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Walking the Big Farm WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

BIG FARM: MOBILE HARVEST - Android game with release date 10/25/2017 from the Goodgame Studios company. Game Genre: Casual. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Big Farm download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Buildings and Improvements
  3. Fishing
  4. League Guide
  5. Subscriptions
  6. Account
  7. Common Problems
  8. Technical Issues

Big Farm: A Beginner’s Guide

Why does the game need gold and how to get it? Gold is the premium currency in Big Farm: Mobile Harvest, and buying it for a full game is not necessary. Of course, gold provides some advantages, and allows you to quickly develop a farm. Gold can be bought in a store, as well as rewarded for reaching a higher gaming level, for completing certain tasks and participating in events.

How to buy gold? Log into your account and click the gold purchase button at the top of the screen (where the account details and current gold supply are displayed).

You will be redirected to the gold store, where you can choose the desired package and payment method and click the checkout button. Please note that some packages are not available when using certain payment methods; such packages are displayed in gray. From the store you will go to the page of your chosen payment method, where you will be prompted to enter the details for payment. After you confirm the payment, you (and possibly your payment service provider) will receive a confirmation of purchase.

On the packages presented in the store, the number of percentages highlighted in red is often displayed. This number does not refer to the bonus that you will receive, but to the amount that you will save compared to buying the same number of rubies in the form of several smallest packages. Accordingly, the presence of this percentage does not mean that you will receive more rubies than indicated on the package.

How can I produce resources? You can produce resources (field crops, feed, eggs, milk, etc.) in production buildings. But it is worth noting that the amount of space on the farm is limited. Therefore, carefully plan how best to equip the farm, and do not forget to expand as soon as possible.

How can I get more workers? The number of employees increases with the purchase or improvement of residential and farmer houses.

My workers are unhappy. What to do? To increase the happiness of workers, you need to build more decorative items on your farm.

How do I join the league? You can join the league as soon as you reach level 9. In the list of leagues looking for players, click on any of them and send a request.

Where is my event reward? To receive a reward, you need to click on the coupon store button. If for some reason you close the game application before clicking the button, you can still get a reward. To do this, simply enter the game and click on the event itself.

Horse Racing: Why Can’t I Compete With George / Lester / Tessa? As soon as the competition button turns gray and stops responding, it means that you have reached the maximum number of victories. At the moment, the limit of victories is 220. But do not despair! It is possible that this restriction will be removed in the future.

Can I play Big Farm: New Harvest on several platforms (computer and mobile devices)? Now you can enter the account of your favorite game both from a computer and from any mobile device. If you already have an account created earlier, then you can log in using the same Facebook account.

Please note that this will only be possible if your first post was saved via Facebook. At the moment, not all game features are available, but they will be added later. If you also have an account on the browser version of the game, please note that you will not be able to log in there, because this game has a different technical setup.

Large Farm: Buildings and Improvements

How can I build buildings on a farm? In order to start building, go to the construction menu and select the building you need. Then you can choose a place to install it. Before using the building, you need to wait until it has finished building. In addition to buildings, in the construction menu you will also find fields and gardens.

Can I store buildings in my inventory? Unfortunately, transferring buildings to inventory is not possible. Only decorative items can be stored in inventory.

Can I rotate buildings? Turning buildings is possible. Click on the building you need and hold until it flashes. Then just press the rotate button.

Can I move buildings? To move a building, first make sure there is free space on the farm. Click on the building you need and hold until it flashes, then just drag it. If during the transfer the building is highlighted in red, then you do not have enough free space on the farm.

Turbo collector - a new button in the game! Now you have the opportunity to collect all types of crops on your farm instantly with just one click! The cost for each building will be 10 gold coins, the button will be located in the menu for switching between farms. When you hover over the button of the turbine picker, you will see information about the potential volume of farm production, when you press the button, you will take all the crop on the farm, the production of which has already been completed.

If you are not interested in this function, you can hide it in the menu. When using a turbine collector, storage capacities will be filled first, when overfilled, the remaining volumes of products will be transferred to contracts on the market (from left to top to bottom), the remaining products will be sold at the base price in ordinary dollars (direct sale from the warehouse).

