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DINO WAR is an Android game with a release date of April 26, 2018 from KingsGroup Holdings. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. A Beginner’s Guide
  2. Gameplay
  3. Relocators
  4. Beasts and Their Potential
  5. War for the Institute
  6. Superchargers
  7. Golden Supermine
  8. New Activities in the Game
  9. Union Guide
  10. Game Events
  11. Experienced Player Tips
  12. Bugs in the game

Dino War: A Beginner’s Guide

Background to Dino War. Dr. Claw was once Dr. Gibbs, a Genesis scientist who was seized with a mania to create hybrids of humans and dinosaurs. When the Genesis company fired Dr. Gibbs, he tested the procedure for creating a hybrid on himself and turned into Dr. Claw. Dr. Claw released a virus called revel8 into the world, damaging all animal control systems, causing the World Crash. Now he is gathering an army of "New Dawn", pursuing only one goal - to destroy humanity.

Mankind can be saved only by regaining control of the beasts and turning the weapon of Dr. Claw against himself. A group of survivors creating a union of soldiers and training animals, calling itself the Resistance, is the last barrier separating humanity from extinction. The world is dangerous, because in it there are ferocious animals, enemy troops and the military forces of Dr. Claw, fighting for control of this world. Only the strongest can defeat enemies and rebuild civilization anew.

General fund. The General Fund is a kind of bank in Dino War. Here you can choose a deposit scheme and invest diamonds to get interest on the deposit in the future. The percentage of the deposit that you receive depends on the contribution scheme. The longer the term of the deposit, the higher the percentage of the deposit.

How to change the zone? Only those who started playing Dino War less than 5 days ago and whose headquarters level has not yet reached level 6 can change the zone. To change the zone, click on the wasteland button - the "Maps" button - the button with the image of the globe - on the zone you would like to move to. After that, click on the map, and your fortress will be moved by random coordinates in the new zone.

Before changing the zone, make sure that you are not in an alliance.

How to change avatar? To change the avatar:

  1. Click on your avatar in the upper left corner;
  2. Click on the "Details" button.
  3. Click on the button with two green arrows;
  4. Browse through available avatars and select an existing avatar or upload your personal avatar.

Dino War: Gameplay

The path of the explorer. Near the waterfall there is a cave where you can enter the path of the explorer. Click on it and you will see a tab. You can send troops along the trail of the explorer to explore the unknown wilderness. Challenge the patrols of the "New Dawn" and learn more about Dr. Talon’s insidious plan.

The explorer’s trail is divided into several expeditions, and each expedition is divided into several trials. After completing the challenge, you can collect the challenge reward and continue to the next challenge. To follow the path of the researcher, you will need stamina, which will decrease every time you take up the test.

If a scout was sent to your base or if you were attacked, you can skip the battle on the explorer’s path. If you completed Expedition 4 or activated VIP Level 6 or higher, you can skip the battle on the Explorer Trail. If you want to retest, you will need a stripping plan and a stripping resistance.

Talents commander. Each time you level up the commander, you will receive items and talent points as a reward. Use talent points to enhance your skills, which will significantly increase the bonuses of your base. If you would like to change your strategy, you can discard talent points and reassign them according to the new strategy chosen.

Bonuses set. There are several equipment kits in "Dino War", but only some of these kits give kit bonuses (for example, plasma kits and snake kits). Set bonuses consist of three different bonuses, which begin to work when you put on 2, 4 and 6 units of equipment from one set, regardless of the color of the units. You can find out more in the Arsenal - Armory section.

Equipment chips. Equipment chips are chips that you can implant in your equipment to make it more powerful. In the game there are several ways to get equipment chips: from various events or from certain sets. Equipment chips cannot be implanted in projects. To use equipment chips, you must first remove them from the backpack so that they appear in the arsenal.

After removing the equipment chips from the backpack, click on the equipment unit, which has a free slot for the chip, and click on the free slot to implant the chip. Remember that the equipment chip can only be implanted if it matches the shape of an empty slot. And do not forget that not all equipment has jacks. You can remove the equipment chip already inserted from the equipment for free. In the game there are also cryozhetons that allow you to calibrate equipment chips.

You can get cryptositons from events and specific sets. You can also sell your equipment chips and get crypto-chips for them.

