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DAYS OF EMPIRE is an Android game with a release date of 06/25/2018 from ONEMT. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

Better Days of Empire download to computer via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.


  1. Guide for leveling the ruler and his equipment
  2. Power Up Heroes
  3. What is Military Rank?
  4. Runes and Artifacts System
  5. Pet Guide
  6. Complete overview of all buildings
  7. Main Game Features
  8. All by Alliance
  9. Overview of the most important events
  10. War for the Throne and Election of a King
  11. Walkthrough of the Field of Flame
  12. Battle of Constantinople
  13. Tournament of Kingdoms
  14. Dragon Slayer Guide
  15. Account Issues

Days of Empire: Guide for leveling the ruler and his equipment

Ruler skills. You will receive skill points as the ruler level advances. The higher the level of the ruler, the more skill points you will receive. Skill points can be used to improve the skills of the ruler. There are 3 types of ruler skills: battle, development and assistance.

The ruler’s skills can be divided into active skills and passive skills. You need to use active skills for them to take effect. Skills are located in a flowchart structure and you must learn existing skills before you can unlock new ones. You can reassign your skill points at any time. You can click the Reset Skills button on the skill interface to reset your skill points.

Active skills of the ruler. There are 12 active skills of the ruler. They can be manually activated in their own dedicated interface:

  1. Mobilize - Increases your send size by 10% for 1 hour. Recharge time is 24 hours.
  2. Urgent recall - will instantly recall all troops sent to the castle (except for troops at the army gathering). Recharge time is 8 hours.
  3. Emergency aid - all those killed in the trail, in single combat will be transferred to hospitals until they are full. Recharge time is 8 hours.
  4. Harvesting - Brings a 1-hour output of all resources instantly. Recharge time 4 hours.
  5. Quick collection - will speed up the collection by 100% for 1 hour (except for collecting gold). Recharge time is 24 hours.
  6. Extended protection - will protect your troops participating in the collection of resources for 3 hours. Recharge time is 8 hours.
  7. Second Wind - will restore 30 stamina instantly. Recharge time is 4 hours.
  8. Quick hike - double the speed of the march for 1 hour. Recharge time is 24 hours.
  9. Mastery - Brings 300 random top traps instantly. Recharge time is 4 hours.
  10. Duel - this skill is available when your strength exceeds 19 million. You can assign heroes and artifacts and send up to 150,000 soldiers to a duel, and the system will assign garrison heroes and artifacts of the enemy, and send up to 150,000 soldiers corresponding to the ratio of types of troops in the enemy castle to defend your enemy’s castle (if his troops are not enough, then all troops will be selected). The military spirit of both sides will not be affected, the attacking side will have 100 and the defending side 400.
  11. Food Conversion - Will transform up to 20M of exposed food into hidden food. If you have less than 20M open food, then all of your existing open food will be converted to hidden food.
  12. Serious Stamina - Spends all your stamina points (up to your maximum stamina points) to instantly kill the corresponding number of marauders and receive all the rewards. The effect of this skill can be combined with the effects of the hero’s skills, and marauders killed with this skill will be counted in tasks or related events. But the corresponding skills of the concubine will be replaced by this skill.

Soul stones. The Soulstone will be available after the Triumph of the Sultan is unlocked. Soul stones bring corresponding properties. Make up soul stones to get higher tier stones with better properties. Soul stones can only be obtained from chests with soul stones, which can be obtained from the store, by killing looters and from the merchant. Insert soul stones into the slots in the Sultan’s Triumph to get the corresponding properties for these stones.

There are 6 colors for the soul stone in total: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. And there are 7 different colors for the slot in total: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and multicolor. A multi-colored slot can accept any color of a stone, the other six colored slots can only accept a stone of the corresponding color (red for red, blue for blue, etc.). Once the stones are in place, you will need to use quartz if you want to remove them.

Citadel technology. Citadel technology will be available after the Triumph of the Sultan is unlocked. You can improve the properties of your ruler by researching Citadel technology. You can use both normal and research boosts to reduce the time it takes to research Citadel technology. Researching Citadel technology will not cost you any resources and will not prevent you from researching technologies at the Institute at the same time.

Ruler’s equipment. There are 3 types of equipment: battle, support and development. There are 6 equipment slots - equipment in each slot brings a different buff. There are 6 quality classes of gear: white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.

Strengthening equipment. Enhancing equipment will increase the properties of your equipment and will require both steel and reinforcement stones. Steel: the necessary resources for touching and refining equipment. Where to get steel:

Reinforcing Stones: Essential items to enhance your equipment. Where to get power-up stones:

Equipment refining. Refining equipment can improve the properties of the equipment and the effectiveness of any associated buffs. The equipment will improve its quality for every five levels that it refines. The quality of the gear comes in the following levels (from lowest to highest): white, green, blue, purple, orange, and gold.

Equipment Enhancer. Every 10 enhancements of a set of consumables will increase the Master’s abilities for enhancing equipment by 1 level. The Equipment Enhancer brings you additional mod bonuses.

Equipment refiner. Every 5 refining of a set of equipment will improve the properties of the Equipment Refiner by 1 level. The Equipment Refiner brings you additional mod bonuses.

Days of Empire: Power Up Heroes

Heroes are the most useful helpers for the ruler, they will help the rulers a lot in different situations. Players can summon heroes in the hall of heroes, or create a hero using fragments that can be obtained in events.

The role of the hero. There are the following ways to use heroes:

  1. Dispatch of the hero. Sending heroes with troops can increase the strength of the troops, the speed of gathering resources, the speed of the march when attacking marauders, etc. The properties, skills and tactics of heroes can have a significant impact on the outcome of the battle.
  2. Appointment of heroes. Heroes can be assigned to buildings such as castle, institute, warehouse, waterwheel, barracks, stable, training ground, factory, and bastion. Heroes will increase the efficiency of the buildings they are assigned to. When a hero is assigned to a building, you can still send him on a campaign.
  3. Placement on the wall. Placing heroes on the wall will increase the properties of your defending troops; this bonus is valid only when your castle is under attack. Heroes placed on the wall cannot be sent on a campaign.

Improving the hero. A hero’s experience scroll can be used to increase the hero’s experience. When experience points reach a certain amount, the hero will be automatically upgraded to the next level. Leveling up your hero can dramatically increase his "battle", "development" and "support" properties.

Promotion of heroes. Using hero fragments, you can promote heroes. Raising the rank of your hero can increase the properties of "battle", "development" and "support" and increase his maximum level. Players can acquire fragments of a hero by summoning a hero in the hall or completing certain tasks, as well as exchange universal fragments of the same quality for the desired fragments of a hero.

Fixed hero skills. These are skills built into the hero and cannot be changed or improved.

The acquired skills of the hero. When your hero’s level reaches a certain threshold, new skill slots will be unlocked, rulers can use the acquired skills for the hero. Hero skills can be acquired by researching skills in the hero’s hall, and can also be made up of skill fragments that can be acquired through participation in certain events.

Improving skills. Hero skills can be improved with skill pills. The higher the skill level, the stronger its buffs.

Forgetting and dismantling skills. The skills learned by the hero can be forgotten. Once you forget skills, the corresponding skill experiences and skills will be returned to you. Any skills can be dismantled and exchanged for skill pills.

Hero tactics. When the hero reaches 5 stars, the tactics function will be unlocked. You can unlock tactics slots and get tactics in the tactics study interface. Once the tactics slot is unlocked, the hero will receive tactics. Each hero will be able to possess up to 4 tactics. Tactics can be learned and improved with Hero Fragments. The higher the level of tactics, the stronger the effects it will bring. The levels that are raised each time will be random. Tactics can be changed with military treatises.

Reference book of heroes. Possession of the specified hero in the guide earns prizes. And when you have all the heroes specified in the guide, you will receive additional rewards. When the rank of an existing hero in the guide meets the requirements, you can receive rewards. There are two types of reference books: regular and gold plated. The usual guide is given in the beginning, and you can use gold thread to upgrade the usual guide to gold plated. The gilded guide will bring more prizes.

Days of Empire: What is Military Rank?

Military rank system. The military rank system is based on military points and medals of glory gained from killing enemies. The military rank and military rank determine the player’s military rank. Medals of Glory can be used to learn martial skills and acquire martial items.

Military glasses and medals of glory. You can get military points and medals of glory from battles:

  1. Military points and medals of glory can be obtained in battles in the native kingdom;
  2. The weekly limit for medals of glory is 30,000. Once it is reached, there will be no additional medals. There are no restrictions on military points.

Military ranks. There are 12 military ranks. There are used lower ranks: Sergeant, Lieutenant, Senior Lieutenant, Captain, Major and Lieutenant Colonel. They can be obtained simply by accumulating military points. The military ranking is updated at 0:00 every Sunday and determines the top 200 by the number of points scored among the 5 kingdoms per week, with awards to the best in the ranking. Military points are reset after setting the rating. The 6 highest ranks must meet the requirements for military points and military rating for the week. Details below:

Military ranksMilitary glassesMilitary rating
Colonel General25525002-10
Cavalry general175250011-30
Archer General115250031-70
Infantry general702500131-200
Lieutenant colonel192500-
Senior lieutenant16500-

How do I get military points and medals of glory? In all competent battles, you will receive a different number of medals of glory and military points when you kill or injure level 6+ warriors. Details below (achieved for every 10,000 kills):

Exchanges of medals of glory. Medals of Glory can be used to learn various martial skills in the warrior interface or exchange for rare martial items in the War Hall military interface. Please note that the exchange of some items may have a military rank requirement.

