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DAWN OF ZOMBIES - Android game with release date 10/29/2019 from the company Royal Ark. Game Genre: Action. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

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  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Beyond Vault
  3. Battle Tactics
  4. Crash, Death, and Swag Guides
  5. Shelter
  6. Survival Tips
  7. Walkthrough Tips

Dawn of Zombies: Beginner’s Guide

What to do in the Vault?

Once in the Vault, look around - this is your new home, which you have to restore and develop. First of all, you need to get rid of the enemies who came to the location, and save a stranger from them. After saving a stranger (her name is Klepka), do not rush to leave the Vault - there should be enough resources there for the first time. Take a walk around your home location and collect everything that is bad - you can put resources in a box that is already in the house.

To collect resources it was easier, you can enable auto-play - it is activated by the button in the illustration below. In this mode, the character independently collects all the resources that are on the location, and attacks opponents.

Please note that during the autogame the character does not use medicines and food, so we advise you to monitor his condition.

It’s time to get resources - you can do all the necessary tools for this yourself. Open the crafting window. In the section "Fundamentals of Survival" you will find objects that can not be done in the Last Territories.

First, make a bag to make collecting resources more convenient. He is the first in the list in the crafting window, you definitely won’t miss it.

The resources that you have already selected in the Vault should be enough to create the first tools - you can make them in the crafting window in the "Basics of Survival" section. Tools are special items with which you can get resources: a hammer is needed for the extraction of concrete and scrap metal, an ax - for raw boards. To the right of the house you will find concrete blocks, at the top of the home location - iron barrels; trees grow there - a source of raw boards.

Your character may be hungry and thirsty at this point. Hunger and thirst are two of the most important indicators for survival, you can see them in the inventory. Do not forget to feed and drink the character on time - if the indicators drop to critical, he will begin to lose health. You can collect water in a well near the house, food - collect from the garden to the left of the house.

Every day, a gift arrives at the Vault, which will help to live another day in the Last Territories - water and fried meat. To open the Storage, click on the button at the top (see illustration). Items are stored in the Vault indefinitely, if there is no timer under them. You can pick up items from the Storage at any time if there is free space in the inventory. The rewards that you get for tasks and trials get there.

How to replenish energy? Sooner or later your character will get tired. The energy in Dawn of Zombies can be restored in several ways:

Machine tools

The best way to provide yourself with food is to cook it yourself. For the production and processing of resources, Dawn of Zombies uses machines that can be assembled in the crafting window in the Production section. To cook something, you first need to grow it. This is what we will do. Open the bed. Before you is the window of the machine.

Please note that in DOZ you do not need to put the initial resources in your pockets to produce anything on the machine: the contents of all the boxes installed in the Vault are accessible directly from the machine window. Production starts automatically as soon as you put all the necessary ingredients into the machine. You can do this in two ways - drag the necessary resources into the corresponding slot or simply double-click on the resource icon.

Some machines require not only input resources, but also fuel. You need to insert it into the corresponding slot indicated in the illustration below. Note that different machines require different resources for work: for a bonfire campfire, boards are needed, for a laboratory bench - water, and so on.

To stop production, just drag one of the ingredients into inventory. Please note that the unit of fuel that the machine has already started to consume cannot be returned - it will continue to be used even if production is stopped. Machines in the Vault can be improved - new levels open access to the production of advanced resources. There is a "improve" button under the machine’s icon - when pressed, you will see a list of necessary resources and the required character level.

To improve some machines, you will need an improved floor.

Dawn of Zombies: Beyond Vault


It’s time to leave the Vault and explore the Last Territories! Speak with Klepka, contact the Community on RADD and go to the global map - for this you need to go into the fog at the border of your home location. Do not forget to bring along one ax and hammer - they will come in handy for you in the Ruined community. We remind you that you can make them in the crafting window.

Going beyond the Vault, you will find yourself on a global map. Around you will see many different locations, but now one thing is important - The devastated community southeast of the house. Click on the image of the community: a plate will appear above the location indicating what resources can be found there. Two buttons will appear below: "go" and "run". In this case, we recommend using the second method of moving through the Last Territories - running consumes energy, but allows you to quickly reach your destination.

After you deal with the bandits in the Bankrupt community, do not rush to leave - the location contains a lot of useful loot, which will no longer be useful to its inhabitants. It will not work to take everything at once: return to the Vault, unload the swag into a box (if necessary, build another one through the crafting window) and return to the Ruined community to collect the remains. Chat with Rivet. Complete several daily tasks that are indicated on the board next to her.

You can find information about story and daily tasks in the handheld - this is an unusual device, designed, apparently, in the closed city of Ozersk-2. Where you got this CCP comes from is not known - it only has a small message from Sherpa. You can open it by tapping the button in the illustration.

