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Battle Cats WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

THE BATTLE CATS is an Android game with a release date of 11/5/2014 from PONOS Corporation. Game genre: Casual. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek site is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A beginner’s guide
  2. All the ways to get cats
  3. Cat Leveling Guide
  4. Cat skills and traits
  5. Combat Mechanics Guide
  6. Completing Quests
  7. Alchemy Station Features
  8. Building Improvement Guide
  9. How to get items in the game?
  10. VIP System
  11. Player Account

Castle Cats: A beginner’s guide

How do I get new cats? You can get new cats by buying them in the store from regular, rare or mythical crates, collecting them in the calendar, or creating eggs at the alchemy station. You can also get new cats by getting tickets and using the indicated tickets in the store!

What are tickets? Tickets are used for a free set of cats. Green tickets are for regular cats, blue tickets are for rare cats, and orange tickets are for mythical cats. You can get tickets as rewards for completing quests, increasing the guild level, or in the calendar.

How do I activate or deactivate cats? You can activate cats in the Fortress menu (enter it by touching the castle to the left of the main menu / guild hall). Select the cat you want to activate or deactivate and tap the arrow to move it from active to inactive. The number of active cats that you can have depends on the level of improvement of your Fortress.

How can I access the Stronghold menu? You can access the Fortress menu by clicking on the castle on the left in the main menu / guild hall. Or by clicking the "Castle" button in the upper left corner of the main menu / guild hall.

The mission requires a cat with two skills, but my cat only has one skill! Each cat can have two skills. To access their second skill, you will need to evolve them to level 5 in your Fortress!

Can I sell cats that I don’t need? In Castle Cats, you can fire unnecessary cats for the lights that are used for evolution and crafting!

How to release the cat? Fire cats in the Fortress menu by selecting the cat you want to fire and clicking "Fire". Then confirm your choice to fire the indicated cat in two steps. It is impossible to return a fired cat back to your guild, be careful!

How do I decide which cats will show up in my guild? You can decide which cats will appear in your guild by activating them in the Fortress menu. If all activated cats are on quests, random inactive cats will show up in your guild.

How many cats can I send on quests? You can only send your active cats to quests. To increase the number of active cats in your guild, you need to improve the Fortress. Do this in the store menu, or by clicking the hammer icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Scroll until you find a Stronghold and click to upgrade it. You can have a maximum of 10 active cats.

How do I get Kyle, Hood, Nessie, etc.? Kyle, Hood and Nessie are part of the calendar cats. They can be obtained as a daily login reward. The following cats are given on calendar days:

How do I get the achievement? There is no dedicated game menu for achievements in the game right now. However, you can earn achievements through Google Play and iOS Game Center, but they do not provide any in-game rewards.

How does reputation work? You can earn reputation tokens in the respective guilds: Mustaches, Mighty Lions, and Zenlaps (unlocked at guild level 20 or higher). Reputation tokens can be earned by completing reputation quests. Reputation quests have a rare chance to appear after level 6 and higher quests (they are very difficult to get and difficult to complete). Deliver the earned reputation tokens to guilds to earn reputation level with each guild separately. Every time you increase your reputation level, you can open a reputation chest with a chance to get exclusive items.

I missed getting my daily login bonus! Now what? Do not worry! If you miss a day, week, or month, your progress will remain where you left off.

Do I get a duplicate cat when I open the box? Why? You can get duplicates at Castle Cats! If you don’t want to leave a duplicate, you can choose to "Reject" it from the "Fortress" menu, or use it to create special eggs in the alchemy lab.

What happens after I reach the maximum player level? This is impossible. There is currently no maximum level in the game.

Castle Cats: All the ways to get cats

All cats can be found in the Book of Heroes. Cats that you have not yet discovered show their black silhouettes. To unlock a new hero, you need to get it in one of the following ways.

Purchasing a box from a store. Any cat can fall out of the box. There is a possibility of dropping out a hero that you already have. In this case, you can let him go and for this you will receive a light of the color that is needed for the evolution of this cat. For releasing an ordinary cat, they will give 1 regular light, for a rare one - 1 rare light, for a mythical one - 3 rare lights (regardless of whether you evolved this cat or not).

Box typePriceProbability
Regular box10,000 coins or green ticket95% common, 5% rare.
Rare box30,000 coins or blue ticket95% rare, 5% mythical.
Mythic box75 diamonds or orange ticket100% mythical.
Sometimes a rare hero can drop out of an Ordinary box with a 5% chance, and a mythical hero from a Rare box. This allows you to save resources that in the future you can spend on the development of the Guild and the pumping of Heroes.

