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BOOM BEACH is a game for android with the release date of 06/06/2014 from the company Supercell. In the article, we summarized the official game guides, developers "answers to players" questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Boom Beach download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Hyde for beginners
  2. Passing Secrets
  3. Useful Tips for the Game
  4. Guide on Troops and Heroes
  5. Weapons and Tank Prototypes Guide
  6. All about operations groups
  7. Dr. Tiís Megacrab
  8. Tips for passing Events and bosses
  9. Sculptor Guide
  10. Hyde by Power Stones
  11. Tribe Guide
  12. Gunboat Abilities
  13. Warship
  14. Developer Answers to Playersí Questions

Boom Beach: Hyde for beginners

How to attack other players? In Boom Beach, you can only attack islands that are visible on the map. The game does not have the "Find an opponent" function. You will meet with other players, who are called mercenaries of the Guardians of Darkness, while moving on the map or during attacks on your territory.

Opponents are selected from the list of players with the same number of victory points. This ensures that you will fight with players about your level. The liberation of each island will bring you victory points. And liberated residents in gratitude will give you some gold.

When freeing the island, remember that the forces of evil will wish to return it, and you may have to send troops back there. After all, the Guardians of Darkness are not asleep! (Stylish guys, by the way.) Having liberated all the islands, you can either wait until the Guardians of Darkness strike back, or you can improve the radar yourself and discover new lands. The attack will cost you a certain amount of gold, while the cost of the attack will increase with the increase of your level.

What is gold for? Ways of use depend on your level in the game. At first, gold will be needed for training the troops, for exploring new sites on the map, and also for attacking the Guardians of Darkness. Later, you can use gold to improve your troopsí equipment, mines, and gunboat characteristics. In addition, after the submarine is opened (at the 9th headquarters level), you can send it in search of sunken treasure for gold!

How does gunboat work? Gunboat is one of the most important weapons in a battle. It provides fire support and carries equipment. Depending on its level, you can choose one of the types of charge: artillery, flare, first-aid kit, shock projectile, fire squall, smoke screen and critters.

The gunboat has a certain firepower, information about which can be seen by touching the small information button. After each use of the gun, the amount of firepower decreases. The small icon of the selected item indicates how much firepower the item uses. Remember that for each destroyed building you get 3 points of firepower. You need to think strategically! One last thing: You can improve the gunboatís weaponry in the armory. After that, the firepower of the gunboat will increase.

Everything you need to know about paratroopers. Here are some useful information about your landing craft!

Unlocking new sites. To explore new zones in the archipelago, upgrade the radar, and then open up the zones around you, paying for gold clouds to disperse the clouds.

Warning: if you break up a lot of clouds and decide to improve your radar again, not all clouds at the level will be available. In order for new zones to appear, you will have to first disperse other available clouds.

How do I move buildings? To move a building, tap it. You can easily change the layout of the base by dragging one building to another: they will simply swap places! It works both on the main base and on the extractive base.

How to get more experience points (XP)? You can gain experience points by increasing the level of troops in the armory or creating buildings and conducting improvements. Click on the blue circle in the upper left corner of the screen to see how many experience points you have and how many you need to score to go to the next level.In order to increase the level of headquarters, you need a certain amount of experience points. This is done because we want a uniform development of the headquarters, other buildings and player troops, because the opposite will negatively affect the gameplay.

Map cleared - what next? Release all the islands is not so easy! Now or improve the radar, or scatter the new clouds and find new opponents so that your troops do not get bored, celebrating a great victory. You can also join the task force and smash the Guardians of Darkness together! And also remember that Lieutenant Hammerman and his evil hangers-on are not asleep and will certainly try to win back the bravely liberated islands. This may take some time, but soon the Guardians of Darkness will attack your territory again.

How to train troops? Tap the paratrooper ship and click the "Add squad" button. Choose the type of squad you want to train, or add to the group that has thinned out in battle. Select the type of squad you want to train (for example: The mountain trains the shooter longer). You can also train all troops by touching the gray troops icon on the right side of the screen.

If you want to change troops, tap the gun, then select the add button and then "change troops." Troop price will be refunded. In order to strengthen the troops, you need to go into the armory and improve their weapons.

How to manage the troops in battle? To control the troops in two ways: choosing a place for disembarkation and signaling rockets. When you touch the coast to which you want to send a paratrooper, the landing place is marked with a flag. Leaving the paratrooper, the troops will approach the flag, and then attack the nearest target.

The signal rocket will be available on the cannon after the first headquarters upgrade. All troops will move to the signal rocket while it is burning, and will attack the building marked by it. Remember that a flare is more important than a flag. If you launch a rocket before the troops reach the flag on the coast, they will forget about the flag and move to the rocket in the shortest way - this can lead them straight to a minefield. The right time is our everything!

How to improve the troops? To improve the troops, guns and guns mines you need a weapon. It will open at the 4th headquarters level. All improvements will remain forever, so choose wisely.

Boom Beach: Passing Secrets

How does the system of selection of opponents?

In Boom Beach, you will have two types of opponents: other players (called mercenaries of the Dark Guardians or "PvP") and computer controlled opponents (called the Guardians of Darkness or "NPC"). The PvP opponents selection system is mainly based on the number of victory points. Depending on the number of victory points, the system will also take into account the level of headquarters while searching for another player to fight. This double selection system changes as you progress through the game:

And NPC opponents just get stronger as you go. But it will bring you more "buns". Also remember that the number of opponents on the archipelago is limited. Their number depends on the level of the radar. As soon as the number reaches the limit, you will have to defeat any of the existing opponents before you can be attacked by new ones. If there are many NPC bases on the map, you will most likely be offered PvP invasion, and vice versa.

How is mining calculated?

All for prey! But how is it calculated? Here is what I tell you:

All you need to know about invasions!

So that you do not miss, the game regularly looks for new opponents to you. There are two types of opponents:

Each radar level has a specific coverage area. This means that if there are a certain number of opponents (NPC and PVP) on the archipelago map, the game will not allow sending new opponents. Below you can see the scale of coverage corresponding to different levels of the radar:

Some more important facts:

Information about the chances of intrusion will be displayed on the radar screen.

I can not go on! The game has become too difficult!

Like most games, Boom Beach becomes more difficult as you progress. And over time you get to the point where it seems that you are stuck. The game was designed to find rivals that match your level. That is, you usually deal with an opponent whose base has about the same number of victory points as yours. Accordingly, the more you earn victory points, the more powerful opponents you will come across.

The range of victory points is chosen so that you can have many opponents. Sometimes you can face a strong opponent, but on your map there is always someone you can beat.

If at some stage of the game you are stuck, then what can be done:

Also remember that some time after the appearance of the enemy on the map, the "Find another enemy" function will appear. If your base will be defeated by other players, the number of victory points will decrease, and you will be given easier opponents. In Boom Beach, the strategy of the game is very important. You have to think carefully about what will be more correct and when: what should be the next move, what improvement of the building you need now, when to collect the OP and OG rewards, and so on. To make it easier to understand which strategies and troops work best, we recommend that you look at the YouTube channel.

Meeting with the mysterious Businesswoman

A businesswoman visits your base once a week. She left a buoy in the water area of your base so you can know when she will sail again. Despite the fact that the boxes of the Businesswoman are the only source of hero tokens, they also contain randomly selected resources. While the Businesswoman is in your port, you will see three offers from her. On her next visit, the offers will be updated, so do not miss them!

Box Businesswoman. The Businesswoman box is the only source of hero tokens. The box of the Businesswoman is purchased for coupons, which can be found in the box with supplies, among daily rewards, as well as in the proposals of the Businesswoman. You will receive the first box of the Businesswoman free of charge.

Three weekly deals. Each week, the Businesswoman will bring three additional offers, the same for all players.

Answers to questions about the database designer

How can I complain about the database? Click on the "Report" button on the page of a specific database and fill out the form that appears.

Do I rely on any game resources for testing the base? No, that would be unfair. If the base is chosen and it appears in the game, other users will be able to attack it and receive resources as a reward for winning.

