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Walkthrough Wild West New Lands: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

WILD WEST: NEW LANDS - Android game with release date 05/05/2014 from the company Social Quantum. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.


  1. A Beginnerís Guide
  2. Tips for Opening New Locations
  3. Atoll
  4. Game Currency, Resources, and Payments

Wild West: A Beginnerís Guide

Family - spouse and children

Spouse will appear in your game after completing quests:

  1. Itís time to build a forge;
  2. Unexpected reward;
  3. Completion of the forge;
  4. Blacksmith craft;
  5. Get a farm;
  6. Building a store;
  7. Wedding preparations;
  8. Wedding clutter;
  9. Wedding.

These quests will appear after you complete the training tasks. Spouse (a) will become your second character, you can customize his (her) gender, appearance, name. After your spouse appears, you can have a baby. A child will appear in your Cradle after completing these quests:

  1. Home;
  2. Home improvement;
  3. Family life (after completion, the Cradle frame will appear in the Warehouse in the "Other" section);
  4. Cradle for baby;
  5. Preparation for the child;
  6. Cabbage child (it is necessary to plant Cabbage in the main territory, to harvest the character, over which a cloud with the child appeared).

After completing these quests, you can improve the Big Family House, and your child will become the third character. You can rename it, customize its appearance and gender (in "My things" in the "Album" section).

  1. Healthy cheese;
  2. Useful goat milk;
  3. More fruit for the baby;
  4. Family Home Improvement;
  5. Preparing a nursery.

In order to get a second child in the game, you need to purchase the "Basket with a Child" mission (cost 10 agrobaxes) in the Legendary Library and complete it. After the mission is successfully completed, a new character will appear on your farm. Quests:

How to expand the territory?

In order to expand the territory, you need to purchase a series of quests in the Store (in the "Extra" tab). After completing the quests, your site will expand. To date, eight extensions are available.

Extension 29x29. The cost of 4000 coins + 500 wood. Quests:

Extension 33x33. The cost of 5 agrobaks. Quests:

Extension 35x35. The cost of 7 agrobaks. Quests:

Extension 37x37. The cost of 9 agrobaks. Quests:

Extension 39x39. The cost of 14 agrobaks. Quests:

Extension 41x41. The cost of 16 agrobaks. Quests:

Extension 43x43. The cost of 18 agrobaks. Quests:

Extension 45x45. The cost of 20 agrobaks. Quests:

Contracts for neighbors (regular)

A bulletin board will help you conclude a contract with a neighbor or carry out his instructions. The higher the level of the bulletin board, the more contracts you can create and execute. The size of the reward also depends on the level of the board. At the beginning of each game day, at the first entrance to the Bulletin Board, you can choose the number of contracts that you are ready to send and execute on the current game day. You can do this in a special window:

You can close this window by choosing the type of contract, or by using the "Esc" button. After choosing the level of the board, you will be able to see the reward offered to you on the current playing day for the contracts that you perform on the instructions of your neighbors and for the contracts that your neighbors perform. If you donít like the reward, you can change it by clicking on the "Refresh" button. Change the reward for free. You have the opportunity 3 times. After using the free reward change, you will be asked to change the reward for 3 agrobax.

You can change the reward only before you send the contracts to your neighbors or accept at least one of the contracts sent to you.

After choosing the type of contract and choosing a reward - the type of contract and reward are fixed in the Bulletin Board until the end of the gaming day. At the end of the gaming day, all contracts will disappear from the bulletin board, after which it will be possible to accept and conclude new contracts. The number of daily contracts available, depending on the level of the order board:

How to create a contract? Select the object with which you need help, for example, a bed with a withered crop. Left-click on the culture and, without releasing the pressed button, wait until the circular menu appears. In the center is the "Contracts" button. Click on it. The contract window will open. Repeat the procedure for adding help actions and click the "Invite a neighbor" button.

There is another way. Select the "Bulletin Board" button in the characterís action menu:

A bulletin board menu will open, and you can create a new contract or execute a neighbor. You can add to the contract any action available to the neighbor. You can also create a contract by selecting the "contract" button in the action menu. Use the mouse cursor to select objects for the contract and invite a neighbor:

Before you invite a neighbor, you can change the actions of the contract by clicking the "reset" button opposite the action that you want to replace. After you invite a neighbor, the set of actions cannot be changed. The contract can be sent to any neighbor. After receiving consent, you can monitor how a friend fulfills your contract using the "Contracts of neighbors" tab.

How to fulfill the contract? After a neighbor has sent you a contract, you should restart the game and you can begin to execute it. You need to accept contracts in in-game mail messages, the "Regular" tab by clicking on the word "Go":

Next, in the "My contracts" tab on the bulletin board, click on the word "Accept":

After that, the Accept button changes to Visit:

By the button "Visit" you will go to the farm to the neighbor. The actions to be performed can be seen by clicking on the icon in the upper left corner of the game screen, while visiting a neighbor:

In the "List of important cases" that opens, click on the "Show" button:

The system will transfer you to the desired object. As tasks are completed, the progress bar will fill up. If you do not perform one of the actions in the list, the contract will not be considered completed.

Group contracts with neighbors

To create a group contract, use the "Group contracts" line in the Bulletin Board menu:

Pressing the button "Start your contract" leads to the fact that you will become the initiator of the Group contract.Next, you need to assemble a team of neighbors of 6 people. Pressing the button "Wait for invitation" closes the window. The contract does not start. Clicking on the "cross" in the upper right corner of the menu window - works the same way. A group contract is the execution of one task by a team of 6 people. To complete a group contract, you need to assemble a team in 48 hours. Invite six of your gamemates by sending them invitations:

Then activate the contract. If your neighbor does not respond, the invitation will expire in 3 hours. After this time, you can invite the same neighbor or any other again. If a friend refuses to participate, you can invite another player immediately. Before activating the contract, you can dissolve the contract. In this case, the contract will disappear from the Bulletin Board at you and at all your neighbors who accepted the invitation to participate in the contract. After the dissolution of the contract, you have the opportunity to recruit a new contract.

Until the contract is activated, agreed neighbors will be able to refuse to participate in the implementation of the contract. Also, prior to activation, you can change the reward for fulfilling a group contract. After the contract is activated, you cannot change the reward or refuse to participate. All actions to complete the group contract assignment must be performed by each team member in their own territory. For the assignment of the group contract, you and your friends have 168 hours.

