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Walkthrough Battlejack Blackjack RPG: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BATTLEJACK: BLACK JACK RPG - Android game with release date 08/17/2017 from the company Grand Cru.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Hero & Squad Development
  2. Guide to the battle in the dungeon
  3. Guilds & Friends
  4. Events and Quests
  5. Titan
  6. The Dark Maze
  7. Other

Battlejack: Hero & Squad Development

How to improve the heroes?

If you want to progress in Battlejack, it is very important that the level of your heroes is constantly growing. You absolutely need heroes with the best parameters to defeat Chaos. Upgrade the heroes from your collection by revealing a hero card. Click Improve and select the hero you want to merge with the one you are improving.

The heroes you merge are sacrificed and disappear from your collection of heroes, so donít sacrifice everyone. Do it wisely - do not merge the Legendary level hero card into Khryapa, unless you are absolutely sure what you are doing! In fact, this will never be a sensible act.

Each hero card has a maximum level that can be reached before developing it further. The maximum level of the Fire Troll Elder is 10. After you have poured enough cards into your Fire Troll Elder, you can develop it to the next level. Improvement requires gold. If you run out of gold, you can get more by opening chests or selling heroes from your collection.

There are special ghostly heroes who give much more experience when you merge them into another hero. They will instantly raise the level of your heroes. A special event is held weekly with the capture of these ghosts.Alternatively, you can join the guild and ask your guild mates to help you level up your characters. Make a request for a merger, and guild associates will be able to donate victims who will help raise the level of your hero. Do not forget to pay them back with the same coin and, when they need your help, sacrifice your heroesí comrades.

How do I develop my hero?

When your hero reaches the maximum level, it is time to develop it to the next form. All heroes need materials and sacrifices before they can be developed. You will find the necessary materials in the dungeons of Midgard.Especially for collecting materials, there are also event dungeons. For the sacrifice, you will need heroes with the same number of stars as the one you are developing.

You will also need a certain amount of gold to develop a hero. Suppose you already have enough gold and materials to develop your character - whatís next? When you develop your hero, his size increases. This may cause you problems. Suppose that the maximum size of your squad is 15, your size is now 14, and you want to develop a hero from size 2 to 4. The development of your hero will immediately throw him out of your squad, delaying your progress.

Make sure that there is enough space for your developed hero in your squad before you take the next step and develop it! You can increase the size of the squad by increasing your player rank.

How to use the skills of the hero?

Heroes can have three types of skills. Skill, combined skill and leader skill. Skills and combined skills are gradually restored after each attack you carry out. If you have a bust or none of your heroes is attacking, since there are no cards with the elements present in your squad on your hands, the skill will not be charged this turn.Use skills by tapping the heroís card during the battle and tapping skills when fully charged.

If your enemy is frozen, silent or stunned by the enemy, the hero will not be able to use his skill until the effect is removed and the hero is again free. Activating combined skills requires two or even three heroes. A combined skill is available if your unit has both heroes needed to activate this skill. If the heroes who can use the combined skill have a different recovery time, if one of the heroes is more developed than the other, then you will need to wait until the combined skill is fully charged before you can use it.

If any of the heroes who can use the combined skill is frozen, silent, or stunned, the combined skill will not be available, since both heroes are needed for it. Leader skills are passive skills that do not need to be charged or activated during the battle. Leaderís skills, depending on what kind of skill this is, improve your parameters or activate each time you type 21. The leaderís skill is activated if this hero is the leader of your squad.

The first hero on the left is the leader of your squad. When you use a friend as reinforcement in story mode, in addition to your own leader skill, the leader skill (or "friend skill") of the hero of the reinforcement is available. If reinforcement is not received from a friend, then the friendís skill will not be active. When you fight with a titan, and the hero of a guild ally is used as reinforcement, his friendís skill is active, even if he is not one of your friends.

Runes and how to use them

Binding runes to the hero increases the parameters of the hero. Runes increase various parameters depending on what kind of rune it is. Runes also make up sets. The symbol and name on the rune will tell you about which set it belongs to. If you have collected and attached a full set of runes to the hero, this will give an additional strengthening of the parameters. One rune will not give a set bonus. To get this bonus, a full set is required. You get runes by unlocking the chests you find while completing the story dungeons.

Each chapter of the plot gives runes from different sets and different qualities, so you can choose which set you want to receive. In Battlejack you need to level up your runes. At first, you can use gold to increase the rune, but when your rune becomes more developed, you will need gold and rune fragments to increase it. In addition, there is an element of randomness, and the increase in the rune is not always successful, sometimes the level remains the same. Do not give up. Do not forget that some runes that you do not want to use can always be dismantled to get fragments of runes.

