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DRAGON LORD is a browser game from Esprit Games. Game genre: Strategy. In the article, we summarized pumping tips from TOP players, developers ’answers to gamers’ questions, guides for beginners from the official site, and our secrets for passing the game. Attention, the Wise Geek website is constantly updated, visit us more often.


  1. Beginner’s Guide
  2. Correct leveling of the hero
  3. Runes
  4. Domain
  5. Game Events

Dragon Lord: Beginner’s Guide

Battle rating. BR (Combat rating) is the main indicator of the combat ability of a character, which is displayed in a numerical value.

You can increase this value in many ways, the main of which is:

In the menu "BR Control" you can compare your characteristics with the strongest player on the server.

Replenishment of energy (Daily Strength). The strength of the character is spent on the performance of game actions. When it reaches zero (or insufficient value), the player will not be able to perform some game actions, for example, passing story missions.

Ways to restore strength:

  1. Each time you pray at the friend’s altar, you give him 10 units. energy. Similarly, your friend can pray for you and give you an elixir with energy.
  2. Additional energy can be purchased for diamonds and elixirs of strength.
  3. Energy is also restored automatically: once per hour for 30 units.

Group dungeons and dungeons. Dungeons are the main source of getting stones of improvements of all kinds, elements of armor and scrolls of improving skills. Battles will not be easy, however, the reward will be worth the effort. You can go to these dungeons in the following tab:

Inside you will find a list of dungeons available for passing. Dungeons are divided into two groups: level dungeons created for certain level groups:

And dungeon events available for a wider range of levels.

Build. The key to victory is the correct placement of characters in your ranks. In order to open the build menu, you must click on the "Build" button, located at the bottom of the game window.

The tab "Build" allows you to change the layout. Please note: each hero has its own peculiarity, as well as the estimated position. For example, heroes with the support property (treatment) will be better placed in the back row, and heroes reflecting damage in the front row. Experiment with the ranks - this will allow you to develop optimal tactics against different opponents.

The Rear Tab is needed to strengthen your Lord. A cell to place the hero in the rear opens every 10 levels. The higher the star level of a hero placed in the rear, the greater the bonus your Lord will receive.

The "Anim" tab allows you to manage your dragons. One dragon can support your team in battle, using their skills, and the rest become animations for your Lord or heroes, which will give them additional reinforcement.

Benefit feature. The game has a new tab - Manual. Unlocks at character level 12. From the manual you can learn about game items and heroes. Now you can quickly and conveniently find the desired item.

There are even more opportunities for a significant increase in the characteristics of the character. Combine heroes and items in combination and get nice bonuses. Look carefully when activated in combinations, the hero is indicated exactly how it should be in Astrology (rare, ordinary, elite, etc.). If your hero does not meet the requirements, then activation cannot occur. The same requirements for other types of combinations.

Change the name and gender of the character. To change the name and gender of the character you will need a special card, which can be found in the shopping center:

You can either buy this item for yourself or give it to your friend:

After that, the card gets to your inventory, from where you can use it. After activation, a window pops up with a change of name and gender. Here you can change both two parameters, or just change either the name or gender:

You can also click on the cross in the upper right, just closing this window, if you have not yet come up with a name for your character, or doubt the need for surgery. In this case, the card will not be spent, but simply left in your inventory.

You cannot use gender reassignment when you are married.

Relic transfer from one hero to another with preservation of characteristics. Consider transferring the relict rank from Hunter to Sailor, keeping Sailor level 48. To get started, transfer the characteristics from Sailor to Void:

After that, transfer the characteristics (including the relict rank) from Hunter to Sailor:

As a result, you will receive a relict 4 rank on Sailor:

Bring back the Sailor stats from Void:

As a result, you will get Sailor with level 48 and all the previous characteristics, but with a relic of level 4:

If you need to return the characteristics to Hunter, then you need to carry out the transfer between Void and Hunter, since as a result of your actions, the characteristics of Hunter were on Void.

Dragon contract The Dragon Contract icon is in the left menu under the character’s avatar.

After activating the Dragon Contract at the selected location, you can automatically attack monsters and take treasures. Choose locations to your taste.

Now you do not need to wait for an update to challenge any opponent in the Camp with an active dragon contract.

With the contract, you will gain more experience for completing dungeons. Your tenure income will increase by 10%. The time to complete the quests of the Empire’s Awards was reduced by 2 times (not displayed on the counter).

VIP system. Replenish the supply of diamonds in the game for VIP status. Every 100 units of diamonds give one point of privilege growth. In addition, the acquisition of a monthly card will allow you to receive growth points daily.

Each new level of VIP status has its own unique sets of gifts and privileges, and also opens additional bonuses available for receiving.

