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Minion Rush Walkthrough: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

MINION RUSH - Android game with release date 06/13/2013 from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Why was the new version of Minion Rush released? Over 880 million players have downloaded Minion Rush in more than 5 years. Itís time to update the game, work on the design and provide loyal fans with a modern version of their favorite runner.

What will happen to my progress and all collected and purchased items? Do not worry: after you complete the training, your progress will be transferred to a new game. You will have all the costumes and Tokens. You will also receive rewards for all your achievements in the previous version of the game.

What will happen to the costumes that I had in the previous version of the game? Your costumes will be exchanged for Costume Cards. You will receive exactly as many cards as necessary to open the costume at exactly the same level as in the previous version of the game. Please note that to upgrade the costumes you will need Coins, which can be easily earned during the game.

Where can I buy game items? You can buy Tokens / Bananas / Costumes / Amplifications in the Store or Devices in the Racing section => to get more devices.

What will happen to the earned Sketches, Pieces of puzzles and Gold tickets that were stored in the Inventory? Since these items will no longer be in the game, compensation will be sent to you in the form of Special Prize Capsules in which you can find items and unique costume cards.

What is the challenge in the new version of Minion Rush? Your task is to become the ugliest Secret Agent Mignon of all time. To do this, you will need to collect as many costumes as possible, participating in races and collecting new costume cards. By collecting costumes, you will increase the level of the Secret Agent in order to achieve greater progress and open access to new content.

What is the Secret Agent Level? Secret Agent Level is an indicator of your achievements in Minion Rush. To level up, collect and upgrade minion costumes. The more costumes you have, the higher the level. Your level also determines which rooms in Gruís Lair you can enter. The higher the level, the more rooms you can play.

What is Grewís Lair and how does it work? Jamís factory has ceased to exist, instead of it will appear in the game Gruís Lair. In this location, the new Main Menu of the game is presented, through which you can get to different rooms. In each room you will find a list of tasks. Scroll to view all available rooms in the Den.

What is a room? The room is a unique gaming location in which the user is waiting for various tasks, advertising campaigns and thematic events. For each completed task you will receive prizes. The more goals you achieve, the better rewards you get. You can look at the reward in the interface of the room. Rooms open only for a limited period of time and appear depending on your rank.

What rewards can I get at the end of each quest? At the end of each quest you can get different types of Prize capsules in which you will find Suit Cards, Coins and Bonuses.

What are costume cards? To use a suit, you first need to open it by collecting a certain number of suit cards.Having collected all the cards, you will not only open the suit, but also perform its improvement. Suit cards can be collected during races in rooms or found in prize capsules purchased at the Store.

What are the costumes for? Costumes provide useful skills that will help you advance faster in the game and win the best rewards. The skills possessed by the costumes can be found in the Store. To see the costume skills for the Minion Races, go to the Runs and Promotions => section to select a minion.

How do I get new minion costumes? As soon as you collect all the necessary Cards for a particular suit, you can open it for Coins.

Are the costume skills the same as before? No, now the costumes will have different skills. They have been modified in accordance with the new gaming experience and tasks. Each costume will have its own gain, which will have a great effect with each improvement.

What types of costumes are there in the game? Costumes are divided into two different groups: suits, access to which is opened depending on the level (you need to participate in races in the rooms to collect a sufficient number of Cards and open the suit), and suits, access to which is not limited by the level (to open them, collect cards by participating in Promotions and Daily Challenges, regardless of level). Depending on the level, you can open more suits. Some costumes will be available only to players with a certain level. Access to costumes without level restrictions will be open to all users. These are ordinary costumes that can be obtained during the execution of the Special Assignment or during participation in the Daily Challenges.

How to improve costumes? You can upgrade costumes using Costume Cards and Coins.

What will be the new game currency? The new version of Minion Rush will have Tokens and Coins. In addition, you can buy new Banana capsules for Bananas.

What are Bananas and Tokens for? You can use them in the game to revive or to purchase power-ups, costumes and devices, to upgrade costumes and power-ups. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of them!

What should I do with Bananas and Tokens? Many things! For example: buy suits, upgrade them, improve power-ups and mini-games, buy sets of devices for Minion Racing. Just go to the game store and spend there Bananas and Tokens. New items are constantly being added there, so check back often! Need more Tokens or Bananas? They are also in the store.