How to remove / move a house for a cat? You can remove the cat house only when all the charm is collected and the building is unlocked. But you can always move the house. To do this, first click on the "Index" button on the main panel located at the very bottom of the screen. Then select the Move function. Next, just click on the house for the cat and you can move it. To exit this function, click on the "Return pointer" button, which looks like a crossed out red circle.

Why did the traveler’s boat level go down to level one? This can happen if the boat is not constantly maintained in proper form. She must be repaired every time she comes. If it so happens that the boat one day leaves in a destroyed state, then its level will immediately fall, and you will need to improve it again. Therefore, make sure that the hull, hold and cockpit of the vessel are at least partially repaired before it goes on a trip.

Appearances for buildings and how to use them. Appearances can be used on buildings to give them a more beautiful and interesting look. You can buy them in different offers or win events. To set the appearance, select the appropriate building, in the ring menu, click on the paint bucket, and then in the window that opens, set the desired appearance.

Please note that some exterior views can only be used on certain buildings. For example, the appearance of a cute free-range apple orchard can only be set on league apple orchards. For ordinary apple orchards, this appearance is not suitable. Before buying, you can always check which buildings are designed for appearance by pointing to the "Information" button.

Building Tokens and How to Use Them. Construction tokens provide access to an additional building cell. This new feature allows you to build / improve / demolish two buildings / decorative objects at the same time. As soon as you collect 50 tokens, an additional cell will be activated, and you can use it.

As soon as you accumulate 50 building tokens, any building or decorative item that you choose to build or upgrade will always be involved in a new building cell and will take away 50 tokens. This also includes decorative objects with the happiness of the village, which must be rebuilt every time after placing them in inventory. A dialog box will notify you when you have enough tokens to start using this cell, so plan your construction.

There is a limit of 50 tokens on the number of building tokens you can have in your inventory. This limit can be exceeded only once, after which you can no longer collect tokens. For example, you had 46 tokens, you received 10 - it became 56. Tokens will no longer be added. To get them again, you first need to use a one-time building cell and make room for new tokens. Therefore, do not be surprised if you see that tokens are dropped as a reward, but their number in the inventory does not increase.

Big Farm: Fishing

Bait does not count towards production. The game has two types of bait - regular and "special". The first 9 recipes at the docks give the usual bait from various types of fish.

The last six recipes give a special bait:

  1. Shellfish bait;
  2. Oyster bait;
  3. Shrimp bait;
  4. Herring bait;
  5. Lobster bait;
  6. Tuna bait.

Just this bait is what you need. If the contract requests a bait from tuna, then you need to start producing this particular special bait. If you are not sure which bait is necessary to fulfill the contract in the fish market, you can hover over it with a cursor and a prompt will appear.

How to open fishing region and docks? To unlock new deep-sea quests, it’s important to complete all previous fishing quests first. You can get these tasks from the fisherman Oleg, who can be found on three main farms. The last quest before the opening of Fishing in the open sea is called "Patience - silver, baubles - gold!". You will need to buy and use the Big Spinner. After you complete this task, a fishing region, docks, as well as a fish market will be available.

Not all quests in this quest series relate to catching fish. Some ask for wheat or donate cabbage.

How to fish in the fishing region? Wells with fish are randomly scattered and contain various types of fish. Both the holes and the fish appear in random order, so sometimes players can see only a certain type of fish, for example, only lobsters or only shrimps. The number of fish in each hole is limited. After the last fish is caught, the hole will disappear and appear elsewhere. If not all fish are caught, the hole will disappear after 24 hours. If the hole expires and at that time the boat is still fishing, the hole will disappear after the boat returns to the docks.

Fishing problems. Make sure that during fishing you click on the green rotating section only when it is at the top of the circle and when the arrow points to it. When pressed in any other position or place, the fish will not be caught and the fishing line will stand still. This innovation will be removed to facilitate the fishing process. But it is still recommended to use the method described above to speed up the capture of fish.

Big Farm: League Guide

League leader inactive! If the league leader is inactive, check to see if there are substitutes in your league. They have the same rights as the leader, and can start league projects and change its settings. If there are no deputies, then you have to wait a bit, maybe the leader will return to the game. Otherwise, the only way out is to create a new league. The developers are working to improve the league’s work system, and some changes may appear in the future, but it’s difficult to name a specific date.

