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Deck Heroes WiKi: Gameplay Tips and Tricks

DECK HEROES is an Android game with a release date of 05/14/2015 from IGG.COM. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. How to get and level up Heroes?
  2. Creature Guide
  3. How to get 5-Star Creatures?
  4. Carrying out the evolution of Creatures
  5. A Beginner’s Guide
  6. Combat System Guide
  7. How to increase Deck Power?
  8. Equipment Usage Guide
  9. Runes Features
  10. Artifact Guide
  11. Overview of the most important game events
  12. Hidden Region Guide
  13. Dungeons and Labyrinths Walkthrough
  14. Heaven Arena Walkthrough
  15. Colosseum Battles
  16. Guild Guide
  17. Forts Attack Guide
  18. Faction War Walkthrough
  19. Grandmaster Cup
  20. How to get even more gems?
  21. Player Account

Deck Heroes: How to get and level up Heroes?

Heroes are the key and most important part of your deck.

How do I get Heroes? The Hero’s card can be collected from Shards (they can be bought at the Bazaar or received as a reward). Heroes of different classes require a different amount of shards. Each Hero has its own unique Talents and Skills, which are applied automatically during the battle.

Skills of Heroes. Skills of Heroes are usually stronger than Skills of Creatures and can significantly affect the course of the battle. When the Rage scale under the hero’s icon reaches 100% - The skill will work automatically. At the beginning of the battle, all Heroes’ Fury gauge is 50% full and begins to grow as your Hero and Creatures take Damage in battle.

Improving the Hero’s Skills. The Hero’s skill can be improved with the corresponding Hero Shards through the Upgrade Tower. To improve, you also need Fame Points. The shards will disappear after use. The number of Shards required to upgrade increases with each level of the Skill. Also, the Hero can be enhanced with Runes. In order to get them, go to the Altar or the Grimoire. The use of Runes is available from level 35 of your character. To put the Rune on the Hero, go to the Upgrade Tower and select the one you need.

Races of Heroes. As well as Creatures, Heroes can belong to one of 4 races. When the Hero and the Creatures belong to the same race, they fight much more efficiently!

Hero Talents. During the battle, the Hero’s Talents also work automatically in the right situation and have no less effect. There are many conditions for triggering Talents, usually Talents only affect Creatures of the same race.

Improving Heroes. The Hero Upgrade unlocks at level 18 in the Upgrade Tower. You can improve the Skills and upgrade the Hero’s Talents.

Updating the Hero’s Talents. The Hero’s talents can be obtained for Fame Points earned in Raids and in the Arena, or for Gems.

Select the Talent you want to change and click on the "Refresh" button, select "Refresh with Renown Points" or "Refresh with Gems". Pay attention to the tooltip above these buttons. It indicates the minimum level of Talent that can be dropped. Talents are updated randomly. If you do not want to keep the received Talent, click on the "Surrender" button. If you want to save the new Talent, click on "Save".

Deck Heroes: Creature Guide

Information about the Creatures. In Deck Heroes, Cards of Creatures of 4 races are available - Humans, Elves, Mortia and Neander. The skills of Creatures depend not only on the race, but also on the level of power. To find out all the information, just click on the Map.

Races. Deck Heroes has Cards of 4 races - Humans, Elves, Mortias and Neander. Cards of some races have advantages over others. Choose a deck depending on the upcoming battle:

Shards of Creatures. As you play Deck Heroes, you will constantly find Creature Shards. The Shards can be used to collect the Creature Map in the special ’Shards’ section on the main screen, especially in the Exploration and Mine!

How do I upgrade Creature cards? Upgrade Creatures in the Upgrade Tower to increase Attack, Health and unlock new Skills. To improve, select the desired Map, and then select Materials to improve. Essences or unnecessary Creature Cards can be used to upgrade other Cards. All used Cards will be destroyed. The selected Card will receive Experience (depends on materials). As soon as Experience is enough for a new level, Attack and Health will increase and the Creature will move to the next level.

Discovery of Skills. Creature skills are unlocked at level 5 and 10, respectively. The maximum level that can be obtained in the Upgrade is -10. The level of skills of Creatures can be increased. For this we need Matter. They must be of a higher level than the chosen Creature. Remember that the progress of improving the Skill is saved forever! To get the best result, use the Matter of the highest level.

Pay attention to the Class of Materials - it cannot be lower than the Class of the upgraded Creature. For example, for Creatures of the 5th class Matter of the 5th class is suitable. For Creatures of the 4th class, both Matter and 5th and 4th classes are suitable. Class 5 creatures with Fusion can upgrade Skills up to level 15.

Materia can be obtained from the Altar or from the victory in the Grimoire. Unnecessary Matter cards can be exchanged for Sparks, with the help of which you can get other Matter in the Altar.

Preview. You will be able to see the following information before upgrading a Creature:

Merge cards. To use the Fusion, go to the Upgrade Tower. Through Fusion, you can change the 4th Skill of the Creature. To do this, you need the upgradable card itself (an evolved student card of at least level 10), its duplicates (or "Fusion" cards), a card with a new skill (teacher card), and coins (or gems). The probability of a successful skill replacement is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

If the attempt fails, the duplicate and coins (or gems) disappear, but the teacher card remains. With a successful Merge, the teacher card disappears. Each skill has its own percentage of the likelihood of learning. It is displayed at the bottom of the screen. In case of unsuccessful attempts, this percentage adds up to the "Mastery" scale. When the Mastery scale is full, the apprentice card will receive a new ability.

Remember that even at 100% mastery, there is still a chance for a failed Merge.

