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Walkthrough CATS Crash Arena: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CATS: CRASH ARENA - Android game with release date 07/15/2019 from ZeptoLab. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginnerís Guide
  2. Selecting Parts, Boxes, and Stickers
  3. Going through Stages, Leagues and Matchmaking
  4. Gang Guide
  5. Ultimate League Secrets
  6. How to survive after the upgrade?
  7. Donatim right
  8. Facebook and game with friends
  9. Secrets of Account Settings

CATS Crash Arena: Beginnerís Guide

What is the meaning of the game? In a world where cats rule, you take on the role of an ambitious kitten who dreams of becoming the best engineer in the world of combat vehicles. Your suspicious but charismatic Uncle Tony helped you get into the World Championship. Complete all 24 stages, get into the finals and become the world champion! CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is a PvP game with asynchronous multiplayer. You fight with cars created by real players. Battles occur automatically. The better you collect the car, the more battles you will win. Good luck.

What are the system requirements for the game? CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars is available for iOS v.8.0 + and for Android v.4.1 +. A network connection is required for the game. Please make sure that you are connected to a stable network, whether it is Wi-Fi or a mobile connection (3G / 4G). Even if the deviceís indicators show that the connection is good, it can be slow or overloaded, especially if you are playing in a moving vehicle.

Can I play CATS without the Internet? Unfortunately not. CATS is an asynchronous multiplayer game. You fight against cars created by real players. Although your opponents do not need to be online during the battle, the game constantly checks the characteristics of the cars, and if the opponentís machine changes, this will affect the result of the battle. Therefore, the game always needs the Internet.

Why canít I drive a typewriter? CATS is an asynchronous multiplayer game. You fight against cars created by real players. The ability to control the battle will give the opponent a huge advantage over the other player (who is currently offline), so players cannot control the battle. The result is based on real physics and depends on how and from which both machines are assembled.

How to improve the machine?

Click on your car in the main menu to enter the Garage. To improve the car, you will need gold and spare parts.Both of the required components can be found in the boxes that you receive by winning Quick Fights and moving on to the next stage or league. There are 4 types of parts:

The body is the "body" of your car. It has several randomly located slots in which you can install other spare parts.Each part has its own type of slot. The weapon slot is hexagonal and the gadget slot is square. You cannot install a part in a slot designed for another type of part. To install or change a spare part, simply move it to the desired slot. You can also improve the parts that you already have. To do this, you will need to pour unused parts into them.

To improve a part, first click on it. You will see the full specifications of the spare part in the window that opens on the left side of the screen. Keeping this window open, scroll through your inventory until you find an unnecessary spare part. Drag it into the window with the part you want to improve and combine both parts. This will enhance the performance of the improved part. Unused portion will be destroyed. You can combine different types of parts with each other. For example, you can improve the wheel by inserting a rocket launcher into it.

However, remember that each improvement costs you gold coins. The price depends on the class of both parts: the better each part, the more gold you will pay for the improvement. And donít forget about the stickers! Make your car more stylish by placing them on your case.

How to receive spare parts? To get new spare parts, you need to open the boxes. You get a box for every 3 victories in Fast Fights, after moving to the next stage of the Championship or League, and buying it in the game store for Crystals. From time to time, you will also receive a special gift box from Stevie (simply because he loves you). Your garage can have up to 4 drawers. Click on the box, and then click "Open" to open it. Unlock time depends on the rarity of the box. You can skip the timer by clicking "Open Now."

Please note that each pass costs you a certain amount of precious stones. The amount depends on the remaining time and rarity of the box. You can also speed up the process by viewing ads. Click on the acceleration button to view ads. Each ad reduces expectation by 30 minutes.

What is a box and how to get it?

Boxes provide you with everything you need to restore and upgrade your car. They contain parts, gold and crystals. CATS currently has seven mailboxes available for retrieval:

In addition, new boxes will also be added to the game! You can get regular and super-boxes by winning Fast Fights. It takes time to open these boxes. A legendary box is issued upon promotion to the next League. There is also a small chance to get it, going to a new stage. Also, participating in game battles, moving forward in the championship and opening boxes, you will receive keys that you can use in the store to open Stevieís box. You can open up to three of these boxes per day.

You have only 4 slots for storing boxes received from Fast Fights. Each of these drawers requires a certain amount of time to open. If all the slots are full, then you will not receive a new box by winning the Quick Fight until you release one of the slots. Purchased boxes, as well as boxes won in Leagues and Championships, open immediately.

What are crystals for and how to get them? Crystals - this is the so-called "premium" currency, which can be obtained during the game process or by spending real money. You can use them to speed up the timer on the box or get the necessary amount of gold to merge the parts. There are several ways to get crystals:

1. Open the drawers. Click on the box and open it. Opening the box, you will receive parts, gold and a certain amount of crystals. You can get crystals from the following boxes:

2. Complete the steps. You can get crystals by completing the steps. Whenever you advance to the next stage, you get rating points, skill points, gold and crystals.

3. Visit the store. Click on the "+" sign next to the icon in the upper left corner to buy more crystals for real money. You can find out how to disable purchases in the application in the "Payment" section.

What are gold coins and how to get them? Coins are the game currency necessary to improve your machine and parts. You also need gold to skip opponents in Fast Fights. There are currently four ways to get coins:

1. Win a Championship. Complete the Championship stages and get gold, as well as Skill Point, Crystals and box.

2. Successfully defend against opponents in the Championship. If your car is powerful enough, it will earn you gold, even if you are not online!

3. Open the drawers. Get boxes by completing Quick Fights and Championship stages. Each box has a certain number of coins!

4. Sell items. If you do not have enough gold, you can sell one of the parts. To sell a part, drag it to the lower right corner of the screen.

Please note that this action is irreversible. You will lose the sold part, and it will be impossible to restore it. If you do not have enough gold, you can spend crystals.

