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Battle Legion WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

BATTLE LEGION MASS BATTLER is an Android game with release date 1.07.2020 from Traplight Ltd. Game genre: Simulations. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Troops, Upgrades and Conditions
  2. Game Ranks Overview
  3. A Guide to Using Regular Units
  4. A Guide to Using Rare Units
  5. A Guide to Using Mythical Squads
  6. Essential Resource Gathering Secrets
  7. Applying Artifacts
  8. Clan Activities
  9. Clan Raids Walkthrough
  10. Quest Completion
  11. A Beginner’s Guide
  12. Bounty Hunting Guide
  13. All the ways to customize the game
  14. Shopping & Play Store

Battle Legion: Troops, Upgrades and Conditions

Players place units on the battlefield and build their army. Units can be transferred to the battlefield from the "Army" tab. To add a squad to the army, just tap it and move it to the desired location on the battlefield. To remove a squad from the battlefield, touch it for a while, then drag it to the right side of the screen. There are currently 49 units in Battle Legion: 22 regular, 16 rare, and 11 mythical. Each unit can be upgraded from 1 to level 16. At levels 4, 8, and 12, you can add power stones to the unit.

How do I deploy units? Before adding units to an army, you need to deploy them. To deploy a squad, simply tap the appropriate squad type in the squad tab, then select the squad you want to deploy. To deploy a squad, you need squad shards and gold. There is a small plus next to the squad available for deployment. If this icon is not visible, then you do not have enough resources to deploy the squad. At rank 0, you have 6 shards to deploy your squad. Each unit has its own cost. As you level up, you get more shards to spend.

Improving the squad. The units have different strengths, which depend on their level. When deploying a new unit, he enters the game with the first level. Subsequently, for gold and fragments of units, you can increase its level to 15. To improve units, you need gold and fragments of units. The cost of the upgrade increases with the level of the unit. If a squad can be improved, a green up arrow is displayed on its portrait. If you do not see the improvement icon, then you do not have enough resources to improve the squad. The number of fragments of units a player has is displayed using a small indicator strip under the portrait of each unit.

Power stones. Units can be strengthened with power stones. Power stones can improve the parameters of defense, movement, attack of the squad, as well as its unique ability. Units can have up to three slots for power stones, which open at levels 4, 8 and 12. Power stones are tied to the era, and after the end of the era, all power stones will be removed from the player’s backpack and access to a new unique pool of power stones will open.

Fractions. Currently in the game Battle Legion all squads are divided into four factions: order, chaos, nature and machines. Each unit belongs to one of the factions. Units can receive buffs, powers, or penalties depending on the faction. For example, a unit’s attack power can be reduced against troops belonging to a certain faction. The effects and enhancements of some artifacts also depend on the faction.

The states of the detachments. Conditions are effects that can affect units in Battle Legion. The states are unique. A unit cannot be affected by more than one condition. Stun, knockback, and knockback are physical effects that can affect units that are affected by other effects. For example, a squad can be stunned when it is on fire.

Types of states. Condition types in Battle Legion:

Plague. Plague reduces the movement and attack speed of the unit by 50%. Deals damage gradually, the amount of which depends on the maximum health level of the unit. Spreads to nearby enemies and allies. Lasts until canceled by another effect or condition.

Battle Legion: Game Ranks Overview

What are ranks for? There are currently 16 ranks available in the game. Game progress depends on the number of trophies you have. Each rank consists of 3 stages that you need to go through and get the required number of trophies. Each stage gives rewards: gold and fragments of units. When you reach a new rank, you get a wagon.

Once you reach a new rank, you cannot be demoted to your previous rank. For example, if you reached rank 6 with 1000 trophies and lost the next battle, your trophy count will not drop below 1000.

Unlocking units based on ranks. At each rank, you unlock new units. To unlock higher ranks, you need to earn trophies:

Rank (name)Required trophiesDetachments
0 - Village0 to 30Warriors, Archers.
1 - Battle arena30 to 200Wall, War dogs, Heroes.
2 - Rogue Town200 to 400Freeze Trap, Mercenaries, Knights.
3 - Iron fortifications400 to 600Bombot, Snow Wizard, Catapult.
4 - Soldier’s camp600 to 800Hammer Throwers, Plague Breeders, War Wagons.
5 - Royal Camp800 to 1000Mushrooms, Battle Drummers, Paladins.
6 - Unknown jungle1000 to 1200Braiding Roots, Spider Nests, Predators.
7 - Sky castle1200 to 1400Pillars, Earth Elementals, Calling Storms.
8 - Dark Desert1400 to 1600Blade Masters, Dark Archers, Protectors.
9 - Ancient tomb1600 to 1800Plague Bearers, Faceless Knights, Lady of Death.
10 - Spooky Mountains1800 to 2000Ghosts, Fire Demons, Mind Controllers.
11 - Sacred altar2000 to 2250Blessed Bombs, Pious Defenders, Valkyries.
12 - Whispering Ruins2250 to 2500Suffering Spirits, Restless Warriors, Columns of Souls.
13 - Druidic Forest2500 to 2750Raven Slayers, Druids, Ancient Tree.
14 - Valley of the Giants2750 to 3000Dire Wolves, Giant Toads, Monster Hunters.
15 - Tierra del Fuego3000 to 3250Fire Knights, Lava Warriors, Phoenixes.
16 - Fields of eternal battles3250 to 4250Gunners, Eternal Warriors.

