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CALL ME EMPEROR is an Android game with release date 03/30/2020 from Clicktouch Co., Ltd. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Ministers and proper leveling
  2. Secrets of a Wise Ruler
  3. Harem. Palace for the wife
  4. All About Union
  5. Minister’s Mansion
  6. Go Game Match, Suju Palace, Rank Growth
  7. Game Questions

Call Me Emperor: Ministers and proper leveling

How to hire a minister? You can recruit ministers through the Imperial exam, VIP gifts, hiring a heroine or an emperor.

Attributes of the minister. These include:

  1. Commerce: affects the amount of taels received from tax collection.
  2. Agriculture: affects the amount of food obtained from grain harvests.
  3. Politics: affects the number of troops received from recruiting.
  4. Military: affects the number of troops lost during the passage of stages.

Improvement of the minister. The minister can be upgraded with taels. If a minister reaches the maximum level, you can use title items to increase his level cap. The higher the level of the minister, the higher his general attributes. General attributes of a minister are the core of all your Empire’s might.

How do I get title items? You can get title items through rank growth rewards, alliance exchange, temporary event rewards, hunting shop exchange, etc. Click on the treasury - Title, you can synthesize low tier title items into high tier title items.

Minister’s potential. The potential affects the basic attributes of the minister. The higher the level, the greater the bonus potential. Capacity can be increased through the use of potential fruits or through the acquisition of potential points in trainings in the grand council and on the parade ground, and capacity building can increase the strength of ministers. Since potentials are added randomly, you can use them on high ministers first.

At an early stage, you can prioritize the improvement of the com ministers. When you get a minister with high potentials, focus on training a minister of war. Level up and give him books and potential fruits. After that, slowly train about 5 ministers to build strength. In later ministerial training, focus on military and commercial attributes.

One of the daily quests is "Promote a Minister". Subsequent promotions require a lot of taels, so you can keep one or two ministers without much effect and level them up when you complete a quest in the future. In addition, it is wise to use the miraculous effect of three consecutive levels (the upper limit differs depending on the different VIP levels, which can be seen in the refill bonus) to reduce the consumption of taels.

Star of potential. The more stars, the greater the bonus from each potential point:

For example, if the levels are the same, Lanling (1 star) with 10 military potential points has 10,000 military points, while Hannibal (5 stars) with 10 military potential points has 20,000 military points (+ 100%). The total number of stars varies from minister to minister. For example, the "consummate" minister has only 12 stars, and the epic has 10. The higher the star, the stronger the minister’s ability, and priority is given to improving ministers with higher star levels.

Minister skills. Skills deal more damage during battles on the parade ground. You can exchange contributions for skill points in the alliance shop or get skill points during battles on the parade ground.

The strength of a minister. The strength of the minister affects the damage of the minister in the kingdom of the union, imperial hunt, stage, sea battle. You can increase the strength of a minister by giving treasures and fruits of potential, appointing, leveling up a minister, raising the level of wife influence skills, etc.

Minister of Management. You can appoint ministers to govern the Grand Council. The management process takes 3 hours and you cannot stop it or use another minister at this time. The default option is to send ministers in the same order as last time. Otherwise, according to the attributes of the minister, the higher level prevails.

Management income. Ministers can gain growth points and skills after taking office. Governance can bring about triple reward miracles.

OS minister. You can improve the strength of a minister by increasing his level, potential and general attributes.

Talent bonus. Both the heroine and the emperor have a certain talent bonus. The talent bonus consists of a halo bonus and a boost bonus.

Halo effect. Each recruited heroine increases the military attributes of all heroines by 10%. Military attributes consist of basic military attributes. Each recruited emperor increases all the characteristics of all emperors by 10%. All attributes consist of all base attributes, a harem bonus, and an influence attribute bonus (no percentage bonus).

Boost bonus. Heroine Buff Effect: Each Buff increases all stats of the linked heroine by 5%. Emperor Enhancement Effect: Each enhancement increases all stats of the corresponding Emperor by 20%. All attributes consist of all base attributes, a harem bonus, and an influence attribute bonus (no percentage bonus).

