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CLASH OF CLANS - game for android with the release date of 30.09.2013 from the company Supercell. In the article, we summarized the official game guides, developers "answers to players" questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Clash of Clans download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Right Attack and Defense
  2. Heroes Guide
  3. Secrets of Siege Machines
  4. Beginnerís Guide
  5. Building Improvements Questions
  6. Legendary League
  7. Walkthrough Builder Village
  8. Tips and Secrets
  9. Popular Player Questions
  10. Season Test Review
  11. Clan Guide for Newbies
  12. Guide to the Clan Wars
  13. Clan Wars League
  14. Clan Guide

Clash of Clans: Right Attack and Defense

Why do they give me opponents with only fewer trophies than me? After you collect a certain number of trophies, it will be difficult for the system to find you an opponent of the same level. This is because most opponents of your rank are either online or under the shield. Over time, when more players reach your level of trophies, it will be easier for you to find opponents.

How to force the troops to protect the village? In order for the soldiers to protect your precious village, first you have to join a clan or create your own, and then ask the troops: ask the participants to donate to you the soldiers who will live in the Clan Fortress. After that, you can use them in your attacks, or they will automatically defend the village during the siege as soon as the enemy soldiers enter the Fortressís "defeat zone". You cannot use your own troops from the military camps to defend. These soldiers are entirely focused on the attack.

Why are my trophies not added to the Taste of Victory achievement? Achievement "Taste of victory" displays the largest number of trophies that you have had since the beginning of the game. It will not take into account the amount of trophies that you get, only the largest number of them. For example:

Just win more trophies than lose - and get a new achievement.

I am attacked by much stronger players. The system of selection of opponents works based on the number of trophies and the level of the town hall. If a player with 10 level of the town hall has very few trophies, he can get any opponent, but first the system will try to find those with a few trophies and the same level of the town hall.The search range is quite large - it is necessary so that players can always find with whom to fight. This is a double-edged sword: sometimes you are attacked by a much stronger army, and sometimes you are offered to attack a village, which is worthless to defeat.

If the difference in trophies with an opponent is huge, most likely it was revenge. To avenge the players who attacked the village, you can use the button "Avenge" on the screen "The course of the battle." By attacking in this way, you miss the selection system of opponents, and this can lead to a huge difference in trophies. The developers are working on a feature that will allow you to clearly see which attacks are revenge.

Where to look for prey when attacking? Any uncollected resources will remain in the gold mines, the elixir collectors and the black elixir wells. The level of protection of these buildings is negligible. While the bonus for winning the war (until it was taken and distributed among the vaults) remains in the fortress of the clan, whose level of protection is great.

After collection, resources are distributed between the vaults and the town hall. In the town hall there is as much elixir and gold as in the vaults, and about 20% of the black elixir. The level of protection of these buildings is quite large. In the town halls there is as much available for the extraction of gold and elixir as in one vault, and 25% of the black elixir.

If the vaults are empty, you can even attack the town hall without getting anything. Also remember that you will not receive loot from the town hall or the fortress of the clan until the building is destroyed. The level of strength of the vaults and the town hall depends on the ratio of the levels of your town hall and the enemy. If you attack a player with a lower level of town hall, you will get less loot than from a player of your level. By attacking a player of a higher level, you can get even more loot.

The fortress of the clan / town hall did not bring any loot! Town Halls and clan fortresses differ from the vaults:

  1. In order to get loot from the town hall or the fortress of the clan, you need to completely destroy them.
  2. Town Hall and clan fortress are not able to withstand spells, which means that an earthquake spell and lightning spells can seriously harm them.
Also remember: there is no guarantee that there is any mining there. Only a part of the mining is stored in the town hall (not the one that was not collected from mines, wells and collectors). And only military and star bonuses are stored in the fortress.

The trap did not work. If your trap does not work when you need it, the most likely reason is the following:

If a soldier steps on a spring trap, he will simply fly away from the battlefield when it works. Those who have a high speed, such as goblins or warriors, accelerated by a rage spell, can move so fast that they avoid the trap.Traps do not react to the defenders of the village.

After the defense did not appear the wagon with loot. After the defense, a cart with loot appears in your village, returning some of the stolen resources. Remember that you can only have one wagon with loot at a time.This means that if you did not take the wagon left from the previous defense, then if you are attacked in your absence, you will not get a new one. In order for the cart to appear, you need to pick up the old one. If you took the wagon, got out of the game and you were attacked twice, you still get only one wagon. But in the wagon will prey, remaining after two attacks.

How often will I get a star bonus? After receiving the first star bonus, a 24-hour countdown will start. When it expires, the bonus will be available again. Therefore, each time a new star bonus becomes available, a new 24-hour countdown will start immediately. And it will work, even if you are still working on getting a new star bonus.

When the timer reaches zero, a new star bonus will be available. But remember that you can only have one star bonus at a time. To get a new bonus, you must first complete the old one, even if the countdown has reached zero.In this case, the new star bonus will appear immediately. Two in a row!

Lightning / earthquake spell does not affect vaults! Lightning and earthquake spells no longer affect Vault. Try to send such a spell to the black elixir vault, and a protective field will appear around it. Your will also be protected if someone throws a lightning bolt into your blood and then earned prey. On the other hand, the town hall and the fortress of the clan are not immune.

The explosions should never have been a way to quickly get the missing resources. Developers know that many players use this technique to extract resources, mostly black elixir, and even more players have decided that with the help of a lightning-fast spell you can turn into other resources. The developers decided that this tactic is not in the spirit of Clash. So the time has come to return to resource extraction in the good old way: strategy, perseverance and crowds of goblin thieves.

Despite the victory, the course of the battle shows a loss! This can happen if you lost connection to servers in the middle of a battle. The battle has already begun, but the connection was lost before you deployed all the troops. Game servers take into account only troops deployed before the loss of the connection. Most clan members, if not all, have experienced it at least once, and the developers understand how offensive it is.

Before starting an attack, find a good Wi-Fi signal or at least a good 3G / 4G connection. Sometimes all the Wi-Fi or mobile communications stripes may not be enough for a permanent connection, as local networks can be overloaded or just slow down. This is especially true if you are traveling in a moving car or underground public transport.

All levels with goblins passed, and the achievement was not received. To get the achievements "Show these goblins!" and "Show these goblins too!", you need not only to complete all the levels with goblins in the single player mode, but also to get three stars for each level. If you are sure that you have completed all levels, including the last ones, then check how many stars you have: this can be seen at the top of the map for a single game. To achieve achievements, you must have three stars for each level, including those that are on alternative branches of the campaign.

How many spells can I have, and what do the numbers on the space mean? As well as troops, spells need a place. Therefore, the number of spells you can take with you into battle is limited. The number of stored spells depends on the level of the spell factory and the presence of a dark spell factory. Depending on the level of your clan fortress, clan members can sacrifice one or two spells to you.

At level 1 of the spell factory, you have two places to store spells. The number will increase by two with each new level of the spell factory. At the 5th level of the factory, the number of places in the storage will reach a maximum - 10 places. The dark spell factory will add one place regardless of level. This means that you can have a maximum of 11 places. The spells bought for the elixir take from one to three places, and the spells bought for the black elixir take one place. Try different combinations to achieve the best result!

What are league trophies? League - the best opportunity to win prestige in Clash of Clans. Every month you can enter the league by simply attacking the enemyís village. Which league you will be in depends on the number of trophies won.

Some facts about trophy leagues:

The advantages of higher leagues:

Town Hall weapons: what you need to know? When the town hall reaches the 12th level, it begins to fend off enemies! Gigatesla is activated if:

Improving the weapons of the town hall will increase the number of targets for which it can hit in one hit, and the amount of damage. Also, after upgrading the town hall will be able to cause fatal damage with a grandiose explosion! If the electric tool of the town hall seems too complicated for you, you can cast a freezing spell on it or try using an impeccable sniper blow to disable it before it is activated. But if you are unlucky, and the town hall is about to explode, there is nothing to do here: run!

Electro Drake: description and strategy. An electrodragon is a huge flying creature that spews branching lightning from its mouth. The dragon will open in the barracks of the 13th level at the 11th level Town Hall.Lightning is a little predictable phenomenon, but it can hit on 5 different targets, if they are located not very far from each other. Lightning can enter buildings, skeletons from traps, as well as any defensive troops and heroes.

But this dragon is not only terrible for its deadly breathing - dying, it sends a thunderstorm to its enemies.Improve the electrodragon to increase the damage caused by its lightning. Since the electrodragon is able to cause damage to several buildings, they can perfectly complement the team of fighters with a wide range of defeat: a witch and a bouncer. It may be worth a little to improve the electrodragon spells of rage and hurry. The dragon, of course, is strong, but slow!

Clash of Clans: Heroes Guide

What are heroic abilities and how do they work?

Starting at level 5, Clash of Clans heroes (king of barbarians, queen of archers and keeper) gain special abilities.

The iron fist of the king of the barbarians . At the maximum level, an iron fist can summon up to 28 barbarians and increases the damage done and the speed of the king of the barbarians. If the king of the barbarians has already suffered damage, his health will also increase. To activate the iron fist in battle, first release the king on the battlefield. Then touch its icon again and the ability will take effect.

The royal mantle of the queen of the archers. When using the royal mantle, the queen of the archers temporarily becomes invisible to the enemy. Any defenses attacking her will begin to search for a new target. In addition, the queen calls herself to the aid of a group of violent archers. Like the king of the barbarians, the queen receives health if she has been injured. To activate the royal mantle, tap the queen archer icon again after she is on the battlefield.

Book of eternity keeper. Unlike other heroes, the keeper has the passive ability "Life Aura". It is activated when the guardian engages in battle, and adds health to all warriors within its range. Thanks to the eternity book of the keeper, all the warriors around him become invincible for a while. Improve the keeper to increase the power of his abilities. Before sending the custodian to the battlefield, you can choose in which mode - ground or flight - to use it.

Skins of heroes. Heroesí skins are opened by passing seasonal tests. Heroesí skins are available only to those who have purchased a gold pass and scored enough points to unlock this reward. Points can be obtained for passing the test of the day and current tests or buy for crystals (only with a gold pass). After you take the heroís skin, you can switch to it by touching the heroís altar and selecting "Change skin". Select the skin you want to use with the arrows and click "Select."

