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CLASH OF KINGS is a game for android with release date 06/30/2014 from Elex Wireless. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Dragons. How to get and download?
  2. Dragon Abilities
  3. Hero Guide
  4. Hero Leveling
  5. Civilizations Guide
  6. How to Create a Strong Army?
  7. Formation System and Formation Operations
  8. Equipment Crafting and Leveling Guide
  9. Castle and buildings in it: types and functions
  10. Loot Secrets
  11. Tavern
  12. A Beginner’s Guide
  13. Gameplay Features
  14. All About Alliances. Alliance activities
  15. Tower of the Exiles
  16. Battle for the Throne
  17. Donation Guide

Clash of Kings: Dragons. How to get and download?

How do I get dragons? After entering the game, a beginner can receive a black dragon egg. The blue dragon and red dragon need matching crystals to synthesize dragon eggs. Dragon Crystals can be obtained through the World Boss event and the Ancient Dragon Tower, or you can buy a package.

To unlock the dragons of civilizations, you need to reach the level of popularity of civilizations neutral +3 or higher, then in the dragon cave click the "Activate" button under the corresponding dragon. The dragon egg requires 22 hours of incubation, and after hatching, the dragon cannot directly break the shell, the player must manually click the dragon egg several times, along with the broken shell animation effect.

Dragon category:

Friendship. The percentage in the red heart under the dragon is his friendliness with the lord, whose full value is 100%. Friendship will gradually diminish with dragon activities (including expedition and defense). Giving gifts or chatting with dragons will increase friendliness. When the dragon’s friendship is too low, the dragon cannot follow the line.

The dragon’s wandering. Click the "Friendship" dragon. Along with some dragon-related options, there will also be a Wandering option. When your dragon returns from his journey, he can bring you gifts. The longer you travel, the more gifts he will bring, and the more chances he has to return precious items to you. The Travel function is no longer limited to Friendship - the dragon can travel even if its Friendship is 0.

You can only choose one dragon for your journey. If the dragon that traveled earlier has not returned, you cannot send another dragon to wander.

Change guardian dragon. Click Dragon Cave - Defense, enter the dragon defense settings interface. Select the dragon you want to install and click the "Install Dragon Defender" button. Different dragons have different skills and talents. The self-cultivation blue dragon is very strong in defense. To enter the dragon cave of the Yamato civilization, click on the waterfall.

Dragon Soul Treasure. After clicking on "Dragon Cave", the "Dragon Soul Treasure" button will be displayed. Absorb the Dragon Soul to unearth treasure. You can get 1 dragon skill every time. The first excavations do not consume Dragon Soul. As the excavation progresses, the amount of Dragon Soul consumed increases and the consumption is replaced after replacing the treasure map.

Every time you dig, you can definitely get a dragon skill - it should be a dragon skill, not an item, the dragon skills here are different from the dragon system skills in the past. Dragon skills are divided into white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold qualities. You can change the treasure map for free the first time, then it will cost gold.

The consumption and change amount of the treasure map is reset at 0:00 UTC daily, and the consumption of each dig is not reset. Dragon Soul Treasure will contain many skills, including General Attack, General Defense, Damage when attacking, Damage taken when attacking (reduction), Damage while defending, Damage taken while defending (reduction), Reducing damage taken, Accelerating construction, Accelerating science, Haste Training, Hospital Capacity, Travel Limit, Gathering Rate, Resource Income, Marching Speed, Load Limit, Gathering Limit, etc.

How can I improve my dragon? Click "Dragon Cave" to select the dragon you want to upgrade. Click the "+" on the right side of the experience bar under the dragon to upgrade the dragon. Upgrading requires the specified amount and type of resources, as well as the specified amount and level of magic stone props. The list to be used will be displayed after pressing "+".

As the level of the dragon gets higher and higher, the amount of resources required for each upgrade increases, and the amount and level of magic stone increases accordingly. The full level of the Dark Dragon is 30, and the other dragons are 35. Types of pumping:

  1. Increased experience. Consume resources or gold coins to increase the dragon experience.
  2. Improvement. When the experience reaches 100%, you can consume certain items to improve the dragon. The dragon can bring the necessary props to improve after wandering.
  3. Improvement effect. As the dragon improves, its attributes and combat power improve, and when the dragon reaches a certain level, new skills will be unlocked. The dragon skill can bring a buff to a lord and even play a vital role in battle. Train your dragon carefully and look forward to the moment when the dragon fights with you.
It is recommended to upgrade your dragon on Lucky Dragon Day, which falls on Saturday.

Skills training. Use the Dragon Flame props to gain dragon skills, let the dragon learn new skills and gain new abilities. You can get the Chest of Fortune at the Dragon Tower and the Wandering Trader. After opening the chest, you will have a chance to get dragon flame.

The unopened dragon flame props are in the dragon backpack and become a skill after use. They will appear on the list of alternative dragon skills that can only be seen when upgrading or replacing a dragon skill.

The dragon will be promoted to a certain level (for example, 10th level, 20th level, 25th level, etc.) and skill fields will be unlocked one by one. Each dragon has a maximum of 6 skill fields. Each skill field is autonomous. Skills can be replaced (some skills cannot be used). It is impossible to learn new skills without opening skill fields. You can unlock more skill fields by leveling up your dragon. The combat skill field (the latter), which represents the dragon’s exceptional ability, cannot learn new skills.

An innate skill. Each dragon has its own innate skills:

Improving the skill. The dragon skill can be improved. The improved skill will be more powerful. By absorbing other dragon skills, you can improve the skill experience and increase the skill level. Absorbed skills will disappear directly and will no longer appear in the skill bar. Please choose the skills you want to absorb carefully.

Skills can be locked and locked skills will not be swallowed, which will prevent leveling errors. The higher the quality of the skills, the more experience you need to improve, and the more experience you will provide as material. Skills of the same quality, the higher the level, the higher the experience provided as material. The initial level of some skills (for example, Deep Breathing for the Dark Dragon) is full level and cannot be improved.

Skill change. The dragon skill slot can be replaced with other skills, and the replaced skills will be placed on the skill bar so that the dragon can be re-learned at any time. The initial dragon skills cannot be learned from other dragons. Dragon skills can only be replaced by dragon skills of the same level. Different colors represent different skill levels of the dragon, for example orange skills can only be replaced with orange ones. Therefore, when you want to change skills, you should pay attention to the color of the skill slot. Special skills cannot be replaced.

Skill effect. If a dragon skill is of the same skill type, only the maximum value will be in effect. (for example: two dragons simultaneously activate a skill to increase the march limit, one increases 5000, one increases 10000, and then only increases the skill by 10000). Only the dragon that is set as the guardian dragon will participate in the castle defense battle and the enhancement skill will take effect. Only in the city where the guardian dragon is located will the castle have the effect of the guardian dragon. If you remove the Guardian Dragon on a march, the buff in the castle will be invalidated.

Dragon word. Different combinations of dragon graphemes give different dragon words. Different dragon words have different attributes. After collecting the required number of dragon graphemes, you can activate the corresponding word. Only one dragon word can be activated at a time.

Types of dragon words. Ordinary dragon words have the following feature: they can be activated when there is an appropriate number of dragon graphemes, without prejudice to the latter. This means that existing dragon graphemes and ordinary dragon words are interchangeable. There are also special dragon words - ancient dragon words. Ancient dragon words have great power and when activated, dragon graphemes are consumed once. The fact that the dragon word belongs to the class of the ancients is indicated by the corresponding prefix.

Contract dragon words. A new kind of dragon words with mega bonus effects. Each time it is activated, the necessary dragon grapheme is spent. Since the duration has been reduced, the level requirements for the required graphemes have also been significantly reduced. Before activating contract dragon words, activation of the previous simple or ancient dragon words is required. All dragon words with the prefix "contract" are such.

Numbering of dragon graphemes. Dragon graphemes can be obtained by destroying monsters of level 11 and above, fulfilling the secret instructions of Princess Novia, participating in events. The combination of two identical dragon graphemes gives one of a higher order. At the same time, one dragon grapheme can be disassembled into two small orders.

Clash of Kings: Dragon Abilities

Ability system. Dark Dragon, Blue Dragon, and Red Dragon fit the new talent system using a tree-like form similar to that of a lord. Consume dragon crystals and dragon soul shards to exchange ability points. Use ability points to unlock different dragon abilities. There is a limit on the number of ability points that can be exchanged, the upper limit depends on the level of the dragon. Dragons of 4 civilizations use the old version of the ability system - there each dragon has 5 abilities. To unlock each skill, the ability requires both dragon level and consumption of dragon fragments.

Ability effect. Active skills must be activated and take effect after clicking on the corresponding skill on the active skills page. Passive skills are only valid when the dragon is installed as a guardian dragon.

Abilities of the Dark Dragon. Active skills:

Passive Skills: 50% chance to get special items (Dragon’s Treasure) additionally by collecting wood, food, iron, mithril and the alliance mine. This skill will take effect as soon as you unlock it and you don’t need to use it yourself.

Abilities of the Blue Dragon. Active skills:

Abilities of the Red Dragon. Active skills:

Abilities of the Sea Monster. Active skills:

Ice Dragon’s abilities. Active skills:

Abilities of the White Dragon. Active skills:

Qilin Abilities. Active skills:

Dragon: Thunder Beast. To unlock the Thunder Beast, you need to collect 3000 Thunder Beast Crystals. Skills:

Thunder Beast’s skills are the same as those of Godzilla. If you are unable to unlock Godzilla during the event, all the Godzilla Shards you receive will become the Thunder Beast Crystal.

Dragon: Fire Eagle. The Fire Eagle is a special dragon for the crescent civilization. You can unlock it when you are in crescent civilization and your popularity reaches neutral +3. Skills:

Fire Eagle active skills:

  1. Burning Fire I: After activating the skill, when your castle is next attacked, if more than 30% or 1M of your defending soldiers are injured or killed, Fire Eagle will immediately save them and heal 100K injured soldiers (higher level soldiers will be healed first).
  2. Burning Fire II: after activating the skill, when your castle is next attacked, if more than 30% or 2M of your defending soldiers are injured or killed, Fire Eagle will immediately save them and heal 500K injured soldiers (higher level soldiers will be healed first).
  3. Burning Fire III: after activating the skill, when your castle is next attacked, if more than 30% or 3M of your defending soldiers are injured or killed, the Fire Eagle will immediately save them and heal 1M injured soldiers (higher level soldiers will be healed first). The same effect will be covered and not complicated.

Clash of Kings: Hero Guide

How do I get a Hero Blueprint? Kill the Lv. 5 - Lv. 15 monster and you can get a Hero Blueprint Shard. 50 Hero Blueprint Shards can be synthesized into 1 Hero Blueprint.

Recruiting heroes. By collecting a sufficient number of recruitment cards, you can greatly simplify the recruitment process in the Temple of Heroes. Recruitment cards can be obtained from gift bags, shop, etc. After successful recruitment, you can develop the hero using experience cards. In the process of development, the hero will receive abilities that will make him even more powerful.

A hero on the defensive. You can send the hero to the defense of the building, thus increasing its attributes. The increased attributes will depend on the specific hero. Only one hero can be sent to defend a building. Currently, the Barracks and Stables buildings are available for defense. Shooting range, Chariot Factory, Academy, Forge.

Hero post. Assigning more than 1 hero to an official position requires a certain level of Civilization popularity. 1 or 2 heroes can be assigned to each official position. The assigned hero will continuously gain experience once he / she is assigned. The "Official Position" system allows you to compare attributes. You can check the attribute change when trying to change the hero to an official position. After a hero is appointed to an official position, he will receive 1000 experiences per hour. There are now 13 official positions in the hero post interface:

  1. Official;
  2. Builder;
  3. Supplier;
  4. Research Scientist;
  5. Collection officer;
  6. Doctor;
  7. Recruiter;
  8. Envoy of Civilization;
  9. Infantry Commander;
  10. Cavalry Commander;
  11. Archer Commander;
  12. Siege commander;
  13. Guardian Knight.

For the specific introduction of each official position, you can directly enter the title of the post to search. For example, Guardian Knight.

A visionary ranger. War hero. You can get the shard of this hero through recruiting heroes and summoning heroes. Growth skill:

Imperial archer. War hero. You can get a shard of this hero through recruiting heroes and summoning heroes. Growth skill:

Growth skills that enhance non-combat abilities only take effect when you assign a hero to an official position with that attribute.

