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CALIBRIA: CRYSTAL GUARDIANS is an Android game with a release date of 01/20/2020 from Mars Game Network Technology Co., Ltd. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Heroes and Leveling
  2. Runes
  3. Battle Features
  4. Story Campaign
  5. Secrets of the Arena
  6. Dreamland
  7. Guilds and Guild Wars

Calibria: Heroes and Leveling

Fractions of heroes. The game has 5 factions of heroes: Order, Chaos, Evil, Light and Darkness.

The color of the arrows displayed in battle shows the hero’s advantage:

Types of heroes. There are four types of heroes: Tank, ATK, DEF and Support.

Crit Chance, Accuracy, and Armor cannot exceed 100%. OZ, ATK, DEFENSE, speed and URN crit have no limit.

The chance of triggering the skill. The probability of triggering any negative effect is calculated by the formula: (Chance of triggering the skill) x (1 - (Chance of target resistance)). The chance of a skill triggering is unique to each skill and can only be increased with the skill level. The target’s chance of resisting the effect depends on the attacker’s accuracy and the target’s armor. The chance that the target resists the effect can range from 15% to 85%.

You can always change the skills of the heroes without any fee!

Awakening. After awakening, the hero gains a new skill or activates a new characteristic. The basic characteristics of the hero increase significantly after awakening. Also, after awakening, the appearance of the hero improves.

Strengthening heroes. As you power up, your heroes gain experience, which will help them gain levels faster. Heroes donated to power up another hero will be lost.

There is a chance that the hero will gain 1.5x experience when reinforced.

Ascension of heroes. Heroes who have reached the maximum level can be ascended. Upon ascension, the number of hero’s stars increases by 1. The maximum ascension level is 6 stars.

HeroesMaximum levelDonation for the ascension
1-star15One 1-Star Hero
2 star20Two 2-Star Heroes
3-star25Three 3-Star Heroes
4 starthirtyFour 4-star heroes
5 star35Five 5-Star Heroes
6-star40No further ascension

Improving skills. If, when strengthening or ascending a hero, you sacrifice the same hero, then one random hero skill will be improved. Equipped skills are given priority. To improve the hero’s skill, use the Skill Cat.

Ascension cats. Ascension cats are the best material for ascension. When you receive them, they are always at the maximum level, which allows you to immediately raise them if necessary. If you raise the Ascension Cat, then their level will be reset to 1.

Skill cats. Skill Cats will improve the skill of a boosted or exalted hero when used on a victim.

Calibria: Runes

Possible main characteristics:

  1. Cell 1: Fixed. ATK.
  2. Cell 2: Fixed. OZ, percent OZ, fix. ATK, percent ATK, fix. PROTECT. percent PROTECTION, speed.
  3. Cell 3: Fix. PROTECT.
  4. Cell 4: Fixed. OZ, percent OZ, fix. ATK, percent ATK, fix. PROTECTION, percent DEFENSE, crit chance, URN crit.
  5. Cell 5: Fixed. OZ.
  6. Cell 6: Fixed. OZ, percent OZ, fix. ATK, percent ATK, fix. PROTECTION, percent PROTECTION, accuracy, armor.

Drop of runes:

All runes except Team Runes can be bought at the Magic Shop.

Strengthening runes. All runes can be enhanced up to 15 lvl. When upgraded to lvl 3, lvl 6, lvl 9 and 12 lvl. the rune will receive a new characteristic or the existing one will be improved. Basic stats will significantly improve after reaching level 15. The characteristics and level of the rune do not change with an unsuccessful improvement.

The quality of the runes. There are runes of 5 different quality levels.

  1. Normal (White): No random stats.
  2. Magic (green): 1 random stat.
  3. Rare (blue): 2 random stats.
  4. Heroic (purple): 3 random stats.
  5. Legendary (red): 4 random stats.

Focusing runes. Quartz can only focus runes of the same type. Refocusing replaces the characteristics obtained with the previous focusing.

Runes sets. There are the following sets of runes:

Calibria: Battle Features

Time limit. The battle cannot last longer than 1 hour. A battle for more than an hour is considered lost.

Combat speed and initiative. Initiative in battle is determined by the rate at which the hero’s Initiative bar fills up. The higher the hero’s attack speed, the faster the Initiative gauge is filled. A hero with a higher attack speed will attack more often in combat. The hero with the highest attack speed will attack first.

Crit Chance and Crit URN. Base chance of crit on attack: 15%. The crit chance is also influenced by the hero’s faction, skills and runes. A critical hit increases damage by 50%. URN can be increased by skills or crit URN characteristic.

