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DISNEY SORCERER'S ARENA is a game for android with release date 03.24.2020 from the company Glu. Game genre: Role-playing. In the article, we have summarized tips for leveling from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official website and our secrets of passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.

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  1. Game Secrets
  2. How to Fight?
  3. Game Currencies Review
  4. Arena Battles
  5. Tournament of Wizards
  6. Club Features
  7. Club Conquest
  8. Subscriber Benefits
  9. Player Account

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Game Secrets

How long does it take to get energy? The following graph:

Once a day at 19:00 local time, you can get 60 food for free. great energy. At 12:00, 17:00 and 19:00 local time, you can get 40 items for free. energy for the campaign.

How do I change my character into a new costume? At the moment, you can change the following characters: Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Buzz Lightyear, Simba, Pete, Boogeyman, Gaston, Izmu, Bad Wolf and Jack Skellington. More costumes in the future! After collecting a sufficient number of costume tokens for a character, open his page in the Character Book and click the icon with a shirt next to the character figure.

Sorting characters. There are the following filters: available, not available, color of magic, hero, villain, attack, defense, support, Disney title. You can also sort characters by rarity, level, equipment class, attack range, attack power, defense, health, recovery, critical strike chance, critical strike power, and attack speed.

Witchcraft. Collect enchanted equipment by fighting in campaign battles and participating in spellcasting trials. Equipment can significantly increase the characteristics of characters and give new abilities.

How to get more level improvement drugs? Win battles, complete daily quests and challenge level-improving potions - all this gives you a chance to get potions. Improvement potions can also be purchased in the store.

Where can I see the odds for the mystery set? Click on the set itself and you can see a list of items that can be won and the odds of winning.

Why strive to score 3 stars? 3 stars allows you to use the Auto Victory feature and immediately receive rewards by skipping the battle. Watch your energy - it is spent on these battles too.

What are magic stones? When equipping a magic stone, the corresponding characteristic of the character will increase. These stats include attack, defense, health, recovery, attack speed, critical strike chance, and critical strike power.

Will I lose the magic stone by removing it? The stone will remain in your inventory, unless, of course, you used it as a material for obtaining a stone of a higher class.

What does the red notification with numbers mean? It shows the number of news or events requiring your attention or actions.

What do the green exclamation marks on objects mean? These symbols indicate sorcery that can be cast on your characters.

What happens to the extra character and spell tokens after reaching their maximum number? Any surplus tokens are converted into token shop tokens that can be spent in the exchanger. 1 extra token = 10 token shop tokens.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: How to Fight?

List of beneficial effects in battle. These include:

  1. Acceleration: increases the speed of attack and movement of the character by 50%.
  2. Strengthening attack: increases the attack by 50%, the character deals more damage.
  3. Strengthening defense: increases defense by 50%, the character takes less damage.
  4. Increased Critical Strike Chance: Increases critical strike chance by 25%.
  5. Continuous Healing: During the duration, periodically restores the character’s health.
  6. Guaranteed Critical Strike: When using the next ability, the character will deal a critical strike.
  7. Reflection of blows: part of the damage done to the character is returned to the attacker.
  8. Pumpkin Shield: Increases defense by 50% and grants a shield if the effect ends naturally.
  9. Immunity to negative effects: negative effects cannot be imposed on the character.
  10. Critical Strike Power: Critical hits of the character deal 100% more damage.
  11. Dangerous Shield: When a character takes damage, the attacker also takes damage.
  12. Evasion: The character will evade the next attack ability.
  13. Tactics: guaranteed to trigger the effects of abilities, usually triggering with some chance.
  14. Life drain: the character replenishes health in the amount of a portion of the damage dealt.
  15. Tease: All opponents will attack the character with this effect.
  16. Counterattack: The character immediately attacks the next attacker.
  17. Triton’s help: the character’s attack is strengthened and with his next attack he imposes a slowdown.
  18. Strengthening: the character gains various advantages, his characteristics are increased, and his abilities receive additional effects.
  19. Invulnerability: the character is invulnerable to damage and negative effects.
  20. Invisible: Enemies cannot target a character while other characters are in combat.
  21. Immobility: the character cannot use abilities, does not take damage, and cannot be targeted.

List of negative effects in battle. These include:

  1. Slowdown: Reduces the attack and movement speed of the character by 50%.
  2. Weakening attack: reduces the attack by 50%, the character deals less damage.
  3. Weakening defense: reduces defense by 50%, the character takes more damage.
  4. Reduced Critical Strike Chance: Reduces the critical strike chance by 25%.
  5. Continuous damage: periodically inflicts damage to the character during the duration.
  6. Blindness: Prevents a character from using a basic ability.
  7. Prevent Healing: Does not allow you to replenish your character’s health.
  8. Delayed Damage: Deals damage to the character if the effect ends naturally.
  9. Benefit Immunity: Prevents the character from receiving beneficial effects.
  10. Vulnerability: The next activated attack ability that targets a character will deal critical damage.
  11. Silence: The character can only use the basic ability.
  12. Fear: The character cannot dodge enemy attacks or resist negative effects.
  13. Stun: the character cannot use abilities.
  14. Sleep: the character cannot use abilities. The effect is removed when the character takes damage.
  15. Enchant: on the next turn, the character attacks his follower with a basic ability.
  16. Black Mark: When the duration expires or the effect is removed, deals damage to the character and his nearby allies.
  17. Transformation: the character takes on the appearance of another character.

