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Walkthrough Dead Rivals: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DEAD RIVALS: DEAD WORLD - an Android game with an release date of 04/11/2018 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Does the game support multiplayer mode? Yes, Dead Rivals supports both multiplayer and single player modes.

How can I navigate the map? To move in any direction, just drag your finger in the lower left corner of the screen. In the same way, drag your finger in the lower right corner of the screen to look in any direction.

How to evade a threat? Click on the corresponding icon next to the shooting icon.

How to cure a character? If your character does not take damage within a few seconds, he will automatically begin to regenerate coolant. In addition, elixirs can be used to heal it.

How to change weapons? You can change weapons at any time by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the screen. If you click on the attack button when the character does not have ammunition, he will change weapons.

Do different characters have different classes? Yes.

Is there a chance to sit down in the game? No, in the game Dead Rivals the character has no opportunity to crouch.

How do characters differ from each other? Each character has his own unique clothes, movements and class.

How many character roles do Dead Rivals have? Three: Fighter, Mercenary and Specialist.

How to strike with melee attacks? Only the Fighter can carry cold steel and deliver melee strikes.

How to improve your skills? You can improve your skills when you have duplicate cards.

What are the basic indicators for the characters? Coolant and Damage are the most important indicators.In addition, there are other properties that can be improved in every way. With a good combination of these properties, it will be easier for you to win the battle. You can view the entire list of properties by clicking on the character icon in the Vault.

What are the benefits of character enhancement? As you level up, you can gain access to stronger weapons and skills. In addition, at the highest levels you will discover many interesting opportunities.

How to improve your equipment? You can only improve weapons. If you decide to improve the performance of protection elements, try the Spell or Reforging functions by clicking the More icon when choosing a weapon in the Warehouse. So you get high rates of additional attributes.

What is a Vault? Shelter is a safe place where all players gather and communicate with each other.

What can be done in the Vault? In Vault, you can take advantage of various character enhancement options.For example, his skills or Technology Tree. Shelter is also a place that connects all playing cards.

How to improve Vault buildings? Buildings can be improved in the Info section for each building. You can find them by clicking on the Vault icon in the upper right corner of the main screen.

What is a Workshop and Drawings? In the workshop, valuable items of equipment can be made, and drawings are required to gain access to valuable equipment and the possibility of its manufacture in the workshop.

What is a task list? This is a list that has everything you can do in Dead Rivals. Complete tasks from the list, get enough activity points and exchange them for rewards.

How to see the list of tasks? Click the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the main screen.

Can I change the character name? Yes. Select Settings, then click the Change icon next to the name. The first time this can be done for free.

What is adventure mode? In adventure mode, you can familiarize yourself with the plot, learn how to play and participate in promotions.

What can I get in adventure mode? Players can gain regular control skills and battle with enemies, as well as stock rewards.

What is the maximum level that my character can reach? The maximum level is 120.

What is a chest and how to get it? The chest contains many rewards. You can open it and get them when the waiting period ends. For different modes and promotions, you can get different chests.

How many chests can be stored at one time? There are no restrictions.

How to open a chest? In the Vault, the list of chests is on the left. There is a timer showing the opening time of the chest. When the timer stops, you can click on the chest and open it.

What is an OP hero and how to get it? OP makes the hero stronger. Basic and Daily assignments bring a lot of OP, but to get it you also need to play in a daily mode.

What characteristics does a fighter have? A fighter is the embodiment of power. To solve problems, he prefers to use melee weapons and his fists. To attack, he needs to get closer to the enemy, but his command and control skills and strength make this an advantage.

What characteristics does a mercenary have? The mercenary owns all types of automatic weapons. With the help of grenades, it can inflict significant damage, and can also evade enemy attacks. A mercenary kills enemies from a long distance, he should avoid hand-to-hand battles, as this is not his forte.

What characteristics does a specialist have? The specialist most often uses short-range firearms - sawn-off shotguns and revolvers. In addition, she can use various compounds in battle, causing significant damage to enemies or healing allies. Sometimes it is wonderful.

Does the game have PvP mode? For players who want to fight in PvP mode, there is a battlefield.

How to get to the battlefield? Reach level 24, and access to the Battlefield will appear in the Vault.