Why are the frames in the gallery painted in different colors? Silver frame means that the base has not yet been selected for inclusion in the game. Do not forget to vote for her! When the base is selected for inclusion in the game, the frame color changes to gold. After that, the base will be in the hall of fame. A black frame indicates a base that has not yet been published.

What will I get if my base is selected for inclusion in the game? An occasion to boast, fame and love of members of the community ... Something like that. Your content will appear in the game! Its cool! In addition, they sometimes encourage you with gaming resources. So be cunning.

Why canít I build all the buildings in the game? Since the constructor is intended for building the bases of Lieutenant Hammerman, you can build the same buildings as he. So it will be more honest.

How is the selection of bases in the hall of fame? If other players like your base, rumors of it may reach Lieutenant Hammerman. He is now very busy with preparations for the high fashion week, so he can make a final decision after his return.

How do buildings affect base defense? Good question! We ourselves do not know. It must be some kind of secret ... The turtle must know, she knows everything!

Can I choose my gaming name? Yes, but keep in mind that these names are not unique.

Do I need to log in to test the database? Not. This is a free world!

How to tag my base? Tags are attributed during the posting process.

How to add my database to the competition? So that your base can take part in the competition, do not forget to attribute to it the tag with the name of the competition.

How often will new contests be held? This is known only to the turtle.

How to change the name of your base? The name of the database can be changed only before publication, by clicking on it in the upper left corner of the designer, or during the publication process.

How to keep the base? To automatically save your database, register and log in to your account.

My base does not violate the Terms of Use, but it still complained about it. What should I do? An email has been sent to your email address with further instructions. In it you will also find a link to the pre-filled form to the support service address.

I am having difficulty using the database constructor. Check out the Boom Beach section on our official forums.

What is the designer of the Guardians of Darkness? The Dark Sentinel Base Constructor allows you to create an incredibly strong Lieutenant Hammerman base so that you and other players can try to defeat it. You can go to the database designer from any device at this link: https://basebuilder.boombeach.com/ Create your database, publish it and immediately try to break it!

You can also like other playersí bases and share them with friends. The Boom Beach team can include the best bases in the game, so do your best! If you have any questions about the database designer, read the FAQ section: https://basebuilder.boombeach.com/faq/

Boom Beach: Useful Tips for the Game

Share replays! - Share your replays! You held a grand battle and want to share it with an operations group?Simply select a battle during the fighting and tap share. The recording will appear in the groupís chat room, and all participants will be able to see it. You can even add a joyful comment yourself to praise your tactics.

Save different base layout! Starting from level 13 headquarters, players can save 2 different layouts. New cells will open when the headquarters reaches the 14th, 16th, 18th and 20th levels.

You can arrange everything on the base to your liking by opening the page of layouts. To do this, tap the headquarters and select the icon with the crossed arrows . Then tap the layout cell and select "Save." You can also give a layout a name . The current layout is saved in the cell. Then you can rearrange everything and save the second layout, and so on.

What you need to remember.

Why do I get back only 50% of the resources when I cancel the improvement? This reduction is necessary to prevent fraud. If all players could undo improvements when they feel like it, while completely getting back wood, stone and iron, then these resources (of which there can be a lot) during the improvement would actually be hidden from opponents for this period of time. Such a trick would allow players to hide loot from invaders as many times as possible without any additional difficulties and costs, getting resources back at any time. That is why only half of the resources are returned when canceled.

If you spend on improving diamonds, then at the beginning of an improvement they turn into the necessary resource (wood, stone or iron). But resources cannot turn back into diamonds; therefore, if you cancel the improvement, you will receive a refund in the form of resources. Several steps of confirmation have been added to the game, so before a player begins to improve, a player is asked several times if he really wants to do this. The same thing happens when you cancel the improvement.

Achievement "Hero of War" - how does it work? Achievement "Hero of War" takes into account your best score on points, not accumulated achievements. The achievement scale will display your highest winning points from the start of the game. In other words, even if you lose the battle and lose victory points, then on the scale of achievement their number will not change, but it will increase if you break the previous record.

For example, if you now have 101 victory points, but the maximum was 105, then the achievement scale will show 105 points. And its data will be updated only if you beat the previous record, for example, by typing 106 points.You will receive this achievement as soon as you earn the required number of points for the stage.

Why do you need a player tag? You can find out your player tag by touching your username on the base!Thatís what it is for:

  1. Loss of account: if you ever lose access to your account and want to restore it, the new tag will make it much faster.We recommend just in case to take a screenshot with the tag to be ready for anything.
  2. Rude Commanders: despite the use of blocking systems, language filters, and administrator intervention to keep obscene behavior to a minimum, some players still find a way to poison the atmosphere of the game. So, if you meet a player who plays by the rules or insults others, please include in your message a screen shot with his tag (go to his base, click on the name so that the playerís tag can be seen, take a screen shot).

Ranks and awards. Ranks show how successful your campaign is in fighting the Dark Guard. There are a total of 12 ranks, and each of them has 3 levels. Higher ranks give access to better rewards. Touch your rank (under the name) to open the reward information page. Here you can find current and future rewards.

There are 6 options for rewards. For each type (daily reward or treasure chest), the game selects from these six three random options.

How do I add friends? If you play on an iOS device, you can add friends by connecting to Facebook and / or Game Center. Facebook and Game Center friends playing at Boom Beach should appear on your friend list. If you play on your Android device, you can add friends by connecting to Facebook. Facebook friends playing Boom Beach will be on your friend list.

Where is the arm button gone ?! Sometimes the arm button can disappear for several reasons:

Comparison of damage from a shot with damage per second. Do you know that damage from defenses can be calculated in various ways? In Boom Beach, damage per second is the main method of calculating damage.However, if you touch the small fire icon on the information window of any weapon, you will have access to additional information called "shot damage".

In some cases, the damage from the shot may clarify what happened to your troops. For example, the Gun Boom can destroy the Mountain with just one or two shots due to the damage from the shot (of course, the level of the Gun and the Mountain is taken into account). Since the Gun Boom cannot shoot every second, she has increased damage from the shot!

Leave notes and plan your strategy! Archipelago: Leave notes on your PvP opponent bases to plan your attack! Spying on the base, you will see a small icon with a letter on the right side of the screen. Touch it to make a note about this base. The left note can be viewed from the archipelago map by touching the enemy. Notes are only available for PvP opponents. On the bases of the NPC there are none!

Operations: You can also leave notes during operations on power bases. They can be made by leaders, co-heads and officers.

All notes are saved automatically! Write down the text and Boom Beach will save it for you.

How do mining bases work? Exploring the archipelago after improving Radar, you will find Mining bases. In order to get the resources produced by the outposts, you must first conquer them. But be careful! Other players also want to get more resources and try to recapture your bases. The struggle for the mining base can go quite a long time.

Every time when the mining base changes its owner, its buildings are automatically improved or new fortifications are built (you yourself cannot change anything). Remember that sometimes not all buildings improve immediately, otherwise the complexity of the mining base would increase too quickly. Remember also that the performance of the mining base does not change. After several days of struggle, you will see the "Find another enemy" button, which will allow you to start searching for another mining base with a different owner.

Save your favorite combination of troops with the help of troops! Need to change strategy? No problems! To quickly change the composition of the army, save your favorite combinations of warriors and heroes, as well as the abilities of heroes, and use them when you want!

This feature opens at the 10th level of the gunboat. It can be found by touching the gunboat and selecting the blue icon of the troops. The 10th level cannon has two cells for saving combinations. More cells will open at the 13th, 16th, 19th and 21st levels of the gunboat.

Are trees growing back? You can clean trees on the main and mining bases. You will have to pay for it with gold, but in return you will receive wood. Some trees can only be removed at a certain headquarters level. At the main base, they will grow again, but not at the miners. Every 13 hours with a probability of 40% on the home base will grow a new tree.

Remember: at your home base can be simultaneously 60 trees.

Can we have more builders? Great news! You can hire additional builders at the diamond store. Thanks to this, you can simultaneously work on two buildings: build or upgrade.

Boom Beach: Guide on Troops and Heroes

Everything you need to know about the heroes!

