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ATLANTIS ONLINE - a client game on a computer from the company Esprit Games. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Character Creation
  2. Level Up Guide
  3. Game Basics
  4. Pet Guide
  5. Rebirth Quests
  6. Events
  7. Bugs in the game

Atlantis Online: Character Creation

As soon as you enter the game for the first time, you are prompted to choose a character class. The game has three classes, each of which has its own characteristics.

Priest. Gender Female. The most tenacious class that assists its allies.

Shooter. Gender Female. Distant battle. The most difficult class of those represented, with huge damage, good control and maneuverability, but not very tenacious.

Mage Gender: Male. Distant battle. A class with skills for control and damage.

Warrior. Gender: Male. Melee. The class has medium survivability, damage and control, but it is incredibly maneuverable.

Choose a class that suits your style of play and rush along the path of adventure that awaits you in Atlantis Online!

Atlantis Online: Level Up Guide

Synthesis. Using synthesis, you can create more powerful gems, with improved characteristics, as well as Drawings of the wings and the Order. The synthesis function can be found in the "Forge" tab.

If you have enough materials to create items, then you will see relevant notifications:

The number in parentheses indicates the amount that you can create using the available resources. Please note that gold is required for the operation.

Gain. The Gain tab can be found by opening the forge window:

Changing equipment does not affect the bonus, which gives gain. In fact, you are reinforcing no particular object, but a slot for it. Reinforcements enhance the basic characteristics of equipped equipment. And just putting on equipment you can get this bonus. In the amplification window, you can see the necessary resources for the operation:

Gain stone and gold.

You can amplify either a single cell or several, depending on the resources. The gain level cannot exceed the character level. When amplifying to a certain level, the amplification master is activated, and you will receive additional bonuses.

Star Level Up. You can find this function in the "Forge" tab. With it, you can increase the level of stardom of your equipment, thereby increasing its basic characteristics. The maximum level of stardom is 20. From 1 level. 10 l. to increase the required stones to improve stardom. And from 11ur to 20ur. Stardom improvement stones and blessing stones. Gold is required for the promotion.

We draw your attention to the fact that there is a certain chance of success increasing the level of stardom, so some attempts may be unsuccessful. For a guaranteed level upgrade, you can use the Perfect Star Enhancement Gem.

You can increase the level of stardom as a single subject, or several at once, depending on the amount of your resources.

As soon as you begin to increase the level of stardom, in the column of characteristics you will see how many percent they increase. As soon as you increase the level of starryness of your equipment to a certain level, the Master of increase of starship is activated and you will receive additional characteristics.

How to transfer the level from equipment to equipment? To carry out the transfer of the level of stardom directly from equipment to equipment is impossible. This can be done only by analyzing the equipment and getting all the resources spent on increasing the level of stardom, and using them to raise the level of another item. The parsing function is also located in the "Forge" section. Here you can select the necessary equipment and carry out the analysis. In the corresponding window you can see what resources you may receive as a result.

When parsing equipment, you will get 100% of the resources spent on increasing ur. stardom is not dependent on whether these attempts were successful or unsuccessful. For an example, we take gloves with a 5th level of stardom and make a analysis, as a result we get all the resources spent that were spent to get this level.

Please note that the window will close automatically after a while, and resources are automatically added to your backpack. After that, you can use these resources again to increase the level of other equipment.

Atlantis Online: Game Basics

Movement and camera control. In the game you can move in two ways: using the WASD keys, or by simply clicking the left mouse button in the desired direction. By holding the right mouse button, you can move the camera relative to your character. This will help you explore the surroundings and enjoy the full game views.

Attack. You can attack an enemy target using the 1-0 buttons on the keyboard, after clicking on the target, highlighting it.

Shortcuts The game has a huge number of shortcuts that will make your life easier and make the gameplay more convenient. For example, the inventory is opened by simply pressing the B key, and the character profile by the C key. A more detailed list can be found in the system settings. Here you can reassign the keys as you like.

Auto mode It can be turned on at any time with the Z button, and you can configure it in a special menu, which is located in the panel on the top right. Here you can configure the automatic application of potions, skills and more.

VIP If you wish, you can activate the VIP in the game for your character. VIP activation entails the opening of various bonuses, which depend on the type of VIP. Be careful: with a simple top-up, rubies will come to you, but VIP will not automatically activate. To activate it, you need to purchase the appropriate VIP card. You can see the types of cards in the screenshot: Silver VIP, Golden VIP, Diamond VIP.

Each of these VIPs will bring you a certain gift and the corresponding bonuses that you can see in this tab:

How to leave the guild? To exit the Guild, you need to open the Guy window and go to the Participants tab.

In this tab, lower right, you will see the "Exit" button, clicking on which you will leave the Guild. Part of the deposits will be returned to you, as the corresponding window will notify you. The returned resources will be sent to you by mail.


The main interface of the game "Atlantis Online" is available from the first minutes. Various functions of the game open gradually, as the character grows. Attention: in the screenshots you can see arrows or the abbreviation "Fr.", which are highlighted in red circles - these are buttons for minimizing panels. If any of them interferes with you and restricts your view, you can collapse and expand it at any time when you need it again.

To completely remove the interface, for example, for shooting videos or creating beautiful screenshots, you can press the F10 button. In the upper left corner of the screen is the window of your Character: Character avatar, level, power, VIP level, VIP and payment buttons. You can also find the battle mode button here, and choose any that you like or matches the situation. Shortcut keys: Ctrl + V.