Creature buffs. Buff is an increase in health and attack, that is, the characteristics of your allied creatures. Crafted gear gives you buffs. Also, buffs give some creatures. Buffs are different: only for one race and for all races. Creatures will be 3 stars and above, 1-2 stars are not counted.

Deck Heroes: How to get 5-Star Creatures?

Seal is another source of 5-star creatures: Thalassa, the Spider Queen, Lunar Guardian, Poisonous Serpent, Ares, Sorcerer, Phoenix, Angel of Death, Ra, Diablo and Loki. To remove the seal from any of these creatures, you need to sacrifice 5 others from your deck. Sacrificial creatures can be collected from shards found in dungeons. You can remove the seals from creatures several times, but each time you need more sacrificial creatures.

With repeated withdrawal, the number of cards increases significantly and this process becomes not so easy. To get Grade 4-5 cards that will help you break the Seal, simply click on that Creature and select the Source tab. With the help of exploration in the Dungeons, you can find fragments of some Creatures and collect entire cards.

After you collect all the necessary cards and remove the Seal, all Class 4 Creatures will disappear. Only those cards that are not in the decks, do not have Runes or Blocks can be used in removing the Seal. Also, if you select a card and click on the "Add Cards" button, then the selected card will be added to the list of cards required for unsealing and will no longer be available for use in other locations, deck editing or improvement.

1. Thalassa. Printing the first creature requires:

2. Queen of the spiders. Printing the first creature requires:

3. Lunar Guardian . Printing the first creature requires:

4. Poisonous snake. Printing the first creature requires:

5. Ares. Printing the first creature requires:

6. Wizard. Printing the first creature requires:

7. Phoenix. Printing the first creature requires:

8. Angel of Death. Printing the first creature requires:

9. Ra. Printing the first creature requires:

10. Diablo. Printing the first creature requires:

11. Loki (People). Printing the first creature requires:

Deck Heroes: Carrying out the evolution of Creatures

Evolution is needed to increase the level of the Creature and obtain an additional 4th skill. Materials are needed for Evolution. Materials can be obtained from the Halls.

Halls. Halls of four races are located in the Secret Region and become available to Players from level 30. There are 4 types of Halls in total:

Each Hall has 5 levels. If you fulfill the victory conditions that are listed before entering the hall, you can receive Materials as a reward. In different Halls you can get different Materials that are necessary for the Evolution of Creatures. To pass the Hall, you need 10 units of Energy. In case of defeat, the Energy will still be spent.

Materials in the Halls of People:

Halls of Elves Materials:

  1. In Hall 1, you can get the Flame, which is necessary for the Evolution of Creatures of the "Elf" race of 3-4 classes;
  2. In Hall 2, you can get a Spring, which is necessary for the Evolution of Creatures of the "Elf" race of 3-5 classes;
  3. In Hall 3, you can get a Horn, which is necessary for the Evolution of Creatures of the "Elf" race of 3-5 classes;
  4. In Hall 4, you can get a Month, which is necessary for the Evolution of Creatures of the "Elf" race of 4-5 classes;
  5. In Hall 5, you can get the Symbol, which is necessary for the Evolution of Creatures of the "Elf" race of the 5th class.

Materials in the Halls of Neander:

Materials in the Halls of Mortia:

Requirements for carrying out evolution. Sometimes, when all the conditions for winning in one Hall are met, you can get bonus Material from the next Hall.

Along with the level of health and attack, the cost of the card for the deck will also be increased. After Evolution, you can upgrade the card to level 15 and make a Merge by transferring a new skill.

Deck Heroes: A Beginner’s Guide

What kind of game is it? Deck Heroes is a card strategy game set in a fantasy world called Avalantis. For the game, you are provided with a large set of hand-drawn cards. All creatures are divided into four factions: People, Elves, Neander, Mortias. Representatives of each faction have their own unique abilities. In addition to ordinary creatures, unique Heroes will help you on your journey across Avalantis.

In-game currency. In the game you will find the following types of currencies:

What are Essences? Essences are needed to pump cards. They cannot be put into the deck, so you can safely spend on pumping. Essences come in 2-5 stars. 2-3 Star Essences can be purchased in the Shop for Gold and also dropped from the Altar. For 22,500 you will get 100% at least one 2-Star Essence. 4-5 star essences can be purchased from the store with gems, but this is a rather controversial purchase. Essences can be obtained at the end of the labyrinth. Starting at the 8th labyrinth at the end, you will receive 4-Star Essences!

Shards. Creatures and heroes are assembled from the fragments. Almost all can be collected through the shards:

You can get shards in some places, such as: trials (every 5 battles you will be given a chest, and there will be shards in it), Duel, in the store, on the guild map, in reconnaissance, in the labyrinth.

Daily tasks. Daily tasks are just a quest for which the player receives a shard of a coupon, and experience, going through familiar locations.

For coupons in the altar, you can draw excellent 4-5-star creatures that will definitely come in handy.

Do not forget to complete the daily tasks. It’s not difficult, but coupons and experiences are always nice. Also, when completing daily tasks, you may get a discount on: an altar, a wheel of fortune or a gem store. The lucrative offer lasts only an hour.

Promotions. Promotions can be viewed when entering the game or by clicking on the arrow in the upper right corner. Promotions are a very interesting part of the game. X2 for mergers, x2 for materials, faction war, boosters of rare creatures / shards. Arena of heaven, shards in duel / trials, etc. You need to prepare for each action. Leave some gems and energy until 10 a.m. (it is at this time that promotions are updated); leave all labyrinths for relics reset to zero, if you cannot enter the top trials, then make a breakthrough after 10 a.m. so that you have a chance to get shards there.

