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Dragon City WiKi: Tips and Tricks for Game Walkthrough

DRAGON CITY - Android game with release date 07/03/2013 from the company Social Point. Game Genre: Simulation. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers answers to gamers questions, guides for beginners from the official site and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Tips for Building an Island, Home, and Other Buildings
  2. We pump dragons correctly
  3. Union and Chest Guide
  4. Passing the Union Race
  5. Secrets of the Tree of Life - Strengthen, Return, Summon, and Shop Spheres!
  6. How to play on PC?
  7. Social Features
  8. Arena Guide (PVP)
  9. Tips for Proper Development
  10. Walkthrough Freebies Islands
  11. Dragon Guard Towers (WIKI)
  12. What to do after the update?
  13. How not to ... Account?
  14. Why can you be banned ?!

Dragon City: Tips for Building an Island, Home, and Other Buildings

What are islands? In the game Dragon City, your task is to become the Lord of the dragons and bring out, train and collect as many of these creatures as possible! Going in search of adventure, you will soon find that your first island is rapidly filling with the dragons you found. So you have to expand and buy new islands in order to get more space for buildings, houses and decorations.

How to expand existing territories or buy new islands?

Before embarking on the expansion of a new island, it must be unlocked. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Tap the store icon in the lower right corner of the screen;
  2. Tap the extensions icon;
  3. Click on the option "Open next island" here.

As soon as the island is unlocked, you will receive the first piece of land and you can begin to expand it. On the way, you may come across stones, trees and bushes: they will prevent you from building new buildings. Before you place a new building, they will have to be removed. It is very simple:

  1. Touch an obstacle;
  2. Make sure you have enough gold to remove it;
  3. Touch the "Clear" option;
  4. Wait for the end of the allotted time or expedite the action by paying for it diamonds.

The following is a list of islands that are currently available in the game:

Why do not I see all the islands? At the very beginning of your adventures, you will see only 6 islands. You may have heard that there are more islands in the game. But they will appear later, after you unlock the first batch.

What is home? Houses are buildings where dragons live. Each of them has its own characteristics. For example: the number of dragons that can be placed in it, the amount of gold that can be stored in it. These characteristics can be increased by increasing the level of the house.

How can I buy a house? A house for accommodation on the island can be bought as follows:

  1. Tap the store icon in the lower right corner of the screen;
  2. Touch the Home tab;
  3. Browse through the list of houses and select the one you need;
  4. Choose the place where you want to place it.
Note: With each new acquisition of the next house of the same type, its value will increase. Some houses will first have to be unlocked, with the help of friends.

How can I improve the house? It is necessary to improve houses: this way you can place more dragons in them. To improve your home, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the house you want to improve;
  2. Touch the "Improve" icon;
  3. The building improvement window opens;
  4. Confirm your choice!

Can I build more houses, or is there some kind of acceptable maximum? The number of houses you can build on your islands depends on your current level. The higher the level, the more houses you can build. The game has a certain maximum limit on the number of houses that players can have. It is installed to ensure the smooth operation of the game with as many players as possible.

How does the price structure for houses work? With the construction of houses of each individual element, their value gradually grows. For example, the third house of the Earth will always be cheaper than the fourth. The same goes for home improvements. And, at the same time, the longer it takes to unblock a certain element, the more expensive the houses of this element will be (unless, of course, you compare cases when you have the same number of houses of two different elements). For example, the fourth house of Metal will always be more expensive than the fourth house of the Earth. Thus, as the game progresses, the cost of houses constantly changes, and the level of difficulty remains unchanged.

Why can’t I see big houses in the store anymore? To build a large house, you first need to build a regular house, and then to improve it. This change was introduced to simplify the look of the store, making it clearer for new users. This does not affect the number of houses that can be placed at each level.

What are crystals for? Crystals serve to increase gold production on the islands. Place them close to the dragons of the corresponding element to speed up the production of gold! In the game you will find a variety of crystals, for example: a lightning crystal, a nature crystal, an ice crystal, etc. Placing them on an island, you will see a circle: if it touches certain dragons, they will get acceleration! Remember that the number of crystals you can place is limited.

What is the Coliseum building used for? The Colosseum is your portal to the world of amazing battles and colossal battle quests, as well as the opportunity to win exclusive dragons. Each quest may have special requirements that must be met in order to join the battle. The more quests you complete, the better the rewards!

What is the ancient world? The ancient world is another dimension in the game, in which you can summon dragons and level them up with crystals. In addition, you can cross in the Domes the derivations of two dragons from the Ancient World and get a dragon, which no one has ever seen in this game! This opportunity will open when you reach level 27.

What does a Tomato tree do? The Tomato tree is a special building: some time ago it was available in the game, but now it can no longer be obtained. But the players who managed to acquire them still have it. :) Every hour, the Tomato tree gives a certain amount of food, depending on the level of the player. In fact, the higher the level, the more food you can get! You can also move this tree to the warehouse by selecting it and clicking on the "Warehouse" button.

What is the Deus Nest? Deus’s Nest appeared many years ago as a special building in Dragon City. This is another crossbreeding facility where users can breed more dragons. Unfortunately, this building is no longer available in the game, but you can see it with some other players.

Dragon Perch!

What is a Dragon Perch? Dragon Perch is a building that will allow you to increase the maximum level of your dragons! This building occupies 2x2 tiles. To raise the level of dragons above their current maximum level, you will need to build / improve the Dragon Rooster. You can buy a perch in a store in the Buildings section when you unlock it at level 14.

How many levels does the dragon perch have? The brand new Dragon Rooster has 6 levels. You can improve it in exchange for gold.

How can I fit it on my islands ?! The dragon’s roost is only 1 building (instead of the previous 6 temples: the Magic Temple, the Temple of the nobility, the Temple of the Knights, the Great Temple, the Epic Temple and the Temple of Miracles). Thanks to the new Dragon Rooster, more space will automatically appear on your islands!

But what happened to the old temples? The Magic Temple, the Temple of the Knights, etc.? These temples are now replaced by the Dragon’s Perch, and they can be used as decorations. All temples can be sold or kept in stock. Do not worry: if you have already bought any of these temples, the Dragon Rooster will be upgraded to the appropriate level, so you will not lose anything.

How can I increase the maximum level of my dragons? Each time the dragon reaches its maximum level, you will not be able to further increase its level until you improve the Dragon Roost. Every time you improve your roost, the maximum level of your dragons will increase, and you will be able to further increase the level of your dragons.

How can I increase the Dragon Perch level? To increase the level of the Dragon Rooster, you must first increase the level of several dragons! You need to have the minimum installed number of dragons of the highest possible level in order to unlock the next level of Dragon Rooster. In addition, for the highest levels of roost, you will first need to strengthen several dragons!