Other players will see your heroís skin when watching replays in real time, regular replays, as well as during reconnaissance of your village or military base. If other players do not see the heroís skin, you need to wait a bit and it will appear: the data for displaying the skin is loaded in the background during the game. You can use only those skins that you discovered in the seasonal trials yourself. Changing the skin of the hero will not lead to a break in the possibility of using the layout.

How the Keeper works: defense and attack.

Before attacking, in the village, it can be transferred to infantry or air mode. Depending on the Guardian mode, air or ground traps will attack.

What is a hero potion? To temporarily strengthen your heroes (within five levels), drink a potion of the hero before the attack. A potion can add heroes up to five levels for a while, but the level of heroes cannot be higher than the level allowed by your town hall. When using multiple potions, only the gain time is increased, but no additional levels will be added.

What you need to know about the potion:

Why the poison spell does not affect the heroes? A poison spell acts on troops, inflicting damage and slowing their movement. It was created to help you cope with entire troops storming the Clan Fortress. Clash of Clans heroes are heroes, they are not like ordinary warriors. Although the characters are similar to ordinary soldiers of control and appearance, yet these are other warriors with different qualities. So the poison spell has almost no effect on the heroes, and in comparison with the damage that ordinary warriors receive from these spells, the heroes suffer very little.

Clash of Clans: Secrets of Siege Machines

What is a wall destroyer? The Wall Breaker is a land vehicle that skillfully smashes walls and buildings. After it is released, the car goes to the town hall, ruthlessly comparing the buildings and walls to the ground. Walls she does extra damage. If donated troops are in the siege vehicle, they can be released on the battlefield at any time.However, after the release of troops, the destroyer of the walls automatically self-destructs. The troops will leave the car automatically if it is destroyed by the defense of the enemy.

Wall Destroyer can be used without troops from the fortress of the Clan. He will help you destroy the walls and buildings of the enemy and divert enemy defenses. Improve a wall demolisher in the laboratory to increase his health and the damage he causes. Spells are not affected by siege vehicles.

How to use siege machines? You can create siege machines in a siege workshop when your town hall reaches 12th level, but you can get a siege machine as a donation from a 10th level town hall and a 6th-level Clan fortress.In battle, you can choose only one siege machine - created by you or donated to you. The choice will be available until the siege machine leaves the battlefield. Tap the arrows on the siege machine icon to make a selection:

In the image above, the player has the opportunity to send a donated wall raiser with donated troops to the battle, only donated troops or one of the two siege engines created.

What are siege engines and how to get them? When you upgrade the town hall to 12th level, you can build a workshop. The construction of the workshop allows the construction of siege machines. Siege machines can be sacrificed to clan members with a town hall of at least 10th level, or use them in battles on their own. Siege machines can be created in the training mode of the troops, and then stored in the workshop.

Upgrade your workshop to open new siege machines! The donated siege vehicles will be stored in the clanís fortress. There you can leave only one donated car. Siege machines will not help in the defense of the village. In battle, you will have to choose between the machines you created and the donated machines.

Warriors from military camps cannot be placed in the siege machines that you have trained. The troops donated to the clanís fortress will automatically fall inside the donated siege machine. Siege machines do not occupy a place in the fortress of the Clan. For siege machines has its own space. Spells do not affect siege engines.

What is a stone thrower? The stone thrower is a giant balloon from which huge stones are thrown onto the defenses of the enemy. Each stone deals damage in a collision. It also deals extra damage to walls. Unlike other siege machines, stone throwers do not target the town hall and do not land the troops when they reach it.

Instead, they destroy the nearest defenses and land the troops only when they are released by the player or when the stone thresher is destroyed. To open the stone thrower, you need to improve the workshop to the 3rd level.Donated by the clan troops can be released on the battlefield at any time, but this will lead to the destruction of the stone-thrower. Spells do not affect siege engines.

What is a combat airship? A combat airship is an airborne siege machine that flies over walls and goes straight to the town hall. Flying across the sky and dropping bombs on buildings that come across to her on the way, she leaves behind a trail of destruction. The landing of troops from the airship will lead to its destruction. Of course, enemy defenses can also destroy a combat airship. In this case, the troops will be landed immediately.Improve the combat airship in the laboratory to increase its health and the damage it causes. To open a combat airship, you need a workshop of the 2nd level. Spells are not affected by siege vehicles.

Clash of Clans: Beginnerís Guide

How does multiplayer work? Multiplayer mode allows you to visit and attack the villages belonging to other players Clash of Clans. During the attack, you can capture their resources, for example: gold, elixir and, at higher levels, a dark elixir. This allows you to develop and improve the village much faster than simply accumulating resources. And itís much more fun!

Winning battles, you will also receive trophies. The more stars you earn, the more trophies you will get. If you lose, you will lose trophies. When you have enough trophies, you get into the league, which will give access to even more resources.

What is a single player campaign? In the single player campaign, you fight against 75 goblin villages, each one stronger than the previous one. This campaign is available to all players from the very beginning of the game.While in the village, simply select "Go To Battle!" And you will see the single-player campaign on the right side of the screen:

Each successful single player attack will bring gold and elixir, but the amount of loot available at each level is limited. As the campaign progresses, the prey becomes larger. To go to the next level, at each level you need only one victory with one star. Attacks in the single player mode are not limited in time and do not affect the shield. In addition, the player will never lose or get trophies in the single-player campaign. This provides an excellent opportunity to find out what damage the defense does, and at the same time understand how to use the troops more effectively.

Progress. To get the achievement "Show these goblins!", You will need to get 3 stars on each of the 50 first levels. To get the achievement "Show these goblins!", You will need to get 3 stars at levels 51 through 75. To get the "Dragon Slayer" achievement, you need to destroy the dragon. Now go and show these goblins!

What damage do I need to win a battle? To win the battle, you need to get at least one star. Hereís how to get them:

How are trophies calculated? Clash of Clans uses a system based on the number of trophies, which will find you a suitable opponent and put you in the league when you make an attack. You will receive trophies, successfully attacking opponents or defending against them. The number of trophies that you win or lose is calculated based on the difference between your and enemy indicators. Remember:

In some cases, you can win or lose zero trophies, for example, in the case of revenge. This happens if since the last attack the number of trophies has greatly increased or decreased.

Why in a battle can I lose more trophies than I get? The system considers that the player with a large number of trophies is likely to win. For example, if player A (who has a lot of trophies) attacks Player B (who has few), the system will give A number of trophies to Player B. The next time A attacks, he will be given a simpler target, and B - on the contrary, more complex players.

Therefore, if you attack a player who has less trophies than yours and lose, you will lose more trophies than you could get if you won. Thus, an error is more expensive for a player who has more trophies than a player who has fewer trophies. As a result, players with a lot of trophies will have to play very skillfully to keep trophies and rank.

What is loot bonus and how to get it? You will receive a loot bonus after each successful attack. This means that you need to earn at least one star to get it. The higher you are in the league, the greater your loot bonus. Also, the bonus of loot depends on the damage inflicted on the enemy - the larger the win, the larger the booty:

To get the bonus, you need to start to get into the league. This means that you will not receive a bonus for the first attack of the season (it is necessary for getting into the league), and also for revenge. Remember that defense is not enough to get into the league, and enjoy the benefits of bonuses.

How are opponents selected in multiplayer mode? The system of selection of opponents is the same for all leaders:

How is the production amount calculated? Clash of Clans mining system is based on the following principles:

  1. The defender cannot lose all resources.
  2. An attacker can only steal a limited amount of resources.
  3. The availability of storage space does not affect the amount of mining available in the village.

The percentage of loot depends on the probability of your victory, which, in turn, is determined by the difference in the level of your town hall and the opponentís town hall. For example, a raid on the village:

What does "break shield" mean? To protect your village from attacks, you can buy a shield in the store.There are three types of shields:

In the lower left corner of the cells, the time of the break is written in yellow. This is the time that you have to wait until you can buy a shield again.

If you bought a shield for 1 day, then you will have to wait 5 days before you can buy another shield. If you bought a shield for 2 days, you need to wait 10 days, and if 7 - then 35 days. Despite the fact that the break time varies, the shields themselves easily fold. So you can combine shields before receiving 10 days of protection and purchase additional protection for 1 day after the first five days. Remember that the war of the clans in no way affects the shield or the break.

How to revenge the one who attacked me? You can avenge the attacker using the "Avenging" on the screen of the battle. To open it, tap the icon with the envelope on the village screen. Then select "Defense Progress" and "Retaliate" .

Here is what you should know about revenge:

What is a layout editor?

The layout editor allows you to change the layout of the native village and the village of the builder, as well as the layout of military bases. In total there are 3 layouts for the native village, 3 for the village builder and up to 6 layouts for the military base. The first three layouts of the native village and the military base will open when the town hall reaches the 3rd, 5th and 7th levels, respectively. After that, additional planning cells for the military base can be purchased for crystals.

Want to know how it works, chief?

What do the icons mean?

If you see a tree icon (as above), then something interferes with the building. Click on the layout to remove unnecessary obstacles.

If you see the icon with the building (as above), it means that you have new buildings that need to be placed in the village. Choose a layout and place the building when ready.

Attention: after changing the layout you will not be able to participate in friendly trials for 24 hours.

Copying clan plans. You can also copy the layouts of your clan members. You can select any active layout and copy it. Go to the clerk and find the "Copy Layout" button in the corner of the screen. To copy the layouts, you must have a town hall not lower than the 4th level. You can copy the layout of the players, the level of the town hall and the home builder which is one above or below yours.

What is the difference between a shield and a defense? They both harbor your village from attack, but there are still some differences:

Village protection:

  1. It does not last long (from 30 minutes to 4 hours).
  2. Can be used without a shield.
  3. You can buy every day (23 hours break).
  4. Protection is also added to your personal break.
  5. The attack will not affect the duration of the defense.
  6. Duration depends on the League.


  1. It takes a long time (from 12 hours to 7 days).
  2. It can be used constantly, but buying a shield will remove active protection.
  3. Longer break between purchases (5-35 days).
  4. Not added to a personal break.
  5. Attack under the shield reduces the time of his work.
  6. Time is the same for all clan members.

What to do with the barracks? The barracks allows players to open new warriors and reduce training time. Improving the barracks will open new troops. And the improvement of other barracks to the same level will reduce the training time. The more barracks of the same level, the faster the training is! But do not forget! During the improvement of the barracks can not train troops. The learning time will not decrease until the improvement is complete. If all the barracks capable of training a certain type of troops are improved, they cannot be trained!


