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Walkthrough Asphalt Street Storm Racing: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ASPHALT: STREET STORM RACING is an Android game with a release date of June 14, 2017 from Gameloft. Game Genre: Racing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What modes are there in the game? At the moment, the game has five main modes. Three of them represent a city: New York, Paris or Hong Kong. There, the player will be able to take part in the Single player game against 3 opponents in 1-on-1 races. In addition, players can compete with real people in the 1-on-1 and 4I network races. The other two game modes are available through the game menu: Champions Scramble and Daily Race.

What is a 4I race? This game mode will allow you to take part in online competitions with 4 participants. This mode is available from the city lobby. When this type of race is active, click on the 4I icon and pay the required fee. Some races of this type (for example, 4I network and single races) do not require a contribution, to participate in others you need to pay with diamonds - for example, in 4I races in which you can win an opponent’s car. For regular 4I network races, part of the fee will be added to the prize pool - the winner will get 75%, and the player who takes second place will get 25% of the prize pool.

How to play in single player mode in race 4I? Defeat 3 rivals from the club one at a time in 1 on 1 races, and then fight them in 4I. After that, you can change the club.

What is the Champions Clash? This is a temporary action in which you have to reach several milestones, competing with other players. Each control point / stage presents its requirements. You will receive promotional points for winning and racing bets. They can be exchanged for bonus cards. By the end of the promotion, players with the maximum number of promotional points will be able to claim good rewards.

What is a daily race? This is a daily action in which you temporarily get a car to go through the three stages of the game with AI driving the same model. For winning the race of each stage, you will receive a reward.

Why can’t I bet against certain players? Only those players who have been challenged can choose whether to make bets in the game. If they prefer to play without bets, you will not have the opportunity to put money on the game.

What are Documents for a car? This means that your own car is at stake. If you lose Documents on the car, you will lose the car. If you win, your opponent’s car will be yours.

How to get the perfect start? Three conditions must be taken into account: the RPM arrow at the start must be in the green zone, the speed of the car when crossing the start line and the amount of time between the appearance of the "GO!" Icon and the actual crossing of the start line.

How to play in single player? Immediately after completing the training, you will be able to go to the first location - New York, where you will see rivals in the network, united in teams of 3 people. This is part of the single player game.

How does the weather affect the course of the car? When weather conditions change, the following indicators change: the time to reach the start line at startup and the different display of the working area (the green section of revolutions per minute changes its location).

What are bonuses for? They provide a certain amount of boost, which can be decisive between victory and defeat.

Why can’t I find the reward I received? Some rewards await you in the Inventory, which can be accessed from the Garage. Some awards applicable to all cars (painting, decals, tires), as well as drawings, are sent directly.

How to open other cities? After New York, in order to get to another city, you need a certain number of subscribers. It increases due to races in both single and network modes.

What are drawings? These are special awards representing car parts. When you receive a certain number of drawings for a particular car, you can get it.

I managed to collect all the drawings of the car. Why can’t I get it? Check their availability in the Inventory and click on the Finish button to receive the car. If the icon does not appear, then you have not collected the required number of drawings for this car.

How to improve a car? Go to the IMPROVEMENT menu by clicking the corresponding icon in the upper menu of the lobby, or located in the lower menu of the Garage. Then choose what you want to improve and pay the BANKNOTES. To speed up the process, watch an ad or pay DIAMONDS.

What are the stages of improvement? Each component affects different characteristics of the car. The early stages (1 and 2) improve the characteristics of the car gradually, and the PRO stages change these characteristics to varying degrees. For example, you can focus on torque or weight, depending on what you want to improve more.

What is damage? Cars get damaged during each race. High-class cars can participate in several races, then they need repairs. In addition, the more improvements you make, the more damage your car will receive during check-in. If they are left unattended, then torque and weight will be damaged, which will lead to a deterioration in the performance of the car.

How to fix a car? You can repair the car in the lobby after each check-in, or in the garage. You can reduce the repair time for diamonds or viewing ads.

What is a SEASONAL LEAGUE? This is a recurring promotion during which players collect racer rating points by racing for a fixed period of time. At the end of the Season, players receive rewards depending on their rank in three leagues - Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Why is my RACER RATING reset to zero? At the end of each SEASONAL LEAGUE, the rating is nullified, and players receive rewards depending on the rank in the league.

How to buy a car that I lost (a)? If you bet the documents on the machine and lose, you can redeem it with all the improvements for diamonds for a certain period of time. The amount is determined by the cost of the machine and the cost of the improvements available to it. You can redeem it directly from the garage within 24 hours using the Buy car icon.

Where is the multiplier of the account for the last share of the SEASONAL LEAGUE? You will see this multiplier at the end of the race. He will increase the racer’s earned in the race score.

How does the FULL IMPROVEMENT icon from the enhancement menu work? This icon will simplify your life, allowing you to buy all the improvements of stages 1 and 2 for a specific component (engine, chassis, etc.) and install them. Once you reach the PROFI stages, this icon will no longer be available.

How does a quick race work? A quick race will help you find an opponent and make a bet without choosing him in the lobby. The selection of the opponent is based on the characteristics of his car.

What is a street series? In the street series, you can compete in a borrowed car. Opponents from the Street series are more difficult to overtake than in the Daily Challenge - you will first have to master driving skills. The free mode of the Street series will give you the opportunity to choose your favorite car model, which will be in the spotlight during a series of races.

How does a test drive work? In this mode, you can select the weather / track length and test the car in a single race. Time will be compared with your best time on cars of this model.

Why has the rating of car characteristics changed and how does this function work? The rating of indicators has changed to match the characteristics of the car, and especially its time. Now all the improvements will correspond to the time of arrival.

Will I get fewer rewards if I play against the same opponent several times? Yes. To ensure an honest and exciting game, it was decided to reduce rewards if a player races against the same opponent several times.

Who are subscribers? The number of subscribers is a good indicator of your progress in the game. They are earned in any game mode. To open some modes and locations, you need a certain number of subscribers. After reaching certain milestones, you will receive rewards. You can find out your progress and collect these awards in the SUBSCRIBERS tab of the player profile. To view a profile, click on your avatar in the top menu.

Does this game require a permanent Internet connection? Yes, the game must always be connected to the Internet.

Is this game cross-platform? Yes, you can play on both iOS devices and Android devices in the same online game using the same leaderboard.

What is the size of the game? The initial boot on iOS is 100 MB. After installation, the application will download another 240 MB. After some time, the application will occupy approximately 970 MB. On Android, the boot size is approximately 22 MB. After installation and short use, additional data will be downloaded, the maximum size of which will be 970 MB.

What controllers does the game support? At the moment, the game does not support any additional controllers. It is possible that in the future such an opportunity will be added.

Why did the shutdown during the trial result in a loss? Any disconnection during the bet or check-in phase will result in your loss in this Challenge. Make sure your internet connection is stable during the game.

How to play the network game? Immediately after completing the training, you will be able to go to the first location - New York, where other players will be waiting for you.

What is a driver rating? They are determined by a network rating based on your gaming skills. Their number may increase or decrease as a result of your victories or defeats in races against other players, as well as the rating of other players.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.