Bind or not bind runes? Suppose that in the dungeons you are receiving serious damage and you want the treatment to be better. You can tie the runes of recovery and health to the hero - this will increase the overall recovery of your teamís HP when passing through various rooms of the dungeon.

Pay serious attention to the parameters of your heroes - bind the runes of life, which increase recovery, and the runes of health to your healer. Thus, you will get the best result when restoring health and healing during the battle. Runes of attack and armor-piercing are best tied to their most militant heroes.

Skill scroll

You can use your skill scrolls to improve the specific skill your hero card has. At the same time, the parameters of the skill increase or the recovery time of the skill is reduced. The color of the desired scroll matches the color of the hero. The better the skill, the more rare the scroll is needed to improve. For example, suppose you have a blue skill scroll and you have Henry in the collection.

Henryís individual skill is Tsunami, and his combo skill (triggered in combination with another hero card that must be in the squad or be selected as reinforcements before entering the dungeon) is Water Transformation.When you select Heinrich from your collection, you can click on the Skills tab and spend your skill scroll to increase this characterís Tsunami skill. This will increase the damage that the skill inflicts, as well as reduce the recovery of the skill (the time it takes for the skill to recharge).

When improving a combo skill, remember that both heroes have different recovery, so you need to improve the skill for both so that it is active after several turns in the battle. Leaderís skills - passive amplification of the parameters of your squad. Some leadership skills are reinforced in your squad by heroes who belong to the same element and share a common trait. Some leader skills are activated when you type 21. Leader skills cannot be improved with scrolls.

How to get more heroes?

You can call the heroes in the store, capture them in the dungeons or get in the chests. A rare call gives you heroes with three or even six stars. The larger the number of stars, the less often the hero. Every day there is an increased chance to get a hero, which is marked in the store. For a rare appeal, gems are required that you can earn by completing quests, or buy in a store.

A call of honor will give you a random hero from one to three stars or a ghostly hero or development material from one to five stars. Honoring requires honor, which can be obtained from friends. Heroes can also be obtained in plot mode. Every time you defeat the enemy, there is a chance that he will be captured. The more stars he has, the less likely he is to capture a hero. You can capture only one enemy in each room, so you might want to first target the enemy you want to capture in order to have the best chance of getting it.

You must complete the entire dungeon to get the heroes you captured in this dungeon. If you die in the dungeon, you will not capture a single hero. Sometimes you get heroes from chests too, but heroes with a lot of stars are very rare there. Chests can be obtained by going through dungeons, in case you have free cells for chests, or buy them in the store for gems.

What is squad size?

The size of the unit depends on your rank. The size of the squad limits how strong the characters in your squad can be. Each character has a size. The stronger the hero, the larger his size. To accommodate the heroes, the maximum size of the squad should not be less than the total size of the heroes. If you choose one very large hero, you may not be able to place the remaining heroes in your squad. But do not forget that many smaller heroes together are often stronger than one very large hero.

You are better off picking four smaller heroes that fit into your squad, and saving the big hero until the size of your squad increases. Also note that heroes with a large number of stars have a larger size, so as a result of the development of the hero it may happen that he will no longer fit into the squad. Although from the point of view of strategy you will always want to raise the level and develop your heroes, it may turn out that you decide to keep developing so that it doesnít turn out that the hero is no longer placed in the squad.

You will be able to include heroes of larger size and strength in your squad when you reach a higher rank, so continue to gain experience!

Battlejack: Guide to the battle in the dungeon

Why did the boss turn out to be so strong?

Did you meet a boss you canít defeat? It may be worth changing your tactics to defeat a specific opponent. Here are some suggestions:

1. Make your heroes stronger. Usually, if the boss is too difficult an opponent, the best answer is to develop your squad by re-passing the previous dungeons and, possibly, capturing several heroes with special skills that are especially good against this boss.

2. Enemies with a high defense value. Enemies like Skeleton or CXR in the Royal Palace can be difficult to defeat. You can see that most of their health scales are grayed out, which means defense. Damaging such enemies is difficult, and you will need something special to break through their armor. You will need the heroís armor-piercing skills that can reduce the defense, or armor-piercing runes, which can be obtained in the chests in chapter 6. In addition, the skills that burn enemies, poison or damage them can cause damage, despite their armor .

3. Enemies who cause burns, poison or damage. In chests, you can find potions that heal these effects, or use a hero whose leader skill makes you immune to effects like burns.