How can I control the soldiers after I deploy them for battle? When conducting an attack in Clash, you must correctly place your troops on the battlefield. Once they enter the battle, they will start attacking themselves, and the player will no longer be able to control them. Soldiers will attack depending on their abilities and preferred targets: read information about each branch of troops, what they can do and why they are needed.

Some of my warriors survived the battle. Where are they gone? After you deployed troops, they will not return. This was done to ensure that you carefully developed your tactics: how many soldiers do I need to defeat this enemy? If you do not deploy troops, they will calmly return to the camps after the battle. Try to hone your strategy in single-player campaigns, friendly battles or friendly clan wars. So you can check various tactics and combinations of troops. Each soldier has unique abilities and has its own weaknesses.

How was anyone able to deploy troops behind my walls? When you build a wall or building in your village, a safe area appears, shown as white. When you attack, it turns red. In this zone, troops cannot be deployed, but if you put the walls too far from the buildings, the troops will be able to attack from the inside, appearing in the gaps between the walls and buildings (as in the picture).

Remember that traps, bombs and hiding tesles do not have a safe zone : if you put them too far from buildings or walls, empty places will be formed in the village that will allow opponents to deploy troops there.

Clash of Clans: Building Improvements Questions

How does the builder menu work? The builder menu shows all available building enhancements. There are recommendations for improvement, aimed at strengthening your attack. The menu of the builder helps the leaders to manage their resources more wisely, especially after moving to a new level of the town hall. Following the recommendations for improvement, you can make the transition to the next level of the town hall easier. Of course, experienced leaders can continue to plan improvements at their discretion. But even it will be useful for them to see all possible options for improvement.

How to undo the improvement? Please remember that if you cancel an improvement, only half of its value will return to you. After the improvement is canceled, return it or get the money back will not work. Think carefully if you really want to undo the improvement before following the instructions. Also note that when you cancel an improvement, you will always get back half the resources, but not the crystals. Even if you used crystals to start improving.

  1. Select enhancements and tap Cancel.
  2. Confirm the cancellation by clicking "OK". I remind you that only 50% of the resources spent on improvement will return to you.

How much do the buildersí huts cost? In each hut lives one builder. Builders are very important for the game, because they build, improve and restore buildings. The price of the builder increases with the purchase of each subsequent of them. Below are the prices:

You can also buy and build additional builderís huts for real money through an app in the store. A large number of builders provides significant advantages in the game, so the prices for subsequent builders become higher.

Why do I need a builder to improve the walls? The builders have a magic hammer, designed specifically for the construction and improvement of the walls. Therefore, to improve the walls need a free builder, even though the improvement occurs instantly.

After the beginning of the laboratory improvement, the soldiers / spells that were improving disappeared! If you are in the process of improving troops or spells and you decide to improve the laboratory, the improvement of soldiers or spells will be suspended until the improvement process is completed. Do not worry - everything will end when the time comes.

The price of improvement is now less than I once paid. Can I get a refund? Clash is a constantly changing game, it gets better and harder. In the same way as with real-life purchases, sometimes Clash prices are reduced to maintain an economic balance. Any changes in prices are introduced only after serious calculations, to make sure that this is the right decision, which will benefit the players. At the moment, all prices and improvements are the same for everyone. Therefore, developers can not return the value of past purchases to players.

Is there a safe zone around the traps? Unlike normal buildings, there are no around the scenery, bombs, Tesla towers and traps of the "safe zone". A safe area is a white marked area around a building where troops cannot be deployed. You have to think very well where to put the trap or the scenery. If you put them outside the village or far from the buildings and walls so that between them will remain empty places, the opponents will be able to transfer their troops there.

Nobody attacks me. Whatís the matter? If your defense is strong, the vaults are empty, and there are few trophies, in fact it may happen that your village will not be attacked even with an inactive shield. But I can assure you: someday they will attack you anyway.

Why, after canceling the improvement, do I get back only 50%? This reduction is necessary to prevent fraud. If all players could cancel improvements, say, in a week, while fully receiving gold or elixir back, then these resources (of which there can be a lot) during the improvement would be hidden from opponents for this period of time. Such a trick would allow players to hide loot from invaders for as long as they want, without any additional difficulties and costs, and get resources back at any time. That is why only half of the resources are returned when canceled.

Plus, the developers have added several confirmation steps to the game, so before starting improving a player, they are asked several times if he really wants to do this. The same thing happens when you cancel the improvement. If you spend on improving diamonds / gems, then at the beginning of the improvement they turn into the necessary resource (gold, elixir, black elixir). But resources cannot turn back into diamonds; therefore, if you cancel the improvement, you will receive a refund in the form of resources.

I do not have enough resources / builders to improve at least something. If you want to continue to improve buildings, and all builders are busy, then you have two options: spend the crystals and instantly complete the construction, thereby freeing the builder, or buy another builderís hut for the crystals (if, of course, you have not yet exceeded the limit 5 huts). In the example, the military camp is worth 2500 elixir, and in the elixir storage is empty. You will see a message asking if you want to buy the missing elixir for crystals.

By agreeing, you will spend the crystals and immediately start improving. The crystals will instantly turn to the missing resources (in our case, the elixir), and the improvement will begin.

However, if all builders are busy, you will receive another notice: the question is, do you want to spend the crystals to free the builder? If you select "yes", the crystals will be deducted from the account, and improvement will begin.

Choosing "no", you will not spend the crystals, and the improvement will not start. The crystals that you spent on the missing resources will not be returned, but the purchased resources will remain with you.

Why can I no longer improve the wall for the elixir? With the 2014 winter renovation, you can only upgrade walls for the elixir starting at level 8. To make sure everyone has enough resources, the developers added Level 12 of the Golden Mine and the Elixir Collector, and more - more access to the Dark Elixir. In order to improve a whole series of walls with an elixir, all sections of the wall must be level 8 or higher. If at least one section of the wall is at level 7 or less, the game will offer to improve the row for gold until all areas reach level 8.

Clash of Clans: Legendary League

What is the Legend League? This is a mode in which you can attack eight villages of other players per day. At the same time, eight other players may attack you. In order not to lose a place in the Legend League, you need to get in the attacks more trophies than to lose during the defense. At the end of the month, the number of trophies of each participant is reset to the original 5,000. Trophies over 5,000 are displayed in the player profile.

Register in the Legend League. When you win 5,000 trophies, you will have the opportunity to register in the Legend League. Registration resumes automatically in each subsequent season, if you have 4,901 trophies or more and you have already registered once in the Legend League.

You need to complete a league day with at least 4 901 trophies. At the beginning of a new league day, players who have less than 4,901 trophies are transferred to a league lower level (that is, the League of Titans). To return to the Legendary League, you need to collect 5,000 trophies and register again in it. If you do not register in the Legend League, you will not be able to attack anymore. However, Titan League players can still attack you.

Attack and defense in the Legend League. To stay in the Legend League, you need to get more trophies when attacking than those trophies that you lose during defense. The number of trophies you get from an attack depends on how many stars you get and how much damage you can do. You must do at least 10% damage to start getting trophies for an attack. The attack, in which you have not received a single star, does not take away trophies from you.

Your goal trophies do not affect how many trophies you win. The attacker must inflict at least 10% damage to your village in order to start getting trophies from you. The number of trophies that you lose is determined by the number of stars that the attacker received, and what damage he was able to inflict on you.

The trophies of the attacker or your trophies during the attack do not affect how many trophies you lose. Details:

I have less than 8 opponents! If you signed up for the Legend League at the end of a league day, then you may have fewer than eight opponents to attack. If this happens, then you too will not be able to attack eight times.Thus, you will not be a target for eight other players if you do not have the opportunity to carry out eight attacks.

Mining in the Legend League. In the Legend League you cannot get resources by attacking other players.Accordingly, if your village is attacked, you do not lose resources. Instead, the amount of loot depends on the level of the town hall and the strength of the defenses of the village you are attacking. The stronger the village, the more production can be obtained as a reward.

The level of your own town hall does not affect the amount of loot. Immediately after the battle, the extracted resources are sent to the storage, unless its capacity is exceeded. In addition, the resources extracted replenish the season bank. Attacks in the Legend League also bring bonus loot and stars to help get a star bonus.

Selection of opponents in the Legend League. Selection of opponents occurs immediately after registration in the Legend League. Every day eight new players become your opponents. Opponents can only be those players who have registered in the Legend League and have approximately the same number of trophies. The attacking or defense capabilities of the players are not taken into account.

Can a player with a lot more trophies become my opponent? Yes it is possible. However, this does not affect the number of trophies you can earn or lose. The more trophies you gain, the greater the difference between the number of trophies you and your opponents may be. This is due to the fact that fewer players with a large number of trophies participate in the selection.

Layouts in the Legend League. To change the layout in the Legend League for the next day of the league, go to the menu "Legend League" behind the "Attack!" Button. Then click on the "Security" tab. In this tab you can choose the layout of the Legend League among your existing layouts. Any changes in the choice of the layout of the Legend League will not be activated until the next day of the league.

Note that if you edit the layout in the layout editor, you can use it in the Legend League after 24 hours. After the changes, do not forget to select the layout you need in the "Legendary League" menu for the changes to take effect. If you do not change the layout between seasons, then you will continue to use the layout that was used in the previous season.

Fortress clan in the legendary league. After you fill the clanís fortress when planning the Legend League, you no longer need to add warriors there after each defense. The warriors in the clanís fortress protect your village from all attacks in the Legend League until you decide to replace them.

To replace the warriors in the clanís fortress, open the "Defense" tab and click on the button of the clanís fortress.Here you can replace the warriors from the fortress of the Legend League clan with the warriors from the clan fortress from your active layout. Changing the composition of the troops in the fortress of the clan of the Legend League will be displayed only after the start of the new day of the league. As for your own attacks, you will need to request troops for the clanís fortress and replenish them after each attack in the same way as usual.

Shields in the Legend League. In the Legend League you cannot get a shield or defense after you have been attacked. However, you can still take a break by purchasing a shield. If you activate the shield before the start of the new day of the league, you can skip the attack and defense of the next day. You cannot buy or remove a shield for the current day of the league, the changes take effect only on the next day.