Call Me Emperor: Secrets of a Wise Ruler

Tax collection rules. There are 5 initial fees. The number of attempts to collect taxes grows with the level of the monarch. Reach Wise Monarch rank 13 to unlock Fast Tax Collection. By joining an alliance, you can unlock the Allied Recruitment. Every day 6 sets of union are held. The higher the union level, the larger the set.

After recruiting, you can ask allies for help to reduce the cooldown of an allied recruitment.

Imperial exam. The imperial exam is one of the main ways to attract new ministers. Each increase in the level of the monarch will give one attempt at the Imperial exam.

Items. All your items are kept in the treasury. You can use and synthesize items here. The Title tab stores items used to give ministers new titles. You can synthesize title items here.

How to play on the parade ground? When you have 15 ministers, you can turn on the parade ground function. You can send a minister to attack all of the other player’s ministers. If you defeat all enemy ministers or your ministers are defeated by the enemy, the invasion ends. You can consume morale during a summon and buy temporary attributes to increase the minister’s combat ability. Random and designated invasions do not affect each other. Ministers who have captured an NPC in a designated invasion cannot use a summon coupon to invade, and vice versa.

How many times a day can ministers be sent to the parade ground? You have 4 free random numbers to try every day. In addition to 4 random numbers per day, you can use the invasion icon to increase the random number of attempts. Starting on the 16th, every 4 ministers give 1 extra attempt. If you use a challenge coupon to challenge while there are ministers you can send to invade, you can continue calling until the number of attempts has been exhausted. Random attempts do not take the number of ministers’ attempts.

How to become a wise monarch?

  1. Become 1st in the Strength Growth Rankings during the Cross-Server Strength Contest and use a total of at least 1500 Potential Fruit.
  2. Become 1st in the Proximity Growth Ranking during the Cross-Server Proximity Contest and receive at least 220,000 Proximity Points in total;
  3. Take 1st place in the personal leaderboard during the "Scholarly Disputes" event and receive at least 144,000 XP. personal knowledge;
  4. 1st place in personal leaderboard during a cross-server siege and summoning elephant riders at least 40 times in total;
  5. Become 1st in the personal points leaderboard while playing Go and receive at least 450,000 personal points;
  6. Become 1st in Personal Points Leaderboard during the Dominate Relic Cross-Server Event and use a total of at least 65 action packs;
  7. Become 1st in the personal points leaderboard during the Naadam Fair and receive at least 1,800,000 personal points.

The wise monarch of each event changes at the end of the next event. Art of the Wise Monarch: A rare guardian talisman that can be obtained as a reward when the number of attempts in "Wise Monarch" reaches a certain number. All information about past wise monarchs, including you, is contained in the list of wise monarchs.

Players can turn to any ideal monarch for advice once a day. This consumes 10 business cards, but a rich reward is issued.

The "Ideal Monarch" title of each event passes at the end of the next event. If no one meets the requirements, the event will not have a perfect monarch.

The honor of the ideal monarch. As you become the perfect monarch of different events, you will receive different collections. Collections can be used to display them, receive rewards, and level up the Ideal Monarch’s Medal. No more than four collections can be shown publicly. After opening a sufficient number of collections, the corresponding rare avatar frame will be opened. Each collection increases the level of the Ideal Monk Medal, which can bring you an exclusive costume as a reward.

How to open the Path of the Monarch? Complete Chapter 22 to unlock the Foreign Office and the Monarch’s Path.

Learning rules. Successful training can increase 10-20 corresponding attributes of a handmaid randomly. There is only one chance for each training. If you are unlucky, you cannot start over.

The quality and level of the maids. Handmaidens are divided into three qualities: 1 in 100, 1 in 1000 and 1 in 10,000. The handmaid star obtained in selection is random. The higher the star, the lower the chance of getting it. Handmaid stars from high to low:

How do I get the Servant’s Choice Badge? You have 3 free picks per day. You can also use the handmaid pick icon to restore the pick amount. You can get the Servant’s Choice badge for shopping in the shop. There is no restriction on the use of the Servant’s Choice icons.

Tribute income and tribute rules. You can pay tribute once an hour after unlocking different vassal states and pay tribute three times a day for free. You can also spend a tribute badge to get additional tribute. The number of uses of the tribute badge is unlimited. When a vassal state has just been unlocked, a status that can be paid is shown. Tributes include handmaidens and gems.

