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Walkthrough Celtic Tribes: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CELTIC TRIBES - Android game with release date 02/13/2013 from the company XYRALITY GmbH. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. Other Newbie Questions
  3. Guide to Buildings, Improvements and Research
  4. Fighting Right
  5. Resource, Magic Potion and Payment Guide
  6. Tribe
  7. Building a Fortress Right
  8. Proper Account Setup

Celtic Tribes: A Beginnerís Guide

Here are the most important points to start the game, which you also know from the training.

Improve the buildings of your village! A fully improved village is a strong village. Therefore, you should improve your village as soon as possible. Production buildings and warehouses are the most important buildings that should be improved in the early stages of the game. The farm is also a necessary building that contains your warriors and makes it possible to upgrade buildings.

Hire an army for battle! Hire a lot of soldiers and be ready for defense and attacks. The power or collapse of your kingdom depends on the strength of your troops, so research and recruit new warriors.

Rob free villages for resources! There are many ways to extract resources, and robbing free villages is an extremely effective way to get started. The best formation for robbing free villages: 1 slinger and 1 hand truck.These units are enough to complete the battle and transport the looted resources.

Complete tasks strengthening the village! Perform the displayed tasks one after another. Received rewards can be immediately used to improve your village.

Use magic potions for fast progress! With the help of magical potions, you can speed up many game features (such as building upgrades and hiring units). This may give you some advantage over your opponents.

The buildings. Your village consists of several buildings, all of which perform various functions:

Units. There are various types of troops in the Celtic Tribes. Slingers are available from the start, while other warriors can be discovered by exploring the runes.

Units are divided into several categories:

Missions. Additional resources can be obtained by completing missions. To start the mission you will need the indicated number of units and resources.

Artifacts. Artifacts are relics of ancestors, which, having magical powers, will help to achieve fabulous welfare, hardworking subjects and strong warriors. To earn the desired artifact you need to complete the "daily tasks" in the tavern. If successful, you will find a precious relic. As soon as a powerful artifact is in your hands, you can place it in one of the shrine socles. The action caused by the artifact you can later see in the sub-box "Magic action on the village."

Note: The power of artifacts is divided by the number of your villages. The table below the shine shows the strength of the artifacts inserted into the socles.

The power of artifacts. Magic artifacts have different powers, which is reflected in their appearance and rarity.The wooden "sword of the Teutatus" is found more frequently, respectively, and has weaker strength than that of gold. In addition, artifacts possess magical powers only for a certain period of time. After the artifact is opened, it slowly loses its strength. After the artifact loses its effectiveness, it will disappear from your list of artifacts.

Model artifacts. If you have several artifacts of the same type, you can reduce them into one model. This model triggers an extra magical bonus that adds to the power of individual artifacts. Models are displayed in green shine and an additional cell under the list of artifacts.

Runes. Runes open up additional bonuses, levels of buildings, and also with their help new types of troops in a magic grove can be studied. It is imperative to regularly research additional runes to reach the maximum potential of your villages.

Tribe. The tribe is one of the most important game elements of the Celtic Tribes. A joint game with other players carries many advantages: assistance in defense and attack, as well as in the capture of villages, the exchange of resources, etc. Surviving the world of Celtic Tribes is much easier if you play together with a tribe whose players can provide quick assistance. Try joining a large tribe as soon as possible in order to benefit from the support of many friendly leaders. You can apply for joining the tribe by clicking on the appropriate button in the tribeís profile. However, many tribes themselves actively send invitations or private messages with offers to join their tribe.

Map. You can get a complete overview of the Celtic Tribes game world on the map. All interactions with foreign villages take place here. You can support your friends, capture or spy on enemy villages and trade with other leaders.

Event system. The event system consists of tasks and actions. You can receive many awards, during which you can accelerate your progress in the game. The difference between tasks and stocks is as follows:


There are three types of villages in the world of Celtic Tribes.

Player Villages: These villages are well protected and managed by other players. In order to capture such villages, you will need to destroy all the defense, as well as send enough silver and a druid.

Fortress. A fortress is a subsequent improvement in a playerís village. She is bigger and stronger than ordinary villages.

Free village. Free villages are not controlled by players and defenseless. This makes them a particularly tasty morsel for robbery resources, as well as for simple captures. They can also be occupied with magical potions.

The choice of the village. In case you have more than one village in your location, you can set an active village by clicking on its name at the top of the screen. Then you can easily sort your villages and find the one you need.You can also swipe left or right along the line with the name of the village at the top of the screen to quickly jump to another village.

The name of the village. At the beginning of the game, the name of your village is identical to the name of your player. You can change the names of villages in the "Abode of the Leader".