What do the stars mean? Stars indicate the quality of the part. Each item can have up to 5 stars. In total there are 5 levels of Stars, depending on their material: Wooden, Metal, Military, Gold and Carbon. The higher the level of the material, the better its quality. For example, a part with Military material and 1 star is better than a Metal part with 5 stars. The quality of the part is determined randomly, but the maximum possible result depends on the current level of the player. You can view the Championship map to see the maximum number of Stars you can get at this Stage.

For example, if you are at Stage 15, then you can get a Gold part with only 1 Star, while at Stage 20 you can get a Gold part with 5 stars.

What is energy? All parts, except the Wheels, use Energy. Each body has a certain energy, which depends on the number of stars. For example, if the energy of your machine is 10, you will not be able to install a chainsaw, which requires 11 units. energy.

The only way to increase the energy of your body is to pour the Energy Kit into it. Energy Kits can be found in Boxes.

I received the item with the Magic Bonus. What is it? Details with magic bonuses are called "Super details". You can get Super details in two ways: by winning a bet or by opening a box. Bonuses are random. With their help, you can increase the health reserve, increase damage or increase an existing bonus. For example, you may have a Rocket Launcher with a bonus of 20% to attack, or the same Rocket Launcher, which gives 10% health for the Classic case. You can increase the magic bonus of a part by placing the item on bets and winning. Longer bets give more bonuses.

Please note that you can increase the bonus up to a maximum of 60%. Parts with a 100% bonus are Legendary parts. They are very rare and can be found in crates. The higher the level of the box, the more likely it is to contain a Legendary item.

What is a battle? The battle allows you to instantly proceed to the next stage of the Championship, winning a certain number of battles against other players in your group without changing your machine. To get into the battle, you need to press the corresponding button on the Championship screen.

The number of fights you have to win for an instant boost depends on what stage you are currently at. Starting from stage 4, for instant transition to the next stage you will need to defeat all your rivals in the group. The "Battle" button appears only after completion of training.

What are skills? Skills give special bonuses that remain with you forever, even after receiving the status of Prestige. Earning skills, you can improve the health of certain parts, increase weapon damage, receive bonuses and much more. To develop new skills, you need to spend skill points (catís paw icon). You get them by completing Stages and earning Prestige.

Impossible to reset skills, please make sure that you need the skill before activating it.

What is Betting? Bets - a special game mode that allows players to put their parts on the battles of other players. Bets allow you to create Super Parts - parts with a bonus that enhances the machine. If you lose the bet, you will lose the parts that participated in it. You have one and only opportunity to restore lost spare parts for Crystals immediately after you find out about the result of the bet. If you have not restored the lost parts immediately after the bid, you will not be able to restore them.

One item can have only one bonus. The size of the bonus depends on the length of the bet, as well as on the number of winners: the longer the bet, the stronger the bonus can be; the more people put on the winning machine, the less bonus the details will receive. The maximum bonus of SuperDetails cannot exceed 60%.

What is a prestige regimen? Prestige mode is available for players who have reached the last 24 Stage.Prestige allows you to start the game from the very beginning, retaining all your skills and Crystals, as well as costumes from customization. Your machine, coins and spare parts will be lost. This action is irreversible.

When you enter Prestige mode, you get a special badge with a number next to your nickname. The number indicates the level of prestige.

You can activate the prestige mode up to 60 times. Some parts and skills can only be unlocked after reaching a certain level of Prestige.

What is cotomization? So the developers call the customization of characters in the game. Dress your cat in trendy costumes and hats! To do this, click on the garage, and then on the "Edit" button above the head of your furry driver.

Drag the selected costume onto the kitten and it will be saved automatically.

Some costumes and hats are available from the start, others open at certain stages. After the costume has become available, you can purchase it for gold or crystals.

Record of replays of fights. Now you can easily share records of your fights by clicking on the "Share Repeat" button. Recording is in GIF format.

How many types of bets are there? There are currently five types of bets.

Basic rates:

Advanced rates:

You can unlock advanced bets by unlocking the appropriate skills. Skills also allow you to unlock additional slots for parts in bets.

How many skills in total? There are currently 13 packs of skills.

Pak # 1 (available from stage 1)

Pak # 2 (available from 4 stages)

Pak # 3 (available from stage 7)

Pak # 4 (available from stage 10)

Pak # 5 (available from stage 13)

Pak # 6 (available from stage 16)

Pak # 7 (available at stage 19)

Pak # 8 (available from 22 stages)

Pak # 9 (available at 1 Prestige)

Pak # 10 (available at 2 Prestige)

Pak # 11 (available at 3 Prestige)

Pak # 12 (available at 4 Prestige)

Pak # 13 (available at 5 Prestige)

I accidentally poured a part or lost it on bets. Can I get her back? No, unfortunately, this action cannot be undone. As soon as you poured a part or clicked "OK", having learned the result of the bid, information about the details is deleted from the server. Do not despair - in the future you will find even more cool parts!

Will my purchased items disappear after I switch to Prestige mode? Upon reaching the 24th stage in the Championship, each player has the opportunity to receive Prestige. This mode allows you to "restart" the game from the very beginning, while maintaining all the skills, gems and costumes from customization. But your car, coins and car parts will be reset. This rule also obeys cars, parts for cars that are purchased in an in-game store or received for victories in battles against rivals. This action is irreversible.

Does the game have a classic with 3 slots? Yes, there is :) This is the rarest item in the game, which has a chance of falling less than 1%. Only the most successful kittens can get it from the boxes.

Why didnít I get a box of gang at the end of the round? To prevent gang from running into the gang, the developers introduced a limit on receiving rewards at the end of the round for players who spent less than three days in the gang. After 3 days of staying in the gang, the restriction will be lifted, and you can get a chest, like all other gang members.

CATS Crash Arena: Selecting Parts, Boxes, and Stickers

Body. The body is the "body" of your car. It has several randomly located slots in which you can install other parts. Each part has its own type of slot. Weapon slots are hexagonal and gadget slots are square. You cannot place a part in a slot designed for another type of part. The number of slots and their type is determined randomly, usually they can not be more than three. There are currently eight types of enclosures:

The case has two random parameters that depend on the material (wood / metal / military / gold /

carbon), Stars and level:

  1. Health.
  2. Power.

Each case has a certain power reserve, which depends on the number of stars. For example, if the power of your machine is 10, you will not be able to install a chainsaw, which requires 11 units. energy. The only way to increase the power of your case is to pour the Power Kit into it. Power Kits can be found in Crates.

