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Dawn of TItans: All Secrets and Game Guides.

Walkthrough Dawn of TItans: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DAWN OF TITANS - Android game with release date 12/07/2016 from the company Zynga. Game Genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers "answers to gamers" questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Fighting Right
  3. Walkthrough
  4. How to Farm Resources?
  5. Building the City Right!
  6. Quest and Campaign Walkthrough
  7. Titans, Races, and Leveling
  8. Alliance Guide
  9. Advanced Tactics
  10. How to play after the update?
  11. Donator Guide
  12. Customize the game correctly!

Dawn of TItans: Beginner’s Guide

How does the match event work?

The path of the conqueror. In the Fragmented kingdoms, the Infected Domain has appeared. It is located in the middle of the world, behind neutral domains. His Infected Troops must be stopped. Attack this domain to reduce its health, and destroy it to get numerous rewards! Infected troops are more numerous and powerful versions of conventional troops. After destruction, a more powerful Infected Domain will appear! When attacking the Infected Domain, all troops and spell slots are open. Troops and Spells of the Maximum Level!

Portal Stones

Guaranteed three rewards. Get military trophies - three guaranteed rewards after every battle won!

How to start the construction of the Asgard Hall, train storm maidens and create the Storm Storm spell? After the global achievement is completed during the "Imminent Storm" event, and if you have reached castle level 14, you can start building the Asgard Hall, train the storm maidens and create the "Storm Storm" spell. These are the requirements for accessing this gaming feature.

What are shields? Shields are an impenetrable barrier that protects against enemy attacks for up to 24 hours.They protect the garrison on which they are installed from plunder. However, if you launch an attack when your domains / garrison are protected by shields, all shields will be deactivated and your lands will instantly become vulnerable to enemy attacks!

If several players attacked your domain, ultimately, depending on your league and the number of domains captured over a certain period of time, a shield will automatically appear over your domains. Shields are not created automatically after one attack. If you bought a shield, you need to activate it. It does not automatically activate over your Garrison (players can only buy shields for their Garrison).

I bought a castle shield in the store. How to activate it in the game? When you leave the game for a certain time, you want to protect your resources so that other players do not attack and kidnap them. You can buy a lock shield in the store, which when used is valid? ?during? ? 24 hours.

Having bought a shield, it must be activated (this does not happen automatically!). To do this, go to the scale of the Kingdom and click on the garrison. There you can add protection, the image of the shield will be on the left.Touch it and the shield for your lock will be activated.

Remember: Attacking another player automatically turns off the shield, even if it has not expired.

How do automatic shields appear? When a player attacks your garrison or domain, a shield automatically appears over it, which disappears after a few minutes, or when you attack other players again (note that when attacking the enemy, the shields disappear automatically). Shields over your domains may appear automatically depending on the number of captures made over a certain period of time. It also depends on which league you are in. See the table below:

Example: Silver League - if an adversary seizes 4 of your domains within 3 hours , automatic shields will appear over all your domains that will operate for 6 hours. They will disappear after the expiration of time or when you start attacking other domains again.

Please note that in 4 major leagues (elite, champion, perfect and legendary) automatic shields will not appear, and opponents will be able to capture your domains without stopping.

What should I do with the remaining fragments? Some players still have shards in their inventory. The fragments are used for the Ascension function, which is now disabled and is being finalized for subsequent return to the game. You can leave them or sell them to make room in your inventory. When the Ascension function is again available, you will have the opportunity to receive shards.

How can I block messages from players in game chat? If you want to block messages from the player in the game chat, follow these steps:

  1. Open chat.
  2. Touch the message of the player you want to block.
  3. Touch his profile picture.
  4. From the pop-up menu, select "Block."

Fights with other players. The goal of the game Dawn of Titans - to create the most powerful Kingdom, fighting with other players and expanding the borders of his Empire to get victory points (OP). Battles with other players spend portal stones. This resource is gradually being replenished over a long period of time. You can attack the domains of other players with two goals: looting and capture. Looting allows you to steal resources from the enemy, and the capture transfers the domain under your control and allows you to obtain resources over time. All this will make your kingdom more epic and majestic.

Be careful! If another player captures one of your domains, he will gain control over it. Therefore, it is important to monitor the protection of your kingdom.

Loot or capture? When managing your Kingdom, you often have to make this choice: plunder or capture an enemy domain. Looting allows you to steal various rewards in the domain that you attacked, without joining the domain to your Kingdom. Capturing a domain also brings resources, however, the domain itself becomes one of your possessions and will bring you resources over time. The domain that you manage can be improved by increasing the level of protection and the number of resources produced.

