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Walkthrough Call of Guardians: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CALL OF GUARDIANS - Android game from GungHo. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Game Mechanics
  3. Shopping
  4. Account Questions
  5. Other questions and feedback

Call of Guardians: A Beginners Guide

What is Call of Guardians? Call of Guardians is an exciting mix of sophisticated defense and hot offensive on-line. Players fight one on one, and the goal of each - the first to destroy the enemy stronghold. Control the guard, call for help and use special skills to crush the enemy.

Where to download the game? Call of Guardians can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. If you did not find it, it may not be available in your area or not supported by the device.

Is Call of Guardians free? Call of Guardians can be downloaded for free and start playing, but the game also has a number of built-in purchases that can help you in the game.

What in-app purchases are available? In the store menu on the left you can purchase the following items:

Something else may appear in the future, so stay tuned!

What devices supports Call of Guardians? Due to the wide variety of devices and operating systems, developers cannot provide an exhaustive list of compatible devices. In most cases, all modern devices with an operating system version no lower than iOS 9.0 or Android 4.4 will do. Please note that no one can guarantee compatibility with unofficial software.

Can I play without a network connection? Call of Guardians requires the simultaneous participation of players, so you need a permanent connection to the network.

Is there a single player mode in the game? Not. In Call of Guardians, players battle each other.

Call of Guardians: Game Mechanics

How to choose a guard? In the main menu, click on the "Maps" icon to open the map collection menu. At the top will be the "Select Guard" button.

How to manage the guard? Click on the place where you want to send the guard, and he will move in the right direction. If you click on the target, the guard will carry out an automatic attack. Click on any of your cards to play it immediately, or drag it onto the field to play it in the chosen place. To use the special weapon of the guard, click on the round button in the lower right corner of the screen. You can also drag the icon to the area where you want to attack. To use the guards weapon, you need a certain amount of energy displayed in the upper left corner of the icon. Energy is restored, but its maximum value is 10.

The weapon of the guard not only consumes energy, but also requires reloading. Remember this to launch attacks at the right moment.

How to use cards? Click on the "Maps" icon in the main menu to open the map collection. Here you can collect a deck and see which cards are already available to you and which you have not yet unlocked. Click on any card marked "Take" to add it to your deck. During the match, only cards from the deck are available. During the battle, you can either click on the card to play it immediately, or drag it to the area you want to choose as a target. Using each card costs a certain amount of energy, displayed in the upper left corner. Energy is restored, but its maximum value is 10. If you do not have enough energy, do not retreat!

What types of cards are there in the game? Available cards are divided into several categories:

  1. Fighter: Play this card to summon one or more fighters on the battlefield. All fighters have their own characteristics and skills, and after the call they begin to immediately move and attack.
  2. Camp: a small structure, from where new fighters appear after deployment. Enemies can attack him and destroy him.
  3. Turret: a fixed structure that attacks all enemies within a radius of destruction. Enemies can attack and destroy her.
  4. Enchantment: By playing such cards, you can inflict damage on enemies, heal allies and influence the course of the battle in various ways.
  5. Skill: Especially powerful cards unique to each guard.

How does a weapon work? Each guard has a unique powerful weapon. To activate it during the game, you need to drag the weapon icon to the target and release it, or (in some cases) just click on it. Each weapon requires a certain amount of energy and is recharged separately from other cards.

How to recover energy? The current energy level is displayed at the bottom of the screen with a blue bar divided into segments. Energy is restored, but its maximum value is 10. Once you reach the maximum, you will stop receiving energy, so play cards so as not to waste time in vain. You can also speed up energy recovery by capturing a control point in the center of the battlefield.

How to get more cards? For victories you will receive chests. In them you will find gems, gold and cards.

The ability to unlock cards depends on your current rank. Win and collect medals to unlock new cards!

How to improve maps? Once you have collected enough copies of one card, you can select it in the card collection menu and click the "Improve" button. To improve the cards, the cards themselves and gold are required. In addition, it gives the player an experience that helps level up.

What does the red outline around the enemy gate and citadel mean? The red outline denotes the affected area of ??the gate and the citadel. You cannot place fighters, camps, or turrets there. In order not to expose the guard to unnecessary risk, lead him forward only when someone else has already crossed the circuit.However, you can take a hit on yourself, speaking at the forefront of the attack. The choice is yours!