Fight (review)

Battles are calculated immediately after the arrival of the attacking troops. This gives an instant overview of the battles won or lost, as well as the corresponding losses and survivors among units. The defender has time to react from the moment the troops are sent to attack, until the moment they arrive. He may ask for reinforcements, recruit troops, or launch a counter-attack.

Loss calculation. The calculation of losses among troops is based on the ratio of attacking and defensive characteristics in 3 categories of units: Artillery, Infantry and Cavalry. It is also important to keep in mind that the defensive characteristics and bonuses from the stockade increase with the level of improvement in the stockade. In addition, artifacts and runes can increase the attacking and defensive abilities of warriors.

Looting the village. If the attacker manages to defeat all the defensive forces, he will plunder the resources of the defending village. However, an attacker can pick up exactly as many resources as the transport capacity of surviving units allows. Free villages do not have players who control them. Their protection consists only of a level 1 stockade, which makes free villages an excellent target for the theft of resources.

Capture the villages. The attacker must have with him enough silver to capture enemy or free villages. The amount of silver required depends on the number of conqueror villages: you need 1000 silver coins for each village at your disposal. If you have one village, then you will need 1000 silver coins for the second village; 2000 to capture the third, etc.

The player also needs a druid, as he is the only one who can win the location of enemy subjects. Once the attack accompanied by the druid is won, the system will check if enough silver has been sent to be captured by the attacking player. If the capture is successful, the druid settles in the magical grove of the captured village and becomes inaccessible to another capture.

Celtic Tribes: Other Newbie Questions

How do I contact support? Click on "Profile" and then on the line "FAQ + Support".

Now you are in the FAQ section where you can click on the "Email Us" button. Describe your problem in detail and use the search in the FAQ before clicking on the "Email Us" button. Alternatively, you can click on the "Login Information" in the main menu where you will also find the "FAQ + Support" button.

Beginner Protection. As soon as you start the game on one of the servers, you will be under the protection system for beginners for two weeks. No one will be able to attack your castles during this time. The same applies to conquered and taken castles in these 2 weeks.

It is worth remembering: The beginnerís defense ends after capturing the playerís village / fortress.

Can I play Celtic Tribes offline? Celtic Tribes is an exclusively online and socially-multiplayer game, and therefore offline play is not possible. The game requires a permanent connection to the server.

I was offended by another player! What should I do? If you were offended by another player through an in-game message, then contact support and provide the following information:

Your case will be reviewed and action will be taken in accordance with internal guidelines.

When will the new server be opened? Developers regularly monitor the development of game servers. As soon as the last released server grows to an impressive size and begins to be very popular, they release a new server. When deciding to release a new server, an announcement will be made on the official pages of the game on Facebook, Vkontakte and in the game itself. If such an announcement has not been made, then this means that while developers canít give exact dates or do not consider it necessary to release a new server at the moment.

Celtic Tribes: Guide to Buildings, Improvements and Research

Why does construction / hiring / research take longer than previously stated? If you build more than one building at a time, then the construction time of the second building will be much higher. The fact is that the total time to complete the construction in the queue is displayed. The work is carried out in turn and therefore the time required to complete the first building is added to the second building. The construction of the second building will only begin after the completion of the first.

I got a free village and there are enough resources available. Why canít I build anything anyway?After you get a free village, the level of some buildings becomes too high and requires a large number of subjects to maintain them, leaving your village without empty seats for subjects. This can happen thanks to the random village characterization system. In this case, upgrade your farm a couple of times.

Mass improvement. The new opportunity for mass improvement gives players the opportunity to improve buildings at several bases at a time, regardless of the current level of the building. All you need to do to use this feature is to select the desired base and click on the building improvement button. Bases in which there are enough resources and subjects, and who have not yet reached the maximum number of points, can be selected with one click on their icon. Databases that do not meet the requirements will be unavailable for selection and painted in gray.

Acceleration / completion of building improvements. All current building improvements can be instantly completed. It is worth considering that all improvements to any type of building will be accelerated or completed.The player can expand the line of buildings at all bases for several cans of water, in case the line has been completely blocked at some bases.

Replenish the stock of resources. Using the "Replenish Resource" button, it has become possible to fill the resource storage of the selected village for magic potions. This function has a temporary recharge and cannot be used every second. The timer will display the time until the next activation of this function. The amount of magic potions required depends on the amount of resources: the more resources are required to fill the warehouses, the higher the price. The replenishment cost from 1 to 500 units of a resource is 25 magic potions, from 501 to 1000 units of resources will cost 50 magic potions and so on.

Recruiting troops from all villages. This function serves to simplify the coordination and implementation of multiple recruitment of troops from several villages. Using the button "Select all villages" select all the villages in which it is possible to hire the desired military unit. When the button is pressed again, the village selection will be canceled.

