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CRYSTALBORNE - Android game with release date 03/17/2020 from Machine Zone, Inc. Game Genre: Role Playing. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Guide to Heroes
  2. Abilities of Heroes and Leaders
  3. Hero Outfit. Prizes
  4. Research
  5. Fighting Right
  6. Walkthrough Campaigns
  7. PvP Mode
  8. Crystalborne Guild
  9. Crystalborne Chat
  10. Crystalborne Frequently Asked Questions
  11. Player Profile
  12. Sales and Shopping
  13. Fitch Games

Crystalborne: Guide to Heroes

Information about the hero. If you touch the hero and hold your finger in place, the hero information window opens with the following information:

The Show button under the hero’s abilities opens the character’s screen. To return to the unit selection screen, tap the Back button.

Classes of heroes. There are six classes. Be sure to try each new class to see what works best for you.

  1. Physical attacker;
  2. Energy attacker;
  3. Physical defender;
  4. Energy defender;
  5. Physical support;
  6. Energy support.

The relationship of the heroes. There are five relationships in total:

  1. Green;
  2. Red;
  3. Blue;
  4. Light coloured;
  5. Dark.

Certain relationships are most effective against others.

The diagram above shows which relationships are best used against each other. For example, heroes with a red interconnection are effective against heroes with a green interconnection, but weak against heroes with a blue interconnection.

Getting new heroes. You can get new heroes in the Crystal Forge. When summoning heroes, you can get rare and powerful allies who are able to determine the outcome of future battles.

Shards of the hero. Shards of a hero are special items that can be combined to summon certain heroes. Each shard contains information about which hero he helps summon. Ordinary, unusual, and rare heroes require 50 shards to summon, and epic and legendary require 100 shards.

Search for fragments. Shards can be found in various places, for example, during events, in campaign mode, in the store and so on. If you open the information page of any hero, you can select "Find Shards". After that, you will see a list of places where you can now find the hero’s fragments (if any).

The use of fragments. You can track your collection of fragments of specific heroes on their pages. Your progress is shown as a green bar. When the bar is full, click on the "Get" button to summon the hero.

How to get legendary heroes? Legendary heroes are some of the most powerful allies that can join your team. Hiring them will be very difficult. Legendary heroes must be summoned, as well as ordinary. These calls are carried out randomly, but you can see the chances of getting a legendary hero by touching the small icon in the upper right corner of any page of the hero’s call.

There you will see the probability of getting a legendary, epic or rare hero at the moment when using crystals. Use the small slider at the top of the page to choose from single or multiple use options.

Improvement of heroes. To see your heroes, click on the "Heroes" button in the main menu. There are various ways to improve them. You can increase the level of the hero, his ability, synthesize the hero, increase the number of stars, take or improve equipment.

Hero synthesis

How to synthesize a hero? Synthesis is a way to raise the hero to new heights. It allows you to open various bonuses to the parameters and equipment cells. Each hero has his own synthesis panel. Use this technology to unlock the potential of your heroes. On the hero’s page is the "Syntheses" tab. She looks like a circle from which other circles depart.

So you can go to the synthesis page. This page lists all the types of synthesis that you can perform for your hero. If the sphere has a green "+" sign, then you have enough materials to carry out this synthesis. Yellow means that you do not have the necessary materials.

Each type of synthesis requires different materials. To carry out the synthesis, simply touch your chosen option, view the bonuses that your hero will receive, then click the "Open" button.

If you touch the yellow synthesis, you will see a list of materials that you are missing. These items will be marked with a red scale and a magnifying glass icon. To see where they were received, tap the desired icon. So you open a window with information about the method of manufacturing this item or the place where it can be found.

Many of the items you need can be found in kits on sale. Look for sets of materials for synthesis. After performing all the surrounding syntheses, you can unlock the item in the center. This central icon corresponds to one of the icons on the hero’s equipment page.

Why can’t I unlock the central synthesis node? The central synthesis node can unlock new equipment cells or give powerful bonuses to parameters. It is unlocked only after all the synthesis nodes associated with it are opened.