How to get more Tokens? Tokens can be obtained for participating in races during the passage of the Daily Challenges and as a reward during the performance of Special Tasks. In addition, you can buy Token Sets in the Store and speed up your progress in the game. Watching commercials will also bring you Tokens.

What does x10 Tokens mean? This means that you have won 10 Tokens. "x2" means you have won 2 Tokens.

Why does the game end after 3 fruits found? Why canít I collect free Tokens? In the 15th update, this feature has been removed, but it is planned to return it in the next updates.

How to get free tokens? You can win tokens in social events and special buildings, as well as receive a reward for achievements.

Will I get 700 extra Tokens for buying the 35% more! with a total of 2000? The inscription "more" next to the Token Sets does not mean that you will receive more Tokens. She points out that itís more profitable to buy a large Set of Tokens once than a few small ones for the same money.

How to get more coins? To replenish your Coins, take part in races and get rewards. In addition, open the Prize capsules, as well as buy Coin Sets in the Store.

How to get prize capsules and capsules with devices? You can:

  1. Buy them at the store.
  2. Get rewarded for progress at the Jam Factory.
  3. Get rewarded for participating in promotions.

In the store, click on the arrow under the capsule to find out whatís inside. You can get Bananas, Tokens, puzzle pieces and other bonuses.

How do AZL Reports work? To complete the tasks in the rooms you will need AZL Reports, which have a lot in common with the energy system. Each room has its own task. Performing it, you get a reward, and this is displayed in the AZL Report. If you have completed the task, the AZL Report will not be used, and you can apply it in any other room until you complete at least one task. AZL reports will appear in the game from time to time, or they can be purchased.

Are the Special missions the same as they were in the previous version of the game? Special tasks will be the same as before, but they will be entered through the room.

What are Special Jobs? With the release of each update, a temporary Special Task appears in the game, which will be held in different locations each time. By completing these tasks, you can earn rewards.

How to take part in special tasks? In Gruís Lair, scroll to the very bottom and you will see a room with Special Task, which appeared in the last update. It will indicate whether the task has already begun, or whether you should wait for the next. Each Special Mission gives unique rewards, so be always on the alert, as these tasks are available for a limited period of time! After completing the assignment, you will have to wait until the next one begins. To complete such tasks, you need to complete several races and collect rewards.

Does the game support multiplayer? The game does not support the multiplayer function. However, now you have the opportunity to compete with your friends in the Minions League, where you can compare your scores on the leaderboards. To take part in the contest, go to the gym room. Please note that this mode is available when connected to Facebook.

What are promotions and minion races? How to compete with other minions? Promotions are special time limited missions for which you can earn rewards. Each week a new promotion and rating appears, where you can find out the successes of other players. Minion races will allow you to compete with other players using power-ups for various purposes. To participate, you must reach level 6 and select Races and promotions in the main menu of the game.

What are the Minions League and how do they work? Minion leagues are weekly ranked competitions.They consist of various leagues. The player will enter certain leagues based on the results of their performance over the previous week. Each week, the user must confirm their performance in order to stay in the league. If the indicators are higher, the player will move to a higher league. If the indicators are lower, or the user will not participate in the competition during the week, he will be moved to a lower league.

Can I take part in the Minion Race? Minion races are not provided in the new version of Minion Rush. You can compete with friends in the Minions League.

Why are minion racing costumes needed? Some costumes affect the characteristics of devices used during Minion Races. You can learn about the features of the costume before the start of the Race in the minionís selection tab. To activate a costume skill, put it on. Then the power of your devices or the resistance to other devices will increase.

What social features are integrated into the game? You can connect to your Facebook account and compete with friends in the Minions League.

What is a daily quest? The daily quest is a game that is only available for 24 hours. Every day, you can take part in a new challenge and receive a suit card or token as a reward. Daily quests can be accessed through one of the rooms in Gruís Lair.

How many minions can I play with? There are four minions at your disposal: Dave, Carl, Jerry and Mel. You can play with one minion at a time. Dave is a regular minion, which you will receive at the beginning of the game.You will receive the other three by collecting cards and using the same system as with the suits.

What are the main differences between the four minions? In addition to appearance, their only difference is in skills.