Be careful! The higher the level of the domain, the more attractive the target for your enemies!

What are victory points (OP)? OP, or victory points, are displayed in the upper left corner of the screen and are an indicator of the power of your Kingdom. You can get OP by attacking other players or capturing domains that produce OP. Remember that you need to collect OP from such domains (this is similar to collecting resources from the Farm or the Market). If another player captures one of your territories or successfully attacks your city, he will receive part of your OP. Therefore, it is important to monitor the protection of your Kingdom. At the end of each season, the OP of each player is reset. However, depending on the number and type of domains that you own at the end of the season, you can get a good bonus OP at the start of the new season.

What are experience points (OO), and how to get them? Gaining experience in managing the Kingdom is very important. Experience points, or OO, can be obtained by completing quests and quests in the game. You can only get them by winning battles. Starting a single player campaign in the world of Dawn of Titans, you can complete many different quests and tasks that will bring you OO. The more points you collect, the higher your level will become, with the increase of which you will receive gems and portal stones that will help you progress in the game.

How to buy resources, for example, food, portal stones, shields and relics? You can spend gems to purchase gold, food, and portal stones on the Resources tab. Shields and relics are on the corresponding tabs.Buying them directly for real currency will not work, but you can purchase gems, and then spend them on these items.

Where did the Ascension function go? The Ascension function does not currently work, because work is underway to improve it. It is impossible to say when it will be returned, but be sure that when this happens, it will be much better!

Where are the cells of the Titans? There are no more Titan cells in the game. If you want to add more powerful Titans to your Hall of Titans, you will have to improve it. If you cannot improve your Hall of Titans, most likely this means that you have reached the maximum level.

What does the "Daily Login Bonus" feature give? This feature allows players to receive various prizes every day they enter the game. This feature will appear gradually after updating the game to version 1.19.

What rewards will I receive when collecting this bonus? Rewards may include food, gold, gems, signs of altars, relics and titans.

How many days in one cycle? The calendar of daily entry bonuses will be reset every 28 days.

What time can I get a bonus for a new day? The reward for the new day can be collected after 00:00 (GMT).

What happens if I miss one of the awards? Players who miss a reward will be able to pick it up the next day. However, you cannot pick up the reward for the last day of the calendar. Example: if a player entered the game on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th day of the calendar, but missed the 5th day, the next day he will be able to collect the reward for the 5th day, but will not be able to receive the reward for the 28th day.

Where can I find my rewards? Gems, portal stones, food and gold are automatically added to the balance of your resources. Signs you will find on the altars (in the Temple). Relics and titans are placed in inventory.

Do Spheres affect the damage of Titan or troops when used? The elemental damage of each Sphere can only be done by Titans of a similar element. Example: The Orb of Life used by Siegfried will increase his physical abilities, but if you arm him with the Orb of Death, the Titan will not do poison damage, since it does physical damage.

The same applies to troops: Spheres will only gain reinforcements for troops that deal the same elemental damage. There are no troops in the game that deal lightning damage. Example: poison - panthers, fire - grenadiers, ice - imperials, earth - giants, physical damage - all units of people. Any titan / army that uses one of the Spheres will gain resistance to the elements, regardless of race.

What is pinning? This feature allows players to protect certain domains so that other players do not capture them. "Pinning" is available in the game version no lower than 1.22. This feature is being implemented slowly so that it works stably for all players. Try updating the game periodically to see if this feature has been added.

What domains can I pin? You can pin domains with food and gold. Domains creating OPs cannot be fixed.

Why is the pin button still gray, although I have already selected this domain? Before you pin a domain, you must ensure that it is protected. After you set the protection, you can fix the domain with gold or food.

After I start the fastening, do I need to wait until it works? There is a construction time for fixing, however it takes effect immediately.

I cannot fix a domain with gold or food, even though they are protected. Why? To fix the domain you need a builder. If your builders are busy somewhere on the construction sites of the Kingdom, you will have to wait until one of them gets free and fixes your domain.

Can a fixed domain be depleted? Yes. Because pinned domains can be sacked when all resources are removed, they will automatically be depleted.

Important: pinning will only be available during the Throne War event.

Titan Arena Awards Each battle in the Arena of Titans gives a player’s OO and Titan. If you want a chance to win trained Titans, you can get them at the Titan Monument (by chance).

Why was the last battle in the Match not counted? It is important for players to enter the battle of the Competition so that they manage to complete it before the end of the event. If you entered the battle 5 minutes before the end of the event, it is highly likely that when the event ends, you will still be on the battlefield.Therefore, to add points for the battle to the total score, try to complete it as soon as possible!

