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CRASH FEVER - Android game with release date 12/05/2016 from WonderPlanet. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Polygons and Incubators
  3. Multiplayer
  4. What is a ghost system?
  5. Bug Guide
  6. Warrior Guide
  7. What are level quests?
  8. Partisan Dungeons
  9. Walkthrough
  10. How can I change the device and transfer data?
  11. Frequently Asked Questions

Crash Fever: A Beginners Guide

And what is Crash Fever all about? Crash Fever is a dynamic RPG puzzle driven by screen taps. This insane - and insanely colorful - game becomes even more fun in the company of up to four friends! Come along with your comrades and enjoy the most explosive action!

Is the game free? Both download and gameplay are completely free. There are paid items that help develop in the game, but they are not required.

Can I play alone? You can always play alone. But if you feel lonely, up to four players can participate in each joint session. Wherever you are - in a cafe or on the train - you can always choose the appropriate game mode!

What is the Data Recovery feature for? This feature may help in the following cases:

Some character icons (Ouroboros, Shinsengumi, etc.) do not match. Some users have problems displaying warriors due to outdated device cache data. The problem can be fixed in the following ways:

  1. Recover data;
  2. Play normally until the images are reloaded;
  3. Complete the game through the task manager and restart.
The second option will take some time. Depending on the situation, several attempts may be required.For best results, take breaks between attempts.

Crash Fever: Polygons and Incubators

An error occurred during the purchase, and I do not know if I was able to buy something. Check your iTunes Store or Google Play account to see if the purchase is registered. If you made several purchases that day, try not to confuse them.

Purchased polygons are not displayed. In some cases, purchases are not made immediately. If you encounter such problems, try restarting the Crash Fever application. The restart process is OS dependent. If after this the polygons did not appear, contact the support service.

How to see all the purchases? You can view your purchase history on your iTunes Store or Google Play account. To learn more about viewing purchase history, open the help section of the corresponding store or send a request to the support system.

I dont know how to buy landfills. To buy landfills, open the "Shop" - "Buy landfills." Please note: the purchase process is different for different devices.

Can I withdraw money without my permission? Money is withdrawn only with direct purchase of landfills in the store. Be calm and enjoy the game!

Is polygon application time limited? No, you can use polygons at any time. However, they cannot be transferred to other players.

I want to return the purchased landfills. According to the Terms of Use, purchased virtual goods are not refundable.

Crash Fever: Multiplayer

During the network game, I constantly have connection problems. Pressing the Home button of your device or pop-up notifications of other programs activates a pause and disconnects the network connection. To avoid this, do not close the application until you complete the current stage or lose. The following external factors can also cause problems:

How to start a network game using Line? To find participants for online play through LINE:

If the job you are looking for is not displayed, it is possible that your friend has either started the task or has stopped hiring.

How to set a password? When inviting players or joining a network group, you get the option to set a password. If you do not need a password, click the key icon and select "Off."

Only one password can be set, so change it as needed.

I can not find my friends online. There may be different reasons:

  1. Your friends may not appear due to an unstable connection. If this happens, repeat the search. To start the network game, everyone needs to connect to the Internet.
  2. Perhaps your friends are using a different version of the application. Differences in version may interfere with playing together. This can be fixed by going to the App Store or Google Play and downloading the latest update.
  3. You may have entered the wrong password.

I can not continue. The "Continue" option cannot be selected in the following cases:

Are bonuses limited for a new friend? Yes. Bonus for a new friend can be received up to 100 times.

I was not able to get bonuses for a new friend. Bonuses for a new friend are issued only after the first network game with a new friend. Repeated network play with a player with whom you have already played will not give a second bonus. The bonus will also not be counted if a new friend leaves the task before it is completed.

How often do warriors fall out during an online game? The probability of getting a warrior during an online game is different for different players. However, the bonuses of bugs are the same.

Crash Fever: What is a ghost system?

Tell us about the ghost system. For the sale of warriors you get ghost points that you can spend in the ghost store on warriors and useful items.

The range of the ghost store is subject to change. The exchange limit is regularly updated.