Where can I buy items in the game? The main source of items and shards in the game is the Bazaar, which is located on the main screen. It includes the Bazaar itself, the Star Shop, the Symbol Shop, the Guild Shop, the Tournament Shop and the Ore Shop.

Deck Heroes: Combat System Guide

The battle. During combat, you and your opponent will take turns playing Cards.

Combat modes. There are 2 battle modes:

Victory can be won either by destroying all enemy Creature Cards, or by destroying the Hero himself.

Deck Heroes: How to increase Deck Power?

Decks. Click on the "Deck" icon on the main screen to open the deck management menu. The deck is your main combat team, consisting of one Hero and several Creatures. To edit a Deck, click "Deck Editor" and open the edit menu. Here you can select a Hero and organize the desired composition of Creatures.

Deck characteristics. Include:

You can sort your collection of Maps by Race or Class. This will make it easier to find the required Creature Card. Click "Save" to save all changes. If you just leave the menu without clicking "Save", all changes to the Deck will be lost.

Altar. Increase the Power of your deck by drawing Runes, Creature Cards, Heroes and Materia in the Altar. You can draw Cards in 3 ways:

You can draw Runes for Glory Points and Gems (available from level 35). You can draw Materia cards for Gems and Sparks.

Deck Heroes: Equipment Usage Guide

General. To unlock equipment, complete Dungeon 3-8 for 1 star. Equipment provides additional properties or skills to Creatures and Hero. There are 6 categories of equipment:

Equipment classes. Equipment is divided into classes: simple, medium, rare, legendary, and epic. Low grade gear can be crafted from common materials. High-end gear requires rare materials. During the creation of equipment, players can use Fire to increase the chance of receiving Equipment with a bonus skill for the Hero.

Factors such as the class of Material or the use of Fire can significantly affect the class of the Equipment received and its properties.

Materials. Materials include Fire and 12 types of common and rare materials.

Common and Rare Materials are divided into 5 classes: Simple, Medium, Rare, Legendary, and Epic. The fire is not classified.

Improving Materials. 4 materials of one class can be converted into 1 material of the next class. Common Materials can be obtained from Labyrinth chests, Trial of Fortune and Smelting. Rare Materials and Fire can be obtained from various events (Arena of Heaven, War of Factions, etc.).

Creature. At each level, you can create 2 equipment (common and rare). Factors such as the class of Material or the use of Fire can significantly affect the class of the Equipment received and its properties. Equipment of Rare and higher class may have a bonus skill. Fire increases the chance of receiving a bonus Skill. It will be refunded if the player received Equipment below the rare class.

Improvement. 4 Equipment of the same class (even if it is of different types) can be exchanged for 1 Equipment of a higher class. The level of Equipment that is used as a Material cannot be higher than the crafted Equipment. Improved Equipment cannot have a bonus skill and will have the lowest stats for this class.

Spraying. Equipment can be disassembled for a random Material. In order to disassemble the Equipment, it must be removed from the Hero.

Deck Heroes: Runes Features

Features. The brightest Runes are used to improve the abilities of Heroes, and those that are simpler are used for ordinary creatures. You can buy Runes on the Altar from ancient emissaries. By power, Runes are divided into 5 types: white, green, blue, purple and orange. The most powerful are orange. Runes can be upgraded up to level 10. The power grows with each level. Rare Runes require more materials to upgrade. For summoning the runes, emissaries demand glory: the first - 50, the second - 100, the third - 200, etc.

Call order. We call the first one, if it’s successful - we go to the second emissary, if the second one managed to get a rune - we go to the third one and so on. If an attempt is unsuccessful, it "rolls back" to the previous emissary and all over again. So it’s not a fact to get to the orange one the first time.

Rune pumping. It is not enough to draw out the runes, you also need to pump them well in order to dominate your opponents. You can pump runes using other runes. We advise you to download class 3+ runes. The exception is the hill runes of the hero and creatures.

Runes for creatures. A good option is a combination of runes: Prothean, Vitality and Violence, but others should not be forgotten. Anathema, for example, should put runes: prothean, violence and targets. Mimir tree - Block, Vitality and Prothean. The main thing to remember is that the tanks must stand, and the damage dealers must beat!

Runes for the hero. 4-5 * heroes can put 5 runes. What runes to put? A good option is: the rune of hero energy, success, the rune of healing and the energy of the races of the creatures that you have the most. A very good rune is the haste rune. It is best to pump the hero’s runes to level 5+, this is the most effective option.

Rare runes. The rare runes are: the rune of all power 5 *, the rune of rebirth, the rune of the storm of battle, the rune of dodge, the rune of immunity. Certainly magnificent runes that can be pulled out for gems, in the wheel of luck and some runes, such as immunity, can be bought for fragments of runes.

Deck Heroes: Artifact Guide

Features. Artifacts are available to the Player from level 45. This is a new type of cards and there is a separate deck for it with 10 slots. Please note that there is a limit to the number of Artifacts that can be put into your deck. Also, cards have their own waiting time in battle. The "View Artifact" button has been added to the deck editing window. In the editing window for the Artifact deck, indicators such as the Strength and cost of the deck will be available. The other parameters of the Artifact card are not affected. Artifact cards can only be used once, they have no Health and cannot be destroyed in battle.

Types of Artifacts. There are 10 Artifacts in total:

Types of Artifacts. All Artifacts are divided into 3 types: Adaptive, Secret, and Flaming.