Days of Empire: Runes and Artifacts System

What is an artifact? Artifacts are powerful items that can be used to increase the HP for your troops. The rulers can choose different pages of artifacts depending on the situation. There are six rune slots on each page of the artifact. Inserting runes into these slots gives powerful buffs to your troops. Rune slots will be unlocked when the equipment in the corresponding slot is brought to the maximum level of refining.

After unlocking the slots, you can insert the corresponding runes. Rulers can unlock multiple pages of artifacts. Activate the artifact pages and they will take effect when you are attacked. Select artifact pages for your sent troops and they will take effect when those troops are sent. You can use the same artifact page for both sending troops and defense.

Runes. Each rune has one main property and several secondary properties. The exact amount of initial secondary properties that a Rune possesses is determined by its quality. The strength of secondary properties depends on the quality of the properties themselves.

Artifact kits. Each rune belongs to a specific artifact. If there are 2,4 or 6 identical artifact runes on the artifact page, then you can activate the buffs of the artifact set. The quality of these buffs from the set of artifacts is determined by the quality of the lowest quality rune itself.

Improving runes. You can level up your runes to level 15 using silver. Upgrading runes can enhance the effects of the main mod. Your runes will gain additional secondary properties when they reach certain levels.

Disassembly of runes. The surplus runes can be scrapped, after which you will receive a small amount of silver, and you can also get artifact shards, which can then be exchanged for high quality runes.

Forging runes. Runes can be forged from fairy dust, and the quality of the forged runes is determined by the quality of the blacksmith’s hammers used to forge them. Using higher quality blacksmith hammers will increase your chances of forging higher quality runes. There is a chance that the quality of your hammers will go up or down every time you forge.

Magic dust. Magic dust is needed for forging runes, you can buy it in the store or exchange refining stones for it. Only Refining Stones for equipment refined to the maximum level can be exchanged for Fairy Dust.

Days of Empire: Pet Guide

House of pets. Pets, the most loyal of companions, will help you withstand enemies and develop your city if you feed them carefully. The pet house will be unlocked at castle level 13. You can then tame your pets.

How to tame a pet? Requirements vary for different pets. Check the details in the Pet House. You can only tame one pet for each type.

Feeding pets. Once you get a pet, you can use items or gold to feed it and upgrade it to enhance its bonuses. There are 10 feeding options for each pet per day for free. When the free chances are used up, the feeding will require items. Free odds are reset at 0:00 every day (server time) and cannot add up.

The maximum number of times each pet can be fed gold is 100 and this limit is reset daily. If the cumulative number of feeds per day is a multiple of 10, a huge bonus will be triggered. The more times you feed, the more massive the bonuses. The cumulative number of feeds is reset at 0:00 daily. The number of times each pet is fed is accumulated independently.

Pet power. Each pet has its own basic attributes and active skills. Basic attributes increase as you level up. Active skills are unlocked at certain pet levels and can be found in the skills button in the lower right corner of the main interface. You will need to open this window manually to use these skills.

Dispatch of pets and accommodation. You can bring your pets to the battlefield or place them in your city. Only troops with pets will receive pet bonuses. The same pet can be sent next to the troops and placed in the city at the same time.

Patrolling. Another function of pets is to patrol your territory. Send pets to different territories to earn various rewards. Each pet type opens up different patrol locations. You can only send one pet on patrol at a time. Patrolling, departing and staying in the city will not affect each other.

Breakout pets. Pets have a chance to break through when they reach their maximum level. After breaking through, the level cap will be increased to 120 and the equipment system will be unlocked for military pets.

Equipment for pets. The pet that unlocks the equipment system will receive 3 primary equipment items. The location of each element is fixed and cannot be removed or switched. There are two types of attributes for each piece of equipment - attributes on assignment and attributes on present.

Send your pet to the battlefield to get your own pet attributes and pet gear attributes at the same time. Attributes, if available, will be unlocked upon reaching a certain level of equipment. The effects of the same attributes of different items of pet equipment can be stacked. You can increase the attributes of equipment by increasing the level of equipment or the quality of equipment.

Days of Empire: Complete overview of all buildings

Queue creation. The remaining time to upgrade buildings will be shown in the main interface build queue. Click on it to check the status of the improvement. You can use a worker contract or spend gold to hire a worker and add an additional building queue within a certain period of time. You can permanently own the second stage of the building by activating VIP2 or higher.

Citadel of structures. When your castle reaches level 30, the Sultan’s Triumph will become available for construction. Build it to start expanding the citadel for all of your buildings. As each of your buildings reaches level 30, you can continue to upgrade them to expand the citadel structures. For each building there are 5 new levels of the citadel, each improvement is completed at 10% of one level. Complete 10 upgrades to complete each level. Upgrades also bring you Ruler Experience and Combat Power. All additional functions, properties and effects can be found in the building details.

Lock. Your castle is the most important building in your city. Upgrade your castle to unlock new buildings and features. You can check the profitability of all resources and food consumption in the city information. You can check the details of the various bonus effects in the city bonus. You can check the building strength added from the castle level and move buildings inside the city in the castle details.

Institute. You can research various technologies at the institute to increase the strength of your castle. In order to research these technologies, you need to meet the following requirements: Institute level requirement, technological prerequisites, and resource requirements.

Military tent. You can set up military tents outside the wall. Upgrade military tents to increase the number of soldiers and the speed of their training. Set up more military tents to train soldiers faster. A military tent can be built in vacant areas outside the wall. You just need to click on an empty spot and choose to build a military tent.

Field hospital. You can set up field hospitals outside the wall. Your wounded soldiers will be healed in them. Upgrade them or build more hospitals to accommodate more wounded soldiers. The time and resources required to heal injured soldiers are much less than training soldiers. Researching technology can increase hospital capacity and healing rates. Wounded soldiers will die if you don’t have enough hospital capacity. Wounded soldiers are often generated from the following situations:

  1. In the battle of the castle defense;
  2. During the killing of marauders;
  3. After researching the "Ambulance" technology, wounded soldiers will flow from every battle;
  4. When you use the "First Aid" skill, wounded soldiers will appear in the next battle.

Wall. The wall determines the wall’s defense points and its trap storage capacity. This is one of the requirements for improving the castle.

Barracks, stable, training ground and workshop. You can train foot soldiers, cavalry, archers, and chariots in the barracks, stable, training ground, and factory, respectively. The number of training soldiers and the speed of their training are determined by the number and level of military tents. A new type of soldier will be unlocked when the building reaches the following levels: 4, 7,10,13, 16,19,22, 26 and 30. You can upgrade a low level soldier to a high level.

Upgrading these 4 buildings, training and raising soldiers cannot be done at the same time. During the increase, the combat strength will decrease, but after the increase you will receive more BS.

Farm, sawmill, iron mine and quartz mine. The farm, sawmill, iron mine and quartz mine can produce and store food, wood, iron and quartz respectively. Upgrade them to increase resource capacity and performance. The iron mine is unlocked at level 10 of the castle. The quartz mine is unlocked at level 15 of the castle.

Stock. Resources protected in your warehouse will not be plundered by other rulers during an attack. The higher the level of the warehouse, the more resources will be protected. Resources that are not collected will not be protected. Don’t forget to collect them on time.

Bastion. You can make traps in the bastion. Upgrade the bastion to unlock new traps. The speed of making a trap is determined by the technology at the institute and the skills of the ruler. The trap’s capacity is determined by the level of the wall.

Embassy. The Embassy provides alliance-related functions. Allies can help each other in battles. The embassy level affects the number of assistance requests you can request and the extended assistance time. It also determines the number of reinforcements that can be sent to you. You cannot get reinforcements without an embassy.

Market. The marketplace is where alliance members trade resources. Improve it to increase trade and lower your tax rate. When you help an ally with resources, your caravan will transport resources to him.

Hall of War. The Hall of War is where you gather your allies to create a stronger force to attack. In the War Hall, you can check the military situations of your allies, including those who attack others and are attacked. Gathering troops is the most effective way to eliminate powerful enemies. The number of soldiers collected is determined by the level of the war hall. Improving alliance technologies can also increase the troop gathering limit.

Watch tower. The watchtower can scout enemies and bring you information about the enemy march. Upgrading your watchtower will bring a more detailed scout report and information about the troops marching towards you.

Tower. The tower is your defense structure. It will attack enemies automatically in a defense battle. Upgrade your tower to strengthen your attack and speed up your attack. Upgrading the tower requires a bomb. You can buy them from the store or get them from killing marauders.

Treasure Pool. You have many free chances to get resources from the treasure pool every day. When you’ve exhausted all odds, you can spend gold to get more. Sometimes, you can get double, five, or even ten times your luck. Upgrade the treasure pool to increase the number of free chances and the amount of resources received.

Forge. Here you can refine and enhance equipment.