Why doesn’t my league appear in the list of leagues looking for players? Leagues with more activity have more chances to get into the list of leagues that are looking for new players. The more active your league, the higher the chances. Come into the game every day, send loyalty points, take part in projects. It is important to note that any inactive player will pull the league down. Therefore, if such players are available, it would be best to exclude them.

Why are there no fish in the village pond? Goldfish will appear in the pond only on condition that you and your league manage to score at least one additional village happiness point for the league pond during the "Save the Goldfish" event. If you score at least one such point, the fish will certainly fall into the pond. Keep track of the amount of feed in the pond so that the fish do not starve! Otherwise, their number will gradually decrease. Pond feed can be produced in mills.

Big Farm: Subscriptions

What are subscription packages? Subscription packages provide you with additional in-game bonuses that give you some benefits. Several subscription packages are available for purchase. For example, a personal subscription gives bonuses directly to your game record, while an alliance / league subscription gives bonuses to all players who are members of it.

Read the subscription description to get an idea of what bonuses you will receive. Each package is active for 30 days, after which it is automatically updated.

How to buy a subscription? First you need to click on the button in the game and open the subscription window. In the window that opens, you will be presented with a complete list of available bonuses for each subscription, as well as its price. Follow the instructions in this window and enter your payment details to purchase any of the subscriptions. Each player can have all available subscriptions active at the same time, but they cannot be bought in one package.

You must buy each subscription separately. As soon as you subscribe and the money is withdrawn, gaming bonuses will become active. After a month, if you have not canceled the subscription, you will be charged again. This is an automatic payment, but you can change the payment method by canceling and re-subscribing.

How do I cancel my subscription? After you purchase a subscription, you will receive a confirmation email. Save this message, because with it you can then unsubscribe. Remember to use a valid email address! The subscription is valid until the date, and then it will be automatically renewed. You can cancel your subscription at any time and enjoy bonuses until the end date. Unsubscribing means that you will not be charged for the next month.

If you stop playing the game, you will still be charged for the subscription until you cancel it manually.

Big Farm: Account

How to change player name? Unfortunately, this is not possible. Once selected, the name is saved in the gaming system and cannot be changed. This will help to easily identify players and avoid confusing names. So think carefully about which name you want to use.

Can I transfer my account to another server? For technical reasons, transferring an account from one game server to another is not possible. This also applies to payments, as they are directly tied to the account. If you want to start the game from scratch on the current server, wait until the account expires. At the initial levels, it takes a week, with an increase in the level, this period gradually increases to 30 days.

You should not use both the old and the new accounts on the same server for the active game. This will prevent the expiration of the old entry and may be construed as the use of multiple accounts, for which penalties are provided.

I can not enter! (player name already exists / invalid password). Make sure that:

If this does not help, send a support screenshot of the main login page with the entered game data. Perhaps the problem is different, and a screenshot will help to fix it.

I do not remember my password. If you have forgotten your password, you can easily recover it by following these steps:

  1. Go to the main page of the game and click the login tab in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. Click "Forgot your password?".
  3. A dialog box will open in which you will be asked to enter the email address assigned to your account.
  4. Fill in the appropriate field and press the confirmation button. A message appears stating that you have been sent an email.

In this email you will find a link to the password reset page. On this page you can simply enter and confirm a new password. You will receive a message about the successful completion of the procedure. After that, you can return to the main page of the game, select the flag of your country and server at the bottom of the page, open the login tab in the upper right corner of the screen and enter your username and new password.

After you are sent an email, check the spam folder in your email inbox. Sometimes letters from developers fall into this folder.

How do I change the email address my account is tied to? For security reasons, only the help desk staff can change the current email address specified in your account. If you still have access to the email address registered in the game, contact support and reply to the automatic message about the receipt of the request using the address to which your account is currently linked. To speed up the processing of your request, include the following information in your response:

The answer sent from the email address registered in the game will confirm that you really are the owner of this account, and the provided information will allow you to quickly find your account and update the email address assigned to it.