Messenger Hill crystals of civilization. Development type hero. You can recruit him at the Hero’s House for 3000 recruitment cards. This hero’s talent is focused on reducing the consumption of civilization crystals while researching Ancestral Spirit technologies. Skills:

At the moment, you cannot get the Envoy Hill Recruitment Card of Crystals of Civilization with Advanced Recruitment, but you can purchase it in the latest special packs.

Mansour. Development type hero. You can unlock it while in the Crescent Civilization and your popularity becomes friendly. His talent focuses on increasing the popularity limit through donations and other activities, increasing the bonus for civilization points. Skills:

The attribute bonus provided by the passive talent skill will take effect if you learn this skill in the talent and appoint him as an Envoy of civilization. A non-combat official position skill will take effect if a hero is assigned to an official position with this attribute.

Clash of Kings: Hero Leveling

Development of heroes. Different heroes have different passive skills. You can also activate an active skill in an ability. The hero can improve at the expense of the lord’s points, but only in the hero page. The hero has skill points. They can be obtained through hero upgrades. Having received skill points, you can increase the hero’s abilities. The hero has various bonuses from attributes. The attributes of the heroes are carried out when they are sent on campaigns and the defense of the building in order to provide the army or buildings with various bonuses.

Official position skill. Players can add hero stars to activate Official Position skills. An Official Position skill that provides non-combat attributes will only take effect when a hero is assigned to an Official Position with that attribute. Some official position skills can be upgraded with Hero Shards.

Active skill. To gain an active hero skill, players need to upgrade the hero to gain skill points and learn this skill from the hero. Players can also use the lord’s experience items to improve the hero. Lord’s experience items can only improve the hero when they are used in the hero’s interface. If players directly use the lord’s experience in Items, the granted experience will be added to the lord. Heroes can provide various attribute bonuses when they lead the squad to the march and are assigned to the appropriate official positions.

How do I get skill points? With each new level, skill points are given: levels 1-9 for 3 points, levels 10-19 for 4 points, level 20 and above for 5 points. To increase the level, kill monsters, use the appropriate items, complete tasks, build and upgrade buildings.

Wear of the hero’s magic skills. The passive effect of a magic skill will only work when the skill is equipped. Wearing different skills will give different passive effects. Players can switch magic skill to wear for free. Players cannot equip more than 1 magic skill from the same series. After using the Magic Key to unlock the wearer slot, players can use new magic skills. A magic skill can be worn in a slot after the slot has been updated to the appropriate order (background color). The upgraded slot will use magic keys.

The passive skill of the Wind Magic skill (occurs after 15 seconds) will take effect in Duel. Passive Skill of Protective Ice: open shield after being attacked by Lords who meet the requirement. The Peace Shield opens after being attacked, so the battle will be lost this time. This skill can prevent an attack on the castle for a different time after the first attack. The Peace Shield will not be activated when Lords who meet the requirements go to your castle.

Lord’s skills. With each new level of the lord, skill points are given. Due to them, you can develop the corresponding branches of skills. Skills are represented by three main branches: Battle, Development, and Support. The development of one of the branches gives the corresponding bonuses and perks. Skills are learned sequentially.

Tempering heroes. You access Hero Tempering through the Hero Temple. You can get hero items including hero fragments, hero experience, hero recruitment cards, etc. Each card has 10 stages. Capturing castles will bring you rewards. You can continue to challenge after completing the stage. If you close your card one day, you will be automatically transferred to the next card the next day. Otherwise, you will remain on the map. The size of the bonus and march is related to the hero attributes such as the hero’s talent, the hero’s skills and the treatment of the hero’s attributes.

The size of the march depends on the general attribute of the selected heroes. Each day, a maximum of 5 heroes can be sent to a hero challenge. Once you have selected them, you cannot change them until the next day. The soldiers led by your hero are not real, so there is no effect on your real powers. Destroy soldiers in the castle to earn points. At each stage, you will be given no more than 3 stars in accordance with your points. Chests can be unlocked using the stars you receive, they will be reset every day.

Clash of Kings: Civilizations Guide

Dragonborn. Dragonborn have dominated the center of the continent for thousands of years. They conquered countless kingdoms, using technologies advanced for the time and excellent equipment. They were considered the true heirs of the Ancient Dragon who created this world. After the death of the last Dragon, they were embroiled in endless wars. Their battle for the throne marked the beginning of the Clash of Kings era.

Vikings. A clan of fierce and strong warriors who once reached the Frozen Lands of the Far North. Legend has it that they received the blessing of the Gods. They are the best of the best fighters and excellent sailors. Their whole life is ale, poetry, battles and the ocean.

The sacred civilization Yamato. The streets of Yamato’s hometown are full of sakura petals, sometimes called cherry blossoms. Yamato live in strictness of laws, worship Amaterasu - the Sun Goddess. It is believed that they were created and chosen by the Gods. Their solidarity brought them great strength, their faith in the gods gave them an indestructible mind. To maintain their statehood, they created the Samurai Code.

Qin civilization. The Qin civilization honors the ancestors and Qilin, the people are steadfast and reliable. It is a single authoritarian empire. It is huge and densely populated. The Qin civilization protects the rights of the people by respecting duties and customs and humility. The relative one person pays more attention to the collective, has a mature system for managing a huge population, allows them to more easily use their collective power in war.

Crescent Civilization. This civilization comes from a tribe in the heart of the scorching desert. They have a clear understanding of what is good and what is not, and they are enthusiastic and loyal to friends. They move, fight, conquer and build an incomparable empire, they gather, unite, spread and develop civilization. The light of civilization shines.

Features of civilizations:

  1. Dragonborn: Increase the attack of siege weapons, decrease the attack of enemy cavalry, accelerate the research of sciences. Dragonborn are wise and they know how to create excellent war machines, their siege weapons, the most advanced in the whole world.
  2. Vikings: Increase cavalry attack, decrease enemy rifle attack, and increase construction speed. Vikings are always hungry for battles and battles, they adore raids and robberies, even their cities look like real military fortresses.
  3. Yamato: Increase the attack of shooters, decrease the attack of enemy siege weapons and increase the experience gained from killing monsters. Yamato will not back down from their loyalty to Amaterasu, they are confident that they can cleanse the whole world of evil with the help of their Divine arrows.
  4. Qin civilization: the attack of all types of troops will be increased, the march limit and the assembled attack will be increased. The Qin civilization has a vast territory and a large number of people from ancient times. During the campaign, in order to cope with any military situation, the military strategist Qin pays attention to training and various exercises, this also allows the army to always maintain a high ability to attack.
  5. Crescent Civilization: Their constant technological advancements make them specialized in General Defense, Solo Health on Defense, and Damage Received on Defense (reduction). They have one dream and one enemies. Crescent People are also good at finding and accumulating luck. They can even get rich rewards by killing common monsters.

The popularity system of a civilization. Popularity Level (Low to High): Hatred - Neutrality - Friendship - Respect - Delight - Honored. Different levels of popularity give different bonuses. The popularity level is shown on the progress bar. Additionally, you can gain popularity by killing enemy troops, monsters, alliance bosses, and participating in events such as the Dark Bone Legion’s Treasure and other weekly events.

You can use a special item to change civilization, but you will lose a certain amount of popularity points for the current civilization, so you should not change too often. Civilization points will also be accumulated along with popularity points. Their accumulation has a daily limit. Any points accumulated over the limit will not be counted. Players can spend civilization points in the store on the civilizations popularity page. However, some items will only be available for a certain civilization and a certain level of popularity.

Civilization contribution limit. Use the Popularity Book to gain popularity and increase your daily donation limit. The maximum donation level is 10 and the maximum donation bonus is 149%.

How to switch civilization? You can use the item (Elder Scrolls) to change your civilization. The Elder Scroll can be obtained by purchasing packs and redeeming them in the Civ Point Store and the Wealth Store. Tap Civilization - Temple of Civilization - Toggle Popularity and you can switch to other civilizations. Civilization points and popularity can be gained every day by killing monsters and enemy soldiers.

However, there is a daily limit on the number of points you can earn. Any points over the limit will not be scored. You can check the number in the Civilization Points shop. Civilization Points can be used to purchase resources and special effects items in the Points Store. But there are limits on the number of items you can purchase each day, and some items require a certain level of popularity.

How to get the dragon of civilization?

  1. Ice Dragon: Stingray. When the popularity level of Neutrality +3 of the Dragonborn civilization is reached, the Ice Dragon will become available to you.
  2. Sea monster: Kraken. Upon reaching the level of popularity of Neutrality +3 of the Viking civilization, the Sea Monster will become available to you.
  3. White Dragon: Yukine. Upon reaching the level of popularity of Neutrality +3 of the Yamato civilization, the White Dragon will become available to you.
  4. Lucky Omen: Qilin. When you reach the level of popularity, neutrality +3, you can get Qilin.
  5. Fiery eagle. Upon reaching the level of popularity of Neutrality +3 of the Crescent civilization, the Fiery Eagle will become available to you.

How do I get Dragon Crystals? Players will be able to buy Civilization Dragon Crystals for Civilization Points in the Store on the Popularity Page.

Clash of Kings: How to Create a Strong Army?

Cavalry. The cavalry is an assault troop type. During the battle, there is a chance of attacking long-range enemy troops. Cavalry troops are mainly divided into knights and mounted archers. The troops of the knights are suitable for close combat, have relatively equal combat characteristics, and can also carry out an attack on long-range enemy troops. Mounted archers are suitable for ranged combat, but are vulnerable to attacks from enemy knights.

Siege weapons. Siege weapons are the heaviest and slowest combat units. Siege weapons are mainly subdivided into assault and catapults. Assault weapons are used during close combat and have a bonus to defense when defending a castle. Catapults are used for long-range attacks. They have a high attack power, but with two attempts, only one attack is possible.

War elephant. War Elephant is a lvl 13 soldier in the Crescent Civilization and belongs to the High Legion. War elephant skills include Tusk Dash, Golden Armor, Invincible Might, and Wild Stomp. A sturdy and gigantic elephant will increase the ability of all your soldiers to defend against the enemy. Players can analyze the War Elephant Books in the Sage’s Tower to unlock it. Once unlocked, the War Elephant can be trained in the Spiritual Hall.

War Elephant uses Invincible Might to increase health. It will also increase health for all of your soldiers. Every 5000 War Elephants increase the health of your soldiers from 1% to 20%. This skill will only take effect when there is a war elephant in your defending troops or your marching unit.

Types of civilization troops:

  1. Dragonborn. Ferocious Crossbowmen: Upgrade to unlock a level 11 unit. Can be built at Level 1 Shooting Range. greatness; Pegasus Knights: Upgrade to unlock a level 12 army. Can be trained at lvl 5 stable greatness.
  2. Vikings. Annihilation Cavalry: Upgrade to unlock Level 11 Cavalry. Can be trained at lvl 1 stables greatness; Overlords: Upgrade to unlock Level 12 Infantry. Can be trained in lvl 5 barracks greatness.
  3. Yamato. Fearless Artillery: Upgrade to unlock Tier 11 guns. Can be built at the level 1 chariot factory. greatness; Asura Shooter: Upgrade to unlock a level 12 army. Can be trained at level 5 shooting range. greatness.
  4. Qin troops. Wolzhman: Upgrade to unlock Level 11 Infantry. Can be trained in majesty level 1 barracks; Phoenix Wings: Upgrade to unlock a level 12 army. Can be trained at the lvl 5 Chariot Factory greatness.

Resource consumption by soldiers. All elite troops (soldiers from T1 to T12) will consume your unsafe food. If you run out of unsafe food, they won’t be harmed. Your T13 (High Legion) soldiers will also consume your unsafe food, and when your unsafe food runs out, they will continue to consume your safe food. When they don’t have enough of your safe food, they will become weak and fall into the Hideout.

Troop limit. The maximum number of T11 and T12 soldiers that you are allowed to have is 50M for each type of soldier of any level. When you train T11 and T12 soldiers, the cost of training these soldiers can be doubled based on the number of that particular type of soldier you have in your castle.

You can check the training cost and quantity limit for soldiers in the interface of your troop training buildings. After reaching 5M, 10M and 50M of each type of soldier, the price can be doubled each time.

Transfer of soldier skills. In the flag inside your castle, you can click on a soldier to test his talent. Note that you cannot switch any of the soldier’s talents. To transfer experience between soldier skills:

  1. Open the House of Prayer, select Transfer;
  2. Choose a soldier talent to gain experience from another skill. To transfer the experience of improving the talent, you will need Sacred Heraldry and the experience of another skill, which is at least lvl. 50.