Do I have to connect to the Internet to play this game? Not necessary. However, the game has some features that do not work without an Internet connection. You will not be able to take part in Special Tasks and follow external links such as User Support, Privacy Policy, User Agreement and Terms of Use. Please also note that an Internet connection is required at the very first start of the game.

What is a One-Time Test? This is one of the special tasks for which you can get extra. awards.

Is it mandatory to perform a one-time test? You can only complete the tasks of the stage and not participate in the One-Time Challenge. Having completed all the tasks, you will not be able to return to the One-Time Challenge.

How to find the costume cards I need? If you need to find a specific suit card, click on the "Get Cards" icon on the suit in the Wardrobe to find the places where you can get it.

What is a piggy bank? This item will help you accumulate additional tokens that you can buy at any time.Having spent all the Tokens, the piggy bank will automatically be filled with the spent amount. When using coins, their amount is converted to Tokens, and the corresponding amount of Tokens appears in your piggy bank.

What is the Idle mode? In this mode, you need to avoid certain actions during the execution of the task. If you do not succeed, you will be fined during which you cannot continue to complete the task. But donít worry, this penalty is temporary.

How to synchronize game progress on different devices? All that is required of you is just to log into the same social network account that you used in the game.

What is a Purchase Code and where can I get it? The Purchase Code section is for future promotions. They will be announced additionally.

During the race, a cup icon with a clock is displayed in the lower right of the screen. What does it mean? This is a global competition icon. He counts the actions that must be completed in order to win this contest.

How to get rewards for achievements? Each achievement is unique and requires the completion of an appropriate task. To find out what task you need to complete, click the fruit icon in the upper right corner of the Jam Factory. You will see a complete list of achievements, their description, requirements for receiving them and a scale that will show how close you are to receiving them.

Why are amplifications needed? With the help of amplifications you can set a record! Buy them in the store, upgrade, collect during the race - you will see, you yourself will be surprised at your finish score. You can pick up the Unicorn Fluffy, the Grew Rocket, and the Giant Minion after opening them in the store.

Where are my boosts? All amplifications are in your inventory. Click on the fruit icon in the upper right corner of the Jam Factory and go to inventory. Some device capsules appear only in the Minion Racing menu.

How to increase the level of the ugly multiplier? The base level of the Despicable Multiplier can be increased for completing tasks at the Jam Factory. That is, after passing through each location, your base level of the Despicable Multiplier will be increased. You can check your current level in the Friends menu. In addition, there is a way to increase the Ugly score multiplier during a run in certain locations. You can increase your Ugly score multiplier by buying or upgrading certain costumes during certain races. Please note that in this way you will not be able to increase your base level of the Ugly Multiplier.

What are Claws? Claws take you to the center line after revitalization. The player cannot control this item.

Why arenít there a single boss on Minion Beach? Minions Beach is a small paradise, there is no place for villains in it. In addition, other minions can be a hassle!

I am constantly dying when faced with obstacles. Maybe there are some secrets? Consider the height of the obstacles. If they are twice as high as you, they will not be able to jump over. If there is a gap between the obstacle and the ground, you can bend down and slip under the obstacle.

Why have the costume abilities changed? At the request of the community, it was decided to increase and improve some of the costumesí abilities.

How to defeat Vector, Mine and Ventriloquist? Click on robots that glow in orange. They will explode and cause damage to the boss. Avoid large robots, as it is impossible to jump over them. If you play on a PC, right-click on the large robots that you want to run into the boss (Vector, Mine, or Ventriloquist).

Minigame Moon. New mini-game released! Open it in the STORE, run and find the moon! Explore and collect stars that will help to significantly increase the score! Level up and increase the duration of the mini-game! Score more points!

Who is Ventriloquist? Ventriloquist is an exclusive villain created by Illumination Studios specifically for Minion Rush. This is a grinning roller-blind villain whose hand controls an evil puppet. He is ambushed in Duracavandia, waiting for the next defenseless minion for his terrible game. See, do not become his puppet yourself!

PX41 Serum PX41 Serum turns you into the indomitable Evil Minion. Inject it to tear everything in its path and how to improve your score. Do not forget to use the serum, because its effect does not last forever!

