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Clash Royale: Tips, WIKI Reviews

CLASH ROYALE is a game for android with the release date of 03/01/2016 from the company Supercell. In the article, we summarized the official game guides, developers "answers to players" questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Clash Royale download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Were leading the fight right!
  2. Guide to Cards and Chests
  3. Emoji in the game)))
  4. Guide to the Clans
  5. How to Win the Clan War
  6. Tournament Guide
  7. What gives Pass Royale?
  8. How to get on Clash Nights?
  9. Proper game setup
  10. If the account is lost
  11. Resources, Crystals, and Payments
  12. Player Questions for Developers

Clash Royale: Were leading the fight right!

What is a combat deck? Combat deck - 8 cards used for combat. Too many cards that cost a lot of elixir?Deploying troops may take too much time. Too weak cards will not give an advantage. Everything needs a balance; Everyone develops their own style of play. You have a lot of different cards available. Use them wisely and you will definitely win!

What is an arena? Arenas are battlefields where players compete. Currently there are 13 different Arenas: Goblin Stadium, Bone Hole, Barbarian Arena, Playhouse PEKK.A., Enchantment Valley, Builders Workshop, Royal Arena, Ice Peak, Jungle Arena, Cabanya Mountain, Electric Valley and the Legendary Arena, where the most outstanding battles take place.

There is also a training camp, which is not an arena as such, but only a training ground where the victorious path begins. Use Training Camp to experiment with new decks and hone skills. Accumulating trophies, you will climb the Arenas. Each Arena opens a set of new maps. For more information about each Arena, tap the Arena image on the main screen.

How are trophies calculated? The number of trophies you win or lose is calculated based on the difference between your trophies and enemy trophies. As a rule, if you win one who has more trophies, then you get more of them. On the other hand, if you lose to someone who has less trophies, you will lose more.

I have a card in the deck, but it does not appear during the fight. In battle, you see only cards from the combat deck. The cards appear in random order, so you may have to wait for some definite to appear.

How to move to the next Arena? The only way to get to a higher level Arena is to earn trophies in battles against other players. Any player, with perseverance, can reach incredible heights and get great rewards.

What is sudden death? The mode of sudden death is activated if at the time of the expiration of the time allotted for the battle, the result turns out to be drawn. Extra time is allocated to determine the winner, and the battle continues. Whoever gets the crown first will win the fight. In normal battles, extra time is 60 seconds. In tournaments, trials and friendly battles - 3 minutes.

What is attack speed? Attack speed is the speed at which troops and buildings attack. Example: royal towers have a speed of 1 second, so they attack once per second.

How can I control the soldiers after I deploy them for battle? In Clash Royale, troops must be deployed on time and strategically. When you send them into battle, they will start attacking themselves, the player cannot control them anymore. Troops can fight in different ways, depending on their abilities and favorite goals. More information about this can be found on the information page of each card in order to properly organize a deck.

Is there a single player mode? You can play with computer-controlled opponents in the training camp. There you can hone your skills before a battle with other players. Remember: in the training camp you can not get or lose trophies, as well as earn resources and experience. The further you advance in the game, the stronger the coaches become.

How does the system of selection of opponents? The system of selection of opponents will find you an opponent with the same number of trophies as you have. The system does not take into account the level of cards of opponents. Sometimes the difference in the number of trophies you and your opponent can be quite large, but remember that by defeating a stronger opponent, you will get more trophies.

Can I fight with friends? Yes! Open the clan chat and select the "Friends" tab. You can compete with all your friends from Facebook. Friendly fights are free for all participants. They have tournament rules and your cards will be upgraded to a tournament one. For friendly fights you will not get gold, trophies or crystals. Your reward will be a victory over a clan leader ... or a portion of a bitter defeat.

How to get on TV Royale? Just take part in an incredible battle. TV Royale is automated; it shows the brightest of the last fights. TVR is looking for unusual decks and difficult situations to show you only the hottest and most impressive battles. The game is constantly going through hundreds of fights, so do not be upset if your epic battle did not get on the big screen.

Each arena has its own channels, so TV Royale has no shortage of great battles. Explore the channels in search of suitable strategies for you, and then come up with your own, to become famous in the arena! But remember, it is worth being careful with your desires, because your losing may show! Oh oh oh. If your fight hits TV Royale, you will receive a notification.

I had to fight in a higher Arena. At some point you may end up in an unfamiliar Arena. And this is not an accident! The battles take place in the Arena of that player who has more trophies. For example: if you are in Arena 5 and your opponent is at the very beginning of Arena 6, then you will become an honored guest at his Arena.

Attention: in chests from higher Arenas there will be cards of those Arens.

Can I turn off emoji? You can silence your opponent by pressing a single button:

Tests that continue. Tests with Continuation is a new type of test, in which with three defeats you can still play, well, and the developers will cancel all defeats, for a certain price in the Crystals (the price may vary depending on the size of the reward in the test) You can use the Crystals for In order to continue to play as many times as you wish, well, the price itself in Crystals will remain unchanged. In the Continuation Tests there will be only one-time rewards, and the fixed rewards (such as the chest at the very end, to which we are accustomed in the ordinary trials) will be absent.

What is the mini-collection mode? The mini-collection mode is a game mode in which you can test your deck-making skills. The mini-collection mode is available in trials and global tournaments. At the beginning of the event you will receive 40 cards, of which you will need to make a deck. Collect the best possible deck from your collection and go to battle! Do not forget that in the intervals between battles you can change the deck.