Battle Legion: A Guide to Using Regular Units

Warriors. These units are available from rank zero. Warriors have a large HP pool compared to other units, so it is recommended to use them on the front line in your army.

Archers. Archers can be very useful due to the ranged technique and destruction of enemies before they cross over to your side of the field. Archers always attack the closest target, which can force them all to shoot at the same target instead of attacking different targets and killing them all at once. It is best to use archers in the middle of your formation - this way they will start attacking different targets and act more efficiently. Their main function is to deal damage to the enemy front line. Archers are very good against slow moving enemies with high health, such as earth elementals.

Wall. A wall is a stationary unit. It acts as a blockade and is very useful against crowds of enemies. Intended for melee units only, excluding hammer throwers. Protects weak allies and prevents enemies from moving forward.

War dogs. War dogs have low health, but high movement speed. Due to their large numbers, they are very useful against weak enemies. They die quickly if the enemy has crowd control skills.

Freeze trap. This trap is activated when enemies step on it and freezes all enemies within its range. Enemies take 50% more damage after being thawed. Also, the trap can detect killers and ghosts, freezing them. When pumping a trap, its radius of action increases.

Bombot. This is a combat bot that moves in a straight line. Explodes when it collides with an enemy. Deals huge damage, but has very low health. When placed correctly, bombs can destroy powerful enemy troops.

Hammer throwers. Hammer Throwers are powerful units that can push back advancing enemies, but have a short range. Very useful for repelling small advancing units and can be deadly in numbers.

Mushrooms. Mushrooms are very beneficial when placed correctly. Enemy units advancing on them will gain a state of mind control by turning into an enemy and attacking their friendly units. Mushrooms are weak against Mind immune units. An enemy druid can remove the mind control state of a corrupted unit, turning it back into an ally.

Braiding roots. The roots slow down the movement of enemies advancing on them, giving your ranged units more time to attack. When improved, the effect of slowing down increases.

Pillar. The pillar shoots three beams at enemy units within its range and deals great damage to them. He is strong against a group of enemies, especially when he is behind a friendly unit.

Blade craftswomen. This melee unit appears as if out of nowhere among enemies and inflicts great damage on them. Depending on its size, it can be very dangerous for the enemy army.

Dark archers. Dark Archers wield heavy arrows and have a very long range on the battlefield. Although their attacks are slow, they pierce all enemies and obstacles in their path, dealing serious damage.

Plague-bearers. Plague Bearers are a large unit that plague enemy units. Resistant to mind control, therefore good against mushrooms and mind destroyers.

Ghosts. Before the enemy attacks, the ghosts are invisible and can pass through obstacles. Become invisible, moving towards a new goal. They have high damage, so they are strong against tanks. They can also move through structures, so they are very effective against corner installations that use reinforcements.

Blessed Bombot. The time bomb runs forward and explodes on contact with an enemy, healing and removing negative effects from friendly units within range, as well as reviving fallen allies.

Godly Protectors. The speed, health, and attack power of this melee unit are increased when allied godly defenders are killed in combat. Can store up to 40 charges. Each hit grants 2.5% damage, 10% maximum health, 7.5% attack speed, and 2.5% movement speed.

Suffering spirits. This unit from the spirit world deals damage to both enemy and friendly units within the radius of action. It is immune to damage, deals less damage to chaos units and slowly disappears if there are no living units nearby.

Depressed warriors. A powerful squad that rises after a while on the other side of the field.

Raven killer. This unit harasses random enemy units, stunning them. While it is in the air, it is impossible to aim at it.

Druid. A support squad that can heal nearby friendly units, remove negative effects from them and apply a blessing on them for a short time, which increases attack power and damage resistance.

Direwolves. A strong support squad with high damage, which also increases the damage of all nearby friendly natural units. When upgraded, the damage bonus increases.

Fire Knights. This unit always fights on the front line, deals high damage and applies a burning effect on opponents.

Battle Legion: A Guide to Using Rare Units

Bogatyr. The hero is your first tank. An excellent fighting squad with great health. Knocks back weak enemies during attacks, has the effect of crowd control.