Armor and accuracy. The probability of triggering any negative effect is calculated by the formula: (Chance of triggering the skill) x (1 - (Chance of target resistance)). The chance of a skill triggering is unique to each skill and can only be increased with the skill level. The target’s chance of resisting the effect depends on the attacker’s accuracy and the target’s armor. The target’s chance to resist the effect can be 15% to 85%.

Types of buffs in combat:

Buff statuses. One character can have up to 10 buffs or negative effects at the same time. Only one effect of each type can be active at a time, but the Poison, Burn, Bleed, and Regen effects can stack.

Negative effects in battle:

Calibria: Story Campaign

Stages. There are 12 regions (chapters) which consist of 7 stages each. You can choose from 3 difficulty modes for the Main stages: Normal, Hard and Hell. Complete a stage in Normal mode to unlock Heavy, pass a Hard to unlock Infernal. You can view the rewards for each chapter in the Rewards menu.

Catacombs. In the Colossus and Leviathan Catacombs, you can find 6-Star Runes. The different Signs needed to awaken the heroes can be found in the Catacombs of Magic, Catacombs of Order, Catacombs of Chaos, Catacombs of Evil, Catacombs of Light and Catacombs of Darkness.

Calibria: Secrets of the Arena

In the Arena, you can fight with other players. Each battle in the Arena costs 1 Energy. Restores 1 Energy per hour.

Glasses. You get points for every victory and lose them every time you lose. The stronger the enemy, the more points you get when you win, and the weaker - the less points. If you lose to a stronger opponent, you will lose fewer points, if you lose to a weaker one, more points.

Duel rewards. You will receive 3 Honor for each victory and lose 1 Honor for a defeat. You will receive 1 Honor for a successful defense. Every day you can get a maximum of 10 Honor for protection, you will not lose Honor if you lose a defensive battle. Honor can be exchanged for items in the Honor Shop.

Weekly awards. You will receive weekly rewards based on the number of points and rating. To receive rewards, you need to reach the minimum level. After summing up the weekly totals, the points of all players are reset.

World ranking. All players take their place in the World Ranking according to the division. The world ranking is updated once an hour.

Calibria: Dreamland

How to play. The dream world is filled with random events. In each event, you need to choose 1 of 3 options. The choice will determine your destiny.

Types of events. In the Dream World, you can encounter random battles, shops and mysterious events.

  1. Battle: You will fight different opponents. Defeat them and get a reward.
  2. Stage Jump: Win a Jump battle to immediately complete all previous stages and receive all rewards. You cannot skip bosses on the 5th and 10th floor.
  3. Exchange Shop: In this Shop you will find precious items with unprecedented discounts.
  4. Mysterious Events: Very Mysterious! Some people think this is good news and some say it is a nightmare.

Difficulty and reset. Dreamworld is available in Normal and Hard mode. It is reset on the first day of each month, and you can go through it again.

Calibria: Guilds and Guild Wars

Guild experience. The guild receives 1 guild experience point for each point of Devotion received by the guild members. Raise your guild level to increase the max. number of members and increase the bonus of Kalyanita.

Leadership transfer. If the Guild Captain has not logged into the game for 7 days, then the Deputy with the highest Devotion will get the role of the Captain. If there are no deputies in the guild, then the guild member with the highest Devotion will get the Captain role.

Auto-exclusion. Guild members who have not logged into the game for 7 days will be automatically excluded from the guild.

Guild War Event

Event time. The guild war takes place daily from 09:00 to 21:00. If a guild is created when the Guild War is active, then it can participate in the War only the next day.

Victory conditions. +10 points for each captured fortress, +3 points for each minute the fortress is occupied, +50 points for each fortress occupied by the end of the Guild War. The guild with the most points wins.

Battle rules. After occupying the fortress, it will be defended by your defense units. If the hero dies while defending the fortress, he will be removed from the defense squad. All heroes who died in the War can no longer be used in it until the end.

Capture of fortresses. The guild captain and his deputies can hold 3 fortresses at the same time. Regular members of the guild can hold 2 fortresses.

Awards. For each captured fortress, you will receive 5 points of Devotion. As a result of the guild war, each member of the Guild will receive Loyalty points based on merit.

The power of the guild. Winning the Guild War increases the Power of the guild. Defeat in the Guild War lowers the Power of the guild. The power of the guild is calculated every 4 weeks. After counting, the guild members will receive Devotion as a reward and the Guild Power will be reset.

Article author: Nadezhda D.