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Walkthrough Disney Magic Kingdoms: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DISNEY MAGIC KINGDOMS - an Android game with a release date of March 17, 2018 from Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers íanswers to playersí questions. Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

Better Disney Magic Kingdoms download to computer (PC) via this link and play in Full HD resolution with maximum graphics, no brakes and with the preservation of progress. Just download the emulator, log in to your Google Play account, install the game in the window that appears and you will become the Wisest.

How to invite characters and improve their level? To invite a hero from the Book of heroes or increase his level, collect everything you need (tokens, Magic or Diamonds).

I can not find the building after moving to the store! Where is it? Attractions, decorations and other items that you have moved to the Storage are stored in the appropriate tab in the Store.

How to earn magic? You can get magic for completing tasks, collecting income from a building, leveling up and much more! It can also be obtained as a daily entry reward. Magic can be purchased in the Store by clicking on the corresponding + icon, which is located at the top of the screen.

What is happiness? The level of happiness shows how satisfied the inhabitants of the kingdom are. Different levels of happiness open access to new features and bonuses. The more happiness in the kingdom, the better the rewards! Get more happiness by fulfilling the wishes of the inhabitants of the kingdom. Happiness runs out over time, so come back often and fulfill more desires!

Can I move an item that has already been installed? To move an item, click on it and hold it for a while.After that you can move it.

Why can Mickey fulfill only one guestís desire at a time? The wishes of the guests for one character can be very diverse. If you, for example, choose the "Find Friends" task for Mickey, only guests who want to find friends will go to him.

Why is the level of happiness not 100% filled? The level of happiness is rapidly declining; in total, 160 can be obtained. happiness. Only in rare cases can you fill the level by 100%, but this number will quickly decrease, since you constantly need to keep guests in a happy state.

What kind of chests appear in my Kingdom? These are Enchanted Chests. They are well hidden but contain many prizes, so try to find them all!

How to get Enchanted Chests? Enchanted chests appear anywhere in the Kingdom - search all its corners.One chest per day is delivered by train, do not miss! Also, you have a chance to get such a chest after completing the task. To find out how many Enchanted Chests are hidden in your Kingdom, click on the chest icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Where to find the blue fabric tokens for Mickeyís costume? If you donít have a Mickey Pirate costume or if you havenít invited characters from previous promotions, blue cloth tokens can be found in chests. But if you have a Mickey Pirate costume, put it on Mickey and you can see the quests that bring the tokens of blue fabric.

Why is a Magic Cauldron needed? It will allow you to turn kiosks and decorations into potions. You can buy exclusive items for potions in the Merlin Store.

What happens to items placed in the Magic Cauldron? They disappear forever, so be responsible in choosing the items you want to exchange for potions.

How to get to the Merlin Store? Go to Merlinís Store from the Store menu or Magic Cauldron.

Why do I get multiple chest rewards? Chests are bigger and better. Each time you will receive several awards.

How to get potions? To get potions, upgrade Merlin to level 2, and then open the Merlin spell list and select Magic Cauldron. After that, drag the necessary items on the right side of the list into the cauldron and cook the potion.

Where can I get more information on the Enchanted Chest rewards? In the Treasure Bank, click on the Rewards icon in the upper left corner. A list of all possible rewards will appear in each of the chests. By clicking on any award, you will see a message with details.

What is the best way to find out how to get a specific token? If you cannot figure out how to get a specific token, use the Token Finder from the Book of Heroes. To do this, select a character and click on any of his tokens in the list on the left. The token finder displays a list of token sources.

What kind of sources does the Token Finder display? The token will display all sources that can reset the selected token, including even those that are currently unavailable or blocked. Moreover, it will also display the requirements that must be met in order to access and open these sources.

What is Merlinís Find Chest? This is a spell that uses a potion to find a chest in the Kingdom. Merlin must be at level 2 to use the spell.

How to get the Zootropolis Raceway? Zveropolis race track can be obtained from the Platinum chest when it just drops out of it, or bought as part of the Blitz Set when it becomes available as an advertising offer.