Attention: in testing, all cards are at the 9th level, even if they are not open in your main collection.In global tournaments, you can play a collection of 40 cards with the level of cards up to the tournament, but this collection can be limited to the cards of your personal collection and their level.

What is dragon hunting? Dragon Hunt is a new game mode in which players hunt for an elixir egg. The player who will first destroy the egg will get a dragon who will fight at his side. This can be any of the dragons that exist in the game - a dragon, a fiery dragon or an electrodragon! A new egg of the elixir appears 30 seconds after the destruction of the previous one.

What is the capture of the elixir? Capture the elixir is a new game mode, in which an additional elixir appears in the arena, which gives an advantage and allows you to defeat the enemy! The elixir will appear on both bridges, from where your warriors can pick it up. In the center of the arena there is also an elixir storage. When destroyed, it gives out two elixir units to the player who last inflicted damage to the elixir depository. Elixir on bridges appears at intervals of 20 seconds.

A new elixir storage appears 30 seconds after the previous one is destroyed.

What is megacolod? Megacolod is a new game mode in which you can create a megacolt of 18 cards! In this mode, the elixir arrives a little faster, so you have more resources to play. The megacolde mode allows players to develop new strategies and makes playing Clash Royale even more interesting!

The path to glory. The path to glory is a new way to advance in Clash Royale. Earning trophies in 1 on 1 battles, you will be able to open and receive awards for passing the frontiers on the way to glory. To learn more about the path to glory, click on the image of the arena on the main screen of the game. You can see all the awards, the number of trophies and existing frontiers by scrolling through the arenas of the path to glory from zero to 7,000 trophies.

The path to glory: the acceleration of the opening of the chests. Every time you go to a new arena or a new league, you get a 24-hour acceleration of opening the chests. In other words, moving forward, you can open the chests faster! Accelerating the opening of the chests begins to act automatically. If you reach a new arena or move to a new league while the previous acceleration is in effect, the new acceleration will be added to the existing one. Remember that in each league season, the acceleration for switching to a new league can only be received once. If you fly out of the league, and then fall into it again, you will not receive acceleration again.

What is a league? When you collect 4,000 trophies, leagues open to you. At the same time you cross the last threshold of trophies. This means that you no longer drop below 4,000 trophies, even if you lose fights. In total there are ten leagues, divided into three levels:

Every first Monday of the month, the league season is reset. Players have 50% of the number of trophies over 4000. For example, if by the end of the season you have earned 4500 trophies, then you will start the next season with 4250 trophies. In each season, you will receive new rewards for passing the frontiers as you progress in the leagues.

The path to glory: the threshold of trophies. Going to each new arena activates the arena trophy threshold.This means that going to the new arena, you will never lose access to it. That is, the number of your trophies will not fall below the amount needed to access the last arena you have reached. Trophy thresholds exist only in arenas, but not in leagues. Having earned 4,000 trophies and opened the Legendary Arena, you will reach the last threshold of the trophies Clash Royale. This means that you never drop below 4,000 trophies, but you can still lose a place in the league.

The path to glory: rewards. Moving from one arena to another, you will receive awards for passing the lines inside each of them. To see these awards, click on the image of the arena on the main screen of the game. When you reach the leagues (4,000 or more trophies), you will continue to receive rewards for passing the lines, but they will change each season, because in each season the trophy counter will also be reset.

More developers have changed the number of trophies that players get or lose in battle, so now it will be easier to move to higher leagues and get rewards than before! This new lightweight award winning method will replace the leagues chest.

What is a special test? From time to time on the event tab appear special test alerts. Such tests can take place in different modes, including dragon hunting, seizure of the elixir, double or triple elixir, and many others. There are also thematic tests. For example, some special tests are timed to the release of a new card or are devoted to a particular holiday or event.

In each test, you can win a lot of different prizes: from gold and crystals to chests and cards, as well as tokens and unique emoji available in a short time! Special tests are not long, usually from several days to a week. Do not forget to check the events tab more often, so as not to miss all the most interesting, and most importantly - great prizes!

Fantasy Royale. Fantasy Royale - Audience Game for the League Final Clash Royale (CRL). You can create your own team of four CRL players. Everyone can participate. Just go to the eSports section of the Royale News. The rules of the game are simple: you will get crowns depending on the results shown by your fantasy team during the December 1 CRL final. You can compare the success of your team with the teams of other players and find out who earned the most crowns!

Crystals will be distributed individually during the week after the final.

Clash Royale: Guide to Cards and Chests

How does the mirror work? The mirror map, which opens in arena 11, allows you to play the last used card again. A reflected card costs 1 drop of elixir more than the original. For example, if you played a bandit by spending 3 drops of the elixir, then with the help of a mirror you can play the bandit again, but it will cost 4 drops of the elixir.

The level of the reflected map depends on the level of the mirror, and not the map that you reflect. Reflections can be both weaker and stronger than the original. Improving the mirror will allow you to create stronger reflections.Already confused? I am yes. Check the characteristics of the mirror in the game to find out how strong the reflections of the cards in your deck will be! Mirror - a card with unlimited potential, which can unpleasantly surprise the enemy.

My card is at the maximum. Whats next? If the card is at the maximum, you can find the same in one of the chests. However, there is a limit on the number of cards, which depends on their rarity:

As soon as you reach this limit, a random copy will turn into gold. The amount of gold depends on the class of the card:

How do I know which cards will be in the chests? In the chest are the cards from the arena on which you fought at the time of winning the chest. For example, if you are in arena 6, then there will be cards from arena 6 and below in the chest, even if you have already moved to another arena. Touch the arena icon (above the "To Battle" tab) to find out which maps are available at this level.

