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Walkthrough Wild City: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WILD CITY - an Android game with the release date 02/17/2013 from the company Anansi. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginners Guide
  2. Gym Training and Combat Performance
  3. Level Up and Experience
  4. Chat and how to use it
  5. Frequently Asked Questions
  6. Payments
  7. Moderators
  8. Reviews
  9. Account Issues

Wild City: A Beginners Guide

How to save the game? In order not to lose the game, you must visit the building of the Business Center in Wild City and register a profile. Here you can set a password for the account and bind your email address to it so as not to lose it in the future. Dont worry, game developers use email addresses solely to create password reset requests for accounts. It is highly recommended that you register an account so as not to lose it.

What is wild city? Wild City is an online world full of criminals and crime. Everyone you see in the game are real people, and all of them can become your comrades or enemies. Save capital and spread your influence. Buy the best weapons and the fastest cars to increase your credibility. Work in different countries, moving between cities by plane. The main rule here is to take and do whatever you want without fear of the police. Brother will go to sister, to each other, and father to son. This is your world. Take a look around - you will have to take care of a lot in the foreseeable future. Welcome to Wild City.

Money and gold. In Wild City, it is customary to pay with money or gold.

You can also earn some gold by selling full sets of flowers (they can be bought at malls around the world) in the Black Market building in Wild City.

Energy and courage. At the top of the main screen are several indicators. These are indicators that you will need to complete tasks in Wild City.

To instantly replenish these indicators, you can buy special items in the Gold Store, such as Energy Recovery. You can also just wait until the indicators gradually recover. Characters automatically recover 1 point for each indicator every 2 minutes (for VIP players, energy is restored faster).

Fights. You can start a fight with other people in many ways. The easiest way to fight in the Fight Club. In addition, you can simply attack someone directly from his profile. Your skills, weapons and armor will affect the outcome of the fight. All your data is compared with the data of another player, after which the system determines whether you hit the enemy and what damage was done for each round. If you win the fight, you will have 3 options:

  1. To leave. If you drop the victim, then you simply leave, and the defeated opponent goes to the hospital for 10 minutes. By choosing this option, you also get a little experience.
  2. Rob. If you decide to rob the victim, you will receive part of the enemys money, after which he will go to the hospital for 10 minutes.
  3. Cripple. Disability is the worst punishment in Wild City. Your opponent will go to the hospital for 30 minutes!

If you lose after attacking another player, you will go to the hospital for 30 minutes! Use medications to get out of the hospital faster! If another player attacks you during the game, you will only know about it if you are defeated.If you are beaten, then, naturally, you will wake up in a hospital. Get better with medication!

Cities and the airport. You can visit several cities, each of which has unique buildings, unique items for subsequent sale and exclusive events are held! From the airport you can go to other cities. Available flights, cost and flight time depend on which airport you are at. In order to use the airport, you must reach level 20.

Flight time can be reduced with the help of the "Regular customer" bonus.

Improving items in the workshop. Any weapon and armor that has a gold frame in the image can be upgraded in a workshop in Wild City to enhance their performance. Every time you try to improve an item, the probability of success is displayed on the workshop screen. The likelihood of successful improvement of the subject cannot be increased, the result is always random. Whoever you are, there is always one chance of a successful improvement. It all depends on your luck.

If you cannot improve the item, everything you need to improve will be lost. Each unsuccessful attempt to improve increases your luck, as a result of which the probability of successful improvement of another subject increases. After successfully upgrading an item, the success indicator resets to zero. For each attempt to improve items, palladium is required (can be found in iron chests in shelters), as well as emblems (can be obtained for participating in the battles in the Roman Coliseum). The required amounts of ingredients depend on the characteristics of the weapon / armor being upgraded, as well as on its current level.

What is moral? Morality is a special function of the game, which is designed to protect weak players from attack by very strong opponents.

  1. You lose morale if you attack a player whose combat characteristics are 10 times lower than yours.
  2. Morality temporarily affects your combat characteristics. Combat stats are reduced by 1% for every point lost out of 100.
  3. When participating in family or city wars or in the struggle for prizes, morality decreases only if you cripple opponents.
  4. Morality is restored by 1 point every 5 minutes.
  5. You can instantly restore morale in the Ability Tools section of the gold store.

