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Passage of Critical Ops: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

CRITICAL OPS is a game for android with the release date 10/05/2015 from the company Critical Force. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Critical Ops download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. All kinds of game modes
  3. Developer Answers to Players’ Questions
  4. How to Improve Game Performance
  5. Solving Problems with Credits and Payments
  6. Account Features
  7. Account Loss
  8. Parental Control

Critical Ops: Beginner’s Guide

What is Critical Ops? Critical Ops is a dynamic mobile FPS that will test your reflexes and tactical skills.Experience the thrill of modern warfare by fighting in a critical strike operation as an elite action film against opposing forces. Fight for dominance with your friends or show your skills to the world by leading an individual scoreboard. Join the competitive battle in the most capable portable FPS! Developers are constantly working on the game to fix bugs, improve optimization and add new features and content to the game! Critical Ops is not and will never be paid for, but you can purchase skins to customize your favorite weapons and other cosmetic items.

What are the minimum requirements for playing Critical Ops? For Android, versions from 4.4 are supported. For iOS - from 10.0. Supported devices with RAM from 1 GB. If your device is incompatible with the game or you cannot download it from the official store, remember that the game does not support rutovannye or emulated devices.

Can I play on a computer or laptop? No, the game is intended only for mobile devices.

How to start playing? Just click "Play" in the main menu. New players are available quick games and custom games. Choose one of the game modes or a custom game in which you can customize the settings yourself.

Critical Ops: All kinds of game modes

Quick games. Quick games are games with automatic matchmaking and warm-up before a match.

Ranked games. Ranked games are games in the Disarm mode with the selection of opponents in a more competitive and intense format. To play ranked games, you need to score 250 killing players in custom games or quick games. To begin, you will play in a series of distribution matches and get the initial rank. After that, if you win or lose, you will gain or lose rating points. Depending on these points, your rank will increase or decrease.The team that wins in 9 rounds wins the match.

Remember that for exit from three or more ranked games you will receive a two-day (48-hour) penalty. The developers recommend playing in ranked games only with a stable connection to the network and when there is time to finish the game that has been started.

Custom games. Custom games are based on the classic room system. Create a room at will or join an existing one. In this mode, it is convenient to train or to test different tactics.

Regional selection of rivals. Now developers offer regional selection of opponents in ranked games. This means that the search for players in ranked games will be conducted only in the region of your choice. With regional selection, communication improves, but the wait time may increase. You can enable or disable this setting in the "Filters" menu: "Play" => "Custom games".

Cards. You are offered a choice of ten Bureau, Canals, Grounded, Legacy, Heat, Plaza, Brewery, Gallery, Division, and Raid cards. Developers are constantly working on new maps and will add them as they are developed.

Daily assignments. Once a day you will receive a daily task for the implementation of any in-game goal.Reporting on the assignment, you will gain experience, and outside the seasons of the Path of a Soldier - credits.At the same time, you can get additional experience or credits for viewing ads. You can take up three daily tasks at the same time, having completed all the tasks, you will receive one new task every day.

Weekly trials. Weekly trials are a completely new element of the game, in which players have to complete 15 daily tasks in a week, for which they can receive a reward of 20,000 experience points (it does not increase by advertising). A new weekly test starts every Monday at 7:00 UTC. On its passage you are given exactly one week.Custom games do not allow progress on weekly trials and daily tasks!

Checkpoints. Checkpoints are long-term goals that meet specific weapon performance. When you reach the control point reward is given. You can always see how close to the current goal for each control point. Access to this information can be obtained from the player profile. Currently, rewards for checkpoints are issued boxes of different levels or loans.

Clans Players can create clans to play with friends. Clan members receive a clan mark, which is displayed in the game. The number of clan members is limited, but it is possible to expand the clan to 50 members. To create a clan, go to the social menu and click "Create Clan". Creating a clan costs 1000 credits. Now that you have a clan, you can invite other players to it. To join a clan, you need to get an invitation. If you want to get an invitation to one of the clans in the game, join the social networks of developers! Many clans recruit on Facebook or Discord.