Common heroes

The ability to use common heroes appears when a player reaches level 40. It allows you to choose one of your heroes, which will be available to your friends and members of your guild. You can use the hero of a friend or guild member in battle in the same way.

Setting up a common hero. Tap the Common Hero icon in the Hero’s Vault to designate a common hero.

Only one of your hero can be shared at a time. Sharing heroes with friends is good! If another player uses your hero, you will receive a reward. Follow the alerts in the chat and collect the rewards received.

Use a common hero in battle. Before the battle, you can add a common hero to the squad just as you add your own heroes. Touch an empty cell in the squad or select the hero you want to replace, then open the shared heroes tab at the top of the page.

Shows the common heroes of your friends and members of your guild. Tap an available hero to add him to your squad for the duration of the battle. Please note that there cannot be two identical heroes in the squad. In addition, you cannot replace a squad leader.

The common hero will be part of your squad in the next battle. You can manage it just like any other.

After use, the common hero needs recovery. You cannot reuse it immediately. The hero whom you removed from the squad and replaced with a common one will not receive experience for this battle. For using a common hero in battle, you will receive friendship points. Their number is indicated under the portrait of the hero. A common hero can be used even if other friends or guild members use it.

Crystalborne: Abilities of Heroes and Leaders

What are the abilities of the heroes? There are many different abilities from physical and energy attacks to healing, reducing damage, improving parameters or, for example, delaying enemies. Heroes have various abilities. Combat abilities are used in battle.

Leader’s abilities act during a battle if the hero with the leader is selected as the leader of your team. Passive abilities give permanent bonuses. The types of abilities available depend on the hero. Some particularly powerful heroes may have several passive abilities.

Combat abilities. During the turn of the hero you must choose what ability he will use.

Some abilities use mana. The cost of their use is displayed in the lower right corner of the ability icon. The amount of mana you need depends on your ability. Normal abilities require neither mana nor recovery time. Do not forget that you have only one source of mana for the entire squad - mana of the team. Information about it is displayed at the bottom of the screen, to the left of the hero’s abilities.

Using the ability for mana, tap, then target. In this case, an appropriate amount of mana will be spent. If you cannot use an ability, it will darken, and you will not be able to select it. Abilities take time to recover from use, even if you have enough mana. This time depends on the ability.

If the ability is restored, its icon and information about the required amount of mana are darkened. In addition, you will see the number - this is the number of moves needed to restore. You can touch the ability and see when it becomes available again.

If you do not have enough team mana to use the ability, its icon will darken and information about the amount of mana needed will turn red. You cannot select an ability until you have enough mana. If you touch the ability, you will see a message that you lack mana.

How can ability be improved? Tap the hero icon in the menu at the bottom of the main screen to open the hero menu.

In the hero’s menu, tap the hero you want to improve, then the ability tabs in the left pane. It is indicated by a fist icon. You will be taken to the abilities screen, where you will see all the abilities of the selected hero. Next to the name of the ability, its level and the number of possible update levels are displayed.

You can touch on each individual ability to read exactly how the ability can be improved in the future. The "Improve" button is located on the side in the description window that appears.

To improve the ability, click the "Improve" button. You will see what is needed for this. Other heroes of the same type or ability improvement books of the corresponding rarity level are usually required.

What is a leader’s ability and how to activate it? Leader ability is a special ability of some heroes that gives a bonus to the entire squad. Different heroes have different leader abilities. Some give extra bonuses for the tide, round or battle. These abilities are activated when a hero becomes a squad leader.

The ability of the current leader of the squad can be seen on the battle screen even before the battle. Switch between squad fighters to compare leader abilities and choose the most suitable one. Click on the "Make Leader" button to designate the selected hero as the leader of the squad. A crown icon will appear on his portrait.

Why doesn’t my hero have a leader ability? Not all heroes have a leader ability. For some heroes, it opens only after improvement. To unlock a leader’s ability, upgrade the ability in the ability section just like any other.

