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Walkthrough Asphalt Extreme: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

ASPHALT EXTREME - Android game with release date 02.11.2016 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to advance in career mode? Very simple - win races, earn stars, credits and cards. Some races open only if the player has enough stars, others - if the players fleet has a car that needs a rank. Therefore, first you will need cards and loans to improve the car.

How to open races in career mode? Each race opens when you collect a sufficient number of stars, buy a certain car, one of the cars of a specified class or type, or improve the car to a certain level.

How to unlock cars? There are no blocked cars in Asphalt Extreme. You just need to accumulate the specified number of credits or tokens to buy the desired car.

How to improve a car? In the garage menu or in the car selection menu, click on the IMPROVE icon at the bottom of the screen. You will see the current vehicle specifications and available improvements. There are 4 types of improvements: acceleration, max. speed, handling and nitro. Collect cards and use them to improve each of the indicators.

Is it possible from the very beginning of the game to arrange a race on any car and any track? No, each race requires a specific car or set of cars depending on the class or type. View information about the promotion and find out which cars are required for a particular race.

What is a car rating and what is it used for? When determining the rating, the acceleration indicator, max.speed, handling and nitro. This indicator is used to give you an approximate idea of ??which car you will need to win in a particular race. You can increase the rating of a car by buying improvements for it in the garage menu, or buy another car with a higher rating.

What does it mean - the rules of the classical regime? In the classic race, the victory is won by the players who finished in the first, second or third place and received in the race 3, 2 and 1 stars, respectively. There are no other conditions.

What are the rules of the duel? In a duel you have to race with a single opponent. The goal is to avoid a collision with oncoming cars and finish first.

What are the rules in knockout mode? In knockout mode, you compete with one main opponent and a large number of additional opponents. Your goal is to disable more cars than your opponent either in the specified time or in the number of cars.

What are the rules of the knockout race? In a knockout race, with the specified time interval, the riders who are the last to be disqualified will be disqualified. After each retirement, the countdown timer is reset. To get 3 stars, you must stay last. If you take second or third place, you get 2 or 1 star, respectively.

What are the rules in Infection mode? The rider who takes last place starts the race in an infected state. He receives unlimited nitro, but the state of infection lasts only a few seconds. To get more time, the rider must perform drifts and various stunts, as well as infect other riders when faced with them. The winner is the first to reach the finish line!

Can I see the list of race goals right during the race? The goals and objectives of the race in Career mode are displayed in the menu before it starts. Click on any Promotion logo to get detailed information: race type and 4- and 5-star assignments. After you have selected the Promotion and the car, you will again see the tasks on the loading screen. If you have already started the race, click on the Pause icon and 4- and 5-star tasks will appear on the screen.

Does the game have a rearview mirror? Not. During the race you will not have time to look around.

How to see a list of your medals? In the main menu of the game, click on the helmet (in the upper left corner of the screen) and go to your profile. You will see several tabs on the profile screen. Click on the MEDALS tab.

How to change the tint of car windows? How to apply decals? Changing the color of the car also affects the color of the dimming of the windows and any graphic coloring elements.

What is a Barrel and U-Turn? Barrel - an air maneuver in Asphalt Extreme, sending a car into a tailspin. It can be done by stopping on a swirling springboard at high speed. U-turn is another aerial maneuver in which the car turns over in the air. It can be completed by entering the drift on a regular springboard. For each of these maneuvers you will receive nitro. In one jump, you can perform several barrels or turns, which will quickly fill the nitro scale.

Can I sell a car? Not.

What are bonuses? Bonuses for a while apply to all races in which a player participates. Players can buy bonuses for tokens or receive them as a reward / gift.

What is the function of bonuses? There are 3 types of bonuses in the game:

  1. DOUBLE LOANS: Bonus Double loans for some time doubles the number of credits earned at the end of all races.
  2. NITRO COOLDOWN: recharging nitro fills the nitro tank twice as fast.
  3. ADDITIONAL TANK: this bonus gives extra space on the nitro scale!

How to activate bonuses? Before the start of each race, the BONUSES screen appears with a proposal to buy one of them (they are activated automatically upon purchase), or activate them by receiving a gift / award.

How do I know if a bonus has been activated? On the BONUSES screen, a timer will appear next to the activated bonuses.

What happens if I activate the bonus when the previous one is already working? The timer will add extra time. For example, if 30 minutes remain before the bonus expires, and you bought / activated another same bonus, the timer will show 1 hour 30 minutes.