4. When should healing heroes be used? If youíre stuck and havenít yet used the heroís healing skills, thatís probably what will help you survive in the dungeon. But healer heroes do less harm than other heroes, so if you have already tried healing and this didnít help, maybe you should try heroes who have better attack skills. The best way to get more tips and tricks is to join the guild and ask your associates to tell you how to defeat a particular boss.

Potion use

General information. When you enter the dungeon, you have three potion slots. By clicking on the potion cell, your potions inventory opens and you can see which potions you have. Choose the type of potion you want to take with you to the dungeon. Some potions, such as healing potions, can be placed one at a time in a cell, and some others, such as water potions, can be placed three in a cell. You can select a potion only once, so you cannot put two potions of the same type in two different cells.

In the dungeon, you will be able to use potions at the beginning of your turn, before you start drawing cards.Select the potion you want to use by clicking on it. If this potion affects only one hero, such as the Heat Potion, which removes freezing, you must click on the hero who will take this potion. If the potion cannot be used, for example, if you try to use the healing potion when your health is already at maximum, or you try to remove the poison when you are not poisoned, the potion will not be spent. Potions can be obtained from chests.

Poison. Several moves will work and reduce your health with each move. It can be dealt with using an Antidote potion or using skills that remove poisoning. Usually poisoning is done by monsters with an element of the Earth.

Burn. Several moves will act and reduce your health with each move. You can deal with it with the Potion of Water or by using skills that remove poisoning. Many monsters with the element of Fire inflict burns, so beware of this in the fiery chapters.

Spoilage. It is somewhat different from poisoning and burns. Damage will take effect for several moves, but will only cause health damage in the last turn. So itís better to cure it with the Purge potion or using a skill that removes damage until it deals damage. Some monsters with an element of Darkness cause damage, so be prepared for this when entering the dungeons of Darkness.

Freezing and Silence. Your hero may be Frozen by some enemies with an element of water. Freezing will take several moves, and while your hero is Frozen, he cannot attack or use skills. Freeze can be cured with Heat Potion. When silence is imposed on your hero, he can attack, but cannot use his skills. Silence lasts for several moves. Silence is often imposed by enemies with an element of Darkness. Silence can be removed using the Enchanted Water potion.

Stun. When the enemy stuns you, the action applies to all heroes with one element and continues for several moves. Stunned heroes cannot attack or use skills. You can remove Stun with the Stimulator potion.

Types of Potions:

I am constantly dying in dungeons, what should I do?

Win more dungeons, get more rewards for quests, open chests, sell hero cards for gold, upgrade and develop heroes, use skill scrolls, attach runes to your heroes, use potions during the battle, use gems to revive the heroes when You die in the dungeon, add friends, join the guild.

There are many ways to progress in Battlejack. A good option is to go into the dungeon that you have already passed and get there additional experience, chests of the boss, friends and hero cards. You can also wait and open free chests. The contents of the chests can be used or sold. Do not forget about the flowers! If you have a problem with a burn in the Desert (chapter 3), take water with you to extinguish the flame. If you are trampled by pegasuses and unicorns, take Darkness to your command to destroy these templars.

Heroes of the light can be used to successfully pass dark dungeons. Leaderís skills can have a serious impact on the passage of the dungeon. The same is worth saying about the right gain. Some monsters have a high defense, so damaging them will be very difficult. Use armor-piercing runes to break through their defenses, or skills that cause burns or poison, or just try to score 21.

Some monsters have a skill that changes your recovery options to negative, so you wonít be able to heal at all! The correct decision, perhaps, would be to use other potions, such as star potions, in battles with such bosses instead of healing potions. Some monsters and titans have a skill that can change your OBR to negative, so that the shield becomes zero! When such a monster turns your OBR into negative, it will do the more damage the more OBR you have, so it will probably be more effective for you to use heroes who have more health and attack, rather than OBR and OBR runes.

Pay attention to the skills that monsters possess, and how it affects you, and look for a strategy to help you counter this.

What will I get after going through the dungeon? Youíll get:

What can I get from boss chests and free chests? A chest can contain anything from the following: Gold, skill scrolls, potions, hero cards, appeals of honor, rare appeals and runes. Skill scrolls can be used to increase the skills of your heroes, and therefore increase the effectiveness of your spells.

Potions can be used during the battle to heal your squad, increase their skill level and save them from troubles sent to them (the hero may suffer from freezing, spoiling, silence, burns, poisoning, etc.). Hero cards are placed in your collection of heroes so that you can develop your heroes as you want, increasing their health and strength.Honor calls and rare calls add new cards to your hero collection.