Trading at the kiosk and Wildmart. To trade items with other players, use the kiosk and Wildmart store. Lay out items in a kiosk and indicate prices so that other players can purchase them. In order to get to the kiosk, open the Items menu, and then the kiosk tab, while in Wild City. Here you can choose which items you want to sell and set a price on them.

If necessary, you can buy additional display cases for a kiosk in the Gold Store. Other players can view items placed on your kiosk when they visit your profile. All items posted by users at the kiosks can also be seen in the Wildmart store in Wild City. Visit Wildmart to find the items you need and compare prices.

We strongly recommend trading with other players only through kiosks and Wildmart. This is the only safe way to trade. Developers will not be able to protect you if you use unofficial channels of trade.In addition, the sale and purchase of accounts and items for real money can lead to a life-time blocking of your accounts and devices.

Medals. Medals are rewards that players can receive in Wild City. Medals can be earned by completing various tasks in the game. For example, having earned a certain amount of money or having committed all crimes a certain number of times, you can get a medal. The game provides a large number of medals for a variety of achievements, but how exactly they can be obtained is a secret. Click the button at the bottom of your profile to view all medals received. Looking through the profiles of other players, you can find out what medals they have.

By checking the medals of other players, you can find out what achievements you are missing!

Bonuses and skills. Each time you get a medal, you also gain one bonus. Bonuses are points that can be used to improve skills. Improving your skills will give you certain benefits. For example, some skills increase the damage you do in a fight, while others shorten the flight time between cities. To view and enhance your skills, click the button at the bottom of your profile. This window also shows the available bonus points that can be used to improve skills.

Newspaper. You can open a newspaper using the News button at the bottom of the main screen. Here you will find some useful features.

  1. Advertisements posted by other players. You can also place your own ads. To view the ads, click the "Advertising" button. To write your own ad, click the "Post Ad" button in the bottom corner.
  2. The list of awards can be viewed by clicking on the icon of the "Awards" section. View reward conditions, defeat the specified player and get cash! To place an announcement about the reward for defeating another player and forcing other players to attack him, open the opponents profile and click on the "Reward" button.
  3. Bodyguards also offer their services in the newspaper. You can also become a bodyguard for another player. The bodyguard will automatically try to protect you if other players attack you. This function does not work if you attack other users.
  4. Ratings of the best players and families can be viewed by clicking the "Rating" button.
  5. Offers about work in the office can be viewed and accepted by clicking the "Work" button. This feature works just like visiting an office building in Wild City.

Sending and receiving private mail. You can exchange private messages with other players.

When you receive a new message, a red exclamation mark appears on the mail icon on the phone. In addition, you will hear a beep.

Remember that sending offensive, rude, pornographic and other inappropriate messages is punishable by completely blocking your account. Developers never ask users for any information about their account. Never share this information with others - it may become a threat to the security of your account.

Jail. If the police catch you at the crime scene, you will end up in Wild City Prison. The time you spend in prison depends on the crime committed. Your term can be from a few minutes to an hour or even longer, but there are skills that can reduce the time of imprisonment. If another player arranges for you to escape or pays for you, you will be free. You can also try to escape by yourself.

You can try to escape from prison by clicking the Escape button. It takes courage to escape. If everything works out, you will immediately be free, and if not, then your term will double. If you are not in prison, but simply went into it, you will see other players who are in prison. With the help of money, you can make a deposit for another player, and after spending energy, you can try to arrange an escape for one of them.

Hospital. If you lose the battle, you will be sent to the hospital. You cannot exit from there until you have been cured - until the timer reaches zero. To quickly leave the hospital, you can go to the pharmacy and take the medicine, if you have them in your inventory. By default, if you do not have the appropriate skills or knowledge (which can reduce or increase the time spent in the hospital), the following rules apply:

If you go to the hospital from the screen of the city, you can heal and restore health. The bottom of the screen shows how much the treatment will cost.

Office and employment. Its time to start earning honestly! Welcome to the office. This building can be found in Wild City. In the office you can see your current position, the next position on the career ladder in this field, as well as all the posts that you have already left. Once a day, you can click the Salary button to receive money.

Below you will see the requirements for obtaining a new position, for example, how many days you need to work on your current job, a certain level of combat characteristics, and sometimes even items that you need to buy. If you have completed all the requirements, you can click the "Promotion" button to move to a new position. If you want to move to another place of work, you can click the arrow labeled "Office" and return to the list of organizations.

