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DAKOTA - browser game from the company RJ Games. Game genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Playing Right
  3. A Guide to Decorative Animals. Secrets of their receipt.
  4. Dogs in the game. Features for improving booths
  5. Guide to Resources and Their Extraction
  6. Territory Character Guide
  7. Housework
  8. Farm Guide
  9. Game Event Review

Dakota: A Beginner’s Guide

Where to begin? Start packing up and get ready to move to your farm. Having finished all preparations, you will go to meet new adventures.

Once you arrive at the farm, you can activate the full-screen game mode. Remember that you can always disable it by clicking on the button in the main interface.

Harvesting. First of all, unpack things, and then try to grow your first crop. It seems carrots are already ripe! To harvest, just click on the vegetables when they ripen.

Holding down the left mouse button and moving the cursor over the beds, you will quickly collect or plant crops.

Instructions. Your next assignment: plant some carrots. By clicking "Run", you can get a game hint.

Performing various tasks from your relatives and other Dakota characters, you get rewards: Dollars, Energy, useful resources. You can buy seeds in two ways:

  1. After you click on the garden, the store menu will open.
  2. Or you can open the "Shop" and select the "Seeds" tab.

Now it remains only to plant your seeds on the bed and wait for them to ripen.

Animals. It’s hard to imagine a farm without animals. To grow animals, you need to build special houses for them. Each type of animal has its own house. You can buy animals in the "Animals" tab in the store.

To receive various products, such as milk, eggs or fluff, you need to feed animals with food. Each animal can be fed a certain number of times, after which it will get tired and sad. You can cheer him up with vitamins or sell: let him be sad at some other farm.

Orders Your arrival did not go unnoticed, and it’s time to complete your first order!

Orders are one of the main sources of Dollars in the game. The higher your level, the more orders you will receive. Please note that you can always refuse an order, and after a while a new one will appear in its place. Thus, you can always pick up an order to your taste.

A new level. Having gained enough experience, you move to a new level. Each new level gives you a small reward (Gold Coins, Dollars and Energy) and gives you access to new items in the store.

Moreover, as a pleasant bonus, all timers on the farm are reset to zero: your crop matures instantly, orders are executed instantly, and resource generators are ready to go. Do not forget to share the good news with your friends! A special gift for your neighbors will appear on your page.

Farm Development. After gaining a certain number of Prosperity points, you can discover new territories in your garden: a well, apiary, or other decorative area. To do this, you will need Prosperity Points and certain items, the requirements can be viewed by clicking on the territory.

A general rule applies to all regions: you can only open the territory that comes into contact with at least one side that has already been opened.

Interaction with objects and resource extraction. You can interact with various objects on your farm - just place the cursor on them and left-click. You can click several times, and then your character will do several actions: for example, he will collect three arms of brushwood from the bush.

All resources that you collect on your farm automatically end up in the Barn. Resources obtained during travel are stored in a cart and, upon arrival at the farm, are also transferred to the warehouse. You can get Dakota resources as follows:

Purchase items. In the store you can buy various items: fertilizers, trees, seeds.

Some items will only become available after you reach a certain level.


Information about the player. In the upper left corner you can see information about your level and the number of Prosperity points that you have. If you go to the House, you can see the number of Comfort Points in the same menu:

Energy and Animal Feed. The Energy Meter is always at the top of the screen. The pet food counter shows the amount of feed you currently have. If you need these resources, you can buy them by clicking on the "+" button.

Daily reward. This task consists of several points: send invitations and gifts to friends. By completing them, you can get useful resources: Dollars, Fertilizers and food for babies.

Game Currencies: Dollars and Gold Coins. The bank in which your savings are displayed is located in the upper right corner. You can always buy currency using the "+" button.

Tasks. Available jobs are displayed on the left side of the screen. Click on the round icons to read a detailed description.

Moving between locations. These buttons allow you to move between home, farm and new territories.

Main menu.

By the way, in order to move the fence, you must first remove it to the warehouse, and then build it in a new place.

Friend list. At the bottom of the screen is a list of your friends: you can go visit your neighbors (just click on the portrait) or send an invitation to those who have not joined you in Dakota.

Shop, Barn, Decor, Furniture and pantry.

Settings Settings allow you to turn on or off the sound in the game. Full screen mode allows you to deploy Dakota to full screen. These buttons are duplicated in the lower right corner.

Dakota: Playing Right

All about animals. On your farm you can raise various animals: hens, goats, geese and even cows. You will receive your first animal by completing one of the tasks. To get access to animals, you need to build special buildings: for each type of animal there is a type of house. For example, for hens, this is a chicken coop.

The higher the level of such a house, the more animals you can have. You can buy small animals at the store, however you will need to raise them so that they can start bringing you products. To do this, you need food for babies and special items that are individual for each type of animal.

As soon as your animal has matured, you can feed it and receive products: milk, eggs, etc. Please note that each animal can be fed a certain number of times. After that, it will get tired and you can either restore it with vitamins or sell it to another farm.

Using Superfood you get products instantly.

Horses. You can increase the capacity of the cart in two ways: increase its level or buy special horses. There are three types of these animals in the game, and they differ in price and amount of cargo that can be transported. You can buy horses in the store or by clicking on the animal next to the cart.

Please note that each horse can make a certain number of rides. After the trip is over, the cart will return to normal. Rides will not be saved if you switch between horses before you run out of limit.

All about plants. What is impossible to get a crop without? Of course, without labor, but first of all - without beds. To plant vegetables, click the cursor on the bed and select the seeds that you would like to grow. You can also do this by opening a store and selecting the Plants tab.

After you select a vegetable, hold down the left mouse button and move the cursor over the beds - so you do not have to click on each. The same method will help you to collect a ripened crop faster. From each bed you can get four vegetables. Well, of course, you can always fertilize your plants, since there are two types of special fertilizers in Dakota: Growth fertilizers (it allows you to pick vegetables instantly) and Conventional fertilizer (with it you can get 50% more products). You can buy these useful kits in the store.

To use fertilizers, hover over the plant and select the icon of the resource that you want to use. By the way, there are special fertilizers for trees that act in a similar way.

Daily gifts. Every day, special daily gifts are published in the communities. To receive a gift, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the community page.
  2. Find a post with a daily gift. Please note that daily gifts are active 24 hours from the date of publication.
  3. Put "Like" or "Class", share the post and use the link.
  4. Wait for the special game notification.
  5. Done, gift received!
You can receive only one daily gift per day. For the assignment, special holiday gifts are counted. Make sure the game is not open in two tabs!