If you gain a shield, but lose a place in the Legend League, the shield will take effect despite the fact that you return to the normal multiplayer mode. After registering in the Legend League, the existing shield ceases to operate, so you can immediately play in it. Players registered in the Legend League cannot attack or be attacked in normal multiplayer mode.

Clash of Clans: Walkthrough Builder Village

Whatís new in the village? Village builder! Starting from the 4th level, you can repair the boat at the coast and go to distant shores. Get ready for an adventure! The village of the builder is similar to the main one, but you will immediately notice the difference:

A new way to fight! In the new village and the new rules of battle. Leaders can compete in battle with the enemy, where they begin the battle at the same time, attacking each otherís villages. Wins the one who scored the most stars. In case you and your opponent scored the same number of stars, the winner in this situation will be determined by the percentage of the damage caused.

And something else:

A wise leader seeks a balance between defense and defense. Think carefully and constantly improve the layout of the village builder and its defense, but do not forget about the troops!

The benefits of the village builder for the main village. Hereís what a new village will do for you:

The size of awards and trophies. For each victory in a battle with an opponent, the leader receives a reward, the size of which depends on the number of his trophies. Earn more trophies, you will fall into a higher category and will get more loot. To find out the current size of production and the size of the reward for the next category, you need to click on the "i" button on the battle screen with the enemy. After winning the third battle, the leader is entitled to bonus loot. The "Bonus for 3 wins" window shows the total amount of production that the third victory will bring.

How often can you get loot for participating in battles with the enemy? After 3 wins, a 22-hour timer starts, after which the production time becomes available again. After the appearance of the new prey, the countdown of 22 hours on the timer begins again. Time goes by, even when you continue to earn three victories.

After the time on the timer, mining becomes available again. If at this moment you have not yet obtained three victories, then after the third victory you will again be able to fight for a new portion of production (up to three victories). However, you can only get loot in two such cycles. After that, you will have to wait another 22 hours.

What is upgrading? In the defenses of the new village, amazing new technologies are used. Modernization is the improvement of facilities in the main village using new technologies of different shooting modes. Upgraded buildings can participate in clan wars and friendship tests - just remember to switch to the desired mode.

To upgrade the building in the original village, just touch it and check if the "Modernization" button is available.Modernization of structures takes place according to certain rules relating to structures both in the new village and in the old one. To find out what is required for the upgrade, you need to click the "Upgrade" button. With the modernization of the structure in the original village, the builder from the new village will be occupied for the time required for the modernization.

Why is the graphics in the game fuzzy?The size of the Clash of Clans application should be about 100 megabytes, since in this case you can download game updates without connecting to Wi-Fi. However, the Clash of Clans content exceeds this limit, so some graphical elements are not loaded until you come across them in the game.

This means that after the upgrade, some elements in the game may turn out to be blurry, however, you will not have time to blink an eye, as the graphics will be replaced with high-quality. It loads while you play. So do not worry, leader, - the graphics in Clash of Clans will always remain of high quality. Just after the upgrade, it may take some time to download it.

Clash of Clans: Tips and Secrets

What is a box with crystals? A box with crystals is a mysterious obstacle full of crystals! This box will randomly appear in your village. When the builder removes it, he will give you 25 crystals. The game will give you only one box at a time, so try to remove it as soon as possible so that the next one appears. Opponents will not be able to pick up the box during the attack. All players receive the same number of boxes, albeit at different times.

A little about the mining in the town hall and the fortress of the clan. Protect the town hall, protect resources! The contents of 1 gold deposit, 1 elixir storage and a maximum of 20% black elixir can be stored in the town hall. The number of resources that can be picked up depends on the level of the town hall (the higher the level, the more fit). Therefore, the goblins will do double damage to the town halls and the fortresses of the clans, regarding them as a source of resources, but there is a difference:

  1. To the town hall and the fortress gave resources, they must be completely destroyed.
  2. They have no spell immunity.

What are training levels? Itís hard to learn, easy in battle! If you click the "Into the battle!" and select the mode "Training", you can practice, passing training levels. These levels open as the town hall improves. They demonstrate the capabilities of various warriors at each level of the town hall. When you choose a training level, step-by-step training begins.

During training, hints appear on the screen as to when and what warriors, heroes, or spells should be used, and the game is paused so that you can perform the desired action. You can always turn the prompts off or on again using the buttons in the lower left corner of the screen. At any time, you can repeat the training level to refresh your strategy or improve the result.

The head of our clan is never online . If the head of the clan does not appear in the Clash of Clans 60 days or more, it will lead to the re-election of the head of the clan. In order for the process of re-election of the head of a clan to begin, it is necessary that the head of the clan take the place of the head for at least 90 days and not be active for at least 60 days. If the head of the clan does not show any activity for 90 days, the title of the head of the clan will go to the co-director or elder. The head of the clan will have 30 days to return to the game before the role of the head is transferred to someone else. To stop the process of re-election, the head of the clan need only enter the game.

The role of the head of the clan will go to the next in rank of the active member of the clan, consisting in the clan longer than others. A player who has recently appeared in the Clash of Clans in the status of elder or higher may claim the role of a new clan leader. Messages about the re-election process will be sent to all clan members by clan mail and displayed on the Inbox tab.

Possible reasons why re-election of the head of the clan does not begin:

If re-election in your clan is impossible, then it makes sense to find another clan or create a new one. You can contact clan members in a clan chat and send them an offer to be friends in the game. So you can invite them to the new clan and start over.

Try to contact the head of the clan through the social network, if you have not already done so. If you have the opportunity to get in touch with the head, you can tell him that your clan needs help. The head of the clan may voluntarily transfer control of the clan to another player, for this he will need to enter the game and promote another member to the role of head of the clan. The clan leader will not be able to leave the clan until a new chapter is selected.

Shields: How do they work? When the shield in your village is active, other players cannot attack you. You can get a shield by buying it for crystals in the store, or by taking damage after an attack. The more damage your village inflicts, the longer the effect of the shield. The rules for getting a shield differ depending on your Trophy League. However, you can get a shield only if the player who attacked your village releases at least 1/3 of all troops (calculated according to your level of the town hall).

What can remove my shield? Start an attack in multiplayer mode and issue troops or spells. Attack under the shield will cost you 3 hours of the shield, and with each subsequent attack, this figure will grow. With each new shield, the cost of the attack is updated. You can also manually remove your shield if you want. You can take part in the Clan Wars, in the League of Clan Wars, play in the single-player campaign and launch attacks in the Builderís Village, without the danger of losing your shield.

What kind of shield can I get after the defense? The duration of the shield obtained after the defeat depends on the percentage of destruction and on the league in which you are located. However, you can get a shield only if the player who attacked your village releases at least 1/3 of all troops (calculated according to your level of the town hall).

Rules for obtaining a shield for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, Crystal, Master League and the Champion League :

Rules for obtaining a shield for the Titanium League :

Titan I.

Titan II.

Titan III.

Rules for obtaining a shield in the Legend League : these rules apply to players in the Legend League who have not registered and do not participate in the daily selection in this league.

If you did not receive a shield after a defeat, you will receive a defense that will be with you from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the level of the league. On the other hand, you can get a shield, even withstanding the defense!

Why can not I find opponents? Iím on the screen for selecting opponents, nothing happens. During the selection of opponents in his native village on the screen will display the clouds. You can attack only the villages in which the shield or defense is not activated, and the number of trophies scored by their leaders and the level of the town hall are close to yours. If a shield or defense is activated in all villages with such a trophy level and a town hall level, the game will not be able to match your opponent. As a result, you can "get stuck in the clouds" for a while. It may even last long enough if you have a large number of trophies, since the number of your potential opponents will be lower.

Although usually high level players encounter such a problem, game updates and game events can lead to an increase in the time of picking opponents for players with fewer trophies. During such periods in Clash of Clans, there is an influx of players, so shields and defenses are activated in more villages, which affects players with fewer trophies. Most of the leaders do not have difficulties with the selection of opponents, but players of the highest rank often face this problem. Developers are trying to find a solution, but they also need to make sure that this decision does not adversely affect the other players.

My global chat in a foreign language. The settings of the area (and language in the global chat) of each player depend on where he was when he created his village. You can check the list of local leaders to see if the settings are correct. If they are wrong, then you probably created a village while you were abroad. In some cases, different countries or language groups share one server. Therefore, you can see in the chat language other than your own, even if the region settings are set correctly.

How does an earthquake spell work? The main purpose of the earthquake spell is to weaken buildings and tear down walls. Four earthquake spells will destroy a wall of any level, but to destroy the building with the help of earthquake spells alone will not work. In the case of buildings, the percentage of damage from an earthquake spell is determined by the level of the spell.

For example, a level 1 earthquake spell takes 14% of total health points from buildings, and a level 5 earthquake spell takes 29%. Therefore, the more health points the building has, the greater the damage from the spell. But since the damage done is always a percentage of the remaining points of health, it is impossible to destroy a building using only earthquake spells. Thus, this spell should be used to weaken the defenses, and not to destroy them. Improving a spell increases its radius, damage percentage, and cost and preparation time.

Clash of Clans: Popular Player Questions

Someone attacked me during a shield / defense action. Sometimes it may seem that you were attacked while you were under a shield or defense. Even if everything points to this, remember that players cannot attack a village with a valid shield or defense. Shield or defense removes the village from the list of "available" to attack, which can be found in search of a target. But your village was found and attacked, which means that the shield / defense for some reason was removed. From experience we can say that this happens when someone else, for example, a friend or family member, uses the device and enters the game. Also, the reason may be accidentally remaining on the screen.

How to get free crystals? Unfortunately, the developers can not offer you crystals for free, since it will be unfair to other players. There are several ways to get crystals for free:

Do not trust the sites that promise free crystals in exchange for credentials or passwords.

Protecting the village: How does it work? Protection for a short time does not attack your village. It lasts from 30 minutes to 4 hours, depending on the level of the League. But even players without a league can get 30 minutes of protection. As long as protection is in effect, your village seems to be online. Available after the end of the shield, the defense will remove your village from the selection of opponents, but you yourself can attack. The search for the enemy does not reduce the duration of the defense, as it does with the shield.

There are three ways to activate protection:

Remember that under protection you can do whatever you want without fear of attack. Continue to play, or just throw the phone into your pocket, while the personal army of P.E.K.K.A. Protection is also added to your personal break.