Heroes are mighty warriors who have joined forces with you to fight the Guardians of Darkness. The first hero, Sergeant Brick, appears when headquarters reaches 4th level after you have restored the abandoned hut. Captain Everspark appears after the defeat of the military factory of Colonel Girhart (a level 15 radar is required). Private Bullet appears after capturing level 55 Hammerman base.

What is special about the characters?

Who is a businesswoman? A businesswoman visits your submarine base every week. You can follow its appearance with a buoy in your base. She will start sailing as soon as you open the first hero.

How to improve the hero?

Hero Portrait: Sergeant Brick

Sergeant Brick appears in the game while upgrading headquarters to 4th level, after you have restored the abandoned hut. All heroes use two types of attacks: the passive skill of the hero and the three abilities of the hero.

Passive hero skill. Each time, choosing a new target, Sergeant Brick will throw a grenade at her. Improving the hero increases the damage done by the grenade. The attack passes automatically.

Abilities of the hero. In the battle, you can use only one ability of the hero.

Abilities consume canonerk charges, and to improve them need hero tokens.

Hero Portrait: Dr. Cavan

Dr. Kavan appears in the game after the destruction of the Hammerman headquarters level 25. To find the base of Hammerman, you need a level 7 radar. The doctor will act like doctors and heal the troops.

His passive ability is called "Encouragement" : every time he heals a warrior, he also briefly gains the ability to reduce the damage done to him. Improve Dr. Kavan to further reduce the damage done to soldiers.

His crisscritters will appear as ordinary critters, but, unlike the latter, they help restore the health of wounded soldiers. Improve ability to increase the number of critters produced.

Temporary ice sheets protect troops in the radius of their action. Shields disappear after a time or if they absorb a certain amount of damage. Improved ability to strengthen the shield.

"Second breath" helps to resurrect the dead comrades. Improve ability to resurrect warriors occupying more space on paratroopers. If you do not have the dead or their resurrection is impossible, you just get additional shooters.

Hero Portrait: Captain Everspark

Captain Everspark appears in the game when you find and smash Colonel Gehrhartís military factory.This base can be found after the improvement of the radar to the 15th level. In addition, you may receive a distress signal from one of the sectors on the archipelago map ... If you have already destroyed a military factory, visit the heroís hut to find out how to find Captain Everspark.

All heroes use two types of attacks: the passive skill of the hero and the three abilities of the hero.

Passive hero skill. Three critters appear from her backpack at regular intervals. Captain improvement speeds up the appearance of critters.

Abilities of the hero. In the battle, you can use only one ability.

Abilities consume canonerk charges, and to improve them need hero tokens.

How do doctors work? A medic who can heal troops can be trained when headquarters reaches level 15. It will increase the survival rate of the soldiers to help you carry out the perfect attack. A medic is the only kind of soldier who is not affected by a flare, as he always follows wounded soldiers. Doctors can also treat each other because they know how to play well in a team. Planted physicians only to support the main troops, since they themselves can not cause damage.

Grenadier. Grenadier will open at the 16th headquarters level. This is a large and strong long-range warrior. Deals damage over zones, but not very accurately. His accuracy increases when he approaches the goal. If you want the grenadier to destroy the target faster, send it to the target with a signal rocket. Just remember, if you take the grenadiers too close to the target, they can inflict disjointed damage on each other with grenades. Attacking some grenadiers, try to keep track of time. If you combine the grenadiers with other troops, be careful when dropping your soldiers in front of the grenadiers - they can get distracted!

Dashing fighter. The fire brigade opens at headquarters level 18. Unlike his friends on the tank, the fire brigade moves faster, but shoots from a shorter distance. For the landing of one fire brigade requires 10 kanonerki charges. The fire brigade attacks a structure for a few seconds, and then proceeds to another goal, even if the first one has not yet been destroyed.

If you want gunmen to attack a specific structure, it is best to use a signal flare. This will allow you to direct the fire bosses to the target manually The ognevik has a large amount of health, but relatively little damage per second, considering how much space it takes; It is best to use it as a human shield to cover the warriors, causing major damage. The fire bomber, who has lost all his health, explodes, causing damage to everything around him - including your soldiers!

Frost. Appearing at the 20th level of the headquarters, Freeze freezes enemy buildings, slowing them down and causing moderate damage. She moves at an average speed and shoots at a medium distance, so this is a great helper! But be careful! Her icy spirit can overtake your soldiers if they get into the line of fire!

Portrait of a Hero: Private Bullet

Upgrade your radar to the 19th level, and you can find the 55th level Hammerman base. On this base, ordinary Bullitt is hiding, which is legendary among members of the resistance. Release him to join the army.

His passive skill is a pain threshold . That is, it can withstand a serious blow, so it perfectly copes with strong targets, such as the Boom cannon. It can not be killed with one shot!

Bullet can challenge the nearby defenses, so they fired only at him. In addition, the maximum damage it can cause is significantly reduced. Improve this ability to reduce the damage it inflicts on each shot.

Give Bullyth an energy drink and he will move faster. In addition, part of his health will be restored. Improve this ability to make Bullit even faster and increase the percentage of restored health.

When using a paralyzing fist, Bullet attacks on the enemy and gives him a beating. As a result, the building he attacks, as well as the buildings standing in the back, are paralyzed for a certain time. In addition, the building on which Bullitt attacks, receives little damage. Improve this ability to increase the duration of building capture as well as damage to the first building.

Arm all troops with one touch!

Having updated headquarters to level 4, you will see an additional interface button on the base:

If you touch it, a pop-up window will appear to confirm that you really want to arm all the paratroopers with the troops that were on them. The same button will appear on the archipelago after the attack:

So if you lose a soldier in battle, you can arm the paratroopers again with a simple touch of a button.

Everything you need to know about the submarine!

When your headquarters reaches level 9, you can find a submarine in the "Support" section of your store. After you have a level 5 radar , you will find a dive site on the map and you can send a submarine there in search of sunken treasure. Dive sites are marked with yellow buoys. The farther you are from the main base, the deeper the dive sites will become and the more treasures will be in them.

I lost the dive site ?! Each place is available a certain number of dives. Once you have used all the dives, the dive site will disappear. For example, 4 treasures are available at a depth, but only 3 dives. Such a dive site will disappear after three dives! The number of treasures and dives varies from place to place. The number of dives can be found in the upper right corner of the screen.

Why dive targets are gray? If the diving targets are gray, it means that your submarine is already on a mission and you need to wait for its return before sending it to a new mission. In other cases, targets may be gray if they are too deep for your submarine. You can improve the submarine to dive deeper and get more rewards.

I can not find a place to dive! New dive sites will not appear if you already have two. However, you can find new ones by studying the map. The smaller areas you have to dive, the higher the chances that a new one will appear. If there are none at all, the chances are the most. Dive sites can recover from several days to several weeks.

Machine Gun and Bombardier

Machine gun. The machine gun brings down a hail of bullets on the enemy, causing moderate damage to infantry at close and medium distances. It has low accuracy. However, the closer the soldiers approach the machine gun, the more accurately he shoots. Very effective against large groups of shooters, bazookas and warriors.

Bombardier. Bombardier cannons beat a great distance and cause great damage to structures. Bombardors follow behind the main group of troops to provide support for it. They shoot with jewelery accuracy and will not hit their random projectile. These special-purpose soldiers fight only on warships. You can open them in the technology tree.

Boom Beach: Weapons and Tank Prototypes Guide

All about weapon prototypes!

At the 15th level of the headquarters, the weapons laboratory opens. It is possible to create powerful defense prototypes from modules captured from the Dark Guardians. All prototypes are unstable experimental models that self-destruct after some time. The action of each defense prototype depends on its level, of which there are only three:

  1. Level I - 5 days;
  2. Level II - 7 days;
  3. Level III - 9 days.

Regularly go to the weapons laboratory to find out whatís new there. Here is a description of some of the prototypes.