Daily reward. If you don’t have enough fertilizer, cash or baby food, there’s an easy way to get it every day - do the daily task. To receive the reward for the first time, you need to complete four tasks:

  1. Install Dakota;
  2. Give Dakota permission to send you notifications;
  3. Send out invitations to the game to your friends on Odnoklassniki;
  4. Send gifts to your neighbors.

In all subsequent days, you will only need to complete the third and fourth tasks! The game gives you exactly four hours to complete these tasks: the timer starts when you first enter the game in a day. The first time you complete an assignment you will receive an additional reward - a charming puppy that will accompany you on adventures. If you complete this task for seven consecutive days, you will get a bonus reward - 200 units of Energy!

Board of orders. Your arrival did not go unnoticed, and local residents began to leave their requests on a special Order Board. Fulfilling orders, you get experience and money.

Please note that you can always refuse a request - just click on the "Refuse" button, and after a while you will receive a new order. Thus, you can always pick up an order to your taste.

By the way, the time of the appearance of a new order depends on how often you refuse offers and your game progress; it may take 1 to 15 minutes. However, you can always spend one gold coin and reset the timer.

Travels. The world of Dakota is not limited to your farm - beyond its borders, unforgettable and exciting adventures await you. Travel through uncharted territories, help locals and get well-deserved rewards.

To go on a trip, you need to follow a few simple steps: collect supplies, open a map and select a location. By the way, do not forget about your cart! The higher the level, the greater its capacity, which means that you can bring more resources to the farm. After you complete all the story missions in Greenwood, Highfields and Lakes locations, you can exchange resources with local residents. To do this, open the location menu and click on the "Pick up" button.

Please note that resources will automatically be in your warehouse, and you will save energy and time.

Post office. Help is needed? Just click on the Mail button and your friends will be able to help you by sending items or Energy.

You can exchange special rare things with friends. To do this, open the mail, select the item and click on the "Ask for more" button.

Please note that you can accept a maximum of 5 items of three different types per day. A timer in the mail menu will show you when you can send requests again.

Do not forget to answer the requests of your friends! To do this, open your mail and click "Send" next to the received request. Your own resources are not wasted.

Neighbors. Remember to visit your neighbors and help them. You will not only make it pleasant, but also receive a valuable reward. Five neighbors can be helped daily. Click on a friend’s portrait and click on the yellow button that appears. At the friend’s farm you will have access to 10 actions: five in the house and five in the garden. For each action you get a reward. For each action you are guaranteed to get $ 5. Interaction with different objects can also bring an additional reward. In the garden:

In home:

Each neighbor who visited your farm and spent 10 action points leaves a special gift: $ 50 and 1 unit of Energy. You can receive no more than 10 gifts per day.

Friends. Friends are an integral part of Dakota. You can exchange gifts, rare items and go to each other to visit. To invite a friend to the game, use the "Invite Friends" button at the top of the screen.

By clicking on it, you will see a new pop-up window in which there will be a list of your friends. Important: you can send only one invitation to each friend during the day.

If your friend accepts the invitation and installs the game, then you will become neighbors and you can exchange lottery tickets. To do this, you need to open the Roulette menu, click on the "Send" button and select those friends to whom you want to send a gift.

You can send one ticket to each friend per day, but you cannot accept more than 20 lottery tickets in 24 hours. This timer is individual for each player and begins its countdown from the moment it is sent. By the way, you can visit a neighbor! To do this, hover over his portrait and click on the "Visit a friend" button.

Special gifts from friends. Do not forget to tell your friends about your successes in Dakota: receiving various achievements, you can publish a special gift on your page, which other players can use.

Below are the basic rules for these gifts:

If you reach one of the above limits, you will see a special message.

Tasks. All current tasks are on the left side of your screen, and you can always read their description by clicking on the desired one. Some tasks can be difficult - they require a lot of resources and time, some - simple.

If you don’t know what to do, then click on the "Run" button in the task description and the game will show you what actions need to be done.

Roulette. On any farm there is a moment for entertainment, isn’t it? Roulette is a game that allows you to escape from your usual activities and test your luck. To open it, click on the special button next to the tool menu.

Each round costs five tickets that you receive as gifts from your friends. You can also buy them for Gold coins. By the way, in the same window you can send tickets to your friends - just click on the yellow "Send" button.

Be a pleasant neighbor: send gifts to your friends every day, and then they will reciprocate. Please note that there are certain limits for sending and receiving these gifts: you can accept no more than 20 tickets per day, and you can send only one ticket to each friend within 24 hours. But what items can be won at Roulette:

The generous valley

The Generous Valley is a unique place where you can collect all the resources available in the game (flax, tar, clay and iron). Territory is available every weekend. All players above level 18 and having a cart of the last level can visit this place.

Various generators are located in the valley. Using them, you get resources. Please note that you will need Old coins.

Treasures are hidden in the valley. There are two types of chests: wooden and gold. Both types contain Old Coins as a reward, but by digging a certain amount of gold chests, you will receive a special bonus - even more coins!

The coin counter is next to the experience counter.

There are a few simple rules in the Valley:

  1. The progress of the territory is not saved, as well as coins. Every week you need to repair generators and dig up treasures.
  2. To get access to the generator, you need to complete the story missions of the corresponding territory. For example, to collect clay, you must be able to exchange food for resources in the Hot Lakes; activation of the iron generator requires access to Ironhills.

Storage facilities in the Valley. These objects can be used a certain number of times, after which they must be repaired using Ancient coins. Please note that storages that you can purchase in special promotions may have a different margin of safety.

Wood-tar production:

Table for squeezing flax:

Box for bark:

Basket with fiber:

Container for gypsum and clay:

Iron Coal Tray:

Chests in the Valley. Opening the chests, you get Old coins. If you open the Golden chests, you get more coins. Collecting a certain amount of gold chests, you will receive a special reward - 50 coins. Valley progress is updated every week and every week chests appear in new places. Below is a list of resources to help you prepare for your visit to the valley. Common Chests:

Opening chests of this type, you get 5 coins and 50 dollars. Gold chests:

Opening chests of this type, you get 10 coins and $ 100.

Remember that you should not try to use all the storages at once, but it is better to accumulate resources so as not to depend on the Valley.


A whole city is being built near your farm, but the inhabitants cannot do it without your help. To get to the city of immigrants, call the special menu, and then click on the "To immigrants" button. Trips to this city do not require supplies.

You will need Keys to build various buildings. Fulfill orders of local residents to receive them. By the way, having completed a certain number of orders, you will receive an additional reward - Dollars or Fertilizers.

Keys accumulate; they cannot be sold or thrown away. Helping immigrants, you get pieces of unique knowledge. Having collected everything, you can activate a unique bonus. Once having studied knowledge, it will remain active forever.

