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CRAZY CAKE SWAP - Android game with release date 03/30/2016 from the company Zynga. Game Genre: Puzzle. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Chef’s Laboratory Guide
  3. Game Guide
  4. Game Tips
  5. Donator Guide
  6. Important Game Settings
  7. Bugs in the game
  8. Drop Chance

Crazy Cake Swap: A Beginner’s Guide

How do I go through a level? At each level there is a requirement that must be met in order to successfully complete the level. First you need to complete the main task. It depends on the stage at which you are. You will be offered fun trials: fulfill customer orders, find friends, decorate cakes.

How do I get hearts? You start the game with 5 hearts, but lose one of them if you are unable to complete the level.

If you do not have a complete set of hearts, they are restored by themselves, one at a time in 30 minutes. The timer on the map shows when you will get a new heart.

You can buy replenishment to continue to pass the levels.

Or you can ask your friends for help! Hearts from friends can only be taken to a certain maximum. You can’t take hearts if you have the maximum, but you won’t lose them if you take them within 3 days.

What is gold? Gold is your currency in the game. Gold can be used to buy amplifiers that help you go through difficult levels. Get gold by buying it in a gold store.

How do I open gift boxes? Click on the gift box and you will see what you need to open it.

Once you have enough stars to fulfill the requirement, click on the gift box and pick up the gift!

Note: Stars for opening a gift box are only counted in the area where you are. For example, if you are in the custard kingdom, then you must earn 45 stars in the custard kingdom. Stars on the Sugar Island are not counted in this case.

What are amplifiers?

Amplifiers help in the game in difficult situations.

Sweet bomb : Your assistant with all his strength brushes away the annoying sweetness from the field.

Culinary spatula: removes one full column and one full row anywhere on the field.

How do I get training? The training remains on the screen until you follow the instructions. Just do what the baking master tells you, and in two counts go to the game!

How do I rate a level? After successfully completing a level, you have the opportunity to evaluate it. Select the button with your finger up or down and tap it.

How do I play with friends? Compete with each other to get to your leaderboard with your bakery, or help each other by sending hearts and tickets. You can interact in different ways with friends in the game. Share fun moments on Facebook while having fun at your bakery. Watch friends visit your bakery or wave to you on a map.

Send items to friends for challenging puzzles. In addition, you can re-pass levels to earn more points! It is best to interact with your friends through a helping hand. This feature allows you to send your friend a puzzle so that he tries to pass it for you. Your friends can also send you puzzles for you to complete!

Crazy Cake Swap: Chef’s Laboratory Guide

What are Chef Labs? Moving from level to level, you can now earn rewards and grow as a chef!

This function acts mainly on the map and gives additional tasks, for the implementation of which you can get very valuable prizes. What is the main key to success here? Do not interrupt the flow of orders, caps and piles!

How to open access to the Chef’s Laboratory? The function will become available when you reach level 31. At the bottom of the screen on the map, the Chef Lab icon will appear.

What are orders?

Orders are tasks with which you can improve your baker skills! Follow them, get points for it and improve your performance in the Chef’s Laboratory! A week is given for the execution of orders. The number of days remaining will be displayed on the timer. If less than one day is left, the timer will show hours, minutes and seconds.

The order icon displays the number of items / actions needed and the amount of chef tokens waiting for you to complete the order. Click on the order icon to view its description.

When you complete the order, a new one will appear in its place. The order page also displays a scale with cooker tokens received during the week. Fill this scale, go through the stages (bronze, silver and gold) and get milky stars and prizes. For details, click on the gift icon.

If you want to earn cook tokens faster, activate the accelerator.

Why do I need a stack? The stack displays the number of milky stars you earned per week. Old results are deleted when new ones appear, so the scale of milky stars is always relevant. The stack also has a scale with your total number of milky stars and cook caps obtained in 8 weeks. Steps 4, 10, and 18 open the caps.

Why are caps necessary? Caps - the main award in the Chef’s Laboratory! Each cap gives the player tremendous benefits. Earning milky stars, you rise to a new level of cook caps. 1st level caps:

2nd level caps:

3rd level caps:

The cap will last until you get enough milky stars.

What is required of me? All you need to do is to fulfill orders, fill out the scale and receive caps that give the advantages of a chef! To complete your first order, log into the game, click on the Chef Lab icon, and your order will appear at the top of the screen. Only the orders that suit you are displayed.