Shock generator. The shock generator shoots shock projectiles at high speed, causing serious damage and paralyzing the target. High firing speed, long range, no blind spots and high damage per second make it an excellent weapon. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Laser ray. The beam of this prototype burns through any target, causing average damage to all enemies in its path. A laser beam will burn through any target in the affected area, making it ideal against large groups of mountains or bazookas. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

The fatal gun. The fatal gun shoots a beam of rock, which destroys most opponents with one volley. It does great damage with every shot, but it shoots rather slowly. Now she has a small defeat zone, and her main goal is to inflict damage on nearby soldiers. The fatal gun is great for the destruction of soldiers with great health, such as tanks or fighter. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Magnifier damage. This prototype increases the firepower of nearby defense structures using a high-voltage hyperbolic magnetic field. This fortification works on the principle of a statue that increases damage, but with a more limited radius of action. It increases damage done by defenses, but does not multiply it. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Shield generator. Creates a force field around the headquarters, protecting it from damage. The shield will disappear if you destroy the generator. It is very important to choose the right place for the generator.Unprotected generator will be easy prey for enemies, leaving the headquarters without protection. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Battle grip. Grip shoots a hook that grabs one opponent and attracts him to him. He is incredibly long-range. By itself, it does little damage, but attracts the enemy to the device itself. Proper placement will attract the attacker directly under the fire of other defenses. The weakness of the combat grip at low speed, but it can be increased by improving the prototype. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Hot pot. The boiler looks like a flamethrower, only more powerful and with improved attack. He hides in a protected underground bunker until the enemy comes close enough. This is the only defensive structure, which until the transition into combat mode is inaccessible to the gunboat and the troops. After the appearance, it starts shooting with some delay. If the boiler does not find the target in a few seconds, then hide back. It opens at the 2nd level of the weapons laboratory.

S.I.M.O. A seeker of retaliation A mountain thrown by a medic on the battlefield and lost an eye. S.I.M.O.chooses its victims the weakest warriors. Shoots at enemies with low health. Thanks to the infrared sensor can see through the smoke.

Sky shield. The newest prototype of the building, creating an impenetrable shield that protects gun-guns from cannons ... Until it is destroyed. Generates a shield around itself that protects all buildings within its range of action from any projectiles launched from the gunboat. The shield will disappear if you destroy the generator. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Microwave . Covers opponents in the affected area with dangerous microwave radiation. Even with its help you can make popcorn. The microwave continuously deals damage to all enemies within the affected area. However, the zone of damage at the microwave is small, so it is not as effective against long-range troops. It opens at the 2nd level of the weapons laboratory.

Thunder from nowhere . Powerful long-range gun with two charges. Hides in a protected underground bunker until the enemy comes close enough. By the principle of action - this weapon looks like a hot cauldron and is a gun with a high rate of fire and damage. The damage from one shot is average, but the damage per second is increased due to the fact that the gun fires volleys from two charges with small intervals between them. It opens at the 1st level of the weapons laboratory.

Mina-gun . Mina-gun is a protective weapon with high damage per second and a small radius of action.Destroyed mine-gun explodes with a slight delay, causing heavy damage to everything that will be in the affected area. Both troops and buildings receive damage. Mina cannon also triggers mines, explosive mines and shock mines. At the same time, it has a small blind zone, on which it cannot shoot, approximately, like a machine gun. It opens at the 2nd level of the weapons laboratory.

All about tank prototypes!

We received intelligence about prototype tanks. When your headquarters reaches 15th level, you can receive from the Businesswoman drawings of three new prototypes of secret tanks. The businesswoman will periodically sell the blueprints of these prototypes. You can purchase one drawing for one day at a time, but no more than five drawings in total. You can buy drawings for three different tanks from the Businesswoman, each of which is equipped with a unique experimental weapon.

The businesswoman kindly shared with us some information about each tank:

  1. Lasertron. Laser Cannon : Shoots a powerful laser beam that can pierce several buildings at a time.
  2. Tank "Rain". Let it rain It shoots a destructive mortar shell from a distance.
  3. Slowly but surely: it has a very low firing speed - not the best choice for a quick attack.
  4. Critter-tank. Critter Cannon: Shoots Critter Bursts.
  5. Sapper machine: critters can also be used to destroy mines.

The following information applies to all versions of tank prototypes.

Limited time use. Prototypes are available for a certain time after purchase, after which they will not be used.Find out the remaining time of the prototype can be on the tab selection of troops on the paratrooper.

Tank prototypes are similar to other tanks ... but not quite. With the exception of a limited time of action, prototype troops work like any other troops. They can be loaded on paratroopers and re-train if they were destroyed during the attack. With prototype tanks, you can use an infinite reserve. Like other tanks, they consume the gunboat charge when disembarking.

All tank prototypes are equipped with automatic improvement technology! They automatically improve when you raise the level of the armory. Thanks to this you will have more time to attack!

Follow the appearance of the drawings among the proposals of the Businesswoman, because she will not bring them every week!

New Prototype: Shield Generator

Protect your base with a shield generator! This new protective prototype creates a force field around the headquarters, blocking damage! The shield generator is connected to your headquarters with a pipe, so the distance to the headquarters does not affect the strength of the force field.

The percentage of additional strength, which gives the shield depends on the level of the generator:

Remember that when calculating extra health, the effect of the reinforcing statues is also considered.

Shield can be disabled in two ways:

  1. Shoot him from the gunboat.
  2. Destroy the generator.

Remember that the destruction of other buildings still causes damage to headquarters. If your headquarters is covered by a shield, you will see two health scales:

I can not find prototype modules for weapons lab!

The weapons laboratory opens at the 15th level of the headquarters and allows you to assemble powerful but unstable security tools. Prototype modules are needed to create these tools. These modules can be obtained:

Remember that the chance to find these modules in ordinary battles is very small. So your army will have to fight a lot to get these rare items. Depending on the level of the weapons laboratory, you can place on the base from one to three guns. Remember that the gun will not work for long! It will automatically self-destruct in 5, 7 or 9 days depending on the level of the weapon.

My prototype is missing?

In the arms laboratory, you can create powerful defense prototypes that will help protect the base from the evil Guardians of Darkness. Prototypes are experimental models, so after a certain time they self-destruct. The action of each defense prototype depends on its level, of which there are only three:

  1. Level I - 5 days;
  2. Level II - 7 days;
  3. Level III - 9 days.

So, if you looked at the base and didnít find a prototype there, itís likely that some bolt got loose and it exploded. You can see how much more the prototype will work by tapping it.

Boom Beach: All about operations groups

Briefly about operations groups and operations

KMB operations groups

Operator Rules

Operations and Intel

Destruction of power bases


Can I change the name of the team? At the moment, it is impossible to change the name of the team, therefore, creating a new one, choose wisely. If you do not like the chosen name at all, you can always create a new task force!

Why do we need a task force?

Being in a task force allows you to conduct joint operations against the Guardians of Darkness and receive a great reward. Operations teams will open at the 6th headquarters level. You can create your own task force or join an existing one. Opera teams can be 4 sizes: 5, 10, 25 and 50 participants. When creating an operation group, you first need to select its size. But do not worry, you can always increase the number of participants.

Note that you can only create one operation group per week. Remember that later you can change the description of the task force, but NOT its name. So choose wisely. You can create and edit an icon of the task force on the editing screen. The task force can be:

If the task force is closed, then no one can send you a request for entry. On the edit page you can set the minimum number of victory points for entry. So you can be sure that only members of a certain level will be able to send a membership request.

Together with your task force, you can go on operations to collect as many group points as possible and go up in the leaderboard. Each participant can attack only once, so carefully plan your strategy by chatting.

How to find or invite new members to the operations group? Here are some tips for recruiting team members:

How to start the operation of the task force?

To start operations on the power base, you need to collect enough intel. Collected Intel falls into the common piggy bank of the task force. Intel can be obtained:

After entering the operations card, you will see possible targets. Near the name of the operation you will see the intel required to start the task, as well as the number of points the group can receive. You can also find a scale from "easy" to "unrealistic", which shows the complexity of the operation.

The further you go to the right on the map, the more difficult and expensive the operations will be. After the start of the operation, you will see several power bases. Visit them to plan your attack. Each participant gets one attempt to attack. Therefore, pay due attention to planning! Discuss the strategy in the chat or leave a note on the power bases. This will greatly increase your chances of winning.