Knowledge List:

Go through story missions to collect the entire collection of pictures for a photo album. This is a summary of your adventures.


Competitions are an additional game activity that allows you to get useful resources and points of the Craftsman. The competition is held in a group of farmers, and the maximum number of participants in each group is 100 players. Despite the fact that the groups are formed randomly, you can get into the team twice with the same farmer. Consider this a good coincidence, because who knows, this particular farmer can become your most active friend in Dakota. All farmers below level 25 have their own set of tasks.

Competitions last seven days, from Monday to Sunday, and consist of seven daily tasks. Each of them contains three simple tasks: for example, plant vegetables, create an item, or cook a dish. By completing these tasks, you get Competition Points. When you reach a certain number of points per day, you will receive a daily reward: Craftsman points and useful resources (fertilizers, vitamins and animal feed).

A special timer in the Contest menu shows the time before updating tasks. As soon as the tasks change, the daily score counter will be reset to zero, but you can always see the total in the Rating tab.

Points are not counted for items that were bought for gold, received as a gift from friends or for reaching a new level; items purchased with shares received for completing assignments or made prior to the start of the competition are also not taken into account.

By the way, tasks are always selected in such a way that you can perform one of them regardless of your level. Upon completion of the Competition, you can get an additional reward if you are in the list of the top 10 farmers. This award is issued on Sunday. Craftsman glasses allow you to ensure that farm buildings and objects in the house never break. Please note - these points are saved after the end of the Competition, so that they can be accumulated gradually.

A special timer on the left side of the screen shows the time until the end of the Match.

Mr. Presto Slot Machine

Who is Mr. Presto? Mr. Presto is a traveler whose stocks contain not only interesting stories, but also unprecedented wonders. One of them is the Slot Machine, available to all players from the 20th level.

Slot machine. The slot machine is a win-win mini-game, because every round ends with a victory! Spin the reels of the machine to collect winning combinations. However, even if you did not collect the successful one, you will receive the reward that fell in the left extreme slot!

One round a day can be played completely free. For others, you will need either Gold coins or Lucky tokens.

What can you win? Gold, ordinary, elite and decorative animals, feed and items for dogs. The full list can be viewed by clicking on the "Other rewards" tab. Each week you will also have a chance to win a special decorative animal.

After winning a reward, you can accept or exchange it for Lucky tokens - with their help you can spin the reels. You cannot accept animals as a reward if a limit is reached on your farm.

Accumulate marble to purchase unique decorative pets at the store.

Dakota: A Guide to Decorative Animals. Secrets of their receipt.

Decorative animals. Decorative animals do not bring points and do not produce products, but they make your farm more diverse. Animals of this type can be given names: for this, just click on them and fill in the corresponding field. These animals can also be cleaned in the pen. Please note that the place in it is in no way limited. Also remember that at the same time on your farm can be 5 decorative animals.

Pet Shop. Ordinary decorative animals can be exchanged for rare. To do this, visit the pet store. You will need animals, resources made in the workshop, as well as family cards - items that can be won in the Slot machine.

Getting decorative animals

Steppe hare. You will need:

Piggy. You will need:

Turkey. You will need:

Polar bear. You will need:

Black raccoon. You will need:

Ash Alpaca. You will need:

Tamarin. You will need:

Forest Kangaroo. You will need:

Tiger. You will need:

Korsak. You will need:

Angora rabbit. You will need:

Spotted pig. You will need:

Red-winged capercaillie. You will need:

Panda. You will need:

Red raccoon. You will need:

Sand Alpaca. You will need:

Crested Macaque. You will need:

Purple Kangaroo. You will need:

Night panther. You will need:

Polar fox You will need:

Dutch rabbit. You will need:

English pig. You will need:

Royal peacock. You will need:

Pink panda. You will need:

Cozumel raccoon. You will need:

Fluffy Suri. You will need:

Fiery tamarin. You will need:

Tiger Kangaroo. You will need:

African lion. You will need:

Silver fox. You will need:

Dakota: Dogs in the game. Features for improving booths

Dogs. Every adventurer should have a true friend, a partner who will stretch ... a paw in difficult times. Dogs are indispensable companions that can not only transport resources, but also search for hidden treasures. Pets can be obtained for completing daily tasks, completing story missions of various Events or purchasing special promotions.

There may be several dogs on your farm, but only one animal of each breed is available to you. Four-legged friends need to sleep somewhere, so do not forget to build a Booth for them: immediately after buying the animal, this building will appear in the warehouse. For each pet, it is necessary to build and improve their own houses.

Train your pet to grow, gain strength and find treasures. For this you will need special items: bones, balls, sticks, etc.

Getting new levels, your pet grows, and he needs a better home. Raising the level of the booth, you open up new activities for the dog.

Interaction with a dog. There are five types of interactions with your dog: playing, feeding, bathing, training and combing. For their implementation, you get activity points (they are designated as hearts). This is necessary so that your dog can find treasures.

Your pets are tired, so you can’t fill in the activity scale continuously.

Treasure hunt with a dog. It’s time to head for the treasures! Only one pet can accompany you when traveling. Select it in advance: open the menu of the desired booth and press the "To me" button. If you want to let the dog go, then click the corresponding button in the same menu:

Upon arrival, you will be available to a new menu on the right side of the screen.

To find treasures, the dog must have at least one completed activity scale. To send a dog in search of treasures, just click on the "Search" button. When your pet finds a cache, you just have to dig it out and open it. If you leave the territory, the chest will disappear.

The dog spends activity points on treasure hunting. The more activity points you have, the more valuable the hidden reward. If the dog does not find anything, points are saved.

How to deliver more resources using a dog? Did the cart run out of space? Not a problem, because your companions can transfer resources. Open the cart menu and click on the "Send with dogs" button. By the way, please note that you can send any of the available dogs. The higher the level of the dog, the more resources it can deliver to the farm.

Dog breeds and booth improvements

Malamute. Maximum carrying capacity: 10. To improve the booth:

Labrador. Maximum carrying capacity: 10. To improve the booth:

Border Collie. Maximum carrying capacity: 10. To improve the booth:

Corgi. Maximum carrying capacity: 15. To improve the booth:

Dalmatian. Maximum carrying capacity: 10. To improve the booth:

German Shepherd. Maximum carrying capacity: 15. To improve the booth:

Spaniel. Maximum carrying capacity: 10. To improve the booth:

Dakota: Guide to Resources and Their Extraction

Management resources

There are resources in Dakota that you need to manage. These include:

  1. Dollars.
  2. Golden coins.
  3. Energy.
  4. Experience.
  5. Points of prosperity and comfort.

Experience. You get experience points by completing various tasks, repairing buildings, discovering new territories, harvesting and collecting resources. A special counter is located in the upper left corner of the screen, next to your avatar. The higher your level, the more new items and recipes available to you. A nice bonus: getting a new level you instantly reset all the timers on your farm.

