars? No, you can only use the avatars generated by the game.Emblems cannot be changed either.

What are Seasonal Tickets? During the Season, you will have to spend Season Tickets to earn points. Please note that such tickets cannot be sold, they can only be used in Network mode.

What happens if I run out of tickets? If tickets run out, you can still take part in network races, but you will not be awarded points for this. You can exchange tokens for additional tickets.

I cant sync game progress on multiple devices. Wait a while before synchronizing. Please note that game progress can only be transferred within the same platform.

How to save the game? Game progress is saved automatically. If you are logged in, a copy of your save will also be uploaded to the cloud.

What is a ghost? A ghost is the preservation of the trajectory of your movement in the race. In the game, the ghost is displayed as a translucent car, which completely repeats the players actions in the saved race. After the end of the race, which supports the conservation of ghosts (on the logos of such races you will see a badge with a blue diamond), you can save the ghost by clicking on the corresponding icon.

How to reset game progress and start over? In Asphalt 8 there is no such possibility. However, you can log in with a different Facebook or Game Center / Google + account to start a new career.

What is my name in the game? Can i change it? If your account in the game is tied to any social network, then your name from this social network will be displayed in your profile and ratings. If you change your name on the social network, it will automatically change in the game.

Can I have more than one account on one device? Yes, it can, but it is highly recommended that you use only one account per device. Excessive use of cloud storage can lead to loss of game data.

Can I transfer my game progress to another device? You can restore your game progress after reinstalling the game or after replacing the device (phone, tablet, computer).To do this, you need to install the application on your device and log in through the social network that you used earlier to download game progress to this device. Please note that this function only works on the same platform (iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows 8).

Can I play with friends who use other platforms? Unfortunately, the game does not currently support platform compatibility. That is, a player who uses one platform (Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows 8) cannot play with users who use another platform.

What is the size of the game? The game takes 1.8 GB, however, the installation itself will require 2.8 GB (i.e. for the most downloaded file and game files). After installation is complete, the downloaded file will be automatically deleted.

Does the game need an internet connection? No, its not necessary, but without a connection you wont be able to compete with your friends, send race results to the world list of the best players and upload your "ghosts".

How to choose a radio station? During the race, click on the pause icon and select the genre of music that you like.

Does the game have a rearview mirror? Not. During the race you will not have time to look around.

How to change the position of the camera? You can change it during the race by clicking on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also use this function in the Pause menu.

How to change the color of the car? In the garage menu or in the car selection menu, click on the "Paint" icon and select the desired color. Depending on the requirements of the car license holder, some colors may not be available.

How to change the tint of car windows? How to apply decals? Changing the color of the machine affects the color of the dimming of the windows and any graphic coloring elements. To select decals, go to the garage or the car selection screen and click on the PAINT icon.

How to choose social default network? Click on your logo in the main menu of the game (in the upper left corner of the screen) to open the profile menu. In this menu you will see several tabs - select the tab entitled "Communication", and then select the desired social. network.

How to change the language of the game?Select "Settings" in the main menu of the game (upper right corner, next to the Gameloft icon). After that, select the language icon and the flag corresponding to the desired language.

How to change the measurement system? In the settings menu, which is accessible from the main menu and the pause menu, select the SOUND AND DISPLAY item. At the bottom of the screen you will find the UNIT setting. MEASUREMENTS.

How to adjust the volume of music, effects and engine? All these settings are available in the settings menu, which you can go to from the main menu and the pause menu. Select the SOUND AND DISPLAY section. Use the volume controls to adjust the volume.

How to configure management? I want to set my control circuit, as in Asphalt 7. In all control circuits (except the ACCELEROMETER) there is a SETUP icon at the bottom of the screen. Click on this icon to go to the special settings menu.

How to change a country (region)? To do this, go to Settings> Language and country / region. Please note that the country can only be changed once, after confirming the choice, this option will be blocked. Be careful when choosing a country.

What is AUTO RECORDING? The option "AUTO RECORD" automatically records your every race and allows you to publish it after the end of the race. The option can be configured so that it asks for write permission at the beginning of each race.

What is a MANUAL RECORD? The "MANUAL RECORDING" option activates the special ReplayKit icon in the upper right corner of the screen. By clicking on this icon, you enable or stop gameplay recording at any time. A confirmation screen may appear at the beginning of recording.

Why does a message appear before each race asking me to record a game? This is part of the ReplayKit feature. When the "Auto Record" mode is selected, a video of each of your arrival is automatically recorded, which can be published after the race is completed. This feature may request recording permission before the start of each race. To disable pop-up messages, go to the section More game modes> ReplayKit, and then select "Manual recording" in the settings.

Can I play with the joystick? What controllers does the game support? The following controllers are supported: MOGA Pro Controller, iPega PG-9025, Xbox One controller, Dualshock 3 and 4, G910 (with OpenPad Union), MINIX NEO X7 and MOGA Pocket Controller. If your controller is not in this list, most likely it is not yet supported.

Im having problems with management. Auto sometimes independently turns left or right. Some of the players report problems with the control (for example, the car independently turns right or left). To resolve this issue, try the following:

  1. Restart the device and make sure that you have a stable Internet connection;
  2. Take training in the game, study the help section to learn more about management;
  3. Try different control schemes to find the most convenient scheme for you.

Why after updating it became impossible to download additional content? Please note that to download add. content on your device (not on a removable memory card) must have at least 1.8 GB of free space. Without a full load add. content you cant participate in online races, play offline or Local Wi-Fi.

How to buy Asphalt loans? In the games main menu, click on the "+" sign next to the credit counter. The in-game purchase menu opens.