There were fewer cards in the chest than it was written! If Royale says that there are 30 cards in the chest, then there will most likely be several cards of the same type, rather than 30 different ones. There may also be gold and crystals. Remember: not every chest has new items. Rewards are chosen randomly depending on the warriors available in your arena and arenas of lower levels. Then how lucky!

Request and donate cards. Clan members can request regular and rare cards once every 7 hours, and on Sunday you can also request epic cards. The resulting maps depend on your level of arena and class of the map.

Goblin Stadium:

Bone pit:

Barbaric Arena:

Playhouse P.... .:

Enchantment Valley:

Builders Workshop:

Royal Arena:

Ice peak:

Arena in the jungle:

Boar Mountain:

Legendary Arena:

You can not request a completely new card. First you need to find them in the chests. When you donate cards, you get gold and experience:

If I donate the last card, will I lose it forever? If you opened the card, then it is yours forever. So you can safely give the last sorcerer. Your balance of copies of the cards may reach zero, but the card will still not disappear from the collection.

What are Tokens for Trading? Trading tokens allow you to exchange Cards within your Clan. You can trade any rarity of Cards, and even get those cards that you have not yet opened! For each rarity cards have their own tokens. The number of cards that can be exchanged also depends on rarity:

Each trade requires the spending of two Tokens - one on the side of the requesting trade, and the second on the side of the one who accepts a particular exchange.

How to use Tokens for Trade? The only requirement to be able to use Tokens for trading is to achieve level 8 of the king! You can use Tokens to start trading in your Clan, to do this, in the "Communication" tab, click the "Request a card / Trade cards" button, and you will see two tabs, select the "Trade" tab.

On the "Trade" tab, you click on the card you want to receive, then go on to choosing up to four (4) cards that you agree to give, click "Confirm", and the deal will be offered to your Clan. Then any clan member will be able to choose and then accept one of the trading options if he has the appropriate Token. As soon as the deal is accepted, the cards will be replaced by the owners.

How to get more tokens for trade? Tokens can be won in the clan war and special trials. From time to time they can also be bought in the store.

Why did the developers change the map levels? The developers have changed the power map of the map.They did not change the balance between the categories of cards or the cards themselves. The developers simply changed the way they displayed the different levels! All cards of the same level (from 1st to 13th) will now have the same power. Previously, the level of the map influenced its strength depending on the rarity of the map. All cards began their journey in the game from level 1, but the usual map of level 1 was much weaker than the epic map of level 1. This sometimes caused confusion among players, even more experienced ones.

Now the developers have decided to level all the cards in order to more accurately reflect their strength. This means the following:

Changes will not affect player card collections. Just now the strength of the maps of each rarity level will be displayed more clearly and naturally.

What are Star Levels? When you reach the maximum (13) level of the Kings Tower, you will receive Star Points for pumping cards, donations, and also for receiving additional cards when they have already been pumped up to level 13 (cards that you have maxed out and will drop out from the chests will be converted into Gold and Star Points).

With Star Points, you can open Star Levels for your cards that have reached level 13. Each of the stellar levels reveals various external changes of a particular map, however, this will not bring cards of greater strength or higher characteristics.

Where is my legendary chest (map)? Hold on the piglets, seeker. Legendary chests are the least common, and you shouldnt worry if you havent got one yet. All players get the same amount of legendary chests, but it happens at different times. Legendary cards sometimes appear in the store, during some special tests and in some chests.

If you want to get a legendary card guaranteed, you can go to the store and buy the legendary kings chest, which will definitely have a legendary card. Legendary cards appear in the store after you collect 3,000 trophies.

Legendary chests appear in the store after you collect 2,000 trophies. To do this, you must reach the 7th level of experience (to open the 5th cell in the store).

Clash Royale: Emoji in the game)))

What is emoji? You may have already noticed that during battles you can communicate using various emoji.Emoji allows you to transmit different emotions, such as joy, sadness, confusion, and even rage! Additional emojis can be bought at the store for crystals or by promotions, and also received as a reward (for example, on the way to fame or in various events, such as trials or a global tournament). Some rare Emoji can be obtained only for passing special tests. Your personal Emoji collection is in the menu with cards, on the Emoji Deck tab, next to the Combat Deck tab.

How to use emoji? In the "Cards" menu you will find the "Emoji Deck" tab with your personal emoji collection.Here you can mix and make a deck of 8 Emoji and this will be your default Emoji deck in battle. However, you can access all your Emoji during the battle by pressing the "+" button on the right side of the Emoji Deck. You can also use your emoji in viewer mode.

How to get extra emoji? Additional Emoji can be purchased at the store or get a reward by playing Clash Royale. Sometimes emoji come in sets that are available on special promotions, but you can also buy them for crystals in the "Shares of the Day" section. In addition, Emoji can be obtained as a reward for achieving certain frontiers on the path to fame and in special events.

Clash Royale: Guide to the Clans

How to create a clan or join it? In Clash Royale, you must reach a minimum of 1 level to create or join a clan.When you reach level 1, tap the clan tab, and clan creation and search functions appear at the top of the screen.

Be careful with promotions! Raising clan members, you entrust them with certain duties and responsibilities. If the players being promoted are not ready to take responsibility and take their role seriously, this may adversely affect the clan. Carefully select candidates for promotion; You should know and trust them well.