Daily rewards. Come into the game every day - and on a certain day you may be given a cat.

Purchase for diamonds. You can unlock any cat (except mythical, legendary, alchemical and event cats) in the Book of Heroes for diamonds. A regular cat can be bought for 30 diamonds, a rare one - for 90. Calendar heroes can be bought in the book only if you have already received them in daily rewards and for some reason released them, or you did not receive them due to an in-game error. The mythical cat from the new versions can only be purchased in the Time Machine, as the Traveler, and in the box. Occasionally, Event Heroes can be purchased in the Time Machine. The cost of their purchase depends on the rarity of the hero (normal - 100 diamonds, rare - 200 diamonds, mythical - 300 diamonds).

Event box. This box is only available during the event and can be found in the event store. At first, you can open it 1 time for free. Subsequent times require some costs: every 2 days the box can be opened for 50,000 gold, and the rest of the time - for 60 diamonds. Various resources can be knocked out in the event box: rare lights, event materials, diamonds, costumes, reputation points, as well as premium event heroes (only those that were introduced earlier), which appear in the box with a 2% chance. The box can always be reopened or its contents updated, but in both cases, diamonds are required for this (except for the 1st update, it occurs for viewing ads).

Alchemy. In Alchemy, not all cats can be bred, but only a few. These cats cannot be dropped from boxes, they cannot be bought for diamonds. To bring them out, you need some ingredients (a certain amount of materials or cats that drop out of the boxes). During the events in Alchemy, you can breed special cats. There are 2 ways to do this:

Cats from events are available only during this event, and, therefore, only then can they be withdrawn.

Reputation heroes. At the moment, there are 3 such heroes in the game. They can be obtained from the 50 level of reputation of a particular guild (Mustache, Mighty Lions, Zenlap). To develop a relationship with the guild, you need to contribute reputation points.

Donut. Some packages in the Exclusive Store include Common, Rare, Mythical, and Celebrity Heroes, and it is not uncommon for new (usually newly introduced) Premium Event Heroes to be purchased from the Event Store for real money. When you buy them in the game, the dropout of event materials increases several times (maximum 3) and most of the advertising is removed.

Castle Cats: Cat Leveling Guide

How do I unlock the skills and traits of cats? You can unlock the skills and traits of your cats by evolving them (see screenshot).

What do skills and traits give? Certain skills allow you to complete quests that require this skill. Traits are passive abilities that help cats in completing quests (for example, giving more rewards, faster quest times, etc.).

I have a cat, but her skills / features are gray. What does this mean? This means that the cat is not sufficiently developed to acquire the specified skills / traits. You can unlock them by doing evolution.

Evolution of cats. Evolution is carried out in the Fortress menu. Select the cat you want to evolve and then click the evolution button (bottom right). All cats have four stages of development. The cost of developing a cat depends on the stage or type (common, rare or mythical):

How to level up cats? You can level up your cats by sending them on quests. Your cats gain experience for each quest you complete.

How to raise the level of low level cats? To get low level quests, you need to activate your low level cats and then wait for the quests to update. After updating the quests, you will receive low level quests for your cats.

How do I level up my guild? Level up your guild by completing quests. For each quest completion by your guild, you gain experience as a guild leader.

How do I know how many cats I have and how many cats I have collected? See all your cats in the Fortress menu. All your collected cats are reflected in the catalog. To enter the catalog, click on the book in the upper left corner in the main menu / guild hall.

How do I change my cat clothes? You can choose which outfit your chosen cat will wear in the Armory menu. To choose from several costumes, you must first unlock it by evolving your chosen cat.

How do I access the Armory menu? You can access the Armory menu by pressing the sword and shield button in the upper left corner in the main menu / guild hall.

How do I unlock costumes for my cats? You can unlock costumes for your cats by upgrading them to the maximum level or by purchasing new costumes.

How do I rename cats? This can be done in the Stronghold menu. Select the cat you want to rename, click the "Rename" button (above the cat portrait) and enter the desired name.

Castle Cats: Cat skills and traits

Skills. Each hero has two skills. One is given to him from the very beginning, the second - when you evolve this hero to rank 5. Skills are the basic requirement for completing quests. Skills do not bring any additional bonuses like features. They are just needed to complete quests. Also, with the help of them, you can find out a little information about their owner (i.e. hero).