Artifacts can be obtained from the Wheel of Fortune or buy their fragments in the Fortune Store for Points. They can also be improved. To increase the level, you need Artifact shards and coins. The higher the level of the Artifact, the higher its indicators. You can collect the whole card with the help of the corresponding shards (Omni shards cannot be used). One card requires 1000 Artifact Shards. An entire map can be broken into shards.

Deck Heroes: Overview of the most important game events

Dragon Treasures. The event menu is located in the "events" tab. For your activity in the world of Avalantis, you receive "Medallions", which can be exchanged for various rewards from the Dragon! (For a complete list of awards, see "awards"). The dragon is generous with shards of 4 and 5-star creatures and even gems. To receive the reward, you need to collect 10 Medallions. Medallions can be obtained in dungeons, in battles in the labyrinth, in halls. The event lasts only a day! Have time to exchange Medallions for a reward from the Dragon!

Lost relics. The event menu is located in the "events" tab. Discover new riches of the Labyrinths, open chests and collect relic points! Exchange points for the keys to the chest and get a well-deserved reward! Action time: two days. Open chests in the labyrinths and collect relic points. The larger the chest, the more points it contains.

Collected relic points must be exchanged for keys to reward chests. First of all, exchange the collected points for keys. 600 points = 1 key. Also, keys are actively dropped when opening chests in labyrinths (the larger the chest, the more likely it is to get the key). No more than three keys per day can be purchased for gems (300-400 gems per key)

In addition to guaranteed rewards (shards of 5-star cards, whole 5-star cards, whole 4-star cards), the first 10 chests per day contain universal Omni shards (they replace any shard of 4-5-star cards, depending on the Omni class) ... With their help, you can collect "almost collected rare card". You can open 10 chests per day; to open each subsequent chest, you need to spend 600 gems.

Battle of the Guilds. Guild Clash takes place on Wednesday and Saturday from 9am to 9pm. Players send couriers with packages and take treasures from other players’ couriers. The point of this event is to collect and deliver as many treasures as possible. To start the battle, the player needs to collect at least one strong deck. With this deck, you need to pick up treasures from other couriers, and then save what you have collected for an hour. At the end of the battle of the guilds, the player receives rewards by mail. For the guild rating - immediately. For personal rating - at 21:50. You can spend guild points to buy materials, gold, and shards of 4 * heroes in the guild store.

Casket. The traveling fengtai merchant came from the east to Avalantis with a new amusement - the Casket! To attract members, he hid Vouchers throughout Avalantis. They can be exchanged for prizes or combined into a Box. By opening it, you can get even rarer prizes or tickets. Tickets can be exchanged for other items in the Shop. Also, participants will receive Points for their collection of Vouchers and Caskets. Depending on their rating, participants can receive additional valuable gifts.

When the event begins, Players can find Vouchers throughout Avalanntis. There are 5 types of Vouchers:

Different types of Vouchers can be redeemed for different prizes and different amount of points. The better the Voucher, the cooler the prizes! Vouchers cannot be sold, exchanged or deleted. Different types of Vouchers are required in order to combine them into a Box. They also come in 5 types: White, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange. The better the Box, the better the rewards it contains. Caskets cannot be sold, exchanged, or removed.

Transformation. Transformation is a game event during which a player can exchange multiple cards for a chance to receive a 5-star card. Rules:

The player chooses four designated cards and one random 4- or 5-star card. One Transformation attempt will cost 500,000 gold.

The wheel of luck. The Wheel of Fortune is available to Players at any level. Each spin costs 100 Gems (sometimes 80 Gems if you got a discount on spins during the "Get the Buff" promotion). Every 11th spin on the Wheel is free. When the spins scale is full, you will have a free try. After 10 spins, a rare Class 5 card will be added to the prize pool for one spin, so players will have an additional chance to get a Class 5 Creature. Information about this card is indicated to the left of the Wheel.

Event auctions

Players can choose 3 types of Auction during the event. Entry fees, number of attempts and rewards are different for different Auctions. Open Chests and get rewards, but watch out for Traps. If you stumble upon one of them, then your participation will be over. The number of hidden Traps is indicated in the Auction window (from 1 to 5). By opening Chests, you can get not only rewards, but also Points. By collecting Points, players get a place in the rating and for a certain rating they receive rewards.

During the Auction, you can place and beat Bids and detect Traps. Only the highest Bid will give an advantage, while the rest of the participants will receive back the Gems that were placed. All Players will have free attempts to find the Trap at the beginning. The number of attempts is limited, so you should use them wisely. The location of the Traps for the Players can be different.

If the participant has been inactive for a while, the game will automatically turn on "Pending" mode and continue automatically. To exit this mode, simply enter back into the game (the system will not place Bets or use the Trap detection button). Auction Reports show progress and Points earned during the event. Only the last 50 entries will be shown in the reports. The rules are also available in the Auction window in this tab.

Deck Heroes: Hidden Region Guide


The tests consist of 120 stages, the completion of which is given 3 attempts per day (attempts can be purchased for crystals). For each completed stage, the player receives a certain amount of credits and experience. Every fifth stage has increased difficulty. For winning at this stage, the player receives gold, experience, credits and shards of heroes. Every 15 steps a "checkpoint" is created. The next day, the passage begins not from the very beginning, but 20 stages from this point. In this case, the player receives a bonus in the form of experience, credits and fragments of heroes for the stages passed to the checkpoint.

For credits obtained in Trials in the Star Store, you can buy shards of 3-4-star heroes. The assortment in the store is updated once a day, at 8 am Moscow time. Shards of a 3-Star hero cost 300 credits for 3 pieces, 4-Star heroes cost 1200 credits for 3 shards. Players with the highest Challenge rating will win Gems. Don’t forget to check your Mailbox - prizes are delivered the next day.