You can also go to the handheld by clicking on the corresponding button in the inventory. If you are having difficulty completing a task or you have forgotten some of its details, go to the tasks tab in the handheld. There you will find detailed information about what you need to do. The list of daily tasks can be opened not only through the board, but also through the handheld.

Daily quests

Daily quests begin automatically when they appear. For the performance of each daily task you get special progress points - their number is indicated on the task card. The obtained points fill the progress bar below - upon reaching certain points you will receive a reward, a box with a random valuable loot. To complete the tasks easier, there is a hint button on each task card.

For gold, you can activate the premium mode: it opens access to additional tasks with an increased reward and additional rewards on the progress bar. For completing some bonus tasks, you can get not only useful items, but also gold - this makes it possible to fully cover the amount spent on activating the premium.

PDA Features

Story and daily tasks are not the only tabs available in the handheld.

Take durability rewards in a timely manner from the Tests tab - they can greatly simplify survival in the Territories or help in a particularly difficult situation. Every day you can receive a military stimulator that increases the speed of attack, medicines, food and a box with random useful swag.

Records that you find in the Last Territories, after reading, fall into a special section of the handheld. There you can familiarize yourself with their contents at any convenient time. The Items window contains unique items for quests, such as the Hozmage key or cartridges for the settler in the Siege House. From there, they will not disappear even if the character dies.


In the Last Territories you will meet a lot of people who want to bargain. When accessing the global map, you may receive a notification that a merchant has appeared near your Vault. Do not rush to him right away - to begin with, you should find out what the dealer offers for sale. Return to the Vault and activate the RADD - the merchant will send you a price list that indicates the available goods and their price.

Get to the merchant and talk with him to open the exchange window. In order to make a deal, select the product you are interested in and click on the "exchange" button. Not all products are initially available for exchange - in order to open access to them, you need to improve relations with the merchant. Attitude improves every time you successfully complete a deal.

If you do not trade for a long time, the attitude of the trader towards you will begin to deteriorate.

Dawn of Zombies: Battle Tactics

Do not go into trouble: an attack on the forehead is not always the best way out. Attack enemies from the bushes, keep your distance when using long-range weapons, and do not forget about throwing weapons and artifacts. In order to switch to stealth mode, click on the corresponding button.

There are two stealth states in Dawn of Zombies. Firstly, you can just sneak up on the enemy and deliver an unexpected blow from the back with increased damage. However, you should not expect that the enemy will not see a character who is sneaking under his very nose. And do not forget about hygiene - if the character has not washed for a long time, it will be easy to smell.

Secondly, in stealth mode, you can hide in the bushes at locations. When your character is hiding in the bushes, even an opponent looking directly at him will not notice him. A red circle appears around your character in this state - it indicates the area in which you can deliver an unexpected blow from the bushes with increased damage.

Try to lure opponents one at a time: even if the opponents are weak, together they can pose a serious threat to an experienced wanderer. First of all, destroy weak opponents - this way you will reduce the number of mobs attacking you. To quickly switch between enemies, click on the quick change button in the lower right corner of the screen - you can enable it in the "interface" section of the game settings window.

Choose the weapon suitable for each situation and change it if necessary: you should not spend a powerful machine gun on weak burnt or wolves. In order to quickly change weapons, click on the icon to the right of the action button. When you quickly press the button to change weapons, the character will pick up the weakest weapon of the available ones, when pressed again, the next one in strength and so on to the best instance. If you need a specific weapon, hold down the shift button - a list appears that lists all the weapons that are in the inventory.

Remember that elite mobs - you can recognize them by the orange color of the name - restore their health after they leave you behind or you run away from the location.

Using quick access slots will help extend the life of your character. Initially, one such slot is available to you - the second can be opened by putting on a vagabond unloading or its improved version. You can put dressings, throwing weapons, artifacts or food in the quick access slot. When you click on the slot, items will be consumed one at a time.

Please note that you can quickly change the contents of the slot by holding it: a list of items that you can put there will be displayed.

Another useful feature of the quick access slot is simplified crafting of essentials. For example, if your character has scrap metal in your inventory, you can quickly make throwing knives by clicking on the create button. In a similar way, home-made dressings are crafted from rags.

Dawn of Zombies: Crash, Death, and Swag Guides

Preparing for sorties. It’s time to think about food. Food can be found at locations, but be careful: some products are contaminated with radiation. Make sure that there is always food in your Vault, and do not forget to take it with you - it’s a shame to die of starvation simply because the supplies have come to an end. Now you are ready to meet with the Last Territories.

To begin, we advise you to go to one of the simple locations - their name on the global map is highlighted in green. The enemies there are weak, but there are not enough unique resources there - you need to go after them to locations more difficult. However, on the "green" locations it is very convenient to extract basic resources such as concrete, raw boards, scrap metal and plant seeds.