When changing jobs, all your successes in this company will be lost!

Wild City: Gym Training and Combat Performance

In order to become stronger and defeat enemies with ease, you need to go to the Gym. Here you can spend energy on training and improve combat performance! There are 4 combat characteristics in Wild City:

  1. Strength - increases the damage done to opponents;
  2. Protection - reduces the damage done by opponents;
  3. Speed - increases the probability of hitting an opponent;
  4. Dexterity - increases the probability of repulsing an enemy attack.

While in the Gym building, use the sliders to select the characteristics that you want to spend energy on. Then just click "Workout" to start your workout. The boost indicator on the screen starts flashing.

Under the slider features are several training programs. Browse through them and join your favorite if you have sufficiently trained in the program of the previous level. All in-depth training programs can significantly improve certain characteristics. For example, if you start a program,

which is aimed at developing speed (fitness and running center), you can develop speed faster than usual.Payment for advanced training programs is charged only once, after which you can return to the program at any time.

Wild City: Level Up and Experience

In order to increase the level and become more powerful, you need to earn experience. Your current level (Lv) and a yellow experience indicator are shown at the top of the screen. A few ways to level up:

1. Training. New players are advised to undergo training so that you learn more about the game and level up.Click the Training icon on the right side of the screen, read the description of the assignment, and click "Run" to start the mission! Performing missions, you will learn about all the basic functions of the game and gain a lot of experience.

2. Crimes. This is the main way to gain experience in Wild City. To commit crimes, click the "Crime" button at the bottom of the screen. Select a crime category, find the crime highlighted in green in it, and click "Run" to commit the crime. The crimes highlighted in red will be available when you complete the green crimes several times.

Do not forget that for the commission of crimes you will need tools that can be purchased at Shopping centers around the world. Click the crime tool icon to find out where you can buy it. Be careful: for some crimes you can go to jail if you are not lucky and the cops will catch you!

3. Fights. You can also fight with other players, and then after the victory choose Leave to get a little experience.

Wild City: Chat and how to use it

There is a Chat button at the bottom of the screen. There you can chat with other Wild City players. There are various chat channels - you can select them using the tabs at the top of the chat screen. To start a conversation, write something in the text box and click "Submit." Respect other players and do not insult each other. Otherwise, you may be denied access to the chat or to the entire game. Chat rules can be read by clicking the corresponding button at the bottom of the chat window. Types of chats:

  1. In the global chat you can chat with all players. This chat is read by all users. Here you can chat, make friends, look for a family that will welcome you, or recruit newcomers to your own organization, as well as post ads for the sale of items. A megaphone is required to send messages in global chat. The bottom of the screen shows how many megaphones you have left.
  2. If you are a member of a family, you can also view family chat . Here you can talk about family matters.Communicate, help each other, plan attacks.
  3. There are special chat rooms for flights, prisons and hospitals . They can be used only when you are in the appropriate location.

Chat Rules Any of the following violations will be reviewed by the staff team. Penalties can range from warnings to ban, including ban from the game forever.

  1. Beware of scammers. It is recommended to carry out trading operations only through the Wildmart store!Responsibility for violation of this rule will rest entirely with you. Those who are suspected of fraud will be blocked, and their money and items are not refundable.
  2. No swearing, as well as insults towards other players or clans.
  3. Absolutely no discriminatory speeches or fanaticism (racism, homophobia, sexism, etc.).
  4. No action to bypass the filter, for example, changing the spelling of obscene words or spelling with characters.
  5. No spam. Do not repeat the same thing if no one answers you. Pointless posts are also considered spam.Advertising, links or tabs, as well as links to other sites with obscene content or violating this agreement are prohibited.
  6. It is forbidden to exchange personal information of other users, such as full name, location, place of work, photos, profiles on social networks, etc.
  7. Problems in the real world and discussion of conflicts are considered unacceptable if they offend and affect other users.
  8. No adult talk.

Chat Image Rules. The creation or use of images that may, or are designed in such a way as to insult other players / clans are not allowed. This includes images that contain pornography or disturbing images, etc.

Wild City: Frequently Asked Questions

How to get more money? The game does not give out money, objects or gold just like that! Nevertheless, if you want to earn extra money quickly, you can find a job in the office, commit a couple of crimes or sell things at your kiosk!