Why can’t I use the hero’s ability? During a battle, an ability may not be available for one of two reasons: you have recently used it and must wait for recovery, or you lack mana. If the ability is restored, you will see a number. This is the number of moves the hero needs to wait. If you do not have enough mana, the right amount of mana will be highlighted in red. In this case, you need to wait until the mana of the team accumulates.

Crystalborne: Hero Outfit. Prizes

Equipment increases the parameters and effectiveness of your heroes. It can be obtained as a reward for battles in the Crystal Forge and other places. Do not forget to use the received equipment to become stronger.

Use of equipment. You can put on the item of equipment on the hero’s screen. Select a hero and tap the equipment icon.

To use an item of equipment, tap the equipment box, then the item you need, then select Use.

You will only see items available to the selected character.

How can I improve equipment? Find the desired item in one of the following ways:

With each level, equipment bonuses will increase. At some levels, new bonuses open. The rarer the item, the more bonuses you can open.

What is the rarity and level of equipment? Rarity and level allow you to determine the potential power of equipment:

The degree of rarity varies from ordinary to legendary. The background color depends on the rarity of the equipment. Rarity determines how many bonuses the equipment will give as the level increases. The legendary equipment gives six bonuses at the highest level, and the usual - only two. The basic parameters of rarer equipment are also higher. The level is determined by the purple diamond in the corner of the equipment icon. Equipment of a higher level has higher basic parameters. To use it, you need a higher level of the hero.

How is the rarity of equipment different from its level? When choosing the best outfit for a hero, compare both rarity and level. Sometimes rarer low-level gear may be more useful. To create the perfect squad, it is necessary to carefully select equipment, taking into account the strengths and weaknesses of all heroes. Pay special attention to the types of bonuses that the equipment gives. For some heroes, they can be much more useful than for others.

Use of prizes. Prizes are a special type of equipment that is placed in the cell of an artifact. Most prizes vary in color and can only be used by characters whose relationship matches that color. Some prizes can also be used only by certain heroes. Prizes strengthen all the parameters of attack, defense and health of the character who uses them.

Prize improvement. To increase the level of prizes, they do not use silver or equipment, but a special material called "Proof of Triumph". Prizes also receive one additional bonus at the 5th level, regardless of their rarity. Their basic bonus, enhancing attack, defense and health, will increase with each level.

Equipment management

To view equipment, tap the inventory icon, then the equipment icon.

Here you can select any item of equipment and see information about it. The panel contains the parameters of the subject and restrictions on use. It can be blocked, assigned as a favorite, improved or sold.

Selling equipment, you get resources, including some of the materials spent on updating this item. They can be reused to upgrade other equipment.

The amount of equipment you can get is limited. The limit is indicated in the lower right corner of the inventory panel.

To increase the limit, follow the path Heroes - Equipment and tap the "+" icon in the lower right corner (next to the filter icon).

By locking an item, you cannot accidentally sell it.

If you try to sell a locked item, you will have to additionally confirm the sale.

If you mark an item as a favorite, a heart icon will appear next to it, and it will be easier to find.

To sell your favorite item, you must additionally confirm the sale.

If you are looking for a specific item, use the filter or sorting. The necessary icons are located in the lower right corner of the screen.

Crystalborne: Research

What is research? Research allows you to improve your parameters and overall effectiveness in battle.

There are several different categories of research. Touch a category cell to see a list of all types of research in it. Select a research item to see its description and cost. Some studies have additional requirements.

Currencies for research. In the upper right corner you will see the necessary currencies:

How to conduct research? Select the desired study. If you have met the requirements, and also have enough scientific data and silver, click on the Explore button and start exploring.

A timer will appear under the started research. You can speed up the process by selecting the study again, and then touching the acceleration button.

Acceleration of time. Speeding up time instantly fills the study or building timer. This is a special currency that can be earned during tasks and events or acquired on the Plaza. The acceleration of time adds up. Any additional time is immediately added to the total volume. If you use time acceleration to complete research, it is subtracted from the corresponding volume. The available time acceleration in seconds is displayed in the upper right corner of the research deck.

In addition, the balance of time acceleration can be checked in the "Currency" section of the inventory. There it is displayed in hours, minutes and seconds.