The experience of the transferred skill will be converted to the target skill. Not all experience skill will be translated into target skill; a certain ratio of experience skill will be used in the experience transfer process. For example, after transferring experience level 50 to skill level 1, the last skill will be upgraded to level 37. This operation is irreversible. Before you start it, confirm the level. Read the confirmation carefully and think twice.

Troop advance. When your castle reaches level 15, troop advancement will be available automatically. Lucky Stone is used to increase the attributes of each type of troops. Attributes are effective for the corresponding troops of all levels. Kin Stones can be obtained by occupying camps on the world map. Each time you click on advance, it adds a certain amount of experience to the advancement level of your current type of troops.

The added amount of experience is random and has a chance to get a critical multiplier. When experience reaches its maximum value, one attribute will be selected at random for promotion. In the "Browse Interface" interface, you can check all the received attributes. The consumption amount increases every time you click advance, the added consumption value will be reset the next day.

The gathering of the legion. With this function, you can gather troops for a further attack on the enemy’s castle. The function of gathering troops becomes available subject to the presence of a war hall and joining an alliance. During the gathering of troops, your allies can join you, thus forming a single military formation - the legion. The legion limit is determined by the level of development of the war hall of the player who started the gathering. At the end of the gathering time, the legion moves to the designated target.

How to increase the number of troops on a campaign? You can increase the number of groups of troops in the campaign by going to the Academy - Military Science and studying the science of the Legion. If your VIP status has reached level 8, you can also send one more army after its activation.

How to increase the amount of training on the troops?

One-time bonus to the number of soldiers created. Before training a soldier, you can click the "+" button to the right of the button "Use bonus items to increase the total amount of training!". After using Enhancement Items, the maximum number of soldiers you can train will depend on the items you are using. You can also use the "Use Bonus Items to Increase the Single Tuition Amount!" in their Items and train soldiers directly in buildings.

You can use multiple items, the display effect in the soldier training interface will be Max. Workout Remaining: X. If you want to use other items to change your max workout, you need to use all of the item effects you used previously. Then you can enjoy the effect of other items to increase the training of troops.

Hike. A campaign means such actions of the player, as a result of which the troops leave the castle and go to a certain point on the world map in order to complete the assigned tasks. The size and number of troops sent are influenced by various factors, including such as the level of development of the training ground, science, equipment, etc. The march limit determines the maximum number of military groups that can be sent. The hike limit can be increased either by studying the sciences or by increasing the VIP level.

How to get universal damage?

Clash of Kings: Formation System and Formation Operations

How to open the system in order? You can customize the types of troops in each position as you like, and the same formation can be effective for attacking or defending a castle at the same time. For example: if your focus is on cavalry, you can try replacing all 8 units with a cavalry formation. If you are focusing on different types of troops, you can also deploy according to your primary and secondary attributes (as shown in the picture)

Description of the scale. All tunings are displayed as separate items. There are four types of formation: infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege weapons. Each tuning is divided into four qualities - green, blue, purple and orange. Each scale is divided into 8 positions: I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII and VIII. The system can be divided into a fixed attribute and a random attribute:

  1. Fixed Attribute: is related to the pitch position, and the attribute value is related to the pitch quality. The higher the tuning quality, the higher the upper limit of the fixed attribute. These attributes cannot be changed for each formation, they can only be improved by updating the formation.
  2. Random Attributes: The number of random tuning attributes is related to the quality of the tuning. Some attributes are affected by the tuning position. For example: the random attribute "attack damage will appear only in positions V, VI, VII and VIII. The random value of the attribute has no relation to the quality and level of the formation.

After the optimization of the new formation, set attributes were also added so that players are not limited to attribute types when forming attributes and can match their own attribute elements at will.

Improvement in tuning. Get in formation - click on specific formation props, use the formation tutorials and the formation guide to improve your formation. Currently, the maximum formation level is 50. Training materials for the formation can be obtained by destroying wild monsters of 1-30 levels, the formation guide can be obtained by destroying wild monsters of 25-30 levels.

Installation and removal of the order. Enter the scale interface, select the indicated position to set and change the scale of the corresponding positions, that is, scale I can only be set at position 1 on the scale page, scale II can only be set at position 2 on the scale page.

Tuning synthesis. Enter the Tuning View interface and use the specified number of Tuning Synthesis Schemes for synthesis. The formation synthesis allows you to synthesize the formation of only one type of troops with the same position. Synthesis will generate a third tuning according to the following rules. You can select any of the two tunings and scale 3 that are involved in the synthesis, and the other unselected tunings will disappear. The materials used to improve them will be returned in full.

The final quality after synthesis will be randomly generated from the lowest color to the highest tuning color involved in the synthesis. For example: blue tuning and orange tuning in synthesis can give blue / violet / orange tuning. Blue tuning and blue tuning in synthesis can only give blue tuning. The number of random attributes is determined by the tuning quality after synthesis. The attribute type will be generated randomly in the line of random attributes participating in the synthesis, and unselected attributes will disappear automatically.

Parsing and lowering the tuning level. Click Flag - Build. Select the specified Scale - Debrief to break the line. Parsing the scale allows you to get the synthesis scheme of the scale and materials of the corresponding scale. Click Flag - Build. Select the scale shown - minus sign to the left. Lowering the formation allows you to lower the formation by 1 level and return materials for improvement. The tune disappears when it is dismantled.

Green or blue tuning, which one to choose for analysis? In the same green and blue attributes, select a formation with more useless attributes for dismantling, for example, deploy a green or blue formation only with auxiliary attributes, such as accelerating the march / increasing load / increasing reinforcements.

Tuning training. Enter the main interface via Flag - Build Training, spend a certain number of Sandboxes to Build Training, and get random building props. Every day you have 3 free workout exercises. The probability of getting a formation during training is:

Scale set attribute. When the number of formation equipment of one type reaches 2/4/6/8, additional formation set attributes can be obtained. The quality of the attribute is related to the quality of the tuning props. Examples: if you have 8 blue infantry formations (position I - position VIII), you will receive 2/4/6/8 attributes of a blue infantry formation set. With 6 blue and 2 purple infantry formation sets, you will receive 2/4/6 blue infantry formation set attributes and 2 purple infantry formation sets.

Clash of Kings: Equipment Crafting and Leveling Guide

You can not only pick up the right equipment, but also pump it over. A total of 8 types of equipment are available, each of which has a corresponding slot. Equipment varies in 6 quality-defining colors: white, green, blue, purple, orange and gold. Quality level in descending order: gold, orange. purple, blue, green, white. The higher the quality level of the equipment, the higher the attributes. Equipment is created at the forge.

Equipment drawings. Equipment blueprints can be obtained by combining the corresponding fragments. Fragments can be obtained for daily authorization, fulfillment of some of the princess’s secret instructions, as well as by destroying monsters above level 20. Blueprints can also be purchased from the store.

Blueprints can be obtained during part of the game events (follow the details of a specific event). Blueprints for level 43 equipment can be obtained by purchasing gift bags (before purchasing, make sure that the purchased gift bag contains the blueprints you need). Forging equipment of level 43 requires a significant amount of steel.

Equipment rank. You can use rank points to exchange them in the War Hall - Exchange of military ranks. Martian Tide Shield and Martian Sharktooth Necklace are now tradable as well.

After you redeem the gear, it will first be shipped in your items. After you use it in your items, it will appear in the storage box inside the forge.

Crafting and bonus parameters. You can forge epic (orange) and legendary (gold) equipment. In the absence of obsidian, epic equipment will be forged. In the case of using obsidian, there is a chance to forge legendary equipment. The chance of successful forging depends on the quality of the obsidian used. The higher the quality, the greater the chance of successful forging.

In case of dismantling the equipment, only part of the materials can be returned.

If you have more than one piece of equipment from the same set, special attributes will become available that can be activated. Special attributes can only be activated if there are 2, 4 and 6 pieces of equipment from one set. Activation is only possible for equipment of the same quality and type. Example: if a player has two pieces of equipment from the compassion set, one of which is gold and the other orange, the activation of bonus attributes will not be possible.

Synthesis rules and analysis of equipment materials. 4 identical materials synthesize one high-quality material, and also one high-quality material is decomposed into 4 common materials. Synthesis and parsing do not require costs and time for synthesis and parsing.

Versatile equipment. Universal equipment replaces standard equipment with the same level. Forging versatile gear not only saves steel and time, but is also a convenient way to forge.

Receiving materials:

Obsidian. Obsidian can be obtained in the dragon tower, hero hardening, daily quests. In terms of quality, obsidian is classified into two types - low and high. Low-quality obsidian is used when forging equipment of level 30 and below, while high-quality obsidian is used when forging equipment of level 30 and above. A combination of low quality obsidians produces high quality obsidian. For example, two obsidians of I quality give one II quality. Obsidians of different quality affect the percentage of successful forging:

Bull horn. It is a material used to make the Brutal Gladiator’s Pack. Destroy Lv. 15-25 monsters for a chance to get a bull horn. You can also buy a pack to get the bull horn.

How do I get steel? Methods for obtaining steel:

  1. You can get steel in the fountain of desires;
  2. You can buy steel from a merchant;
  3. You can get Steel in certain specific events, such as Equipment Evolution Carnival;
  4. Buy packages.
In the forging equipment interface, players can check the amount of steel they have. Steel will not be looted or sold to allies.

How do I get a gem? The forge has an entrance for a gem. You can use a pickaxe to dig. You will get the opportunity to dig for free every 4 hours.

How to get better quality gems? When you dig for a gem, you have a certain chance to increase your digging depth. The deeper you dig, the higher the chance of unearthing better quality gems. If you are unable to increase the digging depth, your digging depth will return to its original state.

What types of gemstones are there? Only 2 types: combat and non-combat. A piece of equipment can only be inlaid with 1 Battle Gem. The number of non-combat stones inlaid per piece of equipment is not limited.

What equipment can be inlaid with precious stones? The gem can be inlaid on any equipment with an open slot. Different gems can be inlaid in different positions. There is no consumption limit when changing and removing gems. You can insert and remove them at will.

How do I upgrade gems? A gem can only be combined with a low quality target gem. The maximum gem level is 10. Equipment encrusted with precious stones cannot be synthesized or used as a material for forging another piece of equipment.

If you want to synthesize or use equipment as a material for forging another piece of equipment, you need to remove the gems first.

Analysis of equipment. Click on the equipment, the button to disassemble it will appear on the button of the equipment interface. Disassemble the equipment and you can get materials of the same quality (the types of materials will be random). What can you get after disassembly:

When disassembling a piece of evolved equipment, the evolution stone does not return.

Set. The set attribute is activated if 2,4,6 equipment is equipped at the same time, and, moreover, the quality of the equipment must be the same.

Equipment types

1. Necklace of the earth. Forging method: Smithy-Forging-Ring Earth Necklace. Required materials: equipment lvl 15, fur, blueprint of an ancient ring, plant, cobalt ore. Main attributes:

2. Vortex crystal. Forging method: Forge-Forging-Ring Whirlwind crystal. Required materials: equipment lvl 30, cobalt ore, blueprint of an ancient ring, garnet, amber. Main attributes:

3. Magic boots. Forging method: Forge-Forging-Combat boots-Magic boots. Required materials: gear lvl. 15, jade, blueprint of ancient combat boots, bronze, jade. Main attributes:

4. Boots with chains. Forging method: Forge - Forging - Combat boots - Boots with chains. Required materials: equipment lvl 30, grenade, blueprint of ancient combat boots, cloth, jade. Main attributes:

5. Mesh leggings. Forging method: Forge-Forge-Leg armor-Mesh leggings. Required materials: equipment lvl 15, plant, blueprint of ancient leg armor, cobalt ore, amber. Main attributes:

6. Cloak of the Templar. Forging method: Forge - Forging - Armor - Templar Cloak. Required materials: gear lvl 15, jade, blueprint of ancient armor, rhodonite, horn. Main attributes:

7. Chaos Armor. Forging method: Forge-Forge-Armor-Chaos Armor. Required materials: equipment lvl 30, cobalt ore, blueprint for ancient armor, grenades, amber. Main attributes:

8. Helm of cowardice. Forging method: Forge-Forging-Helmet-Helm of cowardice. Required materials: equipment lvl. 15, bronze, blueprint of an ancient helmet, cloth, grenades. Main attributes:

9. Mask of death. Forging method: Forge-Forging-Helmet-Mask of death. Required materials: equipment lvl 30, bronze, blueprint of an ancient helmet, grenade, horn. Main attributes:

10. Shield of the invader. Forging method: Forge-Forge-Weapon-Invader’s Shield. Required materials: equipment lvl. 15, bone, blueprint of ancient weapons, grenades. Main attributes:

11. Wanderer’s Bow. Forging method: Forge-Forge-Weapon-Wanderer Bow. Required materials: equipment lvl. 30, grenades, blueprint of ancient weapons, amber, horn. Main attributes:

12. Ancient shield. Forging method: Forge-Forging-Weapon-Ancient shield. Required materials: equipment lvl. 30, grenades, blueprint of ancient weapons, amber, fur. Main attributes:

In addition to the basic ones, each type of equipment has random attributes.