What is Daily Victory? Daily victories bring rewards for participating in Network races and getting the first three places in several races. The more victories you have, the better the rewards. Every day they are reset.

How to win a daily victory? Complete the Network Race in the first, second or third place.

How to complete a series of daily victories? Complete a few Network races in the first, second or third place.

What are tickets and how do they work? Tickets will be required to participate in Blitz promotions. For participation in each action you can pay with tickets. Take advantage of every opportunity and dont worry that tickets can run out. They recover over time!

How to get cards? To get cards, open sets (season rewards, Network game, free 4- and 24-hour sets), taking part in Blitz promotions and getting stars in the Career. Or buy them on the SETS page in the store and the main menu.

What tuning options are provided for my cars? You can set decals on your cars. They are located in the PAINT section of the Garage.

How to get decals? They can be won in exclusive Blitz promotions or in Driving Mastery races, as well as purchased for credits or tokens.

How many locations are in the game? The game features 5 locations: Egypt, Phuket, Gobi, Svalbard and Detroit. In each location 4 different tracks.

Why do not I come across the right card? Cards are drawn according to the lottery principle, so every time you get a random card.

What is Driving Mastery? Mastery of driving allows you to perfectly master the car in a series of tests. For each test you will receive various awards, for example, exclusive decals for this car.

What is needed to play Driving Mastery? To unlock Driving Mastery, you must have at least 3 cars. After that, you will discover one skill for each of your vehicles.

Why is the behavior of cars different due to some road conditions? Various conditions may appear on the track under which the behavior of cars changes. For example, dirt and water slow down the movement of all cars except heavy ones (trucks and monster trucks). Cars begin to glide harder on ice!

What is oil and what is its function in the game? At each trip on this or that car the oil in it begins to wear out. When the level of oil wear reaches dangerous values ??(orange scale), the performance of the car decreases.This decrease increases in proportion to the level of wear, until the latter reaches critical values ??(red scale). After each race you must check the level of oil wear. Oil can be replaced. An oil change will have to be paid in loans.Then wait until the end of the service time. By the way, this time can be skipped for tokens or viewing ads (if available). You cannot drive a car while changing oil.

What is a short cut? This is such a track on the track, available only for trucks and monster trucks. It is usually blocked by special road blocks, which can only be broken by heavy cars, others will simply crash if they try.However, agile players can slip along a short path if the heavy car has already managed to break the fence.

What is a series? The game features so many seasons that it doesnt take long to get confused. Navigating through Career mode may not be an easy task, and as soon as you start to open different tracks, it will be very difficult for you to track your progress in each season. Series are, simply put, "seasons of seasons," a kind of folder that stores a certain number of seasons in order to streamline the interface and your idea of ??the game. Series help organize your progress in an organized way. They open for stars from special "competitive" races in previous seasons. Series names refer to your progress or skill level: Beginner, Amator, Half Profi, Pro and Master.

What are competitions? Competitions are, in a way, special seasons that will be waiting for you at the end of each series. They are special races with great rewards that you need to complete before moving on to the new season. In each series, one competition is provided: Beginner, Amator, Proluprofi, Pro and Master.

How to turn on continuous nitro? To do this, you need to combine several nitro sequences. For example, fill 3 nitro scales, start nitro and activate LONG NITRO. Before the nitro scale is empty, you have to collect bottles with nitro or perform tricks and refill the scale. In this case, you can activate LONG NITRO.

How to turn on a long nitro? Having completed more than one nitro scale, you must activate nitro and then click on the nitro icon in the red zone again.

How to advance in career mode? To do this, take part in the races and get at least one star in the promotion to go to the next.

How to open races in Career mode? To open Career mode, get at least one star in a previous promotion.

How to unlock cars? To do this, you need to collect drawings for the car that you want to receive in the Asphalt Extreme game.

How to improve a car? To improve the car, collect the required number of drawings. In addition, you will need tools, credits and tokens.

Is it possible from the very beginning of the game to arrange a race on any car and any track? To participate in races on different routes, first open the Promotions. You can participate in all open promotions on cars that you have available. In addition, in the description of the action you can see which car is more suitable for arrival.

What is a car level and what does it mean? Auto level takes into account acceleration, max. speed, handling and nitro. This is an indicator of the power of the selected car, used in the game to indicate the likely rating, which is necessary to obtain victory in the action. To increase the level, upgrade cars in the Garage.