In the group contract you will receive the task of collecting crops, harvesting trees or selling adult animals. Tasks are generated by the generator based on the input data of the assembled team. The level of players is taken into account. Each task has a progress bar. The progress bar takes into account the actions of all team members in total. After the contract is activated, a group contract icon with a timer will be added to the quest ribbon for all participants in the group contract. By clicking on the contract icon, each participant will be able to open the contract window and see the progress at the current time.

If your team has completed the execution of the group contract before the allotted time, rewards for the execution will be received by all team members. Then you can create a new team or join a team created by your neighbor to fulfill a new contract. As a task in the group contract, you will receive the task of collecting crops, harvesting from trees or selling adult animals. The more your team has time to do, the more interesting the rewards will be.

You can only start one contract at a time.

Quest Issues

If you do not know how or where to get the item you need for the task, then you will be offered several options for tips.

  1. Option number 1: hover over the question mark in the quest - so you can see a hint for the task;
  2. Option No. 2: some words in the quests are active, differ in color and indicate the desired item, for example, in a store, or action on the field;
  3. Option number 3: if in the task you see the active "Show" button, this means that when you click on it, you will be sent to the place required for the quest: a store, building, location, etc.

All hint methods are shown in the screenshot:

Some tasks in the game are related and appear under certain conditions. For example, after completing one quest chain, the following appears, which could not start at all if it did not complete the previous series of tasks. Or quests are associated with a certain action: you need to plant a culture / tree, put an animal on the playing field, build a structure. For example, in order for tasks to appear, go to the store, check the availability of the building and if it is available for purchase, put the frame on the playing field - the quests will start.

If you cannot find a building or any other object on the field, use the "Hide tall objects in the menu" button, this will help you find it among trees and bushes:

There is also another way to find the loss on the field: enter the store, find the desired object and click on the green arrow in the upper right corner. But if you still do not see an object behind bushes or buildings on the field, then use the search method described above, i.e. hiding tall objects on the field:

All collectibles, items for missions drop out in a random order, this is generated by the system. Continue to perform actions on your farm, and the items you need will certainly appear. Also, to increase the likelihood of falling out, you can use a good luck potion. Characters for tasks also appear randomly, you can not accelerate their appearance, only by performing a large number of active actions, you can achieve success.

Items that you found or created for the task do not disappear for no reason, they are either used during the game, for example, to create other objects, or they could be counted into the task if this condition was specified in the quest. Please consider this moment, pay attention to the conditions that are indicated in the quest:

If you need to have a certain item for the quest, then pay attention to how it is written in the task: if you need to "find" the item, then all similar items that you already have will not be counted, they need to be found after the appearance of the quest; if your assignment says "to have" an item, then it should be in your collections or in the game store, but itís important to keep it there until you complete the assignment, because if you use it, then check in the task will disappear, and the item will need to be searched again:

Some quests or achievements will be completed only after performing a certain action, for example, you need to put an animal on the playing field from the warehouse, only then the task (achievement) will be completed. In the game, nothing just disappears. Only during the game, and only with the playerís decision, are objects used or sold, presented to neighbors.

For example, if you had an item in stock, in the task this item is checked, and then you suddenly find that there is no item, and nothing is counted in the quest, why did this happen? This situation could arise if the item was sold from a warehouse, or exchanged in buildings, used to create another object, you could also give it to your neighbors. Be careful when sending gifts to neighbors, they can be sent from your personal warehouse.

If you do not have the task scrolling to the left, in the game window, this means that at the moment you have many active tasks for the time (with a timer), as soon as you complete one / two missions, the situation will be corrected:

If you used the totem, but the animals / cultures did not grow, then make sure first of all that you were not mistaken in choosing the stone, that all animals / cultures are in the area of ??the totem. Also, with regard to crops, multi-yielding plants cannot be grown using a totem, this is not a mistake, these are the rules of the game process.Similar crops are marked in the store, pay attention to this:

If at the entrance to the store, in all the tabs you are empty, then make sure that there are no registered characters in the search bar. Delete them by clicking on the cross and all items in the store will reappear. The Store has not only a search bar, but also a sorting of objects, you can see it in the store, in the lower right corner of the game screen:

How to grow mushrooms in the dungeon?

In order to plant mushrooms in the dungeon, you will need a mushroom farm. The frame of the mushroom farm is purchased in the Store, in the "Buildings" section.

The mushroom farm can only be placed in the Dungeon location. After the farm is built, you can create boxes and compost in the workshop:

Compost is a special soil in which mushrooms will be grown in the caves of the gem valley. After filling the box with compost, you can plant mushrooms in the box. After harvesting - the compost must be replaced (that is: one portion of compost - allows you to grow 1 (One) crop). There are three types of compost:

So, the procedure for growing mushrooms in the Underground is simple: first you need to create and install a box on the field, then load the prepared compost into it:

And then plant the mushroom:

Mushrooms will give not only a crop, but also the ingredients for the preparation of mushroom dishes.

Dishes and ingredients can be sent to local restaurants by signing a supply contract for Mushroom Farm.

Delivery rewards will be worthy!

post office

To start sending packages to friends, you need:

  1. Purchase a mail frame. (Upon the acquisition of which you will receive, as a bonus, 10 marks).
  2. Finish building mail.

To send a package , you need:

  1. Log in to your mail.
  2. Submit Tab.
  3. Have an affordable brand. (You can buy a brand in the Store or "Ask" from friends / One request = one brand /. Also you get 10 bonus marks when buying a frame.
  4. Choose a friend to whom you want to send the package.
  5. Check the box under his avatar.
  6. Click the word "Submit".

To accept the package , you need:

  1. Log in to your mail.
  2. Get tab.
  3. Click on the word "Accept".
  4. You can also thank a friend for the parcel by clicking on the "Thank" button when receiving mail from a neighbor. A free brand is not required. Your gift will be random (you cannot influence the choice).

You can thank your friend, for this your friend must accept a letter with a reward. The neighbor will receive gratitude regardless of whether he has active letters (blue buttons) or not (gray buttons).

You can take 1 (one) parcel per day for free. Only the last postal item of the same type is accepted (parcel post, parcel, valuable parcel) from one neighbor.