Each destroyed building gives points to the group. The main goal is the Heart of Power, and if it is destroyed, all buildings will fall, giving you maximum group points per operation. Each operation lasts 23 hours 55 minutes, even if you destroy all power bases faster. If you cannot destroy the Heart of the Force, you will still have group points that you will receive for destroying other buildings.

The leader of the task force does not appear on the network. If the leader of your task force never plays or simply does not show activity, and because of this, your group does not develop, we can offer you several options. Since there is no opportunity to downgrade the leader, it will be easiest to create a new task force. You can discuss this with members of your group through Game Center, Google Play, or Facebook. So you can invite old members to a new task force, start over and be even stronger! And you can try to contact the leader of the task force through social networks, if you have not done so already. If you manage to contact the leader, you can ask him to return at least in order to appoint a new leader of the task force.

Statistics of the task force: why is it needed? Statistics of the task force shows how the group is doing: whether it is your group or a group of rivals. There is all the data about the group, starting from the moment of statistics, and an overview of the last 30 days, in general, you can get a good idea of the groupís activities. Below you will find a little more information about what you will see there.

"Total started operations": this is the number of operations initiated by the operations group since the statistics began to be kept. The current operation is also included.

"Operation success rating": shows how often an operation group manages to completely destroy the Power bases during the operation. For example, you started your first operation, and everyone bombed (got all the group points) - in this case the success rating of your group will be 100%. But in the second operation you missed a couple of EGs, so your success rating dropped to 50%. And during the third operation you again got all the points, then your rating will be about 67%, and so on ...

Remember that these statistics do not change in real time, but are updated after the completion of the operation.

"The best position in the leaderboard": shows the best position in the leaderboard at the end of the last operation. Important! Your position on the leaderboard is updated only after the operation is completed, and not during it!

"The greatest number of points of the group": shows the highest number of points of the group, ever the former of the task force. It is updated only if at the end of the operation you score more points than you have ever been.

Can I change the size of the team? When you create an activity group, its default size will be 5 members. If desired, the number of participants can be increased to 10, 25 or 50. This can be done by touching the small green "+" icon on the information screen of the task force.

But remember: you can increase the size of the task force at any time, but you cannot reduce it. This means that if you want to increase the maximum number of participants, for example, to 50, you will not be able to reduce it to 25, 10 or 5. If you find out that your operations group is too large, I can advise you to create a new, more suitable one.

If you are interested in the reasons, then the developers are not allowed to reduce the size of groups, for the following reason: an operations group with a large number of participants can destroy more complex Power Bases and, accordingly, score more group points. If the task force with 50 participants is reduced to 5 participants, then it will instantly become one of the best in the list of leaders of task forces with 5 participants, while the rest will have no chance to catch up with it.

Statistics of participants of the task force.

Do you want to lead your operations group to fame and prosperity? Want to be with you only better Commander?In this update, we added several new features that will help you and your co-managers better manage the operations team.

Statistics of members of the operations group is available on the command panel. There you will see the following information about each player:

On other pages you will see statistics on the data:

And also pay attention to the small blue plate on the map of operations. During the operation, touch it and you will see who has not yet attacked.

Indicators of the complexity of operations. New indicators of complexity will help you choose the appropriate operation for your task force. Indicators are shown specifically for your group, taking into account the levels of experience of the players. The difficulty may be this: too easy, easy, normal, difficult and unreal. Is your operations team ready for an unrealistically complex operation?

How to leave a task force? You can leave an operation group by touching the "Leave" button in the upper right corner of the operation group screen. If you leave the operation group during the operation, you will not be able to attack, even if you return, and then you will not receive any reward! If you want to go to friends in another operations group, check whether the operation has begun at this time in your former group.

Tip: you can find a more suitable operation group using the recommendations of the "Find" tab in the operation group window. The list of recommended consists of databases that are suitable for you by location, experience and language settings. If none are suitable, you can always download more by tapping the "download more" button.

How does the "Report" button work? For developers, it is very important that Boom Beach is a safe and friendly game. If you come across offensive statements in the chat, we encourage you to touch the message and click the "Report" button. Using the "Report" button does not automatically lock the player against whom you filed a complaint. However, each complaint is thoroughly reviewed by moderators.

Due to the number of complaints received, each of them can take up to 48 hours. We kindly ask you not to abuse the use of the "Report" button. The more false complaints they receive, the more time it takes for developers to resolve truly pressing issues.

However, if you notice an abusive or threatening message, also send a support request, attaching a screenshot to it with such a message. Please include in the message the tag of the player who misbehaves (to do this, enter his profile and tap his name). This will help developers quickly find it in the system.

Try out the friends of the task force in a friendly battle! Try a task force in a friendly battle! Tap the blue Test button at the top of the chat window and send your friends a message that will allow them to attack your base! Test results will be available in chat. And you can watch the replay.

What you need to remember:

Someone kicked the players out of the task force! What should we do? Officers or players with a higher rank can expel those below the rank. The officer may expel the participant, the leader and co-heads - the officers and participants. Of course, it is not good if players abuse their power, but the rules do not prohibit it. The best defense against this is a careful selection of players in the task force and candidates for promotion.

If you have an open task force, consider changing its status to "by invitation" and controlling who enters it. If a player is kicked out of a task force, he cannot send new membership requests for the next 24 hours. If any member of the task force is expelled by mistake or for no reason, you can call him back using the "call back" button (tap the exile entry in the chat). Officers, co-heads and leaders have this opportunity.

How is an OP award calculated?

After each operation, your operations team will receive a reward, players can choose between resources and diamonds. The more complex the operation, the more points your operations team will receive for the operation, and the higher the reward will be. Each player who has been in the task force since the start of the operation and remained in the group until its completion will receive an award. But if you leave the team at any time during the operation, you will not receive any reward from the OG, even if you re-join the group until the end of the operation.

In order for everyone to get a decent reward, it is calculated in accordance with the playerís experience. This means that the more experience a player has, the more he will receive, as they spend more gold on getting intel for the group. The reward of the task force will sail to you on the boat, and the points earned by the group will be added to the task force leader 24 hours after the operation is completed. You can pick up the reward until the end of the next operation. Otherwise, it will be replaced by a new reward.

How does the leaderboard list work among opera groups? Opening the table of records, you will see a global list of leaders among operations groups. Here you can select and view a list of leaders among operations groups with 5, 10, 25 or 50 participants. To make it all fair, they carried groups of the same size into separate leaderboards. Within each list, the task force is evaluated by group points. Remember that group points every day will decrease by 5%. This allows you to make the competition fair and interesting for everyone, and also gives you the opportunity to rise in the list of leaders to new operations groups.

Attention! The displayed statistics are as accurate as possible, but they are not updated in real time.This means that if your operations team has not been able to keep its place in the list for a long time, its position may not appear in the column "Highest place in the leaderboard".

How to chat? In order to enable chat, you first need to join the task force. Having joined the task force, on the right side of the screen you will see a small gray button with a message icon. Click on it to open the chat. To write a message, tap the white box, then the keyboard will appear. You will see a preview window in which you can edit the text. When the message is ready, tap the small checkmark on the right and your message will appear in the chat. Close the chat by tapping the screen behind it or the red X in the upper right corner.

% participation - how does it work? Statistics on the participation of members of the task force now works differently. Held attacks / (Held + missed attacks) shows how often a player has used the chance to attack (as a percentage). The new formula does not record successful operations at the expense of those who did not participate in them. In other words, if the operation was successful, and the player did not use the attack, then it will not be counted for him.

Rewards at an exit from the task force will not. If you leave the operation group during the operation, you will not be able to attack, even if you return, and then you will not receive any reward! If you want to go to friends in another operations group, check whether the operation has begun at this time in your former group.

Wrong name of the task force. If during the creation of an operation group the game says that the name does not fit, just try another one. Perhaps the name you entered starts with a special character (or lattice), or it contains a sequence of characters that is forbidden in one of the many Boom Beach languages.

