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Walkthrough Blitz Team: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BLITZ BRIGADE (BLITZ BRIGADE) - Android game with release date 05/09/2013 from the company Gameloft.In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to see the battlefield? Click on the minimap and expand it to fit the screen.

How to open new levels in single trials? To open a new level, you need to dial a certain number of stars, which is indicated on the level selection screen when it is locked. You can open any level by paying a certain amount of diamonds indicated on the Unlock icon.

How to maximize the effectiveness of weapons?With constant use, the weapon gradually wears out, which reduces its effectiveness (misses, longer reload time, less damage from melee weapons, etc.). To maximize the effectiveness of the weapon, you need to fix it by clicking the Repair icon in the Store or Arsenal. Weapons with wear resistance of 90% and 100% receive an "Excellent" bonus, which turns into an additional 3% crit.chance (chance of causing double damage on impact), so you should keep it in perfect condition.

How to improve weapons? During multiplayer matches, successful hits / strikes, the weapon experience of a certain type of weapon increases, which is displayed on the scale under the weapon panel in the game, as well as on the weapon information panel in the Store or the Arsenal. If you reach one of the three levels of weapon experience, the corresponding improvement will open automatically. Improvements are listed in the weapon description, and they can also be checked on the weapon experience scale. You can upgrade your weapons to the best version by paying for it with diamonds. This will help unlock all three weapon upgrades, plus a fourth exclusive marginal improvement. Weapons that are upgraded to the ultimate level are not subject to wear, so they no longer need to be repaired.

Is it possible to compare the features of weapons before deciding which to buy and use? Yes. In the Store or Arsenal, the selected weapon is automatically compared to the one your character is currently using. The red numbers in the category mean that the selected weapon is worse than the one you use; green numbers mean your weapon is better. If both types of weapons are equivalent, the color of the numbers will not change. Click on the "compare" icon on the weapon information panel for a more detailed comparison, in which two panels with data for each type of weapon open simultaneously.

How to view achievements? Click the Profile icon in the top menu. This section contains Statistics, Achievements and Match History.

How to check your rating? Click on the Leaders icon in the main menu (picture with a cup). Here you can see your position in global rankings and in comparison with friends.

How to earn experience and improve your level? You will gain experience for performing various actions in the game, as well as for completing tasks in single trials.

How to open classes Medic, Sniper, Scout and Demoman? You will have to finish the game to level 10, 20, 30 or 40, respectively, or pay with diamonds and immediately open these classes.

How much can I play without paying for anything? You can play constantly without spending a dime. All transactions are optional. Your success in single trials depends only on your skills.

How to get access to weapons designated as tournament? For each type of tournament weapon, the minimum tournament rating required to open this weapon is indicated. Reach the required tournament rating and you will get access to the specified weapons.

How to take part in the tournament? To participate in the tournament you just need to play on the map and in the game mode that are set by the current tournament. You can start a match from the tournament menu by clicking on the "GO!" Icon or by manually selecting the game mode and map on the match search screen.

What do the "Classes" mean on the tournament screen? This means that only certain classes of players can take part in this tournament. This allows you to activate the need for team play. Also, for participation in the tournament, these classes will be able to get an increased amount of experience. This value can be seen on the class selection screen.

What network game modes are available to the player? You will be able to play in single trials, which include a variety of types of tasks, such as Machine gun, Survival, Penetration, Tank, Helicopter, Sniper, Food gathering, Skydivers or Capture the flag. In the network game you will find four game modes, each of which on a separate map: 1. Superiority : in this mode two teams play, 6 players each. The battle takes place only on large open maps with the participation of vehicles (Madagascar and Maltese fort). Players choose their group and class.The team that scores 50 points first or scores the maximum number of points when the time runs out wins. Points are awarded for killing enemies and controlling the flags on the map. 2. Team battle : in this mode, two teams of 4 players each play. The battle takes place only on small maps without transport (Maltese docks). Players choose their group and class. The team that scores 20 points first wins. There are no flags on the map; Points are awarded only for killing members of an opposing team. 3. Capture the flag : the goal of each team is to capture the flag of the opposing team. Players must find the enemy flag and then deliver it to their base. If the enemy captures your flag, you must first return it, and only after that you, in turn, will be able to capture the enemys flag. At the beginning of the match, players are given the opportunity to choose a team and character class. The winner is the team that captured the flag of the enemy three times. 4. Against everyone : this is a classic game mode in which a player fights against other players. In this mode, there are no teams - everyone fights for himself!

