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Walkthrough Bubble Island 2: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

BUBBLE ISLAND 2 - Android game with release date 10/05/2016 from the company Wooga. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginners Guide
  2. Walkthrough
  3. All Rico Amplifiers
  4. Building Bubble Island Right
  5. Rico Wallet Secrets
  6. Bugs and Fitch Games

Bubble Island 2: Beginners Guide

Plot. Help Ricos raccoon rebuild the city with a stellar team of friends. Playing this fruit shooter, aim for berry charges from a cannon into berries of the same color to burst them and get to the top! Aim accurately, shoot accurately, create amazing chain reactions - and in the blink of an eye you will become a berry robber!

Stages All levels are divided into 3 stages. Each subsequent stage is more difficult than the previous one, but the rewards for it are better! Reward information is displayed on the details screen of each level. After passing the level, access to the next stage is opened. Passing the first stage of the level opens the way to the next level on the map, but if you want to earn awesome rewards, it makes sense to go through all the stages of the level! In addition, sometimes it is necessary to go through certain stages and assemble a team of beavers that will help build the sights marked on the map.

How do berries behave? In the game Bubble Island 2, like on our planet, gravitational forces act. Unbound berries fall down, long chains of berries swing if they fall into them, and balloons rise higher and higher. Collect berries of the same color, using the laws of physics for your own good.

How to change the berry charge? Before the shot, you can see which berry the cannon is loaded with, and what the next charge Ricos raccoon prepared. If it is necessary to change the sequence of shots, these two berries can be rearranged. To do this, touch the prepared berries - and the charges will change places. At some point, it may turn out that the color of the charge is different from the color of the remaining berries. Nothing wrong! Just swap the berries, and they will automatically change the color to the desired one.

Shelf for souvenirs. As soon as you open the second city, a shelf for souvenirs will be available, where you can look at all the open cities. Tap the globe icon on the map and swipe left or right to view cities. To select the city you want to travel to, tap it. At any time during the game, you can return to the shelf for souvenirs and transfer to another city. The progress achieved in each city is maintained. Keep in mind that food supplies are not transferred from one open city to another. In other words, the food collected in San Francisco remains in San Francisco, and new cities will have to accumulate resources again.

Daytime Llama. After completing level 23, you will meet the Day Lama. The daily Lama will ask you to go through 5 levels every day and look for lost items. If you successfully pass these levels, you will get an amazing amplifier as a reward! The Day Lama can place items not only at the levels of the current city. To find out what levels these special items are at, its easy - just touch the Day Llama icon in the upper right corner of the map. The timer on this icon indicates how much time is left to pass the daily test.

Score. The game Bubble Island 2 is absolutely free, there is no need to buy anything. For example, coins and amplifiers can be earned solely thanks to finger dexterity! However, if you want to make some purchases from the application, you can do this in the store, where a wide range of sets is presented. Touch the cart icon in the lower right corner of the map and start shopping!

Wheel. By turning the wheel, you get the opportunity to win endless lives, resources or coins. To do this, just click the "Watch" button, and after watching the advertisement, touch the center of the wheel, unwind it and pick up your prize. The wheel can be rotated as much as desired, but at least 10 minutes must elapse between attempts. The fact that you have a new attempt is indicated by an exclamation mark next to the wheel icon on the map. For every 5 spins a bonus gift is awarded!

Instant help from satellites. Do you need emergency satellite assistance? View ads at the beginning of any level - and get the opportunity to immediately replenish the energy of the satellite.

Bubble Island 2: Walkthrough

Ropes Ropes hold berries. They also swing, as befits a rope! Ropes connect the berries together. Usually a screwed berry, with which no others are attached, automatically bursts. But if the screwed berry is also tied with a rope, then it will remain in place until you burst it.

Tip: Get into the berry attached to the rope so that it starts to swing. Perhaps she will encounter other berries, and they will burst!

Reflectors. Berries bounce off reflectors, as well as on walls. Reflectors are round, triangular, square and linear.They allow you to change the trajectory of the berries.

Red balloons. Red balloons raise the berries up. The ball can burst when it hits a berry. As a result, the berries will stop rising and fall down. If you are lucky, there will be more explosions!

Spikes. Spikes pierce the berries. The berry you shoot will also burst if it comes across a thorn.

Tip: Spikes have their advantages! Since all berries caught on the thorns burst, you can try to direct the berries on the thorns to cause large explosions!