Complaints system You can complain about the player by touching his name on the scoreboard in the game.Click "Report" and select the category of your complaint. Currently the following categories are available:

System of friends. You can add friends in the game through the social menu. You will see if your friends are in the game or online, and you can start collaborative custom games. You can also chat with friends in chat rooms and team up to get together in a queue.

Emblems. Emblems allow you to customize the appearance of your account to your taste with the help of a picture that you like. You can earn emblems through the Critical Pass, as well as in other ways that will be available in the future.

Training mode. In training mode, you are given the opportunity to create a custom game in which you can choose to include both members of the AI bots team and opponents. Loading the game in training mode may take longer than in the normal fast game mode, since it is also necessary to load AI bots. To start the game in the training mode, go to the menu "Play" => "Custom games" => "Create" and change the game mode.

Player levels Player Levels is a player development system based on the accumulation of experience points. You can get experience by playing the game, completing tasks and passing tests. Thus, player levels show how much he plays in C-OPS. Experience points are given for daily tasks and weekly tests, quick games with matchmaking, ranking games and an arms race. All the experience gained is now reflected in the Soldier’s Path and in player levels. Player levels included in version 1.6.0 are the first version of this system. Additional elements (for example, corresponding to the frame levels) will appear in patch 1.7.0.

Community Tournaments. Want to compete with other players in the tournament? All community tournaments are hosted by the Battlefy developer partner. More information and instructions on how to create a tournament can be found here https://blog.battle.com/apply-to-run-a-critical-ops-tournament-with-prize-support-directly-from-critical-force-76edb194c595.

Critical Ops: Developer Answers to Players’ Questions

The game has a cheater! What to do? Use the in-game complaints system. Open the player’s profile by tapping his name on the board and complain about him. If you want to manually report a hacker, developers will need a video to confirm the violation. Screen shots alone are not enough evidence. Upload the video to YouTube or Google Drive and send a link to the developers so that they can add it to the player profile in case of a ban appeal. Send the video to reportahacker@criticalforce.fi or contact the developers via the in-game help system.

Can I become a moderator? Developers no longer have moderators in the game, so, unfortunately, no.

I cannot participate in ranked games due to the penalty. What should I do? If you are out of combat, disconnected or distracted in three or more ranked games, you will receive a penalty for exiting ranked games that you cannot play in ranked games for 48 hours. This penalty is not a ban and is automatically withdrawn after the expiration time. You can play custom or fast games.

I got an eternal ban, what should I do? You are banned either for hacking activity or for violating the Terms of Service. This ban is confirmed by the developers, which means that your malicious actions have been proven.Such bans are used as a last resort, not a symbolic punishment. The eternal ban is issued for the use of hacker methods, modified installations, means of virtualization or emulators. Such bans are not removed. The developers do not return access to the game to players banned for hacking or violating the Terms of Service.

I have not received credits for the performance of the offer. The issuance of credits for the offers is sometimes not immediately. Check the dates of this offer or advertising. The development company is not responsible for advertising or offers. They are provided by the advertiser. If you have not received credits after the offer, contact the advertiser’s support service through the game and leave a request.

Critical Ops: How to Improve Game Performance

Why does the game work with delays or crashes? If you experience unstable work or malfunctions, try disabling other running applications before starting the game. Make sure the power saving features are disabled.Also check the stability of the mobile connection or Wi-Fi before starting the game. If you constantly have problems with the frame rate, try lowering the graphics settings. Increased temperature can also affect the frame rate or overall performance. Check if the device is overheated.

Update your device to the latest version of Android or iOS, as well as to the latest bootloader / ROM / OS version for your Android device. Make sure that the device has enough free memory (additional SD card memory is not taken into account). Devices that work at the limit of memory capacity are prone to failures and other performance problems. If you have tried all of the above methods, but have not solved the problem, try the following.