How to win in PvP? Battlefield - PvP mode. Open to all players. The main goal of PvP is to score maximum points and open as many rewards for the season as possible.

How to get drawings? Fragments of the drawings can be found in the chests or win the lottery. Having received enough fragments, you can assemble a drawing from them.

How to shoot? Click on the corresponding button in the lower left corner of the screen. The target will be selected automatically. The type of attack (from distance / melee) will depend on the weapon used.

Can I change the characters weapon? Yes, each class has two weapons that can be taken in the character section.

How to get a new weapon? New weapons can be made by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the main screen. Also, new weapons can be obtained as a reward and win in the Lottery.

How to improve weapons? You can improve weapons by selecting them in the Warehouse and clicking on the "Improve" icon. To improve the main weapon, you can use the Mod-kit or Seeds.

How to get new equipment? New equipment can be made by clicking on the corresponding icon in the lower right corner of the main screen. New weapons can also be rewarded and won in the Lottery.

How many modes are there in the game? The game has 4 modes: "Defense", "Pig Race", "Escape" and "Survival".

How to enable the mode? Click the Mode icon in the panel, select a mode, and then click Finish.

How to get drawings? You can get fragments of drawings from chests or in the Lottery. When you have enough fragments, you can assemble the drawing.

What will my character do if I choose automatic movement for him? Your character will automatically run towards the goal of the task if you click on the arrow icon in the task bar.

What will my character do if I choose an automatic battle for him? Your character will automatically fight enemies if you click on the arrow icon in the taskbar.

How to cancel automatic movement and automatic battle? You can scroll through the virtual joystick or use the skill to cancel automatic actions.

Can I go through the mode myself? Yes. Click on the Finish icon; A message will appear. You can choose Solo or Online. Select Solo to complete the mode yourself.

What gives the game in modes? After successfully completing the mode, players instantly receive Seeds, OP, and a chest. To open the chest, it will take several hours, after which the player receives materials for making, skill cards, materials for improving buildings and fragments of drawings.

Why dont I get OP for killing zombies? Play in modes and complete daily quests to earn OP for your character. Bear in mind that killing zombies brings OP only to your weapon, not to the character.

I play on Android. Can I transfer my game to an iOS device? No, at the moment this game does not support cross-platform. You can link your progress on the old device with an account on the social network (Google Play or Facebook) if you use the same platform. Then, on the new device, go to My account from the main menu and enter the account you used on the old device.

Can I change the character or server? You can have one character on each server, but you cannot transfer a character from one server to another.

What does the weapon icon look like when killing a zombie? You gain experience for your weapons by killing zombies, this is displayed on the icon.

Is an internet connection required for the game? Yes, to play this game, you need a permanent Internet connection. Using Wi-Fi will be the most optimal.

Can I play offline? No, Dead Rivals has a multiplayer mode, so it requires a permanent Internet connection.

Can I turn off the auto-aiming mechanism? No you can not.

How to change sound settings? Mono sound change in the Settings section.

How to change the language settings of the game? You can change the game language in the Settings section.

How to go to the Settings section during the game? Right in the middle of the game you cannot go to the Settings section. You will have to return to the shelter.

How to change camera sensitivity? The sensitivity of the camera can be changed in the Settings section of the Settings.

How to change the location of HUD elements? You cannot change their location yet.

How to change the camera angle? In the Camera section of the Options menu, in the game settings.

Can I disable the players 3D information panel? Yes, it can be disabled in the Options menu, in the Screen section.

What are seeds and food, how to get them? Seeds and food is an in-game currency necessary for almost everything. There are several ways to get them - stocks, chests, various game modes and a list of tasks.

What are diamonds and how to get them? Diamonds is an in-game currency. You can get them for completing tasks from the list, or buy them for real money.

Can I play with friends? Yes, you need to select the same server to create characters and add each other to your friends list. Together you can play in several modes.

Can I chat with other players during the game? You can enter the Chat by clicking on the Chat window in the lower middle part of the screen.

How to find Dead Rivals forums? Select Settings, then Gameloft Connect, then Forum.

How to find Dead Rivals channels on social networks? Look for the name of the game on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.