Wood screws. There are screws on some berries. The berries screwed in with a screw are fixed and bound to the berries that are touched. To burst such a berry, you need to make a combination with it. If such a berry bursts, the berries attached to it will fall - unless, of course, they are attached to another fixed berry. A twisted berry, not attached to any others, automatically bursts. In addition, you can unscrew the screw with an amplifier-magnet.Touch the magnet icon at the bottom of the screen, and then touch the berries you need to unscrew.

Iron berries. Iron berries can be recognized by the metallic luster. Unlike ordinary berries, metal berries do not form combinations and are not destroyed either by thorns or in chain reactions. They are also heavier. To get rid of the iron berry, disconnect it from everyone else. Your companions will not throw amps into the iron berries, but they are affected by explosions of the used amplifiers. Iron berries are also affected by magnetic fields: in the presence of working attractants, these berries are displaced to them together with the berries attached to them.

Attractors. Attractors create a magnetic field. This magnetic field attracts iron berries. And this means that if others are attached to iron berries, then they are shifted to attractors. Attractors are of three types:

Each shot activates a new attractor, as a result of which the location of the berries changes. This can be turned to your advantage by planning the next moves.

Please note that berries do not bounce from attractors. Like flashlights, attractors are located behind the playing field, so they do not affect the trajectory of the berries.

Propellers. Berries with propellers hang in the air, but they can be shifted by applying force to them. To burst such a berry, you need to make a combination with it. If such a berry bursts, the berries attached to it will fall - unless, of course, they are attached to another fixed berry. Propellers, like screws, can be removed with an amplifier magnet. Tap the magnet icon at the bottom of the screen, and then the propeller you need to fix!

Tip: Berries with propellers can be pushed to other berries to provoke an explosion!

Turbines. Turbines are mounted on colored berries and act as a jet engine. To turn on the turbine, burst the neighboring berry and watch the turbine give the berries a tremendous boost. If you are lucky, as a result of this movement, color combinations will occur, and hence explosions! Keep in mind that if you burst the berry itself with the turbine, the latter will disappear along with the berry without moving.

Sticky bubbles. Beware of sticky bubbles: they do not form combinations, but stick to any berry by touching it.If the berry shell gets into the sticky bubble, it sticks to it. To get rid of the sticky bladder, make a combination with the berries to which it sticks. But be careful: if dropped, the sticky bubble may stick again!

Berries in the shell. A berry is hidden in a strong shell. To get rid of such a berry, drop it by bursting all the berries to which it is attached, or open its shell, and then collect the combination. To do this, just get on the shell of any colored berry. The shells are broken and from any other impact, including when other berries fall on them.

Brittle reflectors. Berries bounce from brittle reflectors, like any other. Their only difference is that after the rebound of the berry, such a reflector shatters into fragments and disappears. These elements allow you to kill two birds with one stone: change the trajectory of the berry charge and free up space on the playing field!

Wind. The wind changes the path of the game elements, such as berries, sliding hinges, falling berries and balloons. The berries you shoot are not affected by the wind. To determine the direction of the wind, look where the leaves are flying in the background: left to right or right to left.

Tip: You can use the wind (especially at levels with balloons) for your own benefit if you correctly calculate the shot!

Sliding hinges. The sliding hinges move along the guides and transport the berries. Forces, including gravitational, which act on the berry, are transferred to the hinge. To get rid of the sliding hinge, remove the berries attached to it. This can also be done with a magnet amplifier. You can set the berries in motion with a hinge-berry shell of any color.

For example, if there are two hinges on the inclined guide, and between them there are berries that are not attached to them, then these berries can be blown up, freeing up space, and gravity will do the rest! Please note that the sliding hinges are affected by the wind. Sliding hinges can be used in many ways: each applied force - from gravity to the lifting force of a red ball - can have an unexpected effect. Use all this to increase the number of collisions!

Springs Some berries are interconnected by springs; a sign of this is the metal rim around them. The springs are stretched due to the fact that these berries are attached to others. If you get rid of the attached berries, the spring is released, which can lead to incredible combinations!

Reflectors-owls. Owl reflectors activate when berries hit them. And it can be any berries: with which you shoot, which fall, or any others that fall into the trap. In a collision, repulsive circles arise around the owl, which increases the chances of exploding even more berries! We emphasize again that the owls wake up only from the berries, and before that they sleep in a sweet sleep. Repulsive circles appear only after waking up. If the owl is no longer sleeping, then the blows of the berries do not lead to the appearance of circles.

Bubble. Soap bubbles largely behave like ordinary berries. However, the released bubbles do not fall, and for some time they can rise up, then slowly fall down and burst.

Crazy bubbles. Crazy bubbles surround a colored glow. After each of your shot, the berry changes in them.