Reasonable exchange of resources. Reasonable exchange of resources was created to facilitate the global exchange of resources and, in particular, the global exchange of silver. When you click on the button, only those villages will be selected where the warehouse is not filled to capacity with the selected raw materials. In addition, only the required number of transporting units will be sent. The checkmark from the selected villages can, as usual, be unchecked if you wish to change your choice of villages manually. If we are talking about various exchange rates of resources, then for starters a resource with the best exchange rate will be selected. It will be used until the stock runs out.

If the required amount is still not reached, then with a further exchange, the resource with the second most profitable rate, etc. will be used. If several resources have the same exchange rate, then the resource the quantity of which is higher in the warehouse will be selected first. For all subsequent resources with the same exchange rate, the same exchange system will be respected until the desired amount for the exchange is reached.

Mass research. The player can conduct research in all selected villages using the research mass button. To do this, the player only needs to select the desired villages and click the "Conduct Research" button.

To select a village, simply touch the cell of the village with enough resources and subjects in which studies have not yet been carried out. Villages that do not meet these requirements will be darkened and you cannot select them.

All active research in several villages can be accelerated and completed.

Please note that all ongoing research, regardless of type, will be expedited or completed. If the research queue is full in several villages, it can be expanded in all villages for a small amount of magic potions.

Silver merchant. You can automatically exchange resources for silver from a silver merchant. To do this, you can choose all the villages, regardless of whether there is enough space in them to store silver. But the exchange of resources for silver is possible only if you have enough space for silver.

Villages can be selected with a simple touch of the village cage. For the changes when choosing a village to take effect, they must be saved. The player must set the time during which the exchange for silver will take place automatically. The exchange takes place directly and does not require the movement of troops, so you can use the silver received immediately.

How do I access a silver merchant? Magic potions are required to gain access to the silver merchant.Moreover, a silver trader only works for a certain period of time, and access to it requires regular payment. You can constantly hire a silver merchant to increase the period of his activity.

Where can I hire a druid? A druid can be hired in the "Magic Grove" upon reaching level 1 of the improvement of this.

Dismissal of units. This function allows you to fire all units that are currently based in the selected village.Dismissed units immediately leave the village. Dismissing units frees subjects, after which you can build important buildings or hire new units.

With the slider you can select the number of units that need to be fired from the village. To confirm your choice and complete the dismissal, click "Dismiss Units."

Using the capabilities of the Architect. An architect will help to improve recently captured or bought villages / fortresses to a certain amount of points. Thanks to this, you can save time on manual improvement of small villages / fortresses. This feature is available for recently captured or purchased villages / fortresses that have not yet reached a certain number of points (100/1600 points).

To make this feature possible in new villages / fortresses, you need to have 10 settlements available. The Architectís ability will automatically improve the village / fortress until the limit is reached, increasing the level of buildings and research. Using this feature requires magical potions. Remember that this option is only available for new villages / fortresses captured or bought a few hours earlier.

Request a bronze. You can send bronze from your own settlement to your own settlement of your choice at the moment. Thus, you can quickly fill your warehouses without manually sending transit units to settlements. You can find this opportunity in the monastery of the leader. You must have at least 2 settlements to use this feature.To make a request:

  1. Select the type of units to be used in the request.
  2. Set the amount of bronze that you need in the selected settlement. The maximum amount of the selected resource displays the free space in the warehouse.
  3. Select all the settlements from which you want to request bronze. The optimal amount of the selected type of resources that will be sent from the selected settlements will be automatically selected. The amount of the resource sent will depend on the selected units, as well as on the available amount of bronze in the settlements. The amount of resources sent will change when choosing additional settlements.
  4. Start the request. After execution, all transits will be sent from the selected settlements with the displayed amount of bronze.
Attention: When choosing settlements for the request, only settlements within reach of transport with the selected resource type and available units will be displayed.

Complete missions (in all settlements). Players have the opportunity to launch missions in several settlements using the "Complete Missions" button in the mass action window. By clicking on "Select all castles / fortresses / city" you select all settlements of the indicated type in which missions are available for execution. As soon as you press the button again, the selection of all marked settlements will be canceled. The choice of settlements can be made manually by ticking or unchecking the box next to the settlement. By clicking on "Complete Missions" you will launch all possible missions in all selected settlements. This line also shows the number of missions that will be launched.

What missions will be launched to complete? All missions will be launched that:

Note: The best (long) missions will take precedence over small (short) missions.

Mission Choice - Settings. The choice of missions can be made through the gear settings. Here you can select or deselect the missions to be completed.

Recall all units (in all settlements). With the help of the "Recall All Units" mass function, you have the opportunity to recall all units stationed in foreign settlements.