For example, co-heads can expel anyone from a clan. Elders can drive out members. This leaves plenty of room for dirty play. Remember: it is bad to banish people without a reason, but the rules do not prohibit it. Therefore, only you can prevent it. Developers cannot just take back and return peace and tranquility to your clan if one of your players misbehaves. Developers believe that clans should be independent.

I can no longer join the clan! After you left the clan, it may take some time for the system to register it.Therefore, for some time you can not join another clan. Also remember that you will not be able to join the clan if you are expelled from it. In this case, you can return only if you are invited.

If you are trying to join a clan, which is accepted only by invitation, then remember that you can only apply in one clan. You will not be able to submit a new application if you are still in the clan, or if your application is still under review in the chat window, even if it is rejected. But if you are personally invited by the head or elder, then you can join the clan immediately. Just wait a bit: you can join another clan faster than you think.

How are clan points calculated? Clan points are calculated according to the following table:

This means that the trophies of the 10 best players of the clan are the most significant in the overall score of the clan. A clan consisting of strong players in the first places, even with weaker players in the lower places will still have good performance.

What do I get by giving cards to clan members? Donating cards to clan members not only helps friends, but also allows you to get rewards. For donations to clan members, you are entitled to gold and experience. For each donated regular card you will receive 1 experience point and 5 gold points; for each rare - 10 experience points and 50 gold; for each epic - 10 experience points and 500 gold.

How to complain about a rough player? The Royale community basically consists of friendly and decent people, but if you see a player who is rude in chat, you can use the automatic complaint function: just tap the incorrect message and select "Report". Using the "Report" button does not automatically lock the player against whom the complaint was filed. However, each complaint is considered by the moderators in a serious manner.Due to the number of complaints received, each of them can take up to 48 hours.

Developers are strongly encouraged not to abuse the use of the "Report" button. The more false complaints they receive, the more time they take to resolve truly pressing issues. If you have found offensive content somewhere else, please send a screenshot to the developers and a snapshot of the offending players profile. You can do this with the help and support button in the game settings.

What is the daily limit of donations for? As well as the limit of requests, the limit of donations prevents players from gaining access to infinite gold. Without a limit, players could constantly change clans to gain gold and accumulate incredible wealth. And this is contrary to the essence of the game Royale: attack and get a reward for it.

Clash Royale: How to Win the Clan War

Clan wars? What is it? In clan wars, clans can fight each other for fame and rewards in various game modes.All you need to participate is to find and join a working clan. In most wars, active clans that coordinate their actions win, so choose a clan wisely. You can try to find a suitable clan through Reddit or Discord. After joining the clan, wait until the war begins with the head or co-leader of the clan.

When the war starts, the "DIRECT AIR" icon will appear above the "Communication" tab in the game. Clan wars consist of two days, so be sure to take part in the war on both days. When the war ends, your clan will earn points for each victory and will be able to go to a higher league, as well as earn more rewards. If you have read this far, then you have a lot of potential! Now go and glorify your clan!

What is a picking day? The clan wars continue for two days. The first day is a gathering day. His goal is to collect as many clan cards as possible. They can be obtained by participating in 2 on 2 battles, with sudden death, with a triple elixir, etc. To get more cards, you need to win more battles. The higher the level of the arena, the more cards the clan can use in the war! Most battles use player cards. Each member of the clan can fight in * three * battles. Develop a strategy with your clan. Choose battle modes in which you are good.

What is the day of war? After the day of gathering, your clan will take part in the day of war. Each member of the clan will battle in the final battle 1 on 1 with other clans. In war, the clan wins, winning more final battles. On the day of the war, all clan members will be able to use the same cards. Clan card levels cannot exceed the levels of your own cards. Upgrade your cards to use higher level clan cards. Share decks for war and discuss them with clan members.

Trophies and awards in clan wars. Each clan war brings clans trophies. The more trophies the clan has, the higher its place in the clan leagues! At the end of each clan war, you will receive a reward for the war, consisting of the gold you earned in battles for victory, as well as bonus gold, the amount of which depends on the clans place in this war. In addition, this reward can contain a token for trading, extra gold or even crystals!

Warning: to earn a reward for war, you need to fight in the battle of the day of war.

At the end of the clan war season, you will receive a military chest. This is a reward for the entire season, which depends on your clans league and the best place in the wars of this season. Go to a higher league or take a better place to get a more valuable chest!

Clash Royale: Tournament Guide

Tournament management

There are two types of tournaments. Global Tournaments will be recurring tournaments, with variable game modes, rules and themes. The scale of leaders in these tournaments allows you to compare your results with the results of your friends, as well as with the results of the best world players. The winner of the Global Tournament will be determined based on the number of victories (crowns will also be taken into account when there are draws, when two players have the same number of victories). You can play in the tournament until you reach a certain number of defeats, or until the expiration of the timer of the tournament.

All players participating in the tournament will receive free rewards during the tournament itself. Also, all players will be offered Bonus Rewards at the end of the tournament, and the choice is to pick up these Bonus Rewards using Crystals, or reset and cancel these achievements. In addition, the best players of the tournament will be able to receive exclusive awards.

Private tournaments will have a price of only 10 Crystals to create them, and no fees for entering them. You can also easily change the game mode, the duration of the tournament, its maximum level and the maximum number of players thanks to advanced settings. The idea of the developers is to give players an easy and good way to create and customize their Private Tournament in order to play with friends by the rules and with the game modes that you want. Selection in any tournament, regardless of the game mode depends only on the number of victories that a player has in a particular tournament. If the selection will last a long time, the selection criteria will expand.