Blocking flowers. Blocking flowers protect fruits from shots. After each shot, they open and close.

Colored portals. Shoot so that the charge passes through the portal, and depending on the color of the portal, it will turn into another fruit.

Flying Bubbles. Free the bubbles and they will fly up. If they collide with other bubbles of the same color, they will automatically match.

The keys. At levels with keys, your goal is to collect a certain number of keys. This amount is displayed at the beginning of each level. At each level there are more keys than required. You can choose which one is easier to get with those berries that remain at the level. To take the key, get into the berry on which it hangs, or make a combination with this berry so that it falls. Berries with keys work the same way as screwed with screws - they are fixed and connected with the berries that are touched. The scoreboard at the top of the screen allows you to monitor your progress: the key icon displays how many more keys are left to collect. To pass the level, collect the required number of keys!

Cupcakes To pass the level with cupcakes, you need to collect the required number of cupcakes. This amount is shown at the beginning of the level. Cupcakes are located on their own, and not on some colored berry. To pick up a cupcake, it is necessary that it falls, and for this it is necessary to burst all nearby berries.

Balloon. To go through these levels, take the balloon to the very top! If it gets stuck, it can be directed in the right direction with the help of berries. Shoot a berry charge into the ball to push it! As the ball rises, all the remaining berries below burst. Keep track of progress allows the scoreboard at the top of the screen.

Flashlights. At the level with flashlights, your goal is to light all the flashlights on the screen. To do this, shoot a charge so that it first flew through a burning flashlight. As a result, the berry will burst. This burning charge should fly past the next flashlight, and it will light up. There is no need to pop all the berries on the screen. This will happen automatically as soon as all the flashlights on the screen light up. Light all the firefly lights to pass this level.

Pigeon Drones. On pigeon levels, your goal is to destroy the evil pigeon drones. Berries are tied to each of these drones with ropes. To destroy the pigeon drone, burst all the berries attached to it. As on levels with flashlights, there is no need to pop all the berries on the screen. This will happen automatically as soon as the pigeon drone is destroyed. Act fast! After every three shots, the pigeon screws one of the berries with a screw, which complicates the passage of the level.

Coffee Race. Get to the next attraction in the city before the timer ends, and get a coffee mug. So the Coffee Race event begins. To improve the mug and get free amplifiers, you will need to go through at least 6 levels in a row. The more levels you complete, the more amplifiers you get! But do not forget that free amplifiers can only be obtained during the Coffee race! If you lose at the level, the race will end and you will have to wait for the next chance.

Bubble Island 2: All Rico Amplifiers

Firecrackers. Firecrackers are set on colored berries. To activate a firecracker, burst this berry by making a combination or dropping a berry of the same color on it. An activated firecracker will fly to another random bunch of berries and burst them!

Keep in mind that if a firecracker flies too long without colliding with berries, it will explode on its own. Try to activate firecrackers when there are other berries on the screen!

Dynamite. Dynamite is set on colored berries. To activate dynamite, burst this berry by making a combination with it or dropping it. From the explosion of dynamite all neighboring berries will burst!

The bees. Unlike dynamite and firecrackers, bees do not need their berries to burst. The color of the berry on which the bee sits does not matter - you can get into the bee with a charge of any color. After that, the bee flies away and explodes.

Incendiary bombs. Incendiary bombs are set on colored berries. To activate an incendiary bomb, burst this berry by making a combination with it or dropping it. An activated incendiary bomb will fire and destroy neighboring berries.

Butterflies Butterflies sit on colored berries. If such a berry enters the combination and explodes, the butterfly flutters. Rising up, the butterflies touch the chains of berries and randomly change their color to another. The color of the berry on which the butterfly sat at the beginning does not affect this in any way.

Little birds. Birds sit on colored berries. If such a berry bursts (goes into a combination or falls), the bird flies up and removes a group of berries of the same color from the playing field. The color of the original berry, on which the bird sat, is in no way associated with the color of this group.

Serpentine python. When you activate a jar with a star, two serpentine pythons break out of it. They fly out in two opposite directions and pick all the berries in their path.

Magnets. Magnets allow you to unscrew the screws on the berries. Access to these amplifiers appears at level 7. You can activate the magnet by touching its icon at the bottom of the screen. Then touch any berry with a screw.As a result, this berry will be freed! The magnet icon displays the number of magnets remaining.

Fiery nuclei. Fire nuclei appear at level 24. You can activate the fire nucleus by touching its icon at the bottom of the screen. A wonderful cannon will appear, shooting a fireball that will destroy all the berries in its path! The fire core icon displays the number of remaining charges.