Help items. On the stock exchange, click "Help with items", then you will see equivalent requests for each member of the union, as well as requests for specific items. Choose a suitable subject to help. When you help others, you send your item to other members of the union. You can request help with items from members of the union. Each time you get help, a record of this appears in the stock exchange journal. When you reach the limit of requests, you will receive a corresponding letter in the mail of the union.

Help resources. On the exchange, click "Help Resources", then you will see 2 options: "My Inquiries" and "Requests of Participants". If you need help, you can choose one type of resource and request help from members of the union. If you wish, you can cancel your request or wait until the time for its execution expires, after which the request will disappear automatically. You will also see requests from other members of the union for help with resources. You can choose the participant you want to help. When you send aid resources, the troops will deliver them to a member of your union.

Assistance with items does not take up space in a campaign, but help with resources does. Assistance with resources and objects is possible only between members of the same union. Each participant has a daily gold assistance limit. If the amount of assistance exceeds the size of the request, the surplus will be sent back.


The game has the following buildings:

Dino War: Relocators

Types of relocators. There are 4 types of relocators in the game:

  1. Beginner relocator;
  2. Relocator to the head of the union;
  3. Advanced relocator;
  4. Random relocator.

You can use all of these relocators to move your base to another point on the map, however, the possibility of using relocators, as well as the way they are used, depends on the type of relocator.

How to use a beginner relocator? To use the newcomer relocator, enter the zone you would like to move to and click on the zone map. After that, click on the "Move" button, confirm your choice and your base will receive new random coordinates in the new zone. You cannot use the newcomer relocator if you are in an alliance.

How to use the relocator to the head of the union? To use the relocator to the head of the union, select this item in your backpack and click "Use." The game will automatically pick you a place on the map next to the head of your union. Click on the "Move" button, and your base will be transferred to the desired coordinates.

You cannot select the coordinates to move when using the relocator to the head of the union!

Advanced relocator. If you have an advanced relocator in your backpack, click on the point on the wasteland map where you would like to move and click on the "Move" button. After that, you will be able to move your base manually a little more to arrange it precisely at the coordinates at which you would like to set your base. Four free cells, highlighted in green on the wasteland map, are needed to position your base in a new location. When all four cells are highlighted in green, click "Move" to move your base to a new location.

How to use a random relocator? Go into your backpack, click on the random relocator, and then on "Use." After that, your base will be moved to a new location on the wasteland map, randomly selected.

Dino War: Beasts and Their Potential

The beast. Your beast is an excellent fighting machine that no weapon invented by man can take. Improvement of the animal complex, modules and bio-reinforcement increase the combat effectiveness of your troops, your limit on the campaign and your collection skills.

Increased control. You can kill monsters, collect resources or kill enemy troops to gain level control experience. The animals also gain experience from you, therefore, even if the animals do not participate in the campaign, they still get a certain amount of experience.

Modules Implanting modules gives your beasts an edge. You can get modules from Resistance intelligence or when mounting materials. By implanting all modules of the same level, you can strengthen them and improve the beast to the next level of improvement. As your level of improvement improves, you can gain higher level benefits and unlock more beast skills or improve them.

Bio-amplification. You can also bio-enhance animals to enhance their abilities. You can strengthen the beast using beast serum. The higher the gain level, the better the advantage that this gain level gives. You can take a look at the benefits of the next level in the Bio Boost tab.

Skills of the beast. Beast skills give your troops substantial support in battle. Each beast has three skills. You can open skills and improve them while upgrading animals to the following levels. Different skills of the beast provide different advantages, while improving skills leads to improved benefits.

Beast potential

Not only the commander, but the beast is constantly trying to go beyond its capabilities. When the necessary level of gain is reached, you can awaken the potential of the beast! Assign potentials so your animals can perform teamwork. Each type of potential can be assigned to only one beast at a time.

Activation of control skills. You can gain potential by collecting resources, killing monsters, attacking the camps of the "New Dawn" and in the arena of monsters. When the necessary level of gain is reached, you can awaken the potential of the beast. After you fulfill all the conditions, you can choose the potential for your beast in the right corner of the animal complex.

If your beast already has potential assigned, you must discard an existing skill before assigning another potential. When the potential is explored, click on it to configure it. If the beast became the head of the team, the team will receive additional effects. Click on the beast complex, designate the beast as the team leader, and you can view and assign all activated potentials and assemble the strongest team.

Bear in mind that if you do not assign potential after exploring it, you will not be able to get additional effects.