Mercenaries. At the start of the battle, the mercenaries use their skills to teleport to the enemy battlefield in the same position as yours. Then, being invisible, they attack the nearest enemy. Invisibility lasts for a few seconds. Mercenaries are great for taking out the back line of an enemy if placed correctly. They have a lot of damage.

Knights. A very slow but extremely tough unit that reflects the attacker’s damage in melee combat. Its toughness and ability to reflect damage is especially useful for holding back and damaging large units such as Warrior, Earth Elemental, and Predator.

Snow sorcerer. The Snow Sorcerer shoots frost shards that explode on contact with advancing enemy units and freeze them.

Plague Breeders. Plague Spreaders are powerful units that throw exploding vials at enemy units. When detonated, enemies are infected with the plague. Vendors use the plague effect to slow enemy attacks. However, they can also infect your units. Plaguebringer Flasks have a 25% chance to stun enemy units.

Battle drummers. Battle Drummers are a good squad against group attacks. When close to friendly units, the drummer creates an aura that reduces their damage from melee attacks, and also grants them immunity to stuns and physical effects.

Spider’s nest. A spider’s nest attacks, spawning up to 3 active swarms of spiders that attack the enemy army. Each time it spawns spiders, it also deals damage to itself for 10% of its maximum health (counted as melee damage). Spiders have a movement speed and move erratically. With each burst, the spider’s nest grows stronger.

Elementals of the earth. Earth Elemental is a powerful unit that stands on the front line and absorbs damage. When his health is depleted, he disintegrates into smaller units, which also disintegrate into smaller units when their health is depleted. For each level of the squad, the earth elemental is divided into one more:


Protector. The Defender is one of the most important units in the game as she creates a magical barrier that blocks all projectiles in flight until destroyed. Recovers in a few seconds. If the faceless knights attack the defenders, they will be stunned, and their barrier will close during this stun time.

Faceless knights. The Faceless Knights are a powerful melee unit that can stun enemies with their long-range attacks. He can also break through the defender’s barrier, destroying her while stunned.

Fiery demoness. The fiery demoness throws fireballs that explode when they hit the enemy and set fire to all enemies around.

Valkyrie. The Valkyrie is a support squad that heals another friendly squad until it dies, and then heals the next closest squad. It is good for capturing tanks and powerful units such as predator, earth elementals, and monster hunters. Doesn’t heal machines.

Column of the soul. This immobile unit converts all nearby corpses into soul arrows, which slowly travel in the direction of the enemy, penetrating obstacles.

Giant toad. The giant squad jumps around and devours enemies that are not static and are not immune to physical effects. Devoured units heal the toad. The giant toad cannot eat the lord of death, paladin, and monster hunter.

Lava warrior. This powerful unit goes into a rage when its armor is destroyed, and damages itself and all surrounding enemies.

Pushkar. This ranged unit fires huge cannonballs that damage enemies and knock them back.

Battle Legion: A Guide to Using Mythical Squads

Catapult. A catapult is a stationary unit with a global attack range. It shoots boulders that explode on impact and can damage multiple enemies. Deals triple damage to vehicles.

Combat wagon. The war wagon rushes forward, damaging enemies. After destruction, 3 random squads appear in its place.

Paladin. The Paladin is a powerful unit that can heal allies of order and nature, as well as protect friendly units within their range from the plague.

Predator. A destructive squad that attacks both enemies and allies. Does not attack friendly nature units. When you kill opponents, the beast is healed.

The caller of the storm. A powerful sorcerer who summons lightning strikes that jump from one foe to another. The farther away the enemy, the more damage.

Lady of Death. A powerful melee unit, capable of turning the remains of fallen warriors into skeletons, and preventing the healing of all units within its aura.

Mind Controller. He tries to control the mind of opponents and lure them over to his side. Weak opponents move faster.

Ancient tree. This stationary unit entangles small and light opponents, periodically damaging them and preventing them from moving.

Monster hunter. This special unit can freeze, set fire, and stun enemy units in front of it. He is also endowed with a shield to protect against ranged attacks. Deals triple damage to units of nature.

Phoenix. Flaps its wings and creates a fiery whirlwind that ignites nearby enemies. Resurrects itself shortly after death.

Eternal warriors. These elite warriors are immune to several conditions. The more health the eternal warriors lose, the more fiercely they fight.

Battle Legion: Essential Resource Gathering Secrets

Royal cargo. During the game with active rotation, players can intercept the royal cargo with the help of the army. The Royal Cargo contains several different valuable items. When the player finds the royal cargo, he can take the cargo for himself or keep it. Some cargo can be obtained for free, to get others you need to watch ads, and for some royal cargo you will have to pay with crystals or real money.

