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Walkthrough Big Business Deluxe: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BIG BUSINESS DELUXE is an Android game with the release date of August 16, 2013 from Game Insight. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Guide for Beginners
  2. The City and Its Residents
  3. Profit and Production
  4. Transportation
  5. Construction
  6. Sociality
  7. Corporations
  8. Corporate Events
  9. Rating Points
  10. Trading Port
  11. Trading Battles
  12. Intergalactic Arena
  13. Robots

Big Business Deluxe: A Guide for Beginners

How to play? Make your business the most successful and prosperous! Build production buildings and sign lucrative contracts. Make money selling high-quality products. Follow the latest market trends and give happiness to the residents of your city. Become a truly Big Businessman by building your own business empire!

How to make money? The main income comes from the sale of goods produced by you, as well as profit and entertainment buildings. Complete the tasks of your assistants and get prizes for this, and having achieved mastery in any business - well-deserved rewards. Try to comprehensively develop your business, and all financial flows will be in your hands!

How to increase your level? The more experienced you become, the higher your level. Build buildings, conclude profitable contracts, collect people from residential buildings, save citizens from fires and illnesses, get rewards, and your level will grow steadily!

Why do we need electricity? Each of the buildings consumes a certain amount of electricity - it is indicated in the characteristics window. With a shortage of electricity, you will not be able to build new buildings.

How to increase electricity? To increase electricity, it is necessary to build windmills and power plants. They are sold in the Store, Service Buildings tab.

Why is the administrative building necessary? The administrative building is the center of construction of the entire city. The higher the level of the building, the more buildings you can build.

Where can I buy buildings? You can purchase any building in the Store. The Store icon is located in the lower left corner of the screen.

Why do you need a garage? Garage - the center of all cargo transportation of the city. Here you can buy new cars and see the number of already purchased.

What is a warehouse? Warehouse is the business center of your business. Here you can store and sell your goods.

Big Business Deluxe: The City and Its Residents

What is happiness? Happiness is the main indicator of the standard of living of citizens. You cannot increase the level of the population if your inhabitants are unhappy.

How to increase the level of happiness? Citizens make entertainment buildings happy. Each of them increases the level of happiness in accordance with its own indicator, which can be viewed in the window of building characteristics. You can buy entertainment buildings in the Store.

Why increase the population? The main place of employment for city residents is your factories. If the population is small - production begins to run out of workers, and you cannot build new production buildings.

Why are buildings burning in the city? Fire can begin in any building on the map. To put out the fire, just click on the building. A building does not make a profit while it burns.

What does the red cross above the building mean? The red cross appears only above the apartment building - this means that its inhabitants are sick, and the accumulation of residents by the house is suspended.Click on the building to call the rescuers. After that, the accumulation of residents by the house will immediately resume.

How to change the name of the city? In the upper left corner of the screen there is a sign with the inscription "My city". By clicking on it, you will see a window with a proposal to change the name. Enter the desired city name and click "OK."

Big Business Deluxe: Profit and Production

What are industrial buildings for? Production buildings generate the main income. It is they who produce goods that you can profitably sell or use in the next production.

What is a contract? A contract is a contract for the manufacture of goods that you conclude with production.Each production building has its own set of contracts - it is displayed in the building’s characteristics window. To view all possible contracts, click on the "Contracts" icon on the bottom panel of the screen.

What are city loans? City loans are a special currency. Winning the pinnacles of Big Business using this currency will be much faster. With city loans, you can purchase special and exclusive buildings that make residents happy more than others, instantly accelerate the construction or improvement of the building, buy additional places in the Storage, acquire useful bonuses and much more.

How to earn city loans? City loans - a rare currency, and therefore valuable. You can get them only when you reach a new level, some rewards or at the bank.

What does the "Zzz" sign above the production building stand for? The "Zzz" icon indicates that this production is idle. You are losing money!