Can I raise my dragons above the 40th? Yes! Now, with a new Dragon Rooster and a new power-up opportunity, you can upgrade your dragons to level 70!

What is an island breeding event? This is the center for all inference events in the game. On it you will see all the dragons that can be obtained (through special combinations) in one place.

Main functions:

Dragon City: We pump dragons correctly

How to sell a dragon? Sometimes we all want to sell the dragon and thus gain some gold. But if you are just taking the first steps in the game, the "Sell" button will only appear when you have more dragons. To sell a dragon, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the house where the dragon you want to sell is located;
  2. In the window that appears, select the dragon;
  3. On the corresponding screen you will see the "Sell" button;
  4. Then a confirmation window will appear, and you can confirm that you are making the right decision.

What is the Dragon Book?

The Dragon Book is a place where you can see all the dragons in the game and even get excellent rewards! The book has two main sections:

  1. Collections.
  2. Dragons.

Collections: To become a true Dragon Lord, you certainly need more dragons. Collections will help you on your way to this title. They contain lists of dragons that you need to get to fill out the album. Touch the album and find out which dragons you still need to get to collect the collection. For each collected album you will receive a well-deserved reward. To see all the rewards you can get for an album, tap the Rewards banner.

Dragons: Here you will find a list of all dragons available in the game:

You can also filter the list by the following indicators:

Using the book will help you keep track of dragons and monitor your progress towards the title of the real Dragon Lord.

How to change the name of the dragon? Changing the name of the dragon is quite simple. Follow these steps to give your dragon a truly legendary name!

  1. Click on the dwelling where your dragon lives.
  2. Choose a dragon.
  3. Click on the name of the dragon and change it.

Where is my dragon? Search Instructions:

  1. Tap the Dragon Book icon at the top of the screen.
  2. Tap the Dragons tab.
  3. Here you can choose the dragon that interests you.
  4. When you find the dragon you need, touch it.
  5. At the bottom of the screen you will see the "Find" button. By clicking it, you will be transported to the house where the dragon you need rests.

What are dragon card packs? Map packs are small packs that help you get through the game and contain unique dragons. From packages of cards with dragons you can get food, gold, diamonds and a dragon. The amount of resources and rarity of dragons depend on the package.

  1. Normal Dragon Pack: Food + Gold + Diamonds + 1 regular dragon.
  2. Rare dragon pack: Food + Gold + Diamonds + 1 rare dragon.
  3. A very rare dragon pack: Food + Gold + Diamonds + 1 very rare dragon.
  4. Epic Dragon Pack: Food + Gold + Diamonds + 1 epic dragon.
  5. Legendary Dragon Pack: Food + Gold + Diamonds + 1 Legendary Dragon.

Where to find dragons-jokers? Joker dragons are special dragons that will come in handy during certain breeding events. These are unique dragons: true dragons experts you will want to get as part of such events.During the upcoming crossover events (but not all!) You will be able to use such dragons as jokers. For example, imagine that during one of the future crossbreeding events, it turns out that you are missing one of the dragons involved in the crossbreeding combination. If you have this unique dragon, you can attract him to cross!

What is "rarity" used for? Below are all the types of rarity dragons can have. "Heroic" is the rarest type.

  1. G -> Heroic.
  2. L -> Legendary.
  3. E -> Epic.
  4. OR -> Very rare.
  5. P -> Rare.
  6. O -> Normal.

I want to cross 2 dragons, but the game does not allow this. Why? Some elements cannot be mixed directly. Here are two different scenarios:

  1. Dragons appear on the list of dragons ready for crossbreeding, but they are incompatible. This only happens if dragons belong to the same element, and besides, only specific combinations are possible, for example, fire + ice, earth + metal, sea + darkness.
  2. Dragons do not appear on the list of dragons ready for crossbreeding. This only happens with dragons belonging to the elements of the ancient world. (Dragons of the elements of the Ancient world cannot multiply!).

Remember that for hybridization it is necessary to use hybrids of dragons, that is, dragons belonging to more than one element, but not to the elements of the Ancient world!

New achievements skins! Dragon City has a new way to get skins! Now new skins for dragons open simply when the level of dragons increases or when they participate in the breeding. Available leveling achievement skins:

Skins of achievements in breeding:

Dragon City: Union and Chest Guide

Unions : Training

What is a union? Now you can join the union or create your own! Choose your union wisely because you will have to cooperate with other players: earn Union Chest points and charge relics with them to open the Chests that contain the spheres of the Primordial dragons. According to the stories, the Primordial element was the very first element of dragons. Over time, what was now known as a pure and legendary entity evolved from it. But the rest of this element is enclosed within the Original dragons of the Dragonaria!

How to join an alliance or create your own?

To unlock alliances, you must reach a level of at least 16. To get to the alliance screen, tap the Social tab. at the bottom of the game screen or tap Union Grove. Then tap "Join the union." Here you can do the following:

To join the union, simply tap the "Join" button, but if the union is private, you will need to submit an application.In this case, the leaders of the union will decide whether they will accept you or not.

How to create a union? If you are already in an alliance, you must leave it. If you are not in a union, you can immediately create your own:

  1. Select a name for the union and create its description.
  2. Choose a union logo.
  3. Set requirements for joining the union.
  4. Choose which type of union you want to create: private or open.

An open alliance means that players can enter into an alliance without leader confirmation if they meet the specified requirements for the Dragon Lords. Private union means that players need the approval of the leader or joint leader of the union before they can join the team. If you are the leader of the union or its creator, the following actions are available to you:

Important: you cannot be a member of several unions at once. Each union can have a maximum of 20 players.

How to leave the union? Click the My Union tab. Click "Leave."

How to talk with other players or with the team of my union? To talk with other Dragon Masters, simply tap the arrow on the left side of the game screen. There will be two tabs:

  1. World: for all players.
  2. Unions: only for players of your union!

Here you can also do the following:

Chest of Union. Dragon Lords enter into an alliance in order to discover the mysterious Union Chests together with other players! In them are the spheres for the Primordial dragons with the powerful Elemental! The Union Chest can be opened if the whole team collect enough points of the Union Chest and charge the relic.

What are relics? Relics are needed to open the Union Chest; To do this, they need to be charged. They will show what tasks you need to complete to collect Union Chest points, and what your contribution to the Union’s work is.

Relic Types

Only a limited time is given to charge a relic and get a reward! The rewards of the chest and the progress of your union to the goal can be viewed in the Union Grove.

Please note that chest rewards are randomly assigned. The more points you invest, the higher the chance to win the best dragons!