Energy. Energy is one of the most important resources in the game. It is needed for research and various activities in the garden and in the house. This is a refillable resource, and here are some simple ways to replenish it:

  1. You can restore energy using special items in the house. The higher the level of such objects, the more energy they produce.
  2. You can send your friends a request for energy. You can take no more than 15 units per day.
  3. You can wait a bit: one unit of Energy is restored every three minutes.
  4. You can win Energy in the Lottery.
  5. And the easiest way - you can buy a set of Energy using gold coins.

The maximum energy supply increases every few levels:

Prosperity and Comfort Points. Comfort glasses show the arrangement of your home. In the cozy rooms your relatives are more comfortable, and more production recipes are available to you. Buy furniture, wallpapers and different types of floors to get these glasses. The higher this indicator, the more rooms and improvements are available to you.

Unlike Comfort Points, Prosperity Points indicate the level of development of your farm. The higher this indicator, the more territories you can open and the more buildings you can improve. You need to decorate your garden with various objects to get these glasses: use decorative flower beds, benches, paths and fences.

Please note that Comfort and Prosperity points are indicators of the difficulty of improvement. The more points you need to upgrade or unlock, the more high-level resources you will need to repair or use. Do not rush to open everything at once!

Dollars. Dollars are the base currency of Dakota. With it, you buy animals, plants, various items for the home and garden. There are several ways to get dollars:

  1. Fulfill orders on the Board of orders to get not only experience, but also money. This is the main source of income at primary and secondary levels.
  2. By opening the counter, you can sell unnecessary resources there. This method is good for high-level players who already have stocks of various items.
  3. And finally, you can buy dollars at the Bank. This method is convenient for players of any level.

Golden coins. Gold coins are the most valuable currency in the game. They allow you to instantly build buildings, buy any resources (such as wood and linen), rare items and various items for the home and garden. Gold coins can be obtained in several ways:

  1. You can buy them at the bank, which is located in the upper right corner of the game screen.
  2. A certain amount of coins can be obtained for game achievements, such as completing certain starting tasks and getting a new level.
  3. Gold can also be obtained as a reward in some Game Events.

Development resources

Grass, gravel, brushwood.These resources can be found in any locations, including territories that are available during special events.

Wood.Wood can be obtained by chopping trees in Greenwood, Black Lake, Highfields, on the territory of the Broken Bridge, in the Through Gorge and Iron Hills.

Resin. Resin is available in Greenwood, Highfields and Broken Bridge. This resource can also be obtained in areas of temporary adventure.

Bark. Bark can be obtained by collecting wood in Firelakes, Black Lake, Through Gorge and Iron Hills.

Linen. Flax can be obtained in Highfields, Firelakes, Black Lake on the territory of the Broken Bridge, in the Through Gorge and Iron Hills. This resource can also be obtained in areas of temporary adventure.

Linseed oil.Flaxseed oil can be obtained by collecting flax in Highfields, Firelakes, Black Lake and on the territory of the Broken Bridge. This resource can also be obtained in areas of temporary adventure.

Fiber. Fiber is a rare resource. You can get it in the Through Gorge, Iron Hills and Nord Dale.

Clay. Clay is one of the most important resources in the game. You can find it in Firelakes, Through Gorge and Iron Hills. Remember that the main source of this resource is supplies that you unlock after completing all the story missions in this territory.

Gypsum. Gypsum can be obtained by collecting clay in Firelakes, Through Gorge and Iron Hills.

Quartz. This resource can be mined along with gravel in Through Gorge and Iron Hills.

A piece of chalk. Chalk can be obtained by extracting gravel in the Broken Bridge location and in Firelakes.

Iron and coal. These are the rarest resources in Dakota. They can be obtained only Iron Hills. Please note that there is no exchange function for this location, so spend the resource wisely! However, you can always restock in the Generous Valley.

Wildflowers and grass seeds. Wildflowers can be obtained by collecting grass and brushwood in the Through Gorge and Iron Hills. Grass seeds - in Firelakes and in the location Broken Bridge.

Getting resources through missions. After completing story missions of some territories, you can exchange supplies for resources. Do not neglect this opportunity! Also remember that after completing the missions, special resource generators will appear in the territories, which will be updated every time you arrive at the location. There are no jobs for Iron Hills (iron and coal) and Nord Dale (fiber and linen), but boxes are available by default.

Dakota: Territory Character Guide

Black lake

Sheriff Castor Brooke. Before becoming a sheriff, Castor Brooke was a bailiff in Blackwood. After the successful capture of the leader of the band of robbers operating on the southern tract, he was appointed to the post of sheriff of the district. Most criminals who know the tough temper of the new sheriff prefer to avoid it without getting involved in a confrontation. Castor has influential connections, and also has an extensive network of informants in the criminal environment.

Joshua Simmons Despite the fact that 5 long years of work at the mines did not bring Joshua a gram of gold, luck still smiled at him once. The huge gold nugget not only helped him pay off his debts, but also allowed him to buy out the Stray Fox tavern. He dreamed about it, so dreams come true!

Earl. There are ups and downs in life. Ask Earl, he knows everything about the vicissitudes of fate. A successful entrepreneur, carpenter and builder - overnight he lost not only his job, but also his friends. Now old Earle earns a living by fishing, letting go of the poker money received. You can never understand by his face: whether he is angry or whether he is sad.

Barbara Moore Appearance is deceptive: behind the thick-rimmed old-fashioned glasses is hidden a financial genius who bought a large plot of land from the Indians for the money of the deceased husband. Meet Barbara Moore. A cunning, prudent business lady, who, nevertheless, has such a non-ambitious dream: just to build a mansion for all her cats. By the way, she has forty-two of them.

Cindy Clayton. Three words are enough to describe Miss Clayton: cunning, agile, dangerous. Do not believe her words, and even better - stay away. Rumor has it that she is not who she claims to be.

Ron Taggard. Ron’s life is connected with a sawmill: from childhood he helped his father process wood, and after the fire he did not lose hope for a minute to restore his family business. And he succeeded: for 10 years now, his sawmill continues to work, and the late Mr. Taggard could be proud of his son. Ron’s affairs are relatively good, with the exception of minor disagreements with fisher Earle over pollution of the pond by sawmill waste.