  1. If you have received several packages per day, only 1 package will be free for you. The remaining packages will be worth 1 agrobax.
  2. Mailings are available for receiving exactly 24 hours from the moment you receive your mail.
  3. When updating the gaming day, 1 package will be available to you for free.

The reward depends on the type of mail. It is impossible to influence the choice of the type of mailing. The probability of sending and receiving parcels and valuable parcels is approximately 3-5 %% of the total number sent.

When sending packages to friends, you need to click on a floppy disk - save game data!

Assistant Peter

You do not have enough time to complete tasks? Now you have a friendly assistant - Peter. He will be happy to complete any quests for you, excluding missions with a limited time interval.

Peter will help you on the farm for 30 days.

Peter will help you complete quests. He is ready to work for food, so cook a chowder for him in the boiler. Having fed up, Peter will do your job for you and give you all the rewards received. However, he does not undertake tasks that are limited in time. In order for Peter to start working, he needs to be fed a stew. To prepare a stew, you need to start the boiler. Peter and the boiler are located outside the main location, near the railway track, on the side opposite from the mine, closer to the Butterfly Valley.

Assistant Peter does not complete quests for the time, as well as quests on the Market, orders of the Leader, quests for opening sections of the Island and Iceberg. He will complete the quest to build the building, but the building itself remains unfinished, it must be built independently. Each minute, the boiler produces 1 unit of stew. After several units of stew appear in the boiler or it is completely filled, you need to click on it and the stew will go to Peter.

To complete the quest, Peter needs to collect 7200 chowder units.

After 7200 units of pottage are scored by Peter, a bright yellow exclamation mark will appear above his head. This means that Peter is ready to complete the quest of your choice.

In order for Peter to start the quest, you need to click on a well-fed Peter, select in the menu "Get Help":

Choose the quest that Peter must complete for you:

Click "Yes" in the confirmation window for choosing a quest or "No" if you want to replace the quest for completion by Peter:

Get a reward for the quest completed by Peter: If you liked his help, you can extend his help for 5 agrobaks for another 30 days.

To do this, simply click on the assistant Peter and confirm the action.

How to congratulate the neighbors? In order to congratulate the neighbors, you need to purchase and wear winter or carnival clothes (you need to wear them through the atelier - the "Winter" or "Carnival" tab - then the costumes are put on your character correctly), go to visit a neighbor and click on his character.

How to conclude a trade agreement and collect a reward from it? A trade agreement is a two-way process. That is, for your friend to appear on the market, you need to invite him, and he must answer your letter.

In order for you to appear in his market, you must click "Accept" in your letters.

The whole process requires clicking on a floppy disk, otherwise your letter will not reach your neighbor and you will not appear on his market. You must be with a neighbor in the Market, and you have it. If your neighbor with whom you entered into a trade agreement completes an order, you can receive a reward for this. To do this, enter the market, and under the neighborís avatar, click "Get."

Why doesnít count watering trees on neighboring farms? It is necessary to water the trees during the growth process (not adults).

How to rotate / move an object? In the lower right corner, click on the "Action" button (arrow), a menu will open where you need to select the "cross from arrows with a circle in the middle" button to move the object, and the "horseshoe from arrows" button to rotate, clicking on which to produce the necessary act.

How and why to hire a friend? Twice a day you can hire your friends (2 friends a day, if you learned the lesson "Merchant" at the academy, then 3 friends).

For 50 coins they will do your work for you (feed the animals, etc.).

A friend does not need to be put on the field. Just click where you need help.

I canít hire a neighbor, why? If there is no check mark to hire a neighbor for a position, then this neighbor you have already hired for another position in another place or he is wanted. Add more active neighbors.

Why did a friend leave my field? This means that you have already done what your friend wanted to do. If you want to accept the help of a friend, then do it as soon as you see a neighbor on your field.

How and why to help on the sites of friends? You can help a friend once a day. You can make any 5 actions of your choice and get 5 experience points and 20 coins for each action. After watering your friendsí plants, the time before harvesting will be reduced. You can take care of the animals of friends, after which the time before feeding the animal will be reduced.

How quickly do plants wither if they are not watered? The time after which the plant wilts is 2 times the growth time of the plant. For example: clover grows 5 minutes - will fade after: 5x2 = 10 minutes. Friends can "revive" your plants by sprinkling them.

How to remove weed behind a building or decor? Use the Ctrl key. Enter the game in windowed mode.Hold down the Ctrl key on the keyboard. Hover over the weed. The item will become transparent. Without releasing the Ctrl key, click on the weed by hovering over it.

How can you quickly grow crops, animals or trees? You can speed up the growth of crops, animals or trees with the help of a totem. Create or purchase a totem, set the desired stone and use it. Crops, animals or trees will instantly grow within the radius of the totem.

How to change the gender / appearance of the character? In the lower right corner, click the "My things" button and in the window that opens, go to the album.

How to sell an object? In the lower right corner, click on the "Action" button (arrow), a menu will open, select the Sell button, then click on the object.

Why are animals needed, how are they fed, and what is the benefit of them? Pets provide experience and income. You need to feed the animals if a yellow arrow appears above them. No need to purchase food, just click on the animal.

Where can I get toys for the mission "Itís time to school!" "Toys" you can create in the built "Trap" for wild animals.

You need to click on the trap and select the "Login" tab.

You can send a request for materials (threads) for the manufacture of "Toys". Neighbors can send them to you by answering your request. The toy can be put on the wish list if you have it in stock.

How to feed a sheep in a sheep farm? Click on the "Collect Bonus / Feed the Sheep" sheep farm. The amount of feeding the sheep corresponds to how much you have "improved" the Sheep farm.

Growth stages of dogs, cats, rodents, kangaroos. Animals grow in three stages: Stage I = 2 feedings.

II stage = 3 feedings.

III stage = 5 feedings.

If you skip feeding the pet during the growth period, then the maturation is rolled back to one stage. When a dog, rodent, kangaroo or cat is an adult, you need to feed them 1 (one) time every 5 (five) days (provided that you donít drive wild animals away).

How to find a lost character? Open the "My stuff" menu, the "Album" section, then click on the avatar of the lost character and click on any place on the field. So you will control the selected character.

