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Call of Spartan WiKi: Tips and tricks for passing the game

Call of Spartan is a strategy game from Wang Xin where you have to build a city, raise an army and fight against the invaders in order to win the glory of the strongest ruler. The game can be divided into three blocks: building and improving the city, passing battles in PvE and PvP modes, obtaining and pumping heroes. You can take part in large-scale Alliance wars and learn useful technologies. The game is distinguished by excellent drawing, good musical accompaniment, addictive gameplay.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Alliance Guide
  3. Faith Title Battles
  4. Account Questions

Call of Spartan: Beginner’s Guide

How to protect yourself? To keep your city safe from battles, you can use items that protect your city from attack (however, troops outside your city will not be protected). You can send your troops to fortify an ally’s city of a relatively high level.

This method does not fully protect your troops, but it can help reduce your chances of loss in the event of an attack. Join an alliance and teleport your castle to be closer to your allies so you can protect each other. Build the Hospital and avoid conflicts with stronger players to minimize your losses.

How to attack monsters? The world map is covered with formidable monsters of different types and levels. The number in front of the monster’s name indicates its level. Attack monsters to get diamonds, forging materials and military rank materials. The higher the level of the monster, the better the rewards. Attack the monster with the heroes that hold it back. Combo attacks get a buff.

All members of the Alliance will receive a box with a monster when the members of the Alliance kill the monster. The higher the monster level, the better the monster box. The first 100 boxes will be double (every day).

How can I get resources? In your city there is a special building "Trading Post" for the production of resources. In a trading post, peasants can be allocated for various resources. When the available resources exceed the limit, production stops. The more peasants allocated, the higher the production of resources. Upgrade the Trading Post to increase the number of peasants. The lake, forest, mountains, and wilderness on the map correspond to four resources: food, wood, iron, and coins, respectively.

The more territories are occupied, the more peasants can be allocated for the production of the corresponding resources. Resource points will randomly appear on the world map. Select one and click "Collect" to send a certain number of soldiers to occupy this place and collect its resources. It takes time to gather resources. The exact amount of time depends on the load statistics of your army. When they finish gathering, your troops will automatically return to your city.

How can I change my avatar? On the Account page, tap your avatar portrait to open the avatar selection screen. Select the portrait you like and click "Reset" to confirm the change. If you do not have the "Reset" item, 200 diamonds will be automatically deducted from you. You can replace your in-game avatar with an avatar from a social network. Synchronizing an avatar costs diamonds or a figure reset item.

Call of Spartan: Alliance Guide

Joining the Alliance. You get the opportunity to join the Alliance from the very beginning of the game. To do this, open the bottom tab "Alliance" on the main screen and select from the proposed list a community in which there are free places. Alliances are open (anyone can join) and closed (you can join after the application is approved).

Try to join the TOP Alliances of the server - they are the most developed, have well-developed alliance technologies and can offer their members all-round assistance in pumping and battles.

Transnational members of the Alliance. The player can join an Alliance that belongs to another kingdom. You can join or accept an invitation to join.

Alliance Migration. The Alliance location kingdom can be changed. Only the leader can move to the kingdom in which the majority of the members of your Alliance are located.

Vera. The Alliance is able to change the faith of all members. During the period of protection, you will not be able to switch to the strongest faith.

Impeachment. If the leader of the Alliance does not appear online for more than 10 days, the members of the Alliance have the right to impeach him.

Alliance Wars. Alliance members have the right to help each other fight. When the rally approaches a cave or a monster, you need to get the help of an Alliance ally to launch an offensive. While doing this, you need to wait until all the allies that have reached your city start the rally. If the gathering fails, the squad will be disbanded. When joining the initiator of the battle, the general squad will continue to march towards the goal. The player who started the battle has the right to withdraw any troops that have joined his rally.

VIP2 and above players can also speed up the march of allies if they join the same rally.

Sacrifice and Alliance technology. Alliance members can donate resources to receive sacrifice points and valor. Sacrifice points will be added to Alliance sacrifice points. When the Alliance sacrifice points reach the maximum value, the Alliance leader will be able to improve the level of research with the help of prayer. Research bonuses will affect all members of the Alliance. Alliance technology types:

Alliance Store. In the Alliance Store, you exchange Valor Points. They can be obtained:

Alliance vote. Only the leader and R4 can initiate a vote. The rest of the participants must ask the leader for permission, if necessary. Once the initiator creates a vote, it enters a 1-hour cooldown period during which it cannot initiate a vote, but other authorized members can initiate a new vote. No more than 30 votes can be held at the same time. Extra votes will be automatically deleted. Voting can only be done once, not multiple times.

There is a time limit for voting. Please vote within the specified time. You will not be able to vote after this deadline.

Call of Spartan: Faith Title Battles

Faith buffs. You will receive combat buffs. when you become a keeper of Faith, however, these buffs will not be active during the Faith challenge. The shield will not work during the test of Faith.

How to dispute a title? Only the top 100 strong players under Vera can challenge the title. Only they can challenge players with a higher title. Titled players will be protected from being challenged by other players for 2 hours. Players can challenge the title once every 2 hours. The name of the player will be deleted when changing Faith or moving to other servers. Players from the same Alliance cannot be challenged.

Peculiarities. Attributes, heroes, equipment, troops and buff information will be recorded as defense parameters. You can reset your defending troops when there are some attribute changes. Protecting heroes and changing troops will not affect the players themselves. Home Guardian (increase defense/health of all troops while defending your city) and Watchtower (decrease enemy attack by 3%) will not be activated during combat.

Call of Spartan: Account Questions

How can I get my account back? If you previously linked your game account to your Facebook or Google Play account, you can restore your game account by linking your account to Facebook or Google Play again. If your game account has not been linked, please contact the official support service as soon as possible.

Inability to enter the game. There can be three reasons: wrong account or password, network problem, game bug.

How can I play with my account on a new device? Link your account first before switching devices. Then just download Call Of Spartan on your new device and log into your account.

How to switch accounts? You can link each account to multiple characters. There can be no more than 5 characters in one kingdom. Select Settings - Account - Login. Then change your account and enter the game.

How to link your account? To link your account, click on the avatar in the upper left corner, then select "Account", click "Login with FB or GP". Then enter FB/GP account and password to finish.

Why can’t I make a purchase? There are two situations in this regard:

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