Gems can be used to exchange items. Handmaidens can be donated by wives, with the aim of increasing their experience to enhance the harem. Japan: Handmaiden of Etiquette and Gems of Annam; Talent Handmaid and Gems Siam; The Charm Handmaid and the Gems of Kore; Maid of the Scheme and Gems of Kokand; Handmaiden of a random attribute of four attributes and Gems.

How to reduce losses? The higher the military attributes, the less losses in the stage. When losses have reached the "crumb", the losses are not necessarily the lowest, and there is a gap between the crumb and the crumb.

Stage. Click "Quit" in the lower right corner of the main game interface, after which you will see "Stage". In the stage, you can go through chapters. There is a battle between ministers and bosses at the end of each chapter, improving the military strength of ministers is the key. To win the battle, you can get books, taels and the glory of the monarch.

How to play Journey? Click on "exit" - "journey". Click again on the bones in the lower right corner to find out the number of steps and the possibility of receiving the corresponding reward. Sometimes you can call random events, meet a merchant or a cab, etc. Each press costs 1 point of stamina, if you do not have stamina, then you cannot press bones. While traveling, you can click on one of the buildings and use the travel icon.

How to restore stamina? Stamina is restored by 3 every hour. Endurance pills will help you regain stamina. Each Stamina Pill can restore 5 Stamina.

Sea battle. Click the "Battle" button in the lower right corner to join the battle. After entering the battle, press "Fire" to start the battle. The closer the sight is to the center of the enemy warship, the greater the damage. The total damage to the enemy is related to the amount of OS of the available ministers. The top 20 players can earn ranking rewards. When alliance points reach a certain value, everyone can receive an appropriate reward.

Do the two imperial hunting hunts share the number of ministerial battle attempts? Hunting in the morning and in the evening will not divide the number of ministerial battle attempts, that is, ministers who participate in the hunt during the day can also hunt in the evening.

Rewarding rules. If all the ministers on the day hunt are over and you have not reinstated the minister, then enter the reward. During the reward, the system will randomly increase the growth points of 5-8 ministers.

Call Me Emperor: Harem. Palace for the wife

How to get wives? After unlocking the harem function for completing Chapter 2, you will receive a wife. You can get a VIP wife to upgrade your VIP level. You can also get to your destination on the journey and increase your affection to marry a beauty. A wife can be obtained through 7 days admission.

How to improve the closeness of wives? The experience of intimacy can be enhanced with a Jewelry Grant or Grace. If this is a wife to meet on a journey, then after marriage, meeting again will improve intimacy. After the intimacy experience progress bar is full, 1 intimacy will be increased. Methods for obtaining decorations: temporary event rewards, rank growth rewards, daily quests, travel, etc.

What is the difference between invocation and mercy? The call is a random choice of the wife. The wife chosen during the call does not affect the flop result. Mercy is done by naming a wife. The call consumes energy. If the energy is depleted, then you need to use the energy tablet to complete the call. If you are not using an energy pill, you will have to wait for the energy to replenish after a recharge (1 energy every 30 minutes). Grace consumes gold directly, no need to wait to recharge, no need to use an energy pill, etc.

Study Room. The occasional call and grace of a concubine can give offspring (princes and princesses). After the offspring is given a name, it enters the diaper phase (Recharge). After the diaper phase, offspring begins to form. The level of affinity affects the propensity and specialization of the offspring, and also the random increase in attributes. The higher the level of intimacy with the concubine, the stronger the children’s abilities and the more the Strength is strengthened.

Raising your VIP level can increase the likelihood of having children.

A descendant can be assigned when the highest level is reached. After the appointment, the offspring can go to the wedding hall for the marriage. In the wedding hall, click "Blind Date" to view information from other players’ descendants. Descendants with the same rank can marry, the wedding will cost the Wedding Gems. Click "Find Marriage" to use the Wedding Gem to find a marriage on the server. After marriage, Strength can be improved.

What determines the propensity of the offspring? The propensity of the offspring is accidental, but the higher the intimacy of the wife, the higher the likelihood of having a child with a high propensity. All inclinations from low to high: Normal, One in a Hundred, Unique, Long-awaited, Rare talent.