Power stones. Power Stones are era-specific enhancements that can be transferred to units to make them stronger. Each unit has up to three skill slots in which to place specific power stones. The cells of the stones of power open up as the level of your units grows. The first slot opens at level 4, the second at level 8, and the third at level 12. At the beginning of each era, the power stones of the previous era are removed and a new pool of power stones is added that can be taken by players.

The pool of Power Stones expands with each season of the era, with the first and least powerful pool released in the first season of the era, and the strongest pool of Power stones in the final season. As the pool expands, Power Stones from earlier seasons can be transferred to players as a reward. There are five types of power stones: attack, defense, movement, ranged, and ability. Power Stones can be obtained on the seasonal path, as well as in the in-game shop and in packs.

Scene. Scene is a new wagon with resources that you can get in exchange for watching ads. Possible rewards include crystals, gold, bonus experience, and squad shards. Players can claim the reward for a limited time, and when the cooldown expires, players will be able to pick up three rewards, the last of which will be Squad Shards. The reward also depends on the player’s rank. The higher the player’s rank, the more valuable the reward.

Seasonal tickets. The Season Ticket contains twenty stages with two rewards per stage. One of the rewards is available to everyone, and the other is only available to those who bought a season ticket. Awards include: Gold, Power Stones, Unit Shards, Eternal Stone, Gems, Portraits, and Unit Skins. Each victory earns you 20 experience for the Season Pass and an additional amount if you have bonus experience. After completing all the stages, the last stage of the Season Pass becomes repeatable: you can receive one Power Stone for every 500 XP earned.

Gold. Gold is the base currency in Battle Legion. It is used to deploy and upgrade units. The cost of gold for improving the troops depends on the level of the unit and grows with it. Gold can be obtained for victories in battles, found in carts and in carts with gold on the "Battle" tab. Commanders receive gold for each victory.

Players can receive gold for victories until the daily limit is reached. The gold cart gradually fills with gold. To get this gold, it must be emptied. The capacity of the gold cart depends on the daily gold limit. She will stop bringing gold after reaching this limit.

Automatic rotation. Auto-spin allows players to send their armies into battle so they can fight automatically. Automatic spins can be triggered using auto-spin tokens, which the player can get from the barrel with auto-spin tokens on the "Battle" tab. The maximum number of auto-spin tokens for a commander is 200.

To activate the auto-spin feature, simply tap the round auto-spin button at the bottom-right corner of the screen. Upon activation, your army will fight automatically as long as you have auto-spin tokens and while the app is active.

The auto-spin button can be activated and deactivated during combat. The auto-spin feature is disabled after the 15 Victory Points required to unlock the wagon or complete a Seasonal Path or Rank stage are achieved.

Auto-spin tokens. The Autospin token barrel gives players autospin tokens when empty and can hold up to 50 autospin tokens. When a player empties the reel, the auto spin tokens in it begin to gradually regenerate. Autospin tokens can also be purchased at the in-game shop for crystals.

Experience and bonus experience. Experience can be obtained as a reward for each victory in battle. Experience cannot be gained for draws, defeats, or refusal to fight. Experience is used to develop the player’s profile and allows you to gain new ranks, as well as advance along the seasonal path. Bonus experience is a reserve experience that the player receives from the bonus experience cauldron and can be bought in the shop for crystals.

After winning, some of the bonus experience is converted into additional experience and gives players additional game progress. The Bonus XP Cauldron in the Camp tab fills up with Bonus XP gradually, and the player can empty it to collect that Bonus XP. After that, the cauldron starts accumulating bonus experience again.

Crystals and sets of crystals. Crystals are the premium currency in Battle Legion. They can be exchanged for bonus rank points, skill return scrolls, gold, carts and offers in the "Offers" section of the shop. Offerings may include item packs, special skins, battlegrounds, portraits, and other cosmetic items. For real money, you can purchase packs of crystals, which contain a certain amount of crystals.

Emerald. Emerald is a currency for purchasing cosmetics, which can be obtained as a reward in different wagons or on a seasonal path. Emeralds can be used to open wardrobes and other rewards in the Cosmetics section of the in-game shop.

Carts and Victory Points. Carts are containers that players can open to receive rewards. In carts, depending on their type, the player can find random fragments of units, emeralds and gold. In the in-game shop, you can find different types of wagons that can be bought with crystals and also opened as a daily reward. Carts are also included in many packages as a reward. Tent carriages can be found under the "Battle" tab in the player’s camp. You have three slots for tents, in which small, medium (unlocked upon reaching rank 2), and large (unlocked upon reaching rank 6) wagons spawn randomly.

Once the bivouac wagon is opened, the wagon slot remains empty until the player has earned 15 victory points to earn the wagon. After that, the wagon can be opened. You will have to wait to open the wagon. Upon reaching rank 12 or higher, small carts take 4 hours to open, medium carts 8 hours, and large carts 12 hours. Players can use the crystals to skip the waiting period at any time and open the bivvy carriage immediately.