Broken bridge

The cost of the trip: 15.

Mr. Chinaski. Chinaski is a professional stagecoach designer. To get more profit, he moved to a city where the demand for his services most often arises. After the old bridge across the river fell into disrepair, the number of passing stagecoaches dropped sharply - travelers began to travel around. To change the situation in his favor, he, together with his friend Lebowski, decides to build a new bridge over the river. Faced with a lack of materials for the construction of the bridge, he without hesitation disassembles his own house.

Lebowski. Lebowski is a longtime friend of Chinaski. He moved out of town after a friend. For lack of professional education, he took up sheep breeding. In his free time he composes silly poems, dreaming of becoming a great poet. His tricks often puts his friend in an awkward position.

Through gorge

The cost of the trip: 35.

Louis King Louis lives with his daughter, Emmy. Brings up responsibility in her and trusts important matters. Louis believes in the independence of his daughter, but still worried if she is not at least a little longer than he expected. Louis King is an excellent courier who is out of luck. He was trapped. His cart was stolen, and the cargo was stolen. Louis is not even surprised that his daughter has come such a long way to save him and bring help. "There she is, my Emmy!"

Emmy King Emmy, although a small but very responsible girl. She lives with her father, Louis King, who devotes much time to her upbringing. Emmys can be entrusted to any, even very difficult business. Since Louis works as a courier at Dakota Ex, Emmy often travels with him to work and travels to different parts of the state. This time she was sick and could not go with her father. And now for two days there has been no news from him. Emmy knows what route her father takes and decides to go looking for him, of course, not alone.

Robert Wilson Robert worked in a local mine until it was closed, and now lives on a military allowance. He is deaf and uses a horn in order to hear better.

Nugget. He loves to steal his horn from old Robert and hide it somewhere. Then brings back. He hates hunting snares, as he constantly gets into them.

Frederick Cook. Frederick was born in Tennessee, but as a result of a chain of crimes committed by him and numerous travels - attempts to escape from justice, he ended up in Dakota.


Will Tibbot. Will is an experienced builder. Leaving the city to farm was the wish of Caitlin, his wife. Will did not share her attachment to agriculture, but did not want to disappoint her with her refusal to move. All for the sake of darling!

Caitlin Tibbot. Caitlin grew up in a family of prosperous farmers and all her conscious life dreamed of getting rid of excessive parental care, which she was able to realize by marrying Will Tibbot. With extensive agricultural knowledge, she set out to build a profitable flax farm. Counting on her industriousness and the help of her husband, she soon hopes to realize her plans.

Sam Hardy. A man for whom laziness has become a life credo. Sam is not able to complete even the simplest thing. For farmers who hire him, this idler becomes a real headache. However, in most cases, he gets away with it, as he rarely asks for money for his hack.

Karl Heinz. Karl has been quite successful in his field, but for various reasons, luck often eludes him. Gold and ancient artifacts hidden in the earth still haunt him. Karl is ready to deceive, mislead and steal, just to get closer to the next trophy. However, in case of real danger, he prefers to run away. For the path of the treasure hunter, the path of the loner.

Hot Lakes

Migizi. Migizi followed in the footsteps of his father, the supreme shaman of the tribe. Having mastered the secret knowledge of communication with spirits, Migizi began to apply them for the good of his land. However, in the coming time of the industrial revolution it is becoming increasingly difficult to do this every year.

Ohiteka. Thanks to his business acumen, Okhiteka was able to quickly get used to the new conditions of colonial capitalism. Having built a quarry for the extraction of clay, he immediately became one of the most successful businessmen in Dakota. The lack of prejudice helped him in the construction, but subsequent natural phenomena, which became serious obstacles to the work of the clay quarry, slightly shook his confidence in the archaic nature of the ancient beliefs of his tribe.

Susie Roftson. For Susie Roftson, there is nothing more important than scientific research and her little sister Clarissa, whom she is forced to take with her on an expedition, since the baby only obeys her. The Indians who meet her in the open spaces of the "Dakota" call her in their languages "Gathering Stones." In fact, she does not collect stones, but studies various rock formations, changes in the landscape, and explores mineral deposits.

Clarissa Roftson Left without parents, Clara became very attached to her older sister, who became her like a mother. Everywhere she follows her, studying everything that she does professionally. While playing, she tries to repeat everything in everything, bringing delightful children’s color and imagination to the gameplay. He loves sweets and his toys, among which are often things and working tools of an older sister.

Edward Carter Professor Carter is no longer young. Due to pain in the back and joints, it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to sit at the archives, years have already made themselves felt. But when it comes to expeditions, it is miraculously transformed. There is no trace left of the familiar old professor. Edward Carter is becoming a source of scientific inspiration, radiating waves of enthusiasm and amazing performance.


Jack Lambert. Tired of the bustle of the city, Jack settled in a forest hut. He bought the plot, he was engaged in deforestation and is now a leading supplier of wood for all surrounding farms. Enjoying solitude, occasionally peering over the boy Billy, who often comes to play with his dog.

Billy. A hyperactive child who lacks parental attention and care. Often left to my own devices. He loves animals very much.

Juliet. An endless source of joy and noise. Betrayed by its master, Jack Lambert.

Dakota: Housework

Situation. In the store you will find many items for your home: furniture, wallpaper and various floor coverings. You can buy some of them for dollars, and for some you need to lay out Gold coins. Buying these items, you not only decorate your home, but also get points of comfort and experience. The higher your level, the more items become available to you.

Bonus objects for the house

Bedroom. To open the Bedroom, you will need:

Restore the bed:

The bed will bring you bonus energy:

Library. To open the Library, you will need:

This room has unique furniture. It can be moved to any other room, but first you need to restore it a bit.

  1. Shelf "Lyrics": Cherry x6, zucchini x5, cleaning agent x5;
  2. Sofa "Sherlock": Sunflower oil x2, blackberry x7, pumpkin x7;
  3. Little table "Search": Sunflower x7, wood glue x6, pear x7.

Kitchen. By opening the kitchen, you can receive bonus supplies using special objects: a kitchen table, a shelf or a cupboard. Please note that these are special travel supplies and not dishes that you usually prepare in the garden. The supply counter is located on the main map. To open the Kitchen, you will need:

Items in the kitchen:

Guestbook. You will need the following items to open the Guestbook:

This room has unique furniture. It can be moved to any other room, but first you need to restore it a bit.

  1. Persian sofa: Jug x5, plum x9, sweet pepper x6;
  2. Case "Mother of Pearl": Tomatoes x7, soft fabric x6, walnut x5;
  3. Lamp "Arabia": Gooseberry x5, cucumbers x5, tanning agent x4.