How to find a lost object on the site? If any item purchased at the Store is located on your farm, you can quickly find it. To do this, enter the Store, find the necessary item in the corresponding section and click on the green arrow in the upper right corner on the icon of the desired item. The item you need will be shown in yellow on your site. This search method is valid in all your locations. If you did not find the decor item that was located on your farm, try to find it in your Barn.

Shooting gallery The construction of Tire, as well as shooting in it, is voluntary. Aiming and shooting at the shooting range are random; you cannot influence the direction of the shot. Every day in the shooting range you are given one shot for free, as a bonus, the remaining shots, if you wish, you get 1 (one) agrobax each. Shots end when hit by. You cannot leave the shooting gallery if you have not taken your winnings.

How to open an Academy? To open the Academy you need to complete the quest chain. 1. Start learning:

2. Preparation for the opening of the Academy:

3. Waiting for Archimedes:

4. In search of amazing things:

5. Where is Adele ?:

6. Meeting Adele:

7. Opening of the academy !:

After opening the academy, you need to complete quests: 1. Get ready for classes:

2. Botany is interesting:

Why donít weeds appear? Stones, skeletons, wild flowers, grass, snowdrifts and other wild vegetation appear on free areas of your territory during the game. Do not cover the edges of the plot. Germination of wild vegetation goes from the edges to the center of the site. If there is a fence, decor, buildings, trees, animals along the railway, remove several sections, weeds will appear once a day if there is free territory on the site.

Also, you can purchase stones, skeletons and snowdrifts in the store, the "Extra" section, receive as a reward for the exchange of some collections, fulfilling orders in the market. For weeds, you can use the Mole Stone for totem.Mole Stone is a real stone of life! Under its influence, wilted plants come to life, wild trees and weeds grow.

Why can not I open new sites in the location Lodge in the mountains, although crystals are available? Follow the sign on the path, you will be shown which site you need to open first. Try not to click on the snowdrifts or rock, but on the yellow border of the site, there will be no problems opening the sites.

How to assemble a tree from a carpenterís house? In order to receive a bonus from the Carpenterís House, you must have intact wild trees on the field (at least 2 strokes). When collecting a bonus from the Carpenterís House from 1 adult tree, you get +18 tree, from a non-adult +3. All bonus units of wood received when collecting a bonus from this object are immediately added to the scale.

Butterflies Butterflies appear in the presence of wild-growing (poppies, cornflowers ...) and cultural "home" flowers (roses, lilies, orchids, peonies, asters ...) in the territory. To catch a butterfly, you just need to click when the butterfly fell into the area of ??the mouse. After the butterfly is caught, you get bonuses in the form of coins, experience and, possibly, a collection butterfly, and the caught butterfly disappears.

When collecting the flower, the butterfly disappears. That is, first catch all the butterflies, then harvest. In the absence of energy, butterflies do not count.

  1. In order not to collect something superfluous, it is better to send the character to the other end of the map or take something useful.
  2. Itís not necessary to click on the butterfly actively. If you still clicked, you need to, after that, click cancel actions so as not to perform the actions that clicked in the process of catching butterflies.
  3. It is best to fish in a free area.
  4. Before neighbors, before embarking on catching butterflies, it is better to complete all the actions that they planned.To catch a butterfly, the presence of free actions by neighbors is not necessary.
Collectible butterflies can only be collected on their territory.

Why can not I place animals in the location of the Village of the Indians? You need to complete the "Real Beater" tasks associated with the Beater House in the village of the Indians, then it will be possible to place any animals on the location. The building can be purchased at the store.

How to see the hint in the task? You can see a hint for the task if you hover over the question mark in the quest:

How to make a bear or a wild boar appear? Predators appear when felling adult trees:

In this case, the trees should not grow on the lower or right edge of the site, in front of the tree (not near, not behind the tree, just in front) there must be a place sufficient for the predator to fit.

Why do some items have a red outline? This is a warning that there is a wild beast in the area. If a snake, wolf, mole or bear is on the field, then all actions require more energy than usual. You can continue to work or, having driven away, get rid of them. To drive a bear, you need 6 units of energy, a snake - 3 units, a mole - 4 units, a wolf - 5 units.

Where to get fuel? The first way: Barrels of fuel can be purchased in the store, in the "Extra" section - 50 barrels for 3 agrobax.

Second: Fuel can also be obtained by exchanging some collections: ankylosaurus, tyrannosaurus, elephant in amber, phytolacchi, etc. To see the complete list of collections that will give you barrels of fuel during the exchange, enter the word "Fuel" in the collection search.

Third: Fuel can be won at the races in the hippodrome, in various promotions, it is often offered as a reward.

And, perhaps, one of the most affordable ways is to create fuel yourself. Oil spill on Adventure locations (Black Hills, Fort Ross, Yosemite, Gold Mine) - used for oil production. Can be removed by installing over the spot oil pump - disappears with the pump after collecting oil.

To collect oil, you need to create an oil pump in the caretakerís house in the Black Hills. The collected Oil Pump must be put to any place on one of the locations of the Cartographic community or on an oil slick. After the pump is finished, you will receive one barrel of oil if you put it on a regular site, and three if it is on an oil slick. Barrels of oil must be distilled into fuel at the Refinery.

Oil refinery Allows to make barrels of fuel for fur from oil. assistants and automated greenhouses and corrals. The building can be purchased after completing the quest Black Hills. It is installed only on the locations of the Cartographic community. In total, you can buy and supply one refinery.

Depending on the level of the structure, you can create:

How to mark the application as liked? To mark the application as liked, you need to click the Like / Like / Class button (depending on the social network) under the \ above the window with the game (not in full screen mode):

If the Like / Like / Class button is not displayed for you, try changing your browser. Use the Mozilla Firefox or Opera or Google Chrome browser. Or Internet Explorer (must be installed on your computer).

Wild West: Tips for Opening New Locations

Northern lands

In order to open the Northern land, you need to complete quests:

Also, you must have built a bridge located outside your territory (near the mine). For each trip to the Northern Lands 1 coal will be spent. On the territory of the Northern Land, you can grow animals and cultures, plant trees, establish decor, build a Shed and an auxiliary telegraph, remove weeds, chop down wild trees. Northern lands can be expanded. To do this, you need to purchase a series of quests in the "Extra" section and complete them. 1st expansion of the Northern lands , quests:

After completing the quests, the territory of the Northern lands will become 16x16 cells. 2nd expansion of the Northern lands , quests:

After completing the quests, the territory of the Northern lands will become 18x18 cells. 3rd expansion of the Northern lands (Series cost 4í500í000 coins), quests:

After completing the quests, the territory of the Northern Lands will become 21x21 cells.