The game cannot authenticate. What should I do? The most common cause of this problem is changing the password for the account to which the Critical Ops account is associated. Reboot the device. If this does not help, reinstall the game.

The game freezes during the download process or closes after loading. It looks like the game does not have enough memory. This game requires at least 1 GB of RAM. If your device has more than 1 GB of RAM, but you still encounter similar difficulties, try disabling other running applications before starting the game.

Indicator of packet loss and network status. The packet loss and network status indicator appears if a significant amount of data is lost along the path between you and the game server. If you contact the support service or send it to the video game developers to any other means, it helps them understand the possible causes of problems and deal with them, especially if they are related to factors that the developers themselves cannot directly control.

Critical Ops: Solving Problems with Credits and Payments

What can I buy in the store? How to get loans? For real money you can buy credits: the currency that is used to make purchases in the game. Credits are also awarded for completing assignments, reaching checkpoints and advancing along the Path of a Soldier, viewing advertisements and performing offers. For credits you can buy boxes with skins for weapons. Skins are purely decorative element, they do not affect the gameplay. From the boxes you will get random skins. If there is a skin in the box that you already have, instead of it you will receive blue tokens: a currency for which you can buy skins directly from the equipment menu.

Reimbursement. As with most downloadable software products, items purchased in the game cannot usually be returned. Transaction execution is controlled by Apple (for iOS devices), Google (for Android devices) or Amazon (for Amazon devices).

Note: The ability to make purchases in applications is regulated in the general settings of the mobile device. You can set up password protection or completely disable in-app purchases. The specific actions depend on whether you are using an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, a Google Android device, or an Amazon Fire tablet.

The game took off during the opening of the box, and the skin was gone! Skins from open boxes never disappear, even if the game crashes at the time of opening. After opening the box, the item from it is placed in the equipment menu or added in the form of blue credits. These actions are performed on the developer server.Departure of the game will not deprive you of skin or credits. Look more closely in the equipment menu. One new skin is easy to miss.

Give me a skin please! The support service does not issue boxes, credits, skins or knives. The only way to get skins is to open the box or purchase it from the equipment menu or during a sudden sale.

My order did not come. Usually orders are executed immediately, but sometimes there may be delays. Such delays mean that your payment is still being processed. No need to try to buy the same set again - you will get it soon. If more than 24 hours have passed, and your order has not yet arrived, contact iTunes support. All purchases made in the game store, pass through Apple. Contact them by clicking on the link. If you made a payment using Google, but did not receive your order after 24 hours, contact the developers, attaching a screen shot with your check. The screen shot should show the transaction ID (example: GPA.1234-1234-1234-12345) located at the bottom of the check.

Critical Pass. Critical Pass is a player development system. You can purchase the elite version of Critical Pass or go for free. Critical Pass offers unique rewards for each season. You will receive skins, credits and other in-game prizes. Rewards are unlocked for experience points. You will get experience for fast and ranked games. The player who left the match before it ends does not gain experience.

Skins Skins are cosmetic modifications for weapons that can be selected from the equipment menu to give the weapon a unique look. You can buy boxes with skins in the store. Depending on the type of box purchased, it contains one random skin level 1-7. If you get a skin that you already have, you will receive blue tokens or event tokens in compensation, for which you can buy skins directly in the equipment menu. Skins are also sold in the store for loans during sales.

The boxes. The boxes contain skins for weapons. Depending on the type of box purchased, it contains one random skin level 1-7. If you drop a skin that you already have, you will receive blue tokens in compensation, which you can spend to buy skins directly in the equipment menu. Boxes are bought for loans in the game store.You will also receive boxes as rewards for reaching certain control points.

Urgent sales. Want to get some specific skin? Now you can buy certain skins in the store during sudden sales.Every eight hours a new skin is put up for sale. For a limited time, you can buy it for loans. The price of the skin depends on the level. If you already have a skin for sale, the sale will not be displayed.

