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Walkthrough Asphalt Overdrive: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ASPHALT OVERDRIVE - game for android from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Where can I see the objectives of the tasks? They can be seen on the quest screen or during the race in the upper or middle left of the screen. For some tasks, goals are not displayed (for example, for tasks "With a breeze" and daily test drives). In such tasks you need to drive as far as possible or earn as many points as possible.

How to earn banknotes? They can be collected during the race, get a reward for a tournament or task.You can also transfer to banknotes Gold.

How to buy a car? Go to the "Dealer" section of the Main menu, click the "buy" icon.

How to change cars? Go to the "Dealer" section of the Main menu, click the "use" icon. Of course, you can only transfer to an already purchased car.

What is the difference between the 3 steps of modernization? Improving the engine increases the maximum speed of the car. By upgrading the acceleration, you will lose less speed, and the start procedure will become a little easier. With the upgrade, the nitro sensor will fill up faster.

What is the maximum number of improvements that can be made? For each machine, 3 modernization directions are available (Engine, Acceleration and Nitro), 5 steps each.

I bought an improvement, but did not receive it. Why? Installing some improvements takes some time.For Gold, you can skip it. By purchasing an upgrade for Gold, you will receive it immediately.

On the map I see various types of tasks. Can I find out more about them? The main type of tasks is Escape, in which you need to get away from the police and defeat the boss in order to advance in the story. The rest of the tasks are mainly intended for making money and getting stars. For a more detailed description, see Help in Settings.

I completed the task several times, but could not earn 3 stars. Why? When calculating stars, many parameters are taken into account, including the type of machine (each has its own bonuses). The more powerful the car (the stronger it is improved and tuned), the easier it is to get 3 stars. Combos also help a lot.

What is a bonus? This is the advantage that the machine gives.

How to make combos? To do this, you need to do two tricks in a short period of time. Also, the combo timer starts when you go for another car. Destroying opponents is also considered tricks.

What are the different colors of cars for? For aesthetics. As in life, everyone has their own preferences in the color of the paint.

Why do I need a personal registration number? It is used for personalization. Other players see him on the leaderboards and on your profile.

How to fill the nitro sensor? During the race, each trick (accident, jump, overtaking) gradually fills the nitro scale. You can also collect nitro bonuses along the way. And you can completely fill the nitro tank before the start of the race, which will give you an advantage at the start.

Is there any benefit from getting into an accident if the task does not require it? Yes, this will help you earn more points (to get a second and third star in any assignment). Accidents also increase the combos needed to get a record score, and they also help fill the nitro sensor.

How to skip a video in a game? This is not possible due to game mechanics.

What is a league? A league is a group of players of the same level. Players are assigned to leagues based on the number of points. There are several leagues.

How to earn League points? Complete tasks and get League points as a regular reward, rewards for the final score or for the stars.

Why did all my League points disappear? League points are reset every week to form a new rating. This applies to all players.

Can I rise to the big leagues? Yes. At the end of each week, the top 10% of players are transferred to the next League. If you are at the end of the ranking, then you may be transferred to the League below.

Every time I play the first quest, Chasing, Tricks or Destruction in Episode 1, I have to go through training. This is normal? Yes. The training is now divided into smaller fragments so that those players who do not understand the game mechanics or have already completed training can return to it or show it to friends.

Is the Race With the Wind a task or an action? Race With The Wind is closer to the action.

Why can my friend race with the Breeze and I not? Your friend completed more tasks in Episode 1. Continue to complete the tasks, and also get access to this race.

Has the game plot changed? Dialogues have definitely changed! The development team decided to add a more interesting plot to the game, which led to the replacement of dialogs. But the gameplay itself remained unchanged.

I can buy cars from later episodes, while not having access to these same episodes (previously - Classes). This is normal? Yes. You can use any car in the Breeze race - even if the episode associated with it is not yet available.

In my garage there were 2 new cars. What the heck? Congratulations, this is your upgrade gift.

I cannot access some of the Shoots (or bosses) available to me earlier. This is normal? Yes, it happens. For players "closed" tasks, the implementation of which is not possible on the current car. Upgrade your car or buy a new one to play later tasks. Once the performance characteristics of your car are high enough, you will again gain access to these tasks.

How can I raise the performance characteristics of a car to the requirements of a task? "Required performance characteristics" - these are the indicators of the car that you need to achieve to complete the tasks.Improving the current car will allow you to adjust its performance characteristics to the required. If this is not possible, you will have to buy a better model. This information can be found in the dealers Garage, in the upper left corner. You can see the maximum potential of your car. Some machines, even with full improvement, will not be able to achieve the requirements of some tasks.

Is it possible to reset data in the game? No, this feature is not supported. But you can change the account on the social network and thus get a new save.

How to get into social networks from the game? To do this, go to Settings - Connect from the game. You can also access social networks by clicking on the icon in the Main Menu (or on the launch screen).

What if the game freezes? Try closing and restarting the game. If it doesnt help, try reinstalling it.

The game crashes. How to send a report to GAMELOFT? If your device is connected to the Internet, such reports are sent automatically.

Is it possible to listen to my own music during the game? No, this feature is not supported.

How to adjust the sound? To do this, go to the Settings menu.

How to set up the language? This can be done in the Settings section of the Main menu.

How to earn gold? Gold can be collected during the race, get a reward for a tournament or task. Gold can also be bought for real money.

What is a gang? A gang is a group of players with common global goals (like a guild or clan).

Why join a gang? This will allow you to be in touch with friends and other players, as well as faster to renew energy and receive bonuses for each task.

How to create a gang? You need to get to at least 10 quests in Episode 1 (formerly Class 1). Go to the "Communication" section, click on the "Gang" icon and select "Create Gang". You can also join an existing gang.

What are Daily Promotions, Happy Hour, and Weekend Promotions? These are tasks in the game.There are two types of rewards for them. You will receive a reward for progress after completing the task. The reward for the rating is received by the players with the most points.

What is a gang promotion? This is a mission for the whole gang. As with Daily Promotions, Happy Hours, and Weekend Promotions, there are two types of rewards for them: a progress reward for a player, and a reward for getting a gang on the leaderboards.

The maximum number of members of my gang has changed. Is this the norm? Yes, the maximum size of each gang has been increased.

There are people in my gang whom I dont know. Who are they and what are they doing here? The function "open gang" is added to the game, by default it is left on. This means that by default your gang is open to entry for all players. You can change the gangs settings and make it private.