Days of Empire: Main Game Features

How to play? As a ruler in the game, you need to establish your influence over the kingdoms. In the end, you will become a king who is respected by everyone, ruling his powerful kingdom, even the entire world. Upgrading buildings, training soldiers, and researching technologies are the most effective ways to strengthen your power.

Develop resource buildings and collect as many resources on the map as possible, providing you with a solid foundation to expand quickly. Join an alliance and migrate alongside your allies. Kill the marauders in the world to get more experience and skills of the ruler. Play the game with your friends to make it easier and more fun.

Collection of resources. You need to find resource zones on the kingdom map, send soldiers and occupy them in order to collect resources. It will take some time to complete the assembly. After that, your soldiers will return with resources to the castle. The higher the load of your squad, the more resources you can bring to the castle.

Hidden resources. 30% of all resources from resource boxes are considered hidden resources, including food, wood, iron, and quartz. These hidden resources can be used to build, upgrade buildings, train troops, trap, research technology, heal troops, donate, purchase from a merchant, exchange a war medal, and unlock an empty space within a city.

The difference is that hidden resources are hidden from the food consumption of troops and from scouts and enemy attacks, and you cannot send them as resource aid to an ally. When you use resources, regular resources will be used first before being pulled from hidden resource reserves.

Murder of marauders. There are marauders of different levels and types on the world map. The number in front of the marauders’ names represents their difficulty level. For the first kill of the marauder, you will receive a good reward. The more marauders you kill, the more you get the experience of the ruler and various resources. And you have a chance to get gold and various special items from killing high-level marauders.

There is a killing rule: you must kill the marauders in ascending order of difficulty. For example, if you want to kill Lv. 5 Marauder, you must first kill Level 4 Marauder. When attacking looters, you will have a small number of wounded. They will be automatically sent to your hospitals. Marauders from levels 1 to 10 are the first to appear in the kingdom.

When there is not enough space in hospitals, injured people can die without treatment. It is important to check the number of wounded soldiers after each battle and improve the hospitals accordingly.

Trophy caravan. Players can transport trophy caravans every day to receive rewards. You can choose from different levels of caravans, with the highest level bringing the highest reward. Trophy caravans can be captured by other players. If captured, the hijacker will take a portion of the transport bounty. If you successfully defeated the hijacker, the carriage will continue. Each battle will lead to the death of no more than 30% of the troops, and all lost troops will be returned to the players’ castles after the battle.

Only one ally can be asked to assist with each transport. At this time, the troops sent to help will not directly participate in the battles, but will contribute to attacks and defenses in proportion to the number and quality of the troops sent. R4 members, alliance officials or R5 can activate the bonus for trophy caravans for the alliance once a day, and all members of the alliance with caravans on the way will receive an additional bonus for transportation. Players are limited to 2 transports, 3 assists, and 4 grabs each day. 1 shipment can be captured no more than 3 times.

Making traps. When your castle reaches level 4, you can build a bastion in your castle. In the bastion, you can choose the type of trap you want to make. Bastion will start making them right away. Upgrade your bastion to unlock higher level traps.

Life source. The Animation Hall inside your city will open after the end of every Throne War, Kingdom War, and Kingdom Tournament, and will run until 24:00 the next day. When it is open, you can enter the Source of Life interface and recover the troops you lost during the last round of the linked event. Using living water, you can revive some of your troops lost in the last throne war, kingdom war or kingdoms tournament.

The exact amount that will respawn each time will be a certain percentage of your troops killed plus the base number of troops. Troops will be restored based on the ratio of each troop type level. In this way, you can revive up to 80% of your dead soldiers. You can also ask allies to use aid vouchers to help you revive troops through mutual aid.

Each aid will restore a certain proportion of your troops, up to a maximum of 10%. Using the above two methods, you can revive up to 90% of your dead troops. Once the revive hall closes, any dead troops that have not yet been recovered will be lost forever. Click the Death Report button on the Source of Life interface to view detailed information on your troops killed in the last round of the Throne War, Kingdom War, or Tournament of Kingdoms, including the number of troops recovered and awaiting revival.

Conquest system. When both the attacker and the defender are from the same kingdom and they have a castle with a level of at least 16, if the attacker wins the battle and inflicts some damage on the defender, then the conquest system will be open. That is, for a certain time, both parties will be in a relationship of a conquered and conqueror. The higher the level of the defender, the more damage needs to be done.

Conquerors can change the status of conquered enemies at will, but conquered cannot change them for a certain period of time. Players can conquer more than one ruler at a time, and can gain many buffs by conquering many rulers. The more rulers you conquer, the more positive effects you will receive.

Troop training. You can build a barracks (for infantry), a stable (for cavalry), a canopy (for archers) and a factory (for war machines) inside a wall to train your troops. Click on these buildings and select the type of troops and the number you want to train. Upgrade your barracks, stable, canopy, and factory to unlock higher levels of troops.

Troop protection. You can use the item - protection from war, so that your castle is not scouted or attacked by other ambitious rulers. However, any troops sent outside the castle will not be protected. Sometimes your troops will be attacked while collecting resources, and you can call them back to your castle to avoid losses.

When your castle is under attack, you can send your troops to gather resources or survey the ruins to avoid the attack, but chances are that your castle could be captured and your resources looted. This is the trade-off you will need to make. Building more hospitals and improving them will increase the capacity for wounded soldiers and reduce troop losses.

You can also use random teleportation or higher teleportation to move your castle to a different location on the kingdom map to stay out of the war. If you have joined an alliance, you can move your castle close to your allies to protect each other.

Treatment of wounded soldiers. When your castle is under attack, many of your soldiers are likely to be wounded in combat. The wounded will go to hospitals for treatment. When the number of wounded exceeds the hospital capacity limit, the wounded will begin to die without treatment. Build more hospitals and upgrade them to higher levels to reduce losses in battles.

Getting a bomb and a bugle of war. You can enter the item shop through your backpack to buy the bomb and the forge of war directly. You have chances to get bombs, forges of war and various valuable items by killing marauders.

Hall of War. The Hall of War is unlocked when your castle reaches level 7. You need to join an alliance to make it effective. In the war hall, you can check all the military situations of your allies, including those who are attacking and those who are being attacked. The important thing is that only when the war hall is built, you can gather the troops of allies so that they join you in the attack on the enemy castle. Upgrading the war hall will increase the number of soldiers you can collect at a time.

Gathering troops. You can initiate the gathering of allied troops to attack the enemy. When gathering troops, you need to set the gathering time first. Your allies’ troops must arrive at your castle before the gathering time ends. After they have gathered, all troops will go to the target enemy and start an attack. You must join an alliance and build a war hall before you can gather troops. The total number of soldiers collected will be determined by the level of your war hall.

Only the initiator who called for the gathering can disband the assembled troops. Once dispatched, troops cannot be returned.

Why are my meals decreasing? Farms can produce food for your castle, but they have a limited capacity. If you don’t collect food on time, the farms will stop producing until you collect it. Your soldiers consume food every second. But if your food is used up, your soldiers will find other means to keep them alive.

Will soldiers die without food? Food is a very important resource for maintaining your troops. All your soldiers are consuming food every second. The more troops you have, the greater the total consumption. Protecting your interests, a special mechanism was created in which, when food is used up, your troops will stop consuming them and will not die. They won’t consume any resources until you collect more food again.

How do I get skill points? You will receive skill points every time the ruler improves one level. Improving the structure, completing tasks, etc. will bring you the experience of the ruler. When the experience bar is full, the ruler advances to the next level. The higher the ruler’s level, the more skill points you will receive. Use these points to unlock more skills.

Event "Tournament of rulers". In the Tournament of Rulers event, your goal is to get as many points as possible by completing tasks during a certain period of the event to win rewards of 3 different classes. The more points you get, the higher the level you will reach and the more winnings you will get. The reward includes gold and many valuable items. The rulers’ tournament includes gathering resources, killing marauders, increasing power, developing a castle, training troops and a deadly tournament.

Why do my points decrease during the Power Up Stage in the Tournament of Rulers event? Your points in the power increase stage in the event of the tournament of rulers differ depending on your combat strength. You will gain points as your strength increases by completing soldier training, improving buildings, researching technologies, and healing soldiers. On the contrary, when you lose soldiers, fire them, or destroy your buildings, your strength will decrease, and so will your event points.

Why didn’t I get Gold, Alliance Points, and Alliance Glory from the Tournament of Rulers event? Tournament of Rulers Event Ranking rewards are mailed to you. Once you have taken them, the rewarded items will be added to your backpack, while the glory of the alliance will be added to your current alliance glory, alliance points will be added to your alliance, and gold will be added to your gold balance.

Why is my castle on fire? Castles are often set on fire by enemies during invasions, when players have lost in the defense of castles. As the wall defense points decrease gradually, your castle will slowly be consumed by the flames. The fire will eventually die off after about half an hour of burning, but you have the option to put out the fire manually. The "Repair" function will restore the wall defense points. Wall defense points can drop to 0 during an intense attack. In such cases, your castle will be moved to a random location in the kingdom. After moving the castle, the wall defense points will be restored to the maximum.

Why am I always attacked? You can use the War Defense item to protect your castle from reconnaissance and attack. Teleport items are also very useful to help you stay away from enemies that keep attacking you. Move your city to a remote area or to a place closer to your allies.