Players can also earn Seasonal Wagons as seasonal rewards along the Seasonal Trail and Bivy Wagons as Seasonal Trail rewards. For most types of wagons, their contents depend on the player’s rank. The number of resources and fragments of units in rewards depends on the rank of the player.

Battle Legion: Applying Artifacts

What are artifacts? Artifacts are an improvement system that allows commanders to strengthen their army. By placing an artifact in the appropriate slot, the commander can completely change the principles of the functioning of his army, give the units additional strength, or change the mode of action of individual game mechanics or units. Artifacts come in different rarity: common, rare, and mythical. Only one common, one rare, and one mythical artifact can be used at a time.

You can place an artifact only in the slot for artifacts of the corresponding rarity. Artifacts can be obtained in raids. They cannot be purchased or rewarded in other game modes. After receiving an artifact, you can find it on the "Artifacts" tab in the army editor. Here, commanders will be able to improve and strengthen artifacts.

Fragments of artifacts. Artifact Fragments are resources that are used to improve them. There are three types of fragments: blue, green, and red. Fragments of artifacts are given as a reward for clan raids. Depending on the difficulty of the raid, you can get common, rare or mythical artifacts:

Artifact levels. Artifact levels can also be increased using Artifact Fragments. When the commander increases the level of an artifact, the value of one parameter of the primary effect of the artifact increases. There are 10 artifact levels for each artifact ascension level. To carry out the ascension of an artifact, its level must be increased to the maximum. To increase the level of each artifact, fragments of a certain type are required - blue, green or red.

Artifact slots. There are three slots, one for each rarity level. A player can use only one artifact of the corresponding rarity level at a time.

Slot for artifactsRarityUnlock rank

Primary effects. The primary effect of the artifact applies to the entire army of the commander. But sometimes artifacts have a narrower effect that affects certain types of attacks, unit states or individual factions. All primary effects of artifacts cover two parameters, which are individually improved depending on the class of the artifact and its level.

Secondary effects and artifact enhancement. If an artifact has undergone ascension at least once, it can be enhanced. To do this, you will have to spend artifact fragments and gold. When an artifact is amplified, it will receive a secondary effect with random parameters. Strengthening can be done over and over again - this will require new costs of artifact fragments and gold. If the commander conducts a boost, he can leave the old boost parameters or apply new ones. To unlock new power slots, you need to increase the level of Ascension of the artifact.

Ascension of the artifact. Having a duplicate artifact, you can carry out its ascension if its level is maximum. As an artifact is ascended, its ascension level increases. With the level of ascension, the characteristics of the primary effect of the artifact also grow. In addition, ascension unlocks new amplification cells.

Types of artifacts

1. Primal War Horn. For each friendly unit that exceeds X, your entire army gains a buff + Y% to attack power.

2. The standard of the ancient defender. When your squad is in their half of the battlefield, they take X% less damage from ranged attacks, and their range of fire is increased by Y. Settings:

3. Eye of the Enchanter. Increases Mind Control activation speed for your units by X% and its duration by Y%. Settings:

3. Cauldron of the Plaguebringer. Plague is increased by X%, spreads and deals damage Y% more often. Settings:

4. Shield of the Phoenix. Burn damage is increased by X% of maximum health over the duration of exposure and lasts Y% longer. Settings:

5. Claw of the frost dragon. Freezing enemy units lasts X% longer, and the corresponding bonus damage is increased by Y%. Settings:

6. The toe of a giant troll. When you have less than X units left, their attack power and maximum health are increased by Y%. Settings:

7. Arcane hammer of restoration. When a friendly unit is destroyed, it has an X% chance to recover with Y% of its maximum health. Settings:

8. Amulet of the Panther Queen. When the health of your Nature units falls below X%, their attack and movement speed is increased by Y%. Settings:

9. Skull of the lord of the dead. Every time your chaos squad dies or kills an enemy squad, there is an X% chance to summon a new skeleton, without consuming the corpse. This skeleton has Y% more attack and maximum health than regular skeletons. Settings:

10. Crown of the Bearer of Light. Every X seconds, a wave of light sweeps across the battlefield, restoring all your units to the order of Y% of their maximum health and removing all conditions from them. Gains:

11. Spear of Cataclysm. Every X seconds, a meteorite falls onto the battlefield. His blow burns enemies and deals damage equal to Y% of their maximum health to each enemy hit. Settings:

12. Dark soul of the Devourer . In case of death of your units (X pieces), the Devourer calls to your aid. The level of the Devourers is equal to the average level of your dead units + Y lvl. Settings:

13. Suspension of eternal winter. 20 seconds after the start of the battle, a blizzard begins on the battlefield. All enemy units have an X% chance of being frozen for Y seconds every second. Settings:

Battle Legion: Clan Activities

Clans are communities of players created in Battle Legion. At the moment, one clan can consist of no more than 20 players. Commanders can create their own clans or join aliens. To do this, you need to click on the icon with the emblem in the lower left part of the camp or battle menu.