Are there any bonuses in the game? You can use four types of bonuses. The experience bonus increases the experience gained for fulfilling the contract, the production bonus reduces the production time of the goods, the population bonus increases the population growth, and the luck bonus increases the chance of finding a useful item. Each of these bonuses can be purchased for city loans.

Big Business Deluxe: Transportation

Why do we need cars? Machines transport goods for production and deliver products to the warehouse.

What is the difference between different types of machines? Each type of machine transports certain goods:

How to buy a car? You can buy a car only in the Garage. Click on the Garage building, then on the "Garage" button. After you will see a window for buying cars. To purchase one of them, click on the image of the desired car and select the currency to pay.

Where can cars drive? Cars can only ride on the road.

A road icon with an exclamation mark appeared above the building. What does it mean? If you saw such an icon above the production building, it means that it is not connected by road with the Garage and Warehouses. If the icon appeared above a residential building or entertainment building, there is no road next to it.

Big Business Deluxe: Construction

Where can I build buildings? You can build buildings in any free place on the territory of the city accessible to you, but next to the road.

Why upgrade buildings? With the improvement of the building, its characteristic parameters increase: productivity, capacity, etc.

Why speed up construction? The construction of a factory or factory, a chic sushi bar or a fashion boutique is a painstaking and long business. It is unfair to wait for several hours to finish construction while others are collecting profits! Grow your business by leaps and bounds, accelerating the construction of buildings.

Does money come back when demolishing a building? When a building is demolished, the money spent by you on its purchase is not returned. On the contrary, you yourself pay a certain amount of coins for dismantling.

How to build a road? Click the "Road" icon on the bottom of the screen. Choose the necessary cells to build the road. At the same time, green cells are the usual terrain, brown cells are the road itself.

What is a vault? The Repository contains buildings that you have already built, but for some reason decided to remove from the map until better times.

Big Business Deluxe: Sociality

Why add players as friends? Supporting friends in building their own business will bring many benefits!Friends can visit each other, helping to carry out various work, and give the necessary gifts.

How to help friends? You can help friends by visiting their city. Assistance can only be provided in industrial buildings. Friends can help you only if production is started in the building, do not forget about it.

What are ratings and how to get there? Only the richest, most experienced, and most importantly, friendly and sociable players can win the top of the ratings. But for the real business mover there should be nothing impossible!

Why read a blog? If you want to keep abreast of the latest updates of Big Business, participate in promotions and receive gifts - do not forget to read the game’s blog regularly. Keeping abreast is the motto of this Big Business Man!

Big Business Deluxe: Corporations

What is a corporation? A corporation is an association of businessmen that opens up new horizons for your business. You will be able to participate in corporate events, conclude even more profitable contracts and find business partners who share your interests. A separate chat is also available for corporations, where businessmen can coordinate their efforts, or it’s just nice to talk when the business plan is already completed.

How to join a corporation? To join an existing corporation, you need to build a business center. After construction, you will have the choice of creating your own corporation or joining an existing one. If you select "Find a corporation", you can find the corporation that is closest to you in spirit. Remember that you can only apply to one corporation. You can withdraw your application at any time. The maximum waiting time for consideration of an application is two days, after which the application will be automatically withdrawn.

How to create your own corporation? To create a corporation, you need to build a business center. After construction, you will have the choice of creating your own corporation or joining an existing one. If you decide to create your own corporation, you will be asked to select the name and logo of the corporation, as well as create a brief description that other players will see.

Be careful, the name of the corporation may contain only Latin letters, and after creating the corporation you will not be able to change its name.

How to leave a corporation? In order to leave the corporation, you should find yourself in the list of the corporation and click the "Exit" button. All your progress in the current corporation will be lost.

How to disband a corporation? In order to dissolve your corporation, you must first expel the remaining participants from it. Then you can leave the corporation yourself, on this its existence will end. Remember that all the progress of the corporation will be lost forever! Dissolve a corporation can only its head.

