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Dark Genesis WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

DARK GENESIS is a game for android with release date 05/17/2021 from EspritGames. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Guide for getting and pumping heroes
  3. Using the Airship
  4. Crafting Guide
  5. All About Emblems
  6. Conduct a battle, inactive battles
  7. Guild Guide, Guild Skills and Bosses
  8. Eternal Abyss Walkthrough
  9. Lamp Boss
  10. Trojan War, Hunt in the Ruins, Glory of the Gods
  11. Completing Quests

Dark Genesis: A Beginner’s Guide

How to level up characters quickly? You can get enough OPT of the character by Idle on the level, challenging the Boss of the level and participating in the Rapid battle. This gives more OPT for inaction on the next level!

How do I get gold? You can get gold by completing daily activity tasks, as an online reward, for inactivity in the level and from the gold dungeon. You can also spend gems and get gold directly.

What is the maximum number of heroes that can be sent to one battle? You can direct up to 5 heroes to stay idle and perform other gameplay battles.

What can I do in the City? The city is the overview page where most of the gameplay elements and the system are located. You can challenge the Boss of the Lamp, the Labyrinth of the Zodiac and the Abyss of Eternity, you can also make a purchase in the store, summon heroes, participate in events and improve your equipment.

Why can’t I see some of the ratings? To view the rating, you must reach a certain level. The level rating opens at Lv. 9. Other ratings open upon reaching lvl. 50 or higher.

How many times can you challenge in the arena? Number of free attempts available: 3. Additional attempts can be bought with gems without restrictions. The attempts limit is reset after 0:00 every day.

What can you get in Competitions? The competition includes "Dungeon of Gold", "Dungeon of Crystals", "Dungeon of Relics" and "Dungeon of Shards". Completing them will bring you gold, crystals, relic codes, twilight dust, amplifiers, hero shards and soul stones.

How do I get more attempts to complete the Dungeon? You need to spend several Gems to purchase additional attempts. Increasing the VIP level can increase the daily limit on attempts to complete the dungeon.

Could there be a conflict between seasonal and daily rewards? There is no conflict. Daily rewards are determined by individual day points, and seasonal rewards are determined by the individual’s total seasonal points.

What will happen to your settlement if you captured the most cities, but lost the capital? If you lose the capital of your settlement, you will lose and take 3rd place.

Can an attacking and a defense team be used at the same time? Heroes can be simultaneously sent to the attack and defense team.

How many levels are there in the Labyrinth of the Zodiac? The Labyrinth of the Zodiac has 12 levels in Normal Mode and 12 levels in Nightmare Mode. There are 24 levels in total.

When can I try to complete a level in the Labyrinth of the Zodiac again? Every day at 00:00, the system is reset. After the reset, you can try your hand at the Labyrinth of the Zodiac again.

What is the action of the Olive Branch? By using the Olive Branch, you can restore the health and rage of every hero in Valorheim.

How do I get the Olive Branch? After completing a weekly quest, you can get it from the Activity Chest.

How to get the Horn of the Golden Ram? It can be obtained in the Arena.

How to get the Starlight Rose? The Starlight Rose can be obtained from the Labyrinth of the Zodiac.

How do I get the Soul Stone? The soul stone can be obtained by reforging a hero.

How do I get Lamp Coins? Lamp Coins can be obtained from the Lamp Boss.

How do I get the Medal? Can be obtained from Guild Donation by challenging the Guild Boss.

How do I get Golden Wine? Gold Wine can be obtained during the Loot Hunt event.

How do I get a relic? The relic can be obtained and unlocked at the Hunt levels in the ruins.

How can I improve the Aura of a Relic? On the Relic - Aura page, click on the unlocked Relic Aura icon to open the Relic Aura window. To upgrade, click the upgrade button.

Why, after the Relic Aura was improved, it had no effect? Before activating the Relic Aura, you must select and equip it. Click on the Relic button to open the list of Relics to equip her to the left of the activation page.