How to contribute to the Union Chest? When you join a new alliance, you can immediately deposit Union Chest points without delay! In Union Grove, all Dragon Lords can see what exactly needs to be done in the game in order to contribute.

Union Chest Points always belong to the Union. If a player leaves the union while the chest is active, his contribution remains in the union even after leaving.

Important! In order to qualify for a reward, a player must contribute at least 1 Union Chest point!

The consequences of unacceptable behavior. When communicating in the game, always be respectful to your interlocutors. This also applies to the names of unions and their descriptions. Among other things, unacceptable behavior includes the following:

If the union reveals any manifestations of unacceptable behavior mentioned above, appropriate measures will be taken, including:

How to report inappropriate player behavior? If you see a player who uses offensive words or spreads information about hacking the game, you can always use the "Report" button. When the "Report" button is clicked, an automatic blocking of a player in chat or union does not occur; however, if other people report the same player, this may lead to temporary or permanent blocking of his account. Report players only if they behave inappropriately. Do not use the "Report" button as a way to harass other players.

How to find a suitable union?

Union exchange center and exchange essences

What is the essence of exchange? Sharing Essences is a special resource that allows players to exchange certain areas of dragons with members of their alliance. Each type of rarity has its own essence of exchange.

When can I open the Exchange Center? The exchange center will open in the Tree of Life as soon as you join the union.

Where can I find the menu of the Exchange Center and see what exchanges are going on? After opening the Exchange Center, there are two ways to exchange:

Union chat sharing? How it works? All types of exchanges created by members of the union will appear in the chat of your union. In the chat, you can accept exchanges created by teammates, or cancel exchanges created by you. Also, filters have been added to the union chat, so you can choose what to display: chat and exchanges, only chat or only exchanges.

How to exchange? First of all, you need to be a member of the union, since you can only exchange spheres with members of your union. You can create a new exchange request using 2 essences, or accept a request published by another member of your union using 1 essence (it works the same for all types of rarities!).

Remember: you can only create one request at a time, but you can respond to other exchange requests as long as you have the essential essences.

When creating a new exchange request, you can request any areas of the dragon that you want, if you have at least 1 of its areas. Exchanges will have a timer with a time limit, which acts as follows:

What is a limited warehouse of exchange essences? You can only store a limited number of exchange essences of each rarity. If you get essences while exceeding the limit, they will be converted into resources such as food and gold.

Please note that this limit does not apply to exchange essences that you bought or received upon return. Essences purchased or returned may temporarily exceed the limit until you use them.

How many spheres can I exchange for 1 exchange? The number of spheres during exchange depends on their rarity:

Can I participate in the exchange immediately after joining the union? For players who have just joined the union, there are no restrictions. But you will not be able to participate in the exchange if you left another union within the previous 12 hours.

What icon is displayed on the icon of my dragon spheres? This is a property indicator. To successfully complete the exchange, first you need to find out what areas of dragons members of your union have. You can always ask this in the chat, but the developers decided to help the players and made this icon so that you can quickly see how many people have the areas you need. These icons can be seen above each dragon sphere when creating a new exchange request. What they mean is very simple to understand - they work like a traffic light:

This will help you if necessary, but always ask the members of your union in the chat first. After all, collaboration is the most important thing!

Union chat notifications. You will notice a new notification on the chat button - a blue exclamation mark, which means that a new exchange has been published in the union chat.

Dragon City: Passing the Union Race

What is union race? Union races are races in which players compete with each other, as in heroic races. The main difference is that instead of "individual rivals," alliances will compete with each other!

What does the union need to do to receive rewards? All unions that reach the 5th round will receive rewards. In general, the higher the rating, the better the rewards! In addition, the union, which will take 1st place in the ranking at the end of the race, will receive a super-exclusive award! (All members of the union!). In each race there will be a maximum of 20 unions that will compete with each other! It may happen that in some groups of the union race there will be less than 20 unions. New unions created during the union race will be added to those groups where less than 20 unions compete.

Please note that if at the end of the race on the same lap there are 2 unions with the same number of completed tasks, the winner will be the union that was there first.

What if a member doesn’t race? If the union qualifies (reaching the 5th circle), all members of the union will receive awards. A higher rating will bring more valuable rewards, so each union needs to invite active players who will participate and help to win!

Will there be any fines if some members of the union do not participate? Not!Team spirit is important in an alliance race event. Joint efforts and strategy development with your allies will help you get a common, more valuable prize! Communication, cooperation and active participation in the union race will be the key to victory! Remember, only the 1st union from the group will receive an exclusive award.

What unions can join the race? Any union may participate in an alliance race. However, try to invite as many people as possible into your union: the more people will participate, the faster you will advance in the race!

Is there a difference between heroic races and how tasks work? Yes there is! There will be 3 different types of tasks that unions will have to complete in order to advance in the race:

In addition, there will be no collection of items: each contribution (for example, gold) will be counted to complete the task.

What happens if a member leaves the union? In this first race it will work the same as for the union chest.If the participant leaves, the union will keep progress. In addition, a member who leaves the union will not receive any awards.

Dragon City: Secrets of the Tree of Life - Strengthen, Return, Summon, and Shop Spheres!

Strengthen your dragons!

What is gain? Strengthening releases the mystical essence of dragons contained in the spheres of dragons to fill the dragon with even more power. Each time the dragon amplifies, it receives a gain star.

How can I strengthen my dragons? You can strengthen dragons through the Tree of Life. You will need a certain number of spheres of the type of dragon that you want to strengthen. This amount depends on the gain star you want to receive.

What are gain stars? Each time the dragon intensifies, he receives a star. More gain stars mean a more powerful dragon and give you various advantages - for example, those mentioned below.

What will I get if I strengthen the dragons? Reinforcing gives the dragon many benefits. For example, when each star receives gain, the battle parameters of the dragon increase, and it becomes stronger in PvP and other battles. In addition, when strengthening the dragon, you can raise its level above the 40th! Here is more information about the new dragon levels that you can achieve with certain gain stars:

Strengthening dragons means you can complete special collections that require dragons with a certain strength.

What is maximum power? The maximum number of stars that dragons can receive is 5. This means that each dragon can be strengthened up to 5 times.

What kind of dragons can I strengthen? You can strengthen any dragon, provided that you have the necessary number of spheres for the corresponding type of dragon. Just go to the Finish tab to see which dragons you can strengthen!

Please note: dragons located in Dragonaria will not be displayed here until you place them in the house.

When can I strengthen the dragon? You can strengthen an adult dragon at any time if this dragon is not engaged in crossbreeding, on a mission, in the gym, in the Dragonaria, etc. Please note that only one dragon can be strengthened at a time. You cannot strengthen a dragon who has not reached the adult stage.