Wheels Wheels make your car move (what a surprise!). They also give her extra health and spin in accordance with real physics. There are currently seven types of wheels:

The amount of wheel health depends on its material, the number of Stars, level and radius (large wheels have more health).


CATS has two types of weapons: cold and long-range. Melee weapons do damage only when they touch the enemyís vehicles, long-range weapons can help destroy the enemy at a long distance.

Steel arms:


Each weapon has a random number of damage points, which depend on the level of the weapon (material, gold, etc.), the Number of Stars and level.

Important: The number of damage displayed in the garage or during battle is Damage per Second (UR / S), and not the total damage. Some weapons (like lasers) fire slower than others. If you have a laser with 400 units damage, it deals 1000 damage. damage in one shot, since the laser fires every 2.5 seconds, and it "sways" at idle (400 * 2.5 = 1000).

Additional damage from laser-injected attack kits is now also multiplied by 2.5. Thus, if you have a laser with base damage per second 400 and additional damage from attack sets 500, the total damage per shot is (400 + 500) * 2.5 = 2250. Each weapon also has some power requirements. Your case must have enough energy to install the required weapons.

Gadgets Many cases have slots for gadgets. Gadgets give your typewriter some advantage. Currently, seven gadgets are available for installation:

The health of the gadget depends on its material (wood, gold, etc.), the number of stars and the level of the gadget. Each gadget also has power requirements. Your case must be powerful enough to install the gadget.

Kits. Kits increase the specific parameters of your part by 1 point. There are currently three types of kits:

To get the kit, you need to open the box. Keep in mind that the more sets you combine with the part, the more gold you will have to spend.

Stickers. Stickers are cosmetic items that you can use to decorate your typewriter, making it "zurrurchet". You can stick as many stickers as you want. After training, you will receive your first sticker. After that, you will receive new stickers by completing the steps and receiving Prestige statuses.Like other items in your Garage, stickers can be sold for Gold. Their presence does not affect the chances of the boxes falling out and the quality of the parts falling out of the box. It only depends on your luck.

Slots for cars. In the garage there are three slots in which you can save the assembled cars and freely switch between them at any time. To do this, click on the numbers 1, 2 and 3 of the garage menu and select the desired car.

Each part can only be used on one housing. Slots open after completing the training. The machine body cannot be completely removed from the first slot, it can only be changed to another. This is done so that you can not sell all the cases and stay completely without a typewriter.

Universal Bonuses. In the game you can find details with one of 5 Universal bonuses. They add% to health or attack:

Such bonuses are not tied to any specific details, such as, for example, a rocket launcher or comet. Instead, they give a bonus to all parts of the same type installed on your typewriter: weapons, gadgets, wheels or the body. Those parts that have a bonus "when installed" receive bonus damage or health only when installed on the machine. Such parts are easy to calculate among other parts with a bonus on the yellow ribbon around the bonus itself.

CATS Crash Arena: Going through Stages, Leagues and Matchmaking

Championship.Championship is a competitive mode in which players fight in groups of 15 people. The goal of the Championship is to reach the last Stage and become the world champion. At certain Stages, players can also unlock new parts for their cars. One round of the Championship lasts 48 hours. At the end of the round, the best players from the group move on to the next Stage. The exact number of players depends on the actual size of the group.

For example, if a group is full and there are 15 players in it, then the first 6 people will go to the next stage. To get to the first places, you will need to defeat as many members of the group as possible. Defeating the enemy, you get a medal. You lose the earned medals if the players you defeated improve their car and defeat you again.

You can also try your hand at the Battle to take turns fighting all the opponents of the current group and try to instantly move to the next stage.

How to go to the next Stage of the Championship? There are two ways to go to the next Step:

How many stages are there in the Championship? There are currently 9 Championships with 24 Stages and 5 Levels.


After you reach Stage 24, you can enter the Prestige mode and start the game from the very beginning. When you go to Prestige, your machine, coins and spare parts will be lost. You save all your skills, rating and Crystals. This action is irreversible.

How many wins are required for an instant boost? The number of victories in the Battle depends on the Stage at which you are:

If there are not enough players in your group for instant promotion, the Battle will be available, but you wonít be able to move to a new stage of the Championship.

What will I get for a series of victories in quick battles? A series of victories also provide an opportunity to get Crowns for your boxes. Crowns improve the details you get from the drawers. You can place up to 3 Crowns in one box. 1 Crown is awarded for a winning streak of 5 battles. Each crown gives an additional star to one part (1 crown to 1 part) from the boxes.

For every three victories you get boxes: regular and super boxes. Three victories do not have to go one after another. You will not be able to receive boxes if all the seats are already taken.

Can they attack me while I play? Yes, other players in your Championship group can attack you and try to steal your medal, even if you are online. The game constantly checks the status of your car, even when you improve it. This means that if you take too long to improve your machine, other players can attack you when your machine is not finished (for example, it does not have wheels or weapons). This can lead to the loss of a earned medal. If this happens, just finish editing your typewriter and fight the enemy again.

Some of my parts are missing. Whatís the matter? We were all in a situation where it seems that resources suddenly became less than before. But please do not forget that resources cannot be lost on their own, and that the game will never make unauthorized purchases. Perhaps you accidentally sold a part or improved another part with it?

Why didnít I receive the item after moving on to the next Stage? New parts become available after you reach a certain Stage. However, this does not mean that the part will be automatically added to your inventory.From this moment on, it will simply become available for receiving in the boxes that you will receive by winning Quick Fights or moving on to the next Stages and Leagues.

I was in the top at the end of the Championship, but did not move on to the next Stage. One round of the Championship lasts 48 hours. In the last seconds, anything can happen: other players, like you, are constantly trying to increase the number of medals by participating in battles. Most likely, you were simply kicked out of the leaders at the very last moment, and you returned to one of the top lines of the championship after the winners moved to the next stage. Good luck next time!

