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Walkthrough Cooking Diary: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

COOKING DIARY - Android game with release date 05/31/2018 from MyTona. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Walkthrough
  2. Amplification
  3. Guilds
  4. Pets
  5. How not to lose Progress?
  6. Game Currency
  7. Friends
  8. Shop & Customization
  9. Settings

Cooking Diary: Walkthrough

Level Tips

  1. Do not collect all coins from the rack at once, this will help you effectively distribute time. Customers who come at the same time need to be served together until their patience has expired.
  2. Prepare main dishes to cope with the steady flow of customers. If you were not able to predict the order, then use trays to store blanks.
  3. Improve both the kitchen and the restaurant hall to easily complete levels!

How to choose a dish if both hands are busy? In case you urgently need to take another dish, but both hands are already taken, you can put the dish from your hand on a stand. Taking the prepared dishes and putting them on the stand, you can start cooking the following. Depending on the improvement, there may be 1 or 2 cells available, where you can put dishes to free your hand.

The visitor does not accept the order. If the Visitor does not accept the order, make sure that you have correctly compiled the ingredients. It is possible that you did not add some ingredient, or put an extra one. If the problem continues, please contact technical support. Describe the problem and your email address for feedback (optional).

What to do with a burnt dish? A burnt dish must be thrown into the trash. Until the burnt-out dish is discarded, you cannot cook or pick up new dishes. For throwing away a dish you lose a part of the earned coins equal to the cost of the dish.

What are achievements? Achievement is an additional opportunity to get in-game currency by completing tasks. Achievements can be one-stage or consist of 3 stages. The reward for completing the next step is more than for the previous one.

You can see a list of all the achievements and available rewards in the diary on the "Achievements" tab.

How can I open new restaurants? Restaurants will open as they reach a certain level.

How to find out where in TOP Im located? In order to find out where you are in the top, simply click on the appropriate button in your profile.

TOPs are divided into "TOP restaurant" and "Best." In the "TOP of the restaurant" displays what place you occupy in the top of a restaurant.

The "Best" list includes players from around the world. TOP players are built on the basis of your clients smiles earned. To do this, you need to serve customers with the utmost patience.

What is restaurant revenue? Each restaurant has its own income, in the form of coins, available every 4 hours.

Income can be obtained on the card by clicking on the income button.

The number of coins received depends on the number of improvements in the restaurant. The more improvements, the more coins you will receive.

How to raise prestige restaurants? Each restaurant in Cooking Diary has six Prestige medals.

Prestige Points are awarded for all items purchased in a restaurant.

With each new Prestige medal you increase the profitability of the restaurant, get valuable prizes and unique rewards that you can proudly hang on the wall.

How to carry out combo orders? Earn more coins by completing combo orders. Combo orders can consist of 3, 4 or 5 dishes that need to be served to customers as quickly as possible.

How to restore life? How many of them can be? Lives are your gaming endeavors. In total, a player can have five lives. If you lose, you lose one life. Over time, the number of lives is restored. One life is restored in 30 minutes. The number of your lives and the time until the next life is restored is displayed near the players avatar in the upper left corner. You can restore lives for rubies.

You can ask your friends from Facebook to send you life. You can do this by clicking the "Ask for life" button. You have the opportunity to send lives to your friends by clicking the appropriate button.

If you have the maximum number of lives, you cant use the extra life sent by your friend. But do not worry, she will not disappear. You can use it later. All received lives are stored in the message box. The maximum number of lives sent to you by friends is twenty. The number of lives gained from visiting restaurants and won at the Wheel of Fortune is infinite.

What is a daily reward? A reward that is issued once a day for visiting the game for 5 days. Every day the reward increases if you enter the game regularly. However, if you miss a day, the counter will be reset to the first day.

How to move on the plot? Earning stars in restaurants, you move on the plot. If all the stars in the restaurant are already collected, then you need to go to the next restaurant.

How to open a new district of Tasty Hills? To open a new district of Tasty Hills, you need to collect a certain amount of story stars.

Story stars can be earned at the levels indicated by the stars.

Level objectives. The game has different goals that must be completed in order to complete the level:

What is a van? A van is a temporary event that periodically takes place in the game. Moving along the route of the van, you can get many rewards:

Differences of the gameplay of the Van from the usual levels in restaurants:

  1. The presence of two racks of orders;
  2. Clients pay with a currency special for each event;
  3. At the end of the event, all won currency is canceled.

What are daily assignments? Daily quests are a regular game event. It includes goals for which you can receive a reward. To see the list of tasks, click on the notepad icon on the left side of the screen.

Daily assignments are limited in time. Jobs are updated every 24 hours. You can complete a maximum of 3 tasks per day.

