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Walkthrough Brothers in Arms 3: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BROTHERS IN ARMS 3 - Android game with release date 12/17/2017 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

What game modes are available? You can play a single player game consisting of tasks grouped into chapters. Promotions - periodic events with prizes for the best players who won first places in the action. The last bastion is a special game mode, access to which opens from chapter 2. The goal of the regime is to survive, hold out as long as possible and get a reward for the completed stages. Also in 3 game updates, 2 network modes were added: Free play and Team battle to the death.

How many job types are available? There are 4 types of tasks available:

What are Ladders? Ladders are a series of increasingly complex tasks. The more tasks you complete, the higher the chance of getting the best rewards. Ladders are considered stocks.

How can I participate in the action? To do this, you must complete tasks in a single-player game, competing with other players. Players are rated according to their achievements in such assignments. This requires an internet connection.

How to open new chapters? To open a new chapter, you need to complete all the tasks from the previous chapter and 5 side tasks.

How does an energy system work? To complete the tasks you need a certain amount of energy. If you run out of energy, you can wait for regeneration or buy instant replenishment.

How to use shelter? The player will automatically enter the shelter if he is next to the shelter marker.

How many weapons are in the game? The game has 6 categories of weapons: rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, anti-tank and sniper rifles, which total 31 units. weapons. Also presented are experimental weapons in the amount of 12 pieces.

What is an experimental weapon? This is the most powerful weapon in the game with advanced capabilities such as endless ammunition, shock ammunition and so on. These weapons cannot be purchased with tokens or medals, but can be obtained from blueprints.

How many brothers are in the game; how to open them? There are 14 brothers in the game. Some of them can be opened during the execution of campaign tasks or obtained in blitz promotions.

How to use brothers? Each brother has a special ability that can be used during battle. To do this, click on the appropriate icon. The brothers also provide fire support. With 2 updates, a brother with 2 abilities appeared in the game, which can be activated using the icon during the task.

How to improve the brothers? Before you begin, you can click the Brothers icon at the bottom of the screen.Here you can view the brothers and open the improvement menu.

How to earn experience? You will gain experience for performing various actions in the game (checking boxes, headshots or double kills), for completing tasks in campaign mode, for completing side tasks, Commando tasks and participating in promotions.

Can I buy experience? No, experience can only be earned.

Is there a level limit? The maximum level is 40.

What is VIP? VIP is a special bonus that can be obtained with medals. This bonus is valid for a limited time (the time of validity depends on the purchased set). When the VIP expires, the VIP rewards are deactivated until the next VIP activation. The rewards depend on the set: you will receive additional experience or tokens during the execution of tasks, open exclusive VIP-events, use a flamethrower to facilitate the completion of tasks. It is recommended that you use VIP to collect tokens to unlock new items and upgrades.

How to earn VIP? The best players have the opportunity to win VIP time in promotions!

How much can I play without a donut? You can play for free as much as you want. Microtransactions are optional.

How to buy grenades, rockets or Molotov cocktails? They can be bought at the store in the consumables section. You can go to the store from the Pause menu or before starting the task. You can also buy items before starting a quest.

How to see your achievements? Achievements can be viewed from the main menu, from the profile (by clicking on Cole Wright at the top of the screen of any menu).

What is the Last Bastion? This is a new game mode. The goal is to survive as long as possible and get a reward for the completed stages. The higher the stage, the steeper the reward. Please note that each stage is assigned a specific reward, that is, if you pass the maximum allowable stage several times, you will still receive the same reward.

What are Daily Prizes? Every day you will receive gifts (brothers, weapons, sets, etc.) for entering the game.Enter the game for 30 days and get a valuable reward.

What is gun ownership in the weapons section? The use of weapons in online matches increases the possession of weapons for the corresponding class. For example: using one weapon from a submachine gun class will increase the possession of weapons for the entire class. Having reached a certain level of possession, you will open perks that will be available during the use of weapons from the corresponding class.

Why am I not getting consumables? If you want to receive consumables for watching a video, please be sure to watch it to the end. Otherwise, you will not receive a reward.

How can a team win in Dominance mode? Players must capture three points on the map and hold them as long as possible, earning points for this.

I bought a tank, but I cant find it anywhere. Why? Tanks are used in the multiplayer mode of Domination. Select this mode and you can play on your tank.

Why is my tank taking more damage than it should? Try to turn your tank to the enemy before. The front armor is stronger than the side or back. In addition, premium ammunition increases normal damage.

Why does tank still take damage after using armor? Armor can protect you only once from shells, grenades or bazookas. Premium ammunition can bypass armor protection and cause damage.

How to switch between tanks during a match in Domination mode? At the moment, you cannot switch between tanks during the game. The tank can only be changed before the start of the match.

How to choose premium ammunition / fuel during the game? To do this, swipe the corresponding icons.

I shoot a tank, but I do not do damage. Why? To cause damage to the tank, use an anti-tank rifle, another tank, grenades or bazookas.