Players are rated according to the moves spent in the battle at the last stage of the Trials. The fewer moves, the higher the rating. In case of a tie, the Player with the lowest strength deck wins. If in this case there is also a draw, then the winner is the one with the total number of stars on the cards. If in this case there is also a draw, then the Player who completed the stages earlier wins.

Completing Trials sometimes brings additional rewards. Try your luck!


The Duel location opens at character level 25. The passage of this location consists of 15 steps, at each of which you have to defeat the deck of another player. If you did not win the battle the first time, you can refill the deck and continue the battle with the same opponent further. In this case, the opponent’s deck is not restored. For victory you get experience and gold.

Also, on the way to the next enemy, there is an opportunity to clean a chest with a certain amount of tokens and fame. There is also a chance of falling out of creature cards and fragments of heroes from 2 stars. After 15 enemies, you get 5 Star Hero Shards. Tokens received for victories can be exchanged for card shards in the Symbol Store. Once a day, the duel can be reset and started again from step 1.

Your opponent’s strength depends on your strongest deck you’ve ever built in the game. You can find out the strength of the enemy by clicking on the question mark in the upper left corner of the screen (Description button). Keep in mind that there is no way to lower this indicator. You can only raise.


The mines are available to players from level 28. There are 3 types of Mine:

If you’re lucky, you can get a Mine blessing, which doubles the Shards of Creatures and Heroes obtained during the excavation. Opening Chests on your way is free. You can get shards or cards of Heroes and Creatures in the Chests! The accumulated Ore can be spent in the Ore Store for shards of Class 5 Creatures and Heroes.


The grimoire is available to Players from level 40. Every day, Players have 2 free attempts to fight in the Grimoire. Also, besides trying, Energy is needed. In case of a loss, the daily attempt will not be used, and the Energy will be deducted. There are 5 difficulty levels in total in the Grimoire. In order to win, you must fulfill the victory condition and destroy the enemy deck.

There are different victory conditions for different difficulties of the Grimoire. The enemy deck will also be different. The enemy has powerful skills that can be neutralized with a specific deck. Recommended maps for battle are listed in the "Recommended" tab. If the Player wins, then he receives a Rune shard. The shard’s class depends on the difficulty level of the Grimoire. For example, if the Player fought on the second level of difficulty, then he will receive a Rune shard of the 2nd class. You can exchange the received fragments in the "Shards" tab.

Also, in case of victory, you can get a Card, which makes it possible to find Matter to improve the skills of Creatures.


Valhalla is available to players from level 43, where you can produce shards of Creatures and compete with other Players to get additional shards. Each player has 3 rooms where you can produce from 2 to 5 shards per day. In order to increase the performance of rooms, click on the arrow button. You can only increase production with Gems.

In order to defend against other players’ attacks on your rooms, you can use the shield for 24 hours. To attack other players’ rooms, simply click on the Magnifier button. Players have 10 attack attempts. If you have chosen a target for the attack, then you have 20 minutes in order to destroy all 3 of the opponent’s guards and pick up the fragments. The results of the battle can be tracked in the "Battle Report" tab.

Deck Heroes: Dungeons and Labyrinths Walkthrough

Opening Dungeons. Open the Travel Gate to see the Dungeon Map. The game has 15 locations, each with its own set of Dungeons. To open the next Dungeon in a location, you need to go through the previous one, at least on the Easy difficulty level. As soon as you go through all the Dungeons of the location and defeat the Boss, the next one will open. Click on the arrow or swipe across the screen to view the next location.

Stars. In the lower right corner of the screen, you will see the number of Stars earned in Dungeons. Collect more Stars to get unique rewards. Click on the desired Dungeon to open the menu. Each of them has 3 difficulty levels. Complete them all to earn 3 Stars.

Booster of Help. Starting from location 3, the Help Booster will become available to you for purchase, which will definitely help you in passing the location. The booster gives:

Further, the Help Booster is not available.

Difficulty level. Each Dungeon has 3 difficulty levels. After completing the dungeon on the "Simple", you will automatically open the next level. Each difficulty level has its own unique tasks, but the reward for completing them will be worthy.

Combat and Reconnaissance. Click "Battle" to enter the selected Dungeon. Click Explore to receive Dungeon rewards without engaging in Combat. But remember - each Exploration costs a certain amount of Energy!

Click on "Video Report" to see how other players went through this Dungeon on this level of difficulty.

Hidden Dungeons. Some locations have hidden dungeons. In order to unlock them, you need to close certain dungeons on hard difficulty. For their passage, a 4-star map and an additional place for a search are given. To gain access to the dungeon, you must not only go through a certain dungeon on a difficult level, but also reach it through a location at least at an easy level. For example: at 5 locations, the player unlocked the hidden dungeon 5-10 by passing 5-7 on the hard level. In order to get there, he needs to go through another 5-8 and 5-9 at an easy level. List of hidden dungeons:


Completing the Maze is a repeatable daily event that provides the player with gold, experience, and creature cards. The maze opens at the location after passing all standard dungeons on an easy level of difficulty and does not require passing hidden dungeons. Labyrinths vary in difficulty, size and final reward depending on the location. For each turn in the maze, 4 units of energy are spent. To start the movement, you must roll a die. What number falls out, so many steps are taken. The maze is laid out with several types of tiles.

At the 10 opening of the ultim-chest, a card of 5 stars is guaranteed. A chest can only be upgraded once, so you can never make gold from bronze. Chance tiles with a "?" Sign above them contain a random event:

At the exit from the labyrinth, the final battle awaits you, which, if won, will give you a lot of gold, a lot of experience and a creature card.