How to get more gold? This item can be purchased at the Gold Store! You can also collect full sets of flowers from each city and sell them on the Wild City black market.

How to get more checks? Unfortunately, the game does not provide for the distribution of free checks, but you can earn them yourself in the following ways:

  1. Frequent visit reward: If you visit the game 7 days in a row, you will receive several checks.
  2. Daily assignments: Sometimes checks are offered as a reward for daily assignments.
  3. Crystals: Complete sets of crystals can be collected at malls around the world and then sold on the Wild City black market for checks, like gold and flowers.
  4. Weekly prize prize: Open the list of events to find out how you can get a weekly prize prize - the winner receives checks.

How to use the plane? In order to use an airplane or any other aircraft, you must first purchase your own island or space station in the building of a real estate office in Wild City. Then you need to purchase the update "Airfield" or "Helicopter."

I have problems with the Wheel of Fortune. The wheel of luck, as the name implies, is completely dependent on luck. Sometimes it may seem that it is impossible to win due to outside interference, but in fact you are just out of luck. Keep playing and you will definitely win!

Gold spent on the Wheel of Fortune is not refundable under any circumstances.

I was evicted from my home or requested too much rent. Check the event log to see why you were kicked out. If you are presented with too large bills, this indicates that you have not paid the rent for one day or more, and now the system is trying to collect all debts from you at once. For example, if you have to pay $ 100,000 a day, and the system requires $ 400,000 from you, then you have not paid in the last 4 days. Perhaps you were not online, or you simply did not enter Wild City.

The event is scheduled too soon or too late for me. Developers strive to ensure that the timing of events in the game is convenient for as many players as possible. Most game users are in America and Europe, so the time for events is usually set based on these regions. In the future, the time of the events will sometimes change so that other players can also participate in them.

When do new products appear in shopping centers? Goods in shopping centers replenish once an hour, the exact time is randomly selected. This time is changing every day. Check out stores and be lucky!

Can I add more flowers, gems (crystals), or special items to the mall? The number of colors, gems (crystals) and special items that appear hourly in the shopping center is set depending on the number of players using the specified server. When increasing or decreasing the number of players on the server, the number of flowers, gems and special products will accordingly change.

Do not forget that these are valuable items and getting them is not so easy! Check out malls regularly and trade with other players to collect complete collections!

I have not received all the medal bonuses. Only one bonus is given for each medal. The numbers next to the medal show how many degrees of the given medal you have received. Only the highest degree is displayed, and all others are hidden under it to save space. For example, if a medal of level 50 x 8 is displayed on the screen, this means that only a medal for level 50 is shown, and at the same time you have 7 more medals for getting other, lower, levels (medals for reaching 40- go, 30th, 25th levels, etc.).

Help! I was hacked! Wild City does not approve of informal trading between players. Unofficial trading means transactions between you and other players conducted outside the standard gaming trading system (that is, trading outside kiosks and Wildmart). Developers will not be able to cancel such transactions or restore justice if you become a victim of scammers.

From now on, trade with other players only through official channels (through kiosks or Wildmart). Any operations involving the use of real money or items outside the game are prohibited, and non-compliance with this rule may lead to a complete suspension of the account. Remember, for deceiving other users, your account may be completely blocked.

I have problems completing crimes. Almost all crimes can fail. The probability of failure depends on the complexity of the crime. Do not give up if you go to jail or hospital too often! Here are some suggestions. Only commit crimes highlighted in green. By committing the most complex crimes highlighted in green several times, you will gradually discover crimes highlighted in red. You can take the course "Introduction to Law" at school and increase the skill that allows you to shorten the term. In addition, you can eat a kava-cola plant - it will help you!

Why has the volume of my bag changed? The volume of inventory may vary for the following reasons:

  1. Profile skills have changed - perhaps you have dropped your skills?
  2. Family skills have changed - perhaps you left your family or joined another clan?
  3. Item-specific skills have changed - maybe you put on another (third) special item that doesnt allow you to wear as many things?
  4. Mercenary skills have changed - perhaps you have changed an assistant, and a new mercenary can carry fewer things?