Why canít I connect to the social network from the game? Please note that you must enter information in the age confirmation window. To protect children under 13 from unwanted social interactions, the function of accessing social networks and other functions that reveal their real name and other personal data was eliminated for them from the game. Limitations also apply to promotional offers.

I missed a temporary promotion. Do I have a chance to access this content? Although the tasks of the temporary promotion are unique, characters and attractions can return in the Legendary chests! Legendary chests appear often, do not miss!

How to earn Diamonds? Diamonds can be obtained for leveling up, daily entry and much more! You can also buy them in the Store by clicking on the corresponding + icon, which is located at the top of the screen.

Why use the Visit Home feature? The Visit Home feature lets you send characters home. While they are not at home, these characters automatically generate rewards that can be collected in front of the Castle when they are ready. The time required for the production of awards can be seen in the "Visit the house" screen in the Castle.You can return characters to the Kingdom at any time.

What happens if I do not collect the magic produced by the characters who were sent home? As is the case with decorations and shops, the production of awards is interrupted until the previous awards are collected. After they are collected, the timer for the next reward will start.

What is the Search for Busy Heroes feature? With this function, you can easily find heroes who are busy completing the task. From this menu you can go to the location in which the character is now located and skip one or all tasks. To go to this section, click on the blue icon under the Happiness icon to the right of the Search.

Why are separate confirmations needed? When this option is enabled, you can skip some actions without having to scroll pop-ups. Please note that this option will be disabled by default each time the game starts.

Does the option of individual confirmations "Skip all" turn off? No, it doesnít disconnect. When you click Skip All, a list of your rewards appears on the screen. If you press the skip again, a notification will appear on the screen to confirm this action.

What happens if the assignment ends at the moment when I will have rewards open that I can skip. The Skip menu will be updated and it will show the current information about the awards and the cost of their pass. A confirmation email will also be updated.

Why am I not displaying the Search for Busy Heroes icon? Access to the icon will open after you build the Mickey Mouse Fun Wheel and go through the training on the search option.

Where is the chat icon located? At the moment, this option is removed from the game for improvement.

Why do I need a calendar? In the calendar you will find information about the days of the week and the rewards you will receive for admission. Come back every day and get rewards. Do not miss the days to get even better prizes!

What happens if I miss a day? If you miss a day, the daily entry chain will break and you will have to start all over from the beginning to get rewards. Please note that you can restore the broken chain by paying with diamonds. In addition, you can restore the reward for the previous day by paying with diamonds or watching a commercial (if available).

What does the blue banner with the text "Skip reward" mean? This feature allows you to increase the chances of getting character tokens if you miss this task for diamonds.

How to take part in the action Lilo and Stitch? To take part in this promotion, first open California Screamin "and then complete the costume training!

How to invite the heroes of the action Lilo and Stitch? Access to the heroes in the Lilo and Stitch promotion will be closed until you complete the necessary temporary tasks. As soon as the countdown on the heroís timer expires, access to it will open. Continue to complete the promotional tasks to advance to the next character!

How to take part in rating actions during the Lilo and Stitch campaign? Rating shares are mini-shares that will take place in the game in parallel with the main share. Do not miss the golden trophies that can be obtained during the performance of some tasks, as well as collecting from some buildings in the kingdom. In addition, fulfill the wishes of visitors and get trophies! As soon as you collect one golden trophy or Happiness, you will be ranked. Check back as often as possible and collect rewards for promotion!

What are these new promotional tasks in which you need to collect tokens for Stich, access to which is closed? In these tasks, you will be able to start collecting tokens for the final hero in the action - Sticha in advance. Once you collect all the tokens for all tasks, you can invite this hero.

How to get a daily reward? The reward can be received once every 24 hours at 15:00 GMT. When you log in for the first time after this time, you will see a notification with a reward!

What does the cloud above each of the chests mean? The cloud shows the possible rewards in the chest.Cloud border color means rarity of rewards. Click on the cloud to see the full list of possible rewards.