Tokens. If there is a skin in the purchased box that you already have, you will get tokens. The number of tokens depends on the rarity of the skin. Tokens are the blue currency that can be spent on the purchase of skins directly in the equipment menu.

Event Tokens Event tokens - a new opportunity to purchase certain skins from the equipment menu. They are similar to blue tokens, but only for specific event skins. Instead of duplicate skins, you will receive event tokens, the number of which depends on the value of the skin. After the event is completed, these tokens are converted to regular blue tokens.

Critical Ops: Account Features

Account Binding. After training, you can link your C-OPS account to Facebook, Google Play or Game Center.Just tap the username in the upper left corner of the database, then select the type of social media you are going to link your account with and provide the requested information. Critical Ops account can be linked to all three types of supported account types, that is, you can be tied to Facebook, Game Center and Google at the same time.

Remember that in no case can you share your credentials with other people. We also draw your attention to the fact that none of the Critical Force will under any circumstances ask for your password.

Can I give, borrow, sell or buy an account? Trading accounts or transferring them is prohibited and contrary to the Terms of service of the game on all supported platforms. Players who are seen in the trade account, get an eternal ban.

Can I change the Facebook, Google or Game Center account to which the C-OPS account is associated? No you can not. But you can simultaneously link your account to Facebook, Game Center and Google. This is convenient if you, for example, are going to play on both iOS and Android devices. By linking your account to Facebook, you will get access to your account from both types of devices.

Can I have more than one account on my device? Using multiple accounts on one device is not allowed by the Terms of Service and is not supported in the game. If you try to create multiple accounts on one device, you may lose one or more of them without any possibility of recovery. Developers strongly recommend playing with only one account.

Critical Ops: Account Loss

I lost my account. How to get her back? If you have not tied an account to social media, unfortunately, it is lost for good. If you are sure that you have tied your account to Google, Game Center or Facebook, try one of the following methods.

  1. For Android: delete the cache and application data in the device settings menu. For iOS: uninstall the app and reinstall it.
  2. Get trained.
  3. Do not link your account to Google, Game Center or Facebook.
  4. Connect to your account via Facebook, Google or Game Center.

If this did not work or you were asked to link another account, the developers most likely will not be able to help you. Contact support for further information.

I lent my account or shared it, and now it’s gone! Trading accounts or transferring them is prohibited and contrary to the Terms of service of the game on all supported platforms. Players who are seen in the trade account, get an eternal ban. Unfortunately, the developers can not help in your case.

The account to which my account is linked to C-OPS has been hacked, and now my C-OPS account is gone! Contact Facebook / Google / Apple App Store right now and take care of protecting your account. The developers recommend changing the password, quitting all open accounts and setting up two-factor authentication. Developers will not be able to do anything if you have lost access to the account to which your Critical Ops account is associated.

I deleted my account, what can I do? Unfortunately, in this case, the developers can not help you. The account no longer exists. If you have linked a new account Critical Ops, you do not have the opportunity to restore the old one. Remember that developers do not support the use of multiple accounts and prohibit it in the Terms of Service.

Critical Ops: Parental Control

How old can you play a game? The age limit on Google Play is 12, and on the App Store for iOS it’s 16 years according to the rules of each company. The game contains realistic scenes of violence and was rated PEGI 16 for cruelty.

How to control purchases in the application so that my little child does not make them? In the general settings of a mobile device, you can change the settings of purchases in the application, add a password, or completely prohibit purchases in the application. Specific actions depend on whether you are using an Apple iOS, Google Android, or Amazon device.

My child made a purchase in the application without permission. What should I do? As with most downloadable software products, items purchased in the game cannot usually be returned. Transaction execution is controlled by Apple (for iOS devices), Google (for Android devices) or Amazon (for Amazon devices).

Note: The ability to make purchases in applications is regulated in the general settings of the mobile device. You can set up password protection or completely disable in-app purchases. The specific actions depend on whether you are using an Apple iOS device, such as an iPhone or iPad, a Google Android device, or an Amazon Fire tablet.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.