How to earn Asphalt loans? You can earn Asphalt credits in races in career mode and multiplayer. The number of credits that are issued as a reward depends on your position at the finish line and the number of stars in career mode.

How to earn stars? Stars indicate your progress in career mode. In the game there are 374 shares, in each you can get up to 5 stars, i.e. only 1870. The first three stars are awarded for a place, time or account in the action. It all depends on the game mode. Fourth and fifth stars are awarded for completing two specific tasks in each race. A description of these tasks can be seen in the menu that appears before the start of the race.

How to buy stars? Stars are used to open racing seasons. In addition, in each season there are races, which can only be opened with the help of stars. Any of the racing seasons can be opened instantly by buying a pass on the page of this season. This pass gives access to all arrivals. Stars themselves cannot be bought in any way.

What are boosters? Accelerators are bonuses that for some time apply to all races in which a player participates. Players can buy boosters for credits / in-game purchases or receive them as a reward / gift.

What do accelerators do? The game has 4 types of accelerators:

  1. DOUBLE LOANS: Accelerator Double loans for some time doubles the number of credits earned at the end of all races.
  2. NITROSTARTER: Nitrostarter for a certain time at the beginning of all races fills the nitro tank.
  3. TUNING KIT: The tuning kit improves the performance of all your cars for a while. (The effect is comparable to buying one improvement of each type).
  4. ADDITIONAL TANK - if necessary, you will receive twice as much nitro than usual. Activate Nitrostarter and start the race with a dual nitro scale!

How to activate accelerators? Before the start of each race, the ACCELERATORS screen appears with a proposal to buy one of the accelerators (they are activated automatically upon purchase), or activate them by receiving a gift / award.

How to find out that the accelerator is activated? If the accelerator is activated, a timer will appear on the ACCELERATOR screen next to the active accelerator.

What happens if I activate the accelerator when the previous one is already working? The timer will add extra time. For example, if 30 minutes are left before the accelerator expires, and you bought / activated another accelerator of the same type, the timer will show 1 hour 30 minutes.

What is a daily bonus?For each day of the game you get a reward, while the reward increases daily. Play constantly to maintain the maximum bonus level.

How to get tokens? Tokens can be won in blitz promotions or bought in the Store. In Asphalt 8: Takeoff for tokens, you can buy premium items (boosters, exclusive cars, PROFILES, and fuel recovery).

What is a token subscription? Subscription to Tokens is a profitable purchase of tokens, which you will receive daily for 30 days. After the purchase, enter the game every 24 hours before the end of the subscription period and take the tokens.

To receive tokens by subscription, is it mandatory to enter the game every day? Yes, to get tokens by subscription you need to log into the game every day. If you skip a day or start the game without access to the Internet, you will lose tokens for that day.

Is it possible to purchase an amplifier Double credits and then use it while playing offline? This function cannot be used without an internet connection.

How to get VIP points? VIP points can be obtained for in-game purchases of any sets (credits, tokens, cars, etc.). These points increase your VIP level. The higher the VIP level, the better the rewards.

I have VIP level 5. If I buy enough tokens to go to level 7, will I get a reward for levels 6 and 7 or only for level 7? In this case, you will receive a reward for levels 6 and 7.

How to add friends in the Asphalt tracker? Go to the Main menu and click on your logo (in the upper left corner of the screen) to open the profile menu. You will see several tabs in this menu - select the COMMUNICATION tab and connect to Game Center / Facebook / Google+ / Xbox Live. You can add friends from Facebook and receive messages about their actions in the game in the friends window located in the main menu of the game. If you are connected to social. network, you can go to the FRIENDS section directly from the Main menu.

How to accept a friends call in the friends window? Click on the appropriate call in the friends window. The game will automatically download the ghost of the race saved by your friend. Choose a car and start the ghost race. By clicking on the "Friends" icon in the main menu of the game, you will open chronicles where you can read all messages from friends.

How to add a friend to the network game lobby? In a network local race over Wi-Fi, one of the players must create a game room by clicking on the "Create" icon. Once the room is created, other players can join it by clicking on the "Connect" icon and selecting the desired race from the list. In a global network game, players from all over the world compete. The rival selection system selects players with approximately equal cars, ratings and positions in the list of the best players. Click on the Global Network Game icon, select a car, then click on the Connect icon and select a race type.

How to challenge a friend? In some arrivals in career mode, you will have the opportunity to add a ghost (lower left corner of the screen). Click on the icon to select a ghost saved by one of your friends - this way you will automatically challenge him.

How to see friend stats? Click on the "Friends" icon in the main menu. It displays all the actions of your friends in the game. If you go to the Friends tab, you will see a detailed list. Select any of your friends to see a detailed description of their achievements. In addition, you can click on your logo to open the profile menu. In the profile menu, you can select the "Communication" tab. If you are connected to social. network, you will see a list of friends, in which you can also see the statistics of each.

What happens to players who stop playing? If a player has not been active for 2 weeks, he will be removed from the leaderboard. This does not affect the rating; if the player continues to participate in multiplayer races, his results will be again placed on the leaderboard. You can enable notifications to know in advance about removal from the list. Participate in championships more often to show everyone your skills!

Why do I get a different number of points for winning various multiplayer promotions? The number of points you win depends on the number of players participating in the race. You will receive less points for winning a race with 4 players than for winning a race with 8. In addition, the more races you participate in, the less points you will receive.

Why in a network game do I play with an opponent who is much stronger than me? The difference in the rank of the car can exceed 120 points if you select the option "Stronger opponents". In this case, it can be up to 160 points.

Does the online game also have a penalty for inactivity? If you are inactive for an entire season, your rating may decrease and you may be moved to a lower league. Your online game score may also be affected.