How long will the heroes and buildings of the Lilo and Stitch campaign be in the game? Heroes and buildings will be available in the game during the campaign. To find out how much time is left until the end of the promotion, go to the promotion menu located at the bottom in the middle of the screen. Participation in the action is the easiest and fastest way to get this content!

What are these pink quests in the quest list? Orange color indicates the temporary tasks of the action Lilo and Stich. Try to fulfill them before the promotion is over!

What do the blue quest icons mean? These icons help you see the difference between the two types of storyline quests: Royal Quests and Advanced Quests. Quests with a castle icon belong to the Royal and are part of the main plot of the game. Performing such tasks leads to the emergence of new characters, buildings and new parts of the Kingdom! Tasks with a character icon belong to Additional and represent short additional stories.Such tasks do not affect the progress of the game.

How to go to the parade? To do this, click on the front tent, which is located on the left side of the castle.There you can buy platforms and slots, and then start a parade, for holding which you can get tokens, Diamonds, Magic and experience!

What are desires and how to fulfill them? Desires are the requests of the guests of the kingdom. Please note that over the heads of some guests their wishes are displayed. Click on the desire and begin to fulfill it. If a character icon is displayed above the guest, then he wants to see something in his performance. The building icon means that the guest wants to visit the attraction or wants you to build a new building.

How to go to the Costumes section? To do this, click on the Shop icon or click on the Costume Shop in the Kingdom. This is a building with Mickeyís head in a cylinder near the main gate of the kingdom.

How to create costumes for your characters? This process is very similar to inviting characters to the kingdom. To create a costume for a character, you first need to invite him to the kingdom. Check the requirements for the costume - some can be opened only after reaching a certain level or completing certain tasks. Once you open the costume, you must collect the tokens to create the costume, including special fabric tokens that can be obtained for performing certain actions, found in the chests or in the Merlin Store.

Are there any level restrictions for costumes? To access some of the costumes you need to reach a certain level. Having invited the desired character to the kingdom, click on the suit in the Costume Store and see if there are any level restrictions for him.

Why do you need the Collector spell? This spell collects magic, tokens, MPs and other items from buildings.Not used for characters with completed assignments.

Why do you need the Charm of happiness spell? This diamond spell will maximize happiness.

How often can I use the Charm of Happiness? This spell can be used at any time with a level of happiness below 99% of Enthusiastic status.

Why do you need the spell of the Guardian of happiness? This potion spell holds happiness at the same level for 24 hours.

How to drag items into Merlinís cauldron? Click on Merlin and select the "Magic Cauldron" spell. Drag and drop one kiosk or decoration from the menu on the right into the boiler. If necessary, click the up arrow in the lower right corner to increase the number of items added at a time. When all the desired items are in the boiler, click on the green "FORWARD" icon located at the bottom left. Check the items you are about to turn into potions.

Why am I not showing the calendar icon? Access to the calendar will open at one of the stages of training.Continue to complete Kingdom missions and the Calendar will become available.

When I open the chest, does the time I click on the cloud affect the reward I will receive? Not.Pictures on the cloud just show what awards you can get, but the time of pressing does not affect what you receive. To assess the chances of getting certain items, click on the Rewards icon in the Treasure Bank or on the chest purchase screen. Then click on the item and see the probability of its receipt.

How to get to the news section? In your Kingdom, click on the envelope icon in the upper right corner of the screen, right under Settings.

Why canít I see anything new in the news section? For the news feed to be updated, you must play online.If you play offline, the news will be saved in the feed for only three days and then disappear. It is also quite possible that from the moment you last entered the section, nothing new has appeared! Come back often and get the latest information about the game!

How to get to the new kingdom editing menu? To do this, press and hold the building until it becomes accessible for movement. Then cancel the placement or install the building to go to the new interface. If there are no buildings to move in your kingdom, you can place the building from the Store to go to the editing menu.

What are these arrows that appear around my buildings during the move? These arrows were added for your convenience while moving and placing buildings! By clicking on one of the arrows, your building will be moved one zone in the selected direction.