Bombing. Bombing opens at level 35. You can conduct a bombing by touching the bombing icon at the bottom of the screen. A detonator will appear instead of a gun: touch it, and the screen with berries will be immediately bombarded with dynamite checkers! This icon also shows how many bombings you have left.

Bubble Island 2: Building Bubble Island Right

Restaurants For each restaurant built, you will receive a fair amount of coins as a reward. And sometimes you can even earn a large batch of resources! To build a restaurant, you need to collect beavers at certain levels. To find out what these levels are, tap the construction site. After all the necessary beavers are collected, touch the restaurant to build it and collect your reward.

Gardens The gardens produce resources. To set up a garden, you need to collect beavers at certain levels.Redesigning the gardens will produce more resources, which means there will be more food! Do not forget to improve the gardens to further increase their productivity!

Sights. From time to time on the way there are sights that need to be restored. This must be done to open the way to the next levels on the map. To find out what is required to restore the attraction, tap the construction site.If there are not enough resources, then you can re-pass the levels and earn them. When you have collected everything you need, once again touch the attraction to restore it and clear your way!

Dealer. The merchant manages a network of stores that will meet on your way. From time to time, he offers a deal: exchange your resources for your coins or vice versa. Resources will help restore the sights, and coins will allow you to buy extra shots, lives, and wonderful amplifiers. If you are lucky, then amplifiers you will find on sale!

Bubble Island 2: Rico Wallet Secrets

Food. Food allows you to restore sights. In addition, you can get coins and even amplifiers from the merchant in exchange for food! Food can be obtained as follows:

Keep in mind that food supplies are not transferred from one open city to another.

Coins Coins are great! For them you can buy extra shots, lives and amazing amplifiers. They also serve as the currency of the merchant - in exchange for them, he will give you resources. Coins can be earned like this:

Life. If you lose, start over or exit a level, life is lost. Lives replenish over time: one every 20 minutes. Life can be bought in the store for coins! When all lives are over, you can watch the promotional video. For this you will get one life. You can watch a limited number of videos per day. If there are no more videos left, you can continue the next day.

Piggy bank. Go through the levels and earn extra coins for the piggy bank. The more difficult the level, the more coins. Having collected all 750 coins, you can either break the piggy bank or continue the game to collect up to 1500 coins. The cost of breaking a piggy bank is always the same.

Bubble Island 2: Bugs and Fitch Games

How to keep your progress? Your progress is saved on the device. If you want to keep your progress online, sign in to your Google Play account. (for Android devices) or Game Center (for iOS devices). To do this, tap the menu icon at the bottom left of the screen and press the Google Play (for Android devices) or Game Center (for iOS devices) sign-in button. Immediately after connecting to the account, the progress in the game is saved, and it becomes possible to play on multiple devices!

Connect to Facebook. Connecting to Facebook gives you the opportunity to find out how many points your friends who play in Bubble Island 2 have scored. To do this, tap the menu icon in the lower left part of the screen and press the Facebook login button under "Play with friends". This will allow you to connect to your Facebook account, compare the number of points scored and compete with your friends on Facebook.

Please note that logging into Facebook does not guarantee the progress of the game. To save your progress, connect to your Google Play account (for Android devices) or Game Center (for iOS devices).

The game is constantly freezing! If the game freezes, there may be too little storage space left on your device.Free up enough space on the device. After that you can open the game again. If the problem persists, contact support!

Music and sound settings. To turn sound or music on or off, tap the menu icon at the bottom left of the map and select "Settings." You can do this while completing the level: tap the same menu icon in the lower left of the screen.

How to enable or disable notifications? Bubble Island 2 can send you notifications - for example, about replenishment of lives or that factories are full. These notifications greatly increase the efficiency! To turn them on or off, tap the menu icon at the bottom left of the map and select "Settings." The radio buttons for all types of notifications are displayed. You can select the ones you want to receive.

Help! Game in the wrong language! Open the settings menu and select the language that you like!

Availability of ads. As a rule, in third-party advertising networks, advertising is always available. For the vast majority of players, advertising works well, and more than 95% of users who want to view it can do it. However, from time to time it happens that there are no ads available. This may be, in particular, for such reasons:

If you have any problems, report them to the customer support service and provide as much information as possible:

Troubleshooting tips for playing games on desktops and laptops. The game works best in Chrome and Firefox. In other browsers and on older computers, it will most likely work, but with lower performance. Ideally, a 64-bit computer with a 64-bit browser is recommended. If you have problems viewing ads in the game, follow these steps:

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Mobile game troubleshooting tips. If you have problems viewing ads in the game on mobile devices, follow these steps:

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