Butterfly Valley

In order to get the opportunity to open the Butterfly Valley, you must complete the quest "New lands are waiting" from a series of quests for the expansion of 37x37. After receiving the extension 37x37, you can open the Butterfly Valley for 18 agrobaxes. Butterfly Valley is located to the left of the train tracks. The butterfly valley can be expanded twice (alternately). In the Store, in the "Extra" section, two series of expansion quests are available: Expanding the Butterfly Valley 29 x 29 - for 5 agrobaxes (Available after completing the quest "Chasing the Butterflies"):

Butterfly Valley extension 33 x 33 - for 7 agrobaxes (Available after receiving the Butterfly Valley extension 29x29):

In the Butterfly Valley, you can grow animals and crops, plant trees, build buildings, harvest weeds, chop down wild trees, and establish decor. Also, only in the Valley of the Butterflies can you build a Collectorís House and produce various objects in it.

Gem Valley

You can enter the Valley of the Gems if you:

  1. All objects of the railway junction (Station, Depot, Office) were built and opened;
  2. Built and open steam locomotive;
  3. The mine has been improved to the possibility of coal mining (level 2);
  4. Built Bridge;
  5. Reached level 25 of the game.

For each trip to the Valley of the Gems, 1 coal will be spent. In the Valley of Gems, you can get nuggets in the Mine, process nuggets and get precious stones, then exchange them for items in the Jewelry Workshop, collect bonus from the Well and get collectibles from any collections, set decor, clean weeds, build arable land and plant it culture, build an auxiliary telegraph. The following extensions are available for the location of the Valley of the Gems. Expansion of the valley of gems 15x15 :

Expansion of the valley of gems 19x19 (availability - after completion of the expansion 15x15):

Dense forest

To open the Deep Forest you need to complete quests:

  1. Itís time to hunt!
  2. Hunting supplies;
  3. Forest wilds.

Gaining access to the location "Deep Forest" is possible from level 15. In the Deep Forest you can set decor, cut wild trees, harvest weeds, build arable land and plant crops in it, build a corral and grow animals in it, fix the Foresterís House - create a decoy in it and exchange Trophies of lured wild animals for Certificates, build a Shed and Auxiliary Telegraph. When collecting ripened crops in Arable land and feeding animals in the Corral, you can get Assistance Points for a forester, and exchange them for a decoy in the Foresterís House (tab "Your Success"), which is necessary for luring Wild Forest Animals.

The capercaillie and the Hare are found in the Deep Forest, the Squirrel on the farm, the Forest Boar in the Northern Lands. When luring Wild forest animals, you can get items from the corresponding collections (the Beast thus disappears). Collections - exchange for Trophies. And exchange trophies for certificates in the Foresterís House, tab "Trophies". You have the opportunity to double expand the Deep Forest. A series of quests can be purchased in the store (Extra section) for 1000 coins, while in the Deep Forest. Reward for completing quests: Expanding the Deep Forest + the ability to transfer the Witchís House to the Deep Forest location:

Expansion of the Deep Forest 20x20. A series of quests can be purchased in the store (Extra section).Available if you have already completed the quest series "Visiting a Fairy Tale" and the territory of the Deep Forest has been increased:

Port, Ship, Indians Village

In order to get to the "Port" location, you need to repair the Bridge (the bridge is outside your territory, near the mine). After that, you will be able to visit the Port. In the location "Port" you can set the decor, build the Port building, build the Ship. After completing these quests, you can visit the Village of the Indians:

  1. Bridge repair;
  2. Need a port! Part 1;
  3. Need a port! part 2;
  4. The construction of the ship. Part 1;
  5. The construction of the ship. part 2;
  6. The construction of the ship. part 3.

Location "Port" you can expand. Two Port extensions are available. Firstly, it is necessary to build a fish surveillance . After installing the Rybnadzor framework, you will start the quests:

After completion of the construction and opening of Rybnadzor, it will be possible to purchase quests to expand the territory of the Port. To do this, you need to click on the building of Rybnadzor and select the "Expand port" button. To expand the location of the Port, you will need to upgrade the building of Rybnadzor. To do this, select "Improve" in the menu that opens when you click on the building. Without the acquisition of quests "Large water area" - the improvement of the building of Rybnadzor is not available.

Secondly, it is necessary to build a Port Administration . After installing the port Administration framework, you will start the quests:

After completion of the construction and opening of the Port Administration, it will be possible to purchase quests for the second expansion of the Port territory . To do this, you need to click on the port Administration building and select the "Expand port" button. For the second expansion of the Port location, you will need to upgrade the port Administration building. Without the acquisition of quests "Expanding Influence" - improving the building of the Port Administration is not available:

Each trip to the Village of the Indians will cost you 5 Coal and 1,500 Coins. In the Village of Indians, you can grow crops and trees, set décor, harvest weeds, chop down wild trees, and build some buildings.

House of the Leader. The frame of the Leaderís House is located on a field in the Village of the Indians. Having built the House of the Leader, you will have the opportunity to fulfill the contracts. To get a contract, you need to click on the Leaderís House and select the "Login" option.

Beater House. The Beater House Frame can be purchased at the Store. In the built House of the Beater, you can purchase a series of quests, completing which, you will have the opportunity to purchase in the Animal Store (Bald Eagle, Forest Bison, Mustang):

  1. The Proud Bird quest series is available in the Beater House for 5 agrobaxes and 200,000 coins.
  2. The Forest Storm quest series is available in the Beater House for 8 agrobaxes and 245,000 coins.
  3. The quest series "Free as the Wind" is available in the Beater House for 12 agrobaks.