What kind of circle is located in the center of the battlefield? The circle in the center of the battlefield is a reference point. When your guard stands on it, the circle fills until it is captured. If, together with you, an enemy guard comes to a point, a controversial situation will arise and the circle will not begin to fill until there is someone alone. Capture control points to get an energy bonus! Control points are available from the start of the match and are periodically updated. Energy is restored faster, while the bonus from capturing a point is valid.

How to increase the level of the player and what does it give? Improving maps and completing tasks, you gain experience. When you have enough experience, the players level increases. The higher the players level, the higher the damage and more health at your gate and citadel.

How to earn guard points and why are they needed? You get guard points for every game. With their help, you can open new guards. Each guard requires a certain amount of points to purchase. Play, accumulate points and open new guards!

How to win the game? A player wins if he destroys an enemy stronghold or destroys more gates than an opponent by the time the game ends.

How to increase rank and what does it give? For winning games you get medals. These medals determine your current rank. Raising your rank will give you access to new cards and advance up the ranking of players.

How can I use gold? Gold is used to improve cards.

How to get more gold? To get gold, win games, open chests and turn gems into gold.

How can gems be used? Open closed chests with their help, buy chests in a store or turn gems into gold.

How to get more gems? Gems can be obtained by opening chests, completing quests, earning achievements or simply buying them in the store. In the future, you may have new opportunities for obtaining gems.

What special events are there in Call of Guardians? Now in Call of Guardians you can compete for a high place in the ranking of players, and soon it is planned to add special tournaments. Stay tuned so you dont miss all the fun.

Call of Guardians: Shopping

Can gems be restored if they were spent by chance? Those gems that have already been spent will not be returned to you. Please make sure the device is secure and try to use a password to avoid unauthorized access to game data on your device. To clarify how this can be done, contact the manufacturer.

Can gems be returned if they were purchased by chance? You will not be refunded gems that have already been purchased. Make sure the device is secure and try using a password to avoid unauthorized access to game data on your device.

Call of Guardians: Account Questions

If I uninstall the application, will I lose my account? Yes. If you want to change the device, then save the game data on an accessible service (for example, iCloud) and connect the account with either Facebook or Game Center / Google Play (depending on your operating system). Keep your ID and username carefully in case you lose your account information.

How do I save game data? Although you can save your account information using iCloud or unofficial services, the only official and supported way is to link your account to Facebook or Game Center / Google Play.This can be done in the settings in the main menu by choosing the method that suits you.

Can I play with one account on different devices? By linking the account to external services such as Facebook, Game Center or Google Play, you can access it from any device authorized in these services. Remember that if you want to change the operating system (iOS / Android), then the only option is Facebook. Also, keep in mind that Call of Guardians is only available for one device at a time. Attempts to play from multiple devices at once will lead to various errors and malfunctions.

Is it allowed to sell, exchange or provide someone with your account? Not. The terms of service categorically prohibit the exchange of accounts between players. In addition, developers can not guarantee the safety and performance of the game if this happens. Often, players advertise selling accounts only as an excuse under which you can steal user data. In addition, the "friends" with whom you share the account may one day leave you and take it with you. For these and other reasons, users are strongly discouraged from doing this.

Will my account be deleted if I do not play? Although this may change in the future, so far the developers are not deleting user accounts. They are always waiting for you to decide to enter the battlefield again.

Keep your ID and username carefully in case you lose your account information. Developers cannot guarantee the recovery of an account that has not been linked to Facebook, Game Center or Google Play.

My level has risen, but this is not displayed in the game. If your new level is not displayed in the game, completely close the application and restart it.

How can I change the name in the game? Click on the settings icon and then on your current username.When done, be sure to click "Apply Changes."

What are the age limits for playing Call of Guardians? Since Call of Guardians may not be suitable for a young audience, you must be at least 13 years old to create an account.

Call of Guardians: Other questions and feedback

What is considered unfair play? In fact, it is impossible to determine whether an action is dishonest.Moreover, everything that gives the player the opportunity to circumvent the game mechanics and thereby gain an advantage over other players can be considered as a dishonest game. This includes, but is not limited to, intentional use of the problems to your advantage and the use of third-party programs. If you are not sure if something will be considered dishonest, its better not to do it!

What is prohibited in Call of Guardians? All actions that lead to dishonest progress in the game are strictly prohibited. This includes everything that contradicts the original idea and implementation of the game system.The list of examples below is far from exhaustive, but will give a good idea of ??what is forbidden to do in the game.

If you are not sure if something will be considered dishonest, its better not to do it! Rude behavior and inappropriate names are also prohibited. Any name that intentionally tries to bypass the language filter will be considered inappropriate.