List of potentials. Click on the weapon of the beast in the beast complex, and in the tab "Potentials" you will see all the potentials you have. Here you can convert unnecessary potential into combat data discs or improve potential. You can also awaken the potential that has not yet been developed. To improve and awaken the potentials, you will need drives with combat data, which you can find in the arena of monsters, in the store and in the camps of the "New Dawn".

Dino War: War for the Institute

Introduction In the central part of the zone is the building of the institute, which contains a supercomputer. The union that will take over the supercomputer will seize power in the zone. Dr. Claw wants to take over the institute in order to conquer the world. Resistance confronts him, vowing to take over the supercomputer again. The war for the institute will begin soon, prepare for it and throw all your strength into capturing the institute.

Beat the institute. If the institute is located in a zone that previously did not have a head, you will first need to recapture the institute from the forces of Dr. Claw. During the event, commanders must first capture the towers in order to then take control of the institute. The commander who defeats Dr. Claw’s troops at the institute will win the final victory and become the first head of the zone.

The war for the institute. During the war for the institute, all players can participate in raids, attack or send reinforcements to the institute and its four towers in the center of the zone. Unions are at war for the institute: when unions are in the same building of the institute or its towers, commanders from one union can send reinforcements to their allies, and commanders from other unions can join the battle.

The alliance, which has occupied the institute for 8 consecutive hours, will win the war for the institute and get the Kratos controller. The leader of the victorious union may appoint the head of the zone within two hours after the victory. If the leader of the union has not appointed the head of the zone, the leader of the alliance automatically becomes the head of the zone.

Dark tyrannosaurus. Inexpressibly terrible creatures found refuge in the labyrinth of tunnels and former research laboratories on the lower levels of the Genesis Institute. When the Kratos controller is removed from the institute, the creatures are worried. If you are very unlucky, you will stumble upon a dark tyrannosaurus. Attack him to get rewards for damage! The dark tyrannosaurus is too powerful and you cannot kill it, but you can still get rewards for damage by attacking it. You will be able to get rewards by reaching the goals for points of damage. Points and rewards are reset daily at 10am (UTC + 0).

Benefits of the chapter. After the war for the institute, the head can distribute chapter sets to any commander in the zone. However, each commander can receive only one set of chapters. The head of the zone can distribute the set through the profile of the commander to whom he would like to distribute the set. The head of the zone can also change the name of the zone, its flag, edit the chapter’s message for the entire zone, assign ranks to some commanders, or use chapter tokens to use the chapter’s skills.

Tips for passing.

  1. Each commander can send a maximum of 1 army to the institute and its four towers.
  2. If during the war for the institute various unions occupy the tower and the institute, from time to time the tower damages the institute.
  3. The leader of the winning alliance may appoint the head of the zone. If the leader of the winning alliance does not appoint the head of the zone, he will automatically become the head of the zone.
  4. When the war is over, the head of the zone can send a set to any zone commander, except for himself. This can be done in the profile of the commander, to whom the head plans to send a set.
  5. You can fight for the institute every two weeks. If the previous war for the institute did not end within two weeks, the seizure status will not change.

Dino War: Superchargers

Introduction Resistance has made an incredible breakthrough in research. Now, for some buildings, you can use superchargers that provide great benefits. Click on your headquarters, and then on the Superchargers button. Here you can engage, upgrade or disassemble superchargers. Superchargers come in different levels; their highest possible level depends on their color.

Rarity in descending order: orange - purple - blue - green. You can increase the level of the supercharger, but you cannot change its color. You can get superchargers with the help of the collection, in the camps of the "New Dawn", on the path of the researcher, in the store, as part of game sets, etc. You can get supercharger blocks by disassembling superchargers and kits.

Engagement. In the "Activate" menu, you can view all the buildings in which you can use superchargers. Click on the cell near the building, select "Supercharger" and activate it. After you use the supercharger, you can see the benefits that it gives the building.

To activate every advantage of a supercharger, a building of a certain level is required. Click on the supercharger to upgrade or remove it. You can also click on the "Benefit Indicators" button to view the current benefits of the supercharger.

Improvement. In the "Improve" menu, you can view all your superchargers. On the left you will see the benefits for the current and next levels, as well as the number of supercharger blocks needed. You can move the slider to select the level you need. Click the "Improve" button to improve the supercharger. You can also improve the supercharger using the "Engage" menu. Click on the "Show Superchargers" button to view information about all superchargers.