Weapon making

1. Type of weapons:

Weapons production consumes wood, odes, iron, mithrils, and refined iron. The finished weapon will be automatically put into the backpack.

2. Arsenal rule. Players can arm T11, T12 and T13 troops with weapons, each of which contains 4 types of soldiers. 12 kinds of soldiers in total. After being armed, the soldier becomes a new unit and inherits the skill enhancement level of the former soldier. Each soldier can be armed in two directions:

For example: cavalry lvl.13 (blade), total 100,000 cavalry lvl.13 (blade) increases the damage of all cavalry in a squadron against archers by 1%, more but above 10%. You can train up to 1 million of each unit. For example, you can train up to 1 million paladins, this limit is the total number of your paladins in both directions.

3. The effect of the troops. In Super Rally, the attributes of all soldiers depend on the player who starts the rally. In general fees, the attributes of troops depend on each player. When defending a castle, the buff effect of each unit will take effect.

This function is available in the castle lv. 30 and is in the Training Ground. To ensure your gaming experience, please update your game to version 5.01 or higher.

Dragon glass

Dragon Glass is a new piece of equipment. When worn, various attributes of the lord are increased. Upon reaching the castle level 15, the corresponding lord will become available on the page, in which you can place any suitable dragon glass.

Dragon Glass Attributes. Dragon glass is divided into five types by color: green, blue, purple, orange, gold. With each new color bit, a new attribute is added, and the existing ones are also increased. Dragon glass attributes are categorized as fixed (based on quality) and random. Random are displayed after the change. Green Dragon Glass is devoid of random attributes. Crafting Dragon Glass grants random attributes and their values. 2 free dragon glass treatments can be produced every day.

Resetting dragon glass. Being in the section of dragon glass, pressing the button, you can reset the activated glass. In the process, all spent crystals will be returned.

Getting crystals. Crystals can be obtained for participating in the "Ancient Battlefield" mode after reaching level 15 of the castle development. During the "Ancient Battlefield" mode, all the lords who ranked from 1 to 1000 will receive crystals as a reward. The higher the place in the rating, the more crystals you can get. Also, crystals can be obtained by participating in the "Dragon Battlefield" mode.

Clash of Kings: Castle and buildings in it: types and functions

Lock. The castle provides an overview of your empire. Upgrade your castle to unlock new buildings and building functions, and increase your collection speed. After upgrading your castle to Lv. 30, you can increase your prestige level. As you increase the prestige level in your castle, each improvement will increase the prestige level progress by 10%. When progress reaches 100%, the prestige level will rise to that of the castle.

Improving the castle. Unlock the prestige level, complete the prestige quests to unlock the prestige level. You can use gold and majesty to skip these quests.

Improving the castle wall. The wall protects the castle. The wall can be upgraded after the players’ castle reaches the appropriate level. Upgrading the wall can increase the trap in the castle, and the city’s defenses will also be increased.

Defense of the castle. The defense of the castle can be viewed as the health of the Wall. After the players’ castle is attacked, the Wall’s Defense will be reduced, and if the Wall’s Defense is reduced to 0, the castle will randomly teleport. Castle defense is not a fixed number. These will be different numbers in different areas, such as Black Belt, General Zone, your Alliance’s territory, enemy Alliance’s territory, Ancient Battleground and DP Battlefield.

Fire condition. When the players’ castle is conquered, it will go into a burning state, during which the castle’s defense will gradually decrease. In the wall defense interface, players can use gold to extinguish fire. The burning rate of your castle will increase when your castle is on the Black Belt.

Repair of the castle wall. When the defense of the castle is below the maximum number, players must restore it. A certain amount of castle defenses can be restored each time. After the recovery is over, if the defense is still lower than the maximum number, players can click again and recover.

How do I move buildings around the castle? Click on the lock, then "Details" - "Moving buildings". To activate this function, you need to have the appropriate item, or you need to pay 500 gold.

Castle look and effect. In the castle skin, you can check what decorations you received and check what decorations are on sale in the store. You can use gold, diamond and a mysterious shard to buy jewelry. In the castle effect, you can directly use or buy buffs like Peace Shield, Attack Bonus, Defense Bonus, and others. In the decoration interface, players can click on a specific decoration - Set as preference / Deselect preference. Decorations that have been set as a preference will receive a star in the upper left corner.

Expansion of the castle. Including a building system and a counterattack system, this feature improves your defensive ability. After updating both systems to the maximum level, you can unlock the Ram.

God of Construction. This is a construction event. Having reached the required power, you will receive rewards at a certain stage. After the end of the event, there will also be rating awards.

How to demolish a building? Resource buildings, military tents, and hospitals outside of your wall can be torn down. You can demolish them by clicking on the building you want to demolish - parts - demolish. Demolishing a building takes a period of time and takes your building turn. You can use shared haste items to speed up this progress. After the building is demolished, its capacity will be reduced. You can cancel the demolition process by clicking on demolition of the building - details - undo demolition. Once you cancel the demolition, the building will return to the state before you started the demolition.

What are the prerequisites for unlocking the Prestige 6 castle? For locks under ur. 30, each update increases the level of the castle by 1. After reaching lvl. 30, each improvement will receive 10% progress, and the level of the castle will be increased by 1 after the progress reaches 100%. Castles lv. 31 to lv. 36 are called Prestige 1 -Prestige 6. There are 10 prerequisites for upgrading from Prestige 5 to Prestige 6:

If the Lords cannot meet the aforementioned preconditions, you can skip them with Gold: the first time you skip the prerequisite with gold will cost you 100,000 gold. After that, gold consumption will increase by 100,000 each time. Skipping the last precondition (winning once during the Conquest Stage) will cost you 100,000 majesty.

Fortress. Players can build various traps in the fortress. The maximum level of Fortress is Prestige 6. Fortress of higher level can open more traps. When enemies attack your castle, the trap will only take effect if there are enough soldiers to defend your castle. The trap will randomly destroy some enemy soldiers according to the counter relationship. A specific trap will be unlocked after the Fortress reaches the corresponding level.

Trap capacity refers to the maximum number of traps you can build. You can increase this upper limit by upgrading the walls. The construction time of the trap is fixed once at 10 hours. Thus, the higher the trap construction speed, the more traps can be built at one time.

Fortress of civilizations. After your castle reaches ur. 10, you can open a Civilization fortress inside your castle. You can place your Civilization Fortress on the world map inside your Kingdom. The Fortress of Civilization produces the Crystal of Civilization, which is used to research the science of the Ancestral Spirits. You can also loot others’ Civilization Fortresses. After other players attack the Civilization Fortress, the amount of Civilization Crystal that you can loot will depend on the workload of your troops. There is also an upper limit on the amount of Civilization Crystal you can loot (depending on your Civilization Fortress level).

In the battles that took place in the Fortress of Civilization, soldiers of both sides, the defender and the attacker, die. If your Civilization Fortress is looted, you are not allowed to collect the Civilization Crystal or destroy it. Instead, you can scout and attack him. Tier 7 Dragon Word: Acumen, will not increase income from Research Stone in Civilization Fortress. If you used every chance of plunder that day, you also cannot garrison your allies’ Civilization Fortress.

After your Civilization Fortress is attacked and occupied, your activity of sending a soldier to defend it will break your Peace Shield. This is the game setting. 3 loot chances every day means that you can loot the resource the first 3 times each day when you attack another player’s Civilization Fortress. There is no upper limit on the number of chances for you to attack a Civilization Fortress. If you have reached the maximum number of looting the Civilization Fortress, you can attack it, but you will not loot any resources.

How to transfer the Fortress of Civilization? If you want to move your Civilization Fortress located outside your castle, you need to demolish it and install it again. This is the only way to move it.

If your castle teleports to other locations or to other cross-server battlefields, the location of your Civilization Fortress will not change.

Alchemy workshop. Players can craft buff items in the alchemy workshop. Item types of buffs:

You can get the blueprints that are used in the workshop through the World Boss Fire Dragon Treasure.

Academy. Players can research science at the academy. Updating the academy will open up more sciences. Requirement of modernization of the Academy raising the level of the Fountain of Desire to the appropriate level. Requirements for research: fulfill the requirement at the academy level, meeting the requirements for the previous technology, availability of resources. Effect: Research technologies can significantly increase the abilities of Lords in the field of development, combat, healing and others.

Overlords can unlock Stage 2 after purchasing the Weekly Rapid Growth Pack. Lords can start researching technologies when there is not enough time left in the queue.

Magic house. It is a building where players can analyze magic. There is general analysis and advanced analysis. Players can receive a magic crystal or magic shards. General needs analysis requires a global die, and advanced needs analysis requires a global enhanced die.

Now you can learn new magic skills at the Academy and the Magic House. To do this, players need to change the prize pool. New magical skills are included in the Power of Elements II and Power of Chaos II prize pools. Players can switch between the old prize pool and the new prize pool using the pointer / arrow in the magic house.

Miracle. After your castle reaches ur. 30, this building will be unlocked. Upgrade your Wonder Prestige to increase the maximum prestige of your castle. Each promotion increases the prestige level by 10%. When progress reaches 100%, the level of prestige will rise to level. As the level of Miracle increases, the Glorious Miracle Light is gradually unlocked. After activating the Glorious Light, you can enjoy the beneficial effects of it.

Tower of Wisdom. When the castle reaches level 23, the tower of wisdom opens. There are kept rare books left over from ancient wisdom. You can spend resources and stones of science to study the occult ability, and this will make you more powerful.

Forge of Science. When the castle reaches level 23, the forge of science opens. It is produced by the stone of science continuously. Currently you can only build 2 science forges.

Bank. When your castle reaches Lv. 20, you can unblock the bank. The bank has 4 types of financial products. Each product has a unique deposit cycle, interest rate and deposit limit. Some financial products cannot be invested at the same time. After a successful purchase, the financial product will enter its deposit cycle. During the deposit cycle, the invested gold will go into a frozen state and cannot be used.

If you want to abandon the principle of a financial product that has not yet arrived, you can exit the investment. In this case, you can only return your principle back and will not receive any additional interest. After the financial product has matured, you can collect your gold. In this case, you can get your principle along with the interest you deserve. Under the influence of the laws of some countries, you are not allowed to use the bank when you are in any particular status.

Firearms camp. Opening conditions: - Lock level 20 or higher. Increase your camp firearms level and you can unlock projectiles of different effects. When the total volume of projectiles reaches the maximum capacity of the Camp, it will not be able to produce more projectiles. You can select and attack enemy castles on the world map with projectiles. You can also use projectiles under the shield of protection. If a Lord attacked by a projectile changes location or teleports while the projectile is flying, he will be immediately hit by the projectile.

If the player using the projectile teleports while the projectile is flying, the projectile’s flight time will be recalculated at the new location in the castle. If the player using the projectile changes kingdom while flying, the projectile disappears. Different projectiles have different destructive power. When the castle’s castle is hit by projectiles, the corresponding damage value will be increased. When the damage value reaches the upper limit, it automatically activates the "fire resistance" state (at the same time, the damage value is erased). The castle in this state cannot be attacked by a projectile.

If a Lord is in Fire Resistance and attacks others with a projectile, the Lord will fail. If during the flight of the projectile the state of "fire resistance" is activated in the attacked castle, this will have no effect after the impact of the projectile. A castle attacked by a projectile cannot temporarily use the castle appearance for a short time.

Shelter. You can unlock the Shelter after your Spirit Hall reaches level 2. When food in your castle runs out, every hour the 1.0% of the High Legion you have weakens and goes into the Shelter. If the weak soldiers in your castle reach the Shelter limit, other weak soldiers will die outright. Upgrade the Shelter to increase its limit of accepting weak soldiers.

You can spend gold or a regular haste item to restore weak soldiers in the Shelter. Weak soldiers in the Hideout take a long time to recover.