How do I earn free gold? There are the following ways:

How to use the warehouse? What is resource protection? You have many ways to get resources in the game. The warehouse provides space to store and protect your resources, which are deposited in the warehouse by default. Resource protection refers to the amount of resources your warehouse can protect.

When your castle is under attack, protected resources will not be looted. You can upgrade the warehouse to increase the protected amount. For example, when you have 40,000 food and your warehouse has a protective capacity of 30,000, that 30,000 food will be protected during the attack, and your enemy can only loot up to 10,000 food.

How do I get a medal for weapons? Methods:

  1. Equip a full set of equipment of the specified level and quality to complete the achievement;
  2. If you have equipment at different levels, the lowest level will be accepted;
  3. If you have equipment of different quality, the lowest quality will be accepted;
  4. This achievement does not need to be unlocked in order. Once you reach any level, all previous levels will be automatically completed.

How to choose a kingdom? Your character will appear in a relatively new kingdom when you first enter the game. Before your castle reaches level 6, you can use initial or highest teleportation to transfer your castle to any kingdom on the world map. Starting at level 6, your castle can only be moved within the kingdom.

You can move to another kingdom as long as your castle is below level 6 and created less than 3 days ago. You can take up to 500,000 lumber and 500,000 food with you to another kingdom if you meet these conditions.

Goodwill package. These packages allow you to send gold to other players in the game as a gesture of goodwill. To send a package, invest a certain amount of gold and select the number of packages in which the gold will be distributed. Once this is done, you can either send them to the kingdom chat or to the alliance chat. The Goodwill Pack will appear in the chat as a sticker, and other players can tap on the sticker to receive a random amount of gold until all of the gold from the pack is received.

When the total amount sent in packages exceeds 2,000 gold, a notification will be sent to inform all players of your bounty. Click on your own packages to see how much gold is left. If the gold remains after 24 hours, the unclaimed gold will be returned to you via mail. Empty Goodwill Packages can be earned as a bonus from purchasing certain Event Packages. You can also participate in multiple events to win blank goodwill packages.

Achievements. When the ruler has completed certain tasks in the game, achievements will be unlocked. There are many levels in each category, with each level represented by a star. Each achievement rewards a corresponding medal. When the achievement reaches level 3, the medals accumulated in this category can be activated.

Rose system. Players will be able to send and receive roses to increase their rose rating. The reward will be sent when the countdown for each phase of the competition is complete and the rose calculation for all players is updated. The Rose rating is updated every two weeks, and the first 150 players on the rating board receive prizes.

You can buy roses for gold, and in the rose interface you can check the history of the rulers’ rose. Those at the top of the rose rankings will receive great prizes. When 100 roses are sent at once, an announcement will be made in the kingdom. The maximum number of roses that can be sent at one time is 1,000. Only rulers with a castle of lvl. 10 or higher can send roses to others.

Voice chat. Each player can create their own voice chat group, but you can only join one voice chat at a time. When you start a voice chat, the system will give the chat a unique ID. Other players can use this ID to join your voice chat. The player limit of each voice chat is 20 people and each player can speak freely there.

In voice chat, there are two ways to talk: press the button to speak, or just use free talk mode. You can switch between them at any time. The owner of a voice chat has certain privileges, including setting up chat passwords, blocking players, knocking out players, or disbanding the chat.

Days of Empire: All by Alliance

Creation of an alliance. You can create an alliance for free at castle level 6 or pay a certain amount of gold to create it before you reach castle level 6. When creating an alliance, you need to enter the name, abbreviation and declaration of the alliance. Other rulers will read your alliance announcement and decide whether to join or not. The language used by the alliance leader will be set as the default alliance language. You can change the language in the alliance settings.

How to join an alliance? Click the "Alliance" tab on the main interface to open the alliance list. The system will offer you several alliances. You can search for an alliance that you would like to join. By joining an alliance, you will receive powerful alliance technology effects and can buy powerful items from the alliance store. You will receive gold when you first join the alliance. You are invited to join an alliance with the same language as yours. This will make it easier for you to communicate with your allies.

Alliance leader. The leader of the alliance has the highest authority in the alliance. If the leader of the alliance was unable to log in for 7 days in a row, members of p3 and p4 can pay gold to become the new leader of the alliance.

Alliance ranks. The leader of the alliance is a p5 member and all other members are assigned as rank 1 when they join the alliance. Members of lower ranks can be promoted or demoted by members of higher ranks.

Alliance technology. You can donate technology to your alliance after you have joined it for 4 hours. When you make your donation, you will receive Alliance Glory and Alliance Points. The donation will generate recharge times. You will not be able to make your donation again until the recharge time has run out.

When the technology donation is complete, p4 and p5 will be able to research this technology. Once the research is completed, all members of the alliance will receive the bonus properties of this technology. Each alliance can only research one technology at a time. When the technology reaches a certain level, the higher level technology will be unlocked.

Alliance facilities. Alliance members can build alliance buildings through the alliance building interface, and on the kingdom map, they can also build an alliance building by clicking on an empty space. The leader of the alliance can place the ministry of the alliance, and all other members of the alliance can place the flags of the alliance to expand the territory. R4 members, alliance officials and R5 can spend alliance points to place alliance flags. After the ministry and the flag are placed, alliance members can send troops to complete construction.

Construction ends when the alliance building’s defense reaches 100%. The more soldiers are sent, the faster the construction speed will be. When the alliance building is successfully attacked, enemy troops will be stationed in the alliance building and begin to dismantle it. When the defense points of an alliance building are 0, that alliance building is destroyed. Members of your alliance can attack the enemy to reclaim the building and restore the defense of the alliance building by placing troops in the corresponding alliance building.

Battles that take place in alliance buildings can lead to injured soldiers.

Super-zone of the alliance. Skilled alliance leaders can choose a location to build a super alliance zone with a huge amount of resources such as food, wood, iron or quartz. Alliance members can start collecting food and wood starting from castle lvl 6, iron - lvl. 10, and quartz - level 15. When collected in super zones of the alliance, the speed will increase by 20%.

Each alliance can only have one super alliance zone. Troops sent to build a super zone will begin gathering when construction is complete. The super zone has unlimited resources and the troops gathering inside are safe from enemy attacks. When a zone expires 7 days after creation, or is destroyed by an alliance leader, an R4 member, or an alliance official, then it can be rebuilt.

Alliance help. You can request help from the alliance when you build or upgrade buildings, research technologies and heal wounded soldiers. Each member can help others using the help button in the alliance help interface or through the embassy. The effect of providing assistance is determined by the level of the embassy of the ruler who asked for help.

How to help with resources? Resource Assistance provides free assistance between allies. When you join an alliance and build a market, you can choose an ally from the alliance member list or on the kingdom map to assist. Resource assistance charges tax. Improving the market to higher levels will result in lower tax and more load on your caravan to transport more resources each time. Resources will be sent from one castle to another on the kingdom map. Upgrade Logistics technology to speed up transportation.

Alliance officials. The alliance leader can appoint four members to serve as alliance officials in the following positions: Commander, Diplomat, Planner, and Recruiter. When an official position is vacant, alliance members can apply to fill it. The leader of the alliance can then decide whether to appoint them to the position. All four officials play a role in helping the alliance leader manage the alliance effectively. Alliance officials sit between p4 and p5 and enjoy all the benefits of p4, as well as the added benefits that come with their official position.

Alliance store. Alliance members will receive alliance points by making technology donations and completing events. The p4 and p5 members can use alliance points to add items to the alliance store. Alliance members will receive the Alliance glory for their contribution of technology and completion of events. Alliance Glory can be used to purchase items from the Alliance Store. Your alliance fame will not be reset when you leave the alliance, but your alliance donation rating will disappear.

Alliance treasures. Alliance treasures will be unlocked when your warehouse reaches level 6. You can dig up the treasures of the alliance one hour after joining the alliance. There are five different qualities of a treasure: green, blue, purple, orange, and gold. After you have unearthed some treasures, you will need the help of your allies to open them. After choosing help, you just need to wait for the countdown to end and you will receive prizes.

The better the quality of the alliance treasures, the longer it will take to open, and the better the rewards inside will be. If you wait too long without opening your treasure, it will disappear and you will not receive any rewards. You can unearth one treasure for free. If you want to dig more then you must spend extra gold. Update:

Enemies of the alliance. Your list of alliance enemies will display the rulers who have inflicted damage on your allies. Depending on the strength of the enemies and the damage they inflicted, different goals and bonuses are set. You can accomplish revenge goals by attacking the enemy multiple times. Rulers who achieve these goals will receive bonuses. The loot obtained as a result of revenge will be divided among the rulers who participated in the revenge.

Alliance territory

The alliance leader, officials and R4 members can create alliance structures on the kingdom map. Each alliance building controls a certain amount of territory. All territory controlled by these structures is the common territory of the alliance. Each structure has its own defense points. The structures of the alliance can be attacked and strengthened, however, after the destruction of the structures, the territory under its control will disappear, and the total territory of the alliance will decrease. Attacking and defending alliance structures is a core part of an alliance war.

1. Ministry of the alliance. Miniterry is the central building of every alliance. The alliance leader must build an alliance ministry in order to have the first block of territory. Building a ministry will automatically create a 12x12 alliance block. This structure is a prerequisite for the construction of other structures of the alliance.