Disassembly. In the "Disassemble" menu, you can disassemble superchargers. You will receive supercharger blocks after disassembling it.

Dino War: Golden Supermine

Introduction Dr. Claw uses gold from gold supermines to pay for his diabolical experiments. Fight him back with your allies and defeat the New Dawn guards, and you can mine gold instead. Super mines are randomly located in the wilderness. When your union takes over the supermine, all members of the union will be able to start collecting gold. The speed of collecting gold in super mines is higher than in conventional ones, therefore it is more efficient to mine gold in them.

Rules. Each union can occupy only one supermine at a time. The troops that you sent to the supermine can fulfill two functions: consist in a garrison and defend the supermine or mine gold. Commanders will receive rewards for participating in the supermine garrison. The total production rate of all the mining forces determines the rate of garrison rewards. Attacking mines occupied by other unions, you can earn prestige points.

Do reconnaissance before the attack to find out how many prestige points you can get. The more gold you earn, the more prestige points you get. Prestige Points are stored in the union vault. When goals on points are achieved, all members of the union will be able to receive awards for prestige. Those who have made an outstanding contribution to the affairs of the union will receive additional special prizes.

Troops die in super mines battles only if the hospital limit is exceeded.

How to find super mines? In the middle of nowhere, click on the "Map" button on the right, and then on the super mine icon to see the location of the super mine in your area. Unoccupied super mines are marked in yellow, occupied by your alliance - green, and occupied by another alliance - red.

After a certain time, super mines crumble. When the timer expires, the super mine disappears from the card. Click on the image of the mine to send troops to it and occupy or capture it. The number of commanders who can participate in the capture of the mine is unlimited.

Garrison and prey. When your alliance takes over the supermine, alliance members can send troops to mine gold or organize a garrison. The troops participating in the first campaign are automatically assigned to the garrison after victory. You can send reinforcements to the garrison or withdraw your troops from the garrison. Also, garrison troops can receive garrison rewards, depending on the number of troops involved in gold mining.

When the troops get enough gold, they will go back to your base on their own. After the troops return, you can send them to the supermine again manually. If your supermine is attacked, the garrison troops will defend it. If the garrison is defeated, the attacking alliance will take over the supermine, and your alliance will lose some of the gold collected.

Prestige points. Players can earn prestige points by attacking the super mines of other unions. Prestige Points are stored in the union vault. When the number of prestige points reaches a certain value, all members of the union will receive a reward. Players who have made outstanding contributions to union affairs will receive additional special bonuses.

Dino War: New Activities in the Game

Chaos Canyon. When your base becomes level 5, you will see the entrance to the Chaos Canyon. Click on it and you will see the following options: "Team Store" and "Explore." In the command store, you can exchange mutation serum collected in the canyon for goods. In the Explore section, you can create your own team of animals and start exploring the Chaos Canyon. If you have mastered a certain level of difficulty, you will gain access to the next level of difficulty.

The higher the difficulty level, the better the rewards. You will receive research rewards when you complete it. You can reset the study several times, but as soon as you reset the study, the number on the counter of the study drop will decrease. When the reload is complete, you will again be able to explore the canyon. Chaos Canyon also has ratings. The higher your rank, which you can achieve in a certain period of time, the better will be the reward you will receive when the cooldown is over.

Monster Arena. When the union reaches level 6, members of the union will be able to build an arena of monsters. The whole union will be able to participate in the events of the monster arena in the corresponding building. By participating in the Monster Arena event, alliance members will be able to send troops on the attack against mutated monsters and receive rewards depending on the level of each commander. The union needs to receive the "New Dawn" tokens to participate in events in the monster arena (for this, all participants must make donations).

"New Dawn" tokens can be obtained from the "New Dawn" bonus boxes ("New Dawn" bonus boxes can be obtained in the "New Dawn" camps). You will need a New Dawn key card to open the New Dawn bonus box (a New Dawn key card can be obtained from daily rewards). When alliance members donate the required number of tokens, you can team up with alliance members to attack the mutated monster.

New members of the union will be able to participate in the event only 48 hours after joining the union.

Tasks of Resistance. At level 6 headquarters, the commander will sometimes be able to receive Resistance missions near walls. If he fulfills the task of the Resistance in the allotted time, the commander will receive awards or significant assistance in the development of the headquarters.