Clan functions. Clans have the following functions:

Roles of clan members. In Battle Legion clans, there are four clan roles on which access to clan functions and clan management depends. These roles are: Leader, Co-Ruler, Elder, and Participant. Role privileges:

Clan creation and management. Clan creation costs 250 crystals. To create a clan, the commander must reach rank 6. During the process of creating a clan, the player must choose the following parameters:

After creating a clan, these attributes can be changed (crystals will have to be spent to change the name or code of the clan). You can also change the clan description in the edit menu. This is useful for recruiting new members.

Battle Legion: Clan Raids Walkthrough

What are clan raids? In clan raids, clans fight a powerful boss and hordes of enemies in the Abyss. Each raid boss has unique abilities, immunities, accompanying minions, and conditions for victory. The commanders must destroy the boss in the time allotted for the battle. The raid boss has 100 lives. Each time a clan member wins, the boss loses one life and his heart becomes weaker.

When the boss has 0 life remaining, his heart is destroyed and the participating clan wins the clan raid. Players can continue to attack the raid boss to improve the top 10 raids and their place in the clan rankings, even if the raid boss has lost all lives. When the allotted time for a clan raid expires, commanders receive a reward proportional to their contribution to the victory over the raid boss. Each boss is available for 48 hours. 24 hours after their expiration, a new boss appears.

The star rating reflects the difficulty level of the bosses. The simplest bosses have a rating of 1 star, and the most difficult ones have a rating of 10 stars.

How to quickly defeat bosses? In each raid, clan members face one of three bosses, each with weak points:

Rating. After the end of the raid, the clans are assigned a raider rating. Clans can increase their raider rating by winning clan raider battles. The clan raid rating allows clans to develop by participating in more difficult raids and receiving more valuable rewards for this.

Portal Keys. Clan raids take place in the Abyss, which can be reached through portals. With their help, commanders teleport their troops to fight the raid boss and his minions. Players receive one portal key every four hours. You cannot have more than three keys at once. Given the period between Clan Raids, players will always have three Portal Keys at their disposal to engage in combat. Players can also purchase premium portal keys from the in-game store.

Star ratings. Each boss has a Star Rating (SR). There are currently 10 different SRs, of which SR1 is the simplest and SR10 is the most difficult. The star rating is based on your clan’s overall raid score. The higher the star rating, the stronger and more numerous the enemy squad. Clan Raid Points, Corresponding SR Level and Enemy Troops:

Artifacts. Artifacts are powerful relics that commanders can use to strengthen their armies. Raids are the only way to get artifact shards.

Raid elixirs. Elixirs allow commanders to temporarily strengthen their army in order to fight the powerful denizens of the Abyss in raids. Elixirs can be bought at the in-game store or received as a reward from raid chests. Commanders can use up to three elixirs at the same time, but you cannot take the same elixirs with you into battle.

Elixirs are stored in stacks. At the beginning of a raid battle, one elixir from the used stack is consumed. When the commander runs out of elixir, the corresponding cell is automatically emptied. Elixirs can be removed from the slots or replaced with others at will. When removing or replacing an elixir, it is not destroyed or consumed.

Modifiers. Each boss has 1 or more modifiers. The number of modifiers depends on the boss’s SR. Modifiers strengthen the boss and his units. Examples of modifiers:

Awards and leaderboards. When you damage the boss, the damage done during your top 10 attacks is recorded and added to your daily damage. The damage rating leaderboard is updated with each new boss and has several levels. Starting with SR5, you can get shards of rare artifacts, and on SR8 and higher, you can get shards of mythical artifacts. Rewards are issued at the end of a 24 hour period. If the boss’s overall health has not been reset by this point, the rewards received will be reduced by a level. For example, if the clan did not defeat the 3rd level boss, the members will receive the 2nd level rewards.

Battle Legion: Quest Completion

Tasks. Completing quests is a great way for new players to earn gold and other resources. Every player is offered a variety of missions from the start, from eliminating enemy commanders to joining the Battle Legion communities on Discord and Facebook page. To see the available missions and the prerequisites for completing them, go to the missions section next to the in-game news section in the lower left corner. Most of the tasks related to the passage of the game have many levels, for the achievement of each of which you will receive unique rewards.

Zones and sections of tasks. The Battle Legion Quest Zone can be found on the lower left side of the menu in the player’s camp, between the clan and news icons. Here players can view the available missions and their progress in completing them. The tasks are divided into four sections: Travel, Challenges, Events and Social Networks.