Renewal of the giant giants. As you already know, giants are the "cannon fodder" or "tanks" of your army: they are at the forefront and protect more vulnerable troops from attacks by enemy ranged units. However, now they are not sufficiently maneuverable to play the role of defensive units, and often experience problems in the battle with faster and more agile troops. Therefore, the giants will soon be changed, become larger and faster on the battlefield, which will significantly improve their protective characteristics.

Although giants have great basic health and armor, they usually have less resistance to the elements, especially with relics. As the game develops, this worsens their survival on the battlefield. To eliminate this drawback, in future events, players will be awarded relics of the "Giant’s Belt" 3 * and 4 *, which are resistant to poison, lightning, fire, ice and earth.

Changes to berserker relics. Combined with some historical relics, Dancing with the Shadows could make the Berserker Titans immune to ranged damage. This is not ideal, since it reduces the value and effectiveness in the battle of ranged units. Therefore, the following changes are made to the game: the relic "Dances with Shadows" will no longer be available on the Altar of the sacred gems, it will be replaced by a new powerful relic of the berserker R5 "Weaver of Shadows". This new relic has the following characteristics:

These changes will affect only future fallout of the R5 berserker relic.

Where are the portal stones I received in PvP battles? Whenever a player receives a portal stone, he immediately adds to the total number of stones, and not to the inventory. To see how many portal stones you have, tap the event banner.

Experience: the basics. Experience points are awarded upon completion of certain game tasks, such as winning battles, upgrading buildings, and completing a single-player campaign. Experience directly affects the level of the Kingdom, which reflects the overall power of your Kingdom.

Kingdom Level. Your Kingdom increases the level, becomes stronger and earns more experience that is given for winning battles, improving the Kingdom and completing missions. To see your progress to a new level, open the profile screen. To do this, tap your profile icon in the upper left corner. Raising the level of the Kingdom opens up access to new improvements, buildings and allows you to become stronger in battles.

Stones of the portal: the basics. Portal stones are mysterious resources that allow your army to instantly move to other lands. An attack on a domain or city results in the use of portal stones that are slowly being restored. To increase the maximum number of portal stones that your kingdom can produce, you need to improve the portal - a structure surrounded by upright stones, which is located on the banks of the river of your city.

What are relics? Relics are power-ups that help your kingdom, troops, and Titans. You can receive free relics in the battle or in the Temple of Relics, as well as buy more powerful relics in the Temple. There are three types of relics:

Relics of wealth help maximize the use of available resources. They either reduce the production cost of units and spells, or increase the amount of resources produced in buildings.

Dawn of TItans: Fighting Right

Bonus of courage. Are you tired of getting small rewards for defeating your enemies? Look for someone equal in strength to you ... or even more! Attacking players whose castle level is higher than yours, you will receive a "Courage Bonus", thanks to which you can capture more resources (maximum twice). On the other hand, attacking a player with a lower castle level will reduce your reward. And if you are much stronger than your opponent, you will not get anything!

Why are blue domes displayed over some lands and domains? The blue dome above the domain means that it has an active shield and cannot be attacked at the moment. Shields are valid for only a few hours, so the protection does not last forever!

What is a battle log? In the battle log you can see who attacked your domain. You will not see this icon until you join the union. It is located on the screen of the kingdom, as well as on the screen of the world.

The battle log shows the players who attacked you and gives them the opportunity to take revenge. They are highlighted in red. The Revenge button will be available if the player is still in the same league. If a player has moved to the league higher, you will not be able to find him. So hurry to take revenge. The battle log displays your domains, the attacks on which were successfully repelled by your Titan and troops, and also indicates which Titan the enemy was attacking you. They are highlighted in green.

Dawn of TItans: Walkthrough

Why can’t some Titans create additional soul enhancements during events? Leaderboard events are based on Titan races, Titan elements, or Titan classes. If the Leaderboard event is based on the Titan races , this means that the only races that create soul enhancements are the Elites, Ragnars, Mossmans, Unaki, Humans, Vikings / Northerners. Natural events , on the other hand, strengthen the Titans, based on their elements:

In class-based events, amplifications apply to the following Titans:

The " special Titans " take into account only the element or class, since they do not have racial affiliation. For instance:

Other special titans in the game:

Why do leaderboard events end earlier than usual? To give players the opportunity to rest before the season ends on Mondays, it was decided to end the events of the leaderboard earlier than usual (10:30 Moscow time instead of 12:00 Moscow time). This was done to ensure that both events ended without errors, and that you received the proper rewards for your work. In addition, game developers are working to ensure that events begin earlier and you have more time to participate and receive rewards for them.