How many ghosts will I get for the X warrior? Different warriors are valued differently. There are a small number of warriors for whom ghost points are not awarded.

Warriors from a rare incubator. The income from the sale of warriors depends on their value with the utmost rarity. The income from warriors from a rare incubator does not depend on whether they are awakened to the utmost rarity. Since these warriors are 45 ghosts awakened to the maximum rarity, for their sale you will receive as much as for the awakened ones.

For which warriors can not help out ghosts? For warriors exclusive to the ghost store. For consumable warriors (for gain, breaking the limit, awakening, etc.). For the following warriors, you can only help out 1 ghost:

  1. Warriors received on assignments;
  2. Warriors derived from a chain incubator;
  3. Warriors received for level tickets or from a level incubator with pieces of tickets;
  4. Warriors received free during the events.

The more bugs, the more ghosts! The more bugs a warrior has at the time of sale, the higher its cost.

Crash Fever: Bug Guide

General information. Bugs are given for improving a warrior in one of the following ways:

By appointing a warrior with bugs as a leader during the assignment, there is a chance to get a "Bonus of bugs" after its completion. The probability of a bonus depends on the number of bugs - the more there are, the better!This bonus affects all participants, the reward depends on the specific task. Participate in all available tasks to increase this probability! The number of bonuses corresponds to the number of players. For example, a single game gives one bonus bugs, and an online game with two players gives two. And if there are four players, you can get as many as four bonus bugs!

If you like bonuses, multiplayer is your choice! Gather your friends for an explosive network bug party!

I dont know how to get more bugs! Bugs are issued for improving warriors in one of the following ways:

Does the number of bugs persist after waking up? Oh sure. After awakening the warrior, the bugs are not reset.

I dont understand how to get more bugs. Bugs are issued for improving warriors in one of the following ways:

Crash Fever: Warrior Guide

After using the incubator, warriors never appeared. If you spent chains or polygons, new warriors should appear in the warriors folder.

How to strengthen the warriors? Warriors can be combined with each other, gaining experience and increasing the level. The basic procedure is as follows:

  1. Click the Warriors icon at the bottom of the main screen;
  2. On the warriors page, click "Improve Warriors";
  3. Choose a warrior from the list to improve;
  4. Now choose which warrior to "use" during the merger, and click the "Merge" button.
The maximum level warrior will not gain experience. Expendable warriors will disappear during the merger.

What do the yellow stars on warriors mean? The number of stars means the level of rarity: from one to five (five are the rarest).

My warriors are gone. If a warrior disappeared from your folder, then most likely you used it to merge or sold it. To prevent such overlays, we recommend using the Favorites folder. To add a warrior to this folder, select it and the "Add to Favorites" option located in the lower right corner of the screen.

The orange color of the font means that the warrior is in the favorites.

What is the awakening of warriors? Some warriors are able to absorb other warriors in the process of awakening, while becoming much stronger. For this:

  1. Click the Warriors icon at the bottom of the main screen. On the warriors page, click "Awaken Warrior";
  2. Choose a warrior to wake from the list. Warriors who cannot be awakened are marked in gray;
  3. On the wake-up screen, click the Awaken button to complete the process.
Before awakening, the warrior must reach the maximum level. Requires a certain number of consumable warriors.

I can not awaken the warriors. Awakening a warrior has the following requirements:

  1. Awakening purpose max. level;
  2. The presence of consumable warriors;
  3. Account warriors are not in your group;
  4. Account warriors are not in the favorites;
  5. The right amount of fragments.

How to confirm the use of expendable warriors on awakening? Press and hold the warrior icon. The data page opens. Click the icon on the right to see the number of consumables you need.

What are skills? Skills are unique abilities that are activated in combat through a certain number of moves.When the OK Skill icon lights up, just click on it and watch! Some warriors have particularly powerful skills. Try them all!

What are destroyer skills? Destroyer skills are abilities activated by damage panels (these are special panels for combos x6 and higher). The longer the combo, the larger the damage panel - and the more powerful your ability to break panels!

Skill level. Skills, like warriors, have levels. High-level skills gain additional features such as faster recovery or increased strength.