How do I get a curiosity? The main way to get curiosities in the game: idle, hunting for prey, boss lamp.

How to improve a curiosity? Click on the curiosity you have, click "Improve" in the window that appears to open the page "Improve curiosities". Improving curiosities consumes other curiosities.

How to get a Chicken Leg? Chicken Leg can be obtained through the Idle Chest. There is a limit on a chicken leg. After reaching the limit, it will no longer grow. Use it at the right time.

Why can’t I go on the Crusade? The crusade cannot be completed under the following conditions:

What is the Airship used for? The airship is used to reforge the reset of heroes’ characteristics.

Shopping at the Mystery Store. You can use gold or gems to buy rare items. You can store up to 5 free reset attempts. 1 free attempt is restored every 2 hours. Resetting can be done up to 100 rubles. everyday. Each reset updates the items and time of purchase. The more discharges are made, the more gems are required for this. Gem reset resets at 00:00 every day. Click on an item and hold it to view details.

A bag. The bag is used to store shards, items, equipment, and curiosities. You can connect shards in the bag and use items. You can equip or sell gear and curiosities in your bag. The bag holds 300 cells.

How long does a letter last? Yes. The letter is kept for 15 days. When the storage period expires, it is deleted. The mailbox can store up to 50 letters.

How do I redeem a code? This functionality can be found on the page: City - Gifts - Redeem Code. Enter the Gift Code to activate.

How do I upgrade my VIP level? Purchasing Gems or Monthly Pass, Game Bundles, and other items from the Gem Store can bring VIP experience. When you have accumulated enough VIP experience, you can upgrade your VIP level.

What are the benefits of a VIP level? The VIP level gives a corresponding advantage to the VIP level. You can get the idle loot bonus, additional dungeon attempts, and many other benefits.

Premium permanent card. After purchase, it constantly affects the current character. The player can receive rewards daily on the event page. The maximum accumulation limit for all additional rewards in the form of gems is 1000. The accumulation will not be reset if you log into the system every other day.

Dark Genesis: Guide for getting and pumping heroes

How do I unlock a hero? Any hero can be obtained in several ways. These include Summon, Elementium, and Shard Heroes. Shards of heroes can be obtained for inaction (AFK), killing a guild boss, passing the dungeon of shards and the abyss of eternity.

How are Elementium summoning and other summoning methods different? Elementium allows you to summon a specific Elemental Hero. There is a great chance of getting a great hero.

Call. Summon Energy gives an Epic Hero. Ultra Summoning gives a Rare - Epic Hero. Normal summoning gives Normal - Epic hero. Summoning a friend gives a Normal - Epic hero. The summoning costs 1000 energy points. Each Ultra Summon attempt grants 1 energy point. Each attempt at a normal summoning gives 1 point of energy. Each attempt at a Friendly Summons grants 2 points of energy.

How to get summoning energy? What effect do they have? Ultra Summons, Normal Summons, and Friendly Summons can also grant Summon Energy when gaining heroes. You can spend 1000 summon energy points to Summon Energy, which gives an epic hero.

What is a coveted call? Desired Summoning is a way to directly obtain a special summoning method for the selected hero after a certain number of summoning attempts.

The temple of confluence. You can connect low-tier heroes and get higher-tier heroes. Elite heroes can be combined into an Elite plus hero. An Epic Hero can be combined into an Epic Plus Hero. After connecting, the new hero inherits the development elements (level, gain) of the main hero. When you connect a support hero, you will receive back the materials used to train them, including materials spent on their improvement, strengthening, climbing, equipment and curiosities.

General information about pumping. Upgrading, promoting, ascending heroes and equipping equipment can greatly increase a hero’s attributes. You can collect sets of equipment for additional attributes. After the hero has ascended to Epic Plus quality or higher, you can carry out his transfer or rollback. After the transfer, the original hero will be lost. Rollback will return most of the breakout materials, but not jade.