Personal break: why is it needed? At the beginning of the game, everyone is given 4 hours of time, and then the player is assigned a 6-minute "Personal Break" (hereinafter LP) to give others a chance to attack him. And then what? When is the LP timer reset?

First of all:

Otherwise, there are three possible scenarios:

1. After 4 hours of continuous play, the player is assigned a PL. At this time, if:

the player gets another 30 minutes of play (and defense).

2. After these 30 minutes, the player again "flies" out of the network for a 6-minute LP. As in the first version, if at this time:

the player gets another 30 minutes of play (and defense).

3. When the second 30 minutes pass, the player again "flies" out of the net for the last 6 minutes of the LP. And if at this time:

the player receives protection depending on the league (from 30 minutes to 4 hours), and the LP timer is reset.

The defense did not hold out, but they did not give me a shield! As I understand it, the enemy successfully attacked your village, but you still did not get a shield? Read the rules for granting a shield:

1. Destruction of the town hall does not in itself give the right to receive a shield.

2. If you attack another village, the duration of the shield will be reduced. That is, the shield will continue to protect your village, but for less time. The time by which the effect of the shield will decrease is indicated under the "Recruitment" button before the battle.

Can I change my username? Each player can change his username once to accurately select the name he likes. This opportunity opens at the 5th level of the town hall. To do this, go to the game settings window, click "Advanced Settings", and then tap the "Change Name" button. Follow the on-screen instructions. Do not use special characters (for example, emoji) in the name, because such characters may simply not be displayed. You can change your name for free once, after that you will have to pay for the name change.

Warning: the cost of changing the name increases with each subsequent change. So choose carefully!Developers reserve the right to change unacceptable names at their discretion, and no compensation is paid for it. Developers do not change usernames on request.

Clash of Clans: Season Test Review

What is seasonal trials? Every month, any leader with a town hall of 7th level or higher may participate in seasonal trials. Passing these tests is a good way to get hold of additional awards in addition to loot from loot villages. The season lasts one calendar month.

Tests of the day and current tests. For passing tests you get points that allow you to open instant rewards.The more you play, the more you get - such a chance should not be missed!

There is no need to choose or mark the test you want to take. All achievements are counted automatically.

Awards in seasonal trials . Passing tests brings points. As you earn points on the "Rewards" tab, awards will open that you need to collect. Players who do not have a gold pass can receive rewards consisting of resources and magic items.

Gold pass. Gold pass holders will receive the same rewards, and in addition to them - access to unlocking privileges, improving the bank of the season and skins of heroes that change every month! Gold badge also allows you to open the next level of reward for 100 crystals.

What gives a golden pass?

All awards of the season can be seen on the "Awards" tab. Purchasing a gold pass allows access to awards at the top of the screen. Even if you purchased a gold pass in the middle of the season, you can get all the rewards available to gold pass holders, provided you score enough points to open these rewards. Below is a situation where a player has enough points to open a reward with the acceleration of training, but there is no gold pass, which allows you to pick it up.

To see all available awards, click on " Reward List" . Gold frame awards are available only to holders of a gold pass.

Gold Pass Purchase

What happens if you buy a gold pass in the middle of the season? You can buy a gold pass at any time during the season, but it will only be valid until the end of the current season. Even if you purchased a gold pass in the middle of the season, you can get all the rewards available to gold pass holders, provided you score enough points to open these rewards.

What happens with awards at the end of the season? As soon as one season ends, another immediately begins. This means the following:

To make sure that you received the skin of the hero who did not have time to pick up, touch the altar of your hero and click on the button "Change skin". 24 hours before the end of the season, you will receive a push notification reminding you to open and collect rewards.

What are the privileges of seasonal trials?

Passing the test of the day and the current test brings points, which in turn open up amazing rewards. Gold pass holders get access to privileges - the best rewards of seasonal trials.

Benefits with acceleration. Privileges, accelerating research, construction and training act on the improvement of warriors and spells, the time of construction and training of warriors, as well as the time of healing of heroes, respectively. These accelerations also reduce the cost of these actions. Accelerations have three levels: 10%, 15% and 20%.

Acceleration of construction reduces the cost and time of improvement and construction of buildings. This privilege also affects the improvement of heroes, reducing its cost and time. To further speed up construction after activating the privilege, you can use the builderís potion. Accelerating research reduces the cost and time to improve warriors and spells in the laboratory. Accelerating the training reduces the cost and time of training the troops and restoring the heroes.

Additional information on accelerations:

Warriors donation for one crystal. This reward allows you to pay only one crystal for each warrior that you give to the clerk who requested the troops.

Skins of heroes. The reward also opens by passing tests. After you take the skin, you can switch to it by touching the altar of the hero and selecting "Change skin".

Bank of the season. All mining that you receive in attacks on villages during the season is counted in the season bank. It appears exactly the same amount of resources as the one that you extracted during the attack.Resources accumulated in the bank can be obtained at the end of the season. If you have a gold pass, then the maximum amount of production that the season bank can hold is:

When receiving resources from the bank of the season, the possibility of storage overflow is taken into account.This means that even if you do not have room for resources, you will still receive them in full.

Clash of Clans: Clan Guide for Newbies

How to join, create or find a clan?

To begin to participate in the activities of the clan, you need to restore its fortress. In your map you will find an old ruined fortress. Touch it and select "Restore" - it costs 10,000 gold. To store as much gold, your town hall must reach level 3, and the vaults need to be improved.

Once the clanís fortress has been restored, touch the "Clan" button. You will be able to find an existing clan or create your own. The search results will display clans with sufficient activity. However, if you want to find a particular clan, you can add the corresponding words to the search or use the filters in the advanced search.

Someone kicks out players from the clan! What should we do?

There is little that can be done if the players began to be kicked out of the clan. Players of higher rank can kick out those below the rank. An elder can expel a participant, a co-director of elders and participants, and so on. Unfortunately, the developers can not prevent members of the clans to expel players.

Of course, it is not good if players abuse their power, but the rules do not prohibit it. The best advice you can give is to think before raising someone. If you have an open clan, think about changing its type to a clan by invitation to select entrants. In addition, consider adding your own clan members to Game Center, Google Play or Facebook, then you can find each other again at any time.

And to limit this behavior, the developers have introduced a mandatory interval of 20 minutes for the elders between the expulsions of the players. This break should allow the rest of the clan members to retaliate if a player abuses his power. Think before raising players.

How to donate troops? When one of your clan members requests reinforcements, a message will appear in the chat window:

Touching "Donate", you can choose which troops you want to send to your comradeís clan fortress:

The troops will appear in your clanís clan fortress and disappear from your camp. For this you will get experience. Remember that troops for the clan war are donated separately.

What are titles in the clan and how are they distributed?

The clan can have up to 50 people, and each of them will have their own rank. There are a total of four ranks. Touching a certain person from the clan, you will see what functions you can apply to this player in accordance with your rank. For example, this is what the head of the clan will see when he touches the name of the co-director:

Duties of each rank:

Participant. By joining or re-entering the clan, you automatically become a member. Even if before that you were an elder, co-director or head of another or the same clan, when you join a clan, you first become a member of the clan.

Elder The elder has more opportunities than the participant, but less than the co-director or chapter. An elder may:

Co-Head The co-leader has more opportunities than the elder, but less than the head. The co-director may:

Chapter. The head of the clan has many opportunities, responsibilities and makes the most decisions in the clan. The chapter may:

I can no longer join the clan! After you left the clan, it may take some time for the system to register it. Therefore, for some time you can not join another clan. Also, if you want to return to the clan from which you were expelled, you will have to wait 24 hours before trying again to join it. If you are trying to join a clan, which is accepted only by invitation, then remember that you can only apply in one clan.

You will not be able to submit a new application if you are still in the clan, or if your application is still under review in the chat window, even if it is rejected. But if you are personally invited by the head or elder, then you can join the clan immediately. In addition, a clan can simultaneously handle no more than 10 requests for membership (requests sent moreover will not be processed properly). Just wait a bit: you can join another clan faster than you think.

How to join the clan "by invitation"? By decision of the head or co-director for the clan, the status of "by invitation" can be established: this allows you to control who joins the clan. You can ask to accept you to the clan (if you have enough trophies) by sending a request. The sent request will appear in the clan chat. Only the head, co-heads, or elders of the clan have the right to accept or reject requests. Until your request is visible in the clan chat, you will not be able to send a new request to this or any other clan. You will have to wait until the request is rejected or disappear, or until someone else calls you to the clan.

How to find new clan members? Here are some tips for finding clan members:

How are clan points calculated? Clan points are calculated according to the following table:

This means that the trophies of the 10 best players of the clan are the most significant in the overall score of the clan. A clan consisting of strong players in the first places, even with weaker players in the lower places will still have good performance.

I can not find the clan. If you canít find the right clan with a regular search, use the advanced search to narrow down the circle according to the clan size, clan points and other indicators. And the developers added a search for a clan by its tag to improve accuracy. Each clan has a unique tag that can be seen on the clan profile page. Use all this to search, and you will always find what you are looking for.

Developers are constantly working to improve the search, trying not to complicate the use of it, and hope that the latest updates will be useful. After you have found the desired clan, you can bookmark it by clicking on the blue flag in the upper right corner of the page with a description of the clan. Saved clans can be easily viewed in the "Bookmarks" section of the clans tab.

Soldiers disappeared from the clanís fortress! If the clanís fortress is empty, although it must be full of soldiers, check the course of the battle - perhaps they were used to attack or defend. Also make sure you do not accidentally delete them. If several warriors are missing and the fortress no longer accepts soldiers, although it is not yet full, this means that you have accepted more donations than it fits into a fortress. Warriors who do not have enough space, will stand in line, waiting for you to use those who are already in the fortress.

The name of the clan is not accepted by the system. If during the creation of a clan the game says that the name does not fit, just try another one. Perhaps the name you entered starts with a special character (or grid), or it contains a sequence of characters that is prohibited in one of the many languages of Clash of Clans.

Developers really want to give you maximum freedom in choosing a clan name. But at the same time, they have to take into account the opinions of players from a wide variety of languages and cultures from all countries of the world. Try another combination, you will surely be able to find something suitable for your clan.

Post replays. Share your replay with the clan after you are attacked, or after you are attacked.

How to copy a clan planner? You can save a lot of time and effort by copying the layout of one of the clan members. You can select any active layout and copy it. Go to the clerk and find the "Copy Layout" button in the corner of the screen. To copy the layouts, you must have a town hall not lower than the 4th level. You can copy the layout of the players, the level of the town hall and the home builder which is one above or below yours.