Greenhouse. Orangery, Bathroom, Bedroom, Guest Room and Library are special rooms for which you will not need Comfort points to open. When you tidy up your house, you get not only useful resources, but also Lubricating Oil. After collecting the necessary amount of oil and making items, you can open the room.

Dreamed of unusual flower beds? Well, you have the opportunity to grow flowers yourself and turn them into beautiful decor. To unlock the Greenhouse you will need:

Flowers must be grown in special pots. In total, you have 3 pots available. Repair them before planting flowers:

Flower seeds can be bought at some adventure stores or purchased for gold. Exploring new rooms, you can also find some seeds. Remember: different sets of seeds may contain different numbers of flowers. To grow flowers, plant the seeds in a tub. Use fertilizer and a special tool. Each type of seed may require its own tool. Repair the flower shop to start making decor.

You will need:

You can make items for both home and garden:

Living room. The living room is the place where you can relax and restore Energy. Every special facility in this room can be improved. To open a room, you need:

Items in the living room:

Bathroom. To open a bathroom, you will need:

After fixing the bath, you can get extra water. For this you will need:

These items can be obtained by repairing other equipment in the room.

Cabinet. By opening an office, you will be able to receive additional Energy using special items. To open the room, you will need:

Items in the office:


Uncle Ben. When Benjamin found out that Abigail was planning to buy an old family farm at an auction, he decided to help her at all costs by providing all the money he had. The return of the family nest will also be a surprise for his wife Gladys, so Ben, as a skilled carpenter, plans to do everything possible to make the house look as good as possible! Uncle’s workshop is equipped next to the entrance hall. Uncle Ben can craft items:

Aunt Gladys. Gladys is an incredibly hardworking woman. Despite the fact that she was never a fan of farming, she gladly agreed to help Abigail and took on the responsibilities that she does best: sewing and caring for the house. To open an aunt’s room, you will need:

Aunt Gladys can craft items:

Cousin Duncan. If you talk to cousin Duncan, you will hear a couple of great jokes and jokes. Duncan once worked in a foundry, but this work did not give him pleasure because of the mechanization of all processes. He wanted, as he says, to work with metal with his own hands, to "feel the canvas." Best of all, he gets horseshoes, but he is always ready to grow, get upgrades and new orders - so contact us. Duncan produces nails. To open Duncan’s room, you will need:

Cousin Jenny. For young Jenny, choosing a future profession was a very serious decision. Her mother, Gladys Wright, from an early age taught her daughter sewing and needlework, trying to convey her skills to her. As a result, Jenny became an apprentice in the pottery workshop and after three years of training she returned home to help the family settle in a new place. To open Jenny’s room, you will need:

Jenny can make dishes and clay pipes.

Dakota: Farm Guide

Decor You can decorate your garden with various objects: sculptures, flowerbeds, decorative fences and paths. Some items can be bought for bucks, and others for gold. By decorating the garden, you get Prosperity Points, which serve as an indicator of the overall development of your farm: the more points, the more new territories you can open, and the higher the level of improvement available to you.

Fruit trees


Blackberry bush:


Apple tree:

Cherry tree:

Gooseberry bush:


Pear tree:

Lemon Tree:

Plum tree:


You can buy seeds at a farm store. Please note that some of them must be planted in special beds: greenhouses or hotbeds.

From one bed you get four units of vegetables, and not one.

Common seeds:





A hen:





The buildings

Little houses for animals. Animals need to live somewhere, so first of all you will need special buildings. Each type of animal corresponds to a certain house. For example, the Coop is available in the store immediately after training and you need to build it on the farm and then improve it. For other buildings, you must first open the territory. The higher the level of these buildings, the more animals you can keep at the same time. Among the houses for animals there are:

Punch. The key to a good harvest is not only a sincere love for your job, but also a couple of bags of good fertilizer. By building a composter, you can receive fertilizers of growth and fertilizers of the crop. The building accumulates charges when you collect products from your animals. Please note that it has a strength charge and if you use it up, the composter will need to be repaired. By the way, the higher the composter level, the more fertilizer you can get. To build a composter, you will need:

Workshop. The workshop is another basic (not requiring improvement) building on your farm: with it, you can produce various items for buildings, orders and tasks. The higher your level, the more recipes available to you.

Counter. Surplus resources and crops can be sold using the Counter. The higher the level of this building, the more types of items you can sell at a time. To do this, click on the "Add" button, and then select the resources you want to sell.

Please note that this will take some time, but you can also speed up the timer using Gold coins.

Barn. It is difficult to imagine a farm without a barn. After all, you need to store tools somewhere, right? However, this structure has another useful function: you can contain more beds if you raise the level of this building.

Feed crusher. The feed crusher is the device your animals adore. Still: with its help you process the crop or grass into food for them! Please note that different amounts of feed are obtained from different raw materials: for example, one unit of grass produces less feed than one apple. The maximum can be stored no more than 20 units of animal feed, but this amount can be increased if you build a Silo or open additional territories.

To make food, click on the grinder, select the resources you want to recycle, and then click on the "Cook" button.

Box for brushwood. To build a box for brushwood you will need:

Greenhouse. By opening the greenhouse, you will get the opportunity to build new beds: Greenhouses and Hotbeds. They can be used to grow thermophilic plants such as strawberries, cucumbers or sunflowers. Raising the level of the Greenhouse, you can build more special beds, thereby increasing the amount of yield. Please note that Greenhouses and Hotbeds have a margin of safety, and you may need to repair them from time to time. To open the territory, you will need:

To open the greenhouse you will need: a bucket, wood, clay. To open the greenhouse: beam, bucket, clay pipe.

Marina Having opened the marina, you can not only travel to Iron Hills, but also get five additional units of free space in the cart! To unlock the marina, you will need:

Silo tower. The silo is the key to the success of a thrifty farmer. With it, you can store more food for your animals. Remember: the higher the level of the tower, the more food you can produce. To build a silo you will need:

Box for gravel. Allows the extraction of gravel. You will need to build:

Well. The well is the heart of your garden. Fruit trees and bushes need to be watered to get a crop. By opening the territory with a well, you can get water. Like many other buildings in Dakota, the well can be improved, and then it will bring more drops of water. Please note that the well has a margin of safety: if you use it up, you will need to make repairs. To open the well you will need:

To build a well:

Kitchen. The kitchen is the place where you can prepare food for your travels or to fulfill orders. This is the base building: it cannot be improved and it is accessible from the very beginning of the game. Dishes are made instantly, and the number of recipes depends on your level.

