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BATTLE OF WARPLANES - Android game with release date 12/29/2015 from Extreme Developers. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Garage and their proper pumping
  3. Fighting Right
  4. Menus and Unobvious Settings
  5. Problems in the game

Battle of Warplanes: Beginner’s Guide

How to get gold and silver? There are the following methods:

  1. You get game currency for destroyed equipment. The higher the level of the enemy, the greater the reward.
  2. You can win gold and silver for participating in the weekly tournament.
  3. You can win gold and silver for participating in contests in the official groups of the game in social networks.
  4. Collect gold and silver during the battle.
  5. Buy.

What are the daily rewards in the game? Come and get prizes 30 days in a row to win the best. Once a day you can get a reward, for this you need to conduct one battle. Each day the reward is different, and it depends on which day you enter the game.

If you miss a day, then the reward is issued for a maximum of 29 days. If you miss two days, then the reward is issued for a maximum of 28, etc. If you miss a day, then the award begins on the first day.

When does the tournament reward come in? Tournament rewards are awarded on Monday throughout the day.

How is gold accrued in teams? Gold is credited automatically to the treasury of the team. Next, the captain distributes the gold among the team members on his own.

I won the tournament, joined the team, but did not receive the award. When you join a team or create a team, the results of your personal weekly tournament are canceled (even if you have not yet received a reward). Therefore, join the team only after receiving all the awards for the previous tournament.

Why is my personal rating not growing? You cannot participate in two tournaments at the same time. If you join a team, you drop out of a personal tournament and, accordingly, earn points for the team.

Why is my overall personal rating / overall rating of my team decreasing? Your rating (team and overall) is updated every day and displays your activity over the past thirty days. If it has decreased, then the last 30 days you have been less active.

Why are opponents so light? Why are opponents so complicated? Selection of rivals involved in a special program - a balancer. She picks you opponents given the many gaming parameters.

Does not show Avatar / I want to change the Avatar. You can set an avatar only from a social network. To do this, you need to bind social. network to your account in the game. Separately set the avatar is impossible.

I defeated 25 opponents per battle, and in statistics shows 5 per round. The statistics include the number of opponents destroyed in one round. For example: in a battle you died 5 times. For each round you defeated 5 players. 5 opponents (the largest number) will be recorded in the statistics, but 25 will be indicated in the final table.

I left the team and can’t join another? When you exit the team, you can’t enter another one within 14 days.

Is the game paid? No, the installation of the game is absolutely free. The game has the ability to make in-game purchases.

Battle of Warplanes: Garage and their proper pumping

Garage. Here you can buy equipment or compare their characteristics.

  1. Aircraft characteristics;
  2. Aircraft for purchase;
  3. Buy button.

Leveling. To become stronger - upgrade your equipment by buying modules.

Each module has several levels of pumping. After purchasing the module, the module is delivered:

Delivery takes a certain time, the higher the level of the module, the longer the delivery.

Camouflage and drawings. Use pictures and camouflage to defeat the enemy.

You will not only change the appearance of the aircraft, but also temporarily increase the characteristics:

Different stickers and camouflage give different additions to the characteristics.

Combine patterns and camouflage with an airplane and become invincible.

Battle of Warplanes: Fighting Right

Battle mode and map selection. Numerical designations:

  1. Mortal Kombat (Arena mode. One against all);
  2. Team battle (Destroy the enemy team with allies;
  3. The number of players currently on this card;
  4. Fuel (The amount of fuel needed to enter the battle on the current map).

Ammunition. The game has items that will help you win the battle:

Purchase / installation of ammunition:

Numerical designations:

  1. Amount of purchased ammunition;
  2. Ammunition installed.
  3. Amount and price of ammunition to purchase.

To take the necessary ammunition into the battle, click on it, it will be ticked off - this means the ammunition can be used in the next battle.

Kits. Also in the game there are kits already with a ready-made set of ammunition.

Battle screen. Presented below:

  1. Name and current player experience;
  2. Active quest;
  3. Options.
  4. Command window;
  5. Aircraft strength level;
  6. Recharge speed;
  7. Battle time;
  8. Player funds.
  9. Minimap;
  10. Ammunition.