List of skills. Total skills in the game 7. Each hero is given two skills, one of which he already has at the 1st rank, and the other is issued upon reaching the 5th rank. The table below shows the names of the skills and their owners.

Name1st rank holdersRank 5 holders
HeroicConan, Dory, Mauzineya, Thor, Scarlet, Mig, Cooper, Maximus, Niadra, Hayley, Gordon, Gruna Barkle, Rich, Cosette.Leonard, Robin, Grubb, Barry Lapper, Murrlin, Chloe, Seam, Trepach, Hoshi, Newt, Capri, Chrome, Tom Snow.
CharismaticLeonard, Murrcilla, Angel, Little Baby, Grain, Mint Heart, Cobblestone, Bunny, Megara, Stark, Amortina, Bella.Conan, Benedict, Daredevil, Hat, Dova, Alice, Coco, Dubolap, Bloom, Sibuna, Cleo, Keksik, Murciss.
SkillfulBob, Mewton, Edward, Daredevil, Kyle, Frida, Pink, Lois, Alice, Coco, Howard, Trepach, Cupcake, Newt, Tom Snow, Florinda.Francis, Curio, Sandman, Molotov, Scarlet, Grain, Cobblestone, Azur, Morrigan, Bella.
SecretiveRomeo, Moti, Hat, Sandman, Molotov, Mego, Oakpaw, Seam, Capri, Amelia, Kittysticks.Juliet, Bob, Dango, Dory, Kai, Little Boy, Cooper, Nessie, Cats, Nicole.
AttentiveKatniss, Robin, Dango, Benedict, Redmane, Cleo, Hoshi, Cats, Bubbles.Mewton, Moti, Angel, Pink, Lois, Lunar Sparkle, Navi, Megara, Silina, Amelia, Amortina, Florinda.
SportsJuliet, Curio, Dova, Grubb, Navi, Nessie, Bloom, Silina, Cassandra, Azur, Sandy Claus.Catniss, Romeo, Yang-nyan, Thor, Mig, Maximus, Howard, Bunny, Stark, Bubbles.
MagicFrancis, Yang-nyan, Kai, Barry Lapper, Lunar Sparkle, Murrlin, Sibuna, Morrigan, Chroma, Nicole, Murciss.Edward, Murrcilla, Kyle, Frida, Meowsinea, Mego, Mint Heart, Niadra, Redmane, Cassandra, Hayley, Kittysticks, Sandy Claus.

Peculiarities. All heroes have features, as well as skills. But, unlike skills, the heroes have only one feature. Also, the feature affects quests (which skills do not do), for example, thanks to the feature, you can reduce the quest time (just like that or under some condition) or increase the loss of some resources. All heroes have traits at rank 3.

Kinds of features. There are 36 features in the game:

Castle Cats: Combat Mechanics Guide

How to enter the battle? When you start a quest, a battle icon appears on the quest card. To join the battle, you need to touch the battle icon.

How do I fight the battle? To fight in a battle, you need to tap on the enemy that your cats are fighting against. Clicking on an enemy drains your touch energy (displayed in the bar at the top of the screen). You can also use the cat attack skill to damage the enemy.

What is attack skill? All cats have an attack skill displayed in the panel at the bottom of the screen in the combat menu.

How to use the skills of cats? You charge your cats attack skill by dealing touch damage to an enemy. When the cat’s attack skill is ready, her portrait becomes bright and shiny. Tap the portrait of the cat to use the attack skill.

What is touch energy? Touch energy is the energy used to attack enemies in battle.

Why is it written that I have run out of touch energy? The energy of the touch is limited. If it runs out, refill it with an Energy Potion or wait for it to replenish on its own.

How can I replenish my touch energy? Click on the energy potion to the right of the energy bar at the top of the quest board menu or in the battle menu and watch the ad. You can also wait for the touch energy to fill on its own.

Can I improve my touch energy? You can do this by updating the quest board to 600 touch energies.

How do I update my quest board? You can refresh the quest board from the store menu or by tapping the quest board menu by scrolling to the right and tapping the refresh option.

The value of combat items. Combat items help your cats complete missions faster in battle. To use combat items, you must activate them to the left of the combat menu (in combat). You can craft combat items at the alchemy station.

Castle Cats: Completing Quests

How to send cats on quests? You send cats on quests from your quest board. Select a quest, assign the selected cats and click "Start Quests" in the lower right corner. The quest board is located in the center of the main menu / guild hall.

How do I access the Quest Board Menu? The quest board is located in the center of the main menu / guild hall.