Crystalborne: Fighting Right

Combat technique. In battle, moves are taken in turn. The order of moves can be seen on the left side of the screen. The active fighter is located at the bottom of the list.

During the course of your hero, you will see his skills in the lower right corner of the screen. Touch a skill, then a target. Some skills, such as amplification or healing skills, are for friends, and attack skills target enemies.

Some skills use team mana. Mana is displayed at the bottom of the screen. The mana of the team is restored after the completion of the battle round, simultaneously with the tide.

Choosing a squad. On the squad selection screen, you can choose the best squad for the upcoming battle. You must decide which heroes will take part in the battle. On the left, the strength of the unit is displayed, as well as the selected characters. The right shows the strength of the enemy and opponents who need to be destroyed. To start the battle, click on the button in the lower right. The required amount of energy is also displayed there.

The choice of a hero. A squad can include no more than six heroes that you choose. If you recently participated in the battle, the last used unit will be loaded by default. To assign a hero to a squad, tap the hero’s cell. You will see all the available heroes and you can choose the one you need.

After choosing a hero, you will have access to a few more actions:

To remove a hero from a squad, tap his portrait in the squad. The selection menu opens. Touch the portrait again from the menu.

Sort heroes and filters. When choosing a hero to be added to the squad, you can find him using sorting and filters.

Sorting. Heroes can be sorted into several categories:

If you deselect an option, it will be dimmed.

Filters The order of appearance of the heroes can be sorted by the following criteria:

By choosing the sorting criterion, you can specify whether to show the heroes in descending or ascending order.

You can sort by only one criterion at a time.

Do you need a full detachment to start a battle? No, you can start the battle by choosing fewer heroes. The more heroes you have, the easier it is to win, but recruiting a full squad is not required.

Hero’s vault is full. Why can’t I fight? If the storage of heroes is full, access to some levels is impossible. In this case, when you try to start the battle, you will see the message "Hero’s storage is full. Add additional hero cells or remove some of the heroes." To avoid this, increase storage. To do this, on the heroes page, tap the "Expand Storage" icon in the lower right corner of the screen, next to the filter icon.

In addition, you can sell unnecessary heroes, freeing up storage space. To do this, select the hero in the store and tap the sale icon. You will see a message with information about how many awards you will receive for this. After that, you can confirm the sale.

If you have the same heroes, use one of them to increase the level of abilities of the other. At the same time, you will free up storage space.

How to change the leader of the squad? You can change the leader of the squad before the battle. To do this, select a hero and touch the "Make Leader" button. A special icon is displayed above the current squad leader. The leader can only choose a hero who is in the squad.

How can I filter or sort the heroes in the squad menu? Touch the filter icon in the lower right corner of the hero selection page. When using the filter, you will see only those heroes that match your criteria. In addition, you can sort the heroes according to the desired attribute.

Heroes can be filtered by class, color, number of stars, maximum level, belonging to the category of favorite or blocked heroes. To narrow your search, try using filter combinations. You can sort heroes by only one criterion at a time.

How to understand who and when goes in battle? The order of moves is shown on the left side of the screen. The currently active fighter is located at the bottom of the list. After each move, the badges of heroes and enemies are shifted down.

How many heroes can be in the squad? A squad can have from 1 to 6 heroes. The allowable amount may vary depending on what you managed to open.

Battle Amps and Attenuations

Amplifiers and weaknesses are effects that affect heroes during battle. An amplifier is a positive effect that increases the combat effectiveness of a hero. Attenuation, on the other hand, reduces combat effectiveness. A list with the names and descriptions of the amplifiers encountered in the game is given below:

Crystalborne: Walkthrough Campaigns

During the campaign, you can find out the history of crystallized ones and get items that will help you become stronger. To win, you need powerful heroes and skill. By collecting heroes with different abilities, you will cope with any challenges. To start a campaign, click on the "Battle" button in the lower right corner of the screen, then on the "Campaign" button.

Campaign assignments require campaign energy. If you do not have enough campaign energy, you will not be able to start the task. Campaign energy is automatically restored over time. By selecting a chapter on the Campaign map, you can change your squad before entering battle.