What are these new squares that appear around my buildings during the move? These boxes show the free area around the building so that you can find out where there is space for accommodation. Yellow squares are free territory where you can place your building. Orange squares - the territory is occupied by other buildings, tasks of heroes or is located outside the construction zone.

How to store all the buildings? To do this, go to the kingdom editing menu and at the bottom of the screen find "Store all buildings". You can store all buildings or only buildings of a certain type (for example, attractions).To select other buildings, select another tab on the right. In addition, you can store buildings from one zone or from the whole kingdom. Before you start warehousing, be sure to collect all the magic and share currency from these buildings, since after the transfer all the rewards will be lost!

What is a zone and what happens if I store buildings from the whole zone? A zone is a piece of land surrounding a large attraction that has been bewitched since the beginning of the game (for example, California Screamin and Space Mountain). By choosing to store all the buildings in the zone, all buildings in this territory will be transferred to the warehouse.

Why did some of my buildings remain in the kingdom despite clicking "Store all buildings"? The buildings and structures enchanted by Maleficent, in which the heroes perform tasks, cannot be transferred by clicking on "Store all buildings".

Why doesnít I see "Store all buildings" in the kingdom editing menu? Reach the task in which you have to fight with Pete, and you will have access to the storage function!

Why are some of the Store All Buildings icons unavailable? This means that there are no storage buildings in the current section. If the "Zone" icon is inactive, this means that there are either no buildings in the zone that match the search parameters, or there are no buildings that could be moved in this area. If the "Kingdom" icon is inactive, it means that there is no kingdom in the whole kingdom buildings of the selected category or categories that could be moved.

How to participate in the Test in the tower? To do this, first open California Screamin "and go through the costume training, getting a Mickey Pirate costume!

How long will the Tower Challenge rewards be available? Tower Challenge Rewards will only be available during the promotion. The remaining time is displayed on the Test icon in the middle of the bottom of the screen. Participating in the Test is the easiest and fastest way to get this content, so hurry up!

How to succeed in the Trial in the tower? Send up to 5 heroes to the Trial in the Tower of Maleficent at the same time. After the test of heroes is over, you will receive promotional points and Maleficent Coins. With the help of points you can destroy the tower of Maleficent.

How to collect and use currency for the Test in the tower? To get Maleficentís Coins, send the heroes to the Test in the tower, go through certain stages of the action, complete special tasks, or click on the cursed attractions. Maleficentís coins can be exchanged for unique rewards, access to which will open during the test!

How to get promotional points and why are they needed? To get promotional points, send the heroes to the Test in the tower. So you will pass the test, earning points and receiving rewards in the process. Players with the most points per chapter will be rewarded.

Why canít I send some heroes to the Trial in the tower? The characters you choose must be part of the collection or collections indicated in the slots for each character. For each chapter, the necessary collections and characters change.

Why canít you send the same hero to the tower twice? Heroes return from the tower tired, and they cannot immediately be sent there again. All tired heroes will rest and will again be ready to go to the tower every day from 15:00 GMT. If you have Energy, you can use them in order to immediately send the hero to the tower.By the way, Featured Heroes never get tired, and they can be used immediately!

How to get Energetics? These items can be obtained for completing some temporary tasks and actions.

I missed one chapter of the Test in the tower! Can I continue to take part in it? Yes! Each chapter has a separate rating and awards. In addition, you can get Maleficent Coins for the entire trial and exchange them for unique rewards.

How to get tokens to open a new hero in the Test in the tower? Maleficent coins earned during the Trial can be exchanged for this heroís tokens. In the Tests menu, click on the Store icon and find out the requirements for hero tokens. On the right side of the screen, you can scroll through the Store and exchange coins for specific tokens.

Why canít I exchange Coins for some rewards, for example, new hero tokens? Some rewards are closed until one of the following chapters begins. Keep playing until this chapter begins and the rewards open.Rewards from past chapters will be available throughout the promotion.

