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Country Friends WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

COUNTRY FRIENDS - Android game with release date 12/12/2015 from the company Gameloft. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

How to delete an order that I do not want to fulfill? Each order has a delete icon next to it. Click on it and delete the unnecessary order. A new order will not keep you waiting!

What if my storage is full? Change storage capacity.Click the storage tab on the farm, then click the Increase storage icon and go to the change screen.

How can I buy something in a store? Click on the store (trolley on the side of the road), which is located to the right of the farmhouse. Then select any product you want to buy.

How can I sell something in a store? Click on the piggy next to the store, then click on the cell with the "+" sign and put the item up for sale. When your product is sold, a coin will appear on the piglet.

I used all my crops and can no longer plant anything ... What to do in such cases? You can go to the store and see if some of the players put up for sale exactly what you need. In addition, you can buy grain for sowing for diamonds. In this case, try to plant something without having anything to plant, the game itself will offer you to purchase grain for diamonds.

I have run out of animal feed ... What should I do in such cases? Use a grinder to prepare new feed.

I have already reached the level that is required in order to open one or another animal, but still I can’t buy this animal ... Why? Because first you need to buy a house for this animal.

How to move an item on the farm? Click on an item and hold until an arrow appears. After it disappears, you can move the item to any place convenient for you. To cancel the action, click on the "X" (the item will return to its original position) or click on the "checkmark" to confirm the move.

Can I remove any items from my farm? You can remove the scenery, pets and their houses in your inventory. Click on the item you want to delete and hold. If you can delete it, the warehouse icon (blue) appears.Click on the item and it will be moved to inventory.

I removed the scenery from my farm; where is it stored? Does it require storage in a warehouse / barn? It will be stored in inventory. Storage space does not require storage space / in the barn. To return the saved decoration to the farm, click on the store icon, select the "inventory" tab (last tab). There you will see all the items you have saved. Just drag them and install them on your farm.

How do I know if a community member is currently online? Each farm member has a sign in front of the farm. If it glows green, then the farm owner is now online.

What can you do on a community farm? There you can grow fruits (unique for the community farm) and vegetables, produce products (unique for the community farm), and also help fill the boxes in the dock and receive rewards for this. In addition, you can help members of your community by watering their crops, which will speed up their growth time.

Why can’t I water my crops? You can only water crops of friends. To water your crops, ask other members of the community for help.

Why does my level change when I enter a community farm? You will also notice that the color of the level asterisk also changes when you enter the community farm. On your farm, an asterisk representing your level will be blue, and on a community farm, it will be yellow.

How can I make something on a community farm? Click on the building with the red roof and go to the production screen. You can add your ingredients to your product. Wait for other community members to add their ingredients and start production. Production will not begin until all the necessary ingredients have been added.

If no other community members brought their ingredients to the factory, can I do it myself? Yes, you can add all the necessary ingredients yourself. In this case, at the end of production you will receive a larger number of products.

What is the function of moles? They help to accelerate the growth time of ALL crops on the community farm - both yours and other community members. Crops will ripen instantly!

What is the function of the whale? His name is Bradley! Together with other members of the community, fill in the boxes on Bradley’s back, and he will deliver them to their destination ... and will return with excellent prizes!

Where can I plant something? Are certain areas reserved for me? In the community, you can only plant something in the plots designated for you. Other sites belong to other members of the community, but you can help and water their crops.

Why can’t I increase my plots on a community farm, even if I have enough money for it? Because you have not finished playing the necessary level for this.

How to raise the level of your farm? Fulfillment of orders will bring you experience (blue stars). Click on the birdhouse and see the list of orders.

How to improve your community? Growing fruits and vegetables, fulfilling orders and watering neighboring crops will bring experience (yellow stars) that will help your community reach a new level.

Where can I get an item to increase the barn / warehouse? Such items will appear randomly, as the crop is harvested, when watering crops, popping balls, treating pets with treats, as well as in a daily reward.

How to change your name and add an avatar to your game profile? Log in to Game Center or Facebook, and your name and avatar will be changed according to the account you logged in to. Click the Settings icon, then Connect, and connect to any account.

How to get a cat for logging in to Facebook? A large truck will drop by your farm and leave a large gift box right on the doorstep. Click on this box and collect your gift.