After building the Beater House, you will have a quest chain. After their completion, you will have the opportunity to raise any animals in the Village of the Indians:

  1. This beater part 1.
  2. This beater part 2.
  3. This beater part 3.

House of the Shaman. In the Store, in the "Extra" section, you can purchase a series of quests "The Shamanís Apprentice" for 5 agrobucks. After completing the quest "Apprentice of the Shaman Part 1.", the territory of the village of the Indians will increase and you can build the House of the Shaman. In the Shamanís House you can unlock new, unprecedented plants for planting:

  1. Baklusha (tree).
  2. Rainbow grapes (culture).
  3. Tiger pumpkin (culture).
  4. Sunflower heart (culture).
  5. Strawberry mushroom (culture).

Also, in the Shamanís House, you can make a Movement Talisman designed to move decor items located in Sarai at different locations.

Expansion of the Indians Village. The cost of a series of quests to expand the Village of the Indians = 500í000 game coins. Tribal Unification Quests:


In order to open the Manor, you need to complete quests from the Governor:

  1. Assignments of the Governor, part 1.
  2. Assignments of the Governor, part 2.

The Governor will appear at your level 25 near the Railway Station (Dreziny). For quests to appear, click on the Governor. After completing these quests, the Manor will become available in the Store, the tab "Buildings". You can transfer most of the buildings you have to the Manor. There are 12 places in the Manor. You get two places for free. The remaining places can be opened for agrobaks. Also, in the Manor there is an opportunity to grow fruit trees, chop down wild trees, and establish decor. The estate can be expanded. A series of quests can be purchased in the store (Extra) for 10 agrobaks:

After completing the tasks, your Homestead will expand significantly, there will be 8 additional places for buildings that can be opened for 30 agrobaxes (each).


The ability to open the location of Amazonia appears for all players after reaching level 10. In order to visit the Amazon, you need to fix the plane, located outside the site (near the railway).Airplane repair takes place in three stages. After repairing the aircraft, it is necessary to complete the quests from the pilot:

After completing the quests from the pilot, click on the plane, then "Visit the Amazon." In the future, you will be able to visit the Amazon through Map. Next, you will have the following quest series:

Wild West: Atoll

Location "Atoll"

The Mysterious Atoll mission to open a new location starts with players who have reached level 25. Mission Duration: Unlimited in time, 168 hours for additional rewards. Mission Quests:

  1. Mysterious Atoll Part 1.
  2. Mysterious Atoll Part 2.
  3. Mysterious Atoll Part 3.
  4. Mysterious Atoll Part 4.
  5. Mysterious Atoll Part 5.
  6. Mysterious Atoll Part 6.
  7. Mysterious Atoll Part 7.

Mission reward: Silver Gibbon . One of the rarest and most beautiful primates! Type: ground. Interval of feeding: once every 12 hours. Collection: individual. Exchange reward: 1 agrobax, 3 shovels, 500 experience.

You will be able to purchase Silver Gibbon in the store after the successful completion of the mission until the end of the time on the timer. Cost: 65 agrobaks.

The new location is a tropical island surrounded by the sea. On the island are installed: Bathyscaphe (a place of diving), in which you will receive figurines necessary for opening plots at a location; and the diverís house, where you can produce equipment for exploring the deep sea. There are 64 sites in total. You can open closed areas using artifacts that are mined in the bathyscaphe. In open areas you can place any objects (beds, trees, decor, animals, etc.).

You will also find the chests of the natives, by clicking on which you can get one of the following awards: Certificate for the material 2 pcs., Grow trees 3 pcs., Wood elixir 1 pcs., Natural elixir 5 pcs., Mole stone 1 pcs. You can only open areas that are adjacent to those that are already open. If you have enough materials to open such a site, a green checkmark will appear on the plate located on the site. To open the site will require from 1 to 3 types of special materials. You can also purchase figurines, at a cost:

  1. 5 small figurines = 10 agrobaxes;
  2. 5 medium statuettes = 20 agrobaxes;
  3. 5 large figurines = 40 agrobaxes.

Opening sites, you will find new types of garbage: Monstera, Croton, Blossoming driftwood, Green stone. Harvesting such weeds will bring you objects of a collection of wildflowers (Monstera, Croton, Blossoming driftwood), as well as objects of a collection of finds (Green Stone).

At the new location you can place the following buildings: Barn, Weed Generator, Mechanical Feeder, Mechanical Agronomist, Mechanical Cleaner, Mechanical Gardener, Farmerís Van, Greenhouse, Orchard, Automated Seeder, Pugach, Miracle Totem, Horse Corral, Rabbitry, Automated water seeder, Marten enclosure, Hangar, Tree seeder, Mechanical shepherd.

Bay exploration

The bay study is a 6x7 cell field that you will explore from top to bottom. The study is performed using various tools that clear one or more cells. You can use the tool only on the cell that is next to the already cleared cell or on the cleared cell itself.

When you clear at least one cell in the lowest row, the entire field moves one row up. In this case, the top row disappears and becomes inaccessible for clearing and collecting items. Movement down will be noted on a special counter. Types of tools: Shovel; Hydraulic hammer; Sea mine. Shovel. Tools can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Create a diver in the house (similar to factories in Lapland);
  2. Receive every day when you first enter the game per day in free gifts for two weeks;
  3. Find during excavations;
  4. Receive as rewards for missions and promotions;
  5. Purchase for agrobaks.

On the field there can be cells of the following types: cleared (water); sand cage; cage with a stone; a cage with a cracked stone; cell with granite. In all types of cells except granite, objects can be placed. If the item is in an empty cage, then you can collect it by simply clicking on it. If the item is in a cage with sand or stone, then the item is collected when clearing this cage. Any resource can be placed in a cell (not only artifacts).

In cells with sand and stone, underwater dynamite can be placed, which explodes when clearing the cell in which it is located. Underwater dynamite clears a field of 12 cells around itself (except for cells with granite and stone). If on one of the cells cleared in this way there is another underwater dynamite, then it also explodes. In addition to artifacts, materials necessary for improving a simple artifact to a more complex one (gold, silver, pearl pearl) will appear in the excavation cells. In the excavation window, there are Top players who have currently explored the deepest section of the bay (for all time, among all players and among friends).

The study of the bay has no time limit. During the first two weeks, subject to the opening of the location, the day after the opening, you will receive a free gift from John daily through the letters window: The gift includes: 3 shovels; 1 hydraulic hammer or 1 sea mine. Also in the bay you will find Chests and Treasures.