Watchtower. The Watchtower is used to locate and investigate an army approaching you. You can check the troops marching towards you here. Upgrade the Watchtower to get more detailed information on enemies. Watchtower Prestige 5 can scout castles that activated the Peace Shield. Updating the Watchtower requires a Farm Castle level.

If the researched player used the item against the scout, then only the remaining time of the World Shield can be researched. If the scouting player did not use any item against the scouts, then both the soldier and the time of the Peace Shield can be found. If the researched player used the item against the scout and did not activate the Peace Shield, then the player who has the Prestige 5 Watchtower cannot scout anything, and the scout will fail.

Forge. When the castle reaches level 5, it is possible to build a forge. In this building, you can forge equipment, synthesis and dismantling of equipment materials.

Bulletin board. The castle has a notice board in front of the castle. Click on it to check the status of the resources and the list of enemies.

Jail. The prison is a good place to lock up enemy heroes. Any hero you catch in battle can be locked up here.

Improving a prison can increase the capacity of prisoners and shorten the execution time. To unlock the prison you need lvl. 20. You can free another lord’s hero in your prison, and this lord will receive mail. After capturing the heroes of other lords, you can free the heroes yourself.

You can also execute heroes after capturing them for a certain period. If the player activates the Peace Shield after capturing heroes from other lords, all heroes in the prison will be freed automatically. If you activate the Ally Peace Shield for your ally, then the heroes in your ally’s prison will also be freed. If your hero is captured by other players, you can purchase and use the "Hero’s Suicide Letter" item. After using the hero suicide letter, the hero will enter your graveyard.

Hospital. A hospital can only be built behind a wall. The requirement to heal the wounded is less than the training of new soldiers. The hospital is the place where you can heal the wounded. Upgrade it to increase the wounded capacity. Explore science to increase the capacity and healing rate of injured soldiers. If there are no vacancies in the hospital, the soldiers will die. Only after treatment, your soldiers will be able to attack again. The soldiers will be injured in the following battles:

Barracks, stable, shooting range, chariot factory and disbanding troops. Various types of troops are created in these buildings. The level and number of military tents determines the volume and speed of troop creation. When buildings reach levels 4, 7, 10, 13, 16, 19, 22, 26 and 30, a new type of troops opens. Improvement and creation of military units cannot be carried out in the same building at the same time. If you want to disband a certain type of soldier, click on the corresponding building, select the type of soldier, click on "!" and indicate the number of soldiers to be dismissed from service.

Disbanding soldiers will not refund the resources you spent on training them.

Workshop. Various equipment materials can be crafted in the workshop. If necessary, you can force the creation of the material by paying in gold.

Farm, sawmill, iron mine, mithril mine. The farm, sawmill, iron mine, mithril mine produce food, wood, iron, mithril. Upgrade buildings to increase resource income. An iron mine can be built when the castle reaches level 10. The Mithril Mine can be built when the castle reaches level 15.

Fountain of desires. The Fountain of Desires is a magical building. You can get the corresponding rewards if you invest gold and wish. Updating the Fountain of Wishes will increase the daily chances of a free wish and the amount of reward you can receive by wishing. Absorb an item of gold or blessing to obtain one of Wood, Food, Iron, Mithril, and Steel. Consume gold to spin the roulette wheel, players have a chance to get items such as Refined Iron, Knight’s Crest, Marching Acceleration, etc. Each player has 1 free chance every day.

Traps. Traps are created in the fortress and used in the defense of the castle.

Ancient Dragon Tower

A new building appeared on the territory of the castle - the Ancient Dragon Tower. You can send your troops, challenge the ancient monsters guarding the dragon’s treasures, and conquer floors. The ancient dragon tower is high and consists of many floors, on each of which bloodthirsty monsters will be waiting for you, the level of which differs in difficulty: easy, medium, difficult. The more difficult the level, the richer the reward. The higher the floor of the tower, the higher the difficulty of the monsters and the richer the reward.

1. Participation. All players with castle level 10 or higher are allowed. The higher the level of development of the Ancient Dragon Tower, the greater the number of available floors. You can participate only once every day.

2. Reward. For the first floor cleaning, a corresponding reward is given. In addition, for each clearing of a certain number of floors (multiple of 5), you can get an additional reward.

3. The rules of the battle. Monsters of the Ancient Dragon Tower differ in level, quantity, ratio of effects. Therefore, when performing assignments, it is very important to think strategically in order to avoid unnecessary losses. The number of floors captured is valid for the current day only. The next day you will have to start all over again.

After each battle in the Ancient Dragon Towers, there may be injuries. However, do not worry, the battles are of a training nature and will not affect real battles in case of capture or attack. After each victory, there will be an opportunity to heal the wounded and restore stamina. The treatment will take time, which depends on the floor, level and number of troops. The higher the value, the longer it will take to heal.

4. Change of bonus effects. Having won, in addition to items, points will be given. On every 3rd floor, you can use these points and gold to change the bonus effects of your warriors, which will help you capture other floors. Bonus effects are active strictly within the Ancient Dragon Tower.

5. Rules for stripping. As soon as more than 10 floors are captured, the sweep function will open. Using this function, you can clear a whole group of floors, depending on the largest one this week (X-10 = Y, where X is the maximum floor this week, and Y is the number of floors available for cleaning). If the player starts over from the 1st floor, the function will become unavailable. You can view the progress of other players by checking their combat reports and gaining skills.

Expansion of buildings

After fully expanding the part, this part can be converted. Reformation can be divided into 6 stages: Small, Normal, Advanced, Superior, Excellent, Ideal. The attributes you get by expanding and transforming the same part can be the same or different. The Reformation consumes 4 basic resources (including food, wood, iron and mithril) and a White Gold Stone. The reformation will not take time.

Each time you reform your building, you will increase the progress of reforming that part. When the progress of the reformation reaches maximum progress, the reformation of this part will move on to the next phase. Each time you increase the reform phase of a part, it can significantly increase your attributes. Each part has 3 ways to reform. Each method will consume different types of resources.

Regardless of what resource the reforming method consumes, the consumption of that resource will increase as your reform progress increases. If you use a certain reform method, the chance of a critical hit will constantly increase. The critical strike chance will increase by 1% for each subsequent transformation, and the progress made by the critical strike will also increase.

If you switch to a different reform method, your critical strike chance is reduced by 5%. Therefore, do not change your way of reformation too often. Regardless of which path of reformation you choose, the consumption of the White Gold Stone will increase. Each part of the buildings has a strong hidden attribute that will be activated after that part is converted to ideal.

Clash of Kings: Loot Secrets

Miner’s chest. Open the miner’s chest to randomly obtain different qualities of gems, hole saw and other items in the gem system. Miner’s chests of different qualities can be opened with different keys. Ways to get a miner’s chest:

Exploration coordinates. Lords can purchase the "Coordinate Scouting" item through the War King Gift Shop. Using this item, lords can find the coordinates of another lord by entering his / her lord name.

Mysterious fragment. When buying Mysterious Gift items in the store, you will receive a Mysterious Fragment for the same amount. In the Jewelry lottery, you can use gold and diamond to buy a Mysterious Fragment. Using:

Powder. Used to produce all kinds of cannonball in the ammo camp. How to get: By purchasing packages and getting the chance to buy them from the Traveling Merchant.

Random teleport. Use a random teleport and the player’s castle will teleport to a random location in the player’s current Kingdom (on the server). How to get the:

Holy candles. At the end of the Great Crusade, holy candles can be sacrificed to bring back the exiles. Affected units, having become exiles, are distributed over two rooms - the royal and personal. You can return Exiles in the Personal Room. The exiles will return depending on the ratio of their total number and the number of sacred candles donated by the players of the whole kingdom in the royal room.

Gift envelope. With a gift envelope, you can send items to other players. Only one item can be inserted in a gift envelope. Not all items can be put into a gift envelope (eg 1000 dragon coins, 5,000,000 food, another gift envelope, etc.). Before sending items through a gift envelope, a list of items that are not available for attachment will be displayed. To receive a gift envelope, click on the gold icon in the upper right corner. Here you will find gift envelopes available for purchase.

Clash of Kings: Tavern

What is the wheel of fortune? The wheel of fortune can be found in the tavern. For each turn of the wheel, 1000 units are removed. copper and a chance to get rich rewards, including materials, boosters, boosters, a chest of luck, etc. Every day there is a chance of one free spin (server update time 00 hours).

What is a Lucky Chest? By spinning the wheel of fortune, there is a chance of dropping a chest of luck. With the chest of luck, you can receive up to 9 rewards, which are represented by materials, accelerators, amplifiers, lord’s experience, coins, etc. Opening the chest you will be shown 9 cards with rewards. By clicking on "Shuffle", the face of the cards will be hidden and they will be shuffled. You can get a reward by flipping cards and spending dragon coins. Coup price:

What is a reward multiplier? A special gift can be found in the chest of luck - a multiplier of rewards. Each time you receive it, the amount of the next reward you receive will increase by the corresponding number of the multiplier. When two multipliers fall out, the addition of their powers will occur.

Multipliers are effective only at the moment of opening the current chest of luck.

Where can you get copper?

  1. On the materials page in the store;
  2. From the itinerant merchant;
  3. During trading in the port;
  4. While spinning the wheel of fortune.

Where can you get dragon coins?

  1. On the materials page in the store;
  2. From the itinerant merchant;
  3. During trading in the port;
  4. While spinning the wheel of fortune.

Test field. Each lord has 1 free chance to enter the Test Field every day (after that you can enter with gold or a Scroll of Tempering). Attack the monsters on the world map and you will have a chance to get the Tempering Scroll, which is used to increase your chances of entering the Challenge Field. You will receive 15 free attack chances every time you enter the Challenge Field. You can also spend Gold to buy attack chance. Every time you attack a monster, your attack chance will be reduced by 1, regardless of whether it is a normal attack or a critical hit.

When entering the test field, the player will have access to 3 methods of attack: sword strike, lightning discharge and fireball. Each type of attack deals damage in 1 unit, 3 units. and 5 units. respectively. During an accumulated attack, the amount of damage can be increased by 3 times. The more links in the chain of attack, the more damage. After a successful attack on the monster, the chest it guards is given. When using the chest, a rich reward is given.

If you enter the Challenge Field for the first time and find that you have no chance of a free attack, you need to complete the events of the previous Challenges that have not yet been completed. Then you can get free attack chances throughout the day.

Roulette of crystals. Consume gold to spin the roulette wheel and you have a chance to get a different amount of crystal or dark crystal (1 free chance every day)

The Crystal and Dark Crystal obtained by you using the Crystals Roulette will be sent to your items in the form of chests. After you enter your item and open these chests, the Crystal and Dark Crystal will be added to the Dragon Glass interface.

Daily activity. Every day, players can earn active points by completing various daily quests. After the number of active points reaches a certain amount, players can collect daily chests with rewards. After accumulating a certain number of active points per week, players can also collect weekly chests with active rewards.

Clash of Kings: A Beginner’s Guide

How to play? In the world of Clash of Kings, you will play as one of the lords and rule your kingdom. Under your leadership, it will grow stronger until one day you become the great emperor of the entire kingdom, and even the world. Upgrade buildings, train soldiers, research technologies - all this is the key to the development of a powerful empire. Develop internal sources of resources and develop external ones - thereby creating a solid foundation for your kingdom. By joining the alliance, using the teleport for beginners and the help of allies, you can effectively defend your city. Destroy monsters on the map and gain experience for your lord. Discuss the game with your friends, making it easier and more interesting!

How do you attack monsters? Many monsters of different levels are distributed around the world. While on the world map, you probably noticed centaurs, griffins and other creatures - they are the very monsters. The number next to the name indicates the level of the monster. For the first kill, you can get a significant reward. Repeated destruction of monsters will bring you not only resources, but also the opportunity to get valuable items.

The main source of the lord’s experience is also the extermination of monsters. After destroying a low-level monster, the right to kill monsters on a higher level is given (for example, an attack of a level 5 monster is possible only after defeating a level 4 monster). After the battle, there are wounded who must be placed in the medal tents. Inheriting this rule will lead to their death.

Novice Peace Shield. The newly registered account’s castle will receive the Peace Shield within 72 hours. During this period, the castle will not be attacked by other players. Actions related to war (reconnaissance, attack, rally, capture of buildings in DP, battle for the Throne and other activities) will break the Peace Shield.

Focus of different stages for beginners

1. Early stage. Technology research is the most important early stage activity. When you’re not rich enough early on, you need a lot of resources. Even if you don’t need the resources just yet, you must ensure that the resources you will need at a later stage come in.