I earned medals, but they disappeared. What happened When you win the battle against another player in the Championship, you take away the medal from him. The player, like you, can return it by improving his car and defeating you. If this happens, try to improve your car and return the medal by defeating the opponent.

I met a player with a huge amount of health and attack. Is he a cheater? In the last stages of the Championship and in the Battle of the Gangs, sometimes situations may arise in which the opponent has much more indicators of life and damage. This happens due to the fact that some players prefer not to advance further in game progress, but to sit in one place and swing their cars in sets. In many cases, an opponent can be defeated if you approach the issue strategically - jump behind him, use lifts and buckets, hook cars from below.

Remember that you can always switch to Prestige mode, not necessarily defeating all opponents in the Championship. The developers have already taken some measures that minimize the benefits of this behavior, but unfortunately they cannot force campers to progress. If you think that the player you met is not an ordinary camper, but a cheater, please contact the developers by first indicating the nickname of this player and attaching screenshots of your opponentís cars to your message.

I was at stage 24, why did the game start again? This means that you have moved to Prestige. Prestige allows you to start the game from the very beginning. You will save all skills, crystals and costumes, but all cars, coins and spare parts will disappear. This action cannot be undone. Sometimes itís sad to start over, but all the players go through it. One of the goals of the game is to collect as many prestige as possible. Each time you leave everything behind, you meet more powerful opponents and discover new details. There are many new opportunities and fun ahead, we hope you enjoy it!

CATS Crash Arena: Gang Guide

What is a gang? A gang is a community of players who come together to communicate with each other, test cars in friendly battles and fight in future battles. Gangs open after training.

To get to the gangs screen, click on the corresponding icon in the upper right corner in the main menu. You can find a specific gang using the search function, join your friendís gang in the Friends menu, or create your own gang on the My Gang page. Each gang can have no more than 25 players. To create your own gang, you must pay a fee - 100 crystals.

What is gang chat? Chat allows you to chat with other gang members. To open it, go to the "My Gang" menu and click on the chat icon in the lower right corner. You can also turn off system chat alerts in gang settings. If you choose the age of 1-16 years on the start screen, then social functions such as Facebook and chat gangs will not be available. Unfortunately, the developers cannot enable them, but you can reinstall the game, create a new account and choose a different age.

What is a gang leader? The gang leader can remove other players from it and establish a requirement for joining the gang. The player who created the gang becomes its leader automatically. If the leader leaves the gang or does not appear in the game within a month, his authority automatically passes to the active gang member who joined it before the others.

Please note that the developers do not return accidentally lost leadership in the gang. Developers believe that they should not interfere with the game.

How to manage a gang? If you are a gang leader, go to the settings in the "My Gang" menu to change its description, prestige required for entry, gang logo and preferred language in the chat. In the same menu you can leave the gang. To fight with another member of your gang or to expel him (if you are a leader), click on the arrow next to the name of this player in the "My Gang" menu.

Why canít I join the gang? Make sure that it is not crowded (max. 25 people) and that you are suitable for prestige. Click on the "Join" button next to the name of the gang to see the restriction on prestige.

Box gang. A gang box is a box that can only be obtained while in the gang. Within 3 days, all gang members earn trophies for opening the Gang Box. The more trophies in the allotted time the Gang members accumulate, the higher the reward will be received from the box. From the gang box you can drop any details, regardless of stage.In other words, the gang box does not have restrictions on the dropout of parts by stages.

How do 3x3 battles work? You can participate in 3x3 battles only when you are a member of the Gang. Every day, you will be provided with a group of 10 opponents that you need to defeat in order to get the maximum number of trophies. You fight with each opponent with all your cars, against all enemy cars. The order of the machines you can choose yourself.


Winning battles, you get trophies that are added to the trophies of the members of your gang and fill the progress line of the gang box. The more trophies you can earn, the better the rewards in the Gang Box by the end of the round (which lasts 3 days). When all 10 opponents are defeated, you can add new ones for crystals to earn even more trophies, or wait for the next round of 3x3 battles.

Gang rating. In the Gang Rating you can see the results of the previous Gang Battle. The rating is formed on the basis of the number of trophies that gangs received in the last battle 3 by 3. When the round of the Battle of Gangs ends, the rating is updated with new results.

How is the ranking of the best gangs built? To keep the competition fair, the developers left the original gang time zones. This means that for different gangs, the start and end time of a round differs depending on the time zone. The round itself lasts exactly 72 hours (3 days) for each gang. Leaderboard is a statistic in which different countries participate. Due to the difference in time zones, the data in the table is updated iteratively.Namely:

In the leaderboard, the time zone of each gang is listed under its name.

Why am I no longer receiving trophies for Gang Battles? Currently, a limit on the number of trophies received for each stage has been introduced: 400 trophies. Once you reach it, you will not be able to contribute and receive boxes in the Gang Battles. This restriction was introduced so that players do not stay too long at the same stage, destroying the balance of the game and matchmaking. You need to go to the next stage, after which you can again make your contribution to the Battle of the Gangs - the trophy counter will be reset.

Kings of the City

Kings of the City is the best way to show that your gang is the coolest in the world! Conquer areas and entire cities to receive rewards and respect from other gangs. Kings of the City is a competition that will force gang members to roll out their Ultimate cars for an epic battle with an opponent. All gang members who already have Ultimate machines can start an attack or join it.

As soon as 5 gang members sign up for battle, the system will select an opponentís gang for an attack lasting 24 hours. All gang members will receive an initial notification of the start of the attack. Before getting into the city, the player needs to collect three Ultimate cars in a special garage. After entering the city, changing or changing these cars will be impossible.

The garage will remember past builds, so reassembling cars before each attack is not necessary. The city is made up of districts, and the districts are made up of neighborhoods in which gangs fight for victory. In each neighborhood there are several buildings with parking spaces occupied by neutral guards or opponents. Choose a building and click on Attack to see parking spaces and choose one to start the battle.