Big Business Deluxe: Corporate Events

What are corporate events? Corporate events are tasks for members of your corporation. Tasks can be both personal and general:

Why participate in corporate events? Corporate events bring rating points that raise the rating of the corporation, as well as the rating of all players in it. In addition, for the timely completion of tasks, you can get rewards in the form of coins, experience, city loans and valuable items.

Big Business Deluxe: Rating Points

Why do I need rating points? Rating points allow you to identify the most influential corporations and the most influential players in Big Business.

How to get rating points? In order for the corporation to receive rating points, players must successfully complete various corporate events. The more successful a corporation copes with its tasks, the more rating points it earns.

How are rating points awarded? Rating points for contracts made are awarded only when the event is fully completed, regardless of the speed of completion. After the event, rating points are credited for each contract executed by the player, regardless of the success of the assignment. When completing the assignment on time, you and your corporation will receive a greater number of rating points as well as valuable prizes as a reward.Rating points will be credited to the account of the corporation. A similar number of rating points will be divided between the players, depending on their contribution to the common cause.

Big Business Deluxe: Trading Port

Is it mandatory to fill all ship containers? What for? For each filled container you get a reward in the form of experience and money (more than for a sale from the warehouse). For filling all ordinary containers you will receive an additional reward.

What is a VIP container? For filling a VIP container you get three times more experience and money than for filling a regular container.

How to open more containers? The number of regular containers increases with your level. The number of VIP containers depends on the level of the Trading Port.

Why did the ship leave, although I did not have time to fill all the containers? The ship is in Porto a certain time. If you manage to fill all the simple containers, you will receive a reward in the form of experience, city loans and one anchor.

How can I change the type of resources that need to be loaded into the ship? You cannot change the type of resources yourself. Resources change automatically after the ship leaves the flight. You can instantly send an unfilled ship on a flight by clicking on the button with the image of the ship.

How to ask friends for help? What for? When you click on the container, the button "Ask friends for help" will appear on the right side of the window. Friends will help you manage to fill the ship and get an additional reward. When the ship enters the Port, you can ask for help no more than four times and only about ordinary containers.

How to help a friend? When your friend asks for help, an icon with an exclamation mark appears near his avatar (for example, in the list of friends). To help a friend, you need to visit him and click on Trading Port. After opening the Port window, you will see the containers that need to be filled.

What will I get for helping friends? Filling a friend’s container, you receive not only a monetary reward, but also a chance to find an anchor.

How to improve the Commercial Port? Load ships, set them sailing and get anchors for it. Having accumulated a sufficient number of anchors, you can improve the Commercial Port.

Where to get anchors to improve the port? An anchor is issued for filling all simple containers on a ship.

How do I know what resources will be needed to fill the next ship? Click on the port while the ship is sailing. You will see a window with the resources necessary to fill the next ship.

Big Business Deluxe: Trading Battles

How to find a game? To take part in the Trade Battles, you need to build a headquarters. Select one of the available modes. A window will open in which you can see the rating of the best players and a possible reward. To start the game you need fuel. Replenish stocks by clicking on the "+" sign. You can also wait: the fuel supply will recover over time. Press the button "To the battle!": The selection of the contestants will begin. This will take some time, so do not rush out of the game.

How to play? To get started, click on the button in the lower left corner of the screen to open the Command Center window. Build a garage and get your first car. It’s time to start the capture! Select the farm closest to your Command Center and complete one of the available tasks. Now this farm belongs to you and brings income.

What is income, and why is it needed? Income in mega-loans is the main resource of Trade battles. It is produced by farms and factories, and also - in small quantities - by the Command Center. Spending income on building garages, buying cars, completing tasks in buildings, as well as capturing the Large Warehouse and receiving the main reward. Your income is displayed at the top of the screen.