After completing the order, it will be crossed out. All earned items for the order will be counted only if you win the level.

After completing the level, look in the Chef’s Laboratory to check the status of the current orders and the appearance of new ones.

Crazy Cake Swap: Game Guide

What is a special sweet?

They are obtained by combining sweets in certain combinations. Here is a list of the special sweets available in the game:

1. The icing cracker. It turns out when you combine 4 sweets in the form of a box. The number of icing crackers can be increased by combining them with sweets of the same color. Touch them to select sweets of the same color and remove them from the field.

2. Sweet arrow. Match 4 sweets in a row. When you get a sweet arrow, it removes the row or column in the direction in which it points.

3. Explosive sweetness. Combine the sweets in the form of the letter G. When an explosive sweet is obtained, it explodes and removes all the surrounding sweets.

4. Rainbow star. Match 5 sweets in a row. A rainbow star removes all the sweets of the same type with which it is connected. If you combine a special sweetness with a rainbow star, all sweets of this color turn into special sweets! Connect with another rainbow star to clear the entire field.

5. A combo of special sweets. Combine any two special sweets to make combos from them.

What is a bakery sale? A bakery is sold if you still have moves after completing tasks at a level. Use this feature to get more points!

What is the Confectionery Port Test? At the end of the Kingdom of Choux (zone 2), confectionery port trials begin to appear between bakeries. Get 3 tickets so your staff can get to the next bakery. You can go through 3 baking tests to move forward. Each test requires a 24-hour wait for the portable oven before moving on to the next. You can also ask friends for travel tickets, but friends can send no more than 1 ticket for each Confectionery Port. You can also buy 3 tickets for 60 gold.

How do I remove ads from third parties? Third-party ads are removed after any purchase made in the game.

What is a double tray? A double tray is a feature in the game that doubles the sweets on it. Use this function to complete the level in the minimum number of moves!

How can I make friends? Your friends are trapped under the lollipops in your bakery. Connect the elements to break the candies and free your friends!

By freeing your friends from candy, you will begin to see them more clearly.

To pass these levels you need to free all friends and earn at least 1 star before you run out of moves.

Crazy Cake Swap: Game Tips

How do I serve customers? To serve customers, complete your order before proceeding to the next. Then the next customer will warn you that he is going to order while waiting for you to plan the chain. Customers will not mind if they get more food than they ask.

Please note that to complete these levels you need to serve all customers in the queue by completing their orders and earn at least 1 star before you run out of moves.

How do I pour icing? Spilling icing is very simple. Here is what you need to remember:

How to bring customers to the door? You can help customers find the door by connecting the elements and paving the way for them. As soon as the door and the client are connected, the client will be able to enter.

Remember that to complete these levels you need to help all customers enter the bakery and earn at least 1 star before you run out of moves.

How do I put eggs in a basket? When you drop the eggs into the basket, see where you are moving them, as at some levels there are spikes that can damage the eggs! Also note that the eggs can be swapped with other sweets to make combinations. To pass these levels you need to collect all the eggs and earn at least 1 star before you run out of moves.

How do I decorate all the cakes? To decorate the cake, make combinations over pieces of cake. Most cakes have three layers, so you need to cover them with icing several times! To decorate cakes faster, use special sweets.To pass such levels, you need to decorate all the cakes in your order and earn at least 1 star before you run out of moves.

How do I break waffles? To break waffles, you need to make combinations with them. Some waffles have several layers, so you need to break the chocolate and strawberry layers! Special sweets are perfect for breaking several waffles! To complete these levels you need to break all the waffles in your bakery and earn at least 1 star before you run out of moves.

Crazy Cake Swap: Donator Guide

What is Zynga Company? What does she charge me for? Zynga is the # 1 company on the Internet that specializes in games for social networks. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to light online games, because we all love to play, especially with friends! If an unidentified payment in favor of Zynga appears on your credit card statement, call the payment company’s hotline, phone: 1-800-762-2530 (North America) or your country code + 80011551398 (all other countries) .

I bought game currency in the Zynga game, but have not received it in my account. Perhaps there was a delay associated with the time of purchase of game currency in the game. If you make a purchase during peak hours when there are many users in the system, it can take up to 2 hours to deposit game currency into your account. If after a valid 2 hours the game currency has not yet been credited to your account, call the Zynga hotline at 1-800-762-2530 (North America) or your country code + 80011551398 (all other countries). A company representative will help you.

