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Walkthrough Disney Princess Majestic Quest: Tips, WIKI, Reviews

DISNEY PRINCESS MAJESTIC QUEST (DISNEY PRINCESS) - game for android from the company Gameloft. In the article, we summarized the official guides and game guides, developers answers to players questions.Attention, the article is periodically updated, look at the site Wise Geek more often.

How can life be restored? Lives are restored over time (the timer on the top panel shows the time until the appearance of life). Also, lives can be purchased for coins or once a day ask friends from Facebook (requires an Internet connection).

How to unlock new princesses? Get access to princesses and new plot chapters for Keys.

How to pass tasks? To complete the task you will need a certain number of stars for certain levels.

How can I choose a different answer in the dialog? Unfortunately this is not possible. But dont worry, there are no wrong answers in the game!

How to replay completed levels? Unfortunately, you cant return to the levels passed.

I cant pass the level - its too hard. What to do? Try to figure out what exactly is the difficulty. It may be worth changing the approach to the level. The use of bonuses before the start of the level will also help you. If before the victory you are missing only a couple of moves, you can buy the necessary moves after the end.

When will there be new levels? New levels will be added after the official launch of the game worldwide.

Can I connect my Facebook account to the game? Yes, you can connect your Facebook account by clicking the "Connect Facebook" button in Settings.

How to save the game? Progress is automatically saved to the cloud. Your data is backed up every 24 hours to ensure complete security.

How to reset game progress? In the early access version, this feature is not yet available.

My purchase did not appear in the game. What to do? You need to contact User Support. To do this, in the Settings, select "User Support". Fill out the form and describe the problem. Technical support will contact you as soon as possible!

Is an internet connection necessary for the game? It is not necessary to have an active Internet connection for the game. However, to purchase additional coins you will need it.

How to change the language of the game? In the early access version, this feature is not yet available.

How to adjust the volume level of music and sound? In Settings, use the sliders to adjust the volume, or click on the icons to the left of them for instant on / off.

How to change notification settings? In Settings, click the "Notifications" switch to enable / disable them.

How to earn coins? Coins can be obtained for completing levels or purchased for real money in the Store.

How to get the keys? Keys can only be obtained for completing tasks. The keys can open new locations and new characters.

What are bonuses and tools? Bonuses and tools are different types of power-ups that help you in the game.Bonuses can be purchased or activated before the start of the 3-in-line level, and tools - right during the game.

How to get more bonuses and tools? If you have run out of bonuses or tools of a certain type, just click on their icon (empty) to proceed to purchase a set of 3 items for coins.

What bonuses and tools are there in the game? Bonuses:

Can I sell stars, keys, coins, bonuses, tools, etc.? You cant sell them, but its better to save them for later difficult levels!

Can I invite friends to the game? In the early access version, this feature is not yet available.

How to pass level 3 in a row? Complete level tasks in the allotted number of moves.

Flash. This magic shell will clear all diamonds in its path.

Explosion. An explosive mixture of magic and alchemy will blow a heap of diamonds!

Wings. This magical butterfly will clean the diamonds around it, and then it will be transferred to the most useful diamond for you.

Tonic. Just add a drop of paint to this emulsion from the rainbow and it will remove all diamonds of the same color!

Mimic. This ghostly sphere will turn into any object with which you swap it!

Magic wand. By combining diamonds, you absorb their strength in this wand. Having fully charged it, you can bring down all this power on the playing field!

Box. Glass box covering diamonds. Connect the diamonds next to the Box to remove one layer from it. Tools and bonuses also remove layers from the Box. Can block an item on the playing field.

Pillow. A soft pillow that takes up valuable space! Connect the diamonds near her to remove one layer from her.The pillow prevents the Flash effect from spreading.

Pot. Cute flower pot. Combine the diamonds in a pot with a flower so that it grows instantly!

Chain. A gold chain linking diamonds and preventing them from moving. Connect the diamonds with the one connected by the Chain to remove one layer from it. Tools and bonuses also remove layers from Chains. Blocks items on the playing field.

Dealer. A merchant with huge supplies of magic supplies! Activate it, freeing up space under it. Shows items inside.

Walls. Gilded facades that prevent movement. However, they can be rammed.

Cast A lump of purple ore from which you can dazzle a beautiful lotus. You can remove layers from the Snapshot only with tools and bonuses.

Royal Palace. Palace with a crown pattern to decorate the royal chambers. Combine the diamonds with the one that closes the Royal Palace to spread it to neighboring cells. Tools and power-ups also help spread the palace.

Fairies in a cage. Fairies fell into a trap - they froze in amber! By removing diamonds (combining them or using bonuses) near Amber, you can also remove one layer from it. Tools and power-ups also remove Amber layers. Can block items on the playing field.

Bottle of perfume. These empty vials can be filled by moving them to perfume. By combining diamonds and using bonuses under the Perfume Bottle, you can move it down. Move all Perfume Bottles to complete the task.

Mosaic. Beautiful mosaic windows overgrown with ivy! By combining diamonds and using bonuses on the vines, you can remove one layer. After removing all layers, you will release the mosaic. Release all the mosaics to complete the goal. (Remember: it is not necessary to remove all vines).