Why do you need skill points? Skill points allow you to upgrade class skills, improving abilities and increasing efficiency.

How to get into the skills menu? Click the Improvements icon in the main menu, and in the menu that opens, click the Skill icon.

How to earn skill points? Skill points can be obtained in the following ways: you get 1 skill point every time you move to a new level, 1 point for winning 3 network matches in a row, or as a reward for promotions. Skill points cannot be bought, but you can buy OP amplifiers that will speed up gaining experience.

What is skill level? Each skill has a level of pumping. The cost of each level is displayed in skill points or in diamonds. By clicking on the corresponding icon, you will spend skill points or diamonds and increase the skill level. The current and next levels are displayed in the skill description.

What are skill grades? All skills are divided into ranks. The higher the rank, the better the skill, as a rule, and the more expensive it is to improve.

Does the effect of skills extend to the characters of both warring camps? Yes. Having improved the skill of an Ally character, you will receive an equivalent improvement when playing for the Axis.

What are the Promotions? These are time limited fights or tournaments with prizes.

How to take part in the Promotion? To take part in the Promotions, you need to go to the List of Promotions by clicking on the Promotions icon in the Main Menu. Then select the Promotion you want to participate in and go to the information screen. By clicking on the Join button, which appears on the same screen, you can take part in the action.

Do I always need to search for the selected Promotion on the Promotion information screen in order to complete the assignments? Not. Once you have joined the Promotion, you can complete tasks during any match.

What information is contained in the List of shares? The List of Shares displays the current active Shares and their brief description.

What information is displayed on the stock information screen? Details of the selected Promotion: name, description, goals and awards.

What prizes can I win? Prizes in each Promotion are displayed as icons on the Promotion information screen.The prize pool includes coins, gems, diamonds and weapons.

How to view prize weapon information? On the Promotion information screen, there is an Information icon, which is located next to the weapon icon on the left side of the screen or in the list of Promotion leaders.Click on it to open information about the parameters of weapons.

What are Resists? To see the resists, click the Gain icon in the main menu or the Resist icon in the Store. This system will allow you to increase the resistance to damage of various types.

How to improve Resist? Resists can be improved in order of magnitude by 1 level at a time using skill points or diamonds. You can improve only one Resist to the maximum level without improving the rest.

How do Resists work? By improving Resist, you increase damage resistance and increase your Shield level.The higher the level of the Shield, the more energy it has. Resists absorb part of the damage from every blow you take during the game, while the energy of the Shield is depleted. When the energy drops to 0, the resist stops functioning.

How to restore shield energy? It recovers automatically after a while. You can restore energy instantly for diamonds in the Resist menu, or using the Charging Shield, which you can buy in the Store.

Can I instantly turn off the opponents shield? To do this, you can buy an EMP grenade. She will temporarily turn off the opponents shield.

What are hats? Headwear - decorative elements that affect the gameplay. Each headgear of each character has one advantage and one drawback. Try on all the hats to choose the right one.

How to use the technique? First go to the Store and buy vehicles in the Technics section, then apply it before the match. Use the Transport Station to select and restore the equipment you need.

How to apply transport? To apply the transport, select Play, then Allies or Axis-> select a class and click Continue. Press ¨ + ¨ in the "Apply transport / Applied transport" window and add the transport you want to use.Please note that in some modes of the "Play" menu, the use of vehicles is not provided.

Can I use more than 1 vehicle? Yes, you can choose 3 vehicles of any type before the start of the match.

Can I restore more than 1 vehicle at a time? No, you can only restore 1 vehicle at a time.

Can someone use the technique that I restored (a)? No, only you can use such vehicles.

What is a transport station? The transport station is used to restore equipment, as well as its placement on the bases of teams.

How much does transport restoration cost? The cost of the first restoration is 5 diamonds. The price will decrease with each use within the same match until recovery becomes free.

A new "Divisions" icon has appeared in the Profile menu. What is he for? By clicking on this icon, you will automatically be transferred to a specific division, which depends on your weapon. The ranking system in each division will help you find worthy opponents. When moving to the next division, you will receive a new weapon.

A new "Warehouse" icon has appeared in the main menu. Why is it needed? It allows you to access a new revolutionary feature of the game - the Synthesis system. Now you can improve your favorite weapon by adding various bonuses, anomalies, etc. to it. To do this, simply collect the cards appropriate for each bonus in the Warehouse menu section.