Character’s death. In the case of death in ordinary locations, you will lose all the things that were with you - take a closer look at the character’s life. If the character dies in the Vault or at the location of a special event, a special box will appear at the place of death. In it you will find things that were with you at the time of death. We advise you to pick them up as soon as possible.

Please note that in the box are always only those things that were with you at the time of the last death. This means that upon repeated death at the location of a special event or in the Vault, the initial swag will be lost forever. The best way to avoid death is to not overestimate your strength. If you understand that you cannot win the battle, run. It’s better not to take away all the swag from the location than not to take away legs, arms and head from there.


Finding the resources you need for survival will be much easier if you use the "Where to find?" Button. If you do not have enough resources, it will appear in the crafting window - when you click on the button, you will see a list of locations on which the necessary items come across most often, or the name of the machine on which you can make a resource.

The best way to get a firearm, armor and rare resources is to go through special events, such as the Siege House, the anomalous Khozmag zone, or make deals with merchants. Buy closed boxes from merchants - they can contain very rare and valuable samples. In the Last Territories, you can find artifacts - unusual objects with unique properties.

The reasons for their appearance remain a mystery, as is the principle of action. But experienced vagabonds know what properties artifacts have: some restore character’s parameters, others damage enemies, others are used by traders as a universal currency, fourths reverse time and destroy half of the inhabitants of the Universe, everything is as usual. There are several ways to get artifacts:

  1. In the special event "Mysterious Basement" artifacts can be obtained from the anomaly.
  2. Valuable artifacts can be obtained during the passage of the Hozmag.
  3. You can find artifacts on simple locations. The higher the complexity of the location, the more likely it is to stumble upon an artifact.
  4. On a special machine in the Vault, you can identify unidentified artifacts that you find in the Territories.

Dawn of Zombies: Shelter

You can change the Vault as you wish. To do this, you need to go into the arrangement mode.

Please note that in this mode there are two tabs: construction and furnishings.

Construction allows you to interact with walls, floors, fences and barriers, the decor - with machines and furniture in your Refuge. In both, you can move, tidy up or enhance selected objects using the corresponding buttons.

To improve floors or walls in the Vault, in the construction mode, select the object you need - three buttons will be highlighted above it. Select the right one, Improve. You can only upgrade walls that are installed on improved floors. Be sure to install a carpenter’s workbench in the Vault - you can make it from simple materials, and high-quality boards that are made on it will be needed for the construction of other machines. By the way, high-quality boards burn more slowly than raw ones, therefore it is convenient to use them as fuel.

Place the loom as soon as possible: in it you can process grass into rags from which home-made dressings are crafted - at first they will be very useful to you. If you are unable to install the machine, check to see if there is space available in the Vault. Some machines require level 2 or 3 floors, others can only be installed on the ground.

Pay attention to the limit in the decor tab - some items can be installed in the Vault in limited quantities.

Do not forget that in your Refuge there is a large basement in which you can install floors, walls and machine tools in the same way as on the surface. Access to it opens according to the plot. You can improve not only machines, but also boxes - at the bottom of the container window there is a "improve" button. When you click on it, a list of resources needed to improve appears. Try to improve the boxes as early as possible - the higher the level of the container, the more space in it.

Dawn of Zombies: Survival Tips

1. Wash yourself. Radiation can be removed by washing with soap in the shower - an improved washbasin. Also, to reduce radiation, you can use antiradil and some other means that you can find in the Last Territories. Follow hygiene - if the character has not washed for a long time, it will be easier for opponents to smell him. In addition, with pollution, the character increases the risk of catching an unpleasant disease. The washbasin is available in the crafting window - in order to get in order, the character needs only water.

2. Develop a Vault. Engage in the development of the Vault - the better your base, the easier it will be to survive in the Territories. Do not let the machines stand idle and improve them as far as possible. Do not forget about the defense of the Vault - strengthen the walls, put up fences and additional turrets. The siege regime in Dawn of Zombies will develop. The shelter should be strengthened in advance.

3. Be careful. Look around carefully: sometimes you can stumble upon caches, digging them out, you will find useful objects. For excavation you will need a shovel. Your hero has sharp hearing and eyesight - pay attention to what he says. So you can know in advance about the approach of opponents. Do not relax, even if you have cleaned the location from opponents: The Last Territories live their own lives, a monster or a bandit may unexpectedly visit you.

Remember that Last Territories are volatile. If you are sent on assignment to a specific location, but you cannot find the desired object, return there again.

4. Use Artifacts. For the artifact recognition to work, you will need two items: an unidentified artifact and a disk for identifying artifacts. You can find them at locations in the game, the more difficult the location - the higher the chance of finding. Insert the unidentified artifact and disk into the slots of the identifier and wait for the process to complete. As a result, you get an artifact that you can use.