Campaigns are displayed at the bottom of the screen. As you progress, you will open all new campaigns. The skull icon in the lower left corner of the map allows you to change the complexity of the battles. Winning a battle on low difficulty will unlock higher difficulty levels.

The star icon in the upper left corner of the map allows you to track the progress of receiving bonus rewards. To get closer to getting the mentioned items, win victories in regular battles and battles with a rating of 3 stars.

Fights. Click on the "Fight" button to see the expected rewards.

If you are ready to go to battle, click on the "Combat" button to open the squad selection screen.

How do I get more campaign energy? Campaign energy is gradually restored to a maximum automatically. In addition, it can be purchased for in-game currency in the store.

How to change the difficulty? If the current chapter has several difficulty levels, you can change the difficulty by touching the colored skull icon in the lower left corner of the campaign page. Touching it, you change the level of difficulty.

Crystalborne: PvP Mode

What is a PvP arena? It is in PvP that you can prove the power of your heroes in battles with other players. Fighting players from all over the world can earn valuable rewards.

What are the modes of PvP? You can choose from three PvP modes:

  1. Arena;
  2. Underground fights;
  3. Guild Arena.

Arena. The most prestigious PvP battles take place in the arena. Here you can test yourself in battle with the best of the best. A limited number of attempts are given for each day. To start a battle in the arena, you must have a pass to the arena, and when you receive rewards for this mode, you will be given arena badges. Arena passes cannot be bought at the store, so choose your opponent wisely and carefully consider your tactics.

Underground fights. Underground fights are similar to the PvP arena, but a little more accessible for participants, and the conditions here are not so harsh. To start an underground fight, you must have a pass for a fight, and when you receive rewards for this mode, you will be given badges for a fight. Additional pass for a fight can not be bought at the store.

Guild Arena. The guild arena is not inherently different from the regular arena, but its ratings are the combined ratings of the players of entire guilds. Each guild season also lasts 7 days, and rewards are given out by all members of your guild! To start a battle in this arena, you must have a pass to the guild arena, and when you receive rewards for this mode, you will be given guild arena badges. Generous guild members can purchase guild apWy passes for the entire guild in the Guild Gifts section of the store.

Crystalborne Guild

Candidates In the "Candidates" section, you can see a list of players who want to join the guild. To do this, tap the corresponding icon in the left panel.

There can be no more than 100 candidates. You will see the name of each player, his strength and time of the last activity. To accept the application, tap the "Confirm" button. To reject the application, tap the "Reject" button.

Edit Guild. The "Edit Guild" section in the guild allows you to change the information about the guild. To do this, tap the corresponding icon in the left panel.

On the initial screen, you can change the following parameters:

When you are finished editing the guild information, click on the "Next" button to go to the next screen. The following actions are available there:

To confirm the changes, tap the "Save Changes" button.

To invite. In the "Invite" guild section, you can invite players to the guild. Touch the invitation icon in the left pane and display the search bar at the top of the screen.

Enter a player’s name and tap the search icon on the right side of the panel. After the search is completed, the player’s name will appear under this panel. You will see when the player last entered the game. To invite a player to the guild, click on the Invite button.

If you change your mind, tap the Cancel invitation button. If you go into the guild and click on the "Invite" button next time, you will see a list of invited players.

The participants. In the "Members" section of the guild’s communication channel, you can see which players and what ranks are in the guild. Touch the name of a guild member to see his profile. The access level and the ability to manage participants depend on the rank. Details are described below.

Rank 5. This is the highest rank that only one member of the guild can have. Rank 5 is given to the guild leader, who can manage the ranks of the remaining members and expel members from the guild. In addition, he can transfer control of the guild to another player. This is the only member who can dissolve the guild. The following actions are available to him:

Rank 4. A player of rank 4 can control the rank of the participants or expel them from the guild. The following actions are also available to them:

Ranks 1-3. Players of ranks 1,2 and 3 are not allowed to manage the guild. The following actions are available to them:

How to leave the guild? To leave a guild, tap the logo of your guild under the portrait in your profile. This will take you to the guild screen.