At what level is the gain available? This feature is currently available from level 23.

What happens to my Lord’s points when strengthening a dragon? Dragons with gain stars will automatically give you more Master points! In addition, reinforced dragons can reach a higher level, which means that they will cost more Lord points when you raise their level!

What do the stars that I see with dragons in my social profile mean? Like the Dragon Book, your social profile now lists reinforced dragons. Besides this, now you can also see reinforced dragons of other players!

Bring back your dragons!

What does the return of the dragon mean? The return of the dragons is the departure of the dragons back to the DragoNarium, where they will live in an amazing dragon dimension! When they leave Dragon City, their essence remains in the realms that they give you.

How do I get the dragon back? You can return the dragon through the Tree of Life. You can also return the dragons that are in your Dragonaria, right in the Tree of Life!

Please note that only duplicate dragons can be returned - that is, only identical dragons, of which you have more than one.

Duplicate dragons can be found on the Returns screen using filters. When searching for duplicates, you will see a list of all your dragons of this type. Carefully choose which dragon you want to return, and look at the level of the dragon: perhaps it is better not to return the strongest of these dragons!

How many spheres will I get after the dragon returns? It depends on the level of the dragon and its gain stars. Remember that you can use dragon spheres to strengthen dragons, and each time you do this, the dragon gets one gain star . For example, below you see that you would get 60 spheres for the Dragon Mach.

Will I ever get the returned dragon back? Dragons sent to the Dragonar cannot return to Dragon City. But you can always summon a dragon of the same type if you have enough spheres.

Please note: If you sell or sell your dragons, they will not return to you, even if you did it by accident.

How many dragons can I return at one time? Only one dragon can be returned at a time.

How many dragons can I return? You can return a dragon of any type, but only if you have more than 1 dragon of the same type, that is, you can return only duplicate dragons.

When can I bring back the dragons? You can return dragons at any time if the dragon is not engaged in crossbreeding, in the mission, in the gym, etc. Dragons located in the Dragonaria can be returned without first placing them in the house. Dragon eggs stored in your warehouse cannot be returned until the dragons hatch.

Better to return duplicate dragons or sell? You decide! Do you prefer gold? Or dragons spheres? You can choose what is best for you!

At what level is the return function unlocked? This feature is currently available from level 23.

Where do the spheres of the returned dragons get to? You will find your spheres in the Tree of Life, both on the Call screen and on the Strengthen screen. On both screens you will see a list of dragons whose spheres you have, and also find out how many more spheres you need to summon / strengthen a specific dragon. If the dragon is not placed in the house, then you will not see it on the Strengthening screen!

What happens to my lord glasses when the dragon returns? You will lose the Lord’s points associated with the dragon you returned. But do not be afraid! You can use the spheres obtained for returning to strengthen the dragon of the same type, and as a result you will receive much more points of the Lord!

What are special skills?

Special skills are new attacks available to dragon warriors ! Especially some dragons that you can get in arenas.Here are the warrior dragons that were born in Dragon City with these skills.

Arena Dragons:

Dragons of the Warrior Chest:

You can get special warrior dragons in the following ways:

  1. Collecting spheres from Warrior Chests and summoning Dragon Warriors;
  2. Advancing in the arenas and gaining arena dragon warriors (not all arena dragons will have these special skills);
  3. Collecting spheres in some special events.

These skills have special effects that have never been seen in Dragon City! In addition, they will allow you to use the new strategy in battle! This table provides examples of the effects of special skills and attack names ("Normal" means that the dragon was born with this special skill; "Training" means that this skill needs to be learned).

Special skills that will soon appear in Dragon City:

Special skills are also surrounded by a bright flame , so you can see that they are special! You can see the description and characteristics of special skills by clicking the "i" icon in the following places:

You can see the special skills icon wherever your dragon and its data are displayed. For example, in a warehouse. This means that this dragon has special fighting skills.

The tree of life: questions and answers. The tree of life is a huge tree that mysteriously grows from magic seed thanks to Gaia. It serves as a bridge between different kingdoms! There is one very important kingdom that can be achieved through the "Tree of Life" Dragonary! Dragonary is the cosmic kingdom, where all the dragons come from, and where the Dragons of the original element were born!

The Tree of Life will give you Dragon Lords the ability to summon new special warrior dragons and other awesome dragons from the Dragonaria! This is a new way to collect dragons! To summon dragons, you first need to collect the spheres. The spheres enclose the essence of dragons, they have tremendous power and are used to summon dragons from Dragonaria to Dragon City.

What are spheres? Spheres contain the essence of all dragons in Dragon City and Dragonaria. These incredibly powerful spheres are used to summon dragons on the altar of summoning. You will need to collect spheres for new dragon warriors and for other dragons that you seek to get! Since opening a portal to another kingdom is very difficult, you will need to get 100 spheres for each dragon you want to call. Each dragon has its own unique type of sphere. Spheres also vary in color depending on their rarity.

How do I collect spheres? Spheres spread throughout Dragon City as the Tree of Life grew. To collect these spheres filled with incredible power, you need:

How do I summon dragons?

To summon dragons, you first need to collect their spheres! Each dragon has its own unique type of sphere. For example, Star Dragon will now have Star Dragon spheres. To summon a dragon:

  1. Touch the Tree of Life.
  2. Tap the Call up icon.

On the summoning screen, you can see how many spheres you have and for which dragons. Here you will also see how many spheres you still need to collect in order to summon the dragon. You can sort the spheres according to the following criteria:

When you collect 100 spheres that contain enough strength to open a portal to the Dragonary, you can summon a new dragon as follows:

  1. Touch the spheres of the dragon you want to call.
  2. Touch the Summon button on the altar of summoning!

You got a new dragon egg. Now you need to place this egg in the Incubator to continue to call other dragons.

What is a warrior’s chest? Deus created the Warrior Chest with the help of his Staff of Wisdom to keep the spheres for summoning new dragon warriors. These new dragons have extraordinary special skills that you can train to make them even stronger!

Warrior Chest Rewards. You can get awesome rewards from the Warrior’s Chest! Here they are:

To see what awards await you, simply touch the "i" icon.

Please note: if you have been upgraded or lowered by moving to another arena, your Warrior Chest will change, but the progress towards opening the Chest will remain the same.

How do I get a warrior chest? A warrior’s chest can be won in PVP arenas. For each arena there are Warrior Element Chests. To get a Warrior Chest, you get points for each dragon you defeated in a particular arena battle.Points will be awarded even if you lose the battle, but only if you defeat at least one dragon! After you have received the chest, there is also a recharge!

A brand new spheres store!