We really want to give you maximum freedom in choosing a name. But at the same time, developers have to take into account the views of players with a variety of languages and cultures from different countries. Try another combination, you will surely be able to find something suitable for your task force.

Bases with two "Hearts of Power": how do they work?

There are operations (example: "Duplex"), in which there are two "Hearts of Power" instead of one on the bases.These bases have their own rules, described below.

Twin Hearts of Power

Dual Force Hearts and Shield Generators

Shield generators can be connected to both or to one "Heart of Power". When the generator is connected to both "hearts", the following rules apply:

Task Force - What is Intel?

After you create a task force or join a stranger, your troops will begin to receive Intel for battles at the bases of the Guardians of Darkness. Not every base can detect Intel, but do not give up and keep attacking! Intel can be obtained:

Intel allows you to go to secret operations. Remember that all assembled Intel gets an operations team. Leaving the operation group, you cannot take Intel with you. Remember that there is a limit on the number of Intels that a task group of a certain size can earn:

Intel always remains in that operative group which earned it.

The total intel of the task force and the intel earned by individual players can be seen on the screen "My Task Force". Intel collected by each of the participants is displayed opposite its name (the counter is reset weekly).

Task Force - Ready to sabotage?

Now, by attacking the power base, you can increase your chances of its complete destruction by arranging sabotage of protective weapons! Leaders, co-heads and officers can arrange sabotage. In espionage mode, you will see the button "Sabotage". After choosing sabotage, the game will blow up a random defensive structure, with the exception of the Heart of Power, batteries and min.

The price of the first sabotage: 3 units. intel. You can sabotage the power base as much as you want, but remember that each new sabotage will cost 2 units. intel more. If you sabotage buildings on the power base, the cost of sabotage will also increase after each use on another base during one operation. If at this time other participants of the task force monitor the base, they will see sabotage in real time. During the operation, it will be shown who sabotaged the base and how many units. intel it went away.

Pro advice: if you want to increase your chances of sabotaging one of the most important defenses, you and the task force can help the cause by destroying minor constructions before sabotage.

Boom Beach: Dr. Tiís Megacrab

What is Megacrab? Megacrab is a crustacean obsessed with destruction and one of Dr. Tiís most dangerous weapons! Commanders will have to work hard to cope with it and get a lot of additional resources. With each stage, the layout of the base on Megacrab will become more complicated, and players will need remarkable skill to get to the top of the leaderboard.

Megacrab appears in the game on the last weekend of each month, and each Megacrab has a special theme with unique bonuses and rewards for completing the stages. Information about each Megacrab will be available prior to the event.

For achieving certain stages of Megacrab you can earn trophy decorations for the island. These trophies are divided into stone, iron, gold, diamond and legendary, while the trophies of each Megrabrab are unique. The legendary trophy can only be obtained if you have already received a diamond trophy of the same Megacrab before! Possession of this trophy as nothing else will prove to other Boom Beach commanders your skill!

Decorations. Tab with jewelry is used to store jewelry for the base. Decorations act differently than other buildings (and statues). They can be removed and re-installed an unlimited number of times. In addition, the jewelry can not be destroyed. They do not give players any advantages for attack or defense, but are simply used to decorate the base so that it differs from the bases of other commanders.

How does the Megacrab attack system work? For the attack on Megacrab do not need to pay in gold. You have a certain number of attacks in which you can try to defeat him. After each attack, the number of attacks decreases by one. When Megacrab appears in the game, each player has 40 of 40 possibilities to launch an attack.To get to the leaderboards, it is not necessary to be online at the time of the event. The damage done to Megacrabu in the previous attack is retained.

Megacrab help: initial number of attacks: 40.

For each stage, completed with the help of one attack, one attempt of attack is returned to you. Good luck in battles with the monster!

What reward can you get from a mega crab? Each stage of the Mega-Crab carries its reward, including wood, stone, iron and gold. The stages are the same for all players. In addition, you have a chance to get:

These bonus rewards are the same for all players.

Cryobombs! Angry Dr. Ti is armed and ready for battle with his new super-weapon, Mega-Crab! With the explosion of a cryobomb, an ice charge is released, freezing all surrounding buildings. Affected turrets will do much less damage per second. Good news, huh ?! Or is it a trap? Cryobombs act not only on buildings ... If your troops fall under the blast wave, their speed and damage per second will decrease. So be careful!

Critter in the bag! Critters in the bag - an important game element, necessary for the passage of a certain stage.Critter bag is a glass container with 9 critters. When destroying the container, they scatter in all directions. Try to use them to distract the enemy defense from their warriors.

High Speed Serum! As before, Dr. Ti returned, having installed a new invention in his Mega-Crab: High-Speed Serum! The explosion of containers with high-speed serum enhances all troops and defenses in the area of operation. Troops and turrets shoot twice as often, and move four times faster!

Be careful not to increase the protection of Dr. Ti speed serum! Instead, try to use it for your own good.Intelligence reported that the released high-speed serum looks like a pinkish mist with a delicate watermelon scent. Is this the result of Dr. Tiís love of growing watermelons and melons? What else will he come up with!

Boom Beach: Tips for passing Events and bosses

Event: Hammerman Strikes Back!

Did you really think that you can destroy Lieutenant Hammermanís bases and avoid his revenge? It is in vain! A fleet of Lieutenant Hammerman is seen on the archipelago . He can attack your base at any time!Fortunately, you managed to send spies to him and find out in advance who he will send to you. So get ready! If necessary, change the layout of the base to adequately meet the forces of evil.

Hammerman will try to crush you 7 times. At each stage he will send several waves of troops to attack at your base. Each wave is several paratroopers, full of soldiers, as well as a gunboat, which will shoot at the base. The stages are the same for all players, the difficulty will increase with each stage. Trying to repel an attack at each stage can be done countless times. If you are able to repel the attack, then as a reward you will receive modules of prototypes and intel. You can then use these modules in the weapons laboratory to create powerful prototypes of defense turrets for your base.

Attention: to get access to this event, you need to build a weapon laboratory! When an event opens, it will not start immediately, but it will be added to your event cycle (for details, see the FAQ article "Events - the cycle of evil"). This means that it may take several days before the lieutenantís fleet appears.

Brief description of the event:

Base bosses. On the archipelago hidden 10 bases of bosses. You will find them by exploring new areas on the map. Bosses give the most victory points, the best rewards and special resources, such as Power Stones, prototype modules, and Intel. In total there are 10 bases of bosses:

  1. Island of Dr. T.
  2. Volcanic island of Dr. T.
  3. Hammerman I Headquarters;
  4. Hammerman II Headquarters;
  5. Hammerman III Headquarters;
  6. Hammerman IV Headquarters;
  7. Colonel Girhart military factory;
  8. Headquarters Hammerman V;
  9. Hammerman VI Headquarters;
  10. Hammerman VII Headquarters;

The victory over 1, 2, 4 and 7 bases will open the corresponding events.

Events - The Circle of Evil

Get ready!Villains do not take vacations! Dr. T., Lt. Hammerman and Colonel Girhart threaten the archipelago every day! Events go in a circle, so something new happens every day (unless, of course, you have all the events open). Daily events begin early in the morning, end late in the evening (depending on the time zone) and last for 21 hours. Remember that the time of the event does not take into account transitions to winter and summer time!

Here is the schedule of events for the week:

Access to the event:

Meet Colonel Girhart

Colonel Girhart has built her military base for the production of dangerous weapon prototypes on your archipelago. Having destroyed its military factory, you will get access to the event. Battles with bosses work the same way as in the case of any other opponents - they need to try to destroy a single attack.

If you win, she will come back every week with stronger bases. You will have five attempts and 21 hours to defeat her. Damage caused by each attack will continue, as is the case with the operations of the group.

Depending on the number of buildings destroyed, you will receive prototype modules and resources. You can then use these modules in the weapons laboratory to create powerful prototypes of defense turrets for your base. The weapon laboratory will open at the 15th headquarters level.

Description of the event.

Mad scientist Dr. T. Most of the time Dr. Ti is busy conducting terrible experiments, but sometimes he invades the archipelago to terrorize peaceful islanders. Having won in two battles with the boss Dr. T: "Dr. T Island" and "Dr. T Volcanic Island", you will open the event.

