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Walkthrough City Mania: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CCITY MANIA - Android game with release date 04/06/2017 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How to view current tasks? Click on the Task List icon located under the indicator of your level in the upper left corner of the screen.

How to skip the wait time? You can skip waiting times for banknotes or by watching a commercial.

How to get new settlers (characters)? To get more Novoselov, collect Novoselov tokens. You will open a specific Novosel as soon as you collect the necessary number of tokens for this.

How to open Novoselov? Accumulate OP during the game to increase your level. When moving to a new level, new Housewives become available. You can pick them up in parcels at the Post Office.

How to improve Novoselov? Newcomers receive an OP for completing assignments in the Quest Management building. Newcomers of a higher level more efficiently perform tasks.

I can no longer improve Novosela. Why? There are stars in Novoselov. Each star corresponds to 10 levels. If you have a Novosel with one star, its maximum level is 10. To improve it further, you need to get more stars for it.To get a new star for Novosel, you need to collect Novosel tokens.

My city is crowded. How to buy an extension? Click on a piece of land adjacent to your city and pay for it with rare items.

I need rare items. How to get them? Rare items can be obtained in various ways: complete tasks in the Job Management building, greet characters with a presence icon over their heads, open packages or buy them on the Marketplace.

How to remove buildings? Press and hold the building to be moved to raise it, then click on the delete icon that appears at the bottom left.

How to pave the road? Go to the road construction menu through the construction menu (in the lower right corner). Drag a section of road from the panel to the desired location. After installation, you can continue the road by moving your finger in any direction from the starting point.

I want to build Special buildings, for example, the Library. How to get them? First you need to open and build a Central Office. Then you need to collect the drawings, completing the tasks of the Central Office.These drawings can be used for the construction of Special Buildings.

What are commercial buildings for? How do they work? Commercial buildings increase daily taxes from residential buildings. For this, a residential building must be located in the coverage area of ??a commercial building.

What are educational institutions for? How do they work? Educational institutions increase the population that can accommodate residential buildings. For this, a residential building must be located in the area of ??the educational institution.

What are ecological buildings for? How do they work? Ecological buildings reduce the need for resources (electricity, water, etc.) for residential buildings. For this, a residential building must be located in the area of ??the ecological building.

What are entertainment buildings for? How do they work? Ecological buildings increase the level of happiness for residential buildings. For this, a residential building must be located in the area of ??the entertainment building.

What is hypertube? A hypertube is a building where you can receive time-limited buildings by following special instructions. To follow the instructions, you need to put the required materials in the mail pipes and pay for delivery with stamps. Stamps can be found on the Job Management map. Complete these tasks to get enough marks.

What is happiness? Why is it needed? The level of happiness determines the number of people in your residential buildings. For example, if a building has 50% happiness, only half of the normal number of people will live in it. Thus, maintain a high level of happiness in order to maximize the population.

What is a population? Why is it needed? The more people live in the city, the more taxes you receive daily.Increase your income by providing all the necessary services for all residential buildings in the city.

How to employ all new settlers if I can only build a limited number of factories and buildings?Almost all new settlers can help the city function better. For example, there are 3 new settlers who can work on farms, and the limit is 3 farms in the game. If your player level is not high enough to open a 2nd or 3rd farm, continue to play, and with a level increase you will have work for all 3 new settlers!

Where can I see current statistics on specialization? Click on the central office building (a very tall building with 4 specialization icons and a roof for a helicopter pad), and then click on the large blue icon with a question mark. From here, you can go to the specialization summary screen with details.

What materials are needed for synthesis? Synthesis recipes are randomly generated. The only thing that is known in advance is that for the synthesis of buildings you will need Isotopes, Batteries and Blowtorches.

Is it possible to rotate the building? No, It is Immpossible.

How to create skyscrapers / luxury buildings? To do this, you need to increase the value of land. To do this, place parks and specialized buildings in your city. When you upgrade buildings on valuable soil, they become more luxurious.

How to remove bushes / trees to accommodate more buildings? To do this, collect items of extensions.This way you can expand your territory and build more buildings.

How to fill the store if no one buys my products? If you do not advertise your goods on the Marketplace, then other players do not see them in the Market and cannot buy them. Go to the Marketplace and click on the item that is not advertised (on which there is no small icon in the form of a speaker). After that, you will see a message that will allow you to remove the item from the Marketplace or advertise it.

How to get golden foliage? To do this, improve buildings and increase population growth in the city.

What are power plants and why are they needed? Power plants, as well as other service buildings provide the city with the necessary resources and services. When choosing such buildings you will see information about the services provided and their required number for the city. With the improvement of houses in the town, more resources will be required.

How to destroy or move a park? Just like any other building in the game: press and hold until the interaction menu appears. Then select the delete function. To move, tap and hold, and then simply drag to the desired location on the map.

The game reports that there is no road near the building. What does it mean? All buildings must be connected to the main road, otherwise the "no road" icon will appear above the building, indicating that you cannot use it.

Can I change the name of the city? Yes, click on the OP icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

What to do with a new character for a grocery store if I already have a character who works there? In this case, the new character will be unemployed.

Where can I buy vegetables? Vegetables can be made at the Deli.

I cant build the Middle Factory even though I see it. Why? If you have reached the maximum factory buildings and you have unlocked a larger factory, you will first have to remove the factory from the map before you can build another one (for example, if you have Small farms and you have opened the Middle farm, you need to remove one Small farm to put on the map Middle Farm).

How to enter the game through Facebook? Access to communication settings can be obtained in the Social Network section of the Settings menu.

How to reset the game? Unfortunately, at the moment this is technically impossible. The only option to start playing again is to log in to the game through a new social network account.

Is it possible to save progress in the game after reinstalling the application? Yes you can. To do this, before reinstalling, you need to connect to the social network using your account. The game will be saved automatically every time you enter through this entry.

What is my username? Can i change it? The game displays the same name as on the social network whose account you use for the game. That is, to change the name, you need to edit your social profile.

Can I use the same account on multiple devices? Yes, for this you need to enter the game through the same Facebook account. Please note that you can only transfer progress between devices on iOS and Android platforms. Porting from iOS / Android to Windows is not supported.

How to create a new city? To create a new city, you need to enter the game under a new social network account that has not yet been used in the game.

How to turn off music and sound effects? Sound can be set in the Settings menu.

How to get to the Settings menu? During the game, click on the pause icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Where can I change the language? In the Languages ??section of the Settings menu.

How to receive local push notifications? You can configure push notifications in the Notifications section of the Settings menu.

Can i play offline? No, for the correct operation of the application requires a constant connection to the Internet.

Where can I get Novoselov tokens? At the Labor Exchange or through the job management building, as well as packages with a variety of tokens.

How to invite friends? Log in to the game through Facebook and your friends who play Sitimania will automatically be added to your friends list.

How to visit another players city? You can get to the cities of other players by clicking on the Friends list icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

How to send a gift to a friend? Until you can send gifts to friends. But this feature will be added to the game in the future.