Screen of death:

  1. With increased damage;
  2. Instantly enter the battle and do not wait for the recovery time;
  3. With reduced recharge time.

Command Window To communicate with allies during the battle, you will need a "command window". If necessary, you can quickly, give a command to the allies, which dramatically increases your chances of winning the battle.

Options When you are in battle, you can change the game settings at any time:

  1. Adjust the volume of music in the game;
  2. Adjust the overall volume;
  3. Enable / Disable speech in the game;
  4. Enable / Disable vertical invert.

Battle of Warplanes: Menus and Unobvious Settings

Main menu. Digital designations:

  1. Settings.
  2. Fuel (necessary to enter the battle);
  3. Player Information and Level;
  4. The amount of experience earned;
  5. Gold / Silver / Shop;
  6. Garage;
  7. Leveling;
  8. Camouflage;
  9. Picture;
  10. Button to enter the battle.


Premium account. When you purchase a premium account, you get:

Basic settings. In this menu you will find the main characteristics of the profile (game data). Also how to go to the bindings section or change the server.

  1. Your name in the game (can be changed for 50 gold);
  2. Switch language;
  3. Your ID and server;
  4. Change server;
  5. You can link your account (Email, Vkontakte, Classmates, Facebook);
  6. Go to your personal account.

Game settings. Here you can change the controls: adjust the keyboard and change the sensitivity of the buttons.

Notification settings. Notifications are designed to keep you up to date:

Graphic arts. For a comfortable game, you can choose the quality of the graphics that best suits your device.

Battle of Warplanes: Problems in the game

I lost my account! There are several recovery options.

  1. Recovery using binding (VKontakte, Facebook, Classmates, mail). Remember if the profile was connected to social networks. In the settings, select the "Binding" section and enter your data.
  2. Recovery using technical support. Write them the data: lost profile (game name, level, ID number) and new profile (game name, level, ID number).

I made a purchase, but I do not see any changes in my account. Please note that charging may take some time. However, if more than a day has passed since the payment was made, you need to contact technical support. Please indicate in the letter:

  1. Game name, level, ID number (can be viewed in the game settings);
  2. Attach a screenshot of the receipt to the letter, where the transaction number is indicated (you can always find it in the payment history);
  3. If you made a purchase on a stock, be sure to write about it;
  4. Indicate the exact time when you made the purchase.

The game crashes. Slows down. Disconnected. Try cleaning the RAM. Turn off background apps on your device. Change the graphics quality in the settings to a lower one. If the problem remains, then write to those. support. Be sure to specify:

  1. Game name, level, ID number (can be viewed in the game settings)
  2. The name of the device you are playing from (full model name). For PC - the amount of RAM.
  3. Type of Internet connection (for example: WiFi, 3G, 4G).
  4. How often does this happen and on which technique?

Advertising. Each player chooses exactly how to help the development of the game. Advertising can be turned off for a certain period by making any payment in the in-game store.

I got into the ban. If you are in a ban, then there is a reason for this, because those. Support carefully checks all complaints of players and sees all actions, including Do you use third-party programs. A ban can be imposed on all players, regardless of status. If you want to challenge Ban, then you can contact the official group of the game.

Incorrect player behavior. If you see that the player is behaving incorrectly in the chat, insults or provokes other players, you can file a complaint against him in the official group of the game.

Bonuses do not appear. Bonuses on the map appear over time. Please note that different types of bonuses may appear in the same places.

Bonuses do not count. This can happen when connection problems occur. Check your internet connection.

Another region or region Unknown is displayed. The provider is responsible for your location. Developers do not have their own definition mechanism. The region is determined according to the data that the Internet provider sends. The correct display of the region - depends on the carrier. If you see another region or region Unknown in the information of your profile - contact those. support.

Does not show avatar / I want to change the avatar. You can set an avatar only from a social network. To do this, you need to bind social. network to your account in the game. Separately set the avatar is impossible.

How to transfer a profile from one device to another? You can link your game account to social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook). In the future, you can restore or transfer your profile to any device. To do this, go to the settings, tab "General", item "Binding". Next, enter the data of your social profile. network and you can log in to your account.

Article author: Nadezhda D.