What is a culinary tournament? A culinary tournament is a competition of players in which you need to advance in TOP, completing certain tasks. Players who win prizes will receive a reward upon completion of the event. The higher the players position in the TOP, the more valuable the reward.

How to complete a level with additional goals?

The game has levels with additional goals, you will recognize them by special icons. To pass such levels you need to not only earn a certain amount of coins, but also fulfill special conditions.

Full positive - your customers should not have a bad mood:

Excellent service - all customers should receive their orders:

Absolute delight - Serve a certain number of customers with the highest-filled mood scale:

No smoke without fire - avoid burning foods:

Waste -free production - do not throw food into the trash:

If you are experiencing difficulties, then try to improve the interior of the kitchen or take advantage of the enhancements! If you lost the level with an additional goal (Excellent service, No smoke without fire, Full positive and Waste-free production), then you can use the "Second Chance" reinforcement to continue the game.

What are special customers?

From time to time, special customers will come to your restaurant. You will recognize them by the special color of their order.

Impatient customer. This customer will come with a low level of expectation. You better serve him first, otherwise he will leave!

Forgetful customer. This client has a rather poor memory, so he often forgets his orders. You need to remember his order. You can serve him dishes at any time.

Pondering client. This client will choose dish after dish for quite some time. Get ready to wait for his order.

Loyal customer. This customer is delighted with your kitchen! A loyal customer will accept any meal, including snacks and drinks.

Merry customer. Serve this client on time and he will cheer up everyone around! But if the merry customer leaves dissatisfied, then the mood of other customers will not increase.

What is Turbo Chef Mode?

Turbo Chef mode is a regular gaming event-competition. In turbo-chef mode, you need to complete a specific task for which you will receive a reward.

Features turbo chef mode:

After completing the introductory assignment, you will be able to compete with other players for places in the TOP-100 of the best chefs of the "Culinary Messenger". At the end of the event timer, all players who won prizes receive a reward. The image of the character of the player who won the first place is placed on the cover of the magazine "Culinary Herald".

To participate in the event, you need to accumulate the required number of tickets, passing the levels of any restaurant or van.

When the event ends, tickets will be canceled.

Cooking Diary: Amplification

What is amplification? Reinforcements can speed up and facilitate the passage of difficult levels.Amplification is possible:

Super Strength

Instant cooking . All level Your meals and drinks will be prepared instantly.

Non-stick coating . The whole level of your food will not burn.

Double benefit. Allows you to earn more coins throughout the level.

How to get super power? You can purchase and activate super-amplification by pressing the super-amplification button before the start of the level or in the pause window. Super-power can also be obtained by fully charging them with lightning.

Lightning can be obtained as a reward in game events and competitions and when winning in the Wheel of Fortune. The amount of lightning collected can be viewed on the gain energy scale at the time they are credited.There is a separate energy scale for each gain.

Gains activated during the game

Candy. Fully restore the patience of visitors. Work simultaneously for all visitors standing near the counter.

Turbo clips . Accelerate your movement in the kitchen for a certain time. With their help, you can serve customers much faster.

Wonder dish . With it, you can fully serve the order of any client, regardless of the number of dishes that he ordered.

You can acquire these power-ups while completing levels.

Gain activated after losing.

Gain extra time and visitors. Gives you 30 extra seconds and 3 visitors. This gain will be offered automatically if the time of the level is over and you did not have enough coins to win.

Second chance . If you lost the level with an additional goal (Excellent service, No smoke without fire, Full positive and Waste-free production), then you can use the "Second Chance" reinforcement to continue the game.

These amplifications are activated only when you lose at the level.

Cooking Diary: Guilds

Why are guilds needed? Guilds are needed to recruit helpers in the kitchen. A guild assistant increases your income, but each assistant will only be available once. You can send a request for a guild assistant every 4 hours.The request can be sent again, without waiting for the expiration of 4 hours, spending rubies on it. The maximum number of helpers you can request at a time is 10.

How to join a guild? To join a guild, click on the guild icon at the bottom right of the screen. You will see a list of existing guilds and the number of participants in them, select the one that you like. Also for convenience, you can use the search parameter. Then you can immediately join the guild by clicking on the "Join" button, or view information about the guild by clicking on its name.

What is a Guild Quest? The guild mission is a special game event that takes place regularly. It is limited in time and you can get three chests in it:

Chests can be obtained by completing quests with your guild members. All players in the guild can take part.

What are Guild Points? Guild Points - This is the amount that the guild receives for completing a common task. Points are needed for the ranking of TOP guilds: the more points a guild has, the higher its position in the TOP.

How to become an assistant? Click on the "Help" button to become an assistant to the guild who asked for it in the chat, for this you will receive a small reward.

How to create a guild? To create your own guild you must have a certain amount of rubies, click on the guild icon and open the "Create" tab. In this tab you need to enter the name of the guild, its description, type, select the logo, location and click on the "Create" button.