After the player reaches lvl. 52 talents will be discovered, you will be able to develop certain attributes and activate the powerful potential of talents. After the player reaches lvl. 60 and the hero’s ascension to legendary quality, you can inlay the emblem and greatly increase the hero’s attributes. After the player reaches lvl. 90 and the ascension of the hero to the quality of Genesis, you will be able to awaken the hero to significantly increase the hero’s attributes and activate the runes.

How to raise a hero? This can be done in the hero’s window by increasing his level. For this you need Hero Crystals and Gold. Crystals can be obtained for inactivity (AFK), killing a level boss and a dungeon of crystals.

How to improve the rank of the hero? To do this, you need to spend some heroes on the hero’s ascent page. Increasing the rank of the hero increases the strength of the hero and his maximum possible level.

How to upgrade a hero? When a hero is upgraded to lvl. 20, 30, 40, 50, 75, and 100, one boost is given. You can enhance it on the Hero Attributes - Train page by spending an amplifier and gold.

How to increase the maximum skill level of a hero? When strengthening the hero to a certain level, you can increase the maximum possible level of his skill.

How do I unlock a hero’s skill? When the hero is strengthened to a certain level, the hero’s skill is unlocked.

What can be done with unwanted heroes? The game has a Reforging Hero function to disassemble unnecessary heroes into a bag. After disassembling, you can get Crystals, an Amplifier and a Soul Stone. Such stones can be used to exchange for rare heroes in the Soul Stone Shop.

What are the benefits of Walorheim? You can select the five highest tier heroes in Walorheim to transfer their attributes to the selected heroes. The player can try using a different group and heroes in Walorheim.

Who is the Hero Stored? The 5 heroes of the highest level player will become Stored Heroes that cannot be manually changed.

Who is the Divine Hero? In Walorheim, you can click on the bottom of the screen and add heroes as Revered Heroes. Their level will be automatically increased to the minimum level of the Stored Hero.

How do I activate the Hero Legend? Obtain the required number of heroes in the Heroic Legend to activate the Attributes of the Heroic Legend.

You’ve already got a hero. Can the Hero Legend still be activated after the Hero Legend has been activated? Upon receipt, you can activate the Heroic Legend, which will not affect the reforging.

Why doesn’t my hero have the Genesis Stone? Only those heroes who have completed the ascent to the Legend can possess the Genesis Stone.

How do I get the Genesis Stone upgrade and transferable resources? Upgrading the Existence Stone and transferring resources includes 3 types of materials: Fragment of Nature, Fragment of Emptiness and Fragment of Existence. They can be obtained from levels where inactivity occurs.

Dark Genesis: Using the Airship

Concept. The airship is a place where you can reforge or reset the progress of your heroes, having received resources or materials spent in the process of pumping. At the bottom, all your heroes from the backpack are displayed. The "Place All" button places all low-quality heroes into a reformer, and the "Reforge" button sends them to the system to be devoured and to issue resources - Amplifiers, Crystals and Soul Stones. Amplifiers and Crystals are automatically used when the hero’s level rises, and Soul Stones are needed in the Points Store to buy Soul Shards of heroes:

The "Reset" tab will show the 5 main characters that you have pumped to the maximum level. Here you can reset their progress to the initial one, including pumping equipment slots, talents and emblems. The "Transfer" tab displays all the pumped heroes, including those who are not in the combat squad.

Rollback the transfer. Rollback of the transfer of a hero allows you to transfer all the progress of pumping a hero (Discharge) to another. This can also be done from the hero menu. You can transfer a Tier only to a hero of the same element as the selected one. Those. it will not work to transfer the level of pumping of the Legendary plus the hero of the green element (Forest) to the hero of the red element (Fire). And it should not be pumped! Otherwise, the system will prevent you from transferring it from the bag to the transfer window. For a successful operation, you need several copies of the selected hero and Stardust.