What is a store of spheres? A sphere store is a place where you can buy spheres that you do not have enough to summon or strengthen dragons. The areas sold in the store often change, some of them more often than others, so do not hesitate and grab the best deals when you can!

Important: The number of spheres in the store is limited, and if you have exhausted all spheres, the inscription will be displayed: "Stocks are out."

How to get there? Where to find a store of spheres? You can get to the store of spheres:

1. Through the Tree of Life: a special button appeared there.

2. Through the game store.

How to buy spheres? Spheres can be bought for gold or for diamonds.

Where did the "Expand" button go from the store? Extension tab removed. Now it’s easier: if you want to expand your island, simply click or tap the desired extension.

New joker spheres!

What are joker spheres? Joker spheres can be used in addition to dragon spheres to summon or enhance dragons of suitable rarity.

Where can I find joker spheres? First you can get them in the offer package. Then they will become an exclusive award in a future gaming opportunity!

How can I use my joker spheres? If you have enough joker spheres to start summoning or strengthening a specific dragon, they will be shown in yellow on the progress bar in the Tree of Life on the summoning or amplification screen. Joker spheres will be displayed on the progress bar only if you have enough spheres to summon or strengthen a specific dragon.

If you do not have enough ordinary spheres and joker spheres, you will not see joker spheres there. You can find out how many joker spheres will be used on the toolbar that appears in the lower right corner of the screen after choosing a dragon to summon or enhance.

What are the limitations when using sphere jokers? Corresponding dragon spheres will always be used before adding joker spheres. For example, if a player has 90 dragon spheres + 25 joker spheres and decides to summon the corresponding dragon, 90 dragon spheres and only 10 joker spheres will be used. You can use a limited number of joker spheres when summoning or strengthening dragons as a replacement for dragon spheres. The limit is the same for all categories of rarity:

Where are my joker spheres stored? The number of spheres you have is shown in the upper left corner of the screen in the Tree of Life under the number of diamonds. Here, in total, all of your joker spheres are displayed (for all types of rarity). You can see the details by touching the "i" icon.

Dragon City: How to play on PC?

Dragon City goes on Windows!

Like any real city, Dragon City expands its territory and appeared in the Windows Store! A completely new version of Dragon City has been released, which will allow all players on the PC to play a version specially designed for Windows with all the functions available in the mobile version and faster graphics loading in high resolution.

In the Windows version, mouse control is fully supported, which makes it possible, for example, to easily scroll and scale the image. Currently, work is underway on the compatibility function with touch control devices. It will be available soon. Dragon City will be compatible with any Windows 10 device.

How to install Windows 10? There are three steps to follow:

How to set up purchases on Windows? There are four steps to follow:

  1. Open the "Control Panel" in Windows 10, select the "Regional Standards" section, go to the "Location" tab and make sure that you have the right country selected. To make purchases, you will need a payment method that is valid for your country.
  2. If you do not already have a Microsoft account, you will need to create one to make in-app purchases. If you already have one, just log in to your account.
  3. Select the payment method you want to use and follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. Complete the purchase by confirming it and follow the on-screen instructions.

Dragon City: Social Features

Blocking in general chat and union chat. Both in general chat and in union chat there is an automatic blocking tool. It is directly applied to the player who received a certain number of complaints from other players.If the number of complaints exceeds the established limit, the system automatically blocks the player for a while.

Where to find neighbors and friends? In order to make friends (or neighbors) in the game, you must connect to it through Facebook.You will see the Facebook button on the screen: by clicking it, you will start the process of connecting the game through a social network. All your Facebook friends playing Dragon City will connect to your game. It also guarantees the preservation of game data. And, if you need to switch to another device, your game progress will not be lost anywhere. If you do not have a Facebook account, then, unfortunately, you cannot use another way to search for neighbors and friends in the game, because there is no other way. So maybe you should consider creating an account.

Who are the neighbors? How do I get in touch with friends? Neighbors (or friends) are your Facebook friends who also play this game. They can help you open any house or receive a reward, or send a gift. You can connect to them by touching the Facebook icon on the game screen or by opening the game settings menu.

How can I invite friends?

There are several ways to invite friends in the game, but for this you must first be on your Facebook friend list.

General way:

  1. Click the Menu icon (in the lower left corner).
  2. Click the Social icon.
  3. You will see a list of social features. Click the Invite button located next to the Send a Gift button.
  4. Choose your friends and send them invitations to the game.
  5. Your friends will have to accept these invitations.

Fight Tavern:

  1. Select Fight Tavern.
  2. Click the "Invite a Friend" button.
  3. Choose your friends and send them invitations to the game.
  4. Your friends will have to accept these invitations and join the game.

Keep in mind that there are several requirements that your friends must fulfill:

Dragon Market:

  1. Select Dragon Market.
  2. Select the item you want to purchase (food or gold).
  3. Click the "Hire Friends" button.
  4. Choose your friends and send them invitations to the game.
  5. Your friends will have to accept these invitations and join the game.

I have more friends than indicated! You can have many more friends than indicated in the game, but developers should reduce the number that is displayed in the game so that it does not cause glitches and interruptions.

Why can’t I receive or send gifts to my friends? This problem can sometimes occur between game servers and Facebook servers. When the game connects to Facebook, it is recommended to go to the PC and follow these steps:

1. Clear the query list. Remember that the capacity of the Message Center is 50 requests and after reaching this level new requests do not arrive. It is also important to know that the request expires in 24 hours and that if you accept them after this time, you will not be able to receive the item that they contained. To resolve this issue, follow these steps:

2. Clear your cache and cookies in your browser and FlashPlayer. Many download problems can be resolved by clearing the cache and cookies in the browser and Flash Player.

No friends in the game ?!

  1. Open the settings menu -> account settings in the Facebook application.
  2. Go to "Applications"
  3. In the "With Facebook Login" section, open the list of all applications, then - "Dragon City".
  4. At the bottom, select "Uninstall application", then confirm.
  5. Launch the Dragon City app, log in again through Facebook, and then your friends will have to appear in the game!

If you don’t see the button to enter Facebook in the settings, it means that you indicated in the game that your age does not match the required for accessing this function. Under the new Terms of Use, effective May 25, 2018, you will no longer be able to log in to Facebook from the game.

Dragon Lord Points Improvements! v8.7.2!

The game added more ways to get Dragon Lord (ATS) points:

You will also receive and save your Dragon Lord points for duplicate dragons - this will not change. The new formula applies to all dragons that have been strengthened and added to the collection.

Remember: these changes can affect leaderboards and ratings, some players may move up and others may move down.

Dragon City: Arena Guide (PVP)

Welcome to the PVP arenas!