The office of the gatherer team. To reward the commanders and maintain their fighting spirit, the collector’s office gives the commanders gold when the commander killed the enemy’s troops or when his troops were killed in the PVP battle. In each PVP battle report, you will see compensation for the kill and compensation for the losses. The amount of compensation depends on the level, number and type of troops that you killed or which you lost.

The game has a maximum compensation amount that you can receive every week, and this compensation amount is determined by your headquarters level. Compensation will not be automatically credited to your game account, it will be recorded in the office of the collector team in the market. In the office of the collector team, you can view your compensation history and collect the gold received as compensation. A maximum of 50 entries are stored in the compensation history.

Battle for the building

The government has long been gone, but some former government buildings still have valuable technology. From time to time, you can engage in battles for buildings and capture them. The winning union will take advantage of these technologies. If the union captures more than one building, then it will receive only the most powerful advantage of each type. You can find buildings by clicking on the "Event" button or by going to the zone map.

On the zone map you can click on the "Building" button to see or hide the buildings. At the beginning of each event, the busy status is reset. You can send your troops to occupy the building or go into cooperation with the allies in the building. When the building is taken under control, members of the alliance that occupied the building can send reinforcements to defend the building, and other players can attack the building or join cooperatives going to the building to gain control of the building.

When a union successfully occupies a government building and holds it for 8 consecutive hours, all members of the union gain benefits. When an alliance successfully captures a government building and holds it for eight hours, all of its members benefit. At the same time, the union can hold more than one building, but only the most powerful advantage of each type will act. At the beginning of each event, the status of "Busy" is reset, and a new test begins for those who want to take control of the building.

Dino War: Union Guide

By joining the alliance, you will be able to team up with other survivors and fight the "New Dawn", get support in battles with other players, and also get all the benefits listed below.

The benefits of the union. Benefits of Alliance Players:

  1. Union chat for communication with allies. Make new friends, plan attacks and defensive actions, help allies and get help from them.
  2. The benefits of technology union. Get numerous bonuses to the indicators of your city, troops and union. Make donations and get rewards for it.
  3. Join raids and create your raids. Perform more powerful attacks. Kill the army of the "New Dawn".
  4. Reinforcements. Help allies repel enemy attacks. Get troops from allies that will help you defend against enemy attacks.
  5. Union buildings. They give access to the special functions of the union.
  6. Help with timers. Help your allies reduce construction, improvement, research and treatment time at the embassy.
  7. Union Store. Get access to a unique store with the best deals.

How to create a union or join it? Click the union icon at the bottom of the screen to open the union tab. In this tab, you can join a union or create a new union. Owners of low-level bases (1 to 5) can create an alliance for 200 diamonds. Base level 6 and above owners can create an alliance for free.

The language of the union is automatically set in accordance with the language selected on the device of the leader of the union. Moreover, the language of the union can be changed at any time. If you are creating an alliance, remember that the name and motto of the alliance will greatly influence which survivors want to join your alliance.

How can I change the union, withdraw from the union or disband it? You can only be in one union at a time. To join another union, click on the invitation that may appear on your screen, or click on the "Union" button at the bottom of the player’s screen to view alliances you can join. You can leave the unions and join them as you see fit, however you must first exit the union you are in to join another union.

To exit the union, click on the "Union" button at the bottom of the screen, then on "Manage", and then on "Exit". Only the leader of the union has the authority to dissolve the union. If the leader wants to leave the union or change the union without having disbanded the current union, he must appoint another member as the leader of the union. To disband the union, click on the "Union" at the bottom of the screen, then on the "Management", and then on the "Disband". Remember that a friendly alliance is the cornerstone of your success.

How can I change my rank in union? Only a union leader or member of a union whose rank is two points higher than yours can change your rank in the union. If you are two points higher than another ally, you have the opportunity to raise or lower it. By clicking on the "Union" icon at the bottom of the screen, you can:

  1. Click on "Members" to view the ranks in your union,
  2. Click on "Permissions" in the "Management" menu to view the permissions available for each rank.

Dino War: Game Events

Raid of the "New Dawn". The New Dawn Raid is an alliance event in which players can earn rewards according to their personal rating and alliance rating. During this event, the New Dawn Army will attack all members of the alliance. The more New Dawn raids you endure, the better rewards you will receive. Some of the New Dawn raids are extremely strong, so the coup will be to team up with the Allies to withstand this attack.