How is the automatic change of the head of the clan? If the head of the clan does not appear in the Clash of Clans within 60 days, the process of re-election of the head of the clan will begin. Messages and notifications will be sent to the inactive head of the clan, calling for returning to the game and continuing to manage the clan.The head of the clan will have 30 days to return to the game before the role of the head is transferred to someone else. If the head of the clan does not show any activity for 90 days, the title of the head of the clan will go to the co-director or elder.

Messages with information about the re-election will be sent to all clan members (including the clan head) via clan mail and will appear on the Inbox tab:

To receive push notifications, the head of the clan must have Clash of Clans installed and Clash of Clans notifications enabled.

Who will be promoted to the role of head of the clan? The new head of the clan will be an active participant, who at the time of choosing a new head of the clan has the highest rank and is longer in the clan.Participants will learn about who will be appointed by the new head of the clan, from the letters of the clan. The new head of the clan can only be a co-leader or elder.

A private member cannot be appointed head of a clan no matter how long he is in the clan, how active he is, or what role he occupied in the clan before. The head of the clan may voluntarily transfer control of the clan to another player, raising him to the role of the head of the clan. The clan leader will not be able to leave the clan until a new chapter is selected.

Clash of Clans: Guide to the Clan Wars

What is the Clan War?

By taking part in the Clan War, your clan can once and for all show the entire gaming community who is in charge of the battlefield. A clan war is a strategic battle between two clans of similar strength. Both clans must have the same number of participants selected to participate in the war. In the profile of the player selected by the head of the clan to participate in the war, the button "War of the clans" glows green. The Clan War has two stages:

1. Day of preparation. The head and co-leader of the clan begin to search for the enemy. As soon as he is found, you and your clan will get 23 hours to prepare for battles. During this period, you can make changes to the layout of the military base, as well as donate and request soldiers. The fortress of a clan at a military base differs from the fortress in the village; it must be filled with donated troops separately. Warriors donated to a military base will participate in its defense during the war. So donate those troops that you think are most useful for protection.

You cannot use troops donated to a military base for your own attacks. They can be requested from the clan members on the warrior training screen. Changes to the military base during the Clan War will not affect your main village when the war ends. It also means that all the warriors donated to your military base will not appear in your regular village, and vice versa.

2. Day of the battle. When 23 hours of preparation expire, your clan must be ready for war and long for victory! Each participant on the day of the battle has two attacks , but they can be carried out against different opponents. So remember that every attack counts! At the end of the War, the clan that has the most stars for the attacks will be declared the winner. If the number of stars is the same, then the clan is recognized as the winner, causing more destruction.

Start a clan war and participate in it can be completely free, and unlike the usual multiplayer battles, the clans decide for themselves when and how to enter the war. Clans are not required to participate in the clan wars.

Friendly war! In addition, the clan may invite another clan to take part in a friendly war. Here is what you should remember about them:

How to start a clan war? The heads and co-heads of clans that have at least 10 participants can start a war by opening the clan war screen and clicking on the "Start war" button. This will start the search for an opponent clan. The system will select a clan with the same power (both in terms of attack and defense) and the same number of participants. The clan war will begin as soon as a worthy opponent is found. Finding a clan may take a few minutes, but you donít have to wait for the selection of opponents on the screen. Just hit "Home" and keep playing. When the system finds you an opponent, it will notify you.

How to prepare for the Clan War?

Preparing for clan wars is so serious that it is allocated all day! The day of preparation begins immediately after the selection system finds you a worthy opponent. First, make sure that the military base is ready to keep the defense. Protection is very important, because the more bases of other players you destroy, the more stars you get. And the stars lead to victory in the clan wars.

In principle, the destruction of the enemyís town hall will give you the victory with a single star, so try to improve the defense of your military base using the editing tool of the military base. Remember that you can change the military base only on the day of preparation. Then this alignment will be used on the day of the battle and will remain unchanged after the war ends, until the next day of preparation.

The same buildings will remain at the military base as in your ordinary village. However, each time you add a new building to the village, you need to go to the inventory of the military base to place it on the military base. The game does not choose an arbitrary point on a military base for a new building - you need to decide for yourself where to put it. If you leave a new building in inventory, it will not appear on the military base on the day of the battle.

Remember that you will not be able to train soldiers at a military base. All troops that will participate in the war, will move from your regular village. Train and solicit troops for your village, as for a regular attack - either during the preparation day or on the day of the battle (this is not important).

Another important stage - the donation of soldiers. The fortress of the clan at a military base is different from the fortress in the village, it must be filled separately. The troops assigned to the military base will protect it from attacks during the day, so calculate how much force you will need for this. You will not be able to use troops from a military base in individual battles.

It is highly recommended to use the opportunity to scout enemy bases before the start of the war. This will help determine the strategy of attack, the place of unloading of the army, as well as the necessary number of troops to protect. Use intelligence to identify the most advantageous target and then determine how best to defend yourself.

How to take part in the Clan War?

To participate in the Clan War, tap the "Clan War" button in your profile so that it turns green. Thus, you will make it clear to the head of the clan that you want to participate in wars. However, a chapter that starts a war may choose you to participate in it, even if the "Clan War" button is colored red.

If you join a clan after the start of the war, or if you are not chosen to participate, you can only watch it. During the war, you can even leave the clan, but your military base will be visible on the military map and can be attacked by the enemy even after that. Leaving the clan will not affect the current war, and if you return to the clan during the ongoing war, you can even conduct your attacks.

But until the current war in the previous clan ends, you will not be able to participate in another clan war if you join another clan. Looking at your profile, other players will be able to see that you are still participating in an unfinished war. Until the end of the previous Clan War, you cannot take part in the new one.

How to win the clan war?

The outcome of the Clan War is determined only by which of the clans wins more stars during the war or causes more damage if the number of stars is equal. If the base is attacked by more than one player, then only the strongest attack will go into offset. This means that if you are thinking of attacking a base on which you have already earned 2 stars, then only one remains for you (and that if you destroy the base completely).

Similarly, if one of the clan members has already earned 3 stars at the enemy base, then a repeated attack will not bring any points to your clan. Winning the Clan War requires planning and tactics. Your clan has to decide how to achieve the best result by the participants. Communicate with your clan members, look for the most profitable opponents and make every attack counted.

Do not forget that the game helps to find suitable opponents by offering recommended goals. The decision about who will attack which village, take the members of the clan. Each clan member who deals any damage to the enemy during the Clan War will receive bonus loot regardless of whether he earned a star or not. But only the winning clan will receive a bonus for winning the War.

How to get a military bonus for winning?

In each Clan War, you have a chance to get a military bonus for the victory. Bonus for winning the war can be taken from the clanís fortress after the war. In the fortress there can be only a limited amount of resources, so do not forget to take them regularly! Anything that does not fit into the clanís chests will be lost.

To get the bonus in full, your clan must win the war. If the clan loses or the war ends in a draw, the bonus will be much less. If you failed to win a single victory during the war, you can still get a military bonus, as it is calculated depending on the percentage of destruction during attacks.

Resources in the clanís fortress are not fully protected: when attacking, a part of the uncollected bonus will be lost. And also remember that the military bonus will not be counted in the achievement of the "treasure keeper" until you take it from the fortress. In addition to the bonus, there is also loot, which you can get immediately by attacking the enemy military base. Of course, this is usually nonsense in comparison with the bonus for winning a war, but the production will immediately fall into your vaults, regardless of victory in a battle or war.

What happens to the village during the Clan War? During the Clan War, your village will always be safe, as battles take place in another area, and not in your village, as is usually the case. Despite the fact that the military base is almost an exact copy of your village, it is very important to remember that the military base used during the wars is a completely independent village.

Thanks to the editor and the preservation of layouts, you can have up to three different layouts of an ordinary village and 3 military bases at the same time. That is, 6 layouts of everything. It is at the military base that the players prepare and attack other military bases, this does not apply to the ordinary village. You do not risk the resources, trophies and shield of your village.

What will my clan get after winning the Clan War? Your clan will gain the joy of victory, the respect of other clans and the recognition of your great power, the memory of which will be preserved for centuries. In addition, the clan will get an extra point to the indicator "Win wars", which is displayed in the description of the clan. Each member of the winning clan will immediately receive all bonus loot earned during victorious attacks.Recall that you can accumulate this bonus only by attacking and defeating military bases of opponents.

Finally, for winning wars, your clan will gain valuable experience that will be a source of pride and will give you the right to privilege. For each increase in the level of the clan, you also receive a more epic symbol of the clan.Even for modest success in wars, your clan will gain experience, but for the victory, of course, you will gain much more experience. All privileges can be found by clicking on the blue button "Clan privileges" on the tab "My clan".

How many participants do you need to start a clan war and what level should they be? The only requirement: the clan can participate in the war, if it has at least 5 participants. If you leave the clan during the war, you will not be able to participate in it until the next one. New clan members cannot participate in a war that has already begun.

What happens if the clan loses or is drawn? If the clan loses the war, you will have to face the shame of defeat and slaughter, the memories of past times will turn to dust, and the clanís name will be forgotten ... Until the next Clan War. Participants of the loser clan will suffer severe punishment in the form of uncollected victory bonuses: loot, which they receive during attacks on enemy military bases. Of course, something will remain with them, but these are just crumbs in comparison with everything they could get.

If after the day of the battles both clans have the same number of stars, the result will be a draw. Members of both clans will receive a military bonus, but this will be only part of the production, as in the end no one will win. The punishment is not as great as with a defeat, but still a lot of goodness will disappear.

Can I cancel the clan war? Before the selection system finds you a clan for battle, you can stop it by clicking the "Cancel" button.But when the enemy is found, the clan war can no longer be stopped. The day of preparation will begin immediately, and there will be no opportunity to lay down arms.

Why canít I find the Clan War? Opponents are in a certain pattern. Because of this, there are clans in the war that are similar in strength. Due to the fact that a lot of factors are counted, the selection of opponents for a war takes longer than for an ordinary attack. If picking up opponents takes longer than desired, just leave this process running in the background. All this time you can play Clash of Clans. Touch the Home icon (1) in the lower left corner of the selection screen and return to your village without interrupting the search.