  1. Select which type of unit you would like to withdraw. You can choose any type of unit if at least one unit of the selected type is in a foreign settlement.
  2. Select the initial unit settlements and the number of units for each selected unit type that are located in one or more foreign settlements. Select the original settlement by clicking on the cell.
  3. Click "recall all units." All units of the selected type, stationed in a foreign settlement, will be recalled to the selected original settlement.

Troop limit The limit of troops is used to limit the maximum number of a military unit that a player wants to have in the village. This makes it possible to simplify the targeted recruitment of various troops to a certain strength.

Set troops limit. The player can set the maximum number of selected units by moving the slider. After clicking on the "Save Troop Limit" button, the selected limit will be saved.

The choice of villages. Using this button, all villages in which the selected unit can be hired will be selected.After pressing this button again, the selection will be canceled.

Hiring units. Now the player is given the opportunity to hire the number of units of the indicated combat unit in the selected villages, which is necessary to achieve the desired limit. If, in the selected village, the number of the indicated military unit indicated by the limit is already in the limit, then these units will no longer be hired, even if the village has enough resources and citizens to produce them. Thus, the limit of troops prevents hiring above the planned number of units of the selected military unit in the village.

Which units will be affected by the limit? The troop limit is valid for all selected villages. The following troops are taken into account:

Dissolution of units. Using the Unit Dissolution function, all stationary units can be disbanded globally in all selected settlements. Dissolved units will be instantly removed from your settlement. The dissolution of units frees up space for new subjects and allows you to build important buildings and hire new units.

Unit limit for dissolution. The unit limit for dissolution indicates the amount that will be left in the settlement after activating this action. By clicking the "Save Unit Limit" button, you will save the selected number of units.

What units will be subject to the dissolution limit? All units of the selected type are stationary in the selected settlements. Will not be subject to a limit:

Moving the village. The ability to "move the village" allows you to change the location of your initial village with the location of any free village on the map. This will allow the clan and friends to gather in one region on the map, which will contribute to team play.

Using the function. This function can be used again after 7 days after each activation. In addition, a change of position will cost you a small amount of magic potions.

Stationed troops in a relocated village. All troops from other bases stationed in the relocated village will also be moved to a new position and remain in the village.


Celtic Tribes: Fighting Right

The conquest of the village. To conquer an enemy or free village, an attacker needs silver. The amount of silver depends on the number of settlements in the attacker: 1000 units of silver are required per village. If the attacker has one village, he needs 1000 units of silver to capture the second base, 2000 units of silver to capture the third base, etc.

The player also needs a druid. Only a druid has the power to manipulate the goodwill of enemy subjects. If the attacking troops, accompanied by the druid, win the battle, a check is carried out to find out if the attacking player has enough silver to conquer the village. If luck smiles at him, the druid will remain to help manage the new village, and will no longer be available. If the player does not have enough silver to conquer the village, the druid will return to the attacking troops.

Perform actions by the last formation.Players are able to re-execute the last used action (attack, support, sending resources and sending spy) by the same units and resources. The function "last formation" can be used only if the action is already used and the same number of units and resources are available in the selected village. Otherwise, the "last formation" function will not be shown.

The formation will take into account only the types of units (as well as their number) and the choice of resources (as well as their number) that were used in the last action. Silver for attacks is also taken into account.

Sending spies. Spies get paid in bronze. For successful espionage, the player must pay his spy more bronze than there is in the village where the espionage will be carried out. If you pay your spy enough, the bronze will be used up. If there is more bronze in the village where the espionage is carried out than the spy received, the spy will be caught and the bronze will be used up.

If espionage was successful, the spy will deliver a detailed report on buildings (including information about improvements), defensive units (including deployed forces from other villages) and stored resources. However, the spy cannot see the soldiers who are during their espionage mission outside the village (for example, when completing missions). To prevent spying in your village, you must have at least as much or more bronze than the spy was paid. If so, this amount of bronze will be spent on catching the spy. If there is not enough bronze in the village, the spy will not be noticed, and no one will know about espionage.

Submit resources. This function can be used to send resources to other villages. To send resources, you must first find the soldiers who will transport them. Transportation time depends on the speed of the slowest unit. Carrying capacity increases with each additional unit. Horse and bull-drawn carts are ideal for transporting resources. Then you can select the resources to send.

After touching the "Send resources" icon, the transport cannot be returned back. Warriors automatically return to their village. You cannot cancel or withdraw transportation. Players with multiple villages can use the village selection option on the panel above to select another village from which resources will be sent, allowing them to immediately send several transport units to their destination from different villages.

Support service. Use the slider to select warriors to send to help defend another village. The indicated travel time always depends on the speed of the slowest unit. Deployment of soldiers is carried out after touching the "Support" icon.