Uncle Tony has another useful tool specifically for fighting in the city. This is Intelligence, which for a limited time will show all the cars in the building to help gang members evaluate opponents. When the gang wins over 50% of the parking spaces in the building, it begins to receive points for them. The number of points that the gang will receive for the building is shown next to its name, and the color of the icon shows which gang controls the building (blue for your gang, red for the opponent).

Points are not added instantly, but only after a certain cycle, so places need to be held as long as possible in order to continue to receive more points. In each microdistrict there are two buildings with the same name, they will bring double points if the same gang controls both. The gang that wins the most points at the end of the attack wins. It is also possible to snatch victory ahead of schedule, you just need to get the maximum number of points.

Players can use gang chat and personal alerts to receive information about the status of their cars and conquered buildings, and to agree on joint actions and tactics in the city. If the gang wins, each gang member who takes part in the attack receives an Ultimate set of improvements. The completion of the district is additionally awarded the Ultimate Part. You can receive a reward for each district in the city only once, passing the same region as part of another gang will not be awarded with a detail.

Gangs that pass all 10 districts of the city are awarded with a special costume of the city. When the battle for the city officially ends, the gangs with the most points in the table. The best gangs receive additional prizes and special avatars of the city to everyone envy. Selection of an opponent is carried out according to a number of parameters, which include, but are not limited to progress, strength, number of participants and activity. The opponent selection system provides the opponent most suitable in all respects, free at the time of the attack, and does not guarantee an equal opponent in each attack.

I lost leadership in a gang. Can I get it back? If the leader leaves the gang or does not appear in the game within a month, his authority automatically passes to the active gang member who joined it before the others.

The developers believe that no gang can exist without a leader. The developers also give enough time for the leader to show minimal activity for a month (normal entry into the game) so as not to lose his rights. Developers consider this rule to be objective and fair for players. Unfortunately, developers do not regain leadership, lost due to inactivity or transmitted consciously.

How does the system for selecting opponents in the Battle of the Gangs work? The opponents you meet in the Gang Battles are selected in accordance with your current stage of the Championship. Health and damage characteristics are not taken into account in the selection. The first opponents are at earlier stages, then you get opponents from the same stage as your current one. Somewhere in the middle, things get harder and more interesting, as you begin to get opponents from later stages.

There are less than 25 people in our gang. Can we be attacked in the Kings of the City? Yes they can.The number of players in the gang practically does not affect the selection of an opponent in the Kings of the City.Otherwise, incomplete gangs would be looking for a suitable opponent for a long time every day. The game has many gangs with a maximum number of participants, but most often only half of them are actively involved in battles. It is impossible to predict how many players from each gang will sign up for an attack, so their number affects the selection of an opponent to a lesser extent.

Can our gang be attacked without our consent? Yes, you can be attacked even if the required number of players is not registered for the battle. In this case, you will receive a notification that another gang has launched an attack instead of the usual message about the beginning of the attack. The system will resort to such mechanics only if there is an acute shortage of opponents in the area or if another gang waits a very long time to select opponents.

CATS Crash Arena: Ultimate League Secrets

To take part in them, you need an ultimatum machine. You need to compete with each other during the round.For every battle won, you get points. At the end of the round, the players with the most points go to the next ultimate league, and with the smallest - they go down to the previous one. At the moment there are 7 leagues in the game. The first 6 leagues are available for players, and 7 are still under lock and key, as it is under development.

Gold tickets are your entry into the Ultimate League fights. They can be obtained from boxes or purchased for crystals and in special offers. The number of tickets that may be in your garage is limited and all tickets over the limit will simply burn out. The limit is shown by the last digit, for example, 4/5 means that you already have 4 out of 5 tickets allowed.

How to use a ticket: go to your Ultimate Garage and click Login on the Ultimate League information in the lower right corner. Each ticket gives entry to a series of fights with 20 opponents. You have the opportunity to exit after the end of each battle (with points earned if you won, and with the ability to restore points for crystals if you lost).

Ultimate machines and parts. Meet cool cars that are even bigger and more powerful! Ultimate cars can be assembled from ultimatum housings and parts in a separate garage. You do not need to pour different parts into one to improve it. To increase the level of the ultimate part, you need to combine parts of the same type inside it.You can get the ultimate details by winning leagues and moving on to new stages.

Remember that ultimate parts cannot be sold. And they will not disappear when you move to the next Prestige.

Leaderboard.Developers have added a global leaderboard for the Ultimate Leagues. Players in it are sorted by the ultimate rating (total number of purple cats). It is updated in real time. Results in the global leaderboard are erased every 30 days. A player who joins the League during this period is automatically added to the leaderboard and competes in rating with other players.

For each passed Ultimate League you get rating points. The higher your league, the more points you earn. The top 3 players rank on the Podium. Leaders can change in real time.

New Ultimate Parts Kits. 2 new sets appeared in the game: Sputnik and Russian Pechka. Lunokhod X has a new hull shape, updated weapons Rotating Hyperboloid G-27 and Rotating Mega-Bur G-19, which can be turned in any direction when installed on a car, as well as new wheels X-19 Anti-Gravity Scooter and X-70 Anti-Gravity Scooter, that lift your car and move it through the air.

The stove has a new building, weapons that are called Hearth and Medvedepad and the Chimney gadget. At the very beginning of the battle, the stove heats the case. A scorching aura appears, which begins to grow and cause damage to the enemy. Bearfall drops bears onto an enemy machine. The chimney generates a smoke cloud that turns off the enemy machine when it touches it, the cloud bounces off the walls. These kits can be obtained by capturing the Regions in the Kings of the City.

How can I improve my ultimate details? When you receive the ultimate item for the first time, it appears in the inventory. All subsequent copies are added to the level indicator of this part, such as 1/1 or 2/5. As soon as this indicator is full, the "Improve" button will become active.

The game will tell you how much the ultimate currency needs to be spent on improving - click on the banknote and confirm your choice.