Dragon Lord: Correct leveling of the hero

The "Hero" button, located in the lower right menu of the game, opens access at level 8 to the leveling of your heroes.

You can pump over several characteristics, all of them give an increase in combat power.

Level. Level - the individual level of the hero. Please note that the level of the hero may exceed the level of your Lord. For pumping, scrolls of experience of different levels are used. They differ in the face value of the experience gained by the hero.

Scrolls are convenient to use even with a larger number of them, using the "In 1 click" button.

Raising a hero. Opens at level 20. Allows you to strengthen the spirit of your hero. In addition to enhancing performance when a certain threshold of pumping is reached, the unique skill of the hero will be improved.

For education, you will need the stones of the development of the hero.

Promotion In the "Promotion" tab, you will also strengthen the characteristics. Pumping this parameter allows you to discover new skills of your hero. Unlocks at level 33.

For pumping, you need the crystals of the evolution of the hero.

Pumping morale. Pumping morale is carried out in the same tab. It requires Martial Spirits Processing Stones.

Each use of stones will increase morale characteristics. Please note that not all features may be increased at a time! If you do not like the initial characteristics and want to change or improve them, processing will come to the rescue. It requires a Morale Processing Stone.

Please note that all characteristics may change, as well as partially. For example, your hero had 2 increases in block and 2 stamina, after processing it can be health, block, crit, breakdown or any other combination.

Breaking the coat of arms. The next tab is the Coat of Arms. After the full development of the main coat of arms, evolution is possible, increasing the characteristics and chance of damage. By absorbing 4 emblems, the characteristics of the corresponding emblem can be improved. The higher the rank of the main coat of arms, the more you need to absorb the emblems. The emblem of the hero can be transferred for free. For the development of emblems you will need the essence of the emblem. It can be found in the Coat of Arms Dungeon.

Astrology. With Astrology, you can improve the characteristics of the hero and improve passive skills. Opens at level 48. 1-2 star hero can get 1 level of astrology; 3-4 star - 3 level; 5-6 star - 5 level. Upon rebirth, 100% of the cards and essences spent on astrology will be returned.

Relics. Starting at 4 stars Hero level special relics are available. The hero’s relic opens at level 52.

Each hero has an individual relic. For example, for Hunter, the Demon-Sword Sword acts as a Relic, for Minerva it is the Staff of victory, for Necromius the Empty Trail, for Aurora it is the Holy Staff and so on.

To pump the Relic, you will need special materials Relic Shard and Relic Evolution Crystal, which you can get in the PVP-call - The Way of Mars.

After you pump all the sources, you can make the evolution of your relic. Strengthen to enhance basic equipment. Improvement allows you to improve or change the balance of characteristics. Lock the characteristics that you want to preserve when overfilling.

Transmission of characteristics. The last tab of the "Transfer" section of this section allows you to transfer the characteristics of one of your hero to another. This is useful when you have acquired a new hero and want to immediately replace them with your old hero. And also this function opens up unlimited possibilities for experimenting with your system and searching for new tactics.

In this case, Aurora will receive all the specified characteristics of Freya, and Freya the characteristics of Aurora. Transfer does not require additional resources, pumping characteristics are not lost.

Hero skill leveling system

At level 30, you have the Skill tab.

When you click on the icon, the class selection panel opens:

The upgraded talents marked (x) can be moved to the "Current Equipment Talent" window, thereby opening up new active skills of the character and increasing his combat power. In the course of the passage of the main plot, the player will be offered to switch the character class so that in the future you can decide who you like to play more. You can change the hero class at any time. At level 40 you will be given the opportunity to switch to the tab "entity" of the character.

Here you can pump out the class that you selected due to the "scrolls of essences", the acquisition of these scrolls is carried out during the passage of the dungeon "endless training". Next, it becomes possible to pump the character’s talents.

To improve the skills of your hero, in addition to gold and supplies, you will need your experience that you earned during the passage of the game. Be extremely careful and prudent before improving any skill.

All talents marked (x) can be moved to the "Current equipment talent" window, thereby opening up new active skills of the character and increasing his combat power.

Skilled skills can be combined with different branches of classes.

Dragon Lord: Runes

Runes give a certain increase to the character’s parameters. The function opens at level 23. The Runes menu is located in the lower right corner of the game window. You can open using the R key.

Types of runes. Runes come in 5 types:

The greatest gain is given by the Reds. They can be installed not only to your Lord, but also to characters hired in the tavern. The Rune slot opens every 10 levels of leveling of the lord / character.