Can you win the title of the best Dragon Lord in the world? Take the challenge and prove your strength! Fight other Dragon City players and climb up the arenas and leaderboards to become a grandmaster! New arenas, exclusive rewards, even more dragons and wonderful surprises: all this awaits you in the arenas! Note that arenas open from level 11.

When you start this new adventure, you will automatically be placed in an arena corresponding to your level of the Dragon Master, and rewards will be given in accordance with it. Each arena has its own element. Arenas are built around the elements that are already in the game. This means that if you have a dragon with the same elements as in your current arena, you will be able to gain an advantage over your opponents (for example, a health or damage bonus). Therefore, carefully choose your team!

Arenas! To advance through arenas and leaderboards, you need to collect trophies. Trophies are awarded for defeating other Dragon Lords in arena battles. In the best 3 arenas, trophies are discarded every 3 weeks to give all players an equal chance to get the title of grandmaster, exclusive top dragons, other great rewards, and of course, glory! This means that every 3 weeks there will be a new grandmaster, so go fight for this highest honor!

How to get to these arenas? Very simple! You can enter the arena in two different ways. Tap the VS battle icon or trophy icon (on the left side of the screen). Please note that you must be at least level 11.

What are trophies? Trophies are awarded for defeating other Dragon Lords in arena battles. In order to climb up the arenas, increase the rating and become a grandmaster, you will need all the trophies you can get! You can always see how many trophies you already have:

You gain or lose trophies when you attack other players or when they attack you. When another player attacks you, you will see a notification in the game. If you win, you get trophies, and if you lose, you lose them. In addition, due to the loss of trophies you may be reduced to a lower arena.

The choice of the enemy team. When choosing your dragons, you can see the enemy team. If the opponent’s team is too strong, you can change the opponent by clicking the "Skip" button. The cost of changing the opposing team depends on your arena. In each arena, the health or attack power of dragons from the corresponding elements increases, so choose them carefully!

What rules apply in arenas? Rules are based on elements, rarity and level. These rules are different for each arena. To view the rules of your current arena:

My dragons get tired after losing in the arena. This means they need some time to recover! You can wait this time or choose a reset!

Why is the Battle button inactive? The Battle button will remain inactive until you fill all the places in the team with dragons ready to fight. This means that all team dragons must meet the requirements of this arena.

How to move to the next arena? When you complete the first arena, fighting and receiving trophies, you will automatically be transferred to the next. In addition, you will be given a new dragon as a reward, which will be useful in the next arena. And the new dragons have wonderful special attacks! Please note that if you increase between the arenas of the same element of the dragon, they do not give a reward. To find out how many trophies are required to transfer to the next arena, open the Arenas tab in the Arena window. If you lose, you may be transferred to a lower arena! Don’t worry, you won’t lose dragons. They just get some rest.

Please note: Dragons as a reward for raising the arena are given only once (at the first promotion).If you are lowered and then upgraded again, you will not receive a reward a second time.

Can they transfer me to a lower arena? Yes. If you lose, you will lose trophies, and this can automatically transfer you to a lower arena. For example, you were in the arena of Fire I, but lost several battles, so you will be demoted to the arena of Earth II. Train your dragons constantly so that they become the best!

Is it possible to change one dragon to another in the midst of battle? Yes you can! You can change the dragon during your turn. The move is not lost! On the battle screen, you can see which dragons you still have left and how much health they have. If you touch the portrait of the dragon on the screen, you can see additional information about him. This is very useful and will help you avoid tired dragons after the battle.

What are my arena ratings? To view the arena rating, go to the PVP arena and touch the "Rating" tab. You can check your rating:

To find your own rating, simply tap the "My Rating" button.

Dragon City: Tips for Proper Development

What is the maximum level you can get in the game? Currently, the maximum level users in Dragon City can reach is 109. If you get to this level, you are a terrific player!

Where is the warehouse located? What it is? A warehouse is a place where you can store houses, buildings, decorations and even eggs received as a gift. Usually it can be found in the lower left corner of the screen. If it seems to you that it is not, click on the open part of the map. The standard menu will appear!

Is there a diamond confirmation button in the game? Yes there is! You can find it in the settings menu (upper right corner of the screen). Make sure the diamond waste confirmation option is enabled! If it is turned on, you will have to confirm any purchase worth more than 20 diamonds.

How to get more diamonds? In addition to buying sets of diamonds in the store, there are many other ways to get them in Dragon City. Here are a few of them:

  1. Receive achievements and achieve goals;
  2. Activate Guard Tower Jewelem;
  3. View video trailers;
  4. Fulfill the conditions of the offers on the island of Freebies.

In most cases, diamonds can also be found on temporary islands. The developers of the game also give out diamonds on the page of fans of the game on Facebook.

Why am I losing diamonds? All your items (including diamonds) are stored on a reliable server of the Dragon Citadel. So nothing like this can happen. However, touching your islands, you could accidentally make some purchase. Look at the warehouse and see if new dragons or objects have appeared there. Check if the amount of resources you have has increased. It’s also worth making sure that the "Confirm diamond spending" option is enabled. When it is turned on, any purchases worth more than 20 diamonds are impossible without confirmation. If after checking you are still worried, contact support.

Where can I find a "gift calendar"? A "free calendar" is available for a limited time - while you take the first steps in the game. After a while, he will disappear: after all, you will already be on the path to becoming the unsurpassed Lord of the dragons!

How to get my user id? To get a user ID, follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Settings" button in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. In the center of this page you will find your user ID (this number).

This identifier will help the support team respond to your request much faster.

How to get my user id (Facebook)? Follow these steps to get a user ID.

  1. Enter the game.
  2. The user ID (Facebook ID) is located at the bottom of the screen under the Help and Support section.

What are Elemental Tokens? Elemental Tokens are a reward assigned to win in the arena and used to improve homes! There are 12 types of Elemental Tokens, one for each main element:

How to get Elemental Tokens? Elemental Tokens can be obtained as rewards in PVP arenas. After completing the elemental arena, you will receive elemental tokens as a reward to improve the home of this element. For example, after completing all the arenas of the earth (Earth I and Earth II), you will be awarded Elemental Tokens to improve some of the earth’s houses! The won Elemental Tokens are securely stored in stock.

How to use Elemental Tokens to improve homes? To improve a house for which there are Elemental Tokens, follow these steps:

  1. Touch the house you want to improve;
  2. Touch the "Improve" icon;
  3. The building improvement window opens;
  4. Confirm your choice.
Note: Continuous improvement of the same item will cost more Element Tokens.

Save the dragons sitting in cages on your islands!