What are gold tickets for? Gold tickets are needed to participate in ultimate battles. Each time you enter the ultimate league, one ticket is spent. In the inventory, you can store no more than five tickets, unless the developers have raised the limit in honor of an event, then they will start to burn. You can get tickets for watching a movie advertisement (if you select tickets from the offered options) and from different boxes from which the tickets drop out at random.

I won the Golden League, but did not get into the next division. You have not advanced any further because this is the last league on the list. In the next updates, the developers will add new divisions, but for now, congratulations on your victory!

CATS Crash Arena: How to survive after the upgrade?

Subscription.Introducing the new option, Subscription! She will save from advertising (except for the one for which awards are given), open new details and will delight you with resources and pleasant bonuses. But do not rush to take the queue for the new product! At first, the option will be available only to a limited group of players. The group is already defined, and developers cannot add you to it or exclude you from the group. Please wait until the end of the test period! Why soften the secret before the end of the test ?! Because the "Restore Subscription" button will appear in the game options for all players without exception, but it will be active only for players in the test group.

Itís time for the confrontation

Confrontation temporarily replaces the regular championship, while you can also go from stage to stage, but this new championship will show your opponents that you are not joking.

And where to get all these useful stuff? You will get some at the very beginning of the Confrontation, and then look for them in the boxes (Fish), get them as a reward for defeating all rivals of the selected row or column, as an additional reward for defeating some special rivals, and buy them in the game store. rivals can offer you more than others. Jokers give an additional random reward, you will recognize them by the purple background of the cell.

There are still Additional rivals who also decided to join the competition, but must wait their turn to challenge you. The extra playerís cell will be locked until you defeat all opponents of the same row or column. After defeating such a player, a timer will start, and after 30 minutes a new additional player will appear in the same cell.

If you defeat several such players, remember that only one cell is restored at a time, so the timers will start one after another. Confrontation offers another bonus: in it you can get special keys for opening very special boxes from the game store! And do not worry about the round timer, the game will have the opportunity to extend it.

All CATS Stars: Everything You Wanted to Know About It

IntroductionAll CATS Stars is a time-limited competition among all players who have reached the Ultimate League to see who has everything they need to become a true Star and win amazing rewards. The season opens with the Wool Challenge: a super-crazy series of battles against other cars under the influence of two modifiers that change the battle rules every 4 battles. Knowing the modifiers and understanding their effect on your cars, analyzing your opponents and wisely choosing your cars are the keys to success in this task. This ball of wool is not for kittens who are afraid of testing!

Who can participate? All players above level 5 who have unlocked Ultimate Details can take part in the event.

How are leaderboards created? Players are grouped into small groups. Players will be matched by close indicators in the Ultimate League, but their prestige or normal progress will not be taken into account.

How do leaderboards work? Leaderboards are the same for all participants in the event: players are sorted by the number of fans (points) they scored during the event. The more fans a player has, the higher his position in the leaderboard.

What is necessary for participation? In order to be able to participate in this event, you need batteries. Batteries are a new expendable resource, just like tickets, which is active only during All Star Stars. But unlike tickets, batteries charge over time or can be purchased at the store during the event. At the end of the event, unused batteries disappear. Batteries are used as payment for entering an event. There are three types of access:

But what about the fans? Fans earn for each opponent defeated within the event. Different rivals provide different numbers of fans. The number of fans that you will get in case of victory can be seen before the battle right next to their car. But the fans are capricious: in order to keep them and add to their leaderboard, it is necessary to leave the series of fights undefeated (to exit before the fight or reaching the end of the 20th series of fights).

If you lose at least one battle, you will lose your fans, but if you pay a certain amount of gems to Uncle Tony, you can convince the fans to stay with you;) VIP access provides an increased number of fans that you earn in each series of battles. In addition, more fans can be found in higher positions, where the battles are tougher. But do not forget that what comes easy is easy to go. You must know when to keep them, know when to save them, and know when to leave the battle.

What about modifiers? Modifiers are the main attractive feature of the Wool Challenge: they change the situation or the situation of the battle, forcing players to adapt and re-evaluate their strategies in every battle. Each battle of the event is subject to two randomly assigned modifiers. They were randomized for every 4 battles. After that, they automatically change.

You can change the modifiers yourself at any time before the fight, but it will cost several gems to bribe the judges who will allow it to be done. Such a change of modifiers also occurs randomly.

Some combinations can be really useful against a certain type of machine, but it works both ways, so you should have a wide range of available strategies with you.


Awards. In addition to the rewards that are given for completing an event in a particular segment of the leaderboard when the event ends, you also earn the Ultimate Currency after each victory in this event. This award is not lost as fans if you suddenly lose the battle in a series of battles.

Hot Wheels Anniversary Gifts

Hurrah!The famous Hot Wheels brand has an anniversary! The developers decided to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the largest manufacturer of toy cars with you, because who, if not CATS players, knows a lot about cool cars! In this regard, the developers have decided once again to launch for you a killer event "All Stars", where you can get the very same cherished sets of Hot Wheels brand cars of unique rarity that will replenish your ultimate collection with their bizarre shapes and spectacular skills. New items will have a fixed magic bonus of + 10%, which will act exclusively on part of the set itself.

It seems to be very hot! If you feel that you want to come off to the fullest on a new event, rather look into Uncle Tonyís shop, where you will find the coolest coveralls of Hot Wheels rider, which will double the number of fans received during the event.

Celebrate on all fronts! The developers turned the Championship mode into a race track with lots of prizes and adrenaline boiling in blood! On his birthday, gifts will be received not only by the Hot Wheels birthday man, but also by the players, defeating the rivals in the Championship and accumulating a new special currency - badges . Quickly change wheels, polish your headlights and add oil to your cars! Hurry up to come to the finish line ahead of opponents on your new first-class cars from Hot Wheels! We wish you success and hot battles!

Hot Wheels: Set Twin Mill. Cotans, during the first week you will be able to get a new exclusive ultimate set Twin Mill.

