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Passage of the Civilization War: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CIVILIZATION WAR is an Android game with a release date of July 30, 2019 from Tilting Point. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Knowledge Base
  2. The Gates of Trials
  3. Buildings
  4. Events
  5. Bugs and in-game purchases

Civilization War: Knowledge Base

How to collect resources? You can collect 4 types of resources: Grain, Wood, Stone and Iron. It is possible to collect resources in the territories of resources inside the Castle and on the Field. Resources on the Field can be collected by sending troops to the territory of resources located outside your Castle. The obtained resources can be used to improve the territory of the Castle. To collect resources on the field, find the Resource Territory and click "Collect". Then select the troops you want to send to the collection.

The selected unit will automatically return to the Castle as soon as the capacity limit is reached. The larger the number of the sent detachment, the more resources it will be able to collect. The capacity limit also depends on completed research, skills, Heroes, as well as on any items that increase the limit. The higher the level of the Territory of resources, the more resources can be obtained. The closer to the center of the continent, the higher the levels of Resource Territories.

How to get a Hero Special Ticket? A special Hero Ticket can be obtained from the Hero Set. We also recommend that you check your system mail. System messages contain useful information and may also contain Special Hero Tickets.

What is the Goddess Fountain? Available after: Castle lvl 6. Location: in the center of the Castle. Features: every day you are given a certain amount of free wishes, depending on the level of the fountain. A maximum of 200 wishes a day can be made. After you make 600 wishes, the bonus system is activated.

If you do not have enough resources - you can get them by making a wish in the Fountain of the Goddess. You will receive free wishes every day. It is possible to get up to 10 times more resources than indicated on the desire button. The higher the level of the Fountain of the Goddess, the more daily free wishes and resources you will receive.

What are Missions and Home Administration? You can go to missions by clicking on the Quest icon at the bottom of the screen (opens recommended missions for new players). In the Management menu, you can access the castle’s internal affairs missions, the list is updated every 6 hours, and it is possible to complete only one mission at a time. After the mission expires, you can receive the appropriate reward.

How to get troops? Troops come in 4 types: Infantry, Cavalry, Archers and Artillery. Each type of troops can be obtained by training them in the corresponding Barack.

What are the types of troops? There are 4 types of troops:

  1. Infantry: Swordsman, Spearman;
  2. Cavalry: Cavalry, Horse Archer;
  3. Archers: Archer, Crossbowman;
  4. Artillery: Catapult, Taran.

How to get a Hero Call Ticket? You can get up to 2 Hero Summoning Tickets by completing daily missions.

My Hero was captured. How to return the hero from captivity? The Lord, who has captured the Hero, can release him by clicking on the Pardon button in the Prison building. Also, the Hero will be automatically released 2 days after being captured. However, after returning, the Hero’s level will be reduced by 1 value.

How to attack the Robber Camp? The Robber Camp can only be attacked by the Alliance army team. The maximum level of the Robber Camp is 30. The Alliance combined army can be convened by clicking on the army gathering button (cost: 20 Stamina).

How to raise the level of the Alliance? The level of the Alliance can be increased by gaining alliance Experience points. Alliance Experience Points are accumulated when members contribute to the development of alliance technologies.

What will happen to the Castle if I do not go into the game for a long time? Inactive Lock will be deleted after 2 weeks.

How to get a World Treasure? The World Treasure can be obtained with a certain degree of probability in the Treasure Chest, which can be found after the destruction of the Rogues.

How to get Zlata for free? There are several ways to get Zlata in the game for free:

  1. Complete achievements. To see the achievements that must be completed in order to receive the Zlatov, click on the avatar of the Lord, and then go to the Achievements menu.
  2. Join the Alliance for the first time. Upon joining the Alliance for the first time, you will receive Zlata, as well as 2 Tickets for moving to the territory of the Alliance.
  3. Make a deposit at the Bank. You can make a deposit at the Bank and receive interest from the invested amount. Go to the construction of the Bank, which is located behind the Archers Tower, and select the deposit term.
  4. Take part in the events. Touch the event icon on the right side of the screen to see a list of events that are currently running. As a result of participation in the events, you can get a reward in the form of Zlata.
  5. Check system mail. System letters with important game information sent by the Civilization War team also contain a Gold award.
  6. Events on the official pages of the game. The official Civilization War forums host events where you can win Zlata. To participate in such an event, go to the forum by clicking on Avatar - Settings - Forum. There you will see a list of all available official communities at the moment.
  7. Alliance Gift Box and Emperor’s Gift Box. They can be obtained through the Gift Chest tab. Gift chests will be available the next day (after 00.00 UTC) after joining the Alliance.