Remember: if you click "Cancel" (2) in the selection of opponents of the Clan War, the search will end.

As soon as the enemy is found, you will see the corresponding notification on the icon of the Clan Wars. Immediately after the enemy is found, 23 hours of preparation will begin.

I want to start the Clan War, but I canít. Whatís wrong?Minimum conditions for a Clan War: You are in a clan with at least 10 participants and you are its head or co-director. If you cannot start a war because the icon is gray, or you get the message: "The Clan wars are loading, please try again", this may mean that you need a faster Internet connection. Downloading Clan Wars requires a lot of information, so we recommend using a reliable 3G / 4G or Wi-Fi connection.

New buildings did not appear at the military base. If you have added a new building to the village, but you cannot find it in your military base, most likely you have not dragged this building from the inventory of the military base yet. As a rule, at the military base there are the same buildings as in your ordinary village. However, each time you add a new building to the village, you need to go to the inventory of the military base in order to "unload" this building during the day of preparation, and then save the layout of the military base.

The game does not choose an arbitrary point on a military base for a new building - you need to decide for yourself where to place it. If you leave a new building in the inventory of a military base, it will not appear on the base during the day of the battle. Exceptions to this rule are possible only if you have never used the editing mode of the military base and did not save the layout. In this case, the layout of the military base will continue to display all the objects of your ordinary village.

What happens to inactive players during the Clan War? During the Clan Wars, the attitude of the system to both active and inactive players is one. They can be attacked by opponents, and they can receive troops donated by the clan. Unfortunately, since inactive players will not be able to conduct their attacks, they will become a kind of ballast and will not help you to win the war. In addition, if you do not participate in the war, then you will not receive a bonus in case of victory. So try to inspire your clan members to behave more actively.

The enemy is spying on our clan! Is it fair? Spying for a clan is, of course, difficult to call sports behavior, but this does not violate any rules of Clash of Clans. This is unpleasant for you, but the Clan Wars are serious. Some clans are ready for much to win. Watch carefully who you take to the clan! As they say, in love and in war, all means are good. And undesirable participants can be kept at a distance, making the clan "by invitation" or "closed".

The heads of the clans can choose who to participate in the war? At the request of users, now the heads and co-heads of the clans can choose who will participate in the Clan Wars to create a super-team. Pressing "Start War", you will see a list of clan members. The "Yes" and "No" buttons will appear on the right. Having entered there for the first time, you will see the "Yes / No" buttons, meaning the playerís desire to participate in the war. However, being the head or co-director, you can neglect the preferences of the player.

Before each battle, the new profile settings will show whether the player wants to take part in the war or not. Use them wisely to create the most powerful army. The selection of opponents in the war can be with a difference of 5 players. For example: 10 for 10, 15 for 15, etc.

When choosing a war, villages that will definitely participate are highlighted in green (set to "Yes"). If there are 17 players in your clan, and they all want to take part in the war, you will need to exclude two of them yourself (set to "No") in order for the battle to be fair. This means that you have to fight in the war 15 to 15. If you put the value "Yes" to all 20 players, then the selection will be 20 to 20.

Can I decide on my own whether I want to participate in the war? Each clan soldier can choose whether he wants to participate in clan wars or not by doing the following:

  1. Enter the profile by tapping the button showing your level of experience, next to the experience scale in the village.
  2. Touch "Yes" or "No" to select whether you want to participate in clan wars.

Remember that this is only your proposal to the head and co-heads of the clan. Anyway, the one who decides to start a war will be fully responsible for the selection of players who will participate in it. This means that if you even clicked the "Yes" button, the head of the clan must still choose you to participate in the war. If you have not confirmed your participation, the chapter may still choose you. If the leaders of the clan constantly send you to war against your wishes, use the chat and discuss it.

How are opponents selected in the Clan War? Opponents for the Clan War are selected based on the overall strength of the participants. Strength is calculated on the basis of attack capabilities (troops, spaciousness of camps, spells, and heroes) and defenses (defenses, walls, traps, and heroes). Choosing opponents, the system pays more attention to defense. Powerful defenses of high levels, such as the hellish turret, the eagle artillery and the keeper will greatly influence the choice.

Unlike the multiplayer mode, trophies are not counted here. Layout base also does not affect the force. The only way to increase strength is to improve troops, defense, spells, etc. The final factor for the system will be the statistics of wins and losses. All this allows you to choose the most worthy opponent.

Clan fortress improved, but these changes are not reflected in the war of the clans! If you participate in the Clan War and want to improve your structure before the battle begins, you must do so before the start of the training day. However, there is an exception to the rule: Clan Fortress. For technical reasons, the number of soldiers that the Clan Fortress can hold at a military base should be blocked at the very beginning of the training day.

If your Fortress is level 5 and there are 30 soldiers at the beginning of the training day, the capacity will remain 30 soldiers for the duration of the war, even if you improve it to level 6 on the day of preparation. We can assure you that a higher level Clan Fortress will already be available in your regular village, and additional space for troops can be used at the beginning of the next Clan War.

What is clan experience and privilege?

Clan experience is awarded for successful participation in wars. Each new clan begins the game with the 1st level of experience. Experience can be earned like this: defeat the enemy military base to gain experience of the clan.The stronger the opponent, the more experience you will get for winning!

Stars are stars, but winning the war and getting experience is even better. The more stars and victories you win, the sooner you will gain more experience and privileges. With these features, the game will become even more exciting and entertaining! A detailed list of privileges can be found in the "My Clan" section of your profile.

Additional Information:

What is an " extra count " ? If each clan has the same number of stars at the end of the war, the winner is determined depending on the "total percentage of destruction", which is also "additional counting". The "total percentage of destruction" is taken from the best attack of each side. Remember, the destruction information is now on the war results screen and in the war statistics. On the other hand, "average damage" simply summarizes the average amount of damage from all attacks of each clan and does not determine the winner in the war.

Are soldiers donated during the Clan War against gains? Troops donated during the Clan Wars will notbe counted towards achieving "Friend in Need" (and do not bring experience points). The developers want your clan members to sacrifice soldiers during the Clan War for the sole purpose: to win the war. Developers want players to be motivated by the idea itself, not by gems or achievements. Of course, the developers do not want to say that all players will sacrifice soldiers indiscriminately (most clan members are honest guys), but there are also those who will give away the cheapest soldiers (for example, goblins) just to get an achievement faster.

Now it is even easier to turn, because during the Clan War, you can get rid of the troops that you do not need - especially since there is no break between donations. Again, most clan members behave honestly, but there are always those who use shortcomings in the rules. Developers do not want honest players to feel that their honesty is playing a cruel joke on them. We are sure that this is the right decision.

Clash of Clans: Clan Wars League

What is the World Championship Clash of Clans?

The team of Clash of Clans has begun cooperation with the international eSports organization ESL, which will hold the world championships of Clash of Clans. Spectators and participants are waiting for truly epic battles, and the winners - cash prizes!

How to participate? All clans participating in the leagues of clan wars are already on their way to the world championship.

Supercell representatives will contact the heads of the clans to:

You can qualify for participation on the ESL website:

The format of the preliminary qualifying tournament ESL:

The clan that won in one of the six qualifying offline tournaments will be eligible to participate in the final of the ESL One World Championship in Germany.

Clash of Clans world championship participation: which registration method to choose? Teams can claim to participate, either simply by playing in the leagues of clan wars, or participating in online qualifying tournaments, or doing both at the same time! Clans that have reached the top will be thoroughly tested and will receive further information. All you need to do is make every effort and show what you are capable of.

When choosing a registration method, consider the following:

What is a clan war league?

Clan War Leagues are Clan Wars structured according to the principle of leagues. Once a month, a clan may take part in a weekly battle with clans of approximately the same level. To do this, a clan with at least 15 (maximum 50) members must register. By default, all members of the clan will be included in the list of participants in the leagues of clan wars. In each season, clans can choose one of two war formats: 15 by 15 or 30 by 30.

Attention: in the Championship League you can only fight in the format 15 to 15.

At the end of the week of wars, those clans that have earned the most battle stars will go to a higher league, while others will remain in the same league or go to a lower league. For their own attacks, players receive resources, and for the success of the entire clan - league medals. At the end of the season, players will have a chance to get bonus league medals from the head of the clan or co-heads.

Selection of opponents. Eight clans, selected at random from among the clans of one league, will constitute one group. The clans of the group will have to fight among themselves, and those of them who are the most effective in showing themselves will be able to join the higher league. If a clan has never fought in the clan Warsí leagues before, then the level of such a clan when selecting opponents will be unknown and, accordingly, the clanís initial position in the ranking may not be accurate. There is a possibility that at first you will come across too strong or too weak opponents, but over time, the level of selected clans will approach the level of your clan.

Day of preparation and day of battle. As the season progresses, the clans fight the war every day.Simultaneously with the start of the battle day, the day of preparation for the next dayís war begins. Each day of preparation gives clan leaders the opportunity to select participants for the upcoming day of battle. The heads of the clans select participants among the players selected during the registration period.

On the day of the battle, each player will have the opportunity to conduct one attack, in which it is necessary to get as many battle stars as possible. In this attack, you can also get an elixir, a black elixir, gold and clan experience - just like in ordinary clan wars. The clan that wins the war will receive additional combat stars, which will increase the clanís chance to move to a higher league.

Rewards Only players who are registered to participate can receive awards in clan Wars leagues. The number of league medals that participants can win depends on which league the clan plays and what place it occupies in its group by the end of the season:

Participation in the lines of the clan wars. Just before the start of the clan Wars leagues, the button of the clan war will turn gold, which will mean the opening of the clan Wars leagues. Clan leaders will have two days to register at least 15 (maximum 50) players to participate in the Clan Wars leagues. Among them will be selected players to participate in the days of battles. It is better to register more of the minimum required number of participants, this will allow you to select the attackers for each war of the season among a larger number of players.

The format of the war. In each season, clans can choose one of two war formats: 15 by 15 or 30 by 30. Clans choose the format of war during the selection of players for the season. In the Champions League, you can only fight in the format 15 to 15. Clans can choose different war formats in each season; this does not affect their place in the league. Clans can fight in the same league in any format of war. Changing the format of the war in between seasons and the previous format of the war does not affect the clanís position in the leagues; the clan will continue the game in the same league it has achieved.