How to change the name, description, logo, type and location of the guild? Only the guild admin can change the name, description, logo, type and location of the guild. To do this, open the guild window, click on the My Guild tab, and then on the edit icon.

In the guild editing window you can:

To save changes, click on the Save button.

How to exclude a player from the guild? Exclude a player can only admin and guild moderators. To exclude a player, you need to go into your guild, select the "My Guild" tab and open the "Guild Information" window.

Click on the desired player and select the item Exclude.

Why have I been expelled from the guild? The guild administrator can exclude any member from the guild, and there can be a variety of reasons for this.

How are guild administrator rights transferred? If the administrator has not entered the game within 7 days, then his rights will be transferred to the Sogild.

What are leagues? Leagues are groups of guilds formed by the number of total contributions to the assignment. The size of the reward received after completing the task of the guild depends on where and in which league your guild is located. There are 7 guild leagues in the game:

  1. Wooden - the league with which all guilds begin;
  2. Bronze;
  3. Silver;
  4. Gold.
  5. Emerald;
  6. Ruby.
  7. Royal League - in which they receive the most valuable reward for the task of the guild.

How to move to the next league? For your guild to advance to the next league, you must take a place with a green arrow and stay on it until the end of the guild job timer. The transition to the next league will be carried out at the beginning of a new guild mission.

How to use chat stickers? To open the menu with stickers, click on the button with a smiley in the Chat tab. In the menu that appears, select the sticker you want, click on it, and your message with the sticker will appear in the guild chat.

Who is the guild admin? Admin - the leader of the guild, which can:

Who is a guild moderator? Moderator - a player who can accept applications and exclude members of the guild, except for the administrator and another moderator.

How to appoint a moderator? Only a guild admin can appoint a moderator. To assign a moderator, open the guild window, go to the My guild tab, open the Guild Details window.

Click on the desired player and select the Assign Moderator item. You can remove a player from his position in the same menu by selecting the Remove moderator item.

Why are my guilds inactive? The Sogildian becomes inactive if he has not entered the game for more than 30 days.

Cooking Diary: Pets

How to add a new pet? First, collect the required number of cards for this pet to add it. Pet cards are available for purchase:

  1. In sets of the pet shop, which you can access through the bank window or through the Pet Room by clicking on the "Add" button;
  2. In special offers.

How to change the name of the pet? You can change the name of a pet as follows:

  1. Go to the window "Character Settings";
  2. Then go to the Pet Room;
  3. Then, next to the pets name, click on the "Edit" button.

My pet is sad, how to cheer him up? To cheer up your pet, you can feed him. Use the "Feed" action for this.

You can redeem it using the Soap action.

Play with him using the action "Ball".

In gratitude you will receive a gift from the pet. "Feed", "Soap" and "Ball" You can get:

Types of pet cards. There are ordinary pet cards in blue:

Rare orange cards:

Exclusive purple cards:

Cards can be found in the kit. The number of cards of each color in a set depends on its value.

How to increase the level of a pet? To increase the level of the pet, collect his cards. Raising the level of a pet, you get a reward and expand the range of affordable clothes. For raising the level of a rare and exclusive pet you get more rewards.

Cooking Diary: How not to lose Progress?

How to connect to Facebook? You can connect to Facebook through the settings window:

Via the diary in the Friends tab:

Through the window of victory:

How to connect to Game Center? You can connect to Game Center:

  1. Open the settings of your device;
  2. Click on the item "Game Center";
  3. Click the "Login ..." button;
  4. Select "Log in with an existing Apple ID";
  5. Enter your Apple ID account information;
  6. After returning to the application, synchronization with your account will happen automatically;
  7. If the account already has progress, then during synchronization you will be given a choice between the current progress and the progress on the account.

How to save game progress? Game progress is saved when the device is connected to the Internet. You can restore progress, even if you reinstall the game. To do this, in the progress selection window, you need to select the one you want to restore.

Then confirm the selection by entering the numbers 12345. You can also save game progress by connecting the game to your Facebook account.

How to delete your profile? If you wish, you can delete your profile and personal data. To do this, you need to contact support. Next, they will send you a window inside the game confirming the deletion of data. To delete, you will need to start the game from your main device and confirm data deletion. After this operation, your profile and personal data will be deleted without the possibility of recovery, and you will be asked to start the game again.

Cooking Diary: Game Currency


Coins are an in-game currency. Each district of Tasty Hills uses its own type of coin.

How to get the? Coins can be obtained in a variety of ways. For example, earn by passing levels in restaurants:

Coins can be rewarded for daily visits to the game on day 1, 2 and 3:

You get coins by collecting income from restaurants:

You get coins as a reward for increasing the prestige of the restaurant by purchasing and improving kitchen appliances, interior items and decor:

As a reward for visiting friends restaurants:

What are coins for? With the help of coins, you can improve the cuisine of restaurants.