Why are the consumables that I pick up not added to my inventory after the match? Consumables collected during the passage of the task should be used in this task, after its completion they simply disappear.

How to connect to Facebook? In the Main menu, go to the Settings section, then Connection. Here you can choose whether you want to connect via Facebook or have already connected through Game Center.

How to connect to Game Center? In the Main menu, go to the Settings section, then Connection. Make sure you are not connected to Game Center. Enter your details in Game Center in Device Settings. Achievements in the game will also be available in the Game Center.

What can I post to Facebook? On Facebook, you can post promotions that are open on the main characters screen> Wall Section.

Can I change the default name? To change the name of the game, click the Rename icon.

Why has my name changed in the game? If you log in through an account on any social network, your name in the game is replaced with the name from the account on the social network.

How to start the game again? To start the game again, log in with a new social network account that has not been used in the game before.

Is a permanent internet connection required for the game? You can play in any mode. If you play offline, the game is synchronized when connected to the Internet. When you first start the game, you will need an Internet connection to download the game profile. Also note that all transactions with medals and points for courage are carried out only with an available connection.

Cross-platform game? Yes, the game is cross-platform. Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows, which makes it possible to compete with friends in the same standings.

What is the size of the game? The initial size for the iOS platform is 750 MB. After installing the client and starting the game, additional content will be downloaded. The total size is about 860 MB. For Android devices, the initial size is 795 MB, the total size is 855 MB.

What controllers does the game support? The iOS version of the game supports all Apple-certified controllers. HID controllers are supported on Android.

Does the game have iOS 8 widgets? The game supports the following widgets:

Is there any Airplay support? Yes, the game supports Airplay by displaying the devices screen on TV.

How to change management? Management can be configured from the main menu by clicking on the gear in the upper left of the screen.

How to turn off the sound? To mute the sound, go to Settings - Sound - Mute.

How to change the sound volume? You can adjust the volume in Settings> Sound in the Main menu or the game menu.

How to change the language of the game? You can change the language of the game in the Main menu: select Settings> Language. Select the flag corresponding to the language in which you want to play.

Can I play via 3G / 4G? Play through a 3G connection is possible, however, unfortunately, the network mode is only available via Wi-Fi.

How to get drawings? Drawings can be obtained in the corresponding tasks. During the passage of such tasks, you can find hidden drawings. If you do not want to spend time searching for drawings in tasks, you can find out the location of the drawings with medals. The job list for this mode is fully updated every 8 hours.

How to buy drawings? They can only be earned.

How to get medals? Medals can be won in promotions!

How to buy medals? Click on the "+" at the top of the screen next to the medals. This icon is on any menu screen where you can make purchases. Select the required number of medals. Enter your Apple ID and password to buy medals.

How to buy first-aid kits for treating a character? They can be bought at the store in the consumables section. You can buy them during the quest by clicking on the cross to the left of the health bar (at the top of the screen).

Is there a multiplayer mode in the game? Yes, in the third update of the game.

How to earn tokens? There are several ways to earn tokens:

How to buy tokens? Tokens cannot be bought directly, but they can be obtained for medals if you do not have enough tokens for any of the items. You can also buy medal tokens.

How to check the rating? There is a scoreboard icon on the stock page. Click on it to check your place in the promotion.

I bought Alex Wongs character / avatar in the store, but I cant play it online. This skin is available only to allies (American).

How to go and play in network mode? Beginners can get into this mode after completing 1 Subversion in Chapter 1. Players who have already completed this task will be able to play in network mode by downloading the 3rd update from the Main menu.

How to choose a card or game mode in an online game? You cant choose anything at the beginning of the match. But at the end of the first match on the network you can vote for another card / game mode.

I bought a few units. weapons, but some can not be used in an online game. Upgrade your weapon to the maximum level to use it in online games. You can upgrade each device individually or use the Convert to PvP icon in the weapons section, paying the required amount.

How to change weapons in an online game? Before the start of the match, you can add certain weapons to the calculation slot. Then, during the match, you can choose a weapon from the calculation after you were killed.Please note that it takes 4 seconds to load the calculation.

How to get game currency in online mode (points for courage)? This special currency (required to improve PvP weapon damage), which can be obtained in network matches. Remember, winning always brings more points than a draw or defeat.

I have enough energy, but I cant play online. The energy for a multiplayer is different from that required for a single player game / campaign. It even differs in color, blue for network mode, red for solitary mode.

During network play, the icon appears in the upper right corner. What is he for? If you manage to bring the level of possession of weapons of a certain class to the maximum, an icon will appear on the screen. In the weapons section, you can learn more about the various possibilities by clicking on the Weapon Ownership icon.

What is the maximum rank in an online game? Currently, rank 20 is the maximum.

What causes an error when adding a friend? The most likely cause of the problem is that your friend list is full. Remove someone and try again.

I started playing on the net, but my tank does not move and does not shoot. Why? To work, the tank needs ammunition and fuel. Buy them at the store or during the game for medals or valor points.