Elite Era Title Mission (Elite Commander). The Elite Era title quest (unique to each era) can be found under the Quest under the Events menu. To earn an Elite Era Title, a Commander must reach the Top Ranking, First Rank, in the second week of one of the seasons of the era. Elite Era Title can be upgraded with a unique color and border, ranking first in multiple seasons of the era. Such a title will look much more prestigious for each additional season.

Battle Legion: A Beginner’s Guide

What is Battle Legion? What is this game all about? If you are looking for strategic mass battles, you’ve found them! In Battle Legion, you will play the role of an ambitious commander, and as your rank grows in endless battles, so will your legion. Build your own army from dozens of unique squads from classic melee warriors to skilled wizards, dark age machines and mythical creatures. Train your squads in the right skills and place them according to your best strategy, then sit back and watch as they destroy the enemy hordes! Battle Legion is available for mobile devices on Android and iOS platforms.

Learning Mode Completed - What’s Next? The answer is simple: rush headlong into battle! The best way to build a strong army, gain a lot of experience and explore different strategy options is to simply play more and, if possible, watch the battles in real time. It doesn’t hurt to take a look at the assignments tab. Many of them are designed to help new players get more gold and other resources. Finally, the official player communities on social media are constantly expanding! Join them on Facebook and Discord to get useful information from experienced players and provide feedback for developers.

Where can I get the game? Where can I download Battle Legion? Battle Legion is available in most countries. Go to the Apple App Store or Google Play and check for availability. If your device is marked as incompatible or you cannot find the game in the official store on your device, please note that the game does not support rooted devices or emulated / virtual environments.

How do units created by another unit work? In Battle Legion, some squads can create other squads using different abilities. These units include the Spider’s Nest, War Wagon, Death Knight, Blessed Bombot, and Earth Elemental. In this article, the initial units are referred to as "parent" units, and the created units are referred to as "descendants." Power stones used on a parent unit only affect that unit. Descendants do not receive or inherit the effects of Power Stones.

The only exception is Blessed Bombot: Units resurrected by him retain the effects of their Power Stones, but not Bombot Stones.

If the enemy controls the mind of the parent squad, in other words, it has become purple and temporarily acts in the interests of the enemy, all descendants that appear in it take over the state in which the parent squad was when they appeared. For example, if the mind of an earth elemental was under the control of an enemy when he was defeated, his offspring will constantly side with the opponent. Another example: all spiders that emerge from a spider’s nest, whose mind is under the control of the enemy, turn into enemy spiders.

What are contractions? Skirmishes are seasonal events. They start on the 4th day of each season and end on the 11th day. During the battles, you must fight against one of three armies daily. The armies you will fight with differ for each rank. Between the waves, your army is fully restored. The enemies also remain the same, so you can determine the best army to win in all three waves.

You have an unlimited number of attempts to complete the fights. However, if one day you miss or fail, you can reopen the event with gems.

I won, but lost in the ranking, how is this possible? In Battle Legion, your active troops are constantly matched against other players while you are online, and the match can happen in the background while the players are in active combat. In rare cases, when the commanders were matched with opponents while they were in an active game, the overall rating may change after the end of the battle, even if it was won.

This does not mean that players lose rating when defeating an opponent, but rather that their troops have lost more rating in background battles than they earned for winning. The same applies vice versa, i.e. sometimes the overall rating can increase after a defeat. After the commanders reach the last stage in the ranking, opponents will be selected for their troops, even if they are not in an active game. This can lead to a passive loss or increase in rating when the commanders are not online.

My stones of power disappeared, what happened? Power stones are tied to a specific era (eras last 56 days or 4 seasons). If you look at any power stone in your inventory, you can see when it expires.

Unit X is too strong and Unit Y is too weak! In Battle Legion, game balance is constantly being worked on. The performance of units and players, as well as the specific data of the armies, are regularly analyzed, and the developers make changes when necessary. Sometimes a certain squad may seem too weak or too strong, but, most likely, this has already been taken into account, and the game has a solution to correct the "imbalance".

I opened a wagon, wardrobe, or reward chest, but I still haven’t received any items! Carts, wardrobes and all the contents of the reward chests are processed on the server side. This means that even if the Battle Legion app crashes or closes, or if you lose connectivity when receiving a wagon or other reward, you will either receive the reward from the wagon, or the wagon can still be opened after restarting the app.

Battle Legion: Bounty Hunting Guide

Contracts and awards. The bounty hunt lasts 2 seasons. During this permanent event, visit the cities (there are 4 in total) and sign contracts in them. Each completed contract gives a certain amount of experience, which can vary from 10 to 40. Experience is required to complete all tasks in one city and move to the next. For a completed contract, you receive rewards: gold, bonus experience, gems or eternity. Completing all contracts within the same city gives a bonus reward.