Where do the levels under the question marks lead? Anywhere! Each time, the location is selected using the Wheel of Fortune. All new locations are immediately added to the Wheel of Fortune! ATTENTION: the first rotation is free, but you can try your luck once again for the in-game currency. Bonus bonuses. Dr. Nefario fell into a frenzy and decided to make amplifications even better, adding bonus levels to each. Continue to upgrade the amplifications to bonus levels and you will receive bonuses (meters, Bananas, multiplier) after each use.

What is a holiday quest and how to take part in it? Dr. Nefario needs your help! The minions prepared for the holidays and managed to teleport all jewelry and gifts to the Arctic. Dr. Nefario asks you to help and return all the gifts until the end of the holidays. Answer the call of Dr. Nefario to participate in the action. Immediately after this, go to collect jewelry and gifts in the Holiday quest. Follow the results to win the Christmas tree!

What is a wedding? How to take part in it? This is a new promotion, which appeared in the 14th update.You need to open level 8 and help Dr. Nefario. Complete all Wedding tasks to get a huge reward.

How to open Karl and Jerry? These minions can be purchased in the Select Minion section, which is located in the Store. They are near Dave. If Dave (the standard minion) loses, you can switch to Carl or Jerry by clicking on the Life icon to continue the race (without spending a single Token!).

How to use a snowboard, skateboard, BMX bike / paraglider / submarine after completing the Special Assignment? You can continue to use this transport in the following locations: Arctic Base, Minion Park, Eduardo House, Residential Quarter, Shopping Center and Anti-Villain League. Each vehicle will appear in its location.

What will I receive as a reward for the final STAGE 3 of the Special Assignment? You can receive a reinforcement, themed costume for the minion and Tokens as a reward. If you already have such a costume, as an alternative you will receive additional Tokens.

Where can I find a capsule with a device obtained for success in the winning streak? A capsule with devices can be obtained in the Minion Racing zone. Just click GET MORE DEVICES, then Open, and your capsule with the device will be saved in the Jam Factory. To find it, click on the fruit icon in the upper right corner of the Jam Factory, select the Equipment menu, and then SPECIAL DEVICES.

How to increase the score in Time Attack mode and what is this mode? This is a game mode in which you have to run through various locations until time runs out. You will get more points if you pass as many control points as possible. To get extra time, use the device against other minions. When time runs out, you can continue to run, using the animation. To find the Time Attack mode, go to Racing and Promotions from the main menu and select the desired item in the stock list.

Why am I returning to the start of the Victory Strip? Win streak is the number of your victories in the Minion Racing. When you lose, the Victory Line ends and you have to start it again.

How can costume improvement help me? Different costumes have different skills that can somehow help you. Some improvements will help you collect more points, others will give advantages in promotions or Minion Races.

Where are my capsules with devices? 1) Standard capsules with devices can be found in the Minion Racing section by clicking Get more devices. 2) Expert capsules are in the jam factory. Go to the inventory menu by clicking the fruit icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Why can I use sketches if Disco Mignon is already open? The Disco Mignon costume can be upgraded for sketches in the same way as other costumes.

Why do I get only the first prize capsule won? I open it and everyone else disappears. Note that next to the capsules is the Open All icon. If you click on it, all your Prize capsules will open and items from them will automatically fall into the Inventory. You can no longer open Prize Capsules one at a time.

I do not receive additional items for Special Assignments after I win them in the One-Time Challenge in Special Assignment. Items for Special missions won in the One-Time Challenge are automatically added to your total immediately after you win. If their number exceeds the required level, extra items will be added at the next level. The total number of items received can be seen in the progress menu of the Special Task.

Why canít I find gift codes in the game? This feature has been removed from the game in Update 16.

What items can I find in the Prize capsule? I bought a holiday Prize capsule (at that time it was a Holiday Prize capsule) and received some items, but now I can not find them. How can they be used? You can find special items in the festive Prize capsule at the 3rd stage of the Special Assignment (at that moment souvenirs).

Where can I find a description for current bonuses and their benefits after improvement? What level is the price displayed for? Please note that the Grew missile works 9 seconds after the last 5 level of improvement. This is provided by the game. The price of the bonus is displayed for the next level of improvement.Its description will open as soon as you improve the bonus.