Purchase interior items of restaurants:

Rotate the Wheel of Fortune:

If you do not have enough coins when buying an item, then you can make up for the lack of coins with rubies and purchase this product.


Rubies are an in-game currency. Rubies are used anywhere in the Tasty Hills.

How to get the? Rubies can be rewarded for completing the episode. Collect story stars to complete the episode:

You can get a reward for the first place in the TOP in any restaurant:

As a reward for completing guild quests. Join the guild and complete tasks to get not only rubies, but also other prizes:

In reward for achieving achievements:

As a reward for daily visits to the game on days 4 and 5:

As a reward for increasing the prestige of the restaurant, acquiring and improving kitchen appliances, interior items and decor:

As a reward for visiting friends restaurants:

As a reward for spinning the Wheel of Fortune:

As a reward for linking your Facebook account, at a time:

In the bank. You can always buy rubies at the Bank!

What are rubies for? With the help of rubies you can improve the cuisine of restaurants:

Purchase interior items of restaurants:

Gain bonuses (Candy, Miracle Dish, Turbo clips, Extra time and customers, Second Chance and Recovery).


Banknotes are an in-game currency. With the help of a banknote you can purchase clothes and jewelry for the restaurant. Banknotes are used in any area of ??Tasty Hills.

How to get banknotes? Banknotes can be obtained in various ways:


Cotobank is a promotion that allows you to buy rubies at a discount. Bonus rubies will accumulate for completing levels during the action of the promotion in the Cotobank. Cotobank can be bought as soon as the necessary amount of rubies is accumulated in it. But you can also continue to accumulate bonus rubies to buy a full kotobank with maximum benefit.

Cooking Diary: Friends

How to add friends? Connect to Facebook and restart the game. Your friends who play Cooking Diary will automatically be added to the in-game friend list.

How to visit a friends restaurant? The game has the opportunity to visit a friends restaurant with Facebook. You can visit friends through the Friends tab in the diary. In the friends restaurant there is a gift from which coins, rubies and power-ups can drop out.

How to delete friends? Remove a friend from your Facebook friends list and restart the game. Your friend will automatically disappear from the in-game friend list.

What is the maximum number of friends in a game? The maximum number of friends in a game is 200.

My friends are missing, how to get them back? Try one of the following methods:

  1. Check your internet connection, it should be stable;
  2. Check your Facebook profile connection;
  3. Restart your device to fix sync issues;
  4. Open the settings window and disconnect your Facebook profile. Then restart the device, enter the game and reconnect your Facebook profile.

If none of the methods helped you solve the problem, then contact support for help. In the appeal, indicate your Support ID and describe the problem.

Cooking Diary: Shop & Customization

Why do we need improvements to devices and the interior? With the help of advanced kitchen appliances you can:

  1. Cook faster;
  2. Increase the number of prepared dishes;
  3. Increase the price of the dish.

With the improved interior you can increase the number of tips. Improving kitchen appliances and the interior will make it easier for you to win at levels in which the complexity increases each time.

How to increase the number of tips? The number of tips can be increased by improving certain interior items, using members of the Guilds as assistants.

How does the mood of visitors work? It depends on your mood whether the visitor will tip you or not. And also how long they will wait for their order.

How to get more coins for completing a level? You can get more coins if you improve your dishes in the store. With each improvement, the cost of the dish increases.

Of great importance is the level of patience of the visitor. A visitor with high patience on the scale will tip you for prompt service. Improving the interior you can also increase the number of tips that visitors leave for you.

How to accelerate the improvement of kitchen appliances and the interior?Entry-level kitchen appliances do not take a long time to improve. But with the increase in the level of kitchen appliances, each improvement will take longer. You can speed up this process using rubies for this.

How to change the interior of the restaurant? You have the opportunity to edit the interior of your restaurant to your taste, set the scenery, change the wallpaper and floor. To do this, select the third tab in the store.

Having chosen the scenery you like, you can proceed with the replacement.

Some decorations, such as a poster, are not deleted when replaced, but simply transferred to a warehouse, from where you can always install it again.

How to change the look of your character? In order to open the character settings window, click on your avatar. The character settings window will be available as you progress through the story. In the character settings window, changes will be available for both the face and clothes of the character.

You can get new clothes:

In the second tab of the "Wardrobe" you can try on your existing clothes.

Cooking Diary: Settings

How to change player name? There are two ways to change a players name. Using the "Change Name" button in the settings window:

In the customization window, after clicking on the "i" button.

How to change the language in the game? The language in the game can be changed in the settings window. Click on the gears icon next to the bank plate. In the window that appears, there will be a button "Change language". By clicking on it you can choose your preferred language.