Part of the details of the new set will have a rarity of 5 , which is currently the highest rarity in the game and implies that the details have good parameters, which are further enhanced through a magic bonus. In this case, the magic bonus works in the same way as on ordinary parts, adding + 10% to health or attack to some parts of this set. The bonus is fixed , so it can not be increased. The Twin Mill Set includes:

Please note that all ultimatum details and sets received during the event will remain with you after its completion.

Hot Wheels: Seth Shark Bite. During the third and final week of the event, players will be able to receive the latest exclusive ultimate Shark Bite set.

Part of the details of the new set will have a rarity of 5 , which is currently the highest rarity in the game and implies that the details have good parameters, which are further enhanced through a magic bonus. In this case, the magic bonus works in the same way as on ordinary parts, adding + 10% to health or attack to some parts of this set. The bonus is fixed , so it can not be increased. The Shark Bite Set includes:

Please note that all ultimatum details and sets received during the event will remain with you after its completion.

Hot Wheels: Seth Bone Shaker. In the second week of the celebration, players will be able to get the second exclusive ultimate Bone Shaker set .

Part of the details of the new set will have a rarity of 5 , which is currently the highest rarity in the game and implies that the details have good parameters, which are further enhanced through a magic bonus. In this case, the magic bonus works in the same way as on ordinary parts, adding + 10% to health or attack to some parts of this set. The bonus is fixed , so it can not be increased. Set Bone Shaker includes:

Please note that all ultimatum details and sets received during the event will remain with you after its completion.

New year update

They say that on New Yearís Eve the most cherished desires are fulfilled. The developers decided not to wait, and are ready to give you gifts now! In the holiday update you are waiting for:

New Year competition All Stars. A new round of the beloved tournament with unexpected modifiers and a generous reward.

New weapon. Meet the Molotov cocktail - a new cool weapon for the championship mode! Molotov deals fire damage for a second and a half and leaves flames on the ground. If an adversary hits a burning site, he will also ignite.

Important: the owner of the car does not receive damage from his own Molotov cocktail!

Want to try out a new weapon in business? Do not miss the special offers in the store.

New ultimate kits. The developers know that this year you did a great job, and therefore put new ultimatum kits under the tree:

So far, new kits are available only in the in-game store.

Kits in the Kings of the City. The developers have expanded the capabilities of the kits, and now they affect the ultimate machines in the Wars of the Kings of the City. The set is valid only if it is active when you enter the battle for the city. If the effects of the bundles have expired, you cannot add new ones until the next battle.

Brazilian Carnival! Cats, itís time to get your brightest outfits and sparkling smiles, because we are in full swing near the capital of carnivals - Meow de Janeiro!

We are preparing to meet the New season of the Kings of the City with Meow de Janeiro. You are waiting for 10 new districts, which will be ready to submit to the most active and cheerful cats and cats. We are sure that the awards will be brilliant, as well as the spirit of the holiday event.

Brazilian Carnival All Stars. The tournament beloved by all also did not stand aside and is ready to please you with generous awards.

Stevieís box. Meet the new epic box in the game, which will give odds to the outdated sponsor box.

Legendary details and details with a magic bonus will receive additional attention from the players, because their indicators will change colors, and information about them will acquire additional distinctive features. The mechanics of the action of such parts remains the same.

Join in the festivities and show your rivals what you are capable of!

New sponsorship box. Meet the new epic box in the game, which will give odds to the outdated sponsor box. The developers have made improvements and changed the type of sponsorship award. Try a new box of Stevie. Several conditions:

The game is 2 years old! Letís celebrate together?

Egegei, Cats, Kitties and kittens! How fast time flies! So itís time to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the game! First of all, the developers say many thanks to all the players, because without you the game would not have become so great. Just because you play the game, support and love it, it has reached such heights! Okay, pretty tenderness, otherwise Uncle Tonyís eyes were treacherously moist (hehe, heís generally sentimental). So, here is what the developers have prepared for you as gifts for the second anniversary:

1. The black market. Want to crank up the best deal? Then check the Black Market tab to improve your chances of winning. The place is rumored to be dangerous, therefore the entrance is only for mature cats and kitties who have reached the 15th stage in the Championship!

2. Tired of the classic Championship? No problem! The developers are going to launch an EPIC event that will turn the game upside down! Follow the news to find out when it is time to meet with a completely new Championship and destroy all your enemies in a new field!

3. Tired of the same classic details? This is no longer a problem! Uncle Tony plans to release some amazing new details into the game. This is your chance to get them first and become real champions in the battle arena! Sharpen your claws, shag your mustache! Letís celebrate the two-year anniversary of a wonderful game together! Developers are already celebrating, and you?

CATS Crash Arena: Donatim right

Do I have to pay to play CATS? You can play and win CATS for free. However, the game also provides the opportunity to buy in-game currency (green crystals) for real money and speed up in-game processes. Premium currency is purchased in the game using a credit card. These purchases are then processed by Apple / Google in order to ensure maximum transaction security. Developers respect the right of players to choose exactly how they want to play CATS, and all areas and functions of the game are equally accessible for both paying and non-paying players.

I lost resources after disconnecting. Can I get them back? Sometimes unforeseen circumstances occur in the game. However, the good news is that the game is protected from such incidents. Even if you were unable to see the animation, all resources are automatically added directly to your inventory. As a rule, disconnections are not related to the game and are caused by a poor Internet connection.

Please make sure that you are connected to a stable network, whether it is Wi-Fi or a mobile connection (3G / 4G). Even if the deviceís indicators show that the connection is good, it can be slow or overloaded, especially if you are playing in a moving vehicle.

Important: before creating a new call to the Support Service, please double check that you really have not received any new resources.

I accidentally spent Crystals. Will they be returned to me? You are responsible for what is happening on your device with the participation of you, as well as your family members and friends. CATS is a multiplayer game in which players communicate and compete with each other. Returning the Crystals will give you an advantage over other players and will be unfair to them.

Can I get a special offer at the store? Special offers in the store appear when your account meets certain criteria. Alas, developers cannot send an offer manually - you need to wait until the system does this automatically.