How do I change my child’s name? The child’s name cannot be changed after confirmation.

How do I get a wedding gem? You can get a wedding gem through main quests, shop purchases, and more. For children with different titles and for marriage, different wedding gems are needed. Low Tier Wedding Gems cannot be synthesized into High Tier Wedding Gems.

How do I open a harem? In the lower right corner of the main game interface, click "Exit", after which you will see "Stage". In the stage, you can go through chapters. When you go through chapter 2, you can open the harem.

How to patronize a wife? You can enter the harem, click on the wife and click on "mercy" again to patronize the wife.

How to get a Pretty Woman level wife? To do this, you can give wives a pack of attributes or maidservants to increase the level of the harem. The attribute pack can be obtained at the Foreign Ministry’s shop or in the feast shop, and the maids can be obtained at the Foreign Ministry.

How to build a palace? You can start building your first wife’s palace when you unlock your first wife. Each palace has its own requirements. You must meet the appropriate conditions to build a palace. After counting down the construction time, you can successfully build the palace. You can also use gold to restore construction time.

How to upgrade a palace? Servants are the only way to improve the palace. Press the palace upgrade button, and then send the maids to the palace, which will zoom in on the corresponding palace. When the progress bar of experience is full, the level of the palace will be increased.

Handmaidens can also increase the well-being of the harem to unlock the harem decoration

How to send a maid? First, click the palace you want to send her to and click the upgrade button. You will enter the maid sending interface, select your existing maids to send.

Is the palace bonus the same? Raising the level of the palace will increase the palace bonus, palaces with the same level have the same bonus.

Can I change my wife in the palace? How to change the palace where the wife is? The wife who is in the palace can be replaced. In the upper left corner of the palace, click the "Change Wives" button and select a wife who meets the conditions for staying in the palace. If you need to change wife again, wait 30 minutes to recharge.

Call Me Emperor: All About Union

The union is unlocked after reaching lvl 9 to a good monarch. You can create your own union or participate in another union. After entering the union, you can receive contributions through the daily construction in the Hall of the Union. You can exchange the necessary items in the Union Shop using contributions.

What is the daily upper limit for union construction? The daily upper limit of the union construction is the upper limit of the current members of the union. Even if the player who lined up was kicked out of the union, this will not increase the number of constructions. When the construction reaches its limit, further construction will only give personal donations, but no union experience.

The rights of union administrators. The leader has all the rights. The deputy leader has the right to recruit members / kick out members / use the wealth of the union to open the kingdom of the union. The elite can only open the kingdom with gold.

What affects the rank of the union? First of all, the rank of the union is related to the level of the union. If the level is the same, then the union with the highest experience takes the first place.

How do I get union experience? You can gain alliance experience through alliance fireworks, daily constructs, alliance realm (boss kill) and more.

Call Me Emperor: Minister’s Mansion

The mansion’s ministerial system. The Unmatched / Legendary Minister of Duke rank can unlock the mansion system. Right now only the Unrivaled / Legendary Minister can build a mansion. After the mansion is built, a Minister of the rank of Marquis can be sent to work as staff in the mansion, activating the mansion bonus.

Excellent / Epic / Unrivaled Minister can serve as staff in the mansion. The quality of the staff should be lower than that of the master. For example, an emperor can only be a craftsman, and Joan of Arc can be both a craftsman and an emperor’s staff. When the master reaches the iron cap, you can come up with a name for the minister’s mansion.

How to build a mansion? The Unmatched / Legendary Minister of Duke rank can unlock the mansion system, construction can begin after entering the mansion system.

Can the staff change? The staff can be changed. The title of Minister to be changed must be higher than that of the current staff. Changed staff will not take away title experience grown in the mansion, and previously accumulated title items will be inherited by new staff.

Can the master be changed? Once the mansion is built, the master cannot be changed. The mansion cannot be moved and changed in position.

How to upgrade a mansion? You can use the expansion icon to upgrade the mansion. After upgrading the mansion, you can significantly improve the attributes of the master.