The cost of opening the Chest is 1 agrobax. By opening the chest, you can get one of the following prizes: Mal.artifact, cf. artifact, Bol. artifact, Shovel 3 pcs., Hydraulic hammer 3 pcs., Sea mine 3 pcs., Coins 33500, Copper, Pearl, 3 agrobax. By opening the Treasure, you will receive one of the following prizes: Mal. artifact, cf. artifact, Bol. artifact, Shovel 6 pcs., Hydraulic hammer 3 pcs., Sea mine 2 pcs., Coins 150000, Copper, Pearl, Gold, 1 agrobax.

New animals. Pelican with fruits, Prehistoric sloth, Yellow-bellied macaw, Leopard tortoise, White-spotted hyena, Fijian iguana, Brazilian caiman, White-bearded bakers.

New cultures. Squash, Etlingera Elator, Spinach, Tricirtis Hirta.

New trees. Milk tree, Challah, Turkish delight, Broom.

New animals, crops, and trees will unlock as new plots open.

Factories. Tropical hut - at this factory you can make tropical cocktails, and after improvement, tropical dishes.Souvenir shop - At this factory you can make souvenirs.

New achievements to the depth of the investigated bay:

Atoll Expansion

Mission "Mastering a new island" (Atoll Expansion) starts with players who have reached level 25. Renewal: yes, maybe. Cost - 1 agrobax for 24 hours. Duration: Unlimited in time, 168 hours for an extra reward. Adding to the library: no. Mission Quests:

The main reward of the mission: Tyra - Tropical animal will be your faithful friend! Type: ground. Collection: individual. Collection exchange reward: 1 fruit picker, meal, 2000 experience, 15 barrels of fuel.

You will be able to purchase Tyra in the store after the successful completion of the mission until the end of the time on the timer. Cost - 65 agrobaks. If the mission is unsuccessful, the main reward will not be available.

You can open a new Island without participating in a mission, unlimited time. Atoll Islands are interconnected by the Tropical Bridge, which must be built for building materials. After the completion of the Tropical Bridge, the character can go to the first, accessible, section of the new island. The character can walk on the Tropical bridge in both directions, without restrictions, only after the completion of the bridge.

On the new island, you can open areas adjacent to those already open (as on the first island of the Atoll). Sites open without quests. To open the sites you will need statuettes: Copper, Silver, Gold. In the open areas of the new island you can locate objects of any type: beds with crops, trees, animals. On each, closed, section of the island there are various weeds from the Atoll. You can clean the weeds after opening the site.

In some closed areas there are a variety of new cultures, trees, animals. When you open a site, you get the opportunity to acquire new crops, trees, animals in the Store. Sell ??them from a new island, move them. On some sections of the new Island are Chests. Some of them can be opened for free. Others - Tropical chests - open for the currency of the social network.

Opening a free chest, you can, in random order, receive: Certificate for 3 pcs., Grow 3 pcs., Wood elixir 1 pcs., Natural elixir 5 pcs., Bear stone 1 pcs. Opening a plot with a tropical chest - you get access to this object. And you will have 24 hours to make a decision: open a Tropical chest for the currency of the social network or leave it not open on the site.

Opening the Tropical chest, you can, in random order, receive: Predatory harpy, Forest simurg, Saola, Stork, Tamandua, Aardvark, Anthropic antelope, Inhabitants of the tropics, Material certificate 7 pcs., Shovel 20 pcs., 10 bottles with milk, Shovel 15 pcs., Combined feed 1 pcs., Hydraulic hammer 6 pcs., Accelerator of fruits 1 pcs., Hydraulic hammer 3 pcs., Collector of fruits 1 pcs., Sea mine 5 pcs., Bonus collector 30 pcs., Sea mine 2 pcs. , Fuel barrel 100 pcs., Pearl pearl 5 pcs., Revive culture 3 pcs., Copper figurine 10 pcs., Collectorís elixir 1 pcs., Silver nay figurine 5 pcs., 10 agrobaks, Gold figurine 3 pcs.

If you decide not to open the Tropical Chest, then after 24 hours it will disappear from the site.

New factories. Perfume Studio, Floristís Cabin. Also, new cocktails (Tropical hut), new dishes (Tropical hut), a new tab "Amulets" (Souvenir shop) will appear in the Atoll Factories. For the manufacture of new materials will require ingredients from new crops, trees, animals.

New cultures. Palmarosa, Amaryllis, Blue Coral, Purple Water Hyacinth, South American Lotus.

New trees. Mahogany, Myrtle, Kupuasu.

New animals. Palm civet, Kudu antelope, Plain tapir, Margay, Pink flamingo, Atlantic octopus, Spiny lobster, Cape fur seal.

New corrals for the island. The following will appear:

Wild West: Game Currency, Resources, and Payments

Gift problem? The following restrictions apply to the number of inquiries and gifts: The established limit for the brand: 1 unit per request.

The limit of gifts (responses to letters) that you can receive per day is 50 pieces (free gifts, like gifts from a personal warehouse, are not included in the limit). The limit will be updated with the advent of new gaming days.The limit of responses to letters that you can receive per request is 5 pieces per hour. Responses to letters sent to you in excess of these limits will not reach you.

If you answer the request with inactive (gray buttons), then the item will reach the addressee (if the neighbor has not reached the limit for receiving gifts), but you will not receive a reward.

When replying to a letter with the content "Iíll try to help" ... the item is sent from your personal warehouse or collection.

Free gifts can be sent once a day. The snacks you ask for when your energy runs out are among the limit.

Do not forget to save the game before exiting and before updating the page with the game. Gifts work correctly within the daily limit (50 gifts) for reception if there are a sufficient number of active neighbors. If you have not entered the game for a long time and you have accumulated too many gifts, then you will not be able to see new gifts until you accept all the accumulated ones.

The maximum number of gift storage: 200 pcs. If you have accumulated more than 200 gifts, then each time you restart the game, you will see 200 gifts until you accept everything. Gift storage period: 30 days, after which all unaccepted gifts will be lost. Receive gifts on time. No need to save unacceptable gifts. This does not affect the limit for receiving free gifts, but gives a significant load on the game.