What’s the difference between "regular" and "story" quests? Plot quests have much more complex requirements and are distinguished by unique dialogues in the game. In story quests, you must fulfill all the requirements to start the quest (have a suitable cat level, skills, number of cats). In normal quests, the only requirement is the required number of cats. Meanwhile, having the proper cat level and skills for the quest increases the chance of better success, but is not required to start the quest.

Why can’t I complete the story quests? Check if you meet the skill requirements, cat level, resource cost, and number of cats. If you do not meet the requirements, you will not be able to complete the story quest.

What are daily quests? Daily quests are special quests that you can complete once a day. They give high rewards and a mysterious random reward box. Daily quests reset at midnight 00.00 every day.

How do I complete the daily quests? There are the following types of daily quests:

Complete at least 3 daily quests and you will be rewarded with a mysterious random reward box.

Castle Cats: Alchemy Station Features

What is an alchemy station? An alchemy station is a place where you can use your materials to craft other items such as combat items, eggs, rare lights, or other materials to help you in battle.

How do I get access to the Alchemy Station? You can access the Alchemy Station by clicking on the Cauldron in the center of your main menu / guild hall.

How to use the alchemy station? The alchemy station has 4 tabs: everything, combat items, guild items and eggs. Once you have the required materials, simply select the item / egg / wisp you want to craft and click the "Craft" button on the right side of the menu.

Making items. The items, ingredients for their crafting and their effects are listed in the table below:

ItemIngredientsthe effect
Combat Ballista1 old wood, 100 woodDeals minor damage over 60 sec.
Cat mint1 silk, 100 fabricHeroes attack twice as fast for 60 seconds. (drink with care!).
Sacred spear1 gold, 100 metalThrow a giant spear at an enemy, dealing tons of damage.
Speed ??potion100 metal, 100 fabric, 100 woodReduces the duration of the quest by 50%. Holds 3 charges.
Golden shovel2 gold, 1 old woodIncreases gold reward from quests by 50%. Designed for 3 charges.
Diamond lens1 gold, 2 old wood, 3 silkProvides a 5% chance to earn 1 gem as a quest reward. Designed for 3 charges. (Decreases by 1 charge for each gem received).
Rare red light25 regular red lights, 150 metalUsed to increase the rank of rare, mythical and seasonal cats.
Rare green light25 regular green lights, 150 woodUsed to increase the rank of rare, mythical and seasonal cats.
Rare blue light25 regular blue lights, 150 silkUsed to increase the rank of rare, mythical and seasonal cats.

How can I skip the waiting time at the Alchemy Station? Pay gems to skip waiting times at the alchemy station. The price of a gem depends on the length of the elapsed time.

Castle Cats: Building Improvement Guide

Fortress. This building increases the number of cats that you can send to complete the quest. By improving the fortress, you can complete several quests at the same time. Leveling:

Metal station. This building is the main source of metal. Leveling:

Tree station. This building is the main source of wood. Leveling:

Fabric station. This building is the main source of fabric. Leveling:

Quest board. Improving this building affects how many quests you simultaneously get (quests are updated every 15 minutes, in real time) and your maximum energy to enter the battle. Leveling:

Castle Cats: How to get items in the game?

Eggs. Eggs are cats that you can craft at the alchemy station if you meet the material requirements.

Guild items. Guild items are crafted at the alchemy station and are used to help complete quests (for example, to increase rewards, reduce quest duration, etc.). To use guild items, you need to activate them in the inventory menu. To access the inventory menu, click on the potion field in the quest board menu.

What are lights? The lights are used to develop your cats. There are ordinary and rare lights, and they all come in three colors: green, blue and red. You can use the lights when evolving cats in the Fortress menu.

How do I get the lights? Get sparks by completing regular quests that give regular or rare sparks (depending on which day of the week the quest is completed). You can also earn sparks by earning them as a calendar reward, firing cats, and purchasing them from the store. So you will have a better chance of getting sparks on quests of level 4 and higher.

What days do quests give a chance to get sparks?

Can I transform ordinary lights into rare lights? You can create rare wisps from wisps at the alchemy station.

What is the market? In the marketplace, you can exchange materials for other items you need.

How to use the market? First select which material you want to trade on the left side of the screen. On the right, select which material you want to purchase. The slide in the middle defines the amount of materials that will be received / sold.

How can I skip waiting times in the market? You can watch ads to skip market waiting times.

What are the materials used for? Materials are used to upgrade your buildings in the main menu / guild hall, as well as to fulfill the requirements of story and regular quests. Materials are also used to craft items / eggs at the alchemy station and upgrade your Fortress.