My union received the Leaderboard Event Award, why didn’t I receive it? As with season-end rewards, players can receive an alliance leaderboard reward provided that they do not leave their alliance before distributing the rewards to all players. Please note that having left your union before the distribution of prizes, you will not receive them.

Tip: In order not to miss the reward of the event, wait for the notification in the game about its receipt, accept it and visit the Treasury to make sure that the reward has been received. Once you see the reward, you can change the union.

I can not find the sign of the event. If you encounter a problem while trying to find the Badge won during the event, first try to pick up the badge of the day, and then the Iron badge will immediately appear!

Do not waste time, collect souls! If you leave your union, the number of souls collected by you will be reset.Be careful! Lost souls cannot be recovered.

Where can I find my Titan sign or prize for an event? Have you just won the Titan badge or other prize for an event (other than the unique Titan) and can’t find it? Everything is good! A reward awaits you in the Temple of Relics!

Where is my new Titan event? Your new Titan has decided to take a break in the Treasury! Now he’s probably polishing his armor or just resting for a cup of tea! Immediately pick it up from there, as items are stored in the Treasury only for 48 hours! There you can find items related to the event.

The season / event has ended, where are my rewards? Players can receive prizes based on the results of a season / event, provided that they have not left their union before the end of the season or the end of the waiting period after the end of the event and before the distribution of prizes. Please note that having left your union before the distribution of prizes, you will not receive them.

Tip. In order not to miss the reward based on the results of a season / event, wait for the notification in the game about its receipt, accept it and visit the Treasury to make sure that the reward has been received. Once you see the reward, you can change the union.

Dawn of TItans: How to Farm Resources?

How can I buy portal stones? To plunder or capture a domain or kingdom, portal stones are needed. To increase the maximum number of portal stones that your Kingdom can produce, you need to improve the portal - a structure surrounded by upright stones, which is located on the river bank of your city. Portal stones are restored every few minutes, but if you want to fight continuously, you can reload the portal using gems. Visit the store to restock!

I accidentally spent my gems, gold, or food on a game item. Can I bring them back? Resources, Titans and relics cannot be removed / removed from the game after their purchase. Therefore, you will not return the gems, resources, shields, and relics that were accidentally spent during the game.

What is Gold and how can I buy it? Gold is a resource that you can use to buy / upgrade buildings and create spells. You can usually collect gold from Gold Mines and captured domains with gold. If you do not have enough gold to improve buildings or create spells, you can buy this resource for gems by touching the icon with a gold coin in the upper right corner of the screen. Gold cannot be bought directly for real currency, but you can always buy gems and then use them to buy gold.

What should I do if my gems or other resources are lost, although they were not spent by me? If during the game you lost some gems, then most likely this happened for one of the following reasons:

Returning gems that were accidentally spent during the game is not possible.

Why have to wait to upgrade free domains? After using food to restore free 3x domains, the next time you try, you will receive this pop-up message:

To use food and upgrade free domains, you must wait until the wait timer has finished counting.

Dawn of TItans: Building the City Right!

Welcome to your new city! It may seem to you that all tasks have already been solved, but do not relax. You will need many more buildings to successfully manage the growing Kingdom. After the construction of new buildings, they can be improved to obtain new benefits.

Castle. The largest and most impressive building in your city and one of the most important. Although it does not produce any resources, improving the castle provides access to improvements to all other buildings.Improving the castle allows you to upgrade other buildings and train more troops. Improve this building and get the following benefits:

Farm. The farm constantly produces food until the storage limit is reached.When the storage is full, collect food to restart production. Improve this building and get the following benefits:

Hall of the Titans. Here you can find the Titans who have joined your army. In their free time, they usually comb and braid their beards. Upgrade this building to accommodate more titans.

Temple of the relics. Here you can summon other powerful titans and get powerful items! One free relic awaits you daily.

Barn.The barn is designed to store food collected from the farm. With improvement, the maximum amount of food that can be stored in your city increases.

Grain storage. The grain storage allows you to hide a certain amount of food so that it can not be stolen when the city was plundered by other unions.

The gold mine. A gold mine produces gold for the kingdom before reaching the storage limit. When you reach the limit, collect gold to restart production. Improve this building and get the following benefits:

Gold storage. The gold vault is used to store gold collected at the Gold Mine. With improvement, the maximum amount of gold that can be stored in your city increases.

The vault of gold. A gold vault allows you to hide a certain amount of gold so that it cannot be stolen when attacking a city.

Coffers. Serves for the storage of gold collected at the Gold Mine. With improvement, the maximum amount of gold that can be stored in your city increases.