Dr. Tís events are a great source of dark stones of Power and resources. But for them you wonít get victory points. Each event has several levels: if you destroy the base of Dr. T, a new, stronger one will appear in its place. Each new level is more difficult than the previous one, but it brings more loot.

Lieutenant Hammermanís boss base

Evil in the flesh, the commander of the Guardians of Darkness, Lieutenant Hammerman wants to rule the world! Will you be able to prevent him from enslaving the whole archipelago? He has 7 secret headquarters scattered throughout the archipelago. They work as personal command centers, and your goal is to raze each one of them to the ground.

But be careful! Lieutenant Hammerman uses all available means, placing on their islands such tools that you never dreamed of. Do not count on an easy walk! If you succeed in destroying his headquarters, you will receive victory points, a lot of resources and stones of Power.

The event "The game in the imitation of Lieutenant Hammerman" Lieutenant Hammerman came up with another way to capture the whole archipelago. This time he sent intelligence to the most successful bases and copied their layouts for their own purposes. The event has 7 levels, each of which is more difficult than the previous one. Every week, 7 new player layouts are simulated to protect the lieutenantís resources!


The event starts on Friday for all players and lasts 21 hours.

Boom Beach: Sculptor Guide

Everything you need to know about the sculptorís workshop

Sculptorís workshop, accessible from headquarters level 5, allows you to create powerful statues that will help you during the war. To create the statues you need Power Stones. They can be found in enemy buildings or headquarters.

Stones of Power come in three sizes: shards, pieces and crystals.

Masterpieces are the most powerful statues, respectively, crystals are the rarest stones of the Force. Statues have various miraculous properties, for example: increasing the health of soldiers, increasing protection, accelerating the production of resources, and so on.

In the workshop of the sculptor, you can not only create statues, but also exchange Power stones: if you destroy a statue, you will get a more powerful Power stone.

When creating a statue, it is impossible to predict what its strength will be, or to influence it. If you need another statue, keep creating and destroying until you get what you want. To put more statues, you need to improve the workshop of the sculptor. Remember that you can have several idols or guardians with the same power, and then their power will be summed up. But at the same time you can have only one masterpiece of each type!

Valuable advice: in order not to miss the stones of the Force for the victory over Lieutenant Hammerman, be sure to build a sculptorís workshop before attacking him.

Statue repository - How does it work? The statue storage opens at level 13 of the headquarters and allows you to save perspective statues without activating them.

Important: only statues directly from the sculptor can be placed in the warehouse. Statues that have already been placed cannot be removed to the vault!

If the statue was placed, it can only be destroyed. In return, you can get Power Stones or magic pollen. If you have space, you can place statues from the vault at the base whenever you want.

Why do I need to build statues?

Statues can drastically change the course of the game. Therefore, it is very important to correctly calculate when and which statue to erect. Statues offer different advantages:

Although you can choose the type of statue you want to build, you canít influence the effect it gives or the strength of its impact. Sometimes the resulting statues do not give the desired effect, but next time you may get lucky!Depending on the level of the sculptor, you can only put a certain number of statues. You can always destroy the statue to change it to another. Simply touch the statue you want to destroy and select the spade icon.

Also keep in mind: for the destruction of the statue you will receive as a reward a more powerful stone of Power.

That way you can turn your little Force stones into more valuable ones!

It is useful to remember:

What is magic pollen? Magic pollen helps to strengthen the statues created by the sculptor. Each sculptor upgrade will give you 1 magic pollen. If you destroy a masterpiece, you will get 7 magic pollen.

The duration of the gain depends on the type of statue:

Boom Beach: Hyde by Power Stones

Stones of Force is the most magical, mysterious and valuable property in your base. There are four types of Stones stones:

There are also three types of Cila stones from which you can make different statues:

Most often fragments are found, so idols have the least power. The pieces are a little harder to find, so the keepers are stronger than idols. Crystals are very rare, so masterpieces are the strongest of the statues.

Hereís how to get the stones of the Force:

To increase the chances of finding the stones of the Force, create a statue with the characteristic "a chance to get a stone of the Force." It can be built using the stones of darkness hidden on Dr. Tiís island.

A chance to get a power stone - how does it work? The statue with the chance of obtaining the Power stone is made of dark Power stones. It increases your chances of gaining Power Stones on the islands of your opponents. If you attack the island, you have a certain chance to find the Force stones in the buildings. Most often there are splinters, less often pieces, and crystals come across most rarely.

The chance to find Power stones in the enemy headquarters is 25%, in other buildings it is 2%. Chances are not cumulative, they are calculated for each building separately. A statue with a chance of obtaining a Power stone will increase the chance, but this does not mean that you will be guaranteed receiving Power stones. If you have a Statue with a chance to get a Power stone by + 100%, the probability of getting a stone increases to 50% and 4%, respectively (instead of 25% and 2%).

The islands of Doctor Ti and Lieutenant Hammerman can bring you a certain amount of Power stones - an amount that is not affected by a statue with a chance of getting a Power stone. But, as is the case with any other islands, on the islands of Dr. Ti and Lieutenant Hammerman, you can also accidentally stumble upon the stones of power - and the statue increases the chance to find them.

Turn pieces into pieces with one touch! Have many fragments accumulated? Turn them into pieces! Touch the shards in the sculptorís menu, select "Transform." The confirmation page will show how many pieces you can get from the fragments.

Transformations are instantaneous and irreversible! And also remember that the instantaneous transformations are not counted in the achievement of "Perfectionist".

Boom Beach: Tribe Guide

What tribes are we talking about? Aboriginal tribes have vowed to fight with us against the Guardians of Darkness. For exploring their area, they will offer us bonuses and the help of their troops. To make an alliance with all the tribes, a level 20 radar is required. Raw crystals allow us to get all the help we can get from them. Use your existing resources to mine rough crystals at a mine located near your base.

Aboriginal detachments. After you fully explore the area of one of the tribes, the aborigines will offer you the help of their troops. Touch the base of the Guardians of Darkness to give the detachment an order to destroy it.The amount of resources received as a reward depends on the level of improvement of the tribe you are using.

Initially, such trophy resources will be less than with self-destruction of the base, but after the tribeís improvement, these volumes will be equal to the maximum level. When using tribal units, you always get the same amount of shards of power stone. Their number also depends on the level of improvement.

About rewards.

Reinforce tribes. The tribes of the archipelago have the skills to use various stones of the Force. They offered us to use this skill to enhance military power. Amplification activated by raw crystals. Improve the aboriginal area to make the gains more powerful.

Please note: the gains received from tribes change every 2 weeks; at the same time, all gains are reset. Remove the maximum benefit from the gains of each cycle before they expire. At the end of each such cycle, the cost of exchanging resources for raw crystals is also reset. Tribal improvements are constant and remain with reset gains and exchange costs.

Raw crystal storage. Raw crystals occupy a lot of space, and they need to be stored somewhere. Improve existing and open up new areas of Aboriginal to increase the storage capacity of raw crystals.

Boom Beach: Gunboat Abilities

The list of opportunities kanonerki! Here is a list of the gunboatís features, and how tips for using them:

Temporary abilities of the gunboat. From time to time, an additional ability notice will be displayed above the cannon! This means that the gunboat has a new temporary ability.

Here is what you need to know about the additional skills of the gunboat:

Boom Beach: Warship

A warship is a ship guarding your archipelago, which becomes available after reaching the 10th headquarters level! Possession of a warship allows you to take part in PvP battles (i.e. battles with other players). You will need to upgrade your warship, earning upgrades and unlock tokens for victories in battles.

You will have to decide what to spend on these tokens, that is, what defenses or troops on the technology tree are better to unlock or improve, in order to continue to win and move higher on the leaderboards. Unlocking and improving objects occurs instantly, you can immediately use them.

On warships there are special objects - engine rooms. To win, you need to focus on them. If all engine rooms are destroyed, the battle will end. In the course of the season, you will get more engine rooms that you can place in accordance with your strategy.