Apiary. By opening the territory with an apiary, you can produce honey and wax. Beehives accumulate special charges whenever you harvest from fruit trees and bushes. Please note that hives will need to be repaired after you have used up their strength limit. To open the territory you will need:

To build:

Nursery for grass. Allows to extract grass. To build you need:

Stock. A warehouse is the place where your crop, various resources and garden items that you decide to clean are stored. Using the tab navigation, you can easily find objects:

By the way, to return them back to the farm, click on the "Build" button and select the place where you want to place them.

List of items for building renovation

Forgot what resources are needed for repairs? Not a problem, just check on this list!


Hotbed: Bucket x2, Wood panel x1, Clay x2.

Greenhouse: Beam x3, Bucket x1, Clay pipe x1.




Rocking chair:


Clock with a pendulum:

Kitchen table:

Kitchen shelf:

Kitchen Cabinet:

Writing desk: Level 1: Insulated pipe x1, Tanning agent x1, Sandpaper x4.

Gramophone: Level 1: Cottonseed oil x1, Polished board x1, Sandpaper x2.

Globe: Level 1: Yellow paint x2, Soft fabric x1, Plane x4.

Gravel Box:

Nursery for grass:

Box for brushwood:

Dakota: Game Event Review

The mystery of Misty. The Fanning family needs your help. A newly acquired house looks damned: not only things are lost, but also pets! Pink Pantherton himself, a famous detective specializing in the search for missing pets, took this matter under his wing. Help find Misty? Collect magnifiers to open new estate rooms. Explore evidence to get a special currency - Detective Tokens. You can do it yourself (spending resources) or by asking the detective to help (in this case you have to wait a while).

Performing tasks of the inhabitants of the house, you get balls of Woolen yarn. They, like tokens, can be spent in the store. You can also open a new room as soon as you complete the tasks of the inhabitants of the house. And Woolen yarn can be obtained from special items in the room of each family member. You will need tools to interact with them. New recipes are available in the workshop.

Pay attention to special resource generators in the store. They cannot be improved, and after the limit of their strength is exhausted, you will have to sell them. After completing all the story missions and opening all the rooms on the estate, you will receive a special item that will bring you useful resources. Please note that it is located in your home.

The singing wire! The team leader of the Nordstar Union company, Tom Thompson, needs your help: his team is pulling a telephone cable from Bismarck to Yankton and faced a lot of problems. Help them finish the line: believe me, they will not remain in debt! During this event, a special map is available for you, on which 12 settlements are marked, through which builders need to draw a line.

Send various resources to the workers and get a reward: rare items, money and Stars. Each settlement can be helped three times. Stars are indicators of your progress in this event. Reaching a certain number of stars, you get a unique reward: horses, garden decorations, dynamite and so on. You can pick it up in the main menu of the event.

Who wants a bone? Farmers, the famous animal advocate Miss London need your help! Help her prepare dog shelters for the holiday and get valuable prizes! During this event, a special map is available for you, on which there are 12 animal shelters that need help. Send various resources and get a reward: rare items, money and Stars.

Each shelter can be helped three times. Stars are indicators of your progress in this event. Reaching a certain number of stars, you get a unique award: dogs of rare breeds, balls, bones and accessories for pets. You can pick it up in the main menu of the event.

In the bag. During this event, you can buy new animals, Rabbits, which will bring you special lottery tickets. There are two types of these animals: Field Rusak can be bought for dollars, but for Forest Toptun you have to lay out gold. By the way, this animal also brings a special currency.

Please note that a new Roulette is available to you: after playing a round, you can win vitamins, gold, animal feed and Marble - a special currency that can be spent in the store. Speaking of the store. In it you can purchase new items for the home and garden, elite animals and a charming hand rabbit. Hurry up, magic cannot last forever, and the event will end in three days!

Owls and ghosts. The measured life of Dale Lynch was violated by the most unusual and very unpleasant neighbor. As befits an unpleasant neighbor, he makes noise, constantly corns his eyes, watches Dale day and night, but most importantly, he is a ghost. This is certainly a difficult neighborhood. It’s good that the Wright family has always been steadfast and skeptical, so they willingly agreed to help the old man restore peace to his land.

Explore the location to open all the hiding places, restore ancient totems and get special Silver Arrows - a currency that you can spend on new items for the garden, dynamite or talismans. Remember to collect Owl Feathers to invoke the Spirit and complete story missions. You get feathers when you collect various resources in the Thickets.

To open the cache you will need various items. Take a look at the Workshop - there you will find new special recipes. By making offerings to the altars, you also get Arrows.

It’s time to go fishing! Just imagine: a quiet river, a gentle breeze, a subtle aroma of cooked fish - a real idyll. Who said adventures cannot be measured? However, if a lazy vacation is not for you, then at the same time you can help the neighboring boy Billy prepare a feast for Father’s Day. Farmers, prepare fishing rods - we are going fishing! Wow, how many fish! To start fishing, you will need special hooks: they can be made in your workshop.

Each fishing place has its own type of fish and a hook. Hover over a spot to see more information. Please note that the number of fish is limited: as soon as you catch it all, you will have to wait a while before you can return to fishing. To make a fish dish, you need to go back to the farm and use the grill.

Not enough resources? Do not worry, because Billy will bring you not only hooks, but also some ingredients for dishes. So if lemons have not taken root on your farm, you can still cook fish with this sauce. You can receive various rewards for cooking: supplies, dollars or Commemorative buttons. Buttons can be spent in the store, buying fertilizers, vitamins, elite animals or new decor.

Magical beans. Johnny Appleseed arrived at your farm with an interesting suggestion: do you want to take part in an exciting experiment? Then prepare your stock of growth fertilizers - you will have to plant a lot. Magic beans are unique plants that are available in the store only during the event. There are three types of beans, and they vary in price and color:

But what is the experiment? Instead of beans, these plants bring you rewards: Seeds of Giant vegetables (using these seeds you can get more crops), Dollars and Gold coins. Hurry up - the experiment will last only a few days!

Pleasant chores. Help Mr. and Mrs. Wright rebuild the farm: repair animal houses, explore the area and earn money for current needs. In return, they will help to build a unique Mill on your farm, which will produce useful resources: fertilizers, feed and vitamins. To feed the animals on the farm of grandparents, you will need a special feed. Each type of animal needs its own delicacy, which is made from ordinary resources and plants - they can be collected in a new territory. To open access to new animals, you need to explore the farm and repair the corresponding buildings.

Performing various tasks on the farm, you get Horseshoes - event points. The more points you have, the higher the level of the event, which means more rewards are available in the Store. Family coins can be obtained by helping grandfather sell resources and items. To do this, you need to click on the counter next to the house (or you can open the corresponding tab in the event menu).