Warriors outside are indicated separately in the overview of the troops of the village and after their arrival they can be recalled back at any time. Sending soldiers to other villages can be extremely useful, for example, after the capture of a village or in the event of an imminent attack.

Attack Planner / Ask for help. Using the "Schedule Attack" and "Ask for Help" buttons, players now have the opportunity to share their own attacks as well as enemy attacks on themselves with their tribe. This will improve coherence between tribal members, and they will be able to send support more quickly and efficiently. Published attacks are shown to all participants in the tribeís profile / window under the "Military actions" tab.

Hostilities. The category "Military operations" is divided into two subsections: attack and defense. All attacks from tribal members are in the "attack" category, while enemy attacks are in the "defense" category. The movement of the next combat unit or the beginning of the next combat round is shown at the top of the screen.

Buy village / fortress. The function "Buy a village / fortress" gives you the opportunity to purchase free villages (fortresses) for magic potions. The acquired village (fortress) will be immediately captured by the player and the capture process itself will be skipped. The price for adding a free village (fortress) will be indicated by clicking on the button. As soon as a village (fortress) is acquired, this function will again be available for another village (fortress) only after the timer reaches zero. All transportation to the selected village (fortress) will be sent back.The acquisition of a village (fortress) will be possible in this case.

Attack. Attacks are carried out using selected warriors. The speed of the selected warriors depends on the speed of the slowest unit. The defender can find out which village will be attacked with the help of reports and a survey of the troops, but he will not have information about the troops of the attacker themselves.

Battles. The calculation of the battle is carried out immediately upon the arrival of the attacking troops, after which information is immediately displayed on the success of the attack or its failure. It also includes information on survivors and losses. Before the arrival of the attacking forces, the defender can send requests for help, recruit soldiers and even initiate his own attacks.

Calculation of losses among the troops. Calculation of losses among troops is carried out using coefficients for three indicators of defense and one indicator of attack for riflemen, cavalry and infantry. It is important to remember that defense and stockade rates increase as they improve. In addition, runes and artifacts are also able to increase the strength of defense and attack of warriors.

Looting the village . If the attacker defeats all the defending forces, the resources of the village go to the attacker. It should be noted that the player can take as much as the transport capacity of his troops allows. Free villages do not belong to players. Their defense consists solely of a level 1 stockade, and thus it will not be difficult for players to "farm" these villages.

Estimated time of arrival. By calculating the time of arrival, you can find out from which villages you can reach the selected village in the specified time. To find the best village, select the unit type, arrival time and time period. The calculation of the arrival time is located under the tab of the possible action in the village view mode.

Choice of time of arrival and delivery. Arrival or delivery times can be selected by clicking on the appropriate box. The maximum arrival time is after three days. Delivery time cannot exceed 72 hours.

Change settings. In the settings of the selected village, you can choose what action to perform, what types of units to use, and for how long the selected units must reach their destination.

Action selection. Having selected an action in the settings, you can execute it right after viewing the filtered list of villages. This allows you to send attacks, support, and resources very quickly.

Unit selection. Unit selection narrows the choice of villages. In order for the selected action to be performed, villages must have units of the selected type. This makes it easy to select different types of units for various actions.

Time interval. The time interval directly affects the time of arrival or delivery. The time is set in minutes, the selected transportation can arrive both before and after the specified time of arrival or delivery. Example:

All villages will be selected, units of which can arrive in the selected village in the time interval from 11:50 to 12:10.

List of villages. All your villages are listed here. For your convenience, they are sorted as follows:

Take action. To perform the selected action, you just need to click on the appropriate village from the list.Pressing will open a normal action screen. The selected village is already considered the place of departure, so you can start delivery immediately. By clicking the "Back" button, you simply select the next village from the list and send the next delivery.

Manual delay in transit. This function allows players to set a delay on the arrival of transits at a specific / desired time. This will allow players to pre-plan the movement of their troops without waiting for the opportunity to send troops again.

Using the function. In order to open the time selection, the player must click on the line of arrival time. After making changes, the player needs to click on the arrival time line again to close the window and save the changes.Each transit may have a delay of at least 1 minute or more. The maximum transit delay time is 5% of the original transportation time of the selected unit.

Clarification of the time delay. The delay line will show the player the delay time at which the selected unit will reach the target at the specified time. Delay will not affect unit return time. In other words, returning units will not be affected by the delay and returning will take less time than the time taken to arrive.

Reset Time Delay:

Celtic Tribes: Resource, Magic Potion and Payment Guide

I bought magic potions, but did not receive them. What should I do? If you did not receive magic potions after the purchase, then reboot your mobile device and restart the application. Sometimes it takes a little while until the purchase is displayed in the game. If the acquired magic potions will not be displayed in the game after the above steps, contact the support team and provide the following information:

To make a compensation, a screenshot of the shopping list is not enough; a detailed review of the individual purchase is required.