Next to the Synthesis section, there is another Warehouse icon in the menu. What is he for? In the Warehouse, you can win valuable Synthesis cards, skill points, and even weapons. In the Classic and Premium boxes, rare cards are waiting for you, and in the Unique ones - weapons and other useful items.

What kind of new film icon appeared in the main menu? Now you can record, save and publish the recording of your game by enabling the corresponding function in the ReplayKit section. The film icon leads to this section. Just keep in mind that ReplayKit requires iOS 9.0 or higher to run.

A new class has appeared in the game. What skills does this class have? An engineer is a cool specialist in all kinds of gadgets, able to put turrets on the battlefield (as a melee weapon) and repair them using special tools. In addition, she can strike with these tools (melee weapons).

How to open an Engineer class? The only way to open the Engineer class is to win matches.

The message said, "Reach the maximum level and get cool weapons." I have the maximum level in the division. Why didnt I receive the weapon? Please note that only the highest level players in the 3rd Division receive unique prizes. As soon as you reach the goal (complete 100 matches, etc.), you will receive a weapon as a reward. If you have already bought such weapons before, you will receive diamonds as a reward.

Can Dandy Premium be used for Medic and Machine Gunner? Yes, it can be used for the classes Soldier, Medic and Machine Gunner.

How many units can be rewarded in a temporary promotion? Will all squad members receive rewards? Awards are received by the best hundred units and all their participants.

Do I need to buy different hats for the heroes of the same class, consisting in different groups? If the headgear is suitable for the character, it is suitable for different versions of this character, so there is no need to buy a new one. However, there are special hats that are only suitable for certain versions of the characters.

Can I change my level? Please note that your level depends on how you performed during the matches. In case of a bad game, your level may be lowered, but it will not fall lower than that provided for in your current division.The transition from the highest division to the low is impossible.

What is Revenge! After dying in a network match, you can take advantage of this unique offer to return and take revenge.

If I open a weapon that requires a higher level, can I use it? Not. The weapon will be added to your inventory and you will be able to use it, having reached the required level.

How to use different weapons? There are 2 ways to do this:

  1. Click the "+" sign (meaning empty slot) in the Kit menu and select the weapon you want.
  2. To change weapons during the game, swipe left or right on the weapon icon.

How to reset account data? Unfortunately, the game does not have this feature.

How to change nickname? Your nickname is your name on the social network. To change the nickname, change the name on the social network, and the nickname in the game will change automatically.

Can I transfer my progress from an Android device to iOS? No, progress can be carried forward only within the same platform. To do this, enter the game by specifying the social network account that you used previously on the old device.

Can I play with my friends who play on other platforms? Please note that the game does not support cross-platform. That is, you can add to friends and play only with those users who play with you on the same platform.

How to remove profile picture? Since the profile picture is linked to your social network account, you must change your image on this social network. This is impossible to do only in the game.

How to change management? You can change the control in the game menu: Pause the game, then select "Control"> "Interface Settings" and select the desired button position on the screen. The control screen also allows you to change the control settings for a car or a tank, as well as switch between preset control schemes.

How to turn off the sound? You can mute the sound in the Main menu: Select "Settings", then "Sound". Use the volume slider to mute the sound. During the game, you can turn off the music: Select "Pause", then "Settings", then select "Sound". Mute the sound.

How to adjust the volume of music, sound and voice chat? You can adjust the volume settings of music, sound or voice chat in the Main menu: Select "Settings", then "Sound". Move the slider in the desired direction.In addition, you can adjust the volume level of music, sound or voice chat during the game: Select "Pause", then "Settings", then select "Sound". Move the slider in the desired direction.

How to disable the auto aim function? You can enable or disable assistance in aiming in the Main or game menu. Select "Settings," then "Advanced." Enable or disable auto-aiming. Auto aiming cannot be turned on or off in single battles; This feature is available only in online games.

How to change the language of the game? The game language can be changed in the Main menu: Select "Settings", then "Languages". Select the flag corresponding to the desired language.

How to turn off voice chat? There are two ways to do this:

  1. During the game, go to the Settings - Sound menu, scroll down and turn on the DISABLE CHAT AUDIO sound setting. Using this setting, you can turn the chat sound on / off at any time.
  2. If you have a low connection speed, go to the Main menu - Settings - Sound, scroll down and turn on the DISABLE CHAT AUDIO sound setting. After that, you will NOT be able to turn on the chat sound again during the game. Unlike the first method, this setting completely disables the chat channel, thus saving connection speed.