Click on the "Leave Guild" button.

You will then be asked to confirm your decision.

If you are the head of a guild (rank 5), you will need to upgrade another member of the guild to rank 5 before you can leave the guild. In extreme cases, you can dissolve the guild.

Guild stats. Guild statistics include:

Crystalborne Chat

Chat Chat is located at the top of the screen.

Touching a text bubble will bring up the main chat menu.

Chat sections. Chat is displayed on the right side of the screen. The sections on the left are its sections:

Preview settings. The chat panel on the main screen has a small window for previewing its messages. You can customize it by tapping the settings icon on the left side of the chat menu. In this menu, you can choose which channels will be displayed in the preview window.

Friends. Select the Friends section in the left pane to open your contacts. Here you can view the list of friends, add new ones and change the list of blocked ones.

The following sections are presented on the left panel:

Crystalborne Frequently Asked Questions

How do amplifications work? Amplifications improve your account by increasing the amount of resources or currency received, or by reducing the amount of experience or other resources needed to perform certain actions in the game.

Gains of the same type with different percentage values can add up, but gains of the same type with the same percentage values do not add up.

Where can I find chests? Chests can be found by opening your inventory and selecting the Consumables tab, marked with the icon of two bottles.

How to open a gift for pre-registration? What it is? A pre-registration gift is a chest with special items that is given to pre-registered users as a thank you for their support. A gift for pre-registration can be found by opening the inventory and selecting the "Consumables" tab, marked with the icon of two bottles.

To open a pre-registration gift, you first need to reach player level 15. At level 15, you will receive a pre-registration key with which you can open a gift. After receiving the key, open your inventory, select the "Consumables" tab, tap the gift for pre-registration and click "Open." You will be asked to confirm that you want to open the gift.

What is included in the pre-registration gift? It contains:

What are friendship points? Friendship Points are a special currency that can be obtained from friends. You can open the "Friends" chat section and send friendship points to everyone on your friends list. Do not worry, this will not reduce the number of friendship points you have. If someone from your friends list sent you friendship points, you can pick them up on this screen. You can also receive friendship points using the common heroes of your friends, or if they use yours.

How to spend friendship points? Friendship points can be spent on various useful items on the friendship tab in the store.

Crystalborne: Player Profile

Player Profile Here you can see your options, set up a greeting, upload an avatar and evaluate your achievements. To open a profile, tap the avatar in the upper left corner of the screen or the profile icon in the "More" menu.

There are three sections on the left side of the profile:

  1. The road to glory;
  2. Parameters;
  3. Customization.

Here you can see the ratings of the players.

The road to glory. This section contains the following information:

  1. Player name. Other players see it when viewing your profile or chatting with you. To change the name, tap the edit icon next to the current name. The name can contain up to 12 characters.
  2. Greeting. A brief greeting that players see when viewing your profile. If you want to change it, tap the edit icon and enter a new one (up to 40 characters).
  3. PvP rank. Your rating in PvP battles.
  4. The stars of the campaign. The total number of stars you received in the campaign.
  5. Levels and progress. A graph with your awards received, the current level, the amount of experience needed to go to the next level, and the awards that will be opened at the next levels.

Statistics. This section displays all the amplifiers you have opened.

Customization. In this section, you can change the avatar and frame, which are displayed on the main screen, in the profile and chat.

Ratings To open this section, tap the Ratings button next to the Player Profile at the top of the screen.

Various categories of game achievements are displayed here, as well as a comparison of you and other players in these categories. Players with the highest rank in each category are shown on the ratings main page.

Tap a category to view detailed information. On the left is your place and rating information, as well as the top 100 players in descending order of rank.

Crystalborne: Sales and Shopping

I bought a discounted kit, where are my items? Items from the discounted kits can be found in your inventory. Touch the backpack icon in the upper right corner of the screen to open your inventory. You will see a red circle with a number on the name of the category in which the items were added. The number in the red circle indicates the number of types of items added. Tap a category to view all items in your inventory. There you will see red circles in the upper right corner of the sections where the items were added.