2. Stage of development. Castle development and castle defense are also important. First of all, you must develop the defense of the castle to ensure your safety. Then you can improve the development of the castle. If you don’t have enough capacity to defend your castle, it will become a farm for others.

3. Further stage. You must pay attention to military technology. Since military technology cannot affect troops immediately, you must develop it to a later stage and ensure that your military technology is advanced. Instead of an offensive strategy, defensive strategies are more recommended so that you can develop in a safe state. If you are always using offensive strategies, it is difficult to stay away from your offensive technology and sufficient units to attack. Always maintain a technological and defensive advantage.

Tips for beginners

1. The importance of resources. Resources are the first major issue that players must solve in Clash of Kings. When you first start playing, you can train Level 2 Siege Weapons first and increase the level of technology in resource and urban development of academies. Then you can train some soldiers who are enough to defend your castle. Level 2 siege weapons are used to gather resources and you can also upgrade them after unlocking higher tier soldiers. Save your resource boxes and use them whenever necessary.

2. Acceleration. Use haste items after your castle reaches Lv. 26. Items of acceleration are extremely necessary in battles for the throne.

3. The number of soldiers. In order not to waste resources before your castle reaches ur. 25, you only need to train enough soldiers to defend yourself, attack monsters, and gather resources.

4. Equipment. The attributive bonuses that equipment represents are very important. Lower quality gear is not recommended. Only orange or better gear is valuable.

5. Science. The attribute bonuses provided by science are very useful. Research castle development technologies and resources before your castle level is lower than lvl. 15. Research equipment technologies when the level of your castle is below lvl. 20. Research technologies related to combat after the level of your castle is higher than lvl. 20.

6. Shield of the world. Do not attack others unless it is necessary to avoid unnecessary losses. Long-term Peace Shield is recommended.

7. Alliance. Join an active alliance with many members and allies can defend your castle.

Most useful heroes at the beginning of the game

1. Hero Builder. The hero builder is very important in the initial stages of development. His exceptional talent will reduce construction time and resource consumption, and using his active skills, your next construction activity will not cost you food and wood, iron or mithril. After raising a hero to 4 stars, his active skill will reduce the consumption of signs of greatness for improvement or construction. With this hero, you can progress much faster than others.

2. Goddess of the harvest. It increases your income. Her talent will increase the storage capacity and income from resources in the castle, her skill will also increase your speed of gathering resources on the world map. Her active skills can complete your entire collection of resources on the world map in a few seconds. A very useful hero to help you develop.

3. Hero is a bachelor of alchemy. It can dramatically reduce research time and resources when researching technology at the academy. His active skills are similar to those of the Creator. After using his active skill, your next research in the academy will not consume food, wood, iron or mithril. By upgrading it to 4 stars, it can even reduce the consumption of Science Stone for research.

4. Occult sage. It can save you a lot of time and resource consumption when you can study science in the Tower of the Sage. After using his active skill, your next occult analysis will not consume food, wood, iron or mithril. By upgrading it to 4 stars, it can even reduce the consumption of Science Stone for research. If you want this hero, just buy it.

Clash of Kings: Gameplay Features

Why did my castle teleport? The king and judge of the kingdom are allowed to use the Order of Destruction, which allows them to destroy the castle at the coordinates of the target. The castle at the coordinates of the target will be teleported to random coordinates (if the castle with the given coordinates is protected by the Peace Shield, the castle will also be teleported, and the Peace Shield will remain). After the attack, the defense of your castle will be reduced.

As soon as your castle defense is reduced to 0, it will be teleported to a random location. When you return to your kingdom after joining any cross-server event, your castle will not return to its original coordinates, instead, your castle will be teleported to a random location in your kingdom.

How do I create and delete coordinate bookmarks? Click on the map image in the lower left corner. While on the world map, click anywhere on the map and create a bookmark by clicking on the "+". Subsequently, you can find all the bookmarks entered by clicking on the image of the book in the lower left corner. By clicking on a bookmark and sliding it to the left, the options for changing the name and deleting will become available.

Will the gathering troops in the castle be attacked? In normal situations, the troops that join the gathering in your castle will not join the battle that took place in your castle. They will not be attacked by other lords and will not defend your castle.

Can I capture someone else’s castle? One game account supports only one lock. All other castles belong to other players. You can carry out a siege, but you cannot capture someone else’s castle.

Why does the freeze meter appear when using the peace shield? If the player has performed acts of aggression while the peace shield is active, its effect is terminated. In case of reactivation, you must wait until the end of the countdown on the freeze counter.

What determines the time of the freeze counter? The freeze counter time is determined by the remaining duration of the peace shield. The longer the residual duration of the current world shield, the longer the freeze period before the next possible use.

What kind of actions fall under acts of aggression? Acts of aggression that cancel the effect of the peace shield include: reconnaissance, attack, gathering of troops, capture of buildings in the "Dragon Battlefield" modes, the battle for the throne and others.

Will the freeze counter appear if I activate a new shield while the current one is active? No, this action will not cause the freeze counter to appear. The system does not impose a freeze counter if the peace shield malfunctions in Ancient Battlefield and Dragon Battlefield modes.

How to hide the appearance of a hike? Enter the World Map, expand the map with both hands, at maximum expansion, "hide the appearance of the campaign" will appear.

How do I add friends? Click Lord Details - Add Friends. Click on the building in the Castle House of Brotherhood Friends to check the information about your current friends.

How do I remove friends? Click Brotherhood - Friend. Click on a friend’s avatar to display the control button, click on "Remove Friend" to exit the group chat. Mail - Message - Multi-user chat - Top right - Exit the chat room and delete all messages.

How to add a friend to the Family? Click in the castle House of Friends of the Brotherhood. Click on the avatar of the friend you want to add to Family: Add to Family. You can move a friend to a group of friends: Family.

How do I get VIP points? VIP points are awarded for the time spent in the game. The longer the duration, the more points and rewards received. In addition, you can also purchase points and raise the level of the VIP status by clicking on the "Add points" button. This method is one of the fastest. In addition, VIP points can be earned by completing tasks, participating in events, etc.

How to upgrade your VIP status? The VIP status system is subdivided into 10 levels. By clicking on the "VIP" button next to the avatar, the main window will open, where the player can check the current status level, the current number of points and the number of points required for the next level. Being online for a set amount of time, you will be awarded points, thanks to which the VIP status level is increased.

How to get gold for free? Use the following methods:

  1. Complete tasks;
  2. Join an alliance and get 200 gold coins as a reward;
  3. Take up a gold mine;
  4. Get a large number of gold coins by participating in events;
  5. Link your account for the first time and get 100 gold coins as a gift;
  6. Visit the port more often during the issuance of daily rewards, there is a chance to get gold;
  7. Get gold after being in the game for a certain amount of time;
  8. Get gold with each new level of the lord;
  9. Invite Facebook friends and get gold;
  10. Kill a new level monster for the first time;
  11. Receive a gift from the king;
  12. With every update of the game, you get 100 gold coins;
  13. Follow the official Clash of Kings page on social networks and get prizes in gold;
  14. During top-up events, buy gold and get an extra bonus to the purchased amount;
  15. Get gold by spinning the wheel of fortune.

Description of the rank system. The system is a collection of ranks and glory points obtained in the game through participation in different battles. Each week, based on the ranking by rank points, you can increase its level. The higher the rank, the higher the bonuses, the more varied items and equipment in the store, and more skills are available. Ways to get rank points:

The weekly glory limit is 25,000 and does not apply to rank points.

Promotion of rank. Rank points are calculated for 10 kingdoms that make up 1 group. Each week, a ranking is compiled by player rank points. The chance of getting promoted depends on the rankings. After summing up and drawing up a rating, from the next week, rank points are reset and so on. Each week, players receive a reward based on their ranking. After a certain period, the rank points and rank level will be reset.

The spirit of the ancestors. Four civilizations have their own Ancestral Spirit. Researching different Ancestral Spirit technologies requires varying levels of popularity. In order to research some specific technologies, you need to research the previous technologies first. Attribute: An Attribute bonus gained through Ancestral Spirit research technology will persist.

The attribute bonus provided by technologies from different Civilizations can be tricky. The bonus will not change if you switch your civilization. 4 different types of troops of level 12 can be unlocked by 4 civilizations. You can research the legion technology of the corresponding civilization to unlock lvl 12 troops.

The cavalry bonus provided by occult science and the spirit of the ancestors is valid for the griffin knights. And if you want to research all technologies of all civilizations, you need to increase the popularity of all civilizations to Respect + 1.

Test field. When attacking monsters on the world map, there is a chance to drop a tempering scroll, which allows you to enter the test field. Every day, the lord has a free opportunity to enter the test field once. Additional quenching scrolls can be purchased for gold. Each time you enter the test field, you will be given 15 free attempts to attack monsters (additional attempts can be purchased for gold).

When entering the test field, the player will have access to 3 methods of attack: sword strike, lightning discharge and fireball. Each of the types of attacks deals damage in 1 unit, 3 units. and 5 units. respectively. During an accumulated attack, the amount of damage can be increased by 3 times. The more links in the chain of attack, the more damage. After a successful attack on the monster, the chest it guards is given. When using the chest, a rich reward is given.

Royal Hall. The Royal Hall is the place where the various functions of the king and ministers are activated. Here they can conduct such political courses as "Shock Construction", "Restoration" and others, as well as bargain on the black market, forcibly move castles, etc. - opposing the development of the kingdom! A large amount of royal silver is required to activate the functions. Royal Silver is collected and deposited by common players who can also use it for subversion, preventing the king and ministers from using the skills. Learn more about the skills at the Town Hall and the Foreign Office.

Search for ruins. Click on the world map on the left side of the game interface. Then you will travel to the world and you can find the Ruins with blue light. You can explore the ruins to protect your troops. You can gain some resources and experience while exploring the ruins.

You will not lose soldiers during research, the rewards are also increased. The ruins located on the world map, you need to find yourself.

Accumulation of energy. Brief introduction for the energy storage function:

If you have saved some defensive energy, but the portal is occupied by players from another Kingdom and they continue to garnish it, only defense will be reduced, and the defensive energy you saved will not be reduced. If you pick it up again, you will need to repair the portal first. When your portal reaches maximum defense, you will continue to accumulate defensive energy.

Protected resources. Protected resources are all those that are obtained by using the corresponding items. Protected resources are used as usual and are consumed when upgrading buildings, training troops, etc. In the presence of conventional and protected resources, ordinary resources are spent on the maintenance of troops. Once the sender’s market reaches level 1 greatness and the recipient’s market reaches level 24, and provided both sides are in an alliance for more than 72 hours, it will be possible to send protected food and wood. Currently, shipment of protected iron and mithril is not possible. Benefits of Protected Resources:

Flower function. Each flower sent will bring you 1 charm. The charm will be counted after each round and you will receive additional attributes according to the charm you receive. Do not send flowers in cross-server status. Players can also interact with the color interface using the color button in another Lord’s information interface. In this interface, you can throw an egg to this lord to reduce the amount of flowers he / she received.

Ratings. Click on the lord’s avatar in the lower left corner to enter the rating. Ratings include:

Camps on the world map

Camps will randomly appear on the world map, random heroes will be placed in them. If you defeat the hero in a certain amount of time, you can earn bonus items such as Lucky Stone and others. There is no limit on the number of attempts, how many a player can take or attack camps, but there is a limit on receiving bonuses. If you click on a free camp, you can see how many bonuses you have earned that day.

When you defeat or attack any camp, you lose 1 bonus. You get the kill reward immediately when you attack the camp where the NPC is located. The reward for the capture is accumulated after a certain time, and will be calculated when you return to the castle. If the capture of the camp is not completed, and the camp was attacked or occupied by other players, you will not receive any reward for capturing the camp. Heroes cannot be captured in a camp battle.

For the destruction of the garrison in the camp, you will receive a reward. Permanent reward for each wave, the final reward depends on the number of waves when the camp is captured. Random reward: for each wave, you will receive one random item from the reward field, the final random reward depends on the number of camp capture waves.

Clash of Kings: All About Alliances. Alliance activities

How to create an alliance? You cannot create alliances at development level 1-3. At a castle development level from 4 to 5, to create an alliance, you need to spend 200 units of gold. With a castle development level of 6 and above, creating an alliance is free. You need to enter the name and slogan of the alliance. The slogan will be shown to everyone who wants to join your alliance. The language of the alliance depends on the language of the leader, but you can change it later.