Who is the Evil Minion? And what to do with it? To turn into an invincible Evil Minion, use PX41 serum.Please note that it is only valid for a short period of time. Playing the Evil Minion, you can break obstacles, and earn more points.

What is a dodge? How to do it? Sometimes a task will appear in the game in which you will need to complete a dodge. To do this, you will need to run as close to the obstacle as possible, and then at the last moment to avoid a collision.

How does the Golden Shield work? With the Golden Shield, you become invulnerable for the duration of its action, as it will protect you from obstacles. While the Silver Minion Shield only protects from 1 hit. Please note that during a collision with an obstacle you do not lose life, but the Minion Shield will end until the end of the race.

Is there a way to skip a level in a game? There is no such possibility in the game.

How to get free lives? Free lives can only be won in various promotions / missions / prize capsules.

Can I sell won / bought characters or costumes that I donít use? No, you cannot sell anything in the game.

Where can I use Golden Skills? Gold skills are available in all modes (Jam Factory, Factory Work, and Special Jobs). Also, do not miss the chance to use these skills in the Minion Racing (in some promotions, the Golden skills will be different).

How to use a minion thrower? Please note that you will receive a certain gain at the beginning of the race only if the task corresponds to the skill that this gain gives. For example, you can get a minion thrower to complete a task during which you must run the maximum distance.

What do the pink squares under the characters in the store mean? The pink squares below the minion costumes in the Minion Racing menu show the level of improvement in costumes that will bring you bonuses in Minion Racing. Click on the arrow under the name of the minion to read the description of the bonus that the costume will give you.

What is a Market? The market is a seasonal section, since access to it is opened only during a special task. In the Market, you can purchase various items for Market tickets.

What are Market Tickets? Market tickets are an in-game currency for which you can buy items in the Market.To get tickets, collect items during a special task. For each item collected, you will receive one Market ticket for free! To get even more tickets, continue to collect items during the special task.

Why is the Market unavailable? The market is unavailable due to the fact that the special task has ended. It will work again when the next special task begins.

Where to find the new Ghost costume?The Ghost Costume can be found in the Time-limited Prize Capsule Sweetness or Muck. Moreover, in this capsule, you can find not only a costume, but also lives, other prizes, as well as the Golden ticket of the Ghost, with the help of which the Golden skill is opened.

When my minion lost, the play icon appeared. What is he for? If after you lost the Play icon appeared on the screen, then you can click on it to get a free life for watching the video.

What are these red crosses that my minion cannot step on? How to get around them? Red crosses are a new kind of difficult obstacles. Only the most agile runners will be able to see them during the race! Jump over the red crosses and also use green jumps to jump even higher and skip a section of the track.

Where and how to cut Gold tickets? If you have more Gold tickets than you need, then use the Ticket Cutter to grind them and fill out the Free Scale. Gold tickets Gold dust. Please note that the Ticket Cutter will automatically appear when you have extra tickets.

What is a special contest? How to collect stars? Now in the game is a holiday quest. To get special stars and trophies (silver and gold), you have to go through 3 stages of the task. That is, the only option to collect stars is to take part in the special task.

Why does the task scale freeze during a task with two goals? You received the fruit for only one purpose, so it is temporarily frozen. Get as many fruits for the second target to unfreeze the scale.

What are circles when I try to buy something during a special assignment in the Market? Circles are a special feature in the game. By opening it, you can get items from the Market. For example, if you reach all the milestones (3 stages) during a special task, the first lap will be completed. Then you can go through all the control points again (this is the second round). To complete the special task, the player must pass it 3 times (this is the third round).

Can I cut Gold tickets received for a minion that I donít have, and Iím not going to buy? No, you cannot cut tickets for a costume that you donít have. You need to purchase the appropriate costume to use these tickets.

Where to find Caches? Caches are special levels at Jam Factory. If the level on the map of Jam Factory is marked with a question mark, then this is the Stash. On the map, they are located randomly.

Why in Neonomania time does not extend if you use a suit with amplification? The only way to extend the time in Neonomania mode is to buy improvements in the Market. Costumes that extend gain time (such as Lucy) do not work in Neonomania mode.

Why canít I see the next level / plot? I see a message that they are not yet built. From now on, you do not see the following sections in the game. You can only see the current section, and you will have to go through it to open the next and go further. Plots will open one by one.