How does the selection of opponents in the tournament? Selection in any tournament, regardless of the game mode depends only on the number of victories that a player has in a particular tournament. If the selection will last a long time, the selection criteria will expand.

Tournaments: Test. Each victory will increase your reward. Won 12 fights? Dance! The highest reward is waiting for you! Remember: 3 losses - and your fight is over. But do not worry: each participant will receive a reward, even if he won nothing.


Exclusive testing. Sometimes developers offer players special time-limited trials with prizes for all participants.You can learn about such tests on a page on Facebook. You will also receive a notification about them right in the game!

Clash Royale: What gives Pass Royale?

What is a pass royale? With the Pass Royale prizes getting bigger! By activating Pass Royale, you immediately get exclusive benefits, including unlimited participation in special tests, the ability to put chests in the queue and the golden font of the user name! Combat crowns made with Pass Royale allow you to receive even more rewards.The more crowns you collect, the better the rewards become. In addition to the usual awards, Pass Royale holders also have the opportunity to receive the following:

If you do not like to wait, you can open access to the next level of rewards for crystals. At the same time, you also save the crown! Pass Royale and all its benefits are valid for one season (one month). Of course, all exclusive items - for example, skins for the tower and Emoji - will stay with you forever.

Attention: you need to make an in-app purchase to get a Pass Royale.

What are the advantages of the Pass Royale? By activating Pass Royale, you get the following benefits:

Benefits are activated after acquiring Pass Royale and are valid until the end of the season.

What rewards can I get with Pass Royale? Pass Royale takes the place of the crown chest and provides access to the route of the Pass Royale awards. In addition to additional prizes, there are some really unusual things on the path of the Pass Royale awards:

The path of the Pass Royale awards consists of levels. To open a level, you need 10 crowns. At each level, you get a special Pass Royale award and a corona chest. The collection of crowns is in no way limited: every day you can earn as many crowns as you like, just do not forget to take breaks sometimes! To view the Pass Royale awards, click on the Pass Royale banner on the main screen.

How to put a chest in line? By activating Pass Royale, you can queue up for automatic opening of 1 (one) chest. The chest will start to open immediately after the previous one opens. Simply click on the chest you want to queue and select "Queue" at the bottom of the window that appears. In the same way, you can replace the chest in line to another.

Warning: put the chest in the queue is possible only with the Pass Royale.

How to get more lightning replacements? By activating Pass Royale, you will receive one additional lightning replacement for the crown chest, as well as for all of the Pass Royale coffers. With the Pass Royale, you can also unlock additional lightning replacements by collecting crowns and moving to new levels during the season. The icon in the lower right corner of the award shows how many replacements for each chest you currently have.

Warning: these lightning replacements are available only to Pass Royale holders and are only valid for Pass Royale crown chests and prize chests.

Unlimited participation in trials. One of the advantages of the Pass Royale is participation in testing without restrictions and additional fees. By activating Pass Royale, you can continue to test or re-start their passage.

Warning: for unlimited participation in the tests need a Pass Royale.

How to get a skin for the tower?

  1. Purchase Pass Royale!
  2. Collect the crown!

Collected in battle crowns open Pass Royale awards. Each season in the path of the Pass Royale awards, you can open the skin for the tower! Skins for the tower are next to Emoji in the "Maps" tab.

Clash Royale: How to get on Clash Nights?

What is Clash Nights? The developers know how interesting it is to play Clash Royale with friends, so we decided to make the collaborative game even more exciting and created Clash Nights. Clash Nights are local events organized and conducted by the same passionate Clash Royale players as you, where you can meet new friends. Additional information can be found at https://www.clashnights.com, where you can also register an account of the organizer and learn the details of meetings held in your city.

Important! Meetings are currently held in several regions: California, Canada, Finland, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom.

Why are there no Clash Nights meetings in my city? Clash Nights is in beta and is available in English in the following regions:

  1. California.
  2. Canada.
  3. Helsinki, Finland.
  4. Hong Kong.
  5. Great Britain.

If you are in one of these regions, but cannot find a meeting, you can be its first organizer! If you live in other regions, follow the news about the Clash Nights service at www.clashnights.com.

How to create a Clash Nights meeting? First, note that Clash Nights is available only in English and in a limited number of regions. Its not difficult to hold a local meeting, and we will be happy to explain to you how to become the organizer of Clash Nights. Do the following:

  1. Run Clash Royale.
  2. Open the Royale News and go to the Meetings tab.
  3. Select "Arrange" (Arrange Meetup).

Do not worry, the princess will help you with everything else. Just follow her advice! Good luck and fun meeting!

How to take part in a Clash Nights meeting? All Clash Nights meetings are open, i.e. You can become a member of any of them. To attend the meeting:

  1. Open the Royale News.
  2. Go to the "Meetings" tab.
  3. Check out the list of meetings in your area or use the search.
  4. Click on a specific meeting to take part in it.

Additional information is available at www.clashnights.com.

Clash Royale: Proper game setup

How do I change my name? At 4th level of the king, the possibility of changing the name becomes available.The first time you can change the name for free, but for later you will need crystals. You can change the name by clicking on the "Change Name" button in the game settings. Please note that developers do not change usernames on request. In addition, their moderators regularly check that there are no obscene or offensive words in the names. See you in the arena!

I can not change the name!