Guild gifts with gems are sent directly to your guild and can be received via chat notifications. The data of the 2nd stage of the guild is added directly to the balance of the guild.

I didn’t receive the goods purchased at the store. Usually orders are delivered immediately, but in very rare cases this may take some time. If such a delay occurs, it means that your order is still being processed. No need to buy the product again: it will soon appear in your account. If you still haven’t received a purchase made from the iTunes Store more than 24 hours ago, contact iTunes Support. All payments for in-game purchases are processed by Apple.

If you still haven’t received a purchase made at Amazon Arp Store more than 24 hours ago, contact Amazon Support. All in-game purchase payments are processed by Amazon. If you made a purchase through Google and did not receive your order within 24 hours, contact technical support and provide the transaction ID (it looks something like this: GPA.1234-5678-9012-3456). You will also need the date and time of purchase.

Crystalborne: Fitch Games

Create a Crystalborne account using email. Creating a Crystalborne account using e-mail takes place in two stages: first you need to create an account, and then confirm the e-mail address. Tap the More icon in the upper right corner of the City screen and select Account.

You will see the offer Create an account or Login. Select the Create an account option.

An email registration window will appear. Enter a valid email address and password.

Tap the Submit button. You will see a notification that a confirmation link has been sent to your email address. If you don’t see the message, look for it in the Spam folder.

Open the letter and click on the link to confirm. Confirming the address, you will return to the game. Your account will be registered.

How to enter the game from another device? You can log in to your account from any device, but you will have to go through training for this (if you are using the device for the first time to log into Crystalborne). The login procedure is described below:

  1. Launch the Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate app.
  2. After completing the training, you will see the More icon in the upper right corner of the Home screen. Tap it and select Account.
  3. You will see the offer Create an account or Login. Select the Login option.
  4. A warning appears that progress in the current game will be lost. Touch the OK button.
  5. Enter your email address and password, then tap the Login button.
  6. You will again see a warning that progress will be lost. Tap the Login button again.
  7. If you haven’t verified your email address, you won’t be able to sign in. A letter with a confirmation link will be sent automatically. Find it in your mail, open and click on the link. If you do not see the letter, wait a minute and check again. You can also check the Spam folder.
  8. After confirming the email address, tap the button again. You will be signed in to your Crystalborne account on your new device.
If you enter the game and use mail on the same device, switching between the two applications may remove the window again. If this happens after verifying your email address, repeat steps 3 through 7 to log in to your account.

How to change the password? To reset your password, follow these steps:

  1. Quit the game.
  2. Restart the Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate app.
  3. Touch the link "Forgot your password?" on the game login screen (under the fields for entering the email address and password). You will be asked to enter the email address to which the password reset link will be sent.
  4. Follow the instructions from the letter to select a new password. If you don’t see the message, look in the Spam folder.

How to change email address? To change the email address to which your Crystalborne account is registered, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate using your credentials.
  2. Tap the menu icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Select "Account."
  4. Select "Change Email Address".
  5. Enter a new email address and tap the "Submit" button. A confirmation email will be sent to the indicated address.
  6. Open the letter and follow the instructions in it.

How to block another player? To block a player in the chat, select his comment and tap the "Block" button.

A blocked player cannot send you messages. You will stop seeing his comments in the chat. Even if this player changes his name, he will still be blocked.

Manage blocked players. The list of blocked players can be found in the chat menu in the "Friends" - "Blocked" section.

You can unlock the player by touching the "Unblock" button. After that, the player will be able to send you messages again, and you will see his comments in the chat.

My game is slow. Here are some ways to fix the problem:

  1. Reboot the device.
  2. Connect to a stable Wi-Fi network instead of using mobile Internet.
  3. Make sure your game is updated and you are using the latest version.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the game.
  5. Launch the game on another device or with a different operating system.

Troubleshooting. Here are some ways you can successfully troubleshoot:

  1. Update the operating system on your device to the latest version. Remember to regularly download updates on your device.
  2. Free up space on your device - remove voluminous applications that may slow it down.
  3. Clear the cache - instructions on how to do this can be found in the settings of your phone.

Article author: Nadezhda D.