School of doctors. Allows you to improve the ability of your doctors to heal troops after battles. Upgrade this building to heal troops with more severe damage.

Food repository. Protects food supplies during an attack. Upgrade this building to increase the amount of stock that can be stored in it.

Garrison. There are units in the Garrison that will defend your city from enemy armies. Upgrade it to increase the number of troops that you can place.

Barracks. The barracks is a building in which troops are trained. Improve it to increase the creation queue, i.e. the number of units that can be trained at the same time.

Military camp. The military camp serves to accommodate units after training in the Barracks. Improving the camp increases the maximum number of trained troops that you can have.

Allied camp. The Allied Camp is a place where you can request reinforcements from other members of the alliance. Upgrade it to increase the number or level of troops you can get.

Arsenal. Arsenal determines the level of troops that will be created in the Barracks. Upgrade it to increase the level of your troops. This will increase their health and damage done.

Courtyard of masons. The place where builders are located. This building cannot be improved, but each Masons’ yard increases the number of consecutive buildings by one.

Portal. The building where the portal stones are stored, used to move your troops into battle. With the improvement of the Portal, the number of portal stones that the kingdom can create increases.

These are just some of the buildings that can be built in the city. As it grows, you will discover new, more powerful buildings that will help your Kingdom bloom.

How can I open buildings? Buildings open as the castle rises. If you need to open a building, but you cannot do this, most likely you need to improve your Castle. For example, to gain access to the Hall of Spells, you need to upgrade the Castle to level 4.

What are fractions? The emissary council factions are embassy buildings belonging to other races that you can build in your city. The construction of these buildings will allow you to receive new units of other races, for example, huge giant ragnars or grenadier unics who are strong in ranged combat. Initially, you can buy emissary council buildings for gems in the Castle, but as you progress through the game you can buy them for gold. As you progress through the campaign, you will be able to buy additional buildings of the Council of Emissaries.

What is a temple? In the Temple of Relics, you can summon and receive powerful items. You will also receive one free relic, visiting it daily! There are several altars in the Temple. You can use gems to buy items on them. You will receive random types of relics and Titans. From time to time in the game events of the altars are held, in which special Titans and relics are added to the altars, and the chance of receiving them increases.

What do builders do? In order to build any of the buildings in the Dawn of Titans, builders are required. You can buy new builders (no more than 5) in the construction menu, in the section of purchases from the store.

If you do not have free builders, you cannot build buildings until they are vacant. You can always free the builder by speeding up the construction.

You can find out how many builders you have by the builder icon at the top of the screen.

Can buildings be moved after construction? Yes it is possible. To move a building, select it, and then click the Move icon. Having selected a building, it can be moved to any place if it is marked in yellow. If the place is marked in red, it means that the building cannot be moved there.

How can I increase the domain limit? You may run out of free space for domains. In this case, you can buy additional places for domains. The more domains you have, the more resources you can get.

This small domain symbol with a plus sign means that you can buy additional seats for gems, the amount of which depends on the number of domains in your possession. The basket symbol means that you can delete the domain and receive coins. Raising the level of your castle, you will receive additional space for domains. But you can also buy domain space for gems! You can own no more than 30 domains.

Dawn of TItans: Quest and Campaign Walkthrough

What are campaigns? Campaigns in Dawn of Titans are connected to the main storyline. To view active campaigns, select the crossed swords icon in the lower left corner of the screen. Here you will find a list of levels of your active campaigns.

What are quests, and where can I find them? Quests are additional tasks that you can perform to get an additional reward. To view active quests, select the crossed swords icon in the lower left corner of the screen.Here you will find a list of your active quests.

Why should I train my troops, and how to do it? Any troops require training in order to become stronger in battle. To train troops, go to the Arsenal, select the troops you want to train, and then click on the training icon.Remember that troop training requires food. Hungry warriors will not do anything. Training increases the level of troops produced in the Barracks, and turns them into worthy opponents for any enemy.

Dawn of TItans: Titans, Races, and Leveling

Who are the Titans? Titans are incredibly tall and powerful creatures that easily wreak havoc in battles. Titans are born from relics of magical domains known as Elder Stones. Titans can vary in appearance and size, as well as in the length of the beard. They will accompany you in every attack and help to capture the world. They can also protect your castle or domains from invaders trying to seize your valuable resources. Titans belong to different classes and races, and possess the forces of the elements curbed by them.

What are the classes, races and elements of the Titans? There are 6 classes of Titans, each of which is armed in battle with various types of weapons and skills:

There are 6 races of the Titans, each of which curbed one or another element, which gives them strength in battle:

Periodically, "special titans" of certain classes and elements appear in the game, but, unlike other titans, do not belong to any race.