What should I do if there is a fire in my castle? If the enemy attacks you and you lose the battle of defense, a fire will begin in your Castle. In case of fire, the strength of the walls of the Castle will decrease. The fire will automatically stop after 30 minutes. You can also put it out by spending Zlata. Once the fire is extinguished, you can begin to restore the strength of the walls of the Castle to increase protection. If the strength of the walls of the Castle drops to 0, your Castle will be automatically moved to a random place on the map. In this case, the strength of the walls will be fully restored.

What are Protected Resources? Protected Resources have the following qualities:

  1. These are resources obtained from Resource Chests.
  2. These resources are kept secure in the Warehouse. However, they cannot be stored in the Alliance Warehouse.
  3. These Resources cannot be used as food for the Army.

How to protect the army? The easiest way to defend your Castle and army is to use War Defense. With Active Defense Against War, you will be protected from enemy attacks and intelligence. Protection from War applies to troops in the Castle. However, it does not apply to troops located outside the Castle - to collect resources or to participate in the campaign of the allied army team.

If you do not have War Defense, but an enemy army is moving to your Castle, you can send your troops to the nearest resource territory. However, be careful - the enemy can also attack your troops located on the territory of resources. You can also send troops to the ally’s castle, or use a special item to move the castle.

You can reduce the number of attacks on your Castle if you move it closer to the castles of your allies using a regular Movement Ticket or a Movement Ticket to the territory of the Alliance. To treat wounded soldiers, it is necessary to build and improve the construction of the Hospital.

How can I increase my Strength? Strength can be increased in the following ways:

  1. Coaching the Army;
  2. Improving buildings;
  3. Designing Traps;
  4. Conducting research at the Academy;
  5. Raising the level of the Lord or Heroes.

How to check the total consumption of cereals? Your Army consumes Krupa every hour. You can see the value of cereal consumption by clicking on the Training Ground (the place in front of the castle gates where the commander walks) in your Castle.

What is the Archers Tower? Archers Tower defends your castle during an enemy attack. Upgrading a building will also increase its Attack. Unlike Traps, the Archer Tower activates automatically when an enemy attacks, even if there are no soldiers in the castle. To upgrade the Archer Tower, you need the Golden Arrows. Golden Arrows can be purchased at the store or in the Market for Zlata.

(Lord) Skill Points. Each time you increase the level of the Lord, you will receive rewards and Skill Points. Skill Points can be used to gain additional effects in battles or to develop an economy. Through the use of Skill Points, various aspects of the Castle can be strengthened. If you want to change the nature of the selected effects, you can discard Skill Points and reuse them for other purposes.

How to get Warhorn, Golden Arrows and Stone of Civilization? The Warhorn, Golden Arrows and Stone of Civilization can be purchased through the Backpack - Shop. They can also be purchased at a discount on the Market.

Why are they attacking me? Civilization War is a game that involves military battles. If you yourself do not initiate an attack, then you can become the target of the attack of another player. If your army is not strong enough to attack or repel the attack of another Lord, you can use the item Defense from War - this way your Castle will be protected from attacks and enemy intelligence for a certain time.

Defense Against War protects your Castle and everything inside it. If your soldiers are outside the Castle at this time, collecting resources, they will not be protected from attacks. You can also avoid enemy attacks by using the Castle Movement Ticket. Move your Castle to a territory away from enemies, or closer to your allies to protect your possessions.

Features of Civilizations. Eastern Civilizations are Korea, China, India and Japan. Western Civilizations - Islamic Empire, Egypt, England and Rome. Each Nation has its own unique National Treasure and type of troops.

Is it possible to change the nation? You can change the nation after your castle reaches level 12. To do this, go to the construction of the National Estate. The cost of a change of nation is 5,000 Zloty.

Limited Time Items. Please note that in case of repeated use of the War Defense or temporary buff effect, the period of validity of items (buffs) is not cumulative.

Can I change the Continent Server? The Continent’s server can only be changed provided that your account was created less than 5 days ago and the level of your Castle is no higher than level 5. To change the Continent server, go to Field - Map - globe icon - select the continent you want to move to.

Before moving to another continent, make sure that you are not a member of the Alliance.

Get a Growth Kit. If you purchased the Growth Kit, please note that from one account it is possible to purchase only 1 such Kit. That is, the acquisition of 2 or more Growth Sets is impossible. Upon reaching the castle levels 5, 10, 12 and 15, the corresponding icon will appear at the top of the screen. You can get items by clicking on this icon.

Civilization War: The Gates of Trials

What is the Gate of Trials? Every day you get 3 free Tickets for the Gates of Trials, additional tickets can be purchased on the Market for Gold.

Entrance to the Gates of Trials. Entering the Gates of Trials is only possible if you have a ticket. For each entry, 1 Ticket will be used at the Gates of Trials, data is updated at 00.00 (UTC).