Deck Heroes: Heaven Arena Walkthrough

Arena of Heaven. Periodically, the Arena of Heaven is opened for the Players. Players with Arena-recommended cards in the deck can receive additional Renown. The higher the Glory rating, the more rewards you can get. The more recommended cards there are in the deck, the more bonus Renown you can get. Depending on their abilities, Players will be able to open different gates: Mortal, Elite or Heroic.

The stronger your defeated opponent is, the greater the reward. Recommended cards are available in the Altar, Promotions, Limited Boosters, or from the rewards of the previous Arena of Heaven. You can get Fever in the Arena of Heaven! Players under the influence of this effect will receive double Glory at the end of the battle x200%). How to get a:

Arena of Heaven Rules. All players will have 5 free Scrolls to enter the Arena. Scrolls are restored over time, but for the most impatient there is an opportunity to purchase scrolls for Gems (maximum 5). Reach the required Renown level to receive the bonus. The higher the player’s fame, the higher his Rating in the Arena and the higher the reward.

You must receive a reward from the mail within 24 hours after the end of the event. In the future, your fame will be reset to zero, so we strongly recommend that you have time to pick it up from Mail.

Deck Heroes: Colosseum Battles

The Colosseum is a place where players can measure their strength! The Colosseum includes 3 types of battle. These are: raids, arena and tournament.

Raids. Unlocks at level 22. Enter the Colosseum and click on the Raid. Click "Search" in the lower right corner to find an enemy with the same Strength. By winning the Raid, you will receive Fame Points and, sometimes, the ability to pick up shards of Heroes or Creatures from the battlefield. Every day the Player has 5 free attempts, however, additional attempts can be purchased for Gems. If the Player was defeated in a Raid, protection from further attacks is imposed on him. The duration of the protection depends on the number of the Player’s wins in the Raid. You can also buy protection for Gems.

Arena. The arena opens at level 12. Enter the Colosseum and click on the Arena to take part in the battles. All battles take place only in automatic mode. Compete with other higher ranked players. Every day Ranks are recalculated and rewards are sent to the Post Office. The higher your rank becomes, the greater the reward. When a Player breaks his own record in the Arena, he receives Gems. The number of Gems depends on how much better the new set Record is.

Mail can contain a maximum of 50 letters. An overflowing mailbox can result in lost items. Open letters in time and collect the received items!

Tournament. Players have 5 attempts per day to fight other players in the Tournament. After using attempts, the player can buy additional ones for Gems. The number of purchases is limited (5 purchases per day). Each player has 3 decks. Remember that you need to put up defensive decks that other players will attack. Opponents are selected according to the Rating. Only automatic combat mode is available in the Tournament. To earn Tournament Points, you must defeat two decks of your opponent.

In case of victory, the player receives Tournament Points, Fame Points and increases his Rating. Tournament Points are accumulated over time. Each hour the player receives the number of Points corresponding to the Rating. To collect the accumulated Points, you need to go to the "Tournament" window and click "Get". Points will be automatically credited. Various items can be purchased with Tournament Points. They can be seen in the Tournament window in the "Tournament Shop" tab or on the main window at the Bazaar.

Deck Heroes: Guild Guide

How to get to the Guild? Guilds become available at level 20. Click "Guilds" on the main screen to open the corresponding interface. There are 2 ways to get into the Guild:

Contributions. The Guild receives 1 Contribution for each Energy point spent by a Guild member. A Guild Member can earn a maximum of 750 Contributions per day for the Guild. The maximum number of Guild Contributions is 300,000 per day.

Level Requirements. The Guild Master and Captains can set the level requirements for Guild candidates.

Guild Members. A maximum of 50 people can join the Guild. Of these, only one can be a Guild Master and 2 Captains. The rest will be ordinary members of the Guild.

Guild announcements. The Guild Master and Captains can edit the Guild Announcement to bring the news to all Guild members.

Editing Guild Information. The Guild Master and Captains can change the Guild Banner, the required level and the Announcement by clicking on the "Edit" button. Remember that some Banners can be purchased with Gems.

Ad. The Guild Master and Captains can edit the Announcement and place it in the World Chat for Gems.

Interaction within the Guild. You can see and add as friends your Guild members through the "My Guild" tab.

Applying for GM. If the Guild Master has not logged into the game for more than 3 days, any Guild member can click on the "Apply" button in the Guild Master profile to apply for his place. The new Guild Master will be automatically selected by the system after 72 hours. If the current Guild Master is logged in. into the game within these 72 hours, all applications will be canceled.

Leaving the Guild. To leave the Guild, the Player can click on the "Leave Guild" button by clicking on his name in the list of Guild members.

Guild card. Compete on Guild Cards and play together to complete tasks. In order to enter the Guild Map, Energy is not needed. Also, there is no limit to the number of Guild Cards you can visit. However, you can only fight 2 times a day on one Guild Card. Complete all Dungeons on the previous Guild Map to unlock the next Map.

Guild dungeons. Destroy all enemy Creatures to complete the Dungeon. Complete all Dungeons on the current Map. Guild Master or Captains can spend Contributions to unlock or upgrade the Map. Players will receive Coins according to the amount of Damage. Destroyed Creatures in the Dungeons will give a bonus in the form of Creature Shards. The player who delivers the last blow required to complete the Dungeon will receive a bonus in the form of Guild Points.