Hall of the Titans. High above the hills, fields and beautiful landscapes rises the majestic and powerful Hall of the Titans. This is the home of your mighty Titans. Within these walls they will learn and become stronger.Upgrade the Hall of Titans to increase the number of Titans you can place in it.

How to train a titan? To increase the level of the Titans, use them in battles. When fighting, the Titans gain experience points that allow them to gain new levels. Your Titans will automatically level up! Thus, you do not need to do this yourself.

How to get more Titans? You get the first Titan at the beginning of the game. If one Titan is not enough, additional Titans can be won in battles or bought for gems in the Temple. Or you can join the alliance and try to win the Titan in the weekly season or the leaderboard events.

How can I add more Titans to the Hall of Titans? In order for your Hall of Titans to accommodate more Titans, you need to improve it. Upgrade the Hall of Titans to increase the number of Titans you can place in it.

What is Titan’s elemental damage? Each race has its own power:

This means that each race will use one element in the battle. For example, elites will attack their enemies with ice and ice weapons. Elemental damage also means that some Titans will be vulnerable to some elements. You will be able to arm your Titans with relics in order to increase resistance to certain elements.

The exception is the Unaki-boar Titans (Venomtusk, Snowgor and Flameheid).

I accidentally used Titan to merge. Can i return it? Unfortunately, after Titan was used to merge, it disappears forever. Be careful when choosing a titan to merge.

I accidentally performed a merger of relics. Can I return a used relic? After the relics merge, the used item disappears forever, because you used it to improve another one. The relics used to merge cannot be restored, so be careful when choosing relics to merge!

Dawn of TItans: Alliance Guide

What is a union? It may seem to you that you are able to conquer the world alone, but soon you will find out that entering into an alliance with other players is necessary for those who are looking for real power. There are many unions from which you can choose, and each of them has its own style of conduct games. If you are just starting to get acquainted with the game, joining the union you will be able to meet other players, learn about the game and even make new friends. Select your union icon with a shield and two swords in the upper right corner of the screen, next to your profile picture. By clicking on this icon, you will be transferred to the union profile.

When you first enter Dawn of Titans, you will be asked to join an alliance or create your own.

By selecting the Search icon at the bottom of the screen, you can find hundreds of unions and view data about them to decide which one to join.

I am the head of the union. What happens if I decide to switch to another alliance? When the head of the union decides to switch to another union, he will automatically be replaced by the administrator with the most OP received during the past season.

What is an OO union? POs received by the union during the season are converted to the PA of the union.

Union NGOs are needed to raise the level of union. With the increase in the level of your union, its sign will become larger, change color, and its design will become more complex. The union sign will reflect your position in the league. In the future, Union NGOs will provide various benefits depending on the level of union. Follow the news!

How do I join an alliance? Select your union icon with a shield and two swords in the upper left corner of the screen, next to your profile picture. By clicking on this icon, you will be transferred to the union profile.

When you first enter Dawn of Titans, you will be asked to join an alliance or create your own. By selecting the Search icon at the bottom of the screen, you can find hundreds of unions and view data about them to decide which one to join.

How do I leave the union? Leaving the union is simple. On the union profile screen, click the "Leave" button.Do not worry, you will need to confirm your decision before you continue and leave the union.

Why have I been expelled from the union? The issue of membership of players in the union is exclusively dealt with by the leader and administrators of each union. If you have been expelled from the union, it is time to take the next step and establish your own union.

Why did the pinned message disappear? Messages from the leader of the union are fixed in the chat of the union only for an hour.

Why does union search not work? Make sure that you enter the name of the union correctly, especially if there are special characters in its name. If you still cannot find a union, it may be a closed union. Closed unions do not appear in search results. If you want to join a closed union, you must receive an invitation.

The transfer of the status of the leader of the union. In order for all players to continue to have a great time in the game Dawn of Titans, the leader status can now be transferred to another player if the current leader is inactive. This happens after the end of each season (Mondays). Transfer is subject to the following conditions:

No special circumstances are taken into account, personal applications for a leadership position will not be considered without verification. An application for a leader position does not guarantee you this position.

Dawn of TItans: Advanced Tactics

What do the three designations for titanium mean? Dawn of Titans has three important designations: maneuverable, long-range and heavy. For example, Venomtusk is a heavy Titan. He is slow, belongs to the class of Champions, and his element is poison.

And Cormac is a maneuverable Titan. He is fast, belongs to the class of Scouts and deals physical damage.