CATS Crash Arena: Facebook and game with friends

How and why should I connect to the game Facebook? Connecting to Facebook is necessary in order to be in touch with friends who also play in CATS: Crash Arena Turbo Stars, as well as to maintain their progress in the game. If it is lost, you can easily restore it. To join Facebook, go to the gameís settings and click the social network connection button.

Why canít I see my Facebook friends in the game? If you have Facebook friends who play CATS, and they also connected their Facebook accounts to the game, but you donít see them in your friends list, try the following:

  1. Open the Facebook application and go to Menu> Quick Privacy Settings> More Settings> Applications> Logged In via Facebook> CATS> Uninstall Application> Uninstall.
  2. Reinstall the game.Before you delete the game, make sure that you are logged into your Apple / Google account, and synchronization with cloud storage is enabled in the settings. Just in case, write down your Player ID (nickname with numbers, for example John # 12345). It can be found in the settings. Knowing him, technical support will be able to recover your account manually if something suddenly goes wrong.
  3. Launch the game and complete the training mode.
  4. Go to settings and connect to Facebook.
  5. Open the Facebook application and go to Menu> Quick Privacy Settings> More Settings> Applications> Logged In via Facebook> CATS Make sure that the "Friends List" is turned on (there is a check mark).
  6. Play with your friends!

If this doesnít help, your friends may have untied Facebook in the gameís settings or removed you from friends - we hope this is not your case.

Can I connect one Facebook account to several accounts from the game? No, only one Facebook account is allowed to connect to the game.

My in-game chat / Facebook does not work. If on the initial screen you have chosen the age from 1 to 16 years, social functions, that is, Facebook and guild / gang chat, will not be available. Unfortunately, developers cannot enable them, but you can reinstall the game, create a new account and choose a different age.

Important: Restoring or transferring progress will not change the age - it is strictly tied to the account.

Why didnít I receive a reward for inviting a friend to the game? There are several conditions that you must fulfill in order to qualify for a referral fee:

  1. Your friends must register within 2 hours after they clicked on the URL, and then enter the game during this period.
  2. They must install the game through the specific megacool link (mgcl.co) that you send them. If they install it through other sources, the system will not set off your invitation.
  3. Your friends must be new players. If they were registered earlier, such an invitation will not count.

Most likely, your friends either did not fulfill one of the conditions, either used the wrong link or gained access to the link from their other devices (i.e. they needed to get a link to phone A, install the game on phone A and do this within 2 hours after clicking the link on the same phone A). Please try to follow these instructions step by step with one of your friends again, and if the counter does not increase, write to the developers and send them the Player ID of your invited friends (looks like John # 12345).

CATS Crash Arena: Secrets of Account Settings

Can I create multiple game accounts on the same device? No, unfortunately, this is not possible. Please do not try to log in on the same device under different Apple / Google Play accounts in order to play multiple characters at the same time, otherwise you will lose your previous progress. You can play on only one character on one device. To play under multiple accounts, you will need several devices. Otherwise, there may be problems with maintaining progress in the cloud.

Can I play from one account on two different devices with different OS (iOS, Android)? Yes, you can play from one account on two different devices with different operating systems, if you connected your Facebook account to the game. Progress is saved on Facebook, so you can easily transfer progress between platforms by logging into your account on different devices.

Can I change the character name? Choosing a name when registering in the game should be very serious, as it will remain with this account for a long time. At the moment, it is impossible to change it only if you have not chosen a very unfortunate name that is offensive or indecent. Such names will be replaced automatically by the system or at the request of other players. The developers hope to add an option that will allow players to change the characterís name in the future.

Someone else is playing from my account! If you notice unusual changes in the game, then maybe someone else who has access to your device (most often a friend or family member) is playing from your account. It is also possible that you entered the game from someone elseís device and forgot to log out of your account.

You can use your game account from another device only if you transferred to someone the data to access your Apple, Facebook or Google Play account. ZeptoLab staff will never ask for your password! Do not share this information with anyone. To keep your account safe:

As the owner of the Account, you bear all relevant expenses, including taxes, and pay for all purchases made by you or someone through your account, including your friends and family members.

I noticed an obscene player name. You can inform the developers about this by writing to the technical support service.

Important: Please, whenever possible, attach screenshots to your appeal, and also indicate where you met such a player (in the Ultimate League, in the Championship, etc.).

Why didnít my promotional code work? The reason that you could not activate the received promotional code is that you simply did not have time to do it. Usually, a huge number of people watch streams of developers, and the number of promotional codes that can be obtained in the video is very limited. Unfortunately, most likely, someone was a little faster than you and already used the code before you tried to activate it. The developers understand how disappointing it is not to receive the expected reward, but please do not worry. There are still many other live broadcasts with promo codes and new interesting events :)

Is it possible to change my time zone in the game? / Rounds in the Championship end too soon / late on my account. The playerís time zone is determined by his / her location at the time of account registration. There are several basic time zones, and the end time of a round can be different even for players in the same zone, for example, on the east and west coast of the United States or on opposite ends of Europe. Unfortunately, due to technical limitations, developers cannot change your time zone.

How can I restart the game? If you want to restart the game, just reinstall it. Then go to your iCloud or Google account and answer "no" to the gameís question about whether you want to restore your previous progress.

I am already 16 years old. Can I change the age of the game? Alas, it is impossible. Itís all about the Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which the development company reports to. By law, they cannot enable social functions if you specify an age of less than 16 years. Unfortunately, changing the age will also fail. The only way out is to start the game again and indicate the real age. If you are over 16 years old, social features will be available.

How to get a promotional code?Developers give out promotional codes during broadcasts on the official YouTube channel. Click on the "Subscribe" button to follow the news, and on the bell to enable notifications of new broadcasts. And so that you definitely donít miss the stream, the developers announce in advance the broadcasts in the VKontakte group: http://vk.com/catsthegame.

New season of the Kings of the City. With the beginning of the new season in the Kings of the City! From now on, your task is to capture Myaurizh. The rules remain the same, however there are some changes.