How do I get rare materials (gold nugget, etc.)? You can get rare materials in quest rewards. You can also trade common materials for rare materials in the marketplace, or buy them directly from the store.

My content is disappearing! Materials are used for completing quests, so it may seem that they have disappeared.

How do I use the in-game store? You can access the in-game store by clicking the box button in the upper right corner. The play store has 5 different standard tabs. Boxes for cats, upgrades, gold, gems and lights. Click on the different tabs for information on what you can buy. Preview the item by clicking on it and then confirm your purchase. Sometimes the store has an extra tab containing special items - usually exclusive cats!

How can I get more gold? You can get gold:

How do I spend gold? Now you will be presented with ways to spend coins, and in brackets the price per purchase:

How can I get more gems? You can get gems:

How do I spend gems? You can spend gems:

Also, gems can be material for tests or some cats in Alchemy (for example, Nicole).

Why can’t I shop in the store? This happens when you don’t have a proper Google / iOS connection. To fix this problem, make sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection. You can also restart the game or, if that doesn’t work, restart your device.

How can I collect event materials? You can get them by completing event quests or regular quests. You can also purchase content directly. Event materials are used to hatch rare event cats at the alchemy station.

Castle Cats: VIP System

How do I get VIP points? VIP points are awarded when making purchases with real money in the game.

How to activate VIP? In the VIP menu (located to the right of the guild leader’s icon) you can buy activation for 1 week for 60 gems or activation for 4 weeks for 200 gems.

How do I unsubscribe from Castle Cats? On Android:

  1. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store;
  2. Make sure you are signed in to the correct Google account;
  3. Click Subscription Menu;
  4. Select the subscription you want to cancel;
  5. Click "Unsubscribe";
  6. Follow the instructions.

On iOS:

  1. Launch the "Settings" application;
  2. Tap iTunes & App Store;
  3. Click on your Apple ID;
  4. Click "View Apple ID" when the popup appears;
  5. Enter your Apple ID password or fingerprint ID when prompted;
  6. Click "Subscriptions";
  7. Click on the subscription you want to cancel.

Castle Cats: Player Account

Is my progress saved if I am connected to Facebook? No - Castle Cats does not use Facebook to save game progress. To save your progress, you need to connect your Google Play or iCloud account to Castle Cats. The menu can be found in the game settings - Check cloud save - Login or save to cloud (see screenshot).

I cannot restore my save. To restore a save, Castle Cats must first be connected to Google Cloud or iOS iCloud. You can connect your game by going to the settings menu (click on the gear in the upper right corner in the main menu / guild hall) or in the start menu. Then you can restore your progress. If you are unable to upload your progress, then it has not been saved to the cloud.

How do I transfer an Android game to another Android device? Go to Game Options - Settings - Cloud Save - Save to Google Play / iTunes. You should be able to save and prepare for data transfer. Always make sure you are connected to the Internet so that progress is actually saved online. Otherwise, it will only be saved on your phone and you won’t be able to transfer your save. On the device you want to run the game on, do the following:

  1. Go to Game Options - Settings - Cloud Save - Check Data. This may take some time;
  2. Choose which file you want to receive.

Is there a way to reset my account (progress)? You can reset your account by deleting all cache and data files from Castle Cats in your phone app settings. You should find the cache in Phone Settings - Installed Apps - Castle Cats - Cache.

I don’t have Facebook and friends. Can I hire Minty? No. To hire Minty, you must invite 3 Facebook friends to the game. They need to download Castle Cats, connect to Facebook on their own and go through training. Then Minty will join your guild.

How do I invite my Facebook friends? Go to the Social Menu (located in the lower left corner), click the three-dot button in the main menu / guild hall, click the Invite button at the top.

I invite friends from Facebook, but they don’t show up. Make sure they are trained and connected to Facebook in-game. They will then be counted towards your progress towards Minty.

How can I communicate with other players in the game? Tap the chat bubble icon (found in the main menu and guild hall in the lower left corner) and log in with Facebook to be able to chat with other players in the game.

How do I log in with Facebook? You can log in with Facebook in two ways:

If I delete Castle Cats, will my progress be saved? No! If you want to continue playing Castle Cats, you first need to save your progress to the cloud. After you do this, save it to delete the game. To save your progress, you need to connect your Google Play or iCloud account to Castle Cats. The menu can be found in the game settings - Check cloud save - Login or save to cloud.

Article author: Nadezhda D.