The militia titans are agile and fast, thanks to which they have high maneuverability indicators .

Archers are ranged troops, and their strength is in accuracy, so they have high range indicators .

Spearmen have heavy armor, which makes them slow and heavy, so they have high damage resistance.

What is Reinforcement and how does it work?

To request reinforcements, simply touch the Allied Camp, which is located just below your Castle, and then tap the "Request" button.

Enter your request in the text box. It is recommended to indicate which troops you need, so that the allies know how they can help you. Remember that the text is checked by moderators, so requests containing insults will not be registered.

After sending your request will appear in the union chat. Allies will be able to see your request and send you troops. The number of troops you can receive will vary depending on the level of your Allied Camp. After you receive reinforcements, find the domain suitable for the attack, select "plunder" or "capture" the domain and touch the reinforcements during preparation for the battle to add troops sent to you. Call up reinforcements during the battle by touching the summon button in the lower right corner of the screen. Reinforcements will automatically appear on the battlefield.

Remember that reinforcements are temporary units that will help you in only one battle. Having fought for you in battle, they will leave your army, regardless of whether they survive or not. Players may request reinforcements only once every few hours after a feature update. You can make a second request without waiting for the feature to be updated by paying a few gems.

Capture resources. When attacking another player’s garrison, you can capture some of his gold and food, as well as gain important victory points. To see how many resources you can capture, tap the enemy garrison and look at the number under the caption: "Available for capture." The amount of resources that you can steal depends on the size of the reserves the enemy has, the availability of gold or grain in the domain, as well as your courage bonus.

What is an archer? Provide support to your archers, and they will effectively deal with spearmen and other leisurely units. Archers are strong against spearmen, but weak against militias. Archers are long-range units, they deal physical damage. Type of movement - march.

Who are the militias? Fast and deadly militias perform best in battle against ranged units. Militias are strong against archers, but weak against spearmen. Militias are maneuverable units, they inflict physical damage.Movement type - quick attack.

Who are the spearmen? Well-trained spearmen, clad in durable armor, can easily cope with militias.Spearmen are strong against militias, but weak against archers. Spearmen are heavy units, they deal physical damage. Type of movement - march.

Who are the Panther Mossman? Panther mossman move quickly and wear light armor, which allows them to attack from the flank perfectly. Panther MossMans are maneuverable units that inflict poison damage.Movement type - quick attack.

Who are the grenadiers unaki? Grenadier unaki do incredible damage in ranged combat, but are vulnerable to melee attacks. Unaki-grenadiers are long-range units, they deal fire damage. Type of movement - march.

Who are the elite spearmen? Elite spearmen are shackled in strong armor and are capable of excellent attack and defense. Elite spearmen are heavy units, they deal physical damage. Movement type - quick attack.

Who are the giant Ragnars? Ragnar-giants are slow, but differ in endurance and inflict huge damage. Giant Ragnars are heavy units that deal ground damage. Type of movement - march.

Dawn of TItans: How to play after the update?

List of Titans available now in the Temple. Unique Titans arrived and settled in the Temple, and some of the available Titans entered the world in search of new adventures. You can now win at the Temple any of the following Titans:

These Titans are available on the following altars:

Please note: During special events, the Temple may transform, and other Titans may appear on the altars at this time.

With the intensification of conflicts and the arrival of the gods, the Titans are constantly looking for new adventures and new horizons. This means that new Titans can regularly appear in the Temple, and its current inhabitants will go on new campaigns. On ordinary days when there are no events, do not forget to check which Titans are available in the Temple.

Changing Altar Information. Information about the Altar has been changed. Now it indicates the number of guaranteed 4-star relics falling on each altar.

Why can’t I equip Elemental Titans with the Ice Hammer? The first skill of the relics Ice Hammer is disabled to avoid problems in the game. Also, this item no longer drops in battles and Altars. Players who have retained this relic can equip the Ice Titans with it to increase the damage of the Titan (2nd skill).

Why can’t I see the current event in the game? To make sure that you have the latest version of the game with the latest events installed, it is recommended to restart the game from time to time so that your profile data is synchronized with the game servers.

Why is Zeus’s 3rd skill displayed as stage II and not stage III? It is confirmed that this is just a typo, and the enhancements of stage III that Zeus possesses in the game are + 40% to the health of the Imperials and +10 lightning in the Storm Storm. The error will be fixed soon, but for now, be sure that its amplifications work correctly.

Dawn of TItans: Donator Guide

How to get gems? First, tap the green plus sign located in the upper right corner of the screen. The Gems screen opens, where you can select and buy gems. There you can buy resources, shields and relics. Gems can be used to make up for food, gold, and portal stones, or in some situations spend them instead of coins.