Regardless of the rank of the hero, 5 pieces are spent on any transfer. Stardust. Stardust can be obtained for various achievements in the Dark Genesis game and donated. In addition, the game has a second similar function, Rollback Hero (Rollback Transfer). She is also in the Airship. For her, you only need the hero himself and 5 pieces. Stardust. At the same time, you do not transfer the Discharge to another, but simply roll it back to the very initial simple stage, while receiving the number of spent copies of the same hero and the Spirits of the elements. Those. it is no longer possible to return those who have already been "sacrificed" for the sake of pumping.

Dark Genesis: Crafting Guide

Equipment discharge. Equipment varies in quality: common (green) - blue (rare) - purple (mythical) - orange (legendary) - red (mighty). The higher the quality, the greater the increase in the characteristics of the hero and the general combat power. Orange and red gear has additional set effects. The main method of obtaining equipment in the game is: inactivity, lamp shop, guild shop and the abyss of eternity.

How do I pair my gear? To upgrade equipment, you need Gold, which is knocked out in the main Campaign. There you can also get the equipment itself. To increase the level, you need to collect 3 pieces. equipment of the previous quality. The higher the quality level, the more expensive it will cost to improve. The "Connect All" function will connect all the equipment of the existing equipment type. If there is not enough gold, only the equipment for which there is enough gold will be connected.

Connect emblems. The rules are the same as for equipment, only you will forge and connect the emblems (emblems) of the heroes. The higher the quality of the pumped hero, the more space for emblems.

Connect coloring pages. The coloring refers to the costumes of the heroes. The principle of operation is the same as for the above connections before. The only difference is that at the moment, not every hero has the opportunity to put on the Suit. You can see where all the possible costumes in the game are located in the upper right in the flashing search box. Each of the costumes gives an increase in characteristics and an increase in the hero’s Skills, and therefore an increase in overall power.

Dark Genesis: All About Emblems

What is an emblem? Upon reaching certain levels, the heroes will have active emblems. Emblems with different attributes and skills will give heroes different attributes and skills on the battlefield.

How do I get emblems? Can be obtained by summoning emblems, connecting emblems, in the emblem store, daily dungeon, found in a special set, and in other ways.

How do I get high-level emblems? High-level emblems can be obtained through the Emblem Link. 5 emblems of the same level can be combined into a higher level emblem. 3 or 4 emblems are less likely to succeed. Compound ur. 4 and above requires the use of the emblem linking label.

What is the Emblem Call? Emblem summon is used to summon emblems, and summoning energy is not used by other summoning methods.

Dark Genesis: Conduct a battle, inactive battles

What is Elemental Reflection? Reflection of the elements is a bonus that adds strength to the fighting squad. As a general rule, Water reflects Fire, Fire reflects Forest, and Forest reflects Water. And Light and Darkness reflect each other.

How do I activate Elemental Reflection? To do this, you need to click on the corresponding icon, which is located to the left of the total strength of the combat personnel at the stage of forming a squad before the start of the battle. It is there that the conditions for activating a particular bonus are indicated.

What is the effect of the Elemental Aura? The elemental aura grants a bonus to the fighting unit’s strength.

How do I activate the Elemental Aura? Click "Elemental Aura" to view the conditions for activating the aura. If the activation conditions meet the conditions, the corresponding elemental aura bonus will be automatically activated.

What is the action of Rapid Battle? Quick Combat grants quick Idle rewards for 2 hours. Complete all attempts every day and your strength will grow faster!

How do I get more attempts to take part in the Rapid Battle? From the City - Gifts - Advantage Card, you can get the Quick Battle Kit, which can be used to gain the Quick Battle advantage, which gives more attempts for the Rapid Battle. Entering another benefit: Send page - Quick battle - Activate.

What is inaction (AFK)? Idleness is getting loot while idle. You get certain resources when you are not in combat or even outside the game.

Do I receive loot while idle while on the sidelines? You can continue to receive loot while idle, even if you are out of the game. There is a limit for mining. Get her to play regularly.

How to improve the efficiency of the idle period? The more level bosses you defeat, the more loot during inactivity you can get. Increasing the VIP level can amplify this effect.