Load items in boxes so grandfather can take them for sale. Please note that you do not have to load all cells. By the way, the higher your event level, the more boxes are available to you. Do not forget about your farm! Special new garden decorations will help you score points faster. Having completed all the plot tasks, you will receive the main award of the event - Mill. This building generates various useful resources: fertilizers, vitamins, animal feed. The higher the level, the more items it gives. The mill will continue to work after the end of the event.

Full Go! Help the workers finish the last sections of the road. To do this, you need to establish an exchange of resources with other stations. Use a train for this. The more sections of the road you have opened, the more cells are available to you. By the way, note that you do not have to fill all the boxes. During the event, three new places are also available to you: Tar Lakes, Peat Marshes and Lead Gorge. You need to fulfill certain conditions in order to get there.

The resources extracted in these territories (bitumen, lead and peat) are necessary for the creation of objects of exchange. By exchanging resources with stations, you get not only items for tasks, but also items that can be sold. For this you need to use the Camp. By selling items, you get Tickets that you can spend at the store. Please note that different items have different prices and may last longer. Be sure to check out the store: unusual outfits, wonderful sets of furniture and decor are waiting for you!

Children in the forest! The leader of the Ahenu Indian tribe, White Cloud, has come to you for help. Spirits told him of the ancient powerful totem of fortune that once brought prosperity to the lands of Dakota. However, it was lost, and the place where, according to the legends, the totem was closed for many years - the spirits of their ancestors do not like to be disturbed. Well, farmers, take a chance? We are not alone here: the children from the leader’s tribe are already here, and they are going to cope with the daunting task of restoring the ancient Native American camp. Help them by exploring the area.

Collect animal figures: children will gladly exchange useful items with you. By collecting the collection, you get a special currency, Wampums. They can be spent in the store. Speaking of collections: don’t forget to use objects (wigwams and totems) to get additional pieces of collections. To do this, you will need items that you can do in the workshop. By collecting various resources, you will receive event points. The more points you have, the more rewards you can get.

By the way, you can place decor on the farm, which will also bring you points. In the store, as always, a number of useful products are presented: talismans, outfits, dynamite, horses and unique beds. After completing story missions, you can build a special totem on your farm that will bring you resources: fertilizers, vitamins and feed. The higher the totem level, the more different resources it can generate.

Attic sale. Mr. Sotheby’s, a well-known antique dealer, has decided to drop by your farm. He is ready to sell you part of his unique collection, but he is not interested in either gold coins or bucks. There is something in your attic that he needs. Attic sale - a one-week gaming event. For the time of its holding in your house, a special room becomes available - the attic. To get to the attic, use the stairs that are in your pantry.

As you can see, the attic needs cleaning! When tidying on it, you will receive various items that can be sold, as well as chests. You can open them yourself by creating a special key, or you can ask Mr. Sotheby for help. He will open the castle, but he will have to wait: the more complex the chest, the more time it takes to open it.

Once the chest is open, you will receive several items that you can sell. Items are sold at auction. To put an item up for sale, just click on the Add button on the right side of the menu. The higher the value of the item, the more time it will take to find a buyer. In addition, at the auction you can sell baskets with small things - they can be made independently. The corresponding recipe is available to you throughout the event.

Selling pillows, old candles, baskets with small things, candelabra and old teapots, you get a special currency - Golden Nuggets. They can buy unique furniture in a special event store. If you want to return to the farm or to the house, use the round menu on the left side of the screen.

Mushroom time. Go with Ned Cooper to a real mushroom hunt: mushrooms, saffron mushrooms, butter - collect them all and get unique prizes.

Mushrooms need to be put somewhere, right? You will need special baskets to pick mushrooms. Each basket corresponds to the type of mushroom, and you can make them in your workshop. Improve your culinary art - cook new dishes in your kitchen.

Ned will help you with this: from time to time he will bring you useful resources and additional baskets. So, even if you don’t have any ingredient, you can cook the dish.

For cooking, you get a special currency that you can spend in the store to buy new furniture, outfits, fertilizers and dynamite.

Mothers Day

Florence Blossom is a young and highly successful florist who dreams of universal recognition. Her goal is to show everyone, especially her mother, that she is already an adult and can succeed. However, not everything is as smooth as it seems, and Miss Blossom needs your help. Mother’s Day is a great game event, consisting of two stages, each of which lasts one week. To take part in it, you need to have a cart 2 level or higher.

First stage. Throughout the event, you can collect event points, grow special plants and save Flower coins. There are several ways to get event points:

  1. A new order board is available to you: completing orders, you get points and event coins. Please note: to complete the order, you will need flowers and bouquets.
  2. You can collect event points from a special garden decor, which, incidentally, brings Prosperity points.
  3. You can get points by growing special flowers. The higher your level of event, the more new seeds available to you!

Garden Decor:

Special store. New currency needs to be spent on something! You have access to a special store where you can purchase various items and bonuses for event coins:

Certain items in the store can be purchased an unlimited number of times, others are available in a single copy. By the way, the store will also be active for three days after the event.

Special rare items. From the first day of the event, you can request from friends new rare items that will be useful to you in the second stage of the event. We recommend stocking them in advance! Your event level must match the subject level:

These rare items are subject to the same restrictions as regular requests.

Flowers and Bouquets. You can grow new flowers on your farm - Carnations. They are of three types:

  1. Carnation Scarlet - 1 level.
  2. Clove "Flamingo" - level 3.
  3. Clove "Tiger" - 5 level.

By growing these plants, you get event points and resources needed to create items in your workshop.

Second stage. For a perfect bouquet you need roses. Wanting to help a talented florist, you go to the Rosary, but you are surprised to meet there who you were not expected to see at all ...

New location. Once upon a time, the Rosary was a blooming garden, but now it is overgrown with grass, and its beds and greenhouses are in need of repair. In this area you will find three types of buildings:

  1. Greenhouses;
  2. Wells;
  3. Resource objects.

Greenhouses and wells need to be repaired in order to use. If you run out of safety, you will need to make repairs. The location is divided into sectors. To go to a new area, you will need to open the path to it. To do this, you will need regular resources and special rare items.

Flowers and seeds. In the new territory you can grow special flowers - Roses. In order to grow a flower, you need to plant seeds in a greenhouse and pour them with water, after which a timer will start, after which it will be possible to collect flowers. You get seeds using resource objects, removing grass and special bushes. In total, there are five types of seeds, from which the corresponding types of roses grow. You can always see if the flowers have ripened in the Rosary without leaving your farm. Just open the map and select the appropriate location.

Article author: Nadezhda D.