Just above the character avatar is the balance of your game currency. There are several types of currency: Rubies, Sapphires and Gold. By clicking on the "+" button, you will be redirected to the replenishment page.

On the right below, there is a chat window, as well as a reward for entering and a function window that will open for you after leveling up:

In the chat window you can see the correspondence between the players, system messages, and much more. For a more convenient sorting of messages, you can select a specific channel (For example: Guild). The panel of skills displays the active skills of the hero, totems, the fury of God, the panel of the State. Above the panel are icons for accessing various functions, from the autobot to the auction.

To the right of the panel of skills, there is a Functional panel that allows you to get into such sections as: Hero, Backpack, Skills, Guild, Horse, Forge, Shop and many others. These sections are added gradually as your character is pumped.

Above the functional panel is the Tasks panel: here is information about active tasks, their progress, as well as tasks of the State.

In the upper right corner there are event icons and access to the main functions of the game, such as Arena, Dungeons, etc. The events that are currently ongoing, or will begin soon, are shown.

To the right of the event icons is the minimap and the game functions panel. Here you can see the name of the location in which you are. On the panel located above the map, you will find the following functions: code activation, news, autobot settings, rating, achievements, model display settings, sound on / off, friends, mail, settings.

System settings

By clicking on the gear icon in the first upper corner of the screen, or using the hot key Esc, you will open the settings window.

Here you can open the game settings menu, return to the character selection menu or exit the game. In the Settings section, you can configure the system to your taste: graphics and sound, display messages on the screen, control the mouse and assign keys.

Atlantis Online: Pet Guide

Pets You can find the Pets menu in the lower right panel.

By clicking on it, a window opens with all the information and functions of the Pets. In the tab "Pet" you will find basic information. On the left is a list of all your available pets. Only one pet can be active ("Rest" / "To Battle" button). 50% of the pet’s stats are added to the player. The characteristics themselves are on the right, the Power of your pet is immediately indicated. On the bottom panel are Pet Skills, and Fidelity.

Fidelity affects the activity of a pet in battle. If his fidelity becomes less than 50, then the pet becomes inactive. To return him to battle you need to feed him. In this tab you will see all the available feeds, and also recommend for a particular pet.

In the "Toy" section, you can put on your pet items of equipment, if any. To do this, right-click on them.

In the "Improve" section, you can use various items (both special and not) to increase the level of the pet. To select the items that you want to spend on a level, you need to click on them with the left mouse button and the corresponding display (checkmark) will appear. As you can see, even hero equipment can be used to level the pet, so be careful not to accidentally feed the pet the thing you need.

Atlantis Online: Rebirth Quests

Rebirth. Starting at level 29, you will be able to complete the tasks of Rebirth.

Rebirth levels open up new possibilities for you: with the 1st level of Rebirth, the Wings system becomes available to you.

And with level 2, the Talent system becomes available.

To carry out rebirth, you need to fulfill all the necessary conditions that are prescribed in the steps on the right. Level 3 Rebirth is currently unavailable, and will open in future updates.

Talent System

The talent system opens after the fulfillment of condition 4 of stage 2 of rebirth.

When you open the corresponding tab, you will see three systems of talent skills: combat, survival, and assistance. Also available is information about the number of points that you have. When a character reaches level 100, each subsequent improvement will bring talent points that can be spent to learn talent skills. When you hover over any of the skills of the talent, you will be displayed information about it.

By clicking on the icon you need, you will learn the skill of talent. Learning is not possible with insufficient talent points. Talent skills are passive and unnecessary to use. These systems are similar to a tree, where each subsequent skill is associated with previous ones. Therefore, to pump new skills, you need to spend a certain number of talent points in the right system. And if this condition is not met by you, then the system will write you a message in which you will see how much you need to spend points:

After choosing the right talent skills, to save the changes, you definitely need to click the "OK" button.

What to do if you made a mistake with the choice of talent skills? To do this, there is a function "Reset", which will reset all your talent points. To perform this procedure, you need the subject "Reset Talents":

Atlantis Online: Events

Reward for online. The longer you spend time in the game, the more rewards you will receive! As soon as the reward becomes available to you, you will see a similar icon:

When pressed, you will be taken to the appropriate menu where you can pick up the reward, and you will see the remaining time until the next:

Deep tests

You can find in-depth trials among the event icons; they become available from level 65.

In the window that opens, you will see the number of levels you have already completed in Depth, Player Rankings, Rewards for passing and Recommended Power. By clicking on the "Call" button, you will begin the walkthrough.

During the passage of levels, information on the remaining time and the number of enemies will be available on the right of the screen. You can turn Autobot on or off at any time.

In case of successful completion of the level, you will see the rewards received and the button for moving to the next level:

And in case of defeat, you will see the following window:

But, if you lose, then do not be discouraged! You can continue at any time from the level where you left off. The current test level is reset every day at 00:00.

Atlantis Online: Bugs in the game

What if I do not see the players? If the players appear in your similar way:

Then you need to enable the display of models. To do this, you need to click on the eye icon in the upper right corner:

When pressed, you will see three points:

  1. Hide models;
  2. Hide effects;
  3. Hide titles.

If you have a check mark on any item, then this activates it. To enable the display of models or effects, you need to uncheck.

Why can models and effects be disabled? This happens automatically if the game feels a high load on your system. Therefore, it automatically blocks these elements. In this case, you will see a notification on the screen:

If you do not have time to click "Cancel", then you will automatically turn off the display of models, effects and titles.

Article author: Nadezhda D.