5. Develop correctly. Develop sequentially: first clean the "green" locations, collect resources on them, increase the level - then go to the "yellow" locations, upgrade the machines, make better armor and then go to clean up the most difficult locations and special events.

6. Take a break. Take a break, the time between temporal discharges in Khozmag is not accidentally increased. If you feel that it is getting too hot, run to the surface. There, firstly, you can quickly recover (there is no recoil on the surface after using dressings, Phoenix, Lazurite and other treatments), and secondly, exchange the accumulated bloody tears for weapons and armor.

7. Use armor. If possible, get Klim’s artifact armor and use it only for sorties into the Khozmag. In addition to high protection indicators, it is useful against the negative effects of the anomalous zone: a sweater, unloading, pants and Klim’s mask weaken the "Deep Wounds", and berets also block the "Slow" effect from the anomalous moss. And remember: it is better to leave without collecting all the loot than to permanently lose everything in the bowels of the Household in an attempt to get the last bloody tear. First of all, think about anomalies, not about swag!

Dawn of Zombies: Walkthrough Tips

I’m lost. Where is what located? Carefully read the map before the trip.

I kill enemies, but they are not becoming smaller. What to do? Burn the bloody holes from which they emerge. Please note that the entire territory of the Household is divided by closed doors into conditional zones, each of which has one or two bloody holes. Do not open the doors until you have cleaned the current area of blood holes.

The executioner is too strong, killed him several times, and then it fails. Why? The executioner becomes stronger after each rebirth - this process is almost endless, but experimentation is not recommended. The only way to stop him is to burn all the bloody holes in Khozmag.

Health takes too fast even in good armor, what am I doing wrong? Keep track of your character. You probably got some deep wounds: they take up a lot of health and slowly heal without medical help. Use the "Hemoblockade" to heal all deep wounds - it is recommended not to spend this valuable remedy on one wound, it is better to wait until they become 2-3. If possible, get down to Hozmag with the "Cauterizer" gadget, it blocks the appearance of deep wounds.

How to burn bloody holes? Any fire weapon is suitable: melee, ranged and throwing. However, the higher the combat rating of the weapon, the faster you can burn a bloody hole - and therefore, protect yourself from the appearance of new enemies. I was attacked by a flying blood clot, what to do, help! This is the leech anomaly - you can only destroy it with missile weapons.

Why does my character take damage when I just stand still? There are no enemies nearby. Keep track of where you are becoming: probably your character is standing on a predatory moss that slows down and deals damage. Please note that simple bloody moss can also injure your character if he does not have shoes on.

How to disassemble a blockage? For this you need a pickaxe - you can find it or craft it yourself. If you went to the Khozmag and forgot to bring the right tool with you, you can buy it from the Zhily wanderer on the surface.

How to get to the warehouse? You can get to the warehouse only if the Bouncer appears in Khozmag.

Where’s the bouncer? He appears in the anomalous zone with a certain chance. Do not forget to collect from it especially valuable fragments of the shell - for them you can get a very rare artifact Klim armor. They can also be obtained from the Shell Claws, but they are found by the most experienced players.

The Bouncer / some of the enemies have almost no health loss, why? Some opponents in Khozmag are armored, they are immune to ordinary attacks. You can recognize them by the special icon under the name. Acid weapons are especially effective against them, which can be obtained in the new event "Grave Makers".

Found the keys to some torture chamber. Tell me where is she? Torture is located in the southern wing of Khozmag. In some cases, you may not need the key to the torture chamber - in this case, it will remain with you until the temporal reset.

Found a cache, but it does not break. What am I doing wrong? Perhaps there is simply no cache this time: they appear in Khozmag with a chance. Developers will modify the system to make it more obvious to players. For now, we recommend that you carefully monitor what your character says: if, in his opinion, the masonry is too strong, then there is no cache behind it.

The household does not pay off, why go there? With the right tactics, the Hozmag pays off with the head, tested by many players. Do not miss a single bloody tear, do not forget to take them from the burnt holes. You can exchange bloody tears for valuable loot from a trader on the surface, including weapons and armor.

Where are the bolts? In the resource boxes of a trader trader, which can be obtained for bloody tears. To feel comfortable in the anomalous zone, you will need:

  1. Means for treatment (bandages, bandages, stimulants);
  2. Raider ax for breaking the first door and breaking chests and a pick for parsing the blockage;
  3. Fiery weapons for burning bloody holes, predatory moss and destroying enemies susceptible to fire;
  4. Acid weapon - it is useful against armored opponents;
  5. Iron hammer or sledgehammer for hiding places;
  6. Throwing weapons against anomalies;
  7. Acid grenades or long-range weapons against a turret and an altar for those who are going to the southern wing of the Hemoblockade, Cauterizer, Pusher, and any other means that act against the negative effects of Hozmag.

Article author: Nadezhda D.