2. Alliance flags. Alliance flags are the main structures used to expand the territory of the alliance. At first you can set 30 alliance flags, each commanding a 5x5 area of territory. Alliance members can increase the upper limit of flags by researching the corresponding alliance technology. The higher the flag limit, the more territory your alliance can control. Each new flag will use more alliance points than the last one.

3. Territory points. Each square of the territory of the alliance you control will give you territory points. The number of territory points depends on the resource zone in which this square is located. The points for each zone are:

When alliance buildings are successfully attacked, they will start burning. The stronger the remaining troops, the longer the building will burn, up to a maximum of 30 minutes. While the structure is on fire, its defense points will decrease. If the alliance building is attacked again, the burning period will accumulate. When the structure is no longer burning, it will restore 20 defense points every hour. Alliance members can spend gold to help restore the defenses of the structure. Similar to the Palace, when an alliance structure is attacked, the attackers and defenders will receive wounded troops.

4. Advantages of the territory of the alliance. Players will receive a gathering speed bonus when collecting resources from tiles on their own alliance territory. The more points the territory of your alliance will occupy, the faster you will collect resources (excluding super-zones of the alliance). Each day, the system will provide prizes to alliance members based on your total alliance territory points. Only rulers with castles of level 6 and above will receive these rewards. The more points in the territory of the alliance, the more prizes the members will receive.

Get an extra prize from killing marauders on the territory of your own alliance.

5. Teleportation of the territory. Once your alliance reaches 15,000 territory points, players can use the teleport function. Players must be in the territory of their alliance or in the territory of a treaty alliance and can migrate to another location in that territory.

6. Alliance tax. When members of other alliances collect resources from tiles in your alliance territory, you will receive some of these resources as an alliance tax. This tax can be distributed among alliance members by the alliance leader in accordance with the distribution rules of the game. Members of treaty alliances are exempt from this tax. The alliance tax rate is initially set at 15%, but alliance members can increase this tax rate by researching the appropriate alliance technology.

Alliance diplomacy

The peculiarity of alliance diplomacy is to make inter-alliance diplomacy more intuitive and facilitate the participation of alliance members in this process. With this feature, leaders can formalize their relationships with other alliances and members can easily see the status of those relationships. Alliance members R4, alliance officials and R5 can establish relationships with other alliances in the alliance diplomacy interface.

Once the relationship is established, the system will automatically inform the members of this via the in-game mailbox. Alliance diplomacy status with other alliances will be clearly displayed in the colors of their names, their alliance territory and icons above the resource tiles where they are collected. Enemy alliance players will have bright red names and distinctive nameplates to distinguish them.

1. Allied Alliance. Allied alliance members cannot attack each other and do not have to pay taxes when collecting resource tiles on each other’s territory. The names of the alliance members of the ally will be displayed in blue, and their alliance territory will be displayed on the blue border. This diplomatic status must be agreed by both sides.

2. Alliance of a Friend. Members of friendly alliances can attack each other, but they get a reminder to double check before attacking. Members’ names and boundaries of their territory will be highlighted in yellow.

3. Alliance of the Enemy. Members’ names and boundaries of their territory will be marked in red.

4. Neutral alliance. These are the ones with whom you have no relationship, and the member names and boundaries of their territory will be grayed out.

Event "Byzantine Invaders"

When the Byzantine Invaders event starts, R4 and R5 members or alliance officials will be able to activate it through the event center or any of the ancient ruins in the kingdom. After activation, all members of the alliance must defend their castle in order to earn points. The more invaders the player kills, the more points the player and his alliance will receive. More points means a better place in the ranking of individual points and the alliance, as well as greater rewards.

Remember that there are 16 direct waves of attack per event, with only 4 minutes between 2 waves. R4 and R5 members and alliance officials can adjust the difficulty of this event before activating it. Higher difficulty means tougher invaders in larger numbers, but also better rewards. Reinforcement of the team is critical to getting more points at higher levels.

Each member of the alliance has 2 chances to fail against invaders. After 2 defensive failures, attacks against this player will stop, the player will not receive more individual points, but they can still strengthen other members to help the alliance gain more points. When all participants cannot defend twice or all 16 waves are completed, the event will end.

War Defense items will not work during the Byzantine Invaders event. Troops can only be injured during the event.

Royal Alliance League

Time of the event. Teams for the Royal Alliance League will be selected at 00:00 on Tuesday, the second week after the Kingdom’s Tournament of Rulers. The event will then begin at 00:30. Event time: 00:00 Tuesday - 00:00 Sunday (5 days). Rewards will be dispatched when the event ends at 00:00 on Sunday.

The terms of participation. This event is an alliance based event, so you must be in the alliance by the time the event starts. Your alliance must already have at least 25 members at the time the event starts. You can contribute points to the alliance you are in when the event starts. If you switch alliances after the event starts, you will not be able to participate on behalf of the new alliance. However, if you then return to the alliance you were in when the event started, you will be able to participate in that event as normal and the previous points you earned for that alliance will be preserved.

League rules. There are four leagues of different ranks, listed here from lowest to highest: Starter League - Novice League - Elite League - Master League. Alliances participating for the first time will start in the Starter League. At the end of the event, alliances that have accumulated enough points to reach Stage 8 and are in the top five alliances in their league can earn ranking prizes and be promoted to the next league for the next round of the event. Alliances that entered the last 5 places of the rating and were unable to score a single point at all will be demoted by their league rank in the next round of the event.

Glasses. At the start of the event, you will be given three tasks. Complete them to earn torches. During the event, you will be able to donate one point for each torch you receive. You can also purchase torch chests from the store. These chests can be opened to obtain many torches. When you complete the task and receive rewards, a new task will automatically appear in its place. You can also spend gold to upgrade all three available missions. Any rewards that you were unable to obtain prior to the update will be sent to your backpack.

Awards. When the event ends, all members of the alliance will be able to receive milestone awards based on how many points the alliance has accumulated, and the more points, the better the rewards. You can win multi-stage awards during the event. At the end of the event, each member of the five alliances with the most points in each league will receive ranking rewards. If you do not collect any points for your alliance during the event, you will not be able to receive any rewards.

Days of Empire: Overview of the most important events

Demon Palace

How to play? Beat the attack signal to challenge your soldiers to battle the dark Ifrit! There is a limit on the number of monsters you can kill each day and the limit will be updated at 00:00 every day (GMT). There are 2 levels of Ifrit Challenge: Normal Challenge and Elite Challenge. A regular challenge is a daily event. However, the Elite Challenge is a time-dependent event that only opens at 00:00 every Tuesday (GMT) and lasts 24 hours. In normal mode, one attack will cost 5 attack horns, after the attack you will receive prizes. In Elite mode, one attack will consume 20 forge of attack, but the rewards are far superior in quality and quantity.

Who is qualified to summon Ifrit? When your castle reaches level 6, you can challenge the demon’s palace. You will receive 5 horns of attack when you first enter the demon’s palace.

Prizes. You will receive prizes after each attack, and you can be blessed by the Sultan. With this blessing, you don’t need an attack forge to attack Ifrit. And once you have killed Ifrit, you have a chance to mine his treasures, and get the bulk of the gold, and your members of the alliance can also receive a gift from the system. Finally, you have a chance to find precious feathers in the treasure chest. You can exchange these feathers for treasure chests.

Divine wrath

Rules. During the event, each ruler has 20 chances to attack mythical beasts. When the mythical beast reaches its ultimate health bar, it will enter rage mode, forcing its health back. Each time an event starts, rulers will be notified of a weakness that can be exploited. Using this information, rulers will be able to inflict bonus damage up to 100% to mythical beasts.

During a military rally against a mythical beast, the total damage done will not be distributed evenly and will be counted in accordance with the damage done by the troops of each ruler. When you attack a mythical beast, there is a chance to inflict a critical strike that deals additional damage up to 100% of the original damage. There is maximum damage that can be dealt to a mythical beast in a single attack. Extra damage above the maximum during each attack will not be counted.

Awards. Players will receive a reward for every attack on the mythical beast. The higher the damage, the better the reward. During the event, when the total damage done to mythical beasts reaches a certain amount, you can open the damage reward chest on the event page. During this event, the top 100 rulers in the damage rating will receive a personal rating reward. Remove all of the Mythic Beast’s health bars before it enters Rage Mode to win a Fortune reward: Final Strike.

Finish the health bar left over by the mythical beast after it enters rage mode to win a fortune reward: Killing Blow. There are many achievements that can be completed when attacking a mythical beast. Complete these hidden achievements to earn other good luck rewards. The treasures of the mythical beast can be found during the event and used to exchange for excellent rewards in the store.

Other rules. During the event, when all the mythical beasts in the kingdom have been killed, a new wave of mythical beasts will appear. Work together and fight for bigger and better rewards.

Kingdom War

The Kingdom War will take place every 2 weeks on Saturday from 00:00 to 23:30 (server time). During the kingdom war, rulers can earn points by collecting resources and killing marauders in the enemy kingdom, as well as by killing the troops of the enemy kingdom in any kingdom. Players can also gain points by occupying an enemy palace and reinforcing the occupied one with their alliance.