Evil power has trapped small little dragons in their cages! Deus asks all the Dragon Lords to carefully inspect the area, exploring and discovering their islands, and if these little prisoners are found on them, then release them, and possibly take care of them! When you explore your islands, you will notice that several small poor dragon cubs appeared in their cages as obstacles. Then the choice will be yours.

Will you spend a few diamonds to convince them to join your family? Or remove the obstacle for gold and let them join their friends in Dragonaria? Whatever you choose, your actions will free the dragons and again upset the plans of these evil forces!

If you have already removed the obstacles and discovered all of your islands, you will still have the opportunity to save these dragons and get them for your collections. You will have a choice:

Surprise! The new maximum level is 150! The new maximum level in Dragon City is now 150! Upon reaching level 110, the maximum number of farms will increase by 1, and you will also receive 10 diamonds! Then, upon reaching each subsequent level, you will receive 10 diamonds. For reaching levels 120, 130 and 140, you will receive 25 diamonds, and then 30 diamonds when you reach level 150! Reaching level 150, you will receive a special reward.

Dragon City: Walkthrough Freebies Islands

Why are there no available trailers on Freebies Island? Trailers for the game are provided by a third party - a certain company. It all depends on whether this company has trailers at any given moment. It also depends on the country in which you are located, the number of new trailers that you have not seen, as well as your Internet connection (so make sure your wireless connection is stable).

Where is Freebies Island located? For those who are just starting the game, Freebies is not immediately available. If you are a new user, be patient! He will appear soon. But first, your dragons must build it :) After the island appears in the game, you will find it here:

There are no jobs available on my suggestion wall. It all depends on the job providers. They show users tasks depending on, for example, the country of their location, account history, number of awards, time of year, etc. Therefore, sometimes it may turn out that there are no tasks available for you. Follow the news! Job providers are constantly updating existing ones and adding new offers and tasks!

My friends have other assignments on Freebies. In terms of available assignments, it all depends on the job providers. They show users tasks depending on, for example, the country of their location, account history, number of awards, time of year, etc. Therefore, sometimes it may turn out that you and your friends have different tasks.

New Island Freebies! Based on player reviews, Freebies Island has been changed:

I never got a dragon for watching trailers on Freebies. Sometimes, during special events, for watching trailers on Freebies there is a chance to win a dragon. Remember that there is no guarantee that you will win the dragon while watching advertisements: this is pure luck. Throughout the events, do not leave attempts and, perhaps, you will be lucky, and viewing the trailers will bring you a dragon.

After completing the assignment from the Wall of Proposals, I never received diamonds

The advertisements in Dragon City come from third parties. If you have not received the award, you should contact the author of the offer directly, as representatives of the relevant company will be able to check your actions and find out if you have fulfilled all the conditions of the offer. Start with the following:

The name of the advertiser company can be seen by opening the offer and scrolling to the very bottom of the window. To contact the company, follow these steps:


  1. Open the Ironsource offer wall.
  2. Open the "Not enough diamonds" section in the lower left corner of the window.
  3. Follow the instructions.
  4. If the diamonds did not appear, fill out the ticket, providing all the necessary information. Please note that the ticket text must contain at least 50 characters.
  5. Attach proof of compliance with the terms of the offer: preferably a screenshot. Make sure all data is clearly visible.
  6. Touch the "Send ticket" button.

Fyber (formerly SponsorPay)

  1. Touch the Support button in the lower left corner of the offer wall.
  2. Select the offer whose reward for which you have not received, and touch the "Report" button. Enter all the necessary information.
  3. Touch the "Send ticket" button.


  1. Return to the Tapjoy in-game store and select the "View Jobs" option.
  2. Scroll to the button. Select the offer whose reward for which you have not received, and touch the "Report" button.
  3. Enter all the required information.
  4. Touch the "Submit Support Request" button.
  5. You will receive confirmation of sending your message.

Trial Pay: Tap the "Support" button in the lower left corner of the offer wall. You can contact the company directly from here.

Dragon City: Dragon Guard Towers (WIKI)

What do the Dragon Guard towers do? These towers await the appearance of the Dragon Lord, who will come and restore them. Legends say that the restoration of the towers allows you to get magical abilities. There are 9 towers in the game, and they are scattered around the islands. To turn their incredible power to their advantage, you need to find all the lost parts of the towers and activate these buildings. Send dragons on missions to find the lost parts and restore the towers to find out if the legend is true.

Midarian Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 10 level. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. After its activation, gold production in the game within 4 hours will be increased by 20%.

Jewelem Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 12 level. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. Then you can activate it every 24 hours and receive one free diamond.

Ramsey Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 15. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. By activating it, you can speed up food production by 8 hours! But before you activate it, make sure that something is growing on all your farms!

Winstance Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 17. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. By activating it, you will increase the damage done by dragons and the supply of their vitality by 20%. So you will definitely be able to win much more victories!

Damona Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 23 level. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. By activating it, you can speed up the removal of dragons by 6 hours!

Hanzo Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 32 level.Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. By activating it, you can speed up the training of dragons in the gym by 8 hours! Send them to the gym: let them pump up!

Speedy & Greedy Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 37 level. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. By activating it, you can collect resources (food and gold) from all of your islands.

Broodby Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 43. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. By activating it, you can speed up the hatching of any dragon by 6 hours! During special events, such an opportunity can be very useful!

Phaun Tower. Unlock this tower can Dragon Level 49. Wait until your dragons find all the details necessary to restore this tower. After activating it, you will have a better chance of getting a rare dragon within 2 hours.

Dragon City: What to do after the update?

The element of the wind: questions and answers

In Dragon City, you can breathe deeply - in the game a new element of the wind appeared, like a breath of fresh air. A new element of the wind, which unlocks at level 19, comes into play along with a completely new House and a new Wind Dragon - you can buy them for gold in a store to expand your collection.

Table of the relationship of the elements. How effective will the wind be in battle? Wind is a special element, since it will be effective only against itself. Here is the updated elemental table so you can see everything.

Wind tokens. You can earn tokens for houses in the usual way. They will be introduced into the game as rewards in various events, temporary quests and in future seasons of the arena.

Dragons of the elements of the wind, which can be deduced. These dragons will gradually appear in the game. In addition, a new collection for this element will soon appear in the game, so that it will be easier for you to keep track of everything, and so that you can get an exclusive dragon.

The legendary wind dragon. The new legendary Wind Dragon (and wind tokens) can be obtained as a reward in a completely new event, which will soon be held in the Dragon City.

Dragon City: How not to ... Account?

How to connect my game to Facebook? It is recommended to connect your game via Facebook, because in this case all the data will be saved in your profile with which you can transfer the game to another device if you buy a new one or (in the worst case) lose the old one. Connecting the game via Facebook is very simple: The first time you open the application, a pop-up window opens, asking you to connect to Facebook. Accept this offer and follow the instructions that appear in the application.