How do I get out of the family? To leave the family, open the Mansion in Wild City and click on the "Logout" button! If you are the head of the family, then first you will have to transfer the leadership to another player. You can also do this in the Mansion by clicking the Manage button. If you are the only member of the family, you can dissolve it in the Mansion by pressing the "Management" button.

Can I speak another language in the chat? As a rule, only English is supported in general chats. The official languages ??of the game are English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. The game has Spanish, Portuguese and Russian chats in which players can communicate in their own language. At the moment, the game supports only these 4 languages, so you need to understand at least one of them in order to play. Developers ask players to communicate in one of these 4 languages. Other languages ??can be used in family chats and in private messages.

How to learn to fly faster? To reduce the time of flights, you can develop the skill "Regular customer" or buy and use a plane!

I bought a random gift set for gold, but it did not appear in my inventory. When buying random gift sets, they automatically open and their contents are delivered to your warehouse. Open a warehouse and see what you got!

What does the medal "Merchants 3/7 of all cities love you" mean? This medal has 3 degrees that can be obtained by spending $ 10,000,000 in shopping centers in all cities (except Wild City):

If you do not have enough cities to get a medal, try spending more money in Mexico City, Cape Town and Rio de Janeiro. Very often these cities are not enough to get a medal.

When do Double Gold Promotions begin to operate and when are events taking place? Developers do not inform about the time of the Double Gold promotions or special events in advance, but they usually take place about once every two to three weeks at the same time as other events.

Wild City: Payments

I first bought gold, but its quantity has not doubled. If the Double Gold promotion is not currently active, you will not receive double the amount of gold. If you are making a purchase for the first time, this does not mean that you will definitely receive double the amount of gold, but you are entitled to a gift set for the first purchase!

Why cant you buy gold from your mobile account? Unfortunately, payment through a mobile operator is available only to operators supported by the game payment service provider. Developer partners seek to conclude agreements with as many operators as possible, so perhaps your operator will soon be on this list as well! Remember that buying gold using conventional payment methods is always more profitable than through a mobile operator!

Wild City: Moderators

What do moderators do? Moderators (or "moderators") are players who help game administrators monitor chats and control images uploaded to the game. Administrators cannot monitor the game and chat rooms 24 hours a day, so they need help from moderators. Moderators can temporarily block players in the chat if they insult other participants or swear. In addition, they may remove abusive or pornographic images from user profiles.

If another player has offended you, or you have encountered a violation of the chat rules, you can write to a moderator on the network and he will help you. Moderators can also give advice on the game, but usually they are very busy - because they also need to play! Before contacting them, read our Frequently Asked Questions section.

How to become a moderator? You will be happy if you want to help! At the moment, the game does not recruit moderators, so do not send messages with such requests. When administrators need moderators, they will directly contact the most active and useful players, in their opinion, and invite them to become moderators. So just try to help administrators whenever possible, and they will contact you shortly!

Unfair actions of the moderator. If the moderator treated you unfairly or blocked you for no reason, send feedback about him in the building of the business center in the Personnel menu. Administrators regularly review reviews and take all necessary measures.

Wild City: Reviews

Flowers - description and location. Flowers can be purchased at the Collectibles department in malls around the world. Complete sets of colors can be exchanged for gold on the Wild City black market:

Crystals - description and location. Crystals (gems) can be purchased at the Collectibles section in malls around the world. Complete sets of crystals can be exchanged for checks on the Wild City black market:

Special items - description and location. Various special items can be purchased at department stores around the world. Special items can be transported to different cities and profitably sold there through the menu.

Plants - description and location. When consumed, plants have a strong temporary effect on your characteristics. After eating any plant, it will take some time before you can again eat at least a leaf. Plants are sold in malls in certain cities in the Plants section.

Wild City: Account Issues

Account Lockout. If you violate the rules of the game, the User Agreement or use the game in order to harm other players or disrupt the normal operation of the game, your account will be blocked, temporarily or permanently. If you did not perform the indicated actions, describe the situation as detailed as possible (attach the player profile ID, screenshots, etc.) and send a letter to the support service.

Lost accounts. If you have lost access to your account, player support staff will help you recover it in one of the following ways:

I am going to buy a new phone and want to play the game on a different platform. Unfortunately, at the moment, users of iOS, Android and Windows Phone are playing on different servers, so you will not be able to play on another platform. Developers also cannot move characters or achievements from one platform to another.