Why are my heroes not activated? Why donít they attack? Each time you remove a mana card from the deck, it can be one of five elements. Each element activates hero cards of its own color.

Your beautiful blue team will only activate when a water card is drawn. Well, unless you throw out 21. Super 21 activates all the heroes in your team, regardless of the element. So surrender of 20 on hands of green, red and yellow will not give you anything, unless you just draw an ace to get Super 21, or use the heroís skill to turn the cards on hand into an element of water.

Is there any logic in these elements and how can I fight with their help? Some elements are better in battle against others. See below which element is better against which:

You can always remember the hierarchy of elements by looking at the "Draw card" button while in the dungeon.It will also be useful to think through a plan before entering the dungeon. Suppose you have Chapter 2, and you want to conquer the Spruce Forest. By clicking on this dungeon, you will see a list of enemies. There are many enemies in this dungeon with the Earth element, so itís better for you to make sure that your unit includes a hero with the Fire element, because they are good against the Earth.

It is important to have different elements in your squad, as mana cards have five different elements that you will need to activate your heroes.

And what are these three swords that appear from time to time? When you draw three cards with the same element, all the heroes of this element are activated and attack with three swords, hitting all the monsters in the room. For example, if there are four monsters in a room, activated heroes attack them all. You will definitely want to draw three cards with the same element, since this will cause more damage (if these are especially aggressive heroes that can fight hand-to-hand), which means youíll complete the dungeon with a victory.

As an added bonus, try drawing out three cards and Super 21.

Why do arrows appear next to my heroes during the battle? A green arrow means that your hero will cause additional damage to the enemy that he is aiming at, and a red arrow means that, on the contrary, the damage to this monster will be less than usual.

Green has an advantage over Blue, Blue over Red, and Red over Green. Or - Nature causes additional damage to Water, Water - to Fire, and Fire - to Nature.

How do mana cards work? There are two types of cards in this game, firstly, hero cards with characters on them, and secondly, mana cards resembling playing cards. Mana cards are similar to a regular deck of playing cards, but there are some differences. There are no curly cards, but there are two dozen. The total number of points on the mana cards in the surrender on your hands determines what damage your heroes will cause to the enemy: the more mana, the more damage until you score no more than 21. If the sum of points on the drawn cards exceeds 21, you cannot attack , and your move is over.

An ace can be either 1 or 11. An ace is considered to be 11 if the sum of points on the hands with it does not exceed 21, or as one point otherwise. Mana cards have four suits corresponding to the elements of your heroes: green with a leaf means nature, blue with a drop means water, red with a flaming heart means fire, and a yellow-purple shamrock means light and darkness. The suit of cards in your hands determines which heroes can attack this turn. The yellow-violet shamrock activates the heroes of both light and darkness. If you dial 21, all your heroes attack.

Remember that if you do not have heroes in the squad with elements that are present on drawn cards, the attack will not be activated. So often a good strategy is to have heroes with different elements / suits in the squad. When there are five cards left in the deck, it is shuffled again.

How does reinforcement work? Reinforcement adds the fifth hero to your squad, which means that your squad is becoming much stronger! If the hero, who came as reinforcements, has special skills, you can use them.If the hero who came as reinforcements has a combined skill with one of the heroes from your squad, you can use this combined skill. After completing the dungeon, you can send a request for friendship to the owner of the reinforcement.

If you have friends, and you use the heroes of your friends as reinforcements, you can also use the skill of a friend, that is, the skill of the leader of the used hero. These leader skills can improve the parameters of your heroes in the same way as the skill of your own leader does. Fighting with titanium, you can join the guild and use guild members as reinforcements, and this activates a friendís skill and also increases the attack of your squad by 25%.But using reinforcements in a battle with titanium comes at a price.

To take part in the battle and use reinforcements, you will need two more units of chaos energy.

How does autogame work?When you pass a dungeon that has already been completed at least once, you have the opportunity to turn on Autoplay. Autogame is also available in event dungeons and titan battles. To activate or deactivate AutoPlay, click the AutoPlay button. During AutoPlay, cards are drawn until at least 15 points are scored, and then an attack is conducted.

Auto-play also automatically uses skills when they are fully charged, with the exception of card manipulation skills that affect which cards you have on hand. In order to manipulate cards, you need to play in manual mode. When Auto-play, an enemy is automatically attacked, which is located to the left of everyone in the room. Remember, Autogame is not as smart as you are, so use it only in simple dungeons!