If you mistakenly refused to do this, do not worry, there is another way. Read the tutorials first (this will take no more than a few minutes), then follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Settings" button (in the upper right corner) and click "Login."
  2. Click "Sign in with Facebook and get 10 diamonds."
  3. By default, your Facebook account will open. Click Continue FB Progress.
  4. Be careful and do not select another account. For example, the second on the list is a level 2 account, and the application says that this is not recommended!
  5. If you accidentally choose a low level account, the application will warn you: click "No" and select a Facebook account.

How to disable notifications (Android)? The setting methods may vary slightly, depending on the installed version of Android. General instructions are as follows:

  1. Open the settings menu of your device and select "Application Manager".
  2. In the list of installed applications, find the Dragon City item and click on it.
  3. Disable the option "Show notifications."

How to disable notifications (iOS)? Click "Options" and follow these steps:

  1. Click "Notification Center."
  2. Scroll down the list of applications and click Dragon City.
  3. Set the Reminder Style to No, disable the Sticker on Icon and Sounds options and scroll down.
  4. Disable the options "Show in the notification center" and "Show on the lock screen."

How to disable notifications (Amazon)? Follow these steps:

  1. Select the "Applications" option on the start screen.
  2. Open the settings menu.
  3. Open the "Notifications and time for silence" section.
  4. This section lists all the applications that can send notifications.
  5. You can turn off notifications for any of your applications by simply turning the switch to the off position.

Do not share your credentials with anyone! Never share any personal data, passwords or credit card information with anyone. The game development team never asks for such information.

How to change the language of the game? Follow these steps:

  1. Click the settings menu at the top right of the screen.
  2. Here you will find the language that is currently used in the game.
  3. Press this button and select the desired language.

How can I play Dragon City on multiple devices? You can continue the game while maintaining your progress on another device, but the game must be connected via Facebook. You can do this by following these steps:

  1. Download the game to your new device.
  2. When you first open the application, a pop-up window appears asking you to connect to Facebook. Accept the offer and follow the instructions that appear in the application.

If you mistakenly refused to do this, do not worry, there is another way. Read the tutorials and follow these steps:

  1. Click the "Settings" button (in the upper right corner).
  2. Click the Login button.
  3. Choose "Get" (keep in mind that if you have already played Dragon City, you will not receive the indicated items, since you need to be a new player for this).
  4. By default, your Facebook account will open. Select your account and click Continue FB Progress.
  5. Be careful and do not select another account. For example, the second on the list is a level 2 gaming account, and the application says that this is not recommended!
  6. If you accidentally choose a low level account, the application will warn you: click "No" and select a Facebook account.

Keep in mind that after resetting your account, all progress and achievements are lost and cannot be restored.

Can I restart the game (start over)? There is no "reset" function inside the game. Keep in mind that after resetting the account (after choosing the wrong account when connecting the game to Facebook) there is no way to return the game to its previous state.

Can I transfer my game from my Facebook account to another Facebook account? Unfortunately, there is no way to transfer a game from one account to another.

Something is wrong with the sound! Make sure that the sound is turned on not only in the game (which can be checked by clicking on the "Settings" button), but also in the device itself. If your game is connected to Facebook, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling the application, as you can restore your account simply by reconnecting to Facebook. However, if your account is not connected to Facebook, do not try to do this, as your account will be reset without the possibility of recovery.

Dragon City: Why can you be banned ?!

Fair Play Rules at Dragon City

In order to ensure a fun and fair atmosphere for all Dragon Lords, the game will begin to take measures against those who seek to gain an advantage over others dishonestly. Carefully read the following rules and try to ensure the safety of your account in Dragon City. If you meet players who you think are behaving suspiciously, please report them to the support team.

1. Do not share information about your account or your personal data with anyone. You are solely responsible for the account you create. If you give someone else access to your account, you will still be responsible for any actions that occur in your account. Also, be careful not to disclose any personal data.

2. Do not use any tools from third-party developers. Dragon City does not allow or recommend the use of any tools from third-party developers. Their use not only directly violates the terms of service, but can also permanently damage your game, and your account cannot be used or restored.

3. Do not be cheaters. Any action that will give the player an advantage or bonus that is not provided for by standard game mechanics and in-game purchases will be considered cheating - it does not matter if it was performed using tools from third-party developers or in any other way. Knowingly exploiting errors, abusing the return of funds, inciting other players to violate the rules, or impersonating employees of a development company are just a few examples of behavior that may be considered a violation.

4. Do not buy or sell accounts. According to the gaming conditions for the provision of services, accounts are personal and not transferable. Any attempt to trade or exchange accounts is strictly prohibited.

5. Respect others. Dragon City is primarily a game. Show respect for others and do not take everything too seriously. Play with pleasure and help each other. Violation of any of the above rules will lead to verification of the accounts used for this and their possible blocking. Accounts will be checked on a case-by-case basis and the penalty will depend on the severity of the violation. If you notice someone in the game who may be violating any of the rules, be sure to report these actions (providing any available evidence) to a support service representative.

Who processes in-app purchases? All payment transactions are made through the App Store for Apple or Google Play (depending on your device) using the email address associated with your account. Receipts for these transactions will be emailed to you by Apple or Google after each purchase.

Report about hackers. Players using various tricks to gain an advantage in the game are considered hackers. Help deal with them! Submit a support request. In the description of the problem, indicate the following:

The support service will check everything, and you will remain anonymous!

Online Security Tips!

1. Protect your personal data! You never know who you are actually talking to online, so never share your personal information! By sending someone your personal information (real name, phone number, your photo or school name), you can become a victim of scammers, be exposed to threats or serious danger.

2. Communicate with other Masters only in Dragon City! Do not meet with those whom you know only on the Internet! People are not always what they seem. If the Dragon Lord invites you to meet in real life, answer: "No, thanks!" Ignore these messages and tell the parents or adult you trust about them.

3. Tell us! If someone bothers you, threatens or forces you to do what you do not want, ignore such messages and immediately report them by clicking the "Report" button. Remember that you can use this function by clicking on any message of the player. In addition, you can report a player by sending his game alias to the Support Service.

4. The camera - no. You can’t control your personal photos, videos, and webcam images after publishing them on the Internet. After the image is published, it can no longer be deleted, anyone can see it, and it can be used for threats or blackmail. Before sharing an image or video on the Internet, ask yourself if you will be embarrassed if strangers see it?

5. Play the real Dragon City! Websites that offer free diamonds, dragons, etc. are often made by scammers who want to steal your data. Never share your game data with them or download files from these websites. They may have keyloggers or viruses!

Author of the article: Nadezhda D.