Why are some of my rides displayed in purple? These rides are cursed by Maleficent! Click on them several times to remove the curse, get Maleficent Coins and start using them again. Your rides will continue to generate Magic, but you cannot move them or make a profit from them until you remove the curse!

How often are creatures that you can click on? Such creatures will appear from time to time throughout the trial. If your Kingdom does not have one, try playing online. If you are already online. And there are no creatures yet, come back later!

What are these colorful quests on my quest list? These are special temporary assignments based on the Recommended Collection for the current chapter. Try to complete them as quickly as possible, because they only work until the end of the test!

Why canít I see Kiosks or Store Decorations for sale? Kiosks and Scenery are now in Enchanted Chests.Open the chest and you will have a chance to find these buildings!

Why does my Happiness level no longer add to Experience or Magic? The rewards that give Happiness are updated. Now, the Vigorous and Joyful level of Happiness gives an increase in the rate of token loss, which means a higher probability of receiving the desired Tokens!

Why donít I get as many Desires from the guests as before? Recently, a bug has been fixed in the game that gave some players a fairly high number of desires. As a result of this, you may have noticed that there are less desires associated with the rides and actions of the heroes.

How to get Enchanted Chests? Enchanted chests appear anywhere in the Kingdom - search all its corners. To find out how many Enchanted Chests are hidden in your Kingdom, click on the chest icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

What rewards can be in Enchanted chests? From Enchanted chests you can get a variety of rewards - magic, tokens, exclusive scenery and attractions! To see possible rewards, go to the Treasure Bank, find the desired chest in the list on the left and click on the Rewards icon next to the sign.

How many types of Enchanted Chests are there? There are the following chest types in Disneyís Magic Kingdoms: Bronze Chests, Decoration Chests, Shop Chests, Resource Chests, and Enchanted Amusement Chests.

How to get Enchanted Chests? Enchanted chests appear anywhere in the Kingdom - search all its corners. To find out how many Enchanted Chests are hidden in your Kingdom, click on the chest icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

What rewards can be in Enchanted chests? From Enchanted chests you can get a variety of rewards - magic, tokens, exclusive scenery and attractions! To see possible rewards, go to the Treasure Bank, find the desired chest in the list on the left and click on the Rewards icon next to the sign.

How many types of Enchanted Chests are there? There are the following chest types in Disneyís Magic Kingdoms: Bronze Chests, Decoration Chests, Shop Chests, Resource Chests, and Enchanted Amusement Chests.

Why did some shops and decorations disappear from my kingdom? The size of some shops and decorations has been changed so that all buildings of the same category are the same. In this regard, some buildings could be moved to Inventory. To find them, go to the Buildings store or the editing section!

What are these categories with shops and decorations? The scenery and shops are now divided into different categories that will add new gaming features. Such icons will now be displayed next to buildings in the Inventory, buildings that can be bought in the Store, and buildings that can be found in the chest. The game has the following categories:

  1. Scenery: Tourist object, Landscaping, Decoration, Monument, Trophy.
  2. Shops: Food, Drink, Headwear, Souvenir.

What is this new feature with attraction witchcraft? This is a new way to get more rewards from attractions! Collecting Drawings and Souvenir Tokens, you can enchant the attraction just as easily as you increase the level of heroes!

Why should I bewitch my rides? This way you can get more magic and tokens falling out of the rides. Reaching the highest level of witchcraft, you can even get two tokens at a time!

How to enchant rides? With rides, everything is exactly the same as with raising the level of heroes. To enchant the attraction, you need to collect tokens and magic. To find out exactly what you need for witchcraft, click on the attraction you wish to enchant.

Why can some attractions I bewitch and others not? At first, only some of the attractions in the game Disney Magic Kingdoms can be enchanted. Over time, this feature will be added for other attractions!

What kind of Drawings and Souvenir Tokens do I find in chests? With the help of drawings and souvenir tokens, you can enchant attractions, and increase their level of witchcraft.

Where can I find all the Witch Tokens I received? To view all the received tokens and even those that are not needed at this stage to raise the level of the witching building, go to the Buildings Store. Then click on the "Wizard Tokens" icon at the top of the screen.