What are the rules in Classic mode? In Classic mode, you need to finish first. To do this, use a car with the desired characteristics and pass the test. You need to come first to earn stars in two achievements.

What are the rules in dropout mode? In Shootout mode, the last player to appear is a timer. When the timer expires, this driver will be excluded. The time on the timer is reset to zero after the player is eliminated. Your task is to remain the only racer on the track and get 1 star as a reward. To get a second and third star, take part in 2 races.

Can I see the list of race goals right during the race? In Career mode, the race goal is displayed before it starts. To learn more, click the Promotions icon. So you can see what test you need to pass to get three stars.

How to change the color of the car? You cant change the color of the car, but you can select the decals by clicking on the desired car on the selection screen. After clicking, you will see all the possible decals at the bottom of the screen.

How do I know if a bonus has been activated? After activation, before the start of the race, a timer appears on the BONUSES screen next to the active one.

What are Blitz promotions? Blitz promotions are races in which you can participate for a limited period of time. They open in the main menu when you click on the icon "TIME LIMITED". In these promotions, great rewards are awarded for improving cars!

What rewards can I win in Blitz promotions? Rewards depend on the promotion. To find out the exact prize, click on each share in the list of blitz promotions. The game has the following reward options:

  1. Loans.
  2. Tokens.
  3. Decals.
  4. Bonuses.
  5. Instruments.
  6. Cards.
  7. Kits.
  8. Blueprints.

How to get a reward for Blitz promotion? As soon as the Blitz promotion comes to an end, the message "Pick up a reward" will appear. Click on it to collect rewards for all the Blitz promotions in which you participated.

How to get decals? You can win decals in Blitz promotions and Driving Mastery races.

What is required to participate in the Driving Mastery races? Driving mastery opens automatically after receiving the first car. The skill for each car will open after you assemble the car using the drawings.

What are seasons? Seasons are a series of events organized in order, depending on the required level for promotion in Career mode.

What is a black market? In this store every day you will find a new assortment of cards that you can buy for loans and tokens. The store is updated 4 times a day (every 6 hours).

What is an improved wheel? This is a temporary improvement that grants immunity to rough terrain. Please note that trucks and monster trucks already have it.

How does the ranking system work? Now all vehicles can be upgraded to level 50. A higher rank means that the vehicle is moving to a different class. To do this, you will need special tools that can be found in sets.

What is Overclocking? This is a temporary improvement that improves the performance of vehicles beyond the blueprints. You can find it in the improvements menu.

What is an extra card when opening sets? After receiving the kit, you can get an additional card for viewing ads.

What is the Daily Challenge? This is a special test created especially for you. To get the kit, finish first in the race with any other random vehicles from your collection!

How to update or change the paint, decals on my cars and trucks? Go to the Main menu or to the auto screen, double-click on the auto / track you want to change, then at the bottom of the screen there will be decals that you already have and those that you can get for the auto / track.

How to increase the level of my transport? To do this, upgrade vehicles in the Garage or buy new models with a higher level.

How to remove game progress? In Asphalt Extreme there is no such possibility. However, you can log in with a different Facebook or Game Center / Google + account to start a new career.

Why cant I sync game progress on multiple devices? You need to wait a while before you can synchronize your game progress with another device.

How to change profile name? To check your name, click on the helmet in the upper left corner. Please note that the name cannot be changed in the game. But you can change it on the social networks that you use for the game (Google+, Game Center or Facebook).

Can I transfer my game progress to another device? You can restore your game progress after reinstalling the game or after replacing the device. To do this, you need to install the application on your device and log in through the social network that you used earlier to download game progress to this device. Please note that this function only works on the same platform (iOS, Android, Windows).

How to save the game? Your progress is saved automatically and stored in the cloud. If you need to restore progress, simply enter the game using the social network account (for example, Facebook / Game Center / Google Play Games) that you used earlier.

What is the size of the game? After installation, the game takes 1.5 GB, but during the installation process you will need 2.5 GB (for the distribution file and game files). After the installation is complete, the distribution file will be deleted.

Does the game need an internet connection? Yes, an Internet connection is required to participate in Career promotions and Network games, to improve cars, participate in Blitz promotions and receive awards.

How to choose a radio station? During the race, click on the pause icon and select the genre of music that you like.

How to change the position of the camera? You can change it during the race by clicking on the camera icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can also do this by pressing PAUSE / SETTINGS / SOUND AND DISPLAY.