Rulers will not gain any points by killing troops from enemy rulers whose castles are below level 15. And rulers whose castles are level 15 or lower cannot get points for killing the troops of the enemy kingdom, as well as for occupying or fortifying the Palace.

During a kingdom war, castles of level 16 or higher can move to other kingdoms indefinitely, while castles of level 15 or below have no choice but to stay in their home kingdom and protect it from invaders. Once the event begins, all eligible rulers from both kingdoms will be able to travel to and from each other’s kingdoms using higher teleportation.

At the end of the event, castles in the enemy kingdom will be moved back to a random location in their home kingdom, and free higher teleportation will be provided by mail to these castles. The kingdom with the most points at the end of the event will be declared the winning kingdom and will receive generous rewards and kingdom buffs for their victory. The top 100 rulers in the kingdom war points ranking will receive an additional reward for their success.

During the event, the capacity of the wounded will be increased by 50% for rulers fighting both at home and outside the kingdom. When the kingdom war is over, this buff will be removed. During the war for the kingdom, the war for the throne will be activated as usual (on Saturday at 18:00), players with alliances can fight for the palace in their kingdom, as well as in the enemy kingdom. And the rules are the same as in the war for the throne.

After the complete conquest of the enemy palace, your kingdom will be transferred 30% of the total points of the enemy. A kingdom that loses control of its palace will also give up all official titles, including the title of King. There will be a 15 minute war defense set over your castle as you move into an enemy kingdom. During the war for the kingdom, all the names of the enemy castles will be displayed in red with a unique appearance.

The number of its kingdom will be displayed next to the name of each castle. Display format - # number. For example, # 10 means kingdom number 10. The kingdom number indicates where the ruler came from (for rulers from your home kingdom, the number will not be shown.) 30 minutes after the end of the war for the kingdom, the system calculates battle statistics and sends corresponding letters to both kingdoms.

Days of Empire: War for the Throne and Election of a King

War for the throne. When the palace enters war status, all rulers in the alliance can send soldiers to attack and occupy the palace, gun towers and strongpoints. If the soldiers, gun towers or strongpoints sent to the palace are allies of the occupiers, then in this case they will strengthen the palace, gun towers and strong points. And if the occupiers belong to another alliance, you can attack the Palace and Barbetta with your troops.

The number of soldiers sent will be attackers. The number of soldiers that can be stationed in the palace, gun towers and strongpoints is determined by the size of the occupying army and the level of its war hall. If the gun turret is held by one alliance and the palace by another, then the gun turret will open fire.

Palace. The palace is located in the center of the kingdom map. Coordinate (380, 380). An alliance that wins the war for the throne and occupies the palace has the right to elect a new king. Palace status:

  1. Preparation status. In the early stages of your kingdom’s development, the palace is in preparation mode. During this period, no one can dispute the empty throne. The palace will show a countdown time when the War of the Throne begins. The war for the throne begins at the end of the countdown.
  2. War status. The War for the Throne will open once a week, on Saturday from 18:00 to 23:00 (server time), lasts 5 hours. Any ruler with an alliance can attack the palace while the throne is at war. If an alliance can hold the throne for the specified time, that alliance will win the right to crown the king, and the palace is placed in protection status and cannot be attacked until the next war for the throne. The timer will be reset if control of the throne is transferred from one alliance to another.
  3. Protection status. When the palace and all gun turrets are in defense status, they cannot be attacked. When the defense state ends, they will be in battle status and open to attack.

Gun turret. There are 4 gun turrets around the palace. It is said that in ancient times the towers were built by rebels to attack the palace. In a war for the throne, if the gun turret is held by one alliance and the palace by another, the gun turret will open fire.

Strong point. In the four corners of the war zone there are four strong points (405.354), (405.405), (354.405), (354.354). Each strong point occupies 2 * 2 blocks. Occupying a strong point, you will receive points in the war for the throne.

War zone. The war zone refers to the vast land surrounding the palace. It is extremely difficult to get through this area. Your march speed will be slowed down and you will not be able to place your soldiers there.

Rules of the War for the Throne. The War for the Throne is divided into 2 stages, the requirements for victory are different at different stages:

  1. Stage 1: 18: 00-21: 00. If any alliance holds the throne for 60 consecutive minutes, then that alliance will win the throne and the war for the throne will end. Other alliances will receive prizes according to their points.
  2. Stage 2: 21:00 - 23:00. At this point, any alliance that manages to hold the palace for 30 minutes in a row will take the throne and the war for the throne will end. Other alliances will receive prizes according to their points.

When the duration of the lesson enters the second stage, if the remaining battle status time exceeds 30 minutes, the countdown to the end of the throne war will be 30 minutes. Otherwise, it will be the same as the remaining battle status time. If no alliance is able to hold the palace for the required time at the end of the event, the alliance with the most points will take the throne, while the alliances ranked from 2nd to 8th will receive the corresponding warrior packages.

There are several levels of prize packages and 30 packages for each level. The higher the level, the better the prizes. Warrior Packs will be issued by the Alliance Leader and must be distributed within the time frame set by the system. In the event of a tie, the alliances will be ranked according to their time of reaching the final result.

War points for the throne. Earned by killing soldiers in the palace, gun towers and strongpoints. Holding the palace, gun towers and strongpoints will earn points every minute, the palace gives the most points. Only the top 10 alliances are displayed in the points ranking.

King. During the first 5 hours of protection status, the leader of the alliance who occupies the palace can appoint any member of the alliance as king. If no one is appointed as a new king within the first 5 hours, then the leader of the alliance will be crowned, but if the previous king was also a member of the same alliance, then in this case the king will retain the crown. King’s privileges:

  1. Bonus properties. Troop attack + 15%, troop defense + 15%, campaign size + 10%;
  2. Appointments. The king can appoint any player in the kingdom as queen, prime minister, chief judge, finance minister, commander of cavalry, secretary of defense, finance minister, cavalry, chief of security, scientist, blacksmith, maidservant, groom, jester, demos, fight scout, villain, a criminal, a madman.
  3. Resource selection. The king can increase the distribution of one resource in the kingdom over a period of time.
  4. Kingdom flag selection. The king can choose the flag of the kingdom, which will be displayed on the world map and will fly high atop the palace.
  5. The choice of the appearance of the palace. If the king wants to redesign the appearance of the palace, he can choose one of the options for the appearance of the palace. The new appearance will be displayed in the kingdom and on the world map.
  6. Royal package. The King also has a range of free packages that can be used to reward loyal subjects or irreplaceable allies. The king has 5 conqueror packs, 10 defender packs, and 20 supporter packs to give out to players. Each player can receive no more than one package from the king. Players below level 10 will not receive iron and quartz rewards, and players below level 15 will not receive quartz rewards.

Official positions:

Days of Empire: Walkthrough of the Field of Flame

The field of flames is a competition between alliances. During the event, alliances of different kingdoms can form teams and sign up for battle. Rival alliances will enter the field of flames and begin a battle that lasts for 1 hour. There are many buildings in the field of flames, and occupying buildings earns command points and personal points. When the battle is over, the team with the most team points wins. Requirement for participation:

  1. Kingdom must be over 1 week old to be eligible to register.
  2. Leaders and officers from the top 10 alliances in combat strength (at the time of registration) from each kingdom will be able to register their alliances on the field of fire.
  3. When registering on the field of flames, the alliance leader and officers will be given the opportunity to choose the time for the battle.
  4. After registration is complete, the alliance leader and officers can assign members of their alliance to participate in the field of flame. Each alliance can appoint a maximum of 3 teams (depending on the number of allies) to participate (up to 20 players per team). Designated rulers must have a castle level of at least 15.

Until the end of registration, the list of rulers chosen for the battle may be changed. Members who leave their alliances during this time will be automatically removed from the list. After registration is complete, the list of rulers chosen for the battle will be locked and cannot be changed. The rulers on this list who leave the alliance and then return will still be able to take part in this event.

Selection rules. The selection of the opponent will be based on the value (strength of each team + the number of players with the castle level 26), calculated after the end of registration.

Entrance. You can find the entrance to the event center as soon as the event starts. All fighters must heal all wounded and call all troops home to enter the field of flames. The red team will be on the left side of the battlefield and the blue team on the right. The first 3 minutes is preparation time, you cannot attack the enemy or buildings.

Battle rules

The battle in the field of flame is the same as the battle in your kingdom. Players can send troops to occupy various structures and receive buffs. Occupy key buildings to get rich command points. Team points determine the winner of the battle. Killing enemy troops with every 10,000 strength will earn you 1 personal point. Occupying a building, you will receive 100% personal points if you have at least 50,000 soldiers inside. The fewer troops inside, the less personal points you earn. Migration to the flame field is limited.

Each alliance has a limited number of migrations. Once the amount is used up, members will not be able to use items or gold to gain additional migrations. Seize the portal to increase the remaining teleportation chances for your team. If the portal is already captured by your alliance, then the first teleportation for members from your team to the portal will not cost gold or items, only a chance will be spent (can be used only once per battle).

The default warrior spirit in battle will be 1,000 (it is not affected by the Ruthless item and the Siege Threat technology). Under normal circumstances, troops will not die during combat on the field of fire; on the contrary, all the dead will be turned into the wounded. Healing the wounded does not require any resources, and the time required to heal will be less than in your kingdom. Field hospitals will not be limited in capacity, and all troops will be automatically healed when you leave the battlefield.