How to capture a building? Influence points are required to capture a building. The player with the greatest influence in a particular building owns it and receives income from it. The more influence points the owner of the building has, the higher his income. You can find out the number of points of influence of players in each specific building by opening the information window. To do this, click on the "Information" button, which is located under the image of the desired building. For points of influence, complete the tasks available in the building. To complete the tasks, resources are needed, as well as free transport.

What is a transport? Vehicles are used to capture buildings, open chests, and also to clear roads. Each car needs a separate garage. In total, several types of trucks are available in the game: the more expensive the truck, the faster it moves around the map. To purchase faster machines, you need to raise the level of the Command Center.

Please note: each next garage requires more time and resources to build.

How to increase the level of the Command Center? Complete tasks in buildings on the map: each point of influence you receive increases the level of the Command Center. Raising the level of the Command Center opens up the possibility for you to buy faster cars and build new garages.

What does the inscription "No road" mean? There must be a road between the selected building and your Command Center to send vehicles on a mission. Make sure that there are no rocks along the route of the car, and all the bridges belong to you.

What is stock and how to use it? During the operation of farms and factories, part of the income is accumulated in reserve. If the owner of the building changes, the new owner receives all the accumulated stock.

How to get the main award? Time for one game is limited. When one of the players completes the task in the Large Warehouse, the game ends, and this player receives the main award. If time is up, but no one has completed the task at the Large Warehouse, the winner will be considered the most active player with the most rating points.

Big Business Deluxe: Intergalactic Arena

How to start a contest? To take part in competitions, it is necessary to build an arena. Inside the arena you can find the rating of the best players, a possible reward and start the battle. To start a battle, willpower is needed. The will can be replenished by clicking on the icon of swords, or wait until it is replenished with time. Press the button "To battle!". After that, the selection of participants in the competition will begin. It will take some time, do not rush to leave the game. When all participants are identified, you will automatically be taken to the competition window or receive a system message.

How to fight? To battle you need a weapon. You can exchange it with city residents or buy it directly in the competition window. To cause damage, select a weapon and click the "Use" button.

Please note that weapons need time to reload. More expensive weapons have more damage.

How to win? To win, you must first empty your opponent’s energy scale. Try to use all available weapons immediately after they reload.

How is the reward determined? You will receive a unique chest, money, experience and glory points as a reward for victory. In collective competitions, the reward depends on how actively you participated in the battle and what place you took. Go to the arena and click on the "Reward" button to find out more about the prizes. Try to win before the race ends. If time runs out, both sides will lose. Do not be discouraged if you did not manage to defeat your opponents. You will receive an incentive prize for the damage done.

What are fame points for? Fame points are needed to rank the best players. Depending on the place in the ranking, you will receive an additional unique award at the end of the promotion. Go to the arena and click on the "Rating" button to find out more about your rating and possible reward.

Big Business Deluxe: Robots

Why do we need a Robotarium? Robotarium is the latest center of modern robotics, high technology in the service of your business. Buy a robot here - upgrade your business!

What are robots for? Robots will become loyal assistants and will fulfill complex contracts for you. You have a rest - robots work!

What is the difference between robots? Each robot has a unique set of initial characteristics. Improve the Robotarium, and more advanced robots will open for you.

What characteristics do robots have? The higher the characteristics, the better the robot works:

How can I improve the robot? The robot gains experience for any contract it fulfills. With each level received, the robot will improve its characteristics and learn how to fulfill all new contracts.

Can a robot execute several contracts at the same time? A robot cannot execute several contracts at the same time, but it can do them in turn. The number of contracts in the queue can be increased to 5.

What is robot energy? Robots require energy to execute contracts. You cannot start the task until the robot recovers a sufficient amount of energy. When the robot is free from contracts, energy is automatically restored.

Why is the robot in a pending status? The robot is "on hold" when the factory it needs to operate is busy with production or another robot is doing a job there.

How to remove a robot or change its name? Open the profile window to change the name of the robot or delete it.

Attention: robots are deleted forever, without the possibility of recovery!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.