Research Unit. You can send any of your soldiers to the Labyrinth, with the exception of the wounded and those who are waiting to be sent on the march, while actually entering the maze will not reduce the number of your troops during the study. For each stage of the maze, there is a certain maximum number of participating troops. If your troops are wounded in battle, you can instantly heal from Zlata.

Study. During the study, with a certain degree of probability, you will find various objects. If you meet the robbers, then automatically enter into battle with them, and in case of victory you can get rewards. At the end of each study, you will meet with the boss (robbers). If you defeat the boss, you can save all the items found in the maze. In the event that at any stage you lose the battle with the robbers, the study will be completed, however, you will have all the items acquired before the defeat.

What rewards can be obtained at the Challenge Gate? The reward for the first level passage in the Gates of Trials will be indicated at the bottom of the screen when entering the maze. If you repeat the same level, you will receive other random rewards from Silver, Relics and Resources.

How many levels in the Gates of Trials? The maximum level at the Gates of Trials is 15-8.

Civilization War: Buildings

Slot Construction. To build or improve a building, one construction hammer must be used. On the left side of the screen, the icon will show the time remaining until the end of construction or improvement. If you want to build more than one building at a time, you can use the golden construction hammer. You can also use Zlata to instantly complete the current construction and start a new one.

What is a hospital? The hospital is a place where you can treat injured soldiers. Healing a wounded soldier costs half the resources and takes half the training time of the same soldier. By increasing the number of hospitals, as well as increasing their level, you will increase the capacity limit for the wounded. The limit, as well as the speed of treatment, can also be increased by studying the appropriate technology at the Academy. All soldiers wounded in the battle during the defense of the Castle will be automatically sent to the Hospital.

If the number of wounded exceeds the capacity limit of the Hospital, the remainder of the troops will be lost. The occurrence of wounded or dead troops depends on the type of battle. During the defense of the Castle, all the wounded will be sent to the Hospital, however, upon reaching the capacity limit, the rest of the troops will die. When attacking the enemy in the Resource Territory, the wounded will be sent to the hospital until the capacity limit is reached. When attacking an enemy Castle, troops will die, however, this also depends on completed research.

Lock. The castle is the most important building in the game. As the level of the Castle rises, new accessible buildings will open for you. Raising the level of the Castle you will also increase the limit of the number of march and the total Strength. By clicking on the Lock, you can also see the buff effects that are currently active.

What is a bank? At the Bank you can make a deposit from Zlatov for 1, 7, 15 or 30 days. Select the deposit period and receive Zlata with interest after this period. The deposit rate depends on the duration of the deposit. The longer the period of the selected deposit, the more Zlatov you can accumulate.

What is a prison? A prison is a place for the imprisonment of captured Heroes. You can capture the Heroes in case of victory when attacking the enemy Castle. The higher the level of the Prison, the more Heroes you can contain in it. Thanks to the Heroes in your Prison, your army can receive additional buff effects. The meaning of the effects depends on the levels of the captured Heroes.

What is a Trap Workshop? In the Trap Workshop, Traps can be designed. Different Traps are used against different types of troops. The higher the level of the Trap Workshop, the more diverse and powerful the Traps you can produce, and the higher the limit on the number of Traps. The speed of constructing Traps can be increased with the help of appropriate studies, or using the skill points of the Lord.

Traps are activated automatically when the enemy attacks the Castle. However, to automatically activate Traps in the Castle, there must be at least one or more soldiers. Traps will not be automatically activated if there are no soldiers in the Castle.

Observation Tower. The Observation Tower serves as the eyes and ears of your Castle and can inform you of the reconnaissance or approach of the enemy army. The higher the level of the Observation Tower, the more detailed information about the approaching army of the enemy you can get. If an enemy army or reconnaissance approaches, your screen will blink red. The Watch Tower icon will also appear on the screen. Tap the icon to see information about an approaching enemy.

Farm, Sawmill, Quarry, Zheleznyak. Farm, Sawmill, Quarry and Zheleznyak - these are buildings in which you can produce Krupa, Timber, Stone and Iron, respectively. A special icon will appear above the building when the production of a certain amount of resources is completed.

As the data level of buildings increases, their performance will increase, as well as the amount of resources that they can accumulate for collection. A quarry becomes available when your Castle reaches level 10, Zheleznyak - when the Castle reaches level 15. Resources that were not collected will not be protected in case of an enemy attack. Therefore, we advise you to collect them as often as possible.

What is an army camp? Army Camp - a building that increases your limit on the content of troops. The higher the level of the Army Camp, the larger the size of your army may be.

What is an embassy? If you have an Embassy in the territory of the Castle, you can receive assistance from the Alliance members in the form of time, as well as reinforcements during the defense of the Castle. The higher the level of the Embassy, the more significant assistance you can receive.