When the castle’s defenses collapse, the burning speed of the castle will increase significantly in the field of fire, so put out the fire quickly. The rulers cannot grab resources from the castle during the battle on the field of fire. Traps lost on the battlefield will not be automatically restored after the battle. If you leave the field of flames before the battle is over, then your personal points will be destroyed and you will not be able to go back, but the command points will not depend on individual rulers leaving the battlefield.

Restrictions on the flame field. After appearing on the field of flame, alliance members cannot be kicked out of their alliance, cannot create a new alliance or join another alliance. Also, you cannot build or return alliance structures, and you cannot change the names of the alliance. The rulers cannot help members of the alliance in their own kingdom, but they can still help other members of the alliance who are on the field of flames.

The rulers who enter the field of flame cannot strengthen the allies in their own kingdom, but can strengthen the members who are in the field of flame. After entering the field of flame, the ruler’s castle in his own kingdom will be in the status of protection, which means that he will not be attacked or scouted. Actions on the field of flame do not affect other events that may take place in your kingdom. They also don’t count towards the progress of the achievement system and the mission system.

Flame Field Buildings:

  1. Flame Palace. The Flame Palace is located in the center of the Flame Field. There is only one palace of flame. The Flame Palace is the main source of Command Points. Full occupation of this building gives 200 team points per minute, your team points determine the outcome of the battle.
  2. Military altar. The military altar is located on the left and right side of the flame field. The War Altar is an important source of Command Points, and a complete occupation of it is worth 150 Command Points per minute. The military altar has an important strategic position.
  3. Bridgehead. The beachhead is an important source of team points. Full occupation of the beachhead gives you many team points. Capturing this building gives you 80 team points per minute.
  4. Portal. Your team will receive additional chances of teleportation when they completely occupy the portal. The first teleportations of your team members to the portal will not cost gems or items, only chances will be spent, but the second teleportation of your team members to this area will require gems or items. Occupying this building will allow more crew members to teleport to the center of this field.
  5. Blessing Tower. Blessing Tower offers attack and defense bonuses. By fully occupying it, you will earn an attack and defense bonus for your team.
  6. Medical Center. The medical center increases the speed of healing. Full occupation will dramatically increase the healing rate of the wounded on your team, so they can fight again soon.
  7. Ruin. Remnants of the Flame Invaders are in the ruin. Capture them to summon the invaders of the flame and make them attack your enemy’s castle. Flame Invaders have powerful attack power and extremely fast movement speed.
  8. Gatehouse. The gatehouse provides an increase in the marching speed of your troops. You will see that your troops start moving faster after capturing the gatehouse.

Flame talents. After entering the field of flame, each ruler can select and activate two of the seven talents available to them, depending on their needs in this battle. The skills you activate are valid for one battle only and cannot be changed until the battle is over.

Days of Empire: Battle of Constantinople

Event time. The Battle of Constantinople is a team event between alliances that takes place every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm (server time). When the event starts, you can take part in it by typing a team of 2 to 4 people.

A ruler who joined the alliance after the start of the event will not be able to take part in the Battle of Constantinople.

Modes. There are five different modes (by difficulty) in total: Basic, Normal, Hard, Nightmare and Hell. You will need to complete the previous mode in order to challenge the next mode. Attacking each mode requires a different castle level.

Building. In the dungeon there are 4 Barbetas and 1 Fort of Constantinople. In the Fort of Constantinople, troops are located that protect the Fort from attack. If you manage to reduce the strength of the Fort troops to 0, you will win the battle. You can reduce the strength of the Fort troops by killing the guards inside. Fort of Constantinople also has a wall defense - this is a special buff that strengthens garrison troops. But the occupation of the Barbetts will help you weaken the defenses of the enemy wall, as the Barbetts will attack the Fort of Constantinople as soon as you occupy them.

Barbettes. Once you enter the dungeon, you can attack the Barbetas. After defeating the guards inside, you will occupy these structures, and they will start shooting at the Fort of Constantinople, reducing its wall defenses.

Sabotage group. As soon as you enter the dungeon, every two minutes several sabotage groups will be sent from Fort Constantinople to attack your castle and the Barbetas that you occupy. But each player can be attacked by up to 2 sabotage groups.

Wounded troops. During the battle for Constantinople, the player will not have any dead troops, but only wounded soldiers. Healing the wounded does not require any resources, but haste items are still needed if you want to speed up the healing process. All wounded troops will be healed automatically after leaving the battle.

Stage prizes. Successful completion of the stages gives you points that can be exchanged for items in the store. In addition, players will receive a first playthrough of each mode every day, which means that players will be able to receive up to 5 stage prizes per day, and after that they can challenge them again, but there will be no prizes.

Auto mode. If you completed the last mode of the day, then you can get rewards for completing all the easier modes directly using the auto mode, no calls need to be taken.

Defeat. Rulers who leave the Battle of Constantinople before the end, or are attacked and defeated (their wall points dropped to 0), will not receive any stage prizes.

Protection status. Each time you leave the battle, your castle will be protected from enemy attack for 5 minutes, which will not be stacked.

Medals of honor. The more difficult and the more modes you pass, the more medals of honor you can get. Honor Medals will be displayed on the leaderboard.

Use of items. Battle-related items can be used in the Battle of Constantinople, but you cannot use items to move the castle.

Days of Empire: Tournament of Kingdoms

Tournament of the Kingdoms is a point-based cross-server competition. The rulers must complete tasks within a certain time in order to earn points for their kingdom. At the end of the tournament, the kingdom with the most points is declared the winner. The stages of the tournament of kingdoms event are the same as the stages of the tournament of rulers: collecting resources, killing marauders, increasing strength, developing the castle, training troops and killing enemies.

Preview stage. Rulers can view Event Rules, Opponent Information, Remaining Start Time and Rewards.

Stage of the event. The points competition officially begins. Quests are not always the same every time an event is held, see the scoring interface for details. Rulers can only migrate to another kingdom during the cross-server assassination stage, and at this stage you can only earn points for killing the troops of the enemy kingdom, not for killing the soldiers of your kingdom.

If the difference between the two castles is more than 10 levels, the points will not be counted. In a muster or reinforcement situation, this only affects the level of the muster captain’s castle or the castle level of the one to whom reinforcements are sent.

Inter-server war for the throne. If the War for the Throne coincides with the Cross-Server Assassination event, you can conquer the enemy kingdom’s Palace, and successfully conquering the enemy kingdom’s Palace will earn extra points for your kingdom.

The stage of reviving the dead. At the end of the Kingdoms Tournament, rewards are sent by game mail, depending on the outcome of the event. Troops killed in battle against rulers from an enemy kingdom during the Cross-Server Assassination phase, as well as troops killed by overcrowding in Field Hospitals, can be revived in the Resurrection Hall after the tournament ends. At the end of the revival period, the dead troops that were not revived will be lost forever.

Awards. The winner of the Kingdoms Tournament will receive rich rewards:

  1. Stage awards. Collect enough points at each stage to earn stage rewards. Rewards are divided into personal milestone awards and milestone alliance awards, with alliance points being the sum of all alliance members’ points. Alliance milestone rewards will be sent after the end of a particular milestone, and rulers who leave the alliance before the end of the stage cannot receive rewards.
  2. Ranking rewards. Ruler and Alliance ratings will be generated for each stage of the event, and these ratings will cover both kingdoms. A rating will also be set for the entire event. The best rulers and alliances can receive rewards.
  3. Victory rewards. Each stage will have a winner based on the points for that stage, with the winner receiving rewards for winning. The final winner of the Kingdoms Tournament will be determined based on the total points in all stages, with both Kingdoms receiving different rewards.

Season rules. One season consists of 8 Kingdoms Tournament Rounds, points are awarded based on the overall performance of each Kingdom. At the end of the season, rewards will be sent based on the season’s point rating. The new season will begin immediately with the first event of the Tournament of the Kingdoms after the end of the current season.

Other rules. Apart from the kingdom tournament, no other events in your home kingdom will be affected by any actions you take in the enemy kingdom. During the Interserver Throne War, official positions will have no effect. At the end of the war for the throne, if the rulers of your kingdom can defend their palace, then the victorious alliance will be able to choose a new king.

If the enemy kingdom succeeds in capturing the palace of your kingdom, then your kingdom will remain without a king until the next war for the throne ends, and the enemy invaders also have no right to appoint officials of your kingdom. Rulers with castles below lvl 6 can earn points for their kingdom, but cannot get on the rating board. When you change kingdoms, your personal points will be reset, but your total kingdom points will remain unchanged.

Days of Empire: Dragon Slayer Guide

Event time. Each Dragon Slayer season lasts 15 weeks. During the season, team registration will be available every Friday from 20:30 to 21:00. During this period, players can create or join a team of 5-8 members from any kingdom, and then engage in battle with other teams on the Dragon Slayer battlefield.

The terms of participation. Players with a castle level above or equal to 27 can participate in this event. Whoever created a team is the leader of that team, and other players can apply to join and be accepted as team members after approval by the leader. Team members can also invite other players to join the team. Once the team is established, the team leader can start picking up an opponent.