How to change the color of the car? In the Garage or on the car selection screen, click on the PAINT icon and select the desired color. Please note that for different cars different color palettes are provided, depending on the requirements of the license holder.

How to change the language of the game? Select the SETTINGS item in the games main menu (upper right corner, next to the Gameloft icon). After that, click on the LANGUAGE AND COUNTRY button and select the desired language.

How to change speed units? In the SETTINGS menu, which is accessible from the main menu and the pause menu, select the SOUND AND DISPLAY item. At the bottom of the screen you will find the SPEED UNITS section.

How to adjust the volume of music, effects and engine? In the SETTINGS menu, which is accessible from the main menu and the pause menu, select the SOUND AND DISPLAY item. There are several sliders for adjusting various sound effects.

How to configure management? In the main menu, click on the SETTINGS icon (upper right corner next to the Gameloft icon). Now select the Management icon and then any of the presented schemes.

How to change the country? To do this, go to the Settings menu. Please note that you will no longer be able to change the country. However, if you make a mistake when choosing a country, you can send a request for a change to User Support.

How to change the tint of car windows? You cannot change the tinting of the car windows.

What is an add-on download system? The add-on download system allows players to receive new content (cars, special projects and tracks) without downloading updates from the store. Download is mandatory and Wi-Fi is recommended.

I bought an item, but it never appeared in the game. What to do? Contact Customer Support. Open the "Settings" menu and select "User Support". Fill out the form that appears and add a description of the problem you are facing. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

How to buy loans? In the main menu of the game, click on the big "+" icon next to the credit counter. In-game purchases will open.

How to earn loans? You can earn credits in races in Career, Driving Mastery and Multiplayer mode. The number of credits won depends on your position, the number of stars in career mode or your behavior during the race (presented in medals).

How to earn cards? You will receive cards mainly for the game in Career mode, where each star will bring you one card. In addition, there are cards in sets, they can be won in Blitz promotions and Network game. Cards can also be bought on the sets page, accessible through the top menu.

How to earn stars? Stars indicate your progress in career mode. The game has 429 races, in each of which you can get up to 5 stars, i.e. only 2145. The first three stars are awarded for a place on the podium, time or account in the Career race. Fourth and fifth stars are awarded for completing two specific tasks in each race. A description of these tasks can be seen in the menu that appears before the start of the race.

How to get tokens? Tokens can be won in Blitz promotions, received for completing the seasons or for the Multiplayer game. Or you can buy tokens in the store in the menu. For tokens, you can purchase premium items, including bonuses, exclusive cars, kits, tickets and instant maintenance.

How to earn blueprints? To get the blueprints, open the sets received as a reward for 1st place in Career mode, for participating in blitz promotions and special projects. In addition, you can find the drawings in sets purchased in the Store, which is located in the Main menu.

Can I sell unnecessary cards? This feature is currently not available. Do not worry, unnecessary items will come in handy in future updates.

What is a monthly card? This is a subscription system that allows you to receive tokens every day for a month at a great price! It can be found in the store.

Why cant I get into the network game? You need to earn 30 stars to open the Network game. What happens to players who are no longer active on the Network Leaderboard? If a player has not been active for 2 weeks, he will be removed from the leaderboard. This does not affect the rating; if a player returns to participate in Network races, he will have a new rating. You can enable push notifications to know in advance about a possible deletion. Try to play in Network mode as often as possible and show everyone your outstanding abilities!

Why are there machines in the Network game whose class is higher than mine? In the Network game, players with machines of any classes and levels can participate. Matches are held taking into account the personal rating of players.

Why do I get a different number of points for winning various multiplayer promotions? The number of points you win depends on the number of players participating in the race. You will receive less points for winning a race with 4 players than for winning a race with 8. In addition, the more races you participate in, the less points you will receive.

Can I play with friends who use other platforms? Unfortunately, the game does not currently support platform compatibility. That is, a player who uses the platform (Android, iOS, Windows) cannot play with users who use another platform.

Why cant I play online? To open Network mode, you need to earn 40 stars.

What happens to players who are no longer active on the Network Leaderboard? Inactive players will continue to be displayed in the ranking. Their time and achievements in the action are saved. Play as often as possible in Network mode and show everyone what you are capable of!

What are the players voting in the Network game lobby for? Users can vote for the game mode (Classic or Infection), the location and the number of laps in the next race (1, 2 or 3). The server will set the number of laps depending on the average number for which the players voted.