If the base’s defense falls twice per round, the New Dawn army will stop attacking you. At this time, you can send troops to reinforce the allies and to the garrisons of the headquarters of the union. If all base defense of all allies falls twice, this round of the alliance event will end. The energy shield will not stop the New Dawn troops.

Only 15 raid captains go into raids of levels 7, 14 and 17 for each union, so you may not be able to meet face-to-face with these raids if your union has more than 15 participants.

Diamond event

"Diamond event" is a time-limited event, participating in which you can get points for certain actions committed at the time specified in the event. When you score enough points to achieve the goal of the event, you will automatically receive a reward by game mail. You can find out the details of the event by clicking on the event center on the right side of the screen. The type and sequence of events is determined randomly every week. The game has the following stages of the "Diamond event":

  1. Collection stage. You can get Diamond Event points by collecting resources on the wasteland map. Resource collection points are assigned based on the type of resources collected.
  2. The stage of hunting for monsters. You can get Diamond Event points by killing monsters on the wasteland map. The higher the level of the monster, the more points you get.
  3. Stage of improvements. You can get Diamond Event points by increasing your strength. You can increase strength by improving buildings and conducting research.
  4. The stage of training troops. You can get Diamond Event points by training troops. The higher the level of troops you train, the more points you get.
  5. The stage of destruction. You can get Diamond Event points by killing enemy troops. The higher the level of killed troops, the more points you get.

Awards. "Diamond event" is divided into several stages. At each stage there are rewards of three levels. You will receive these rewards by game mail as soon as you reach the goal of the points stage. Remember that you will need to collect rewards in order to use them. At each stage of the event, you can also receive rewards for the rating, which are given for the number of points earned at this stage of the event.

Remember that rating rewards are awarded between all the commanders in your area. The higher your rating, the higher the rewards. And finally, you can get the most luxurious rewards by taking a high place in the overall ranking at the end of the event. This rating is based on points that you received for all stages of the "Diamond event". The commander who scored the most points for all stages of the event will be awarded the title of winner. Event points are reset at the end of each event.

Dino War: Experienced Player Tips

Always be on your guard. You may have seen in the chat zone or in private messages that someone offers to purchase resources, kits or gold ... and you probably noticed that this is a fraud. All these people are trying to trick you into personal data, such as an email address and password. Moreover, many advertised sites contain cracker programs, trojans and viruses, which, of course, pose a threat to your personal data and your device!

Never share your personal information with anyone. Even the Dino War staff. Fraudsters also often pretend to be employees of the game. Real Dino War employees will never ask you for your password. If you have reason to believe that you have become a victim of scammers, immediately change your email password and contact the support service of the site where your email account is located.

About fair play. In order to ensure fair playing conditions for all players, the game "Dino War" strictly prohibits violation of game rules and rude behavior towards other players. All accounts owned by players who have been found to be in violation of the terms of service will be fined for game currency, closed for a while, or closed forever.

Play for fun. Insulting other players kills all the fun of the game. Show respect to other players while communicating with them. This request also refers to the name of your alliance and its description (for example, the name of the union or its buildings, the union tag, player name, etc.). Here is a list of what is unacceptable in the game:

  1. Spamming;
  2. Use of obscene / offensive / abusive words and phrases;
  3. Harassment or hints of them;
  4. Harassment of other players;
  5. Discriminatory statements;
  6. Obscene names and avatars;
  7. Selling accounts and / or resources.

Consequences of violations of the rules of the game: such behavior can lead to a temporary or even complete suspension of an account or to blocking in chats. False reports of violations of the rules can lead to the same consequences.

Do not break the rules. Using automatic programs to modify the game and to obtain advantages in the game is considered a violation of the game rules. It is strongly recommended that lords with similar programs on devices remove them. Software provided by third parties is an unverified application that allows you to modify the game. By changing the functionality of the game, the software presumably gives an unfair advantage to those who installed them, while questioning the integrity of your account and personal data.

The software provided by third parties includes: programs for hacking or changing data and game functionality, programs, services or scripts for executing programs that allow you to automatically perform certain actions in the game, other programs designed to change the game data or gain advantages in playing dishonest methods. Consequences of violation of the rules: an attempt to gain an advantage in the game using third-party software will temporarily and permanently block any account on which a violation of the rules was committed.

Protect yourself. Some sites or some people may offer you discount gold, kits or resources. Do not let yourself circle around your finger - this is a hoax. Such scammers ask for personal information to enter your account (for example, Apple ID, Google Play, and so on) in order to gain access to your game account. In such cases, scammers gain access to your account and often steal your account in order to resell it to other players.