How to fulfill contracts in all cities? To complete contracts in all 4 cities and receive all the rewards, you will need approximately 2000 experience. There are 3 slots for contracts. After completing a contract, you will have an 8-hour cooldown period before you can proceed with the next contract.

Watch ads or use gems to reset the 8-hour recharge timer. Contracts can also be changed by watching ads or using gems.

What kind of contracts are there? Examples of contracts in Bounty Hunting:

Some contracts will be considered completed until the end of the battle. In this case, you can leave early and surrender in order to save time.

Battle Legion: All the ways to customize the game

Skins. Skins are used to change the appearance of units so that they look completely different on the battlefield. Skins can be obtained from Wardrobes, which can be purchased at the in-game store for emeralds. If a player gets a skin that he already has, he will receive a small amount of emeralds instead of a skin. Skins can also be included in offers or rewards in the Seasonal Premium Path.

Several skins are available for each squad. To use a skin, tap the squad you want to change and select the "Skins" section. In this section, just select the skin you want to use. The selected skin is applied to the selected army. If you have multiple armies, you can use a separate one.

Appearance, battlefields, titles, flag backgrounds and portraits. In the "Appearance" section of your army tab, you can change the appearance of your profile. The Battlegrounds section allows players to choose any battlefield you have as their active battlefield. Players can also choose from this section the background for the flag, titles and a portrait for their profile. For each customization option, the player must have a matching item in order to select it.

Cosmetic changes can be obtained for emeralds from the wardrobe in the Cosmetics section of the in-game shop and as a reward for the Premium Battle Pass. Titles can only be earned by completing assignments.

Battle Legion: Shopping & Play Store

What can you buy at the in-game store? For real money, you can purchase packs of crystals, which contain a certain amount of crystals. Crystals are the premium currency in Battle Legion. The Offers section of the in-game shop features a variety of merchandise offerings, including carts, squad shards, cosmetics, and resources. The Premium Battle Pass can also be purchased from the Offers section of the Shop. It offers unique benefits after completing the Seasonal Path. These offers can be purchased for real money.

For crystals, you can buy carts that contain fragments of units and stones of power, depending on the era, with which you can improve your units. Bonus experience, auto-spin tokens, emeralds and gold can also be purchased for crystals in the Resources section of the inset. In the "Cosmetics" section of the shop, you can buy wardrobes for emeralds. They contain various cosmetic items such as portraits, skins, and battlefields.

During the game, with active rotation, players can come across the royal weight. The Royal Cargo contains several different items. Some cargo can be obtained for free, to get others you need to watch ads, and for some royal cargo you will have to pay with crystals or real money.

Where can I buy the Battle Pass and what does it include? The Battle Pass is a seasonal player progression system in Battle Legion that offers two paths: free and premium. The Battle Pass gives players Emeralds, Power Gems, Crystals, Gold, and Squad Shards. The Premium Battle Pass offers unique rewards such as cosmetic items or wagons, and offers the player a large amount of money and higher rewards compared to the free Battle Pass. The Battle Pass implies that players must complete a Seasonal Path to receive the reward.

Seasonal route. The Seasonal Path offers players a number of actions to complete, for each of which players receive a unique reward on both the Free and Premium Paths. Progress is made by gaining experience, which commanders gain when they win battles. Players can purchase and use bonus experience to speed up the passage. With each victory, players will receive additional experience if they have bonus experience. Battle Pass rewards are unique to each season.

Purchasing a Premium Battle Pass gives players access to the current Season’s Premium Battle Pass. This pass must be purchased every season. The Premium Battle Pass offers unique rewards as well as excellent value for money if completed.

How do I keep and protect my account? When you start playing Battle Legion, your game is automatically linked to Google Play or iCloud if you use one of these accounts. The app will ask for permission to use accounts the first time it is launched. If you agree and grant the app the appropriate permissions, all profiles created in the game will be automatically saved to your iCloud or Google Play account. You can create multiple profiles on the same Google Play or iCloud account.

If you do not use any of these accounts, your account and profile information is stored only on your device and is not stored in the cloud. Any information stored exclusively on a device cannot be recovered if you have lost access to this device or deleted data from it.

Deleting an account. The account can be removed using the Change Profile button in the settings menu. By clicking on another profile, you can:

  1. "Confirm" the change to the specified profile;
  2. Select "Back" to cancel the transition to another profile and return to the previous menu;
  3. Click "Delete" to remove the selected account from your device. After that, a dialog box will appear to confirm the action. If you choose "Yes", the account will be permanently deleted.
As of now, the link to Facebook is not unlinked when the account is deleted. Remote accounts act as local, unbound accounts. Such accounts cannot be recovered.

Article author: Nadezhda D.