Can I transfer magic potions to another server? No, the premium currency is tied to the server on which it was purchased, so it cannot be transferred.

When will the next discounts be? Discounts are activated on a regular basis. Players are notified of upcoming discounts through in-game messages.

Where are my free magic potions? I deserved them, but did not receive them. These services are provided and maintained by the Fyber system. In this connection, you need to contact them in case of similar problems.

What are magic potions for? Magic potions are a monetary unit with which you can accelerate improvements to buildings / research / missions, increase the number of building slots, fill your warehouses, acquire free villages, temporarily increase production of resources and the ability to return sent troops. You can get magic potions by watching videos inside the function "Make magic potions" or buy them in the in-game store.

Why do I need bronze and where to get it? Bronze is needed to spy other villages. To do this, you must send more bronze than is currently in the spied village. If there are 8,000 bronzes in the village, then you must send at least 8001 bronzes so that your spy returns with a report of successful espionage. In this case, the spy player will not receive a spy alert.

If you send only 7999 bronzes, then the spy will be caught and 7999 bronzes will also be deducted to the spy player. In this case, the owner of the spy village will receive a notification of failed espionage. Bronze can be obtained in the monastery of the leader by exchanging resources. The higher the level of the abode of the leader, the better the exchange rate.

Why do you need silver and where to get it? Silver serves as payment for your druids at captures. For each village at your disposal you will need 1,000 silver coins to capture further villages. Silver can be obtained in the abode of the leader by exchanging resources. The higher the level of the abode of the leader, the better the exchange rate.

I started the vacation mode, what will happen to the silver merchant now? The silver merchant should continue to work on exchanging resources for silver in selected villages during your holidays.

Request Resources. You can send resources from your own settlements to the current settlement using the Request Resources function. You can easily fill your warehouses without the need to send individual transit manually. This opportunity can be found in the market. For use, 2 settlements are required.

The choice of units. You can choose which units to consider for the request.

The choice of quantity. The slider can be used to indicate the amount of the selected resource that you require in the selected settlement. The maximum quantity that can be selected using the slider represents the current free space in the warehouses.

The choice of settlements. Now you can select all the settlements from which you want to send the requested resource. The optimal amount of the selected resource will be automatically selected, which will be sent from the selected settlements. This value is influenced by the available units (depending on the choice), as well as the amount of available resource. Thus, settlements with more resources and units will send more resources. The amount to be sent from individual settlements will change with the choice of additional settlements.

Attention: Only your own settlements will be displayed within the transport range, with the selected resources and unit type.

Take action. After you have set all the necessary settings, you can perform the action. After completion, all transits will be sent to the currently selected settlement with the displayed amount of the selected resource.

Celtic Tribes: Tribe

My tribe was dissolved. How do we get it back? As soon as a tribe dissolves, all data about it is deleted. In this connection, the support service will also not be able to restore your tribe. Be more attentive to the granting of relevant rights.

How does village reservation work? Use the instructions below:

  1. Select the desired village on the map and click "Reserve a village" in the window of this village.
  2. The button is renamed to "Cancel request" and a record appears under it stating that the village has been reserved.

Now you have to wait for the acceptance of your application or the rejection of a member of the tribe with the appropriate rights. You can check the status of your application by going to "Tribe" => "Reserve a village" => "Own".

We have no players with rights for the union. How can I get them back? Unfortunately in the game there is no possibility of a return of rights. But there is the possibility of creating a new tribe with new rights. In some cases, a support service can help and return rights to manage the tribe.

Someone deleted a tribe forum. How can we get the forum back? As soon as topics and messages are deleted from the tribal forum, they are also deleted from the game database and can no longer be restored.

Tribe help

Help tribe. Participating in a tribal assistance program gives your tribe a unique opportunity to help you recover from recent losses. While in the program, any member of the tribe can upgrade your buildings and explore your runes without spending any kind of resources on your part. You can find a list of all players affected by the tribal help function by going to the tribe menu. The start of the program starts from the moment the player agrees with the acceptance of assistance. The program ends after the specified number of days, or after the distribution of all available help points.

Joining the program. You can join the program after losing all villages, or after large losses of villages in a short period of time. Use the "Join the tribeís help" button, which is located in the "Tribeís help" section of the tribeís menu. As soon as you take these steps, you will be displayed as a member of the program and any member of the tribe will be able to help you restore your possessions. If players who are not yet a member of the tribe accept a tribal assistance program, they will automatically join the program after joining the tribe.

Participant list of tribal assistance and sorting. The list of participants in the tribal assistance program, along with the end date of their participation, is available through the "Tribe Help" button in the tribeís menu.Members of the tribe who are in the program for the longest time will be located at the top of the list by default.The list can also be sorted by help points, player names or corresponding rights in the tribe by clicking on the corresponding tab at the top of the list.