How to dissolve and leave an alliance? How do I change an alliance? Each lord has the right to enter one of the alliances. To change the alliance, you must leave the current one. To leave the alliance, go to Alliance-Management-Leave the alliance. The leader cannot forcibly dissolve the alliance until the moment when all members leave the alliance.

If the leader wants to leave the alliance, he must first transfer his powers to another member. In the absence of an alliance leader for 7 days, an alliance member of rank 3 or 4 can become a new leader by spending 1000 gold. In the absence of an alliance leader for 10 days, a member of an alliance of rank 1 or 2 can become a new leader by spending 1000 gold.

Alliance treasure. As soon as you reach level 10 of the development of the castle, the function of the alliance treasure will become available. Digging for treasure and helping allies, you can get a reward. According to their quality, the alliance treasures are divided into 5 color classes: green, blue, purple, orange, gold. Quality levels of color classes in descending order: gold, orange, purple, blue, green. The higher the quality of the treasure, the richer the reward.

After the start of excavations, the participation of allies is required to receive the reward. If during the existence of the alliance treasure, no help is received from the allies, the treasure will disappear, as well as the chance of receiving a reward. Only one warehouse can be dug for free at a time. Excavation of an additional treasure is carried out only for gold. The higher the quality level of the treasure, the longer it will take to open it at a time; you can open only one treasure for free. The system updates the treasure list every hour.

Science Alliance. When you join an alliance, you can donate different sciences to the alliance. After donating, you can get alliance points and alliance glory points. After the end of the donation, R4 and R5 members can research the science of the alliance. After researching each member, you can get the attribute of science. One alliance can only research one science at the same time.

Alliance mission. In order to reward the lords who have made a great contribution every day, the kingdom has specially instituted an alliance mission. After achieving certain goals, all members of the alliance will receive rewards. The alliance mission will be updated every day at 0:00. Each mission contains several stages. All members of the alliance can receive rewards for each completed stage.

Within 24 hours after leaving the alliance, you will not be able to receive rewards for the alliance. Alliance missions can be divided into daily and random missions. The daily missions contain 4 missions: alliance attendance, alliance help, alliance contribution, and alliance building. Random missions can contain different quests every day. Missions of different quality have different difficulties and give different rewards. The higher the quality, the better the reward.

Active glasses. Players can earn active alliance points by completing alliance missions on that day. Both daily missions and random missions give active points. The maximum number of alliance points you can earn is not limited by the alliance mission limit. You can continue to earn active alliance points if you continue to improve the progress of alliance missions. The maximum level of active alliance points for each player is 12. There will be rewards for each level that you have increased. After reaching ur. 12.You can still earn active alliance points, but your active alliance level will not increase.

The salary. The salary can be divided into 3 types: salary for ordinary members, salary for official positions and salary for the leader of the alliance. Each member of the alliance can receive only 1 type of salary (official positions of the alliance include Mars, HR, mentor and diplomat). The higher the total active points, the higher the rating of the alliance and the better the salary reward. Salary rewards will be issued via email at the end of each event countdown. The reward is determined r in accordance with the rating of the alliance at the time of the final calculation.

Alliance post. The alliance has 4 posts: God of War, Diplomat, Mentor, Recruiter. Positions can be appointed by the leader of the alliance, and this position has no practical effect.

Alliance help. When you upgrade buildings, research science, forge equipment and heal the wounded, you can ask for help to speed up the time. Each member can press a button at the embassy to help other members. The effect of assistance depends on the level of the embassy.

Alliance teleport. When a Lord first joins an alliance, he receives an alliance teleport. Using this item, lords can teleport their castle to random locations on the territory of the alliance. Another approach to teleporting an alliance is to invite a teleport. The alliance leader can send an invitation teleport, after which the player will receive an invitation by mail. After the player clicks on teleportation, the castle will teleport to a random place in the alliance territory, and it will cost the player 1 advanced teleportation.

The first entry into an alliance means the first operation to join an alliance in the entire playing career of a player.

How to use alliance markers? Tags can only be created by alliance leaders. While on the map, clicking on any place (except monsters), a menu for creating a mark will appear. Select an item of interest and set a label by defining a goal. In case the tag already exists, when pressed, the delete item will appear.

Only one mark can be created. When creating a new label, the previous one will be deleted.

How to find an alliance mark? As soon as the leader of the alliance creates a mark, an orange line will appear between the target and the leader’s castle, and a banner will appear at the target point. All allies will be able to see these signs. Players can also see the mark on the kingdom minimap. In addition, when creating a mark, all allies will immediately receive a notification with the coordinates of the target.

How do I send alliance orders? Through the alliance order function, the alliance leader and rank 4 players can send simple messages to allies, indicating the key objectives of the current stage. The button for sending alliance orders is located along the path:

The menu for sending an alliance order can only be seen by the leader of the alliance and players with rank 4. By clicking on the button, a list with orders of the alliance will appear. After choosing the necessary item and confirming your actions, a letter with an order will be sent to the mail of the corresponding ally. The content of the letter will describe the order of the alliance.

How do I view alliance orders? An alliance order is a system alert that comes in the form of a letter. Alliance orders can be viewed in the corresponding section of the mail.

Alliance store. An alliance member can get the glory of the alliance through donations or events. An alliance member can get glory props in the alliance store. Alliance can be earned by alliance points through donations and events of alliance members. R4 and R5 members can add props in the alliance store for alliance points.

Alliance property

1. The tree of life. The alliance leader and R4 members can plant the tree of life on the territory of the alliance. The tree of life can move the position - members of the alliance R4 and above can press the move button on the tree panel to move the position of the tree. The Tree of Life will give attributes (not just in territory) to Alliance members around the world as they grow. The bonus of the grown Tree of Life is: an increase in the attack of alliance members by 4%, an increase in the march limit of alliance members by 2000, an increase in the defense of alliance members by 3%.

After the tree of life takes its final form, members of the alliance can pick fruits up to 5 free attempts per day at intervals of 1 hour. Any time a large bucket or heavy fertilizer is used, the number of picks of high quality fruit can be increased. How to get items:

When the response points reach the appropriate level, you can receive the normal response and advanced response (old parchment) rewards. Use the old parchment to dig up the treasure and receive the "Gift of the Wise Men".

2. Alliance cannon. The alliance cannon has 3 types of projectiles that affect castles with a Peace Shield.

The cannon can be attacked by players from other alliances, and it can also be collected. To activate the cannon of the alliance, it must first be charged using the energy of construction. In turn, construction energy is obtained through fundraising. The action of the alliance cannon is limited to the territory of the alliance. By developing the science of the alliance, you can improve the performance of the gun.

3. Medium alliance tents. The alliance med tent function is now available, you no longer need to worry about running out of capacity. This is the basic instruction for the alliance med tent. Each alliance can build an alliance med tent. When the number of wounded soldiers of alliance members exceeds the upper limit of their med tents, they are automatically placed in the alliance med tent. The capacity of the alliance med tent has no upper limit, only a personal upper limit.

By researching the science of the alliance, you can improve the capacity of the personal upper limit. Wounded soldiers in the Alliance hospital can be healed for the glory of the alliance. You can use gold to speed up healing, but you cannot use gold alone to heal injured soldiers. Wounded soldiers in the alliance med tent will die if the alliance med tent is demolished or the player leaves the alliance.

4. Fortress of the alliance. To create an alliance fortress, the following conditions must be met: the alliance must have at least 40 members; The alliance’s strength indicator must be at least 500,000 or an ally of rank 4. Alliance members have the general right to build an alliance fortress. The construction speed is determined by the number and level of troops. The total number of alliance members guarding, building and repairing the fortress is determined by the size of the troops and the level of the first player’s war hall.

The alliance fortress can be attacked, after which it will be destroyed. As soon as the building indicator reaches zero, the tower will be removed. All those wounded after battles on the territory of the alliance fortress will be placed in med tents. After the destruction of the alliance fortress, all buildings also disappear.

5. Territory of the alliance. After creating an alliance, it will be possible to place and build a fortress. At the end of construction, the area around the alliance fortress will be considered its territory. While on the territory of the alliance, the following bonuses are given:

6. Advanced alliance mine. On the territory of the alliance, it is possible to create an advanced mine with a large amount of resources. At the beginning, one alliance can only have one advanced mine. As soon as the collection of resources at the mine is completed, the leader of the alliance or an ally of rank 4 has the right to create a new mine.

As soon as the alliance fortress is developed to level 4, it will be possible to build 2 advanced mines, which will require a certain amount of resources and gold. Only one army can be sent to an advanced alliance mine at a time. During the collection of resources at the alliance mine, a bonus to the collection speed is given. Troops collecting resources at an advanced alliance mine are immune to attacks.

7. Flag. By setting the flag, you can expand the boundaries of the territory of the alliance. The flag must be placed on the area bordering the territory of the alliance, otherwise installation is impossible. The flag can be destroyed. During battles in the territory of the flag, there are no wounded - all defeated units die. The alliance leader has the right to choose the type of flag through the alliance management section.

8. Cannon. The cannon attacks enemy castles that are in its area of effect. The cannon will fire at the castles until their defense indicator drops to 0 and it is forcibly moved to an arbitrary point on the map. Cannon damage will also be dealt in case of an active peace shield. The cannon can be attacked by players from other alliances, and can also be collected. Combat units hit in the cannon’s territory are killed. By developing the science of the alliance, you can improve the performance of the gun.

9. Alliance warehouse. As soon as the alliance creates a fortress, the leader of the alliance or a member of rank 4 can build an alliance warehouse on his territory. Resources in the alliance warehouse cannot be looted. Each alliance can only create one warehouse. Every day, players can replenish the alliance warehouse with a set amount of resources. The amount of resources taken is limited only by those available in the warehouse. Alliance warehouse resources cannot be transferred to other allies.

The alliance warehouse has a limited capacity. The daily resource limit and the storage capacity of the alliance are determined by the level of the lord’s castle. Daily limit and total limit are calculated based on download rates for certain content. Iron and Mithril are advanced resources, so their load rate is higher than that of simple ones. 1 unit of iron equals 6 units of simple resources, 1 unit of mithril, in turn, equals 24 units of simple resources. If the warehouse of the alliance is dismantled, all resources will be forcibly distributed among the members of the alliance.

10. Embassy. The level of the embassy affects the level of assistance in the alliance. The embassy level increases the capacity of the fortification. You cannot get fortification without an embassy. Fortification is the most effective way to protect alliance members.

11. Hall of War. After building the war hall, you can use the meeting and watch the battles of the alliance, in the alliance the Meeting - this function so that your allies can participate in your battle, when attacking enemies. The number of soldiers depends on the level of the war hall. The number of assembly troops depends on the technology of the alliance. You can watch the battles of alliance members in the alliance battle. Gathering is the most powerful way to attack enemies.

12. Market. The marketplace is a place where alliance members can exchange resources. After helping with resources, the troops will return. Improve the market to increase aid and reduce taxes.

Improving alliance buildings

The fortress, warehouse and arrow of the alliance can be improved. Their improvement will entail the emergence of many new effects and special functions. To upgrade buildings, you will need resources (wood, food, iron and mithril), as well as materials for alliance buildings, in addition to which, when improving the alliance arrow, you will additionally need golden arrows. Alliance building materials include: Sandstone, Adamant, Marble, Granite.

Sandstone is a common material needed to upgrade all types of buildings. The other three are considered special building materials - adamant is used to improve the fortress, marble to improve the warehouse, a grant to improve the arrow. Alliance members must bring building materials to the alliance warehouse to accumulate them. In the process of bringing in, building energy is accumulated, which, in turn, is used to charge the special functions of buildings.

By releasing a charge, you can get powerful building effects. During the improvement of the alliance fortress, you can not only increase the values of existing attributes, but also get additional new functions. As soon as the charge reaches the final value, a member of an alliance of rank 4 or higher will be able to use a special function that will be active in relation to all allies within its range. During the improvement of the alliance archer, not only the values of the existing attributes also increase, but also new functions appear that will be of significant help during battles within the range of the archer.

Alliance materials input

Allies can contribute funds and items to the alliance warehouse, which will later be used to improve buildings. Building materials include: Primordial (Wood, Food, Iron, Mithril) and Special Alliance Building Resources. Alliance special building materials include Sandstone, Adamant, Marble and Granite. Sandstone is a common material needed to improve all types of buildings. The other three are considered special building materials - adamant is used to improve the fortress, marble when improving the warehouse, granite when improving the arrow.