What skill will the Brett Sports minion have? The minion in Brattís Sportswomen will possess the following skill: if the task states that you need to run 4 minutes, then in sportsmen you will have to hold out for only 2 minutes. Since with this costume your result will be doubled. After full improvement, all seconds will be doubled for completing tasks.

What skill does a minion in a Traveler costume have? Will this costume stay in my inventory if I decide to change my minion? A minion in a Traveler costume will be able to collect 100% more Bananas during a special mission. If you decide to dress the minion, then this costume will not be lost. This costume cannot be improved at the moment, but with the release of the next updates you will have such an opportunity.

How to find out the probability of getting certain items in the Prize capsule? To find out the probability of receiving certain items in the Prize capsule, go to the detailed information screen and click on the "i" icon. A website will open in your browser with information about the probability of receiving items in the Minion Rush game and the values ??for different prize capsules.

How to reset game progress? Unfortunately, at the moment the game does not have a function to reset game progress.

I started playing on iOS / Android. Can I continue on the Windows platform? You can synchronize your progress between devices on iOS and Android platforms. This feature is not possible for the Windows platform.

I have 2 game accounts. Can I combine them? Unfortunately, you cannot merge two accounts. You can use only one.

How to change the name in the game?You cannot change the name manually. The game automatically gets your name from Game Center / Google + or Facebook. If you are not yet connected to any of the social networks, you will receive a random name until you connect.

How to change the language of the game? Click on the Settings icon in the upper left corner of the Jam Factory and select the flag corresponding to your preferred language in the game Settings.

How to change the sound volume? Click the "Settings" icon in the main menu. In the menu that appears, click the "+" or "-" icon to change the volume. If your music is already running during the game, the gameís music will turn off automatically.

How to change the age of the game? A notification with age confirmation appears only after installing / reinstalling the game. If you want to change your age in order to use social functions, please contact User Support.

How can I record a game during a live broadcast? Unable to record the game during the broadcast. You must select one mode. To switch back to Settings.

I play on the Windows platform. Can I use a PlayStation controller? Please note that the Windows version of the game only supports Xbox controllers.

Why canít I update the game to the latest version on a Windows Phone device? Please note - with the 28 update only devices with Windows Phone 8.1 are supported, and Windows Phone 8.0 is no longer supported.

What does the Restore icon in the Store menu mean? With this icon, you cannot restore in-game purchases made for Tokens or Bananas (such purchases cannot be restored). But you can use this icon to restore in-game purchases made for real money if you reinstall the game or change the device.

How to get rewards for daily entry? Every day, when you enter the game, you will receive a reward. You can see all the rewards you can get in the daily login menu. The reward chain is not interrupted, and you can get the next one whenever you enter the game.

Why can I no longer watch videos for which they give free currency? Because it was one of the temporary campaigns that occasionally appear in the game.

What is the Share icon for? With this icon you can tell your friends about your successes in the game. Thus, they will be able to congratulate you on your achievements and compare your score with yours. To use this feature, you must be connected to the social. network. The information you share is only visible to friends who are online.

How to challenge friends? You can play with friends only if you are connected to the social network. Go to the Friends section during the game - here you will see your list of friends - and click on the green exclamation mark to send an invitation to a friend. If your friend accepts the invitation, you will receive a notification with its results. In addition, you can select an already completed level at the Jam Factory without going through it again. To do this, expand the Friends list on the screen with level tasks and click on the green icon next to the friend you want to compete with.

How to remove users from the Friends list in the game? You cannot remove users from your friends list at this time.

How to make a gift (tokens) to a friend? You cannot give tokens or bananas to friends, but you can please them with a Cupid costume.

How to add friends and why should I do this (via Facebook, Google+, Game Center, etc.)? To do this, you must link the game to a social network, such as Facebook or Google+. Go to the Settings menu, click the Connection icon, then select the logo of your social network and click Login. Your friends who also play Minion Rush will be added automatically. You can also invite friends who are not yet playing Minion Rush by clicking on the Friends icon located at the bottom of the main menu. When they accept the offer, they will be on the list of friends. After that you can compete with them! Please note that this function does not work if you are under 13 years old.