My skill says that you can weaken the enemy or cause an ailment. What is he doing? Weakening means that recovery, attack and defense of the enemy will be reduced by a certain number of moves. An ailment will reduce the recovery parameter of the enemy, and therefore its ability to recover. Monsters can also affect you this way if they have such a skill. If the recovery becomes negative, you cannot be cured even if you have healing potions. So pay attention to the icons next to your health bar to see what the monster has brought to you!

Why can not I be treated? Why doesnít my shield skill do anything? The amount of healing depends on the healing skill or potion, but also on the recovery parameter of each of the heroes. Some monsters have a skill that makes your TSA parameter negative, so you cannot be healed at all! The same applies to the number of shields of the corresponding shield skill, which depends not only on the skill, but also on the defense parameter of each hero.

Some monsters and titans have a skill that can turn your OBR into negative, so that the number of shields becomes zero! When this happens and the monster turns your OBR into negative, you receive the greater damage the larger the OBR parameter you have, so using heroes with a lot of health and a strong attack can be more effective than using heroes with a big OBR or runes OBR.

Battlejack: Guilds & Friends

How to add friends to your friends list? Friends are honored when they use your hero as reinforcements. Honor is used to summon heroes. To add friends to your friends list, go to the dungeon, select reinforcements, go through the dungeon and a dialog will appear in which you will be asked to send a request to add to friends.

When your friend request is accepted, this player will be added to your friend list. The list of friends can be found on the Guild tab. In the list of friends you can also see requests for friendship from other users. Your guild associates do not automatically become your friends, but if you see your guild comrade in the reinforcements list, you can invite him.

Why should I join a guild? Join a guild to chat, share tips, compete in the guild leaderboard for the most titans defeated, and earn cool rewards for all guild members. Help each other improve their heroes and get guild points that you can spend in the guild store. You can join a guild or create a new one. Coins are required to create a new guild. If you are not a member of the guild, on the Guild tab you will see a list of guilds that still have room for new members. If no guilds have room for new members, the list may be temporarily empty.

How can I donate to my guild? How to receive donations? Guild members can help each other upgrade their heroes. To request a donation, just click the Request Merge button and select the hero you want to improve. At the same time, you can make a merge request for only one hero and only once. Then the members of your guild can donate their heroes so that you can increase your level. You can pick up the requested after everything is full, or after the time allotted for this expires. You can make a new request when enough time has passed (it is displayed on the Request Merge button).

If your guild ally clicked Request Merge, all guild members will see it until everything is full or until the time runs out. Hurry up to check your Guild tab, requests are filled out quickly, and you can miss them. You can donate one hero at a time and make up to six donations per day. A donation gives you as much gold as selling a hero, plus guild points. Collect enough guild points and you can use them in the guild store on the Shop tab.

How to get items in the guild store? What are guild points? Items in a guild store are sold for guild points. You can get guild points by joining the guild and sacrificing heroes to your guild associates. When your guild associates ask for a donation, you will see such requests on the My Guild screen. You can donate up to six times a day. A donation gives you as much gold as selling a hero, plus guild points.

Guild management: expelling and promoting members. There are two types of members in a guild: ordinary members and leaders. In one guild there can be no more than three leaders. When you create a guild, you automatically become its leader. You can also be promoted to the leaders of the group you joined. All guilds that have room for new members are open to joining, but leaders can choose who to leave and who to banish.

Guild leaders can expel some members from the guild and promote other members as leaders. Click the Information button on the My Guild screen to see a list of members. Leaders are marked with a crown. All leaders have the same right to expel, promote and strip power of participants, so be careful with who you promote as leaders, a new leader can strip you of power and even expel you from the guild! Guild leaders can also edit guild descriptions, countries, and guild emblems.

How to edit a guild logo? If you are a guild leader and click the Information button on the My Guild screen, you can click on the guild logo to edit it. Choose the beautiful background and symbol you want, and proudly carry the sign of your guild!

Battlejack: Events and Quests

What will I get by completing quests? Quests give various rewards, which can be experience, honor, gold, ghosts, etc. There are two types of quests: daily quests and regular quests. Daily quests also give clues. Having collected five keys, you can open the Great Chest. Just do not confuse them with the keys to the portal, which open up special event dungeons. You can complete up to five daily quests per day. Instead of completed quests every day you will receive new ones. Unfulfilled daily quests will not be replaced with new ones.

I have a quest, but when I try to go to it, all the proposed dungeons are closed! Perhaps you received a quest that requires dungeons that you have not yet discovered. To open these dungeons, you need to go through the plot map. In the meantime, try to complete some other quests until you reach those closed dungeons.