How to increase skill level? To increase the skill level, go to the warrior upgrade page and spend the fruits of the alchemist. Max. The skill level of different warriors varies.

Does the skill level remain on awakening? Yes, awakening does not affect skill level. Even if the name of the skill changes upon awakening, its level will remain the same.

And what kind of fruits increase the parameters? Typically, the total strength of a warrior grows with level. However, there are special "fruits" that can be absorbed as material and to enhance certain skills - the so-called "breakthrough of the limit". The following fruits are available: the fruit of attack (ATK), the fruit of stamina (OZ), and the fruit of healing (REG). The maximum breakout limit for a warrior is 99 (for all parameters).Possible examples of breaking the limit:

In both examples, a total of 99 breakthroughs of the limit. Invalid breakout limit example:

Both examples exceed a maximum of 99 limit breakouts.

Is a breakout of the limit ("+" sign) preserved upon waking? Yes, a breakthrough of the limit is maintained upon awakening.

Is a limit break ("+" sign) transmitted from the consumable warrior to the target when combined? If the expense warrior is completely identical to the target or is an awakened / not awakened version of it, a breakthrough of the limit is transmitted. Expendable warriors that do not meet this condition do not transmit their breakthrough to the targets limit.

Awakening does not work, although all consumables are available. Awakening only works with the same rarity of all consumables.

Are there any requirements for the level of consumables? No, consumables can be at any level.

Effects of skills. When applying two skills in a row, effects sometimes add up, and sometimes one overlaps the other.

There are no warriors in the folder during the mission. When updating folders, connection problems may occur. In some cases, this is solved by the menu option "Return to the beginning".

I get the message "Folder full." Once the folder is full, you cannot add new warriors to it. Combine the extra warriors or sell them.

Crash Fever: What are level quests?

What are level tasks? These are tasks in which all players try to score as many points as possible! Your score will be shown upon completion of the assignment. It is he who will determine your performance in the fight against other players. The score is not summed up and does not increase upon repeated completion of the task.Level tasks are carried out exclusively alone.

Glasses. Points are awarded depending on the number of moves spent, as well as damage inflicted and received.Points are awarded for each floor separately, and at the end of the assignment are summed up and form the final score. For completing the assignment, additional points are awarded!

Ratings There are two types of ratings: group, which includes groups of several players, and a general (personal) rating.

Groups. All groups consist of players with different ratings, while the overall level of the groups is approximately the same. All players who meet the conditions for participation in the level task, after the start of the task, fall into a randomly selected group.

Group ranking awards. Members of the best group will receive rating coupons for an exclusive warrior for group rating winners! To learn more about how to get a rating coupon, see "Show rewards" on the rating page. To find out which warriors can be exchanged for a rating coupon, open the news section.

Reward for points. Depending on the points scored for setting the level, you will be assigned a rank from B to SSS, as well as a special one-time prize in accordance with the received rank! To learn more about the possible rewards, see "Show rewards" on the rating page. To find out how points influence the rank, open the news section of the job level. You will receive all rewards of ranks below yours. For example, if your rank is S, you will receive a reward for each rank from B to S.

Awards in the overall ranking. You will receive a title depending on the position in the ranking according to the results of the last three level tasks. With the first participation, the title corresponds to the result. Titles depend on points as follows:

If you participated in less than three level tasks, the reward in the overall rating will depend on the position in the rating according to the results of the level tasks in which you participated.

If you skip tasks, you will fall in the hierarchy. If this is your first level assignment and you are not participating in it, you will not receive the title. Try to win and win the maximum prize!

Crash Fever: Partisan Dungeons

I received a notification about the partisan event, but it is not in the task list of the event. In some cases, this is solved by the option of the main menu "Return to the beginning".

When can I go through the dungeons of partisans? Open Quests - Event Queries to see when access to the next partisan mission opens. You can also enable pop-up notifications that will immediately inform you of this.

Crash Fever: Walkthrough

I can not get a reward for the task. High server load can cause delays in receiving rewards. In some cases, this is solved by the menu option "Return to the beginning".