The guild gains Loot when clearing the Dungeon. Players can use the Loot button to submit a Loot request. When the Guild Card is completed, players will receive Guild Points. Additional Guild Points can be obtained if the Guild Card has been completed within 7 days from the date of unlocking or updating the Map. In each Dungeon, players will be ranked according to the amount of Max Damage they have dealt. After clearing the Dungeon, players will receive Rewards according to their Rank.

Loot application. Loot can be obtained for completing the Dungeon on the Guild Map. Loot can be obtained by clicking on the Loot button. Players who have applied for Loot will be added to the queue, where unallocated Loot will be given out at the beginning of each hour. Each player can apply for Loot at any time. The request will be canceled when the player receives his Loot. The Guild Master and Captains can distribute the Loot among the members of the Guild once a day. If there is no activity in the Guild for 30 days, the system will automatically disband the Guild.

Deck Heroes: Forts Attack Guide

Check in. If the Guild meets the requirements to participate in the event, then the Master or Guild Captains can register. Members of the Guild who meet the level requirements can also participate in the Attack of the Forts.

Battle. Guilds can capture special Sectors in order to receive advantages in battles and additional rewards. Click on a Sector on the Map and click on "Attack Sector" to create attack or defense decks. When the deck reaches the enemy Sector, it will be added to the Attack team. If the Sector belongs to your Guild, it will be added to the Defense team.

Battles will take place every 5 minutes. You can only place Decks with the "Ready" status. Decks with the "In Battle" status can be selected only after the battle. The target can only be the Sector that is next to yours. At the beginning of the event, you can only capture Level 1 Columns located along the perimeter of the map. When all Defense teams are defeated, the player who defeated the last Defense deck will capture the Sector.

If you need reinforcements from other Guild members, click on ’Collect’ to submit your request After the specified time, the players who answered the request will join the reinforcements and be sent to the Sector as a team.

Defense. Once a Sector has been conquered, the decks that were used to attack that Sector will be set up in Defense. The newly captured Sector will be temporarily protected to give the Guild some time to distribute its forces. Players can move decks between their Sectors.

Sectors. There are 7 types of Sectors: Column, Fort, Post, Warehouse, Altar, Tower and Citadel. At the start of the event, all Sectors are automatically defended by Legions of Monsters and can be targeted by anyone. Guilds can track their current orders in the Data - Guild Data window. The number of Orders is limited. They are required to Attack or Defend a Sector. The guild that spent all the Orders will no longer be able to attack the new Sector. Therefore, the Master or Captains must decide which Sector to leave in order to be able to capture a new one.

Healing and Revitalization. Each player can place a maximum of 3 decks and they can be used in either one or different Sectors. Decks will return automatically when destroyed cards come to life after a certain amount of time. Coins are necessary for the full recovery of surviving Creatures, since their Health is not restored after each battle. Gems are required to instantly animate cards.

Points and Rating of Forts. Decks receive Fort Points for participating in battles and receive even more Points if they are won. When the Defense Team is defeated, the Player who defeated the Defense last will receive bonus Points. Players will receive ratings according to the accumulated Fort Points, and rewards according to their place in the rating. Awards are given for the current event. Rewards not received after the event will no longer be available.

Extraction and resources. Depending on the Sector that your team is defending, you can get Badges and Loot. The badges will remain after the end of the event and can be spent in the Guild Store. All the Loot you have earned can only be collected during the reward distribution period. All participating Guild members will receive copies of the Loot they have earned. The Master and Guild Captains can spend the Supplies accumulated during the event on expanding Defense slots or on Defense. Accumulated Stocks are valid only for the current event and are not saved after its end. All Loot that players did not collect in time will disappear.

Deck Heroes: Faction War Walkthrough

The period of the event. The Faction War lasts from 3 to 5 days (at the end of each day, the results of the battles are summed up in order to determine which side won the victory). The promotion lasts a maximum of 5 days so that everyone has time to pick up the rewards.

Faction selection. At the beginning of the event, players have a choice between two Factions - Empire and Alliance. After deciding on a Faction, the choice can no longer be canceled until the next War. If there are more players in one Faction than in another, then the players who have chosen the "weak" faction will receive an additional reward.

Zone selection. At the beginning of each day during the War, Players can choose one of three Zones in which they will fight. Once a Zone is selected, it cannot be changed until the end of the day. Zones that have already been captured or, conversely, lost by the Faction, cannot be selected.

Summing up the battles. In each Zone, the Player can fight in one of three Lines (Upper, Middle and Lower). At the very beginning of the War, 3 Squad icons will be available in the Line. At the end of each day, the results of the battles in each Line will be summed up. Losing Line will lose 1 Squad icon. After 3-5 days, when one of the Factions loses all its Unit badges in the Line, the battle will be over.

Medals. Players can send a Support squad to retrieve Wood. The battle will take place in automatic mode with a selected opponent in a random order. After the battle, the player will receive a random amount of Wood. Wood can be obtained in another way by purchasing it for Gems. The tree is needed to build the Tower.

A Tower built on a Line gives the corresponding Effect. The higher the level of the Tower, the greater the effect. For each unit of Wood spent, the player will receive Medals after the successful construction of the Tower. After a certain amount of spent Wood, Players will receive a Medal Buff, which increases the capabilities of cards in a given Zone.

Order. Battles are the main way to get Orders. The player will be matched with an opponent (another player) who is currently online. If the opponent is out of the game, the player will fight with a copy of the opponent’s deck or with the opponent’s NPC. Battle Horn is required for battles. At the beginning of the War, 5 Horns will be available to all Players. After the first battle, the next opponent is automatically searched for. Each fight takes place within 3 minutes. The health of the Hero and Creatures will not be restored.