You can change the name in the game as soon as you reach 4 King Level. The first time you can change the name for free, then charged in the crystals. If the name change button is gray, it means that you have either used it or have not reached level 4 yet. If you have problems with the name change, make sure that both times you entered the same new name. Check spell. After you enter the name twice, you will need to confirm the changes by entering the word "Confirm" (in capital letters). Do not use special characters or emoji in the name, as they may not be displayed correctly.

If the game reports that the selected name is unacceptable, then it is completely or partially blocked by the language filter or simply does not meet the requirements. Please try a different name or write it differently.Developing the possibility of changing the name, the developers tried to make this process intuitive and very clear. This was done so that players could not change names randomly and thoughtlessly.

Here are some tips for changing your name:

How do I delete my account?

Creating games, the developers try to do so that players do not "burn out" and do not overwork. But they understand that sometimes it still happens. If you feel that you need a break, developers are advised to connect to the Supercell ID before removing the application. This will save your game achievements.

If you want to start the game over again, this is easy to do without deleting the current account. To do this, go to the game settings and make sure that your account is connected to the Supercell ID. Log out of your account by tapping the "Connected" button under the Supercell ID, and then the "Exit" button. After that select the option "Play without Supercell ID". When you start a new game, the developers recommend that you connect to the Supercell ID. This will save your game account.

If you still want to delete your game account, contact the developers using the account you want to delete. To do this, go to the game settings, tap the button "Help and support", and then - the words "Contact us" in the upper right corner. Developers will delete your account when they receive confirmation from you that you really want it, and make sure that it belongs to you (sometimes you may need to answer additional questions to confirm your ownership).

Warning: this means permanently deleting the game account. All your game currency and achievements will also be deleted, regardless of whether you spent money on them or not. After deleting the account it can not be restored. If your account is connected to a Supercell ID, all accounts in other Supercell games connected to the same Supercell ID will be deleted.

Also note that if you delete your account, developers will continue to store your personal data for possible use in Supercells legitimate business interests, such as fulfilling legal obligations, resolving disputes, and enforcing agreements. For more information, see the Privacy Policy: https://supercell.com/en/privacy-policy/ru/.

If you want to cancel the removal request, contact the developers as soon as possible. However, they cannot guarantee the preservation of your account after the removal request has been received.

Can I buy an account, sell it or share it? Selling, buying, lending or transferring game accounts to other players is contrary to the Terms of Use. The developers cannot guarantee the security of the account if it was transferred from the player to the player. Therefore, they reserved the right to block any account that was transferred from one player to another. Account sellers are not who they say they are! You will pay them money, but you will not receive an account. Help stop this disgusting business by refusing to sell and buy accounts and inform the developers of those involved!

How to transfer an account to a new iOS device? You can transfer the game or play it on multiple devices using the Game Center. We will tell you how to do it. Start by connecting the game to the Game Center account on device A:

  1. Enter the device settings.
  2. Find and select the Game Center tab.
  3. Log into the network with your Apple ID (or create a new one if needed).
  4. Make sure that no one uses this account except you.
  5. Return to the main screen and open the game. A popup message appears: "Welcome, your name."

To transfer the game to device B, download it to it, and then:

  1. Enter the device settings.
  2. Find and select the Game Center tab.
  3. Enter the username and password used on device A.
  4. Run the game. You will be prompted to load the saved game. Confirm that you want to do it - and go ahead, play!

Connect another device. If you see a pop-up window with the message that the connection is lost because another device connects to the game, it means that another device is connected to it. Check if someone from family or friends is trying to enter the game from the device where your account is loaded. If you still receive notifications and see strange changes in the game, please send the developers a more detailed description of what is happening in the game.

Chat notifications do not work. If you have problems with notifications (they are missing or incorrect numbers are indicated), the reason for the errors may be that you play on two devices in the same account.Because of this, notifications can be "viewed" on one device and therefore not displayed (or displayed differently) on another. Try to completely close the Clash Royale application on a device where you do not use it - sometimes it helps. But if you constantly change phones and tablets, it is quite possible that the problem will continue to manifest itself.

How to reset an account? The essence of Clash Royale is that a person plays in the same account for a long time - both in good times and bad times - so the game does not have the ability to reset everything and start the game again with a wave of the hand. On iOS, you can start a new game only on a new device, but remember that your original game will still be tied to your Game Center account, and this cannot be changed.

How to get experience. Experience points (OPT) can be obtained by improving maps, sacrificing them to clan members and earning achievements. Remember that winning or losing in battle, opening chests (any) will not bring experience.

How do I add friends? You can add users to your friends list in different ways.

Play Clash Royale more fun with friends! See you in the arena!

How to start a new game? To start a completely new game, you first need to connect the existing game to the Supercell ID (possible only in countries where Supercell ID is available). To do this, go to the game settings and click the button under the heading Supercell ID. Follow the on-screen instructions. After that, you can start a new game:

Now you need to create a Supercell ID for your new account. Thanks to this, you can easily switch between two accounts and not worry about their safety.

Clash Royale: If the account is lost

My account has been lost. How to get her back? Lost your account? Developers will help you get it back as soon as possible. Please find the section below for your problem. It is possible that you can restore it yourself much faster!

Warning: if you upload multiple accounts on one device, you may lose access to one or more of them.

Connecting to Google + / Google Play, but my account is not! Be sure to add the correct Google Play account to your device. In the game settings (in the upper right corner of the screen), tap the Google Play button (the button should be red). The game will then show the username and experience level of the account youre about to download. Make sure that this is the account you need and tap "Yes".