Is it mandatory to accept a reward for assignments on time? Now regular and weekly tasks can be performed any number of times without limitation on the time of accepting the award.

What is energy? To take the task, you need a certain amount of energy. Energy is restored at a speed of 1 unit.in 5 minutes.

The amount of energy exceeded the maximum. Recovery for polygons also increases your energy by a number equal to its usual maximum.

Can I accept tasks without energy consumption? In network mode, you can perform tasks without power consumption. Change the owner of the game to complete as many tasks as possible with the least expenditure of energy.

For the assignment, they gave me new warriors. However, nothing appeared in the folder, and the task was not marked as completed. In some cases, this is solved by the option of the main menu "Return to the beginning".

Is it possible to continue the game after losing? You lose if you lost all of your HP during the mission.After that, you can continue for 1 polygon. In the case of multiplayer, if the 1st player decides to continue, all other members of the group will also be resurrected. This is not possible if the first player has 0 polygons. Selecting Continue will restore HP, Warrior Skills, and Fever Scale.

Who are the helpers? When completing tasks alone, you can ask one warrior from another player.

Enemy skill creates impenetrable panels. The appropriate strategy depends on the type of panel you are facing.

After connecting the damage panels, no special damage panel is created. Connecting damage panels alone does not create damage panels or special damage panels.

Are there any tasks limited by the game mode? Yes. Some tasks can only be performed during a single or multiplayer game.

Are there different levels of difficulty? The complexity of the game mainly depends on your set of soldiers, their level, parameters (including breaking the limit), game mode (single / network) and many other factors.Therefore, the developers have not yet introduced separate levels of difficulty.

How many items fit in a gift basket? The gift basket holds up to 200 items. Upon reaching this limit, the oldest gifts are removed to make room for new ones. In addition, some gifts are time limited. Hurry up to pick them up!

Crash Fever: How can I change the device and transfer data?

How to create a backup file? To learn about creating a reserve, select "Data Reserve" in the game menu.

How many backup files can I save? Only one backup data file can be saved per Google Account.

Can I use the same file to play on iPhone and iPad? Although one save file can be used on different devices, simultaneous play is not possible. Attempting to access the same file from two or more devices may cause errors during the game. The data reserve function is intended only to save game progress on different devices.

Crash Fever: Frequently Asked Questions

What are polygons? Polygons are another type of game currency. With their help, you can use a rare incubator, restore energy, add warrior cells and increase the maximum of friends.

What are fragments? Fragments - a type of game currency. They are used to improve and awaken warriors.

What are chains? Chains - glasses for activating a chain incubator.

I want to enable / disable pop-up notifications. Pop-up notifications can be turned on or off in the following way:

  1. Press the "Menu" button in the upper right of the main screen;
  2. Open Settings and select Pop-up Notifications. Turn on or off the notifications you are interested in.

I do not receive pop-up job notifications. How to fix it? First check your devices notification settings.Follow the steps below to find out if they are included. If they are disabled, you will not be able to find out about upcoming events. Please note: the instructions for different devices vary. If necessary, see the manual of your device.

When performing these steps, try not to click the Stop, Delete, or Clear Data buttons. These actions may cause data corruption or destruction.

Then you need to enable pop-up notifications specifically for Crash Fever. This is done directly in the game:

  1. Launch the Crash Fever app;
  2. On the main screen of the application, click the "Menu" icon in the upper right corner;
  3. From there, go to "Settings" - "Pop-up notifications";
  4. Here you can enable / disable the desired pop-up notifications.

I want to change the name. The game name changes in the following way:

My name is cropped / displayed distorted. Make sure that you do not enter special characters, including emoticons or other characters. They are often displayed incorrectly, and you will have to re-enter the name using standard characters.

My game news is not updated. In some cases, this is solved by the option of the main menu "Return to the beginning".

Request from the Crash Fever team. Updating game data with a weak network signal can cause corruption and even deletion. Before you start playing Crash Fever, check the signal quality. Developers do not take responsibility for data problems (loss of purchase history, etc.) caused by an unstable connection.