What are events? At least one event is held every day. There are different types of events, each with its own reward. In the event dungeons of the Enchanted Forest, many materials appear for the development of a particular color. In the first dungeon, materials for the development of a low level, and in subsequent dungeons, of a higher level. You will also need luck to find and capture those you are looking for. You will also receive a special dungeon chest that includes some development materials, so make sure you have free chest slots.

There is also a special event with the capture of copycats, which are also used for development. In an event with gold creatures, there are many gold heroes who can be captured and then sold for a large amount of gold. In addition, chests in this event will give you gold. In the event with the Secret Forest, there are ghosts of experience that give more experience than ordinary heroes when used in a merger. This is very important to quickly increase the level of your heroes. In addition, the chests in this event contain ghosts.

The Enchanted Ruin event gives you a rune chest, so make sure you have free chest slots. In the first dungeon, runes of a lower level, and in subsequent dungeons - runes of a higher level.

I played in event dungeons and got almost nothing! Why? You were unlucky. There is always a chance that the characters you are trying to capture will slip away and you will return from the dungeon empty-handed.You can capture only one card in a room, so for maximum chances, first attack the enemy you want to capture more than others, and then others. If you capture the wrong card, you will not receive any other cards in this room. Event dungeons also give rewards in chests, so make sure you have free chest slots.

What are keys to the portal and how to get them? To enter some event dungeons, you will need keys to the portal. The Portal Key Wizard opens after you complete the Walburg chapter. The key master takes some time to forge new keys, but when the key is ready, you can pick it up from the master and use it to enter one of the Portal dungeons with the key. The dungeon will be open for a limited amount of time. There are two different keys that open two different dungeons. The first dungeon is full of gold, and the second is the ghosts of experience.

Do not confuse these keys with the keys that you get in quests. Those are needed to open the Great Chest.

Battlejack: Titan

How to defeat titanium?

Beat the titan again and again to increase your kill count. Each time you defeat a titan, he hides, and after you play in the dungeons, he appears again as a stronger titan of the next level. When the titanium becomes too strong a rival for you, take the guild reinforcements to gain reinforcement in the face of an additional hero and an additional 25% to the attack. You can only use reinforcements for each member of your guild once a week during the week-long Season of the Titans.

Pay attention to what skills this weekís titan has. Some may burn you, so itís better to stock up on potions of water! Some titans have a cunning skill that turns your OBR into a negative one. It not only robs you of all defense, but also causes additional damage, since your defense parameter takes a negative value. Perhaps, going into battle with this titan, you will want to take heroes with low OBR and not use defense runes, as this can harm you.

Your shield skills may be worthless, because zero defense means zero shield. Itís not necessary to defeat titanium in one go. You can fight the titan again and continue from the same place where you finished, since the titanium health scale does not recover between battles if you continue to fight with the titanium that has not yet gone to its shelter. He will appear again from the shelter when you pass the dungeon, but then his health bar will fill up again, since in the shelter he is healed.

You have one week to defeat one titan as many times as you can, and then the Titan Season ends and rewards guilds with the highest kill count. The next titan appears, again starting from the first level, but this time with other skills and abilities, which requires a new strategy.

Why is titanium hiding and when does it appear? The titan goes into hiding after you defeated him or after a certain time. You can wake the titan and lure him out of cover by going through several dungeons. Passing any story or event dungeon will make the titan appear.

How to get control rewards for titanium? Each time you defeat titanium, you are one step closer to the next control award. Higher rewards require more Titan kills, but the rewards themselves become larger. When the Titan Season changes, a new titan appears, and the countdown starts from the beginning.

How to make my guild appear in the leaderboard for titans? The total number of kills by all members of the guild is the number of kills by the guild, the guild, whose kill counter exceeds the counts of other guilds, takes first place in the leaderboard. At the end of the Titan Season, the best guilds receive rewards. You can see the rewards and the level of rewards your guild is currently on in the Titan menu and in the list of the top 100 guilds.

Battlejack: The Dark Maze

What is the Dark Maze? A dark maze is a survival mode that opens when a player reaches rank 20. You move further and further through the maze, meeting more and more powerful enemies without the ability to restore the health of your squad. If one of your squads is defeated, you can continue to play with another squad until you run out of heroes! So collect as many strong heroes as you can and determine your strategy to survive in the Dark Maze.

Each boss in the Labyrinth maintains health in the same way as Titan. You can make several attempts to defeat the boss, but with each attempt you can inflict more damage to his health. The helpers in the Labyrinth are reborn with full health every time you enter the Labyrinth. You have three weeks to go through as many floors of the labyrinth as you can, then the labyrinth is mixed up, resetting your progress and redistributing the monsters in the labyrinth.