How can I pay for virtual goods using credit cards? Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, and Paypal are accepted when purchased through Facebook Credits or directly through Zyngagames.com.

When will the payment appear on my credit card statement? Transaction authorization when making a purchase usually takes 3 business days before it is finally conducted by your financial institution. When making a purchase, it may take 3-5 business days for all the changes to be displayed on your bank account.

Will I have to pay sales tax? Sales taxes may apply depending on the geographic location of an Internet-connected computer or mobile device.

Why can’t I buy game currency in my game? In order to protect users from credit card and payment fraud attempts, a control system has been introduced that can, based on a number of criteria, block some users from making payments. There are two main types of blocking the ability to make payments:

I tried to make a purchase, but my credit card was declined. Why, then, is the payment shown in my statement? Sometimes banking institutions "save" a small amount of your money as a kind of pre-authorization when you initiate a transaction. This transaction is reflected in the online statement, but is not the actual withdrawal of money from the account. If the initiated transaction does not go through or does not complete, then the reserved amount is returned to the account. Each bank has its own deadlines and a policy for removing blockages, but this usually happens within 7-14 business days. Consult your financial institution for specific blocking policies.

Why do I see several transactions in favor of Zynga when I made only one purchase? Each purchase includes authorization, money transfer, and payment transactions. Authorization looks like a purchase, but not one. This is simply a request to your account to verify the validity of your credit card. Money transfer is an actual transaction, as a result of which the purchase price is charged to your credit card. A payment transaction is the sending of your purchase information to Zynga. If you still think that a double amount has been debited from you, contact the Zynga hotline at 1-800-762-2530 (North America) or your country code + 80011551398 (all other countries).

Why is an extra dollar charged to my credit card? A payment of US $ 1 is used for pre-authorization to make sure that payments by your credit card are passing, but these funds do not actually leave your account. This amount will be pending, and in the end you do not pay this extra dollar.

Crazy Cake Swap: Important Game Settings

How to change notifications? You can always change the notifications you receive from the game. To do this, simply touch the "Settings" icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Click the menu icon.

Finally, tap the Notifications button.

How to contact player support? To contact player support, simply touch the Settings icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Click the menu icon.

Finally, touch the Contact Us button.

How to disable / enable music and sounds? To disable or enable music and sounds, tap the Settings icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

Then tap the sound or music icon.

Why do I need to reconnect to Facebook? The request to reconnect to Facebook that you see in the game is related to recent changes in Facebook’s policy regarding the transfer of your data in the game. The information you transmit to Zynga allows you to fill out your player profile, communicate with you and connect your friends who play this game. To continue playing, just tap the "Connect to Facebook" button and enjoy your favorite game!

Crazy Cake Swap: Bugs in the game

Why are some items not displayed on other devices? If you linked your account to Facebook and play on several devices, some items will be transferred from device to device, and some will not. This is due to fraud protection. The game is not allowed to transfer supplies like coins and amplifiers to different devices. The developers strive to make this game honest and interesting for all players, therefore they do not allow fraudsters to artificially increase the number of coins and other useful items.

Today, this is the only way to protect the data of players and at the same time allow the game simultaneously on multiple devices, allowing players to always stay online. Since this game focuses more on single player mode, and many users play offline, the issue of transferring items between devices is not the most important for. All items bought for coins and related to passing levels and records can be transferred. You can also transfer outfits, golden hearts and recipes.

If you can’t transfer the current level, outfits, golden hearts or photos of the cook to another device, check your Internet connection and Facebook and click on the sync button several times on both devices. So you can synchronize data between devices and game servers.

Where has my progress gone? Passing progress may disappear when you reinstall the game, clear the application cache, change the device, or when there is not enough free space left on the device. In such cases, it is important to maintain your achievements through connecting to Facebook. Be sure to link the game to your Facebook account before performing the above steps.

What should I do if I have problems with Facebook Gameroom? If you are having problems playing with Facebook Gameroom, it is recommended that you play the game in one of the supported browsers: Google Chrome or Firefox, ensuring optimal game quality.

Why can’t I connect to Facebook? Some players cannot connect to Facebook after a recent update. Install the latest version of the game to properly connect the game to Facebook. The latest version can be downloaded from the AppStore or Play Store.

Crazy Cake Swap: Drop Chance

The probability of receiving gifts for daily entry into the game

The probability of getting amplifiers from a mysterious box

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