From each member of the Alliance you can get only 1 squad of reinforcements. Once the reinforcement army limit is reached, you will no longer be able to receive reinforcements. If an aid icon appears above your Embassy building, then one of the members of your Alliance is requesting assistance. Touch the icon to see detailed information.

Academy. At the Academy, you can explore various useful technologies. Research is divided into 4 areas: Battle, Economics, Technology and Castle Defense. You can focus your efforts on one of the areas or evenly develop all 4 in order to increase your performance and improve game results. The higher the level of the Academy, the more available studies will be open to you.

Trade Shop. At the Trading Shop, you can exchange resources with your allies. The higher the level of the Trading Shop, the lower the commission for trading and the more items and resources you can exchange.

Warehouse Resources. In the Resource Store, you can save a certain amount of resources and protect them in case of an enemy attack on your Castle. The higher the level of the Resource Warehouse, the greater its storage limit. Resources already produced but not yet collected from the Farm, Sawmill, Quarry and Zhelyaznek cannot be protected.

Civilization War: Events

What is the Barbarian Rally Event? The Barbarian Event is an Alliance event in which you can receive rewards according to the individual rating and the rating of the alliance. During the event, the Barbarian army will attack the Castles of the Alliance members. The more attacks you successfully repel, the more valuable rewards you can get.

Gates of Challenge. Challenge Gate is an event in which Alliance members can participate only together. To receive rewards according to the level of contribution, it is necessary to assemble an Alliance army and attack the Hero of Challenge. To open the Challenge Gate, all Alliance members must donate a total of 1000 Challenge Hero Souls.

How to get a Ticket to the Challenge Gate? Every day you get 3 free tickets. Tickets can also be purchased at the Gold Market.

What is a Dragon Campaign? The boss of the continent - the dragon Fafnir appears every Tuesday and Thursday from 00.00 to 23.59.59 (UTC). Reward: Experience of the Lord, Key to the Treasure Chest of Rogues and other values. Location: Fafnir’s location can be seen on the map of the continent, or by clicking on the bulletin board on Festival Square. Fafnir can be attacked up to 10 times. Method of attack: select troops and send a detachment to attack Fafnir.

How is the Event Strongest Lord (Battle to Death)? Event The Strongest Lord takes place in 2 cycles, each of which lasts one week: Normal and Kill-Event. Normal loop:

Kill Event:

7-day Event for Beginners. To receive rewards in the 7-day Event for Beginners, it is necessary to complete the missions of the corresponding day. If the mission is completed in advance, you will need to complete it again on the day corresponding to it in order to receive a reward.

Civilization War: Bugs and in-game purchases

The game constantly crashes. If the game on your device crashes or does not load, you must do the following:

How to sync an account? You can synchronize your account in one of the available ways by going to the synchronization menu this way: click on the avatar of the Lord in the upper left corner - Settings - Synchronization.

What happens if you don’t sync your account? If you do not synchronize your account, then change the device or reinstall the game, all game data will be deleted. In this case, developers will not be able to recover lost data.

How to delete an account? The account can be deleted through the synchronization menu. Click on the Lord’s Avatar - Settings - Sync. Be careful: it is impossible to recover a deleted account.

How to change avatar? Tap the Lord’s image, and then the photo change icon at the bottom of the screen. You can take a photo, or select an image from a photo album.

How to sync an Android device? In order to preserve game data, you must synchronize your game account with your Google Play or Facebook account. To synchronize your account, tap the Lord icon - go to Settings - Synchronization - Synchronize your account. This way you can sync your game data with Google Play and / or Facebook.

Only one game account can be linked to one Facebook or Google Play account! Before you synchronize your game account in one of these ways, make sure that you do not have another Civilization War account linked in the same way.

How to sync an iOS device? In order to preserve game data, you must synchronize your game account with your Google Play or Facebook account. To synchronize your account, tap the Lord icon - go to Settings - Synchronization - Synchronize your account. This way you can sync your game data with Google Play and / or Facebook.

Only one game account can be linked to one Facebook or Google Play account! Before you synchronize your game account in one of these ways, make sure that you do not have another Civilization War account linked in the same way.

Can I play on multiple accounts from one device? Yes you can. If you have Google and Facebook accounts, you can synchronize different game accounts in different ways and be able to switch between them.

How to solve the problem that arose in the game? Determine which category your problem falls into:

Having selected a category, you can proceed to the next step:

  1. Try to find your question in the FAQ. To do this, search for the appropriate keyword.
  2. If you did not find your question in the FAQ, ask your members of your alliance or other players in the chat window.
  3. If your problem is related to the actions of another player, you can do the following: if another player used abusive language in your address, click on the player’s icon in the chat of the continent and add it to the Ignore list.

Before contacting technical support, remember the following:

Article author: Nadezhda D.