If you disclose personal data to unauthorized persons, you endanger your gaming account as well as your financial data. Consequence of violation of the rules: the purchase of items from third parties may lead to the removal of game currency from your account and the removal of your account forever.

And one warrior in the field. Buying, selling, sharing or providing one game account to other players violates the terms of service and is not approved in the game "Dino War". Risks that entail the actions indicated above:

  1. The seller may collect your money and not provide you with an account;
  2. You can never be sure that the seller is not using your account;
  3. The seller can sell the same account to many people;
  4. You do not know the status of your account: it may already be in the queue for perpetual blocking;
  5. Your account is always in danger.

"Dino War" does not provide assistance and support for accounts whose owners violated the rules of the game. If you decide to purchase a game account, this account may be blocked forever at any time for violation of the terms of service. Help stop trading accounts: refuse to sell your account and inform about those who trade accounts. Consequences of a violation of the rules: you are not guaranteed the security of an account that was transferred from one player to another. Developers reserve the right to permanently block access to such an account.

Dino War: Bugs in the game

Why is my network connection lost? For the smooth operation of the game you need to have a stable Internet connection from a reliable provider. Even if the indicator for connecting to a Wi-Fi network or to a mobile network shows a maximum, the connection to the Internet can be unstable, as some local networks may be temporarily overloaded or operate at a low speed.

This problem is especially relevant if you play in moving vehicles or in underground public transport. As with other Internet services, it is recommended to use a Wi-Fi connection from a reliable company or a stable 3G / 4G connection from a reliable company during the game.

What to do if the game does not load? Try the following first:

  1. Turn on and off your device and your Wi-Fi router if your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network when playing.
  2. If the problem is still not resolved, uninstall and reinstall the game.

In order for developers to ensure greater stability of the game, send them the following information:

The game crashes. Try the following solutions to these problems:

  1. Make sure you download the game from the Google Play Store or the App Store. No one can guarantee perfect synchronization of game versions downloaded from other app stores.
  2. Free up more RAM on your device by closing all unused applications running in the background.
  3. Free up more internal memory on your device by uninstalling applications that you no longer use. Also try transferring or deleting unwanted videos and images from your device.

Most problems with crashes and freezes of the game can be solved by turning the device on and off. Please note that Dino War works best on devices with the following features:

If after applying these methods of troubleshooting, you still encounter the problem of crashing from the game, contact the support team and tell them more about the problem that occurred in your game. They will be happy to help you solve this or other problems that may arise in your game.

How to save game account data when changing devices? You can link your game account to your personal account. After that, you can continue to play your current game on other devices. Linking a game account will also prevent the loss of gameplay in the event of any malfunction on your device.

How to transfer an account to a new device? Using Google Play, Game Center or Facebook, you can easily and easily transfer your existing game to another device. Please note that Facebook (or Google Play) allows you to link only one game account to your personal account at a time, so if you need to link another game account, you will need to link it to another Facebook account (or Google Play).

  1. First, make sure your current game is properly linked to your Facebook, Game Center, or Google Play account on your old device.
  2. Download the "Dino War" game from the Google Play Store or the App Store and install it on your new device.
  3. Open "Dino War" on your new device, making sure that your game is only open on your new device.
  4. Click on your image (character image) and go to "Settings" (gear icon in the lower left corner) - "Account" - "Switch account" and select "Facebook account" ("Google Play account" / "Game Center account") to enter a game tied to this account.

How to link an account on an iOS device? In order not to lose achievements in the game, please link your game account to your Game Center or Facebook account. Click on your image in the game - "Settings" - "Account" - "Account Management" and select the link to Game Center or Facebook.

Please note that only one Game Center or Facebook account can only be linked to one game account. Therefore, check before linking your current game account to a Game Center or Facebook account, if you have already linked another "Dino War" account to the same Game Center or Facebook account.

How to link an account on android? In order not to lose achievements in the game, link your game account to your Google Play or Facebook account. Click on your image in the game - "Settings" - "Account" - "Account Management" and select the link to your Google Play or Facebook account.

One Google Play or Facebook account can only be linked to one game account. Therefore, before linking your current game account to a Google Play or Facebook account, check if you have already linked another "Dino War" account to the same Google Play or Facebook account.

Article author: Nadezhda D.