Even if there are fewer than 5 players in the team, the leader can begin to match the opponent. In this case, peer players will automatically join the team to fill the vacancy based on their rank points until the team size reaches 5-8 people. In each round of the event, each player can take part in the competition only once and only on behalf of one team.

Selection rules. Matchmaking will take place every 10 minutes during the event, and there will be 3 matchmaking in each round of the event. In matchmaking, all equal teams can be selected to compete against each other based on the rank points and castle levels of their members. After that, players can enter the Dragon Slayer battlefield and the competition will begin. If a team fails to pick up any opponents during the event round after 3 picks, then all members of this team will receive rewards for the absence of an opponent.

Entering the battlefield. Once the match is complete, the battlefield will open and you can access it through the event page or the quick login on the home page. Before entering the battlefield, players must heal all injured soldiers and recall all troops back to their castle. The competition lasts 1 hour, with the first 5 minutes being a preparatory period during which members of both teams will not be able to send troops or move castles.

How do you win? The team with the higher scores at the end of the competition will emerge as the winner. If one team completely occupies all buildings on the battlefield and such an activity lasts 3 minutes, then the competition will end and this team will emerge as the winner. If all members of one team leave, the other team will emerge victorious.

Glasses. Points will be split into personal points and team points. Team points will affect the competition results, and personal points will affect the personal score for the players. On the battlefield, killing monsters and occupying buildings, you get both team points and personal points. And killing enemy troops gives you personal points.

Personal assessment. Players will be assigned one of the following ratings based on personal points earned on the battlefield. The corresponding rewards will be sent to them by in-game mail.

The player with the most personal points on the winning team will receive the MVP title and an additional reward. A player who leaves the battlefield halfway does not receive any personal points. In addition, some of his rank points will be deducted. However, this will not affect the team points that his team has earned in this competition.

Rank points. When the competition is over, all members of the winning team will receive a certain amount of rank points, and for the members of the losing team, some of their rank points will be deducted. The number of points increased or deducted is determined by the player’s rank and his personal assessment on the battlefield. There are 7 ranks in total: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, and Living Legend. The corresponding rank points are as follows:

Higher ranked players are offered the best items in the Dragon Slayer Shop. All players will be ranked based on rank points, and rewards corresponding to their rank will be sent out at the end of the season. At the start of a new season, the rank points of all players will drop to base rank points two ranks below the previous season.

To reach Living Legend rank, you must meet the point and rating requirements, otherwise you will remain at Master rank.

Battlefield map

1. Spawning areas. There are 2 spawning areas in total, which are located on opposite sides of the battlefield map, and each team occupies one area. Upon first entering the battlefield, players will be automatically transported to their team’s spawning area. However, inside the battlefield, you won’t be able to move your castle to the spawning area at will. On the battlefield, those players whose city defense drops to 0 will be transferred to their spawning zone.

2. Dragon Castles. There are 4 dragon castles on the battlefield, each of which gives 6 to 8 migration points. At the very beginning, dragon castles are protected by troops, players can send troops to occupy their castles. After occupying the castle of the dragon, players receive team points and personal points every minute.

With continuous occupation, you can get 100% personal points when you send at least 50,000 soldiers, otherwise the fewer troops sent, the less personal points you get. A player who occupies a dragon castle can move his castle to migration points belonging to that dragon castle. Then he can attack other buildings located next to him on the battlefield and castles at the corresponding migration points.

3. Ancient dragon. At the 10th minute of the competition, an ancient dragon will appear at the top of the battlefield map, which can only be attacked with a troop rally. Slay the dragon to earn kill rewards and bonuses for your entire team. The Ancient Dragon will reappear 10 minutes after being killed and can be killed multiple times until the end of the competition.

4. Nightmare dragon. At the 15th minute of the competition, a nightmare dragon will appear at the bottom of the battlefield map, which can only be attacked using a troop rally. Slay the Nightmare Dragon to earn kill rewards, bonuses for your team, and 2 chances to use the Nightmare Legion skill. The Nightmare Dragon will reappear 10 minutes after being killed and can be killed multiple times until the end of the competition.

5. An ancient castle and a nightmare castle. The Ancient Castle and Nightmare Castle are located next to the Ancient Dragon and Nightmare Dragon, respectively. Each of them has 4 migration points. Players can send troops to occupy them, and the rules are the same as for dragon castles. A team that completely occupies an ancient castle or nightmare castle will receive powerful bonuses when attacking an ancient dragon or nightmare dragon.

6. Red dragon and blue dragon. At the start of the competition, a group of red dragons and blue dragons will appear in the center of the map. The only possible way to attack them is through a duel. Kill a certain amount of red or blue dragon, and the whole team can receive bonuses. Baby dragons will reappear in their original numbers every 10 minutes during the competition.

Other rules

1. Migration to the field. On the battlefield, the only possible migration locations for player castles are migration points belonging to battlefield buildings. You can only move your castle to a migration point if that point belongs to a battlefield building that is under your full occupation.

2. Treatment of wounded soldiers. During battle, both teams have a default war morale of 1,000 and are not affected by Ruthlessness or Siege Threat technology. No soldier can be killed and the capacity of field hospitals will not have an upper limit. Healing injured soldiers no longer consumes resources, and the healing time is reduced. After leaving the battlefield, wounded soldiers in field hospitals will be immediately healed, and wounded soldiers who are receiving treatment will immediately complete their treatment.

3. Restrictions on subjects. On the battlefield, the use of higher teleportation and items to accelerate the march is limited. Every time higher teleportation is used, there is a recovery period. You cannot use it again until the cooldown ends. On the battlefield, each sent army can use no more than 3 items to speed up the march.

4. Nightmare Legion. The team that killed the Nightmare Dragon will have a chance to activate the Nightmare Legion skill. Upon activation, the legion will set out from the nightmare castle to attack the castles of all your opponents. The travel time for a legion is 1 minute. Castles in spawning areas or those migrating after the legion has departed will be protected from this attack.

5. Burning walls. On the battlefield, walls burn under the following conditions:

  1. The castle is attacked and its defense has failed;
  2. When the building at the migration point of which your castle is located is occupied by the enemy, it is impossible to extinguish the fire of the wall.

On the battlefield, the burning speed of the castle will be dramatically increased. If the fires are not extinguished in a timely manner, and the city’s defenses fall to 0, the castle will be forced to return to the spawning zone.

6. Actions on the battlefield. Actions taken on the battlefield, such as killing, healing, moving a castle, increasing strength, etc., will not affect the achievement system, quest system, progress of events in the center of events and in the center of benefits.

Days of Empire: Account Issues

Can I play multiple accounts on one device? You can switch between multiple accounts when they are linked to the user center. When you first log into the game, the system will assign you a guest account. Each device can only have one guest account. Your gameplay will be saved on your device.

It is highly recommended that you link your Guest Account in the User Center to prevent data loss due to device error or game reinstallation. Click on the avatar - Settings - account to enter the user center to manage your game account.

How do I transfer game data to a new device? You can easily move your game data to any new device through the user center. First, bind your game data in the User Center on your old device. Then sign in to that account on your new device. All of your game data will be transferred to your new device.

What if I don’t receive a confirmation email? First, make sure the email address you entered is valid. If you have not received a confirmation email, it may be considered spam. Find it to verify your account.

Can I change the linked Facebook account? No, the linked Facebook account cannot be unlinked or changed. So please confirm your Facebook account before linking.

Can I change the linked email address? If you have not yet verified your email account, you can change it by following the steps below. The new email address will be your new registration information. Please note that once you confirm the binding by email, you cannot change it again. Click the Check Email button.

Enter the email address you want to verify and submit.

Sign in to your email account, then open the confirmation email and click the verification link. Go back to the user center. You will see that the Check Email button has disappeared, which means that the account has been verified and successfully changed.

How do I change the language? Click on the avatar icon - Settings - Language to switch to another language.

Why didn’t I receive gold from my 7-day or 30-day value pack? Once you have purchased the 7-day or 30-day package, the items will be sent to your backpack and the gold will automatically be deposited into your gold balance in the upper right corner.

Why didn’t I receive a gold award after I shared on Facebook? When you click the "Share" button and login to Facebook successfully, the system will send you the gold award by mail. Once you receive your prize, gold will be automatically deposited into your gold balance in the upper right corner.

Why is it better to become a VIP player? As a VIP, you can enjoy various bonus effects. For example, you will get faster construction speed, resource release bonus, faster cruise speed, attack bonus, defense bonus, and health bonus. As the VIP level rises, your advantages over non-VIP players will become more evident. You will find that VIP players are exceptionally strong. Click on the VIP button next to the character’s avatar to enter the VIP interface. You can check the detailed privileges of each VIP level there.

How do I increase my VIP level? There are 15 VIP levels in total. Click on the VIP button next to the character’s avatar to enter the VIP interface. You can check the current VIP level of your account, your VIP points and the required VIP points to advance to the next level. All you need is VIP points to level up.

How do I get VIP points? You will receive VIP points when you enter the game every day. The more days you log in, the more VIP points you get. You can also get VIP points by completing tasks and participating in events. Click "Add Points" in the VIP interface to add VIP points and activate your VIP status with the required item.

Article author: Nadezhda D.