Each season of warships lasts a certain time, and this time is displayed in the game. Your rank at the beginning of the new season will be the higher, the higher your rank at the end of the previous season. The technology tree will also change from season to season. Raise your rank, moving towards glory, and earn even more rewards!Warships is a game mode with real-time PvP battles. This means that you will attack an enemy warship while it attacks yours.

What is a technology tree? The technology tree allows you to unlock and improve defenses, troops, canonerki abilities, statues, and so on. It is you who decide how to use the unlock and upgrade tokens obtained in battles.The technology tree will change every season to diversify the course of the season and game strategies. As objects are unlocked and improved, the level of technology will increase, increasing the power of your warship and allowing you to unlock the following objects in the technology tree.

How to expand a warship? You can expand a warship with the help of upgrade and unlock tokens that can be obtained in battleship battles. Unlocking or improving the object in the technology tree will increase your level of technology. Having reached the appropriate level of technology during the season, you can unlock additional space and additional facilities for your combat ship.

What are upgrade and unlock tokens for? Unlock Tokens are used to unlock defenses, troops, canonerk abilities, amplifiers, and other elements of the technology tree. Enhancement tokens are used to improve defenses, troops, canoner skills, amplifiers, and other elements of the technology tree.

What are engine rooms? Engine rooms supply the warship with energy and ensure the operation of its facilities. To win battles, you must destroy the engine rooms of opponents. We strongly advise you to surround your engine rooms with powerful protective structures to protect them. This will help you win.

What rewards can you get in the warship mode? In addition to the right to boast of victories, you will receive unlock tokens, improvement tokens, resources for the main base, shards and pieces of power stones, as well as intel, which is never superfluous!

What is the level of technology? During the season you will be able to unlock technology tree objects as well as improve them. The more objects you unlock and improve, the more technology-level points you get. Raising the level of technology will allow you to unlock new objects and even expand your warship.

How are opponents selected in warships? The selection of opponents is based on your rank and the number of rank stars. The game will try to pick you your opponent about the same rank with you. In this case, preference is given to players who have the same machine rooms as you do. However, sometimes in the selection there is a need to expand the search area.

How are battleship battles going? You have one minute to explore, after which you will have four minutes to attack. The winner is the player who has more engine rooms left at the end of the battle. If you and your opponent have an equal number of engine rooms, an additional count is made. Additional counting: In the case of additional counting, the player who caused the most damage wins.

Damage refers to the total percentage of damage received by structures, so that even damage that takes only half the health points from the sniperís tower can decide the outcome of the battle. If you and the enemy have dealt equal damage to each other, then the time remaining until the end of the battle (in seconds) is taken into account.This means that the player who made the attack faster will win. If the attack of both players took the same amount of time, the fight ends in a draw.

ATTENTION: the time is counted from the moment the attack begins. The time spent on reconnaissance is not taken into account when calculating, so do not rush and carefully prepare for an attack.

Boom Beach: Developer Answers to Playersí Questions

Why does the game pick me higher level opponents? The system for selecting opponents for players is based on the number of victory points and, in some cases, at the headquarters level. The less you have an OP, the more likely that you will find an opponent, based on the number of points and the level of headquarters. Taking into account the level of the headquarters, the system tries to find you an opponent more or less equal in strength (in terms of defense and attack).

The more OP you have, the more selection of opponents will be based on victory points. The reason is that, having reached a certain number of OPs, players usually are at the same level of headquarters, or even a little more. But, of course, there are exceptions. Therefore, sometimes it happens that the enemy headquarters is several levels higher than yours, but this does not happen so often.

If you can not win, or victory does not promise a good prey, after a while you can change the enemy. After the playerís base has been on your map for a while, a small "!" Icon will appear. near the avatar. It shows that you now have the "Find another opponent" feature. It allows you to change an existing player to a new opponent.

Please note: there is no guarantee that the next opponent will be easier!

Technical breaks do not interfere with the strengthening of the statues. When technical breaks are arranged in the game, the stats are suspended. At the end of the break, the gains resume. In addition, the developers extend them for another 10 minutes just in case.

How to change your name? At the very beginning of the game, each player by default gets the name "commander". Each player has two possibilities to change the name in the game:

After that, it will be possible to change the name, but only for diamonds! Each time the cost of the next name change will grow, so think carefully about your choice!

When choosing a name, consider the following:

Can I get free diamonds? Unfortunately, you can not get diamonds for free, as it will be unfair to other Commanders. There are several ways to get diamonds for free:

Tip: never trust sites that promise free diamonds in exchange for login information. If you give them your details, they will get unlimited access to your account!

What objects are available on the technology tree? The technology tree object can fall into one of the following categories:

Facilities and paratroopers:

  1. This category includes defenses.
  2. With each improvement of the object in this category, the corresponding facilities are improved by several levels; in addition, more facilities are added to the warship.
  3. All facilities of the same type are on the same level.


  1. This category includes troops.
  2. With each improvement of the object of this category, the corresponding troops are improved by several levels; in addition, the size of the reserve of such troops is increasing.
  3. The size of the reserve reflects the number of soldiers available for loading on paratroopers.

Gunboat and gunboat abilities:

  1. This category includes gunboat and gunboat abilities.
  2. With each improvement of the object in this category, the gunboat or the gunboatís ability improves by several levels.

Engine rooms:

  1. Engine room is a special category of technology tree. By unlocking the engine room, you will receive additional engine rooms for your combat ship and improve them.
  2. To unlock, you need a headquarters of a certain level.
  3. In addition, the player must have a certain level of technology. Unlocking or improving any other element of the technology tree will increase your level of technology.


  1. The multi-element contains three options of objects to choose from.
  2. You can choose only one.

Each option allows you to set a certain number of specific protective structures or min. If any of these objects has not yet been unlocked, you cannot select the option with such an object. The level of an object unlocked in this category is the same as that of an object unlocked in a normal category.

Defense prototypes can be unlocked ONLY through multi-elements. You can change the already made choice for diamonds. The previous selected object will be replaced with a new one. The price in diamonds for changing the selection increases for all multi-elements each time you change your choice until it reaches the maximum.

About combat chests. In battle chests, you can find resources for the main base, intel, fragments, pieces, as well as unlock tokens and improvements that will be useful to you in the season of combat ships. To pick up the chest, you need to destroy a certain number of engine rooms in battles. At the same time no more than four chests can be available for receiving. After you have taken one chest, you will have to wait until the next one appears.

Chests come in six levels:

The level of the chests corresponds to your rank, so that when your rank rises, the chests also become better.

Prepare for battle! Before you go to the open sea, you need to prepare. This will help you load the troops. On this screen, you can select troops, heroes, and hero abilities you want to use in battle. To load a paratrooper, first click on it, and then on the type of troops you want to load onto it.

Each type of troops has its own reserve size, which depends on the level to which this type of troops was improved on the technology tree. If you do not have enough troops to fully load, you can still partially load the paratrooper with available troops. With the improvement of the troops or the partial loss of troops in battles, the training of new soldiers for the reserve occurs automatically.

Is it possible to speed up learning? You can instantly replenish the reserve (for each type of troops) for diamonds. However, if you have a subscription for instant training, then your reserves are always full!

ATTENTION: Certain hero abilities will unlock and improve automatically when you upgrade your hero in the tech tree. During reconnaissance, you will still be able to change loaded troops before launching an attack. However, during exploration it is not possible to fill reserves for diamonds.

Do statues or tribes from the main base influence warships? Neither the statues nor the tribes have any effect on the game in the warship mode.

What happens at the end of each season? Each rank you earned in the previous season will allow you to save a certain percentage of your rank progress in the new season. Depending on what level you end up at, you will receive a number of unlock tokens and improvement tokens that you can use in the new season. The achievements of the technology tree for the previous season will be reset, and the structure of the technology tree itself will change, providing an opportunity to develop a new strategy for the game.

When will combat ships become available to me? Your warship will be ready to sail as soon as your headquarters reaches level 10!

Can I attack my friendís warship? Now there is no such possibility. It will be added in future updates.

Can I use the resources of the main base on my warship? Currently, it is not possible to use the resources of the main base on a warship.