Help your fellow tribesmen. To help a player with the help of the Tribe Help function, you must be a member of that tribe and have at least 300 game points. Also, the player in need of assistance must be in the tribal assistance program. You cannot use tribal help to help yourself. There are two ways to help a player restore his empire. Both methods improve buildings or conduct research in the most improved member villages. Already begun improvements and studies will be completed first.

Free help. This option is absolutely free. All that is needed for her is free subjects in the village where improvement is taking place. None of the other resources will be spent by the assistant and by the program participant. This button has a reuse timer for each program participant.

Help your tribe. This option requires the use of magical potions on the part of the assistant, and the price depends on the points of the village where the improvements will be made. This button has an individual reuse timer for each participant and assistant, which allows one person to help several members of the tribe at the same time.

Special Price: If at least one helper the "Help Your Tribe" button is under the reuse timer, then all other tribal members can benefit from the reduced help price. Example: Player A helps a participant with the help of his tribe button. A reuse timer of 5 minutes starts. During these 5 minutes, Player B can use the "Help his tribe" function, helping the same program participant with a 30% discount.

Celtic Tribes: Building a Fortress Right

What is a fortress? The fortress is a new feature of the game, which allows you to connect several villages into one large massive structure.

Why do I need a fortress? In general terms, a fortress strengthens and simplifies the management and organization of your possessions. The following opportunities become available to you after the construction and complete improvement of the fortress:

An example of a new unit: a catapult.

Attention: The fortress, after its construction, will be weaker than the total power of the villages included in it, piled together. To begin with, it needs to be improved to achieve its full potential. All the raised banners of the attached villages will be lowered after the construction of the fortress.

How can I create a fortress? To create a fortress, you need 5 completely improved and nearby villages in which the "Rune of the fortress" study was studied. In the Abode of the Leader, you designate the "Center of the Fortress" in one of your village, on the site of which the fortress will eventually form. (Abode of the Leader -> Designate the center of the fortress -> Build a fortress).

In the future, 4 other villages are to be attached to the center of the fortress one after another. (Leaderís Abode -> Expand the center of the fortress -> Select the desired village -> Attach). The distance between the center of the fortress and the villages should not exceed 3 fields. If you have connected 4 villages to the center of the fortress, then you can proceed with the construction of the fortress. (Abode of the Leader -> Expand the center of the fortress -> Build a fortress).

Why canít I connect the village to the center of the fortress? If your village is outside 3 fields, it will not be displayed in the list of villages available for joining. Also check to see if your village has been completely improved and all studies have been studied. Make sure there are 20,000 silver in the village to be joined.

What combat conditions apply to a fortress? To capture the fortress, the invader will need 5 times more silver than when capturing a normal village. If a player owns a fortress, then the required silver to capture the next village / fortress will be calculated as from 5 individual villages.

Can I attach to the center of the fortress already attached to another center of the village? Yes. If the situation on the map has changed or a mistake has been made during the planning, all villages (even the center of the fortress) can still be connected to another center until the fortress has been erected.

Is it possible to remove the erected fortress? Not. The fortress can no longer be destroyed.

What happens to the villages after the construction of the fortress? The center of the fortress becomes a fortress, and all the other villages used to create the village become free villages.

What happens to resources and units from attached castles? All units, resources, silver and copper will be united in the fortress itself.

What happens to the launched attacks, transportation of resources and support when the fortress is built? All current transportation of resources and support to the locks tied to the center of the fortress will be transferred to the center of the fortress (as a result, to the fortress itself). However, all launched attacks will be canceled.

During the construction of the fortress, free villages appear. Could this open the door to a hostile offensive? In the territories of our own tribe, we expect that the risk of successful capture of the village by the enemy will be extremely low. On the outskirts or in less densely populated territories it will be easier for the enemy to occupy the aforementioned villages. But also, who wants to occupy a village near an enemy fortress? The creation of free villages introduces an additional tactical element into the game, which will ensure the movement of forces on the map and increase the pleasure of the game.

Will it become harder to carry out attacks when a fortress appears? Obstacles to the conquest of the fortress are much higher, but you should not forget about the benefits of conquering it, and thus, the fortress becomes a very tasty morsel on the map.

What happens if the center of the fortress is captured during the construction of the fortress? If the center of the fortress is captured during the creation of the fortress, then the 4 villages attached earlier will disconnect and the fortress will not be created.

Extension radius for fortresses

Increase the radius of attachment. This feature allows you to connect villages to your fortress center from longer distances.