How do I find out more about the effects? To learn more about effects, press and hold the effect icon during combat.

Spellshot. Spells are charged based on damage taken and dealt. The more damage taken, the more charge.

Speed. The speed depends on the basic characteristics of the character and on spells (for example, slowdown, haste and stun).

Can’t handle the boss. Don’t forget to level up your characters - in battles with some bosses, the level is of great importance. Don’t forget about the upgrades for abilities and spellcasting. All of this will help you win.

Towers of Fortitude. Requires player level 22. Use all your character and spell cards to climb the various towers. The higher you go, the more valuable the reward will be.

"Tests of Caster" mode. Requires player level 15. Create a unique team of characters to solve puzzles and overcome difficulties. Challenges change daily, and you can get a variety of valuable prizes for completing them.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Game Currencies Review

Tournament Coins. Tournament Coins are used to purchase items in the exchanger. By participating in the Tournament of Wizards, you will receive a certain amount of Tournament coins by mail every day. The amount depends on your rank.

Magic coins. Magic coins are used to purchase items from the exchanger. You can get them by completing Trials of Wizards.

Club coins. Club coins are used to purchase items in the exchanger. As you progress through the Club Dungeon and participate in Club Conquests and other Club Events, you will earn Club Coins.

Tower coins. Tower coins are used to purchase items from the exchanger. You get club coins for winning battles in the Towers of Fortitude.

Loyalty coins. Loyalty Coins are required to receive a 7-Day Loyalty Pack. To open it, you will need 7 Loyalty Coins. Complete a daily quest to get one coin.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Arena Battles

PvP season and ratings. The PvP season is directly related to the subscription season. With the end of the subscription season, the PvP season also ends. After the end of the subscription season, you will maintain your rank, however, your points will be reset to the starting point of that rank (with the exception of the Great Champions). For example, if you were the Champion and had 6999 points, you have 6000 left.

Rank and gain or loss of trophies. For example: if your rank is Bronze I and you win the match, you get 8 points. If you lose, you lose 1 point.

My characters don’t listen to me and I don’t use autoplay mode. If you left the game in the background during a PvP arena fight, you are most likely watching what has already happened, that is, the moves that have already taken place, while the game is catching up. At this stage, you will not be able to issue commands, use the characters’ abilities or cast spells - everything that you see on the screen is already in the past. This stage will end when the game reaches the current turn, but if the application has been in the background for a long time, the battle may have already ended, in which case control will not return to you until the end of the match.

Can I opt out of combat in the PvP arena? Yes, you can lose the battle in the PvP arena. When a player loses 2 characters or the match ends, the players are allowed to lose the match. Forfeiture is considered the complete loss of the losing player and the complete victory of the other player.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Tournament of Wizards

Tournament of wizards. Spellcasters fight within the tournament, trying to take the first places. Pick a team to defend your rank. This is very important: every day you receive gems in the mail, the number of which depends on your rank as of 21:00 local time. Defeat your opponents to increase your rank. Having won, you take the place of your opponent. The higher your rank, the more valuable rewards you will receive. Player level 11 is required to participate.

How is the reset for the Wizard Tournament? The Wizards Tournament is reset at 21:00 local time. The outcome of a battle is counted by the time the battle ends, not its beginning.

Why can’t I attack some players? If your rank is below 200, you can be attacked no more than once every 2 hours. This is called the recovery time. If during this period another player tries to attack you, he will receive the message "this opponent is already participating in the battle. Choose another opponent."

Can I lose the Wizarding Tournament? Yes, you can lose the Wizarding Tournament. When a player loses 2 characters or the match is over, the players are allowed to lose the match. Forfeiture is considered the complete loss of the losing player and the complete victory of the other player.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Club Features

How to join the club? A player must be level 10 to join the club. To join:

  1. Select "Club" from the main menu of the game;
  2. Find the club you are interested in;
  3. Click on the name of the club. A button "Join the club" will appear on the right.

Powers of the head of the club and his deputies. The head of the club can promote a member of the club to deputy head, as well as expel members from the club. The deputy head of the club can expel ordinary members from the club, but not the head or other deputies. The head of the club and his deputies can manage invitations to the club and change its settings. During club conquests, the head of the club and his deputies can choose bases as targets for attack.

The consequences of leaving the head of the club. The game will automatically make the oldest and most active deputy head.

What happens if the head of the club stops entering the game? If the head of the club does not enter the game within 14 days, he is demoted to deputy and the next most active deputy becomes the head. If within 7 days none of the heads of the club or his deputies entered the game, the oldest and most active member of the club is promoted to the rank of deputy.