Is there a mining limit during inactivity? Loot during inactivity lasts up to 12 hours. You can increase the VIP level to increase the duration. After each loot acquisition, the counter is reset.

Dark Genesis: Guild Guide, Guild Skills and Bosses

How do I get a Guild Lesson? Guild Activities can be obtained in 2 ways: by transferring from a Personal Daily Activity and by donation. Every 1 point of daily activity gained by guild members gives 1 point of Guild Activity. The total number of Guild Lessons that can be obtained daily cannot exceed 350 times the maximum number of members. There are 3 types of donation in Guild Donation. A guild member can get a Guild Lesson by making each type of donation.

What is Battle Elite? During a single event, when one guild member deals high damage to the Guild Boss, such a member will be renowned as the Battle Elite. If more damage is dealt, the title of Battle Elite will be transferred.

How to improve Guild Skills, what is the effect? Guild skills can be increased on the Guild - Guild Skill page by spending Medals and Gold. By increasing Guild Skills, you can increase the attributes of each hero of the same class.

What will happen as a result of resetting Guild Skills? Resetting a Guild Skill will return the improved Guild Skill to its original value. You will need to spend a certain amount of Gems, and you will receive 100% medals and 50% gold. Each reset resets the guild skill of only one class.

How many times can a Guild Boss be challenged? You can challenge the Dread Ent 2 times a day. You can challenge the Dragonguard of each period 2 times a day.

Why can’t I kill the Guild Boss? The Guild Boss has an infinite supply of HPR, he cannot be killed.

How do I get more Guild Boss rewards? The more damage you deal when fighting the Guild Boss, the better the rewards will be.

How to activate the Dragonguard Guild Boss? For the Dragonguard, you need to spend 3000 Guild Lessons points. It will also require activation by the Leader, Deputy Leader, Elder and other heads.

After leaving a guild, can I immediately join another? You must wait 1 hour before joining a new Guild after leaving the old one.

When moving to another guild, will the skill level of the guild be preserved? Will be saved.

How many times can a rented hero be used? Can be used 1 time at Conquest Level. If you lose the battle, no attempt is expended.

Will the hero disappear if he is never used? The rented hero must be returned at 00:00 on Sunday.

How many heroes can you rent at the same time? The maximum number of applications for rent at a time: 5. However, it is allowed to rent no more than 1 hero at a time.

Dark Genesis: Eternal Abyss Walkthrough

Passage of the Abyss of Eternity. For each completed level you will have a chance to pass the next one. After completing a level, you can receive rewards for the first passage of the level and the usual rewards. A player of VIP level 1 and above can invade the levels already passed, from which he will receive the Regular rewards. Every day 2 invasion attempts are given for free, additional ones can be bought for Gems. Intrusion attempts will be reset at 5:00 every day. For every 10 levels you complete, you receive generous abyssal rewards.

Is there a limit on the number of attempts to test the Abyss of Eternity? Attempts are not limited for a level you haven’t tried yet. If the attempt was unsuccessful, you can try it again. After upgrading to VIP1, you can invade the completed levels for free 2 times a day (additional attempts can be obtained for gems).

How do I get Abyssal Rewards? For every 10 completed levels of the Abyss of Eternity, you can receive the Abyss Reward once.

Abyss is inferno. After passing level 300 of the Abyss of Eternity, you can activate the Abyss of Inferno. For every 5 levels completed, you receive generous abyssal rewards.

Elemental Abyss. Players activate 5 levels of the Elemental Abyss (Vortex Abyss, Hellish Abyss, Forest Abyss, Radiant Abyss and Deep Abyss) after completing level 800 Abyss of Eternity or upon reaching level 120. Players can participate in each of the special Abyss levels once a day: 10. Players will receive excellent Abyss rewards for every 10 levels.

Dark Genesis: Lamp Boss

Concept. At level 20, a new feature is unlocked - Lamp Boss. Wipe down the divine lamp and release the boss to fight with him along with your friends. As a reward, you will receive gems, shards of heroes, gold, crystals and lamp coins. Click on the "Wish" button to make a wish on the magic lamp and summon the boss.