Appointment of personnel. You can reward the staff of the mansion with a set of title items. When the number of title items on staff reaches the assignment condition, you can directly assign staff without level limitation.

The level can also be improved at the Imperial Academy, but you cannot appoint a minister again after reaching the level.

Call Me Emperor: Go Game Match, Suju Palace, Rank Growth

Go game match

What is Strength in a Go Game Match Event? Strength is the general strength of ministers. Strength affects the damage of a Go game match event. When you increase the strength of the ministers during the event, you can increase the strength in the Go match event and this strength will be synced.

What are the benefits of teaming up? Event rewards are divided into individual rewards and team rewards. If you form a team, after the event, you can earn team rewards based on the total leadership the team has received. After defeating an enemy, teammates are also randomly awarded a defeat reward. At the same time, the team has a marking function: you can call your teammates to fight against the target. The fight will not give teammates point rewards, and the assassin’s reward will be given to a teammate.

How do I get the chessboard, bamboo key, jade key? How do I open a chessboard? The chess boards are divided into Bamboo Go boards and Jade Go boards. Defeating your opponent will most likely earn you a Go board. You will need the appropriate keys to open the Go boards. Bamboo Key, can be found on a defeated foe. The Jade Key is available in the Refill Pack.

Will the value of reason be purified? The Mind Value can last until the end of the Go Match Event, after which the Mind Value will be cleared.

How do I get back to the first floor? Defeat on the third floor will send you from the third to the second floor. If you want to return from the second floor to the first, you need to wait the next day after the reset.

Will the number of elite killing players under the terms of accession be cleared? Progress will be cleared after ascension. The number of killing elite players will be cleared even if you use the mind value for ascension. But the value of the mind will not be cleared after the ascension - it will be cleared after the event.

Sudju Palace event

How to get a Sudju wife? The wives you can marry in the Suju shop are Qingwen, Yuan-Yuan Chen, Zhouqiu. You can use the glasses to buy gifts from your wife at the Suju shop, and you can get married if the affection is high.

How to train wives in the Sudju palaces event? In the Sudju Palace event, you can train in two ways: First, during training, you can select the general / advanced training field to train your wife, manipulate the red Zhenya to pass or shoot. By hitting the ball into the net, you end the training. One half HP will be deducted for not hitting within the allotted time. One half of the HP will be deducted for the kick.

One HP will be deducted for interception. The game ends when HP drops to 0. Secondly, you can also select Quick Workout, each manual tutorial completed provides access to Quick Workout. For a quick workout, you don’t need to play the game, but you can get the score as if you were manually training. The quick workout is disabled when it reaches 0. Manual training can unlock the quick workout again.

How do I get an advanced ticket? You can get advanced tickets through a recharge, and they can be used to enter the advanced training field in the Suju Palace event.

Will the glasses be cleared at the Suju shop? The points in the Sudju Shop will not be cleared and can be saved for use in the next event, but the shop level and purchase limit will be reset at 0:00.

Rank growth

In case of the same number of points, who has the advantage? There are no equal ratings in the game. In the case of the same number of points, the one who receives them earlier has priority.

How do I get the ranking reward? When the Rank Growth event ends, you can receive the corresponding rewards according to the ranking. If you forget to receive them, the system will send rewards by email after the event ends.

Call Me Emperor: Game Questions

How do I switch the server? If you want to switch to a different server, you can simply select a different server on the login page, but you have to start playing with a new character, your current character will not be moved to that server.

How do I fund my account? You can click on your gold on the main interface to fund your account, and you can also click on the package icon or the Bonuses button to buy packages and a monthly or annual card.

How do I change my name? If you want to change your name, you can click your avatar and then click the little brush behind your name to change. To change your name, you need 300 gold.

If many players have the same score, how do you calculate the rating? There is no parallel rating in the game. In case of the same result, the players who score this result first will be ranked higher.

Why can’t I add friends? The friends system only supports adding friends from the same server, but not friends from other servers.

How to go to the feast? You need to reach a good level 8 to unlock the banquet hall. And after unlocking, you can enter the banquet hall, click "attend the feast" and enter the feast.

How do I turn off the sound? You can click on your avatar in the upper left corner of the interface and click on Install again to find a button to mute the sound.

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