Each mixing of the Dark Maze allows you to get a new experience, because you have to fight with different monsters representing different elements. However, for all players the Labyrinth looks the same, so do not hesitate and share tips with others!

Why canít I edit my squad? In the Dark Maze, members of your squad find themselves firmly connected to each other, because the squadís health is not restored between the floors of the maze. You cannot dismiss a squad, therefore you cannot edit it. However, you can create a new squad to enter the Dark Maze with him. The previous heroes cannot be included in the new squad, because they are still connected with the squad of which they are already a part. You can have up to five undefeated units at the same time. After the unit is defeated, it is removed, and you have a place for new units.

Why canít I use my hero? What is a labyrinthine disease? All heroes of the defeated squad develop a Maze disease. Heroes with the Labyrinth disease cannot fight in it. You cannot use these heroes again until the Dark Maze is shuffled again (this happens every three weeks), or until you start to go through it again (thereby resetting your progress). But donít worry! You can assemble another squad with other heroes who did not fall victim to the Labyrinth disease, and continue your journey into the depths of the Dark Maze.

My squad was broken, what should I do? All heroes of the defeated squad develop a Maze disease. You can collect another squad with other heroes and continue your journey into the depths of the maze. Choose your heroes carefully so as not to be defeated. Enemies in the maze have special abilities that make them completely immune to damage from heroes of a certain type.

Explore the features of your enemies better before entering the Dark Maze. You will be able to see boss traits before entering the labyrinth floor. Clicking on the icons will help you see what this trait is doing. Also pay attention to the elements you will encounter in the dungeon to find out how susceptible monsters are to certain elements.

Can I capture the heroes met in the Dark Maze? No living creature from the Dark Maze can live beyond it.So you canít capture enemies in the maze. The reward in the Dark Maze is Glowing Shards, which you can spend in the Maze and Hero Particles Store, which you can use to create heroes using the Wizard. The wizard opens after you complete Aldas.

What happens when mixing the Dark Maze? Every three weeks, the Dark Maze begins to move. Everything is rotated and rebuilt, floors and monsters are mixed, gathering in a new Labyrinth. Each shuffle of the maze allows you to get a new experience thanks to new combinations of monsters. Will there be horses of fire or unicorns of the earth? Will there be water cubes or dark elemental in the next section? Nobody knows, the choice is random! But the test is the same for everyone.

Sharing tips and tricks with guild associates and friends is a good strategy! When the Dark Maze mixes up, your progress is reset, and you start a new maze from the very beginning. All the units of the Labyrinth that you had are removed. All defeated heroes are cured of the Maze disease.

What happens when you restart the Dark Maze? If you are stuck in a Labyrinth, you have the opportunity to use gems to begin the passage of the entire maze from the very beginning. Your units will be withdrawn, the defeated heroes will be cured of the Labyrinth disease, but you will have to start from the very beginning - from the first floor and from the first section.

For passing each floor you will receive a reward in the form of Luminous fragments and Particles of a hero, but you will not receive an additional reward for completing the last floor of the site if you have already taken it before you start all over again. But if this time you go further and reach the end of the site for which you have not yet received awards, you will receive your reward. The labyrinth, as well as elements and monsters in it, will remain the same as in your first attempt. Starting again, you do not move the maze, it happens only once every three weeks.

What are luminous shards? They are small, luminous, and Alf Underhill is ready to exchange them for good goods. Play in the Dark Maze (opens at rank 20) ??to collect the Glowing Shards. Then head to the Maze Shop to spend them! The Labyrinth Store has an ever-changing assortment of Hero Particles, Awakened Zybula and Rainbow Beasts, so donít forget about it and the collection of Glowing Shards!

How does the Maze Shop work? First, play in the Dark Maze to collect Glowing Shards as a reward. Then go to the Labyrinth Shop, where at Alpha Underhill you will find various items for which you can exchange Glowing Shards. The storeís assortment has zibules that can be used to open, improve and change the awakened skills of your heroes, and particles of a hero to create new heroes with the help of the Wizard, and Rainbow animals with which you can develop your heroes.

Pay attention to the rarity of objects, they can have a very different number of stars! Did not find an item in the Maze Shop that would be of interest to you? Refresh the assortment to see other options, and perhaps the rare zybul that you so wanted to get will be yours! You can update for free once every couple of days or for gems, if you want to do it now and can not wait.

What are hero particles and hero rainbow particles? How to create a hero?