Each member of the clan can indicate their readiness to fight in the leagues of the Clan Wars with the button in the player profile. However, clan leaders may designate players as members of the Clan Wars leagues, even if these players have refused to participate in wars. After registering in the clan Wars, the clan will not be able to take part in the ordinary Clan Wars. If the clan does not register in the Clan Wars leagues, it will be able to participate in the normal Clan Wars after the registration period ends.

What if a player is expelled from a clan or does he leave a clan? If a registered player leaves a clan or is expelled from it, he will not be able to participate in the leagues of the Clan Wars in another clan until the season ends. Being a member of another clan, such a player can participate only in ordinary Clan Wars. However, he can at any time return to his original clan to continue playing in the leagues of the Clan Wars.

As for the awards, such a player still has the opportunity to receive:

Victory in the war, raising and lowering

Each combat star gained during the season adds to the total number of clan battle stars, which in turn determines whether the clan will be upgraded or downgraded at the end of the week of war. The clan that won the battle day will receive 10 additional battle stars, which will increase the clanís chance to move to a higher league.

At the end of the week of wars, the clans that earned the most stars will be promoted to a higher league, while others will remain in the same league or will be downgraded to a lower league. In most leagues, the two clans with the most stars increase, and the two clans with the least number go down. Depending on the league, these rules, however, differ.

If clans receive the same number of stars, the winner will be determined in accordance with the total percentage of destruction. Season statistics can be viewed by tapping the Season Information button on the military map . Open the "Group" tab to see the current distribution of forces in your group.

Touching the stars of the clan, you can find out how the clan battle stars were obtained:

Going to the "Rounds" tab , you can get information about how the battles between the other clans of your group went:

By opening the "Clan" tab, you can familiarize yourself with the success of your clan members. Remember that the information on the "Clan" tab is updated only after the end of the day of battles:

Awards Leagues Wars clans. Held on the day of the battle attacks are rewarded with elixir, black elixir, gold and clan experience - as well as during the ordinary Clan Wars. Each battle won gives a chance to get a bonus for the victory (resources). The bonus for the victory is delivered to the treasury at the end of each war. To receive a bonus for a victory, the clan must win the war of the clans of the corresponding day.

Rules for the distribution of league medals. The number of league medals that participants can win depends on which league the clan plays and what place it occupies in its group by the end of the season. First place in the group will bring the most league medals; the lower the place, the fewer medals the league will receive the clan:

In order to get the reward for the place occupied by the clan, in full, the player must earn at least eight battle stars during the season. If a player has not earned any combat stars, he will be able to receive only 20% of the maximum possible number of league medals. Players registered to participate in the leagues of the Clan Wars, but not on the military card on any of the battle days, will also receive only 20% of the maximum possible number of league medals.

Bonuses Clan heads can also award clan members with bonus league medals. Each war won by a clan increases by one the number of players who can receive a bonus.

Bonuses must be distributed within 21 days after the end of the week of wars. The size of the bonus, as well as the number of players who can get it, is determined by the league in which the clan was during the wars week. For each war won by the clan, the number of players who can receive a bonus will increase by one.

What if a player is expelled from a clan or does he leave a clan? If a player registered to participate in the Clan Wars leagues leaves the clan or is expelled from it, he still has the opportunity to receive the following rewards:

Where can I spend the medals? Valuable league medals will find an excellent application in the store in the "League Store" section.

What are league medals? League Medals are valuable tokens that can be won in Clan Wars leagues. If the head of your clan chooses you to participate in the leagues of the Clan Wars, you will have a chance to get the league medals after they end. Ways to get league medals in clan war leagues:

Note: If a player registered to participate in the leagues of the Clan Wars, leaves the clan or turns out to be expelled from him, he still has the opportunity to receive the following rewards: from 20% to 100% of the reward for the place occupied by the clan; league bonus medals, which are given out by the head of the clan and co-heads.

How do bonus league medals work? It is very important that the clan leader be able to attract and encourage clan members. That is why clan leaders have the opportunity to distribute League bonus medals to everyone who has been registered in the Clan War Leagues. Here is what you need to know about the distribution of bonuses:

Medals League can be used in the Shop League for the purchase of exclusive jewelry and magic items.

Why are there only six clans in our group? Sometimes it turns out that groups in the leagues of the Clan Wars are smaller than the standard size, that is, the group does not include eight clans, as usual, but only six. This is normal.

Less days of battles. In groups of six clans there are fewer battles per season. If there are fewer clans in the group, then the clans need less time to fight each other, so the season for such a group will be shorter.

Rules of increase and decrease. All leagues have rules that determine whether a clan will be promoted, relegated, or retained in the same league. It depends on the place of the clan in the group at the end of the season. If the group is smaller than the standard size, then the lower places remain empty. For example, in Crystal League III, two clans rise, two go down, and four remain in the same league. If there are only six clans in the group, then two of them will be promoted, and the rest will remain in the same league. No clan will not be lowered, because the number of clans is not enough to occupy the lower places.

How is the selection of opponents in the leagues of the Clan Wars? As soon as the clan enrolls in the leagues of the Clan Wars, the selection of opponents will begin. The determining factor in the selection of opponents is skill; each clan will fight with seven other clans, randomly selected among the clans of the same league. When such clans are found, they and your clan will form one group. The clans of the group are fighting among themselves, and those of them who show themselves best in battles will be able to join the higher league.

Increase the time of selection of opponents in the leagues of a higher level. League clan wars - not an easy competition. The higher the level of the league, the smaller the clans in it. Accordingly, the selection of opponents takes more time, since there are few clans suitable for uniting into one group. For clans involved in the selection of opponents, recorded the start time of waiting. Thus, clans that started searching for opponents earlier are given priority, and groups are formed in turn.

You should not cancel the search for opponents and start it again, otherwise your clan will be at the end of the queue. In particular, this adversely affects the chances of the clan to find opponents when the search is canceled shortly before the end of the registration period. It is best to start searching for the enemy as soon as possible - preferably immediately after the start of the registration period.

Is it possible to participate in the leagues of the Clan Wars and in ordinary Clan Wars simultaneously? A clan can take part in a war of only one type: the leagues of the Clan Wars, the usual Clan Wars, or friendly wars. If a clan participates in the clan war leagues, it will not be able to start a normal clan war until the clan war wars end.

If a player decides to leave Clan A and join Clan B, then he will be able to participate in the clan B wars leagues, only if he was not registered to participate in Clan A clan wars leagues. in clan A, he can still take part in the clan wars and friendly wars in clan B.

Clash of Clans: Clan Guide

What is the clan games? Clan games are a time-limited event during which clan members perform tests to win as many awards as possible for the entire clan. Watch out for the timer on the left side of the village to find out when the Clan Games will begin.

How to participate? By default, all clan members participate in the event. As soon as the clan member chooses a test for himself, he will no longer be able to change the clan to participate in the Clan Games.

Test board. Each member of the clan sees the same tests on the board. When one of the clan members chooses a trial, it becomes unavailable to other players. In place of the already selected tests appear new. If you choose a test that you cannot afford, you can refuse it, but you will have to wait before choosing the next test. The waiting time between tests increases each time, so choose tests wisely.

Points and rewards. To get clan points you must pass the test. When you reach your limit of points, further participation in the tests will become impossible. As points accumulate, the clan reaches certain levels. Each player can get a certain number of points, which can be scored during the event. The total points of all clan members is the total points scored by the clan in the test.

For each level passed at the end of the event, all players receive additional rewards. For example, if an event includes four levels of rewards, and a clan passes three of them, then at the end of the event each member will be able to choose three awards. The level or number of clan members do not affect the level of rewards and the maximum number of clan points. They are the same for all clans. Here is a good reason to infuse new forces into your clan! To achieve certain levels of rewards, all clans need to score the same amount of points. All clan members will be able to choose rewards at the end of the event.

When will the next Clan Games take place? Clan games are held when their organizer visits your village. How much his caravan will be visiting you is unknown. However, he may appear in the village at any moment, so you should always be ready for the Clan Games. Train your troops and develop your attack skills, they will certainly come in handy soon!

What are magic items? Magic items have a mysterious power and bring instant benefit to the player who uses them. Here are some of the benefits that can be gained from such items:

Carefully read the descriptions of the magic items: some of them work only in one of the two villages! Enemies cannot steal your magic items from the town hall. If you have received an unnecessary item or you do not have enough game currency, you can exchange it for crystals.

Who can participate in clan games? Any clan member can participate in clan games. If a player chooses a test for himself, he will no longer be able to participate in the games of the clans of another clan. Before the start of the event, all players will see the corresponding notification on the left side of their village. Event can be scheduled for any day.

I did not get all the awards for the Clan Games! To receive awards in the Games of clans, you need to pass at least one test. Points scored by the clan gradually increase the number of available awards. With each level of rewards achieved, the choice is increasing.

Please note that gold, elixir and black elixir enter the treasury, and magical items go to the town hall. It is necessary to ensure that there is enough space in the treasury for resources, and in the town hall - for magical items. Crystals are simply added to what you already have. If any selected awards do not fit in the treasury, then you will see the corresponding warning when you try to pick them up.

Attention: uncollected awards are kept after the completion of the Clan Games for only 7 days. After that they disappear!

My clan member won more awards or other awards! All clans participating in the Clan Games receive the same resources for achieving each level of rewards. The only difference is that you will not be able to get a black elixir if your town hall has not yet reached level 7.

The number of awards in Clan Games depends on the availability of space in your treasury. It, in turn, depends on the level of the town hall and the levels of clan privileges. Therefore, if the fortresses of clans of similar players have different levels, such players may receive a different number of awards. It is also worth remembering that after you choose a test, your rewards in the Clan Games will be limited to the rewards of the clan you were in at the time you selected the test.

Why does everyone get rewards of the same size? When you get an achievement in clan games, you have the right to receive awards won by the clan. Players receive an equal number of awards, regardless of their contribution to the clanís struggle for games. To some, this may seem dishonest, but the developers want the clan games to help the entire clan become stronger and prepare for clan wars.

If there were fewer rewards, the clan would be weaker. If players received awards only after a certain contribution to the common cause, many players would refuse to participate at all, fearing that they would not be able to provide this contribution. And in the end, because of this business, the clan would only get worse.

Will I receive rewards for participating in the Clan Games if I leave the clan? As soon as you complete one trial, you will be entitled to receive awards earned by your clan. You will receive them at the end of the game, even if you leave or change the clan or you will be excluded from it.