Club data. You can see the following data about club members:

Donations and requests for donations at the club. As a member of the club, you can donate items to other members and request them from them. You can donate up to 5 items per day.

Club dungeon. After reaching player level 10 and joining the club, you will gain access to the club dungeon. Dive into the depths of the dungeon together with other members of the club and find your way to his heart. Club dungeons last 7 days. The number of attempts is reset to zero with a daily reset.

How to leave the club? Click "Club", "Find" and click on your name in the list. Click "Leave" and "Confirm". To join a new club after leaving, time must pass:

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Club Conquest

After reaching player level 20 and joining a club, you can participate in club conquests. You can register to participate in them from Friday to Saturday, after which you will fight with two other clubs and the chance to receive exclusive rewards, including Davey Jones.

Schedule of club conquests. Club Conquests are held weekly according to the following schedule (Pacific Daylight Saving Time):

Receiving awards. Once the winning club has been determined, the rewards phase will continue until the registration for the next club conquest begins.

Prizes can be received until the next war ends. If the prizes are not collected before this moment, they will be lost and it will be impossible to receive them. Remember to collect your prizes on time.

How do I register for the Club Conquest? Club members can register by clicking the "Register" button during the registration phase (Friday 9:00 pm to Saturday 10:00 pm PT). To register, click "Club Conquest", "Register" (lower right corner).

How are opponents established in Club Conquest matches? Opponents in Club Conquests are determined based on the average character / spell power of the registered members. You will face 2 opponents closest to the average strength of the registered participants.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Subscriber Benefits

Subscription seasons. Complete subscription assignments and participate in various events to gain a subscription experience. The Subscriber Experience enhances your Seasonal Subscriber Class. Upgrade your class to get rewards. Upgrade to a Gold Subscriber at any time during the season and receive all Gold Rewards available to you immediately. This means that if you have reached the 15th free subscription class, when you upgrade to gold status, you will receive all gold awards from classes 2-15, plus access to gold tasks.

What is the Gold Pass? Upgrading to Gold Membership gives you access to new quests and exclusive rewards.

If I purchase a Gold Pass later, will I receive gold rewards for classes I have already opened? Yes! You can upgrade to a Gold Subscriber at any time during the season and receive all open Gold rewards.

Can I continue with the assignments from the previous week? Yes, you can continue completing the tasks of the previous weeks and after opening new ones.

When will the next subscription week start? On the first day of the month and thereafter - every 7 days. Example: 1st April - Monday. Subscription weeks open every Monday.

What is a Platinum Pass? The Platinum Pass gives you access to even more challenges and even more exclusive rewards than regular and Gold Pass.

If I purchase the Platinum Pass later, will I receive Platinum rewards for the missions I have already completed? Yes! You can upgrade to Platinum at any time during the season and receive all open Platinum rewards.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena: Player Account

How do I find my player ID? From the main game screen, tap the player level in the upper left corner. The player’s profile will open. The player ID is in the upper right corner (see screenshot).

It is recommended to take a screenshot of your profile. Even if you suddenly forget your username, you will keep your ID. The player ID is also displayed in the lower left corner of the loading screen.

How can I change my username or profile icon? From the main game screen, tap the player level in the upper left corner. The player’s profile will open. Tap the icon. Here you can select an icon and change the username.

Will my game progress be lost when I delete a game from my device? No, your game progress will not be lost, but it is still recommended to take a screenshot of your player profile just in case, or just save your username or player ID.

How do I transfer my account to another device? Click the "Settings" (gear) button in the upper right corner of the main screen. In the settings menu, select "Link Accounts":

On the next screen, click the "Generate Code" button on the left to get a unique code. Open the account linking menu in the game settings on the second device and click the "Enter code" button. Enter the unique code generated on the first device and confirm the action.

After the transfer is completed, the game progress on the device from which the transfer is performed will be completely lost.

Where is the mailbox located? The in-game mailbox can be found on the main screen in the upper left corner.

Loss of game achievements after the start of the game. Most likely, the game either disconnected from your Game Center or Google Play account, or, conversely, connected to it. First, try signing out of your Game Center or Google Play account on your device. If this does not help, please contact support - their staff will help you recover your data if you remember your account name or your profile ID.

How do I lower the quality of the graphics? Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner and select "Graphics":

Select "Medium" or "Low" depending on the characteristics of your device.

The game "stuck" at the very beginning, the logo is constantly spinning. Sign out and sign back in on your device from your Google Play / Game Center account, and then re-launch the game. If that doesn’t work, clear your Google Play or Game Center cache.

I received a notification for a limited time gift and did not receive it when I signed in! Gift notifications arrive at the local time on your device. However, the gifts themselves are sent depending on the time zone of your account, which may be different (especially if you have moved, etc.). If you receive a notification and do not see a time-limited gift in your inbox, please submit a support ticket regarding the time-limited gift and your current time zone so that support can help you.

Article author: Nadezhda D.