Getting the runes. Using the "get in 1 click" button, you can get a lot of Runes in one attempt. The Synthesize button will automatically combine all the runes with the most valuable of the available. Please note: the runes will be absorbed.

Depending on your luck, a rune of a higher level may open up to you, it will give stronger additions to the parameters. You can also receive runes by offering a "prayer". This can be done for free once every 24 hours since the last use, or many times for diamonds, or spending a testimony of a prayer. "Prayer", in addition to high-class runes, additionally gives a small rune spirit, which allows you to quickly improve other runes.

Improvement of runes. Each of the runes, depending on rarity, gives an increase to the character’s parameters. However, the main role in the improvement is played by the level of the rune.

To increase the level of the rune, you need to "feed" it with other runes that you do not need. To do this, press the synthesis button. Experience will be invested in the highest quality rune that is first on the list. On the example of the following screenshot, the experience from the runes will be invested in the rune Patronage of chaos. Be careful when synthesizing runes so as not to lose what you need.

Buttons "Auto." and "get in 1 click" allow you to automatically acquire and synthesize runes, so as not to do it manually.

Runes with two parameters. In the game you can get red runes, which have two characteristics. There is a special slot for them. It is available from Peak Level 11.

Dragon Lord: Domain

You can fall into your possession by clicking the corresponding button in the lower right corner of the game window. The Buildings have the buildings described below.

Parliament. Allows you to earn income in gold. The amount of gold received per hour depends on the level of the parliament, as well as the limit of gold that can accumulate in the Possession account.

Rock garden. Here you can get stones for inlaid equipment in the Forge menu. If you connect stones of the same color, then they are destroyed. Each move of the stones takes 1 turn. The more stones you destroy at a time, the greater the reward.

Empire reward. Complete special tasks and get rewards. To complete the tasks you need to put in order your heroes. If you fulfill the special conditions, you will receive a special reward.

Empire Reward quest time is reduced by 50% with Dragon Contract.

The abode of the dragon. Here a reward awaits you on every floor. To move through the cells, activity is expended (reset every day at 00:00). On each floor there are various classes, the implementation of which takes a different amount of activity.

On your way you can meet the dragon and find the dragon treasure. To get to the next floor you will spend activity. When activity ends, you can increase it with a Scroll of Activity. A light bomb can open several cells at once.

Farm. Plant seeds and get a crop. You can get gold, experience, roses and even diamonds, and also help friends, thereby pumping the level of your farm and getting more space for planting. Be careful - if you pick a crop from your friend, he will receive about 5% less than he should.

The Capture function allows you to attack a neighbor and capture gold.

You cannot be attacked for 1 hour after the attack. A player can be attacked no more than 23 times per day. The solution is to get stronger and spend gold on time.

Altar. Allows you to receive the Magic crystals needed to improve the Parliament. Friends can help you achieve favor, just as you can help them.

Dragon Lord: Game Events

Event "Boss Carnival"

Duration - 1-3 days. To participate in the event you need to buy hammers to destroy bosses.

Click on the hammer to launch it in the boss. You will receive a reward every time you beat the boss. Prizes will be sent to the event warehouse. Do not forget to pick them up.

At the end of the event, boss damage rating rewards will be issued. The daily and overall rating of the event is based on the damage done to the Bosses.

Rating rewards can vary from event to event. When you kill, you get a reward. The 5th boss appears repeatedly.

There is another tab - Points. Complete tasks from the right menu and accumulate points to get rewards. These points do not constitute a rating. They serve only for rewards.

Reward for points:

Buyer Event

During the Buyer event, you can unload a backpack from parts of cards and exchange it for rare items.

The buyer arrived in the Holy City to exchange your pieces of wings, horses, and shrines for rare and valuable items.

Only those parts that are in the main backpack, and not in the warehouse, appear on the right in the exchange window. To use the necessary parts from the warehouse, transfer them to the backpack.

For the parts you have chosen, you will receive Buyer Coins, which can only be spent in this event. Select the parts of the cards that you want to exchange for coins, they will move to the bottom menu "Selected". Next, click "Exchange" and confirm the action.

The number of coins depends on the value of the parts of the cards for exchange. A timer indicates when items in the store will be updated. Coins after updating the store will not burn. Pay attention to the limit of the item in the store before buying.

Sky Chest Event

The event is active in the interval between 16.00 to 16.30. In order to start performing this event, you need to open a world map and teleport to the Holy City in the interval between 16.00 to 16.30.

In the allotted time, you will have the opportunity to find 10 different chests of different values:

After completing the test, you will be given the total number of "Hero Boxes" that was in the chests. In them you can find material for the development of the hero (in 5-fold or 10-fold size) and 300 astrodukh-hero.

Article author: Nadezhda D.