Someone else has access to my account! Although these cases are often referred to as "account hacking," the reason for them is usually because the player did not pay enough attention to the issues of protecting his account data. Since players do not have the right to use other people’s accounts, developers investigate all such cases and take appropriate measures.

Please note that they apply sanctions against the violator, however, as a rule they do not compensate the damage caused to the account of the injured player. This means that sanctions caused by the actions of the violator are not lifted, and missing game items and premium currency are not returned. If someone else but you currently has access to your account, use the password reset procedure. After successfully logging in to your account, do not forget to change the temporary password provided to you so that only you have access to this account.

Save your account! It is highly recommended that you link your recording to Facebook or Google play, as this is the only way to save your game recording. This can be done in the game settings.

In the event of a phone breakdown or replacement, support will not be able to restore the game recording.

I lost my game recording. If your game record was linked to Facebook, download the application on your device again and click on the Facebook button in Settings. This also applies to players who play on Android, and have joined the record on Google Play. If the game record was not tied, you can contact the support team and they will try to help you, but it will not be possible to restore access to your account.

How can I log in to a game recording from another device? You can play on multiple devices by connecting your recording to Facebook or Google Play. To do this, click on the Facebook button in Settings. This also applies to players who play on android. In Settings, click on the Google Play button. Next, you will need to provide information about your Facebook or Google Play account and confirm the use of this application. After that, you can download the game on a new device and repeat the process described above.

My account was temporarily locked out. What’s the matter? If your account turned out to be locked, but when you try to log in, you don’t see how much time is left until the lock is released, and you did not receive any emails about the reasons for the lock, wait 10 minutes and try to enter the game again.

The so-called "short-term blocking" was recently introduced to prevent the use of unauthorized and potentially dangerous programs in the background. If your device has such a program, disconnecting from the game server will force it to stop. This ensures that your account is protected. If you encounter short-term blocking, make sure that you are not using bots and other automation programs.

Big Farm: Common Problems

Speed issues / performance issues. If you use the Edge browser, go to Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Developers are working on the speed and performance of the game and hope to improve them over time.

Game images do not load. What to do? If you have problems with images in the game or the game only partially loads, use the key combination "Ctrl" and "F5". This will reload the page, and should help solve the problem.

The game is slow. What to do? You can always try to turn off the animation and reduce the quality of the game, this can help fix the situation with braking. To do this, go to "Settings" through the menu in the upper right corner of the game and uncheck the box next to the "Show animation" field. There you can change the quality by choosing high, medium or low. You can also clear your browser’s cache and cookies.

I can not enter the game. What to do? First make sure that you are using the correct link for the game. Then completely clear your browser’s cache and cookies. Try using other browsers. If this does not help, you can contact support or leave a comment on the gaming forum. Thus, the developers will be notified and will be able to consider the problem in more detail.

A small chat window shows old messages. What to do? Just click on the chat window. This should help update it, and you will see new messages.

Some values are not displayed correctly in the game. What to do? The tested F5 button on your keyboard will reload the page and should in this case help correct this visual error. If after this the problem is still present, and you think that you have incurred losses, contact support and report the loss.

I installed a different browser and now I can not find the game! What should I do? Don’t worry, nothing will happen to your cows! If you installed a different browser for the game, and your bookmarks from the old browser were not transferred to the new one, then for the first time you may have some difficulties. However, you can easily find the game simply by going to its website and saving it in your browser bookmarks.

Big Farm: Technical Issues

The most important thing. Check out the following list of steps that can help solve the problem:

If, after all the above steps, you still encounter a problem, try entering the game using another browser, such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc. In case this also did not help, inform the support service so that they can help you.

Connection to the server is interrupted! The game is trying to load again. To fix this problem, go to the appropriate application store and make sure that the latest version of the game is installed on your device. Remember that downloading updates to your device does not always happen automatically. In addition, a stable Wi-Fi connection is required to install the update.

I am having connection problems when using Wi-Fi. If you have connection problems when using Wi-Fi, your router may be blocking the correct port. In order for the application to connect to the game servers, you must allow it access to port 443. If you need help to make the appropriate changes to the settings, contact your Internet provider (if the router was provided by the provider). If you purchased the router yourself, contact the manufacturer for additional instructions.

Article author: Nadezhda D.