How to disconnect music? Click the Settings icon, then Sound. There are all the sound settings.

How to enable or disable push notifications? Click on the Settings icon, then push notifications. There you can choose the type of notifications you want to receive.

How to change the chat at the bottom of the screen from global to community chat? Can it be hidden? Click the Settings icon, then Chat. Here you can choose either of the two chats or hide it altogether!

How to buy diamonds? Click on the "+" sign in the upper right of the screen and go to the diamond store.

How to buy coins? Click the "+" sign in the upper right of the screen and go to the coin store.

Is there any way to get diamonds for free? In the diamond store you can watch the video and get diamonds for it.

How to earn even more coins? Fulfillment of orders for Mr. Peryshko (he lives in a birdhouse!) Will bring you coins. In addition, for coins you can sell something in the store. More coins will bring filling boxes to the farm community.

How to get a daily reward? Click on the gift box next to the farmhouse and receive a daily reward.

How to get diamonds during the game? This can be done in various ways: earning achievements, breaking balls, collecting daily rewards, winning promotions, filling out boxes on the community farm, watching videos in the store. By treating your pets to treats, you also have a chance to get diamonds!

How to block a player? Click on the profile / avatar of the player you want to block, then click on the Close icon in the action list.

How to unlock a player? If you blocked one of the players and then decided to unlock it, click on the Settings icon, then Block. the players. After that, just click on the Open icon and the player will be unlocked. If you blocked one of your friends, it will appear with the corresponding icon in your friends list. Click on it and you will be asked to unlock it.

How to find out if a player is currently online or not? If the player is online, the outline of his avatar will be green; if the player is not online, the outline will be brown.

How can I find and add friends already playing this game? Just go to Facebook or Game Center - your friends will be automatically added to the friends list in the game. If you have no connection with friends through social networks, you can find each other using the friendship code.

What is a friendship code and how do I find my own? Each player has his own unique friendship code, which he can use to find friends in the game. You can find your friendship code in the Communication menu, the Add Friends tab. Click on the icon next to your code and copy it to the device’s buffer. Or simply click on the Friendship Code icon to post it on Facebook.

How to invite friends who don’t play it to the game? When connected to Facebook, click on the Chat icon, then on the Add Friends tab. Here, click on the Invite icon and select the friends you want to invite to the game by sending them invitations.

How to add a player whom we met during the game? Click on the player’s profile in the chat - a list of leaders or a list of community members will appear, as well as a list of available actions. Click the Invite icon and send an invitation to friends. You can also add a friend when visiting his farm. An icon will appear next to the farm owner’s avatar - click on it to send an invitation.

How can I get gifts from my friends? If you suddenly see a rabbit jumping at a mailbox near the house, then you received a gift! Click on the rabbit or on the mailbox and pick up your gift in the pop-up menu.

How to send gifts to friends? After you pick up your gift, a screen will appear asking you to send gifts.Alternatively, you can click on a friend’s avatar and then on the Send Gifts icon. Remember, you can only send gifts to players who are on your friends list.

Will I lose pet treats if I send gifts to my friends? Do not worry - you will not lose anything if you send gifts to others!

What will I really give to my friends? Different goodies for pets!

What can I do with gifts from friends (goodies)? You can treat them to your pets! This is almost the same as feeding animals on the farm: click on the pet and drag a treat to it. Pets love when they are treated to delicious.And you will be generously rewarded for your attention!

How can I get to my community farm to view community information and a list of its members?Click on the blue "i" in the chat on the community farm. Or, while on a community farm, click on its logo in the upper left corner of the screen.

How do I leave the community I am a member of? You can leave the community you are currently in by joining another community or creating a new one.

How to create your own community? Go to your community farm, then click on the Community Search icon (with a magnifying glass and a shield). You will see a list of all available communities, as well as the Create icon.Click the Create icon and follow the instructions to create a new community.

How to invite a friend to join my community? Click the Invite icon on the community farm screen.

How can I communicate with community members? Your community has its own chat! Go to the Chat section, then select the Chat tab and simply switch to the community farm chat by selecting the tab on the right.You can also change the chat at the bottom of the screen to the community farm chat by changing the corresponding settings in the Chat section.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.