Why, after I enchanted the attraction and the application showed that it will start to bring a new type of tokens, it is not in the list of rewards? Having bewitched the attraction, you will have a chance to get a new type of hero token. This token will not drop out and will not be displayed in the list of rewards if the hero is not yet invited or has already reached the maximum level.

Why do some of my attractions continue to bring hero tokens, despite the fact that I have enough of them to level up? Loss of tokens will work on the principle of chests, an attraction will bring you hero tokens until the character reaches the maximum level.

When will I have the opportunity to enchant attractions? You will have such an opportunity immediately after you open the Witchís chests.

How to understand that the attraction can be enchanted? If the attraction is in the kingdom, a special icon will be displayed above it. If the attraction is in the Inventory, a special icon will also appear above such an attraction in the Store or the Kingdom Editor.

Why do Witchcraft Chests open right after I find them? Changes have been made to the work of Witchcraft chests! Now the chests found in the kingdom will open immediately, and you do not need to transfer them to the Inventory and wait until the timer runs out.

What will happen to the chests that I already have, after the timer expires? The chests you have can still be opened. To do this, just drag the chest onto a free pedestal and it will open! Over time, the pedestal with the chest will be removed.

What will happen to the magic and diamonds that I spent (a) on new cells in the Vault and pedestals that are no longer used? In a few months, when the pedestal is completely removed, you will receive back the diamonds and magic that you spent on new cells and pedestals.

What are these new chests in the kingdom? Changes have been made to the game, and now in the kingdom you will find new types of chests, such as a Bronze chest, a chest with decorations and a chest with shops.

How to open access to exciting levels and bonuses? Having defeated Zurg, you will open a fascinating level in the California Screamin Zone. "(This zone is the first among all the goals of fascinating levels, after it you will open others!). To receive bonuses you need to go to the next fascinating level by completing a sufficient number of requests guests.

Is it necessary to complete the main game plot for exciting levels? No, not required. Exciting levels were created so that you can earn additional bonuses and rewards, so that the passage of the main game plot is not required.

Why are there no exciting levels in most of my zones? The California Screamin zone is the first among all the objectives of the exciting levels, after it other levels will open for you!

How to increase the level of the fascinating zone? To increase the level of the Fascinating zone, you need to complete a sufficient number of tasks in this zone (place a certain type or number of shops, decorations or enchanted attractions). To find out what you need to level up, click on an attraction with the same name as the zone (for example, California Screamin ")!

What are the categories of shops and decorations? The scenery and shops are now divided into different categories. To achieve the goal level of the Fascinating zone, you need to place a certain number of different buildings. The icons next to the requirements for an exciting level show which buildings need to be placed. In addition, this information may be displayed on buildings that you store. The game has the following categories of buildings:

  1. Scenery: Tourist object, Landscaping, Decoration, Monument, Trophy.
  2. Shops: Food, Drink, Headwear, Souvenir.

Why am I losing an exciting level and rewards? You will continue to receive level rewards in the Fascinating Zone if the zone requirements are met. You will stop receiving rewards if your fascinating level is lost. This can happen due to the fact that you removed from the building zone, which are indicated in the requirements. To continue receiving rewards, return these buildings.

What is a magic pedestal? The magic pedestal is a small platform next to the attraction of the zone (for example, next to California Screamin "), which is connected with the level of the fascinating zone. This pedestal generates magic, the amount of which depends on your current fascinating level in the zone. After some time, this platform will fill up and you will need to empty it so that it can generate magic again.

What is a special request for desire? In the zone of the kingdom, which has reached 1 fascinating level, it will be possible to fulfill a special request for desire. These wishes differ from ordinary desires in that instead of happiness you can get a surprise!

Are special requests for desire taken into account in the total number of wishes that simultaneously appear in the kingdom? No, these requests appear in the kingdom separately from the usual ones and are not included in their number. In each zone that has reached 1 exciting level, you will have the opportunity to complete 1 special request for desire.