To use your Particles of a hero to create heroes, go to the Master (opens after passing Aldas). When you have enough particles of a hero, you can create heroes in the presence of gold. There are three types of Hero Particles.Particles of a certain hero are available in the Guild Store and the Glory Store. When creating using these particles, you know in advance which heroes you will receive.

There are also random hero particles. When you collect enough of these particles, you can create a hero from them, but you will not know in advance who you will receive. Something like what happens when the heroes are summoned. However, random particles can be of varying rarity! 3-star random particles will give the hero 3 stars, 4-star particles of the hero 4-star hero, and 5 star particles will give the 5-star hero! You cannot mix and match particles of different rarities: From 4-star particles you can create only 4-star heroes.

To replace the missing particles, you can use the heroís Rainbow particles. They can be used both to create a special hero and a random hero. Only the number of stars should coincide. To complete the creation of a 4-star hero, you will need the 4-star Rainbow particles of the hero and so on. You cannot create heroes from rainbow particles alone. You will need at least some of the necessary particles of the hero, and only then can you replace the rest with the Rainbow particles of the hero.

Why canít I inflict the slightest damage to enemies?

Itís not always easy to prove yourself in the Dark Maze, but here are a couple of tips to help you prepare your strategy.

1. Explore the enemies. Enemies in the maze have special abilities that make them completely immune to damage from heroes of a certain type. So explore the features of your enemies better before entering the Dark Maze. You will be able to see boss traits before entering the maze. Clicking on the icons will help you see what this trait is doing. You can also see the Recommended Hero Traits for this floor.

2. Check your heroes. Definitely a bad idea would be to enter the Labyrinth with the caster in the squad if the monsters in this area are immune to caster damage! You can see the traits of your heroes by checking the trait icons on your heroís card. Clicking on the icons will help you see what these features are. Also pay attention to the elements of the Labyrinth monsters.Some of them are immune to a certain element, i.e. to the attacks of this element!

3. Correctly assemble the squad. A good strategy can be to use only heroes to whom the monsters of this site have no immunity, or to assemble a squad in which all the features and elements are combined so that there are no sites whose monsters are simultaneously immune to all your heroes. If the fight against enemies does not bring results, you can leave the level, but not for free. You can select an item from the menu to leave the battle, but for this 20% of HP will be removed from the squad! Be careful how you assemble the squad!

What are zybula?

Zybulov can be used to discover, improve and change the awakened skills of their heroes. There are three types of zybules.

White zybula. These are zybula of discovery, which can be used instead of a hero as a victim when awakening a skill. A 3-star white zygul can open a 3-star awakened skill, a 4-star white zygul can open a 4-star awakened skill, and so on.

Red zybula. Zybules of change, they not only re-awaken the skill, but also retain their rank. Upon repeated awakening of a skill, the rank usually changes randomly, but with a red zibul, the rank will remain the same, only the functionality of the skill will be changed randomly. So if you get a good rank, silver or gold, but want to change a skill, a red zibul will help you. Red zybules are used only when re-awakening an already awakened skill. A 3-star red zybul can change a 3-star awakened skill, a 4-star red zybul can open a 4-star awakened skill and so on.

Orange zibul. This is a zibul improvement. You can improve the awakened skill so that you get the same skill, but of a higher rank. Do you like the skill, but want it to be of a higher rank? Orange zigul will help you with this. One orange zigul will increase your rank by one step: Bronze will become Silver, and Silver - Gold. A 3-star orange zybul can improve a 3-star awakened skill, a 4-star orange zybul can improve a 4-star awakened skill and so on. Get zibuli, collect Glowing Shards in the Dark Maze and spend them in the Labyrinth Shop to buy zibulov!

Battlejack: Other

How to get gems? Gems are widely used in the game, for example, to buy heroes from the Rare Summon, accelerate the opening of chests and gain more energy. You can get gems by completing quests or buying them in the store.

How to get gold? Gold is needed to improve and develop your heroes and improve your fort. Get gold by opening chests or selling your heroes. Gold heroes on sale give more gold than usual. It is best to capture the golden heroes by participating in the weekly event "Golden Creatures" or by visiting the Portal dungeon with the key "Paradise for beetles."

How to get honor? Honor is used to summon heroes. You get honor when you complete quests or when your friends recruit your leader as reinforcements when playing in the dungeon. This means you need friends to be honored! To make friends, you can send invitations to friends. All that is required is to go to the dungeon, choose a hero from among your friends to reinforce, and go through the dungeon. Then a dialog will appear in which you will be asked to send a friend request. You can see your friends and friendship requests received from other players on the Guild tab in the Friends section.