How to adjust the volume of voice chat? You can adjust the volume during the game by moving the Voice chat volume slider in the Settings- Sound menu. This slider does not affect the microphone volume.

Why is the green speaker icon displayed at the top right of the screen? This icon appears every time you speak and means that your voice message is being transmitted. This icon is visible only when the Voice Chat option is enabled.

How can I deprive speech or ignore a specific player in a game? Open the Account Window and click on the speaker icon next to the players name. If the icon is highlighted in red, player replicas are ignored. You can ignore any player at any time if he is not already added to the list of ignored or has not turned off voice chat.

How do I know who Im talking to? You will see a green animated speaker icon next to the talking player icon in the score window.

Who will hear me if we play a team game? Only teammates can hear you. You can also ignore teammates, in which case you will not hear them, and they will not hear you.

Who will hear me while playing in a mode where players are not divided into teams? In this case, any player entering the game will hear you if you or he are not ignoring each other.

Full details of the speaker icons in the account window:

  1. The green icon - Chat is ON, you can talk to this player and hear him.
  2. Green moving icon - player speaks.
  3. Red icon - the player is muffled / ignored.
  4. Gray icon - the player muffled you, ignored or turned off the chat. You will not be heard and you will not hear them.

A new button has appeared in the top menu. What is her purpose? This button includes your Ultramap. Each class has its own Ultra-abilities on the battlefield! These abilities can be improved in the Ultrasupport Improvements section of the Synthesis menu.

Can I play the application without a Wi-Fi connection? Yes, you can play without Wi-Fi if your device supports 3G / LTE. Usually Wi-Fi connection is a priority, but if you want to use 3G / LTE, you must first turn off Wi-Fi. Also, note that when using EDGE you will be able to load menus but not participate in matches.

Can I play this application using the controller? No, this feature is no longer supported.

How to earn coins? There are several ways to earn coins:

How to get VIP bonuses in the game? When you buy a certain amount of game currency for real money, you will receive VIP points. The more VIP points, the higher the VIP level. You will also receive more bonuses and access to the VIP store, where you will find a large selection of special weapons, which can be purchased in the same way as in a regular store.

How to find out how many VIP points I will receive? When buying any set of diamonds, you will see the number of VIP points that can be obtained for the purchase of each set.

How to get diamonds for free? Click the "+" on the bar at the top of the screen next to the total number of diamonds. Theres an "Get Free" badge on the in-game shopping screen. Click on it and choose what you need to do to get free diamonds.

How to make diamonds? There are several ways to make diamonds:

What does the inscription "+ 100%" that appears in the description of the purchase in the store mean? This inscription shows how many percent of bonus diamonds you get for buying the Diamond Treasure set, as opposed to buying the Multiple Diamonds set.

How to add a friend? In the Main Menu, go to the Friends screen. After connecting to the social network, you can see all friends and add new ones.

How to accept the offer of friendship? Scroll to the Inbox section of the Friends screen. Now you can accept all the offers of friendship.

How to add a friend from the multiplayer gaming lobby? Click on the "add friend" icon corresponding to the player you want to add. This icon is located in the rightmost column of the rating table, which appears at the end of each match.

How to invite a friend to the game? In the main menu, open the Friends screen and click on the "Invite" icon. Now you can invite a friend to the game.

What are Troops? A new feature in the game will allow you to create a squad or join an existing one. Squad - a group of people who play in the same team, the gameplay is simplified.

How to access the units? In the main menu there is a squad icon. Click on it and open this function.

How to open squads? To unlock this feature for free, reach level 5. If you dont want to wait, you can open Diamonds Squads.

What are the benefits of joining the squad? You can see if your teammates are online, whether they are participating in the match. If there is free space in this match, you can join it and even join the same team as your teammate. There are still special promotions only for unit fighters, the rewards for which will be larger than for regular ones. You can also use special power-ups in matches.

What are the benefits of special powerups? These special enhancements improve your performance in the match, for example, increase health or resistance to damage. You can find out more information by clicking on the gain icon.

What can be done in the squad? If you are in a squad, you can invite friends or other players to it based on their success in the match. If you are a squad leader, you can appoint other players as leaders, change squad requirements, or drive fighters out of a squad.

How to add a friend who does not have a Facebook account? Join one squad and add each other to your friends lists.

What rights do teammates have? The leaders of the squad can change the status of its other participants - raise or lower them, as well as invite or exclude participants and castles.

How to view friend stats? How to make diamonds?

How to get squad points? You must be a member of the squad and participate in the actions of the squad.