I connect to Game Center, but my account is not! Sign in to the Game Center with the correct email. The address with which your account was originally associated. To do this, go to the device settings -> Game Center -> Apple ID. As soon as you connect to Game Center / Apple ID, a message will appear prompting you to load the correct account. If you are unable to download a lost account with the specified mailbox, it is probably wrong.

I still do not understand what to do, help! Just click on the big red "NO" button below, and contact the developers with the following details:

  1. The exact username and clan name of the lost account (or player tag, if possible).
  2. The experience level of the lost account.
  3. Tell us how you lost your account.
Important: devices that do not support Google Play cannot be used to save an account.

Clash Royale does not support emulators, and if you play on Blackberry, Nokia X-Series, Kindle HD devices or any other platforms that are not supported by the game, you cannot restore a lost game.

I use Game Center, but my account does not load! It is extremely important to use the correct data for the input. Be sure to use the correct Game Center account. If the email address you provided does not allow you to log in to your account, you probably used a different address. To log in to your account, do the following:

  1. Sign in with the email address you used to synchronize your account.
  2. If this is an old box, contact Apple support and they will help you recover your account.

Supercell does not have access to Game Center account information; for us they are just a bunch of numbers.Therefore, we will need help from you and Apple to find the right data to restore your account.

I use Google Play, but my account does not load! It is extremely important to use the correct data for the input. Make sure you are using the required Google Play account. If you cannot load an account with your mailbox, it is most likely that it is incorrect. To log in to your account, do the following:

  1. Be sure to add the correct Google Play account to your Android device.
  2. In the game settings, tap "Google Play Login" and log in using the email address you used to synchronize the (lost) account.
  3. If your account is linked to an old email address that you no longer have access to, please contact Google support (https://accounts.google.com/signin/recovery) to restore your account.

Supercell does not have access to information related to Google Play accounts, so we need your help and help from Google to find your login information and restore your account.

Clash Royale: Resources, Crystals, and Payments

IOS - available payment methods. Purchases in the in-game store are made through iTunes. Payment methods depend on your country of residence. The following is a list of basic payment methods:

How to disable or enable in-game purchases? Supercell games are free, but you can buy in-game currency to move faster in the game. You can buy game currency for real money using iTunes or Google Play. If you want to continue to make in-app purchases, set up the device so that it requires a password either every time you try to make a purchase (to do this, select "Ask always"), or 15 minutes after making the last purchase.

My order did not come! Usually orders are executed immediately, but sometimes there may be delays. Such delays mean that your payment is still being processed. No need to try to buy the same set again - you will get it soon. If more than 24 hours have passed, and your order has not yet arrived, contact iTunes support. All purchases made in the game store, pass through Apple.

If you made a payment using Google, but did not receive your order after 24 hours, contact the developers, attaching a screen shot with your check. The screen shot should show the transaction ID (example: GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345) located at the bottom of the check.

Failed to subscribe? If the subscription you paid for is not displayed in the game, try the following actions in the same order:

  1. Make sure you log into your app store (for example, Google Play, iOS AppStore) with the same account you used to make the purchase.
  2. Log out of the account with which the purchase was made, and log back in.
  3. Wait 24 hours, because sometimes renewal of a subscription is delayed for unknown reasons.

If these steps did not help, contact the developers by attaching a screenshot of the receipt of the purchased subscription.

What is gold for and where can I get it? Gold is one of two in-game currencies. It is used to buy cards in the store, improve them, and also to create a clan. It can also be used to purchase some special offers in the store. You can get gold in various ways: by winning it in tournaments and trials, donating cards, opening chests and winning battles. Gold can be found in the chests or buy in the store.

What are crystals for and how can I get them? Diamonds are the most valuable resource in the game, and they can be used for just about anything! Buy them in the store, find them in chests or earn money by completing quests.

Are there cheat codes with which you can get free crystals and other game items? There are no "cheats" in the game for getting free crystals, gold, cards or trophies. And no code will help to produce an elixir faster. No tools or applications will allow players to change the rules of Clash Royale, protected by servers very, very reliably. However, developers are working to eliminate attempts to trick the game. The healthy spirit of competition is the most important part of the Clash Royale, so they are angry no less than yours.

Crystals are randomly spent! Can they be returned? The developers have tried to minimize the random waste of crystals in the game, adding simple ways to confirm purchases. When buying something for the crystals, there will always be a notice where the waste of the crystals needs to be confirmed. Due to this, the random waste of crystals has become less.

Since Clash Royale is a live online game, canceling changes already made will affect other players. Since developers cant reverse someones game progress or delete something, if they return crystals to you, your account will receive benefits for free, which is unfair to other players who received the same improvement for hard earned crystals .

Can I buy crystals outside the game? In short, no. The only way to buy crystals is to do it in an in-game store (payment for purchases in it goes through iTunes or Google). Many third-party websites offer in-game currency Clash Royale, but using them is unsafe. Whatever these websites claim, Supercell has nothing to do with them.Very often, third-party websites ask for information about your Game Center or Google Play accounts. This will give them access to your game data.

If you provide them with your account information, developers will not be able to guarantee its security. If you made a purchase not inside the game, the developers will not be able to help you, since you have already violated the Terms of Use. The developers reserve the right to block game accounts from which they made purchases of crystals on third-party websites.

Where are my crystals? If you entered the village and discovered the loss of crystals, it means that they were spent on something. This usually happens because someone from a family or friends was curious ... Also, maybe you entered the game on someone elses device and did not quit. And the owner of the device played it without suspecting anything.