Using. As soon as you create the center of the fortress, you will see all the settlements possible for joining in an accessible radius. Now you have the opportunity to increase the radius of accession to a certain distance, so that it becomes possible to join more distant settlements. Using this feature requires magic potions.

Time of use. The increased radius of accession will be available only a few hours after activating this function. As soon as the attachment is started, it will not be canceled after the extended radius time has elapsed.

Celtic Tribes: Proper Account Setup

How do I play my account on multiple devices? To play your account on multiple devices, you must make the account portable.

  1. Leave the game if you are in it.
  2. In the main menu, click on the "Login Information" line.
  3. Click on the line "Email address for registration" in the registration section or use the function "Contact Facebook".
  4. Now enter your desired email address. mail and password.
  5. Click on "Submit Registration Data". With this access data, you can enter the game from other devices.
Important: An account can be made portable only on the device on which it was created.

Alternatively, you can also connect your portable account to Facebook or Google to enter the game using these services. If you no longer have access to your device on which the account was created, and therefore cannot make your account portable, contact support.

I want to delete my account. If you do not want to continue the game, then you can simply exit the game and remove the application, leaving your villages for analysis by other players. If you want to completely delete information about your account, then contact support while you are on your account.

Vacation mode. Vacation mode is used to protect players from attacks and spies while they cannot play. However, attacks launched on your village before the vacation mode was activated will be carried out. After the player activates the vacation mode, he will no longer be able to log in to his account for at least 48 hours. It is impossible to cancel it! In order to avoid abuse of the vacation regime to quickly prevent attacks, it begins only 12 hours after confirmation. Each player has 42 days of vacation per year.

When will my remaining vacation days be restored? Your remaining vacation days will be reset and the standard 42 vacation days will be credited after exactly one year after creating an account on the appropriate server.

Can I play with multiple accounts? As indicated in the game rules of use and in accordance with the privacy policy, the creation / use by one player of several game accounts on one server (multi-accounting) is prohibited in the game.

Can I share my account data with other players? Transferring the use of one playerís account data to another is not officially permitted in the game. It is strongly recommended that you refrain from such practices, since subsequently no one can guarantee the security of your account and the safety of your game data. Also, the account owner in any case will be fully responsible for the actions committed on this account.

Can I change the email address mail to Russia 1 leaving to Russia 2 the same? No, split the servers and bind them to different email addresses. mail is not possible.

Where can I find a link to a village or player? To find a link to your village you must go to the appropriate server, find your village on the map and click on it.

In this window, click on "Copy link to the village" and the link to the corresponding village will be copied to the clipboard. When you click on the crown icon, you will go to the player profile window, where when you click on "Copy link to player", copy the link to the player to the clipboard.

These links can be inserted, for example, in-game messages or in Notepad. You can find the notebook by going to "Profile" => "Notebook".

How can I change the email address mail tied to the game? To change the email address binding mail to the account, click on the "Login Information" in the main menu. (Remember that you must first enter the game using the current email address).

Click on the line "Change mail".

Enter a new email address mail, as well as the current password and click on "Change mail".

To new email address mail will be sent a letter. In this letter you will need to click on the activation link.

Defensive barrier. Defensive screening gives players the opportunity to take a short break, and gives protection against attacks and espionage during the screening time. The defensive barrier can be activated by clicking on the "Activate defensive barrier" button in the profile. The screen is activated immediately, but activation is possible only in the cases indicated below:

Barrier is valid for 24 hours. The defensive barrier automatically ends immediately after 24 hours. To prevent abuse of this feature, a new activation may only be possible after 4 days after the last activation. The first two activations of the defensive barrier are free. After which the player will have the opportunity to activate a screen for a small amount of magic potions.

Differences between a defensive barrier and a vacation regime. Unlike the vacation mode, the player still has the opportunity to enter the game and participate in the game process during an active defensive barrier. Sending attacks and espionage to alien and free villages is impossible in this function. Also, a protected player cannot receive support from other players, so that he does not gain an advantage in the next battles. Allowed time you can use to improve your villages and to strengthen your troops.

New ratings. The rating system has been redone, and now, in addition to the total number of points, the following statistics will also be available to you:

Data will begin to be taken into account and transferred to the rating only after activating this function on your server. Therefore, it may take a little time before you can see yourself in the ratings.

How does the Invite Friends feature work? The function "Invite friends" makes it possible to invite friends through Facebook, Mail, Skype, Whatsapp, Kakao, etc., and create a powerful empire together. Your friends will receive an invitation link when using one of the supported communication applications, which will lead them directly to the AppStore. After installing and starting the game, your friends will automatically log into your server. Now you can easily play on the same server with your friends and create a reliable union together.

What happens if my friends have already downloaded the app? If your friends have already downloaded and installed the application, then after clicking on the invitation link the application will be launched and they will be immediately redirected to your server.