How to increase the maximum amount of energy? The maximum amount of energy increases with the passage of new levels. Also, after the appearance of the spouse, your maximum energy increases by +3, the appearance of the child will add +5 to the maximum. Collecting a daily bonus from the Tavern, you will get +1 to maximum energy. Do not miss a single day, and you will get from +3 to +10 to maximum energy. The size of the bonus depends on the level of your Tavern.

Also, +1 to the maximum will be added when exchanging the collection of the Carpenterís house, Urial and Romantic deer, acquiring a Picnic in nature.

Maximum energy increase table by levels:

How to exchange a certificate for material? The certificate is used to purchase building materials. For each certificate you can purchase one material, after which the certificate disappears. In order to exchange the certificate for the required material, you need to click on the unfinished building, in the window that opens, click under the material `` Buy for 1 agrobax íí. If there is a certificate in the warehouse, a window opens with a proposal to receive material for 1 certificate (1 certificate is equivalent to 1 agrobax, if you want to receive tools, you will need 2 certificates, for a pin - 4 certificates, etc.).

When buying building materials for agrobax, a proposal will appear to purchase building materials for a certificate if it is in stock. Click Yes if you want to purchase material for a certificate. When you click No, agrobax will be automatically deducted from the account without prior confirmation. Also, the transition from certificates goes to agrobaks automatically, if the certificates end in stock. Therefore, be careful and check the number of certificates available before purchasing.

Where to get the materials? Materials can be purchased for agrobaks or ask friends to create a wish list. Click on the object you are building, and in the window that appears, click Buy or Ask.

What animals give bonus agrobax when feeding? Animals, when feeding which you can get bonus agrobax: moon sheep, New Yearís squirrel, sacred deer, galactic cow.

Where to get the lace? You can get lace in the game in several ways:

You will also receive lace for exchanging some collections in the game, for example, a linen collection, a collection of northern flowers, angora goat collection, family collection, market collection and others.

Where to get the tools? After your neighbors pour dried crop on your site, they will have the opportunity to send you one free tool. He will appear in your letters. After you accept the letter with the tool, it will automatically be added to your warehouse. The number of tools you receive when watering your friends is 1 unit. That is, 1 crop (all dried crop located on the field is taken into account), 1 tool. You can buy tools in the "Store", section "Extra".Also, you can add them to your wish list, and get some collections (turkey, pond, shop, crafting) when exchanging.

Where and how can I get energy? Energy is replenished automatically - 1 unit within 5 minutes.

You also receive it as a bonus for feeding pets when you drive away wild animals when clearing the territory.Energy appears in the form of "golden lightning." You can also exchange "food" for energy in the "store" or purchase for agrobaks in the same place - in the "energy" tab.

Energy can also be obtained by exchanging the corresponding collection (sunflower +8 units, peach + 7 units).

Buy at the store potions "Grow Trees" and other elixirs. All elixirs (fruit accelerator, fruit picker, compound feed, crop revitalizer, etc.) are no longer valid at the time of purchase, but are sent to the warehouse.To use them, go to the warehouse and press the "Use" button on the elixir you need.

Bonuses for visiting the game. Log in to the game daily and get agrobucks and other gifts!

After receiving a bonus for visiting the game 30 days in a row, the countdown of bonuses starts anew from the first day. In addition, every day you will receive pleasant surprises for visiting the game. The reward for daily visits you can see when you first enter the game in the Statistics menu.

Bonuses for invited friends to the game. You can invite your friends to the game and receive agrobucks as a gift! Bonuses for invited friends are awarded provided that your friend, who has not previously installed the application, installed the game using the link from your invitation, waited for the game to fully load, and completed training. After your friend completes the training tasks and saves the game, you can get a bonus when you first enter the game. A corresponding notification will appear.

Agrobax purchase. To buy agrobaks, follow these steps:

  1. In the game window, at the top, there is a button "Add agrobaks", it displays the current number of agrobaks on the account.
  2. After clicking on this button, the "Add Agrobaxes" pop-up window appears.
  3. Select the number of agrobaxes to buy from the options offered.
  4. After choosing the right number of agrobaks you will go to the window where all payment methods will be offered.
  5. Refresh the page.

How to find out where the Agrobaks were spent? You can independently track the movement of agrobaxes for the last 7 days by clicking on the "My purchases" button above the window with the game.

Problem with payments? If the payment confirmation has not arrived (the currency of the social network has not been added), you should contact the technical support of the social website. network where the order was made. If the fact of confirmation of payment took place, the currency is social. network was added, but you were not able to transfer it to the game, and the game currency was not credited accordingly, then try the following steps:

  1. In the game window, at the top, there is a button "Add ..." game currency, it displays the current amount of game currency in the account.
  2. After clicking on this button, the "Add ..." game currency pop-up window appears.
  3. Choose the amount of currency to purchase from the proposed options.
  4. After choosing the right amount, you will be taken to a window where all payment methods in your social network will be offered.
  5. Refresh the page by pressing ctrl + F5.
  6. If these steps did not work, try to exchange through another browser. And repeat with step 1.

What is a pugach and where to get it?

Pugach can be purchased during special promotions.

With the help of the pugach, you can drive away all pest predators located in the territory where it is installed.

When Pugach is installed in a location, pests do not block crops, animals, trees. You can install no more than one Pugach in the location. The rate of reproduction of shells 1 shell per hour. After installing the bug on the location, in order to expel the pest predators from becoming automatic, you need to click on the bug, select the "Configure" command and check the "Activate" box. If you do not want to chase away animals, then you need to uncheck the activation checkbox.

If a pest predator appears on a location with an active Pugache and the presence of free shells, as well as if your character has free energy, the pest predator will be expelled automatically. The projectile will be decommissioned, and the pest predator is counted as Achievement. Exile of one predator-pest = 1 projectile + as many units of energy as is required during ordinary exile. If the shells are over, you can purchase them in the store, the Extra tab. Cost:

When expelling predator pests with the help of the Pugach, in addition to the collection items of the exiled pests, items from the Pugach collection can drop out. The Pugach collection on exchange brings - an animated decor Teddy Bear-hunter + 300 coins + 1 certificate for materials.

If you have a task related to the use of the scarecrow, but you do not have the scarecrow, then you can postpone the task and wait for the next promotion with the sale of the scarecrow, close the task for agrobucks, or assign assistant Peter to complete the quest (if the quest is not from a temporary mission).