How do I activate the Boss Lamp ? By making a wish in the Lamp Battle, you can get your own Lamp Boss. 4 wishes are available daily. Each time making a wish, 1 attempt is spent - they will be restored automatically every 4 hours. Attempts are allowed to buy with gems. The higher the VIP level, the more attempts are allowed to buy.

In the list of bosses, you can also increase the chance of summoning this boss after praying. To do this, click on the heart icon to open a preview. Click on the heart icon to increase the boss spawn chance. The further you progress through the story, the more bosses will open.

How is the difficulty of the Lamp Boss determined? The difficulty of the Lamp Boss is determined by the progress of your Conquest stage. The more progress, the stronger the boss.

Can you challenge the Lamp Boss with your friends? Yes. The lamp boss can be shared with friends as soon as they appear in the game. You can also directly challenge your friend’s Lamp Boss. After choosing the heroes, press the "Battle" button to fight the boss of the lamp. We recommend that you develop your heroes to the level of a boss and carefully think over the position in the formation - the outcome of the battle will depend on this.

After summoning the boss, send a kill invite to your friends. After killing the boss with your friends, you will receive a reward. The attempt will not be wasted.

How do I get Lamp Coins, where can I spend them? For killing the Lamp Boss you have summoned, you will receive Lamp Coins. Lamp Coins can be exchanged for items in the Lamp Shop. The exchange of coins is allowed only once a day:

Item nameRequired number of lamp coins
Ultra Summoning Scroll1250
Epic Water Shard x1012000
Epic Fire Shard x1012000
Epic Forest Shard x1012000
Epic Shard of Darkness x1015000
Epic Shard of Light x1015000
Shard of Sindar x306000
Shard of Balder x306000
Shard of Cain x306000
Shard of Moana x306000

How are the Lamp Boss rewards determined? For killing the Lamp Boss you have summoned, you will receive Lamp Coins. Lamp Coins can be exchanged for items in the Lamp Shop. The player who summoned and killed the boss receives the "Elimination Reward". For help in killing the boss, there is a "Participation Reward". In this case, participants are required to inflict more than 2% damage from the boss’s health in order to receive a reward. Both rewards are only awarded after the boss dies.

Dark Genesis: Trojan War, Hunt in the Ruins, Glory of the Gods

How do I rank up? In the Trojan War, you can challenge higher ranked opponents to battle to increase your own.

How do I get points? In the Trojan War, you can gain points after reaching the rank of Master.

How do I get the Essential Mushroom? In the Trojan War, you can get the Aetheric Mushroom upon reaching rank. Higher rank means more Essential Mushrooms.

What can you get from the Hunt in the Ruins? On the Hunt in the Ruins, you can get not only a significant amount of resources, but also a powerful relic.

How do I participate in the Hunt in the Ruins? On Hunt in the Ruins, you can move the joystick to select the activator of the event to start it.

What are the requirements for participating in the Glory of the Gods? To compete for the Divine Kingdom title, you need to reach the Top 10, Top 20, Top 50 in the arena rankings.

What is the maximum number of Divine Kingdom titles that I can hold at the same time? Each player can only hold 1 title at a time. When a new title is received, the old one is lost.

What items are required to compete for the Divine Kingdom title? Each attempt requires 1 bread, 1 bread is restored every hour, up to a maximum of 10 bread is stored. You can also restore it by paying with Gems.

Dark Genesis: Completing Quests

Daily tasks. The list of daily tasks is updated once a day. For each completed task, you receive a reward and activity points. After accumulating 20, 40, 60, 80 and 100 points, you get the opportunity to open chests with additional rewards. The most valuable prize awaits you in the last chest - an Ultra Summoning Scroll Types of daily tasks:

Weekly tasks. Weekly tasks are designed for a week of completion. For each closed task, you receive rewards and activity points. When you accumulate the required amount of activity points, open chests with additional prizes. Types of weekly tasks:

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