Allies can bring materials to the alliance warehouse, which will be used to improve buildings (for example, golden arrows are required to improve the arrow). The number of resources contributed by allies per day is not limited, but there is a limit on the storage capacity of the alliance. The limit can be increased by improving the alliance warehouse (the personal resource capacity limit remains unchanged). In the process of bringing in, building energy is accumulated, which, in turn, is used for the function of charging buildings. By releasing the charge, you can get powerful building functions.

After bringing the materials into the warehouse, it will be impossible to return them. If the alliance warehouse is removed, the amount of common resources will not change, but they will be frozen until a new warehouse is created, after which you can continue to improve the buildings. Protected resources can also be used when depositing funds.

Miracle of Alliance Civilization

Miracle of Civilization - Multiplayer Alliance Building. The leader of the alliance chooses a civilization wonder, and then begins construction with the team. After the construction of the Miracle, it will not only give enhancements for all members of the alliance, but also open a new star map.

Conditions for building a Miracle. The alliance must have one full-fledged Alliance fortress. Miracle and construction sites can be built by members of R4 or higher. Each alliance can only choose one Wonder to build. If you want to change the Wonder, you need to destroy the previous building.

The process of building a Miracle. The Miracle construction is divided into three parts: foundation, base, upper part. The construction is carried out in strict order.

  1. Resource donation phase. After the foundation of the Miracle is installed, all members of the alliance begin donating for the Miracle. After the Lords have completed collecting donations and stones for a miracle, it will be possible to create a miracle. Miracle Stones can be found in the Miracle Treasury.
  2. Miracle construction phase. Once enough resources have been donated, alliance members can send troops to the Miracle to build it. Different types of soldiers have different efficiencies for building different parts. During construction, you cannot attack, and the lords can safely send troops to the construction site. Lords can use boosters to build a miracle, but the boost effect will have a certain amount of damage.
  3. Construction completion stage. After each new part of the Miracle, all participants will receive enhancements. When all three parts are complete. The wonder will be finally built and all buffs will be greatly improved.

New feature. When you complete the construction phase, you will unlock a new feature in Miracle:

Entrance for donation to the Miracle. Star card. After entering the donation function, you can consume stardust and stellar soul to exchange the Miracle Stone. A wonderful stone can be collected in the wonder treasures of the world. Stardust and Stellar Soul are essential materials for raising your personal Star Chart. The Star Map has 7 branches of development (7 colors), each branch unlocks an individual skill and an alliance skill.

Different branches offer different boosts. They represent 7 types of development strategies. Alliance members must carefully disassemble and choose their preferred direction of development. Raising the level of the Star Chart requires contributions and research from alliance members. And this can only be learned by R4 and R5. Raising the level of the Star Card does not give an increase in attributes for alliance members, but the maximum level of the corresponding node of the personal star card will be unlocked.

You must upgrade your personal star card to get the final attributes. The research progress of the star map matches only the Miracle of the current civilization. When the Alliance changes a new Miracle of civilization, the level of the Alliance Star Card will also be reset to the new progress of the corresponding civilization. If the participants change back to the previous Miracle, it will again sync with the existing progress.

Personal star card. After unlocking the Alliance Star Card, you can upgrade your personal star card and receive power-ups. The Personal Star Map update consumes Stardust and Star Soul, which can be obtained through donations. After updating the personal Star Map, the difficulty of the next update increases (the number of consumable items will increase). Consuming a small amount of gold will help reset the turn of the personal Star Card and return 100% of the consumed materials. When a player leaves the alliance, the progress of the personal Star Card will be saved.

The arrival of the dark knights

Time: weekly, Mondays and Thursdays. During the day, members of the alliance level R4 and above can include you in the event. During the opening of the event, you can take part only once. Combat rules:

Event reward rule. There are three types of rewards for this event: goal rewards, individual point rating reward, alliance rating reward. In the "Dark Knights" event, you can get individual and alliance points. Once the event is over, those who reach the goal will be rewarded. The top 10 players on the leaderboard can be rewarded for points after the event ends. All players from the top alliances on the leaderboard can receive point rewards after the event ends.

Alliance boss

The Alliance Boss event features Abyssal Ice Dragon, Abyssal White Dragon, and Abyssal Sea Monster. They will appear on the map every Monday and Thursday, Tuesday and Friday, Wednesday and Saturday. By attacking an alliance boss, you will receive popularity points for the corresponding civilization. The alliance must invest the fragments of the abyss in the boss of the alliance that is currently open. Fully completed alliance quests will give you a huge amount of Abyssal Fragments.

You can summon the boss of the alliance 4 times a day at most. Alliance members of rank 3 can choose a difficulty level and summon a boss. Select an empty spot on the world map and place an alliance boss. It will only be available for 4 hours. There are rewards for attacking and destroying the boss. All players participating in the fight will receive rewards for attacking an alliance boss. The reward will be calculated according to the damage each player inflicted on the boss. The reward for the destruction of the boss will be received by all members of the alliance immediately after the destruction of the boss.

Only those members of the alliance who have been members of the alliance for more than 24 hours can participate in the battle with the boss. Click Alliance - Voidgate to check the unlock requirements and attack times. Attacking an alliance boss will not break your Peace Shield. In alliance boss attack battles, your soldiers will only be wounded (your soldiers will die if your wounded soldiers reach the capacity of your hospital).

Alliance group purchases

During the group shopping event, all members of the alliance can purchase special gifts. After making a group purchase, the reward is not sent immediately, but at the end of the event. The content of the gift depends on the total number of group purchases made. Conditions for participation: Castle level 15 and above. With the beginning of the next stage of group purchases, the allies who have recently joined the alliance must wait for the start of the next stage.

Shopping rules. Every day, all members of the alliance can purchase no more than 10 group shopping gifts. Depending on the size of the group purchase, it is given:

Each stage of group purchases runs from 00:00 to 24:00 - only 24 hours. Among them, from 23:00 to 24:00 - the time of completion of purchases and the start of sending rewards.

Clash of Kings: Tower of the Exiles

Tower of the Exiles. Soldiers will no longer die fighting other lords, they will become exiles and fall into the Tower of exiles. The recall ceremony will begin every Monday at 01:00 server time. The Exiled Tower will be located in the corners of the Outlands. All players will be able to enter the Tower to donate Holy Candles and recall soldiers. Only those troops that died from the moment of its previous opening to the current opening will enter the Tower of Exiles.

Troops lost in battle, as well as soldiers killed when the tents limit is exceeded, will completely fall into the Tower of Exiles. The Exiled Tower will close every Wednesday at 01:00 server time. After the closure of the Tower, all are unrevoked. The exiles will disappear and you will never be able to bring them back. Always keep a close eye on the time remaining until the tower closes.

Faithful exile. Event Content: After the Exiled Tower is open, the Lord can recall 20% of the Exiles for free during the Loyal Exiles event.

Recall ceremony. The Tower of Exiles has the Royal and Personal rooms. The exiles are distributed across both rooms. If the losses for the week were small, only a few soldiers, then most of them will end up in the personal room. The Exiles will be in the King’s Room after the Long March stage. All players in the kingdom can donate holy candles to recall these soldiers.

After the completion of the recall ceremony, the Exiles will be recalled based on the number of Holy Candles donated. Personal Room Exiles can be recalled immediately by players without waiting for the revocation ceremony to end, just donate Holy Candles. The number of Exiles that can be recalled by each player depends on the total number of all Exiles. Thus, if the total number of casualties is high, then you will be able to recall more soldiers from the Personal Room.

Holy Candles can be obtained as a reward for rank 1-100 in the Long March stage, for rank 1-50 in the Frontier Ore Vein event, in purchasable packages and in the alliance store. The number of Holy Candles to be donated will grow with each donation. Progress will be reset by the next recall ceremony.

Full review. When a certain number of exiles is reached, a full recall function will appear. The lord will be able to use 500 holy candles to return all exiles (with 500 holy candles, you can only return dead soldiers in personal space), using one recall will reduce the number of consumed candles needed to complete the recall.

Blessing. The King and officials can bless the Exiles and this will increase the number of Holy Candles in the kingdom. The waiting time for the blessing will be shown on the revocation ceremony page.

Clash of Kings: Battle for the Throne

The Battle for the Throne opens every Saturday and lasts 24 hours. If no alliance is able to continuously hold the throne for 8 hours within 24 hours, the battle for the throne will go into overtime status. In Overtime status, if ownership of the Throne switches, the battle ends immediately and the previous King retains his rule. In Overtime status, if the alliance that took the Throne can hold it for 8 hours (including the previous stage), the alliance will win.

Event mode. After the end of the defensive countdown over the throne (with coordinates 600: 600 of each kingdom), players can take the throne based on the alliance (players belonging to no alliance can attack the throne themselves). The first side to occupy the Throne will enter defense status and other Alliances and players can attack it. In the battles that took place on the throne, the soldiers will not be injured, the soldiers will die directly.

Rules. Official positions cannot be changed during the Battle of the Throne / Battle of the Throne in Kingdoms where conquest is not open will last until 1 Alliance holds the throne for 8 hours. The Royal Peace Shield can be used during the Throne Battle. Defense Attributes of the Battle for the Throne: If the first player enters the Throne by Super Gathering, then the Defense Attributes will follow the attributes of the one who starts gathering. If the first player enters the Throne with a general gathering, then the defensive attributes will depend on each player’s own attributes.

During the Battle of the Throne, if the castle of the Lord occupying the Throne is destroyed and teleported, all soldiers on the Throne will return. In Overtime status, if ownership of the Throne switches, the fight ends immediately and the previous king retains his rule. In this situation, the king cannot appoint others as king. If the invaders of the throne and the catapults come from different alliances, then every 30 seconds the catapult leads to the death of 5% of the soldiers on the throne.

Rules for appointing a king. The Alliance Leader who finally takes the Throne can appoint a King within 1 hour. If no King is appointed, then the Leader of the Victory Alliance will be the King. If the last player to occupy the throne in overtime status is a member of an alliance (not an alliance leader) that consists of the same alliance with the last king, then the last king can appoint the next king within 1 hour.

If the last king hasn’t appointed anyone within 1 hour, he will abide by his rules. If the last player to take the Throne in overtime status is the Leader of the Alliance, which consists of the same Alliance with the last King, then the Alliance Leader can appoint the King within 1 hour. If the Alliance Leader has not nominated one, then the Alliance Leader will be the King.

The privilege of the king. Assign Official Positions and Slaves: Official positions will receive a buff and slaves will receive debuffs. After the new king begins his reign, he needs to appoint official posts and slaves. Official positions and subordinates appointed by the last king will be abolished.

Players can change the size of the Official Position icons in the last option. Players not assigned to any official position cannot see this setting. Followed positions cannot use this function.

Town Hall Skills:

Clash of Kings: Donation Guide

Clash of Kings will be filled with strategy and war once your base structures are developed. The subsequent wars depend on your development in the early stages. The outcome of the battle depends on your attributes. The higher they are, the greater the chances of winning. If your attributes are not high enough, no matter how many soldiers or strength you have, you will lose the battle. Development means improving your attributes. Sometimes you just can’t wait to get enough items or resources that you need, and you can purchase packs to get additional boost items or resources. Then how is it most profitable to buy a gift bag at an early stage?

The best packages. A very lucrative package - Gift of the Dragon. After purchase, you can receive rewards every day.

Construction Hero Creator Pack: The Creator can significantly reduce construction time and resource consumption. After using his active abilities, your next construction will not consume food / wood / iron / mithril. The Shaper Pack, which is an exclusive set of equipment for this hero, can even reduce construction time and resource consumption. Recommended at the beginning of the journey.

It is recommended that you buy packages that are cost effective and can help you continually evolve, such as VIP level, gear, lord level and others. If you need, you can purchase some research items, building items and acceleration items to speed up development. As for support packs like Dragon Glass, Dragon Word, Book of Civilization, Crystal of Civilization, and others, you can purchase several to aid development.

Priority of the weekly package:

Newbie package. The most recommended pack is the Newbie Pack, the Wandering Pilgrim Pack, which can significantly reduce construction times early on. This is very beneficial. In Daily Events and Events with the Creator Bond effect, new players can receive the orange Time Traveler gear. You can also craft a gold set. This set will be very helpful before you reach ur. nineteen.

Item shop. You can see the entrance to the store after reaching your ur castle. 8. There are two access to the item store.

You can also get a hero that will help you develop faster. You can get a hero in two ways: participate in events or buy in a special package.

Article author: Nadezhda D.