In-app purchase

In the game Dawn of Titans, you can buy additional gems! They are divided into sets of different sizes. For instance:

You can also receive special offers for purchasing gem sets. They are randomly distributed to players, so don’t miss out. Prices and percentages may vary depending on your country and the exchange rate at the time of purchase.

Where can I find purchased kits? Sometimes players receive offers to purchase random sets. Depending on the contents of the set, after a successful purchase, items will be sent to their places in the game. Here are the items that are most often included in sets, and information on where you can find them (restart the game after making a purchase so that the changes appear in the game).

Gems. The main currency of the game. Used to acquire most resources, accelerate the construction / improvement of buildings, etc. If you buy a set or a set with gems, they will automatically be added to the balance of gems.

Tip: check the balance of the gems before making a purchase to make sure that they were added.

Food and gold. Sets that include food and gold are automatically added to the relics inventory in the form of relics. In sets, they are displayed differently depending on their value (5K, 10K, 20K, 50K, 200K, 500K).

Portal Stones. Commonly used to plunder or seize domains. They can be obtained with some sets or purchased for gems. After the purchase, the portal stones will automatically be added to the balance of the portal stones.

Tip: also remember the number of portal stones before purchase to make sure that you received stones after purchasing the set.

Signs. The game has various signs (daily signs, signs of relics, titans and epic titans), which are accidentally included in some sets. After purchase, these signs are immediately added to the Temple. Depending on which sign you received, on one of the altars you will see "x1" and you can use the sign.

Sign of the builder. The sign is added to the construction section of the store (the crossed hammer and wrench icon in the lower right corner of the screen). Open a store. Next to the Masons’ Courtyard you will see "x1".

Troops and spells. Some sets may include troops and spells. They are automatically added to the Military Camp or the Hall of Spells and are ready for use. If these vaults are full, troops and spells fall into the relics inventory in the form of scrolls. These scrolls will not automatically fill up empty spaces at the Military Camp or the Hall of Spells. The player must go into the inventory and touch the "Use" button to use them.

Dawn of Titans is a shareware game. What does it mean?Many of the best mobile games to date are classified as shareware. Shareware means that you can download the game and get access to all the content of the game Dawn of Titans absolutely free, however you are given the opportunity to purchase in-game currency for real money. All purchases made at Dawn of Titans are made through Google to protect your personal data. If you are afraid of making unauthorized purchases from your account, you can configure the security features in Android to block purchases.

How to stop unauthorized purchases in Dawn of Titans? To block the possibility of most random or unauthorized purchases on Google Play, set up a password request for each purchase. To activate this feature, open Google Play and tap the "Menu" button in the upper left corner (three lines). Select "Settings" at the bottom of the menu that appears, then in the "User Controls" section, tap "Require authorization for purchases." Select the "For all purchases on Google Play on this device" option to enable this setting. Now before each purchase you will be asked to enter a password.

Dawn of TItans: Customize the game correctly!

How to change profile picture in Dawn of Titans? Unhappy with the current profile picture? To change the profile picture, select the profile icon in the upper left corner of the screen, then click the "Change avatar" button.

How to disable push notifications? (iOS) If you want to turn off notifications on your iOS device, follow these steps:

  1. Close the game and open the iOS settings menu;
  2. Select "Notifications" and find the application for which you want to disable notifications;
  3. To turn off all notifications, use the switch next to "All notifications." For more detailed notification management, disable or enable individual options below.

How to disable notifications? (Android) To turn off notifications on your Android device, follow these steps:

  1. Close the game and go to the Android settings section. In the "Device" menu, select "Application Manager", and then find the name of the application for which you want to turn off notifications;
  2. Uncheck the box next to "Display notifications." All subsequent notifications will be hidden.

On different devices, this process may vary slightly. For more information, see the instructions for setting up your device or go to the device manufacturer’s website.

Why does Dawn of Titans require an internet connection? An internet connection is required for playing together with other Dawn of Titans players. In addition, connecting to game servers will provide backup of your profile.

How to connect the game to Facebook?The item "Facebook" is in the profile menu in the "Options" section. You can log in to your Facebook account and like it on the official Dawn of Titans page.

What does the Restore Peace error message mean?

From time to time, you may receive a "Restore the World" error message. There are several reasons why players can see this message, in most cases this happens when many players attack the same domain / kingdom. The problem may also be with your connection. Make sure you use a stable internet connection for the game. Try switching from Wi-Fi to mobile Internet or vice versa when this message appears or when downloading Dawn of Titans on your device.

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.