The game cannot use crystals itself, purchases are always made by the player. It may have been a random purchase, although the developers entered several confirmation levels to prevent them. To avoid this in the future, please do not forget to turn off the screen after the game. Also, if you entered the game on someone elses device, do not forget to log out when youre done.

Why did the items I bought disappear? As a rule, in-game purchases are non-refundable. And exceptions are possible only under certain conditions. Supercell wants the game to be fair, so it reserves the right to stop access to any resources and items for which the return is issued. This means that, for example, when you return the legendary chest of the king and 50,000 gold, Supercell returns the contents of this chest and takes the same amount of gold from your vault.

If resources were spent before returning, your balance of crystals or gold may become negative. You can return a positive balance by collecting resources in the game or making a purchase again. If the player makes a return of several major purchases, developers can even restrict access to his account. Developers understand that finding empty vaults of gold and crystals is unpleasant. However, deleting resources or items after the refund is the only way to restore the balance between the players payments and his resources and items.

Of course, when you buy something in the game, the purchased goods belong to you. But if you are refunded for an order, another rule applies, as with any purchase: you lose the right to the purchased item. Since Clash Royale is an online game, its economy and mechanics work the same for all players. The same applies to resources in the game. To avoid unpleasant surprises, do not forget about the security of your device, keep it locked and never transfer your account to anyone!

Where are my Legendary Trophies? Legendary Trophies were finally removed from the game Clash Royale (along with the current December Update). However, do not worry about this! Players who have Legendary Trophies in their account will receive the following rewards:

Why do I get a high risk warning? For reasons of user security, the Google Play Store may find some purchases unusual. It automatically protects your device from unwanted spending of money. Quite by chance, the system decided that your purchase was "risky," and canceled it before completion. Do not worry. Reservation of funds will be canceled automatically. However, you will not be able to shop in the next 30 minutes (sometimes a little longer). In the meantime, make sure that your name and billing address match those shown on the payment card.

My purchase has been canceled! If you tried to make a purchase, but it was canceled, then your account will not be debited. However, the Google Play store may temporarily freeze funds on your card that are equal to the purchase amount. But do not worry! Soon this "freeze" will automatically disappear.

Cancellation of the purchase may occur due to the inconsistency of the name or address specified in the Google Wallet with the credit card information. Understand this by contacting the bank and specifying the details, then log back into the Google payment center (via the link payments.google.com), go to "Payment Method" and check if the information matches.

Where to find my purchase history? To view your purchase history, do the following:


  1. Click on payments.google.com, then sign in to your Google account.
  2. Select "Transactions" to view your order history in the Play Store.
  3. Select a specific entry to view the required receipt.


  1. Open iTunes on your computer.
  2. Select a username (email address) and "Account".
  3. Scroll down to "Purchase History" and click "View All".

Clash Royale: Player Questions for Developers

What is Supercell ID? By linking your game accounts to Supercell ID, you can secure them and access them on different devices and operating systems. By linking all your game accounts to Supercell ID, you can easily switch between them.

How to connect to Supercell ID? Enter the game settings, find the Supercell ID and click "Disable". Each time you sign in to your Supercell ID account, you will receive a confirmation code, so you dont have to create and remember passwords. You can also save the account information on your device in order not to enter the verification code each time.

Supercell ID - is it free? Yes!

Does Supercell ID work the same on Apple and Android devices? Yes. You can also use Supercell ID to transfer game accounts between Apple and Android devices.

Can I play Supercell games without registering a Supercell ID? Yes, registration is completely optional.However, developers strongly recommend registering to protect your game account. After you create a Supercell ID for one of your games, use the ability to log in to your account and in other games to connect them to your Supercell ID!

Can I connect all Supercell games to Supercell ID? You can create a Supercell ID in one of your games, and then simply log in to your Supercell ID in any other game. You can connect one account registered in each game to one Supercell ID.

Can I register more than one Supercell ID? Yes!

How to save multiple game accounts in one game? You can save multiple accounts of the same game by creating multiple Supercell IDs. For example, if you want to play in four different Clash of Clans villages, simply create four different Supercell IDs.

Can I switch between different Supercell ID on the same device? Yes. To easily switch between Supercell ID and game accounts, tick the box "Remember me on this device" when entering each account. After that, you will not have to enter a verification code when entering them.

How to switch between different Supercell ID? Select "Remember me on this device" when logging in to your account to save it. After logging out of the account in the game settings, you can switch between the accounts stored on your device.

Saved Supercell IDs are missing. What happened? Reinstalling the game on Android devices will delete the saved Supercell ID. On Apple devices, the Supercell ID is deleted when the device is reset to factory default.

Can I still use Game Center and Google to store game data? After connecting to the Supercell ID, your game account can no longer be tied to Game Center or Google. You also will not be able to enter through the game. To enter a game that is already linked to a Game Center or Google account, log out of your Supercell ID and select "Play without Supercell ID." Developers recommend linking all your game accounts to Supercell ID to make it easier for you to switch between them.

I did not receive an email with a verification code for Supercell ID by email. What to do? If you did not receive an email with a verification code for Supercell ID, check your spam filter and firewall settings. Also look for inbox emails where Supercell ID is mentioned.

What other opportunities will appear in the Supercell ID in the future? Developers are working to make Supercell ID even better. Follow the news!

How to refuse to receive advertising messages? To refuse to receive Supercell advertising messages, start the game and enter its settings. Click the "Disabled" button under the heading Supercell ID. Uncheck the box that offers to receive messages from Supercell. Make sure that you are in the settings of the account you want.