What happens if I do not collect the Magic that the Magic Pedestal produced? As in the case of Attractions and Kiosks, the production of rewards will be suspended until you pick up the previous reward. Immediately after this, the next timer starts counting down.

What will happen to the Magic that the Magic Pedestal produces if I lose the Fascinating level?Magic will continue to be generated at a speed determined by the current Fascinating level. If the Fascinating level drops to zero, the timer will continue to count down, but Magic will not be generated. After the timer ends, you can collect the generated Magic. If you restore your Fascinating level, the Magic Pedestal will begin to generate Magic from the moment of restoration until the timer countdown ends.

Why am I collecting so many regular tokens, like Mickey Balls, if my heroes are already at the maximum level? There are several reasons. One of them - perhaps you have not yet opened some kind of suit for which you need ordinary tokens. Or maybe you have buildings from this franchise that you can enchant. To enchant the building, you need to collect the corresponding ordinary tokens.

I have already received a Convenient Costume for the Princess and now I need the Princess Dressing Room to participate in the next assignment. How to get it? Princess dressing room can be bought for Magic in the Store (Attractions section).

What are Hero Scrolls? These are in-game items that you can use to invite characters to the appropriate menu or level up two heroes at the same time.

How to get Hero Scrolls? Hero scrolls can be obtained at Merlinís Store by exchanging them for Potions. In addition, they can sometimes appear in the Kits Store.

Where can I find out how many Hero Scrolls I have? To do this, click the book icon located in the lower right corner of the screen when you are inspecting your park, or click on the Castle. In addition, you can go to the Merlin Store and see how many Hero Scrolls you have left.

When can I start using Hero Scrolls? Once you receive the Scroll, you can use it to invite or level up the hero.

How many Hero Scrolls can I use at a time? You can use only one scroll at a time.

What does early access mean? In Disneyís Magic Kingdoms game, this term means that you can receive content (for example, heroes) before it appears in the main plot. Such content is available for a limited time. After that, it blocks again until you complete the story.

Why can Rapunzel be rewarded in a rating action? Rapunzel was in early access. Participate in a rating action to get it. Thus, more people will have a chance to get her Comfortable suit when limited access is open to him.

Do I have to have Rapunzel to get her Comfy suit? Yes, you must invite Rapunzel to your kingdom to receive her Comfortable costume.

I did not have time to get a comfortable suit. Will he appear in the game again? Comfortable costumes will reappear in the game in the future.

How to get Pascal? Pascal can be opened in the main plot of the game. You need to go through the plot of the "Tangled Story" to get a task that will invite Pascal.

How to connect to Facebook in the game Disneyís Magic Kingdoms? To do this, go to the settings menu, open the Facebook section and select Login.

How to change username? Unfortunately, this feature is not provided. The application uses the data of your account from the social network that you used for the first time to log in.

How do I know if a character visiting a house is needed for major progress in the game? You will still see tasks with the characters that you sent home, and the game will redirect you to the "Visit Home" menu from the Tasks, a list of tokens, etc. The characters at home will have an icon informing them that they are completing the task which you can get tokens.

Can I adjust the volume in the game? Oh sure. To customize sound, music, and sound effects, go to the settings menu and select the Sound section.

Why am I not receiving notifications? If this function is enabled, but you still do not receive notifications, check the device settings - notifications from the game Disney Magic Kingdoms should be enabled.

What notifications will I receive? You will receive notifications about moments in the game that require your attention. You can configure notifications in the corresponding section of the Settings menu.

What is a sleep schedule? This is a function that blocks the sending of notifications during the standard "sleep time". The function uses the clock on your device, so make sure that it works properly to get the desired result.

Why am I getting fewer notifications than before? The notification service has been improved. Some of them are now combined. You will receive consolidated notifications for actions performed at one time interval. You will also receive combined notifications of different types after the end of sleep.

Why am I receiving notifications despite the "Sleep Schedule" feature enabled? The sleep schedule only affects local notifications that are generated by your phone. You will continue to receive server messages with stock information!