The player can continue the fight until the Hero or Creatures are destroyed. In case of victory, the Creatures will be restored with a health level of 50% in the next battle. At the end of each battle, the player receives an Order as a reward. The more victories in a row he made, the more Orders (maximum 10 victories in a row). Also, when using the "all-in" mode, you can get many times more Orders. All battles take place automatically.

Daily Line Effect and Requirements. Each Line gives a specific Effect. This Effect changes daily. It can be seen when choosing a Lane for battle. Requirements for cards:

Types of awards. The event is rich in various awards in various TOPs, and each Faction has its own TOP awards:

Deck Heroes: Grandmaster Cup

Carrying out. The cup lasts 11 days and is divided into 3 periods:

The battle is divided into 2 parts: selection (1-2 days), competition of Top-64 participants (6 days). As soon as the Cup opens, the icon will be available on the main screen of the game. To participate, the player must be level 32 and above.

Check in. A player must register 3 of their decks in order to select a winner. Registered decks can only be changed during the Registration period. Once Training begins, decks cannot be swapped. The composition and arrangement of the decks, which were fixed during the Training, will participate throughout the entire Cup.

The maximum number of participants is monitored and set by the system (default 100,000). Upon reaching the maximum, it will no longer be possible to register. To participate in the new Grandmaster Cup, you need to register again. Decks will not be saved.

Game schedule:

Rules. Registration starts on Day 1 at 08:00 and ends on Day 2 at 08:00. Immediately after the end of the Registration, the Players will pass the Selection. Based on the number of participants, the system will determine the number of Rounds required for the Selection. Each Round will take place at a specific time. After each Round, the system will pick up the Players again. This process will repeat until 64 participants have been selected. In order to provide at least 24 hours for placing Bets during the Competition period, the following rules have been created:

Competition. The top 64 competition will last 6 days with Rounds taking place once a day (6 Rounds in total). The top 64 participants will be divided into 4 groups. Ultimately, the winners of these 4 groups will go to the Semifinals and then the Finals. That is, the entire selection of finalists will take place in 6 Rounds (4 for determining the participants for the Semifinal and 2 for determining the Grandmaster). Each Round will start at 02:00, in the interval between which there will be a break for placing Bets.

Division into groups occurs automatically and in random order.


Receiving awards. After the determination of the Grandmaster, the period for receiving awards will come. Players need to click on the ’Get’ button to collect the reward. At 08:00 on the last day, those rewards that the Players did not pick up will disappear, since the event icon will no longer be available on the main game screen. The Player’s winnings can be found in the list in the tab "Competition Bets" and "Grandmaster’s Choice." After the end of the event, all winnings that the Player did not collect will disappear.

Deck Heroes: How to get even more gems?

Alice’s proposals, types of Piggy Banks. Alice is back with new offers! In the first week of the game, new players will receive a Piggy Bank with the purchase of Gems. Other players can also participate in the event in the first week of its start. There are 3 types of piggy banks in total.

Terms of filling. Complete the tasks for the contribution to fill the piggy bank:

When can you break a piggy bank? The piggy bank can be broken at any time and get the minimum number of Gems. However, it is better to fill it to the end in order to get the maximum Gems (1080 from Bronze, 3875 from Silver and 16400 from Gold) as well as rewards in the form of shards / cards of different Heroes or Creatures.

How to buy a Piggy Bank? You can purchase the Piggy Bank only through the Game Store (MVP does not work). The countdown in the promotion window indicates its duration. At the end of the time, the promotion window will disappear.

Bank of Avalantis. Bank of Avalantis is now open to all players. Make contributions while they are available. Believe me, patience will not be left without reward. There are several types of deposits:

Each deposit contains the rate at which further Payouts are calculated. The more the Contribution, the more the total Payout. The player who bought the Deposit will receive payments every week for 8 weeks. The first payment can be received immediately after purchasing the deposit. Also, the Player will receive an additional reward in the form of cards of the 4th or 5th class, depending on the Contribution.

Dealer. The Merchant icon is always available on the main screen of the game. In the window of the Merchant, you will immediately see his offers - Sets of various prices and contents. The higher the Merchant’s Credibility, the better you can get the rewards in his Bundles. To increase Trust, you need to constantly buy something from the Merchant. If you have not made purchases within 3 days, then the Trust will decrease. The Merchant’s window, along with his offers, is updated every day at 00:00. All detailed information is also in the Merchant window.

If you buy Gems in the main Game Store, then the Trust will increase, but you will not be able to receive rewards from the Vendor’s Kits.

Deck Heroes: Player Account

Account linking. Your guest account can be linked to your Gmail Account. How to do it:

  1. Check if the following programs are installed on your device: Google Play Store, Google Play Services, Google Frameworks Services;
  2. Open Device Settings and add Google Account;
  3. Open the Game Settings, click "Link Account" and select the Google Account you need;
  4. After completing the previous steps, you can try switching to another Google account to make sure that the account in the game is linked to the correct one.

Account change. If your accounts are linked to Gmail mail, you can switch between them through the game settings. How to add a game account:

  1. Open Device Settings and add another Gmail Account;
  2. Open Game Settings, click "Change Account" and choose a new Gmail. If this Gmail account has not been linked to the game before, Deck Heroes will create a new game account (IGG ID) and start the game over;
  3. You can switch back to your main or any other account at any time by clicking the "Change Account" button in the settings.

Change of name. Your initial name contains your IGG ID. To change it, click on the character portrait, "Edit" - "Change Name". You can change your name for free only the first